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World did not change in one week.

Posted by QB on December 8, 2007

There is no change during my one week absence, I was able to watch some news at my hotel room and Hugo Chavez Constitutional Amendment Referendum defeat was big surprise and I was wrong predicting that Hugo Chavez will win the “Yes” vote. The people who voted “No” don’t want him to run for President for the third time will the losers by electing typical politician who will stop Hugo Chavez social reforms, will work to protect the interest of elite class.

Putin party did win the Parliamentary election with huge majority, don’t know the numbers and have no time to find that out by reading one week news archives. I have only today and tomorrow which is Sunday morning again will be leaving.

The most interesting news what US NIE on Iran nuclear program. The reaction from Bush regime is disgraceful who still insists that Iran is the biggest threat to world peace. John Bolton the former UN Ambassador believe that the intelligence agencies has under estimated  Iran nuclear program to compensate their report on Iraq WMD. Bush still believe that Iran is dangerous with the knowledge of building developing nuclear weapons. This is really the most stupid statement made by the only super power of the world. What is the Bush and Dick plan for Iran? Do they wanted to brainwash all the Iranian scientists who had the knowledge to build nuclear weapons?

The NIE confirmed what ElBardei said that they don’t have proof of Iran’s secret nuclear program which become problem for the Republican Presidential candidate who wanted to be tougher than Bush on Iran including Democrat Hilary Clinton, she wanted to use limited Nuclear Weapons on Iranian Nuclear facilities to stop the development of nuclear weapons which which they are not building. Saddam Hussein told the world that Iraq does not any Chemical or Nuclear Weapons and he too was telling the truth like Ahmadinejad.

The US if really wanted peace stability in the world than the American politicians have to learn to trust the other governments, stop interfering in their internal affairs, stop the policy of regime change.

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Spain King tell Hugo Chavez to “Shut up”.

Posted by QB on November 12, 2007

King of Spain asked Hugo Chavez to “Shut up” during the summit.

The diplomatic row between Hugo Chavez and Spain intensified yesterday as the Venezuelan president demanded to know the Spanish monarch’s knowledge of a coup that briefly removed the Socialist leader from power.

Mr Chavez, who was in Chile for the Ibero-American summit, claimed that Spain’s ambassador had appeared at Venezuela’s presidential palace during the two-day coup in 2002 to support the interim president Pedro Carmona.

Mr Chavez insisted that such support could only have been sanctioned with the Spanish King’s blessing. His comments followed the public spat in which Spanish King Juan Carlos told Chavez to “shut up” during an increasingly acrimonious summit.

The King’s outburst came moments after the president had called Spain’s former prime minister, Jose Maria Aznar, a “fascist” for backing the coup. At the end of the conference, Mr Chavez asked to what extent Juan Carlos had supported the coup.

“Mr King, did you know about the coup d’etat against Venezuela, against the democratic, legitimate government of Venezuela in 2002?” he said at a press conference yesterday.

“It’s very hard to imagine the Spanish ambassador would have been at the presidential palace supporting the coup-plotters without authorization from his majesty.” “Fascists are not human. A snake is more human,” Mr Chavez said during the conference. Spain’s current socialist prime minister, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, asked Mr Chavez to be more diplomatic and show respect for other leaders despite political differences.

“President Hugo Chavez, I think there is an essential principle to dialogue, and that is, to respect and be respected, we should be careful not to fall into insults,” Mr Zapatero said.

Mr Chavez continued to interrupt as Zapatero spoke, although his microphone was switched off.

A frustrated King Juan Carlos, sitting next to Mr Zapatero, leaned toward Mr Chavez and said: “Why don’t you shut up?” The monarch then left the chamber.

“They told me some Spanish officials grabbed him by the arm, because he’s strong and tall. He acted like an angry bull as he stormed out,” Mr Chavez recalled in comments published yesterday by Spain’s El Mundo newspaper.

“I’m no bullfighter, but ole!” he added.

Mr Chavez, who faces violent protests at home against a proposed constitutional reform package that would greatly boost his power, said the incident had been exaggerated by the media.

“I hope this will not damage relations,” Mr Chavez said as he left his Santiago hotel room. “But I think it’s imprudent for a king to shout at a president to shut up.”

King of Spain is also facist like Azner showing no respect for democratically elected popular President Hugo Chavez.

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Hugo Chavez laughs at Dick ignorance.

Posted by QB on November 7, 2007

Dick stupidity and ignorance make Hugo Chavez laugh. Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez mocked U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney for a recent verbal blunder confusing Venezuela with Peru, saying it shows the United States is governed by a “bunch of ignorant fools.”

“The vice president of the United States was talking about us, but he made a mistake,” Chavez said, laughing. “Since those who govern the United States are a bunch of ignorant fools… he thinks I’m president of Peru.” “They don’t know where Venezuela is, nor do they know where Peru is,” Chavez told the crowd. Hugo Chavez.
According to a transcript on the White House Web page, the vice president was asked how concerned he is about Chavez’s influence.”I’m trying to think how to state this diplomatically. Diplomacy is hard sometimes,” Cheney said, drawing laughs from his audience.“He’s a — obviously an individual with his own agenda, and he spends a great deal of his time worrying about us and criticizing the United States. My own personal view is that he does not represent the future of Latin America, and the people of Peru I think deserve better in their leadership.”

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Fidel Castro criticizes US democracy and voting system.

Posted by QB on October 29, 2007

On the eve of balloting, Castro hailed the country’s electoral process as superior to that of its northern neighbour, the United States, which also is in the throes of a protracted election campaign.

“Our elections are the antithesis of those held in United States … There, first you have to be very rich, or have an enormous amount of money behind you,” said Castro in an editorial in the official daily, Granma.

In the United States, “to be elected president, you need hundreds of millions (of dollars), which come straight out of the coffers of the big monopolies. A candidate can win who actually got a minority of the popular vote,” Castro marvelled, in a jab at US President George W. Bush who, thanks to the unusual US electoral college system, won the presidency in 2000 even though Al Gore won the popular vote.

“There is fraud, trickery, ethnic discrimination and even violence,” Castro said of the US electoral system.

Fidel Castro is right.

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Bush must be send to mental hospital . Hugo Chavez.

Posted by QB on October 26, 2007

Hugo Chavez latest criticism said that it is US policies which are rising the price of Oil and Bush must be admitted into mental hospital. Hugo Chavez said Oil prices are rising because of US foreign policies with threatening oil producing countries, he predicted that Oil prices will rise to USD 100 barrel if US keep threatening oil producing countries. Hugo Chavez warned US not to invade Iran because the result will be worst than Iraq, he blamed Bush for leading world towards nuclear WWIII. He want Bush immediately admitted into mental hospital.

Hugo Chavez is the new breed of Head Of State who doesn’t care much about diplomacy. But what he said is true.

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Hugo Chavez critic Cardinal Rosalio Castillo Lara dead.

Posted by QB on October 16, 2007

Hugo Chavez critic Venezuelan Cardinal Rosalio Castillo Lara died at the age of 85. Castillo Lara criticize Hugo Chavez of becoming more authoritarian and even exorcism.

Chavez once called Castillo Lara “a hypocrite, bandit and devil with a cassock.”

Hugo Chavez reply was amusing and accurate. He is now dead so nothing more on this Cardinal.

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Hugo Chavez Honoring Che Guevara.

Posted by QB on October 9, 2007

Hugo Chavez honoring Che Guevara 40th death anniversary in his very own unique style by giving doctors 60% increase in their salaries.

Oct. 9 (Bloomberg) — Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said that doctors working for the public health system will get a 60 percent pay raise in honor of Cuban revolutionary hero Ernesto “Che” Guevara, who was a trained physician.Venezuela, the fourth-biggest supplier of crude oil to the United States, will tap increased revenue from oil exports to increase pay for public doctors, Chavez said last night during a ceremony to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Che’s death.

“This is justice for those that work for life and health of the Venezuelan people,” Chavez said at the ceremony in Caracas, according to a statement from the government’s Information Ministry.

Chavez has used his country’s oil income to more than triple public spending over the past four years, increasing the government’s role in the economy and helping spark the fastest inflation in Latin America. Last week, he announced a 40 percent pay raise for teachers.

The 60 percent raise for doctors will take effect Nov. 1.

The Venezuelan president said yesterday he will broadcast his next Sunday television program, called “Alo Presidente,” from Santa Clara, Cuba, the site of a monument honoring Guevara. Source : Chavez, Honoring Che, Gives Venezuela Doctors 60 Percent Raise.

Hugo Chavez is so evil giving big salary raise to teachers and doctors, this will what the radical Christians ignorant Americans will say about this decision. Hugo Chavez revolution should spread all over the world. Chavez the savior of poor. God bless him.

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Catholics Church has lost their minds or simply they are stupid.

Posted by QB on October 9, 2007

The following article is published by Christian Science Monitor catch my attention for criticizing Hugo Chavez and ex Catholic Bishop Lugo for running for President of Paraguay, protecting the interests of poor people.

ASUNCIóN, PARAGUAY – Change or death.” That’s the stark campaign slogan of Fernando Lugo in his bid to become Paraguay’s next president.The outspoken populist appeals to the poor – but he also increasingly resembles Latin America’s leading anti-democratic firebrand, Venezuelan president Hugo Chávez.His candidacy is cause for concern that Paraguay’s gradual 18-year move toward democracy may be reversed. The last thing Latin America needs is another populist troublemaker.Already, Paraguay’s democratic progress has taken a few hits under the current government. President Nicanor Duarte Frutos, whose term ends next August, has tried – unsuccessfully so far – to amend the Constitution so he can run for reelection. As his campaign to remain in control becomes more desperate, so have his methods. They have grown increasingly strident and confrontational – common in a region long known for populist politics.

His party, the traditional National Republican Association, or Colorado Party as it is known, has split into three factions, with little likelihood of reconciliation.

That means the opposition is now poised to assume power. As bad as Mr. Duarte may seem, the opposition is worse; as is its leading candidate, Mr. Lugo.

A former priest who became bishop of San Pedro, Lugo has long been involved in politics and is known as an outspoken advocate of a controversial ideology popular in the 1970s and 1980s known as liberation theology. This earned Lugo the title of Paraguay’s “Red Bishop.”

The Catholic Church hierarchy dismissed Lugo from his clerical duties when he announced his candidacy for president, but that didn’t stop him. On the contrary, his removal from the clergy appears to have intensified his anti-democratic stances, which increasingly allies Lugo with Venezuela’s Mr. Chávez and Bolivia’s Evo Morales. On a billboard that rises over Asunción’s main boulevard, for example, the Lugo campaign advertises the slogan, “Change or death,” and brags that their candidate doesn’t consider himself “a slave of the law.” So much for the rule of law.

The opposition faces a dilemma. If it continues to support Lugo, it could win – maybe – but will have to deal with a demagogue who thumbs his nose at the law and could plunge the country into chaos. If it enters the elections divided – already, three parties have split off from the original coalition of 10 – and offers several candidates, it is almost sure to lose. Worse, Lugo could go all the way and become a dictatorial strongman like Chávez.

Though the political class is wary of him, Lugo has broad support among the country’s poor, who are drawn to his populist rhetoric about the evil rich and the need to redistribute wealth to those less fortunate.

Ranting about the rich has broad appeal because Paraguay is a poor country with a high unemployment rate – nearly half the labor force works in agriculture, more than 16 percent of the population is unemployed, and 36 percent of all Paraguayans live below the official poverty line. And while not totally in shambles, its economy is languid, growing at a compounded annual rate of just 1.3 percent per year over the past five years, according to The Heritage Foundation and The Wall Street Journal’s 2007 Index of Economic Freedom, which ranks the economy well down the list in terms of openness – 99th out of 157 globally, and 22nd out of 29 in the Americas.

With a weak economy; high levels of government corruption; and a restrictive, highly regulated, labor market – one of the worst in the world – Paraguayan society is ripe for the kind of politics-of-envy message being peddled by Lugo. This is all music to Chávez’s ears.

For now, the likely outcome is far from clear. Lugo’s words and actions have created considerable unease among many even within his own coalition. The ruling party is torn by divisions. There are even proposals afoot to legally block Lugo’s candidacy.

The unease is also spreading to neighboring countries, especially Brazil, which are understandably concerned about having another radical populist in the neighborhood.

Meanwhile, the clock is ticking – not only for Paraguay, but for all of Latin America, which hardly needs another populist strongman to add to the region’s problems.

Carlos Sabino is an adjunct fellow with the Independent Institute, in Oakland, Calif., and a visiting professor and researcher at Francisco Marroquín University in Guatemala. Source : Latin America doesn’t need another radical like Chávez.

Carlos Sabino is biased radical agent of Capitalism, written this article to get recognition and get some monetary gains from US government. Lugo, this idiot Professor admit, has become more popular after being removed from clergy because he wanted to bring positive change in the lives of poor people. The social reforms scared the rich elite class of every country, which they have accumulated by using all legal and illegal means and Catholics have become the protector of rich and power as they are the main contributor to their Churches. These contributions are very important for Catholics to maintain their luxurious life style, Pope wearing designer cloths and shoes, luxury cars, decorating the domes with gold at the expense of poor people oppression.

Jesus Christ, according to Gospel, was Socialists not Capitalist. Jesus Christ lived his whole life without owing any property without accumulating any money, spending whatever he had to feed poor.

The Paraguayan should vote for Lugo, who will bring positive change in the lives of poor, developing close relationship neighboring countries making Latin America region for peace and prosperity. The people like this Professor, who are the protector of rich and powerful, will keep writing against Lugo to keep him out of power because they fear that poor are taking over powers and privileges.

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Che Guevara Martyrdom Make Him Immortal.

Posted by QB on October 9, 2007

Che Guevara martyrdom make him immortal with Latin American countries in honor of his 40th death anniversary. Che Guevara will be inspiration for generations to bring social reforms to improve the lives of poor people all around the world. Che Guevara will always be remembered as great revolutionary who sacrificed his life for fighting against oppressive governments and system.
Cuba honors Che Guevara 40 years after death.

Che Guevara’s legacy looms larger than ever in Latin America.

Sympathizers mark 40th anniversary of Che Guevara’s death.

President Chavez to attend “Che Guevara’s tribute”.

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Hugo Chevez one more evil step. Raise teachers salaries.

Posted by QB on October 6, 2007

Hugo Chavez announced 40 percent salary increase for teachers. This will be reported on CNN and BBC another evil action. The US political analyst will spin this in negative way to prove that he is destroying Latin America.

Caracas, Oct 6 (Prensa Latina) Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez announced a 40-percent salary increase of teachers, a measure that will be implemented as of November.In the framework of the presentation Friday for professional training advances of Bolivarian teachers, the statesman expressed the will to be financially responsible with this sector.“You are quite sure that we will do everything possible to continue rising standard of living, not only with the basic salary but also with social security and housing plans,” stated the country’s president.In an exchange with education representatives, Chavez exhorted debate at schools on the constitutional reform project, aimed to strengthening the construction of the socialism in the country.This action has several specific aims, among them the analysis of the philosophical, political and conceptual foundations, programs and projects of the Bolivarian Education System and its relationship to teaching. Source : Venezuela Teachers salaries soar

Posted this in reply to one Patriotic American comments.

LOL. Thats what I was talking about, Hugo Chavez is the most hatred person because he is Fidel Castro friend, he has introduced reforms which has decrease the poverty rate, the literacy rate is up, providing free medical care for poor. Hugo Chavez is evil because he criticizes US government wrong policies. Hugo Chavez social reforms are according to Bible, still evil because majority of Americans stopped thinking intelligently, they listen to all BS propaganda spread by mainstream media and by their politicians supporting them with their new developed mental disease “Patriotism”. Why Socialism is evil?

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Venezuela respond to Robert Gates statement calling Hugo Chavez “threat to region stability”.

Posted by QB on October 5, 2007

The following is the reply to Robert Gates statement calling Hugo Chavez “threat to region stability in El Salvador. The reply come from Venezuela Vice President.

Responding to US Defense Secretary Robert Gates, who said that Hugo Chavez is a “threat to regional stability,” Venezuelan Vice-President Jorge Rodriguez affirmed that Hugo Chavez is indeed a “tremendous threat” to the “empires of the world,” and assured they would continue to be a “greater threat” as time goes on.“Of course he [Chavez] is a threat to the stability of the empires of the world, for those who consider themselves the world police, for those who think they have a right to invade countries and massively murder the population,” replied the Venezuelan vice-president to a recent statement made by Robert Gates during a visit to El Salvador.
“And we are going to continue becoming a greater danger as the people continue to heed the call to get organized. Without a doubt, we will convert ourselves into a danger for the despots of the world,” Rodriguez continued.

Venezuelan Vice President Jorge Rodriguez reply is good.

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Venezuela ratifies will to reform the UN.

Posted by QB on October 3, 2007

Venezuela ratifies will to reform the UN for La Paz and the development

This Tuesday, the chancellor of Venezuela, Mature Nicholas, ratified the will of the revolutionary government to deeply reform the United Nations (the UN) in a true instrument for La Paz, the life and the development.

Mature General Assembly made this declaration during its intervention in the session of 62ª of the UN in New York, where it reiterated the necessity that this institution advances towards the democratization of the Security Council, towards their extension, as much of permanent members as of nonpermanent.

In addition, the Venezuelan diplomat proposed the fulfillment of new functions of this General Assembly to advance towards the fortification of the political paper of the Secretary General and to obtain new mechanisms of dialogue, coexistence and construction of a dumb one pluriplurar.

“Another world to pluripolar of balance without imperial hegemonismos is necessary, is urgent and is possible, we we were gotten up to the debate on the reform of the United Nations, we think that this organization must refundar itself, must be constructed to put itself to the service like faithful instrument of a world to pluripolar, balance, peace, a world without hegemonismos”, said.

It indicated that in this world to pluripolar all we must be worth the same and where the towns can be seen by resemblances within the framework of a world-wide cooperation to construct the bases of La Paz, justice and to surpass the madness of the war and power to chain the desire of the elites of the world to seize of the natural resources and the wealth of our towns.

The Chancellor indicated that the town of Venezuela has followed of way attempts the general positions that the debate of this General Assembly this last week and indicated that this debate has showed the present situation of the world, “a world that struggles to be constructed peacefully that it looks for new map courses”.

He remembered that the last year president Chávez, from the same tribune, ratified the alert of many in the world on the guerrerista madness that has been dominated parallel the desire of peace of the majorities in the world

Mature he presented/displayed a balance of that “guerrerista” madness that, six years ago, through harassment and the invasion to the town of Iraq was constructed in a justification to take step to the military occupation of the Iraqian nation.

He emphasized that after 5 years, the result of this political flood of hatred has required the investment of 610 billion dollars to maintain the war in the Middle East to take to the death and the destruction, to invest them in bullets, pumps and deaths.

“Those 610 billion inverted in the course of the 6 years that has lasted the occupation of Iraq could mean progress, equality and justice for the town of Iraq, but the results are very evident, are at sight”, said.

It explained that, according to the investigations of the Universities of the world, during this conflict more than 600 thousand Iraqians they have died product of this invasion and the military occupation, more than 3 thousand 600 American young people have passed away, more than 25 thousand disabled, blind, deaf and incapacitated American young people returned to his country for the life.

“Those 610 billion dollars inverted in the death which has done is to reproduce the violence and the balance that we could do today is that that investment has not left a world more surely, more balancing, today does not give like results a peace world us”, reflected.

Also, it commented that yes those 610 billion dollars had been reversed for the life had been constructed 3 ambulatory million of taking health to the world since makes the town of Cuba and Venezuela through the Bolivariana Alternative for the towns of Our America (White) all over Latin America and the Caribbean.

In addition, it emphasized that with those resources they were possible to have been constructed more than 12 million houses for man and women of Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean or more than 300 thousand schools that would lodge at least to 350 million young people, of young planet students.

“Yes we removed to the concrete balance the direct result from which it has been this foolish and irrational war we would have to say that this war has taken death, destruction, destabilization and have created more centers of terrorism”.

It showed that this foolish war is the worse example of since it has worked the security system for the protection of the balance and La Paz in the world.

It said that the Bolivariana Republic of Venezuela calls to the reflection in the world to fit the mechanisms to find the balance, La Paz and to stop the madness of the war.

One talked about in this case, to the public, mediatic campaign international of satanización of the town and of the government of Iran, because it said “we have seen as of dangerous way threatening declarations against La Paz of the town follow one another of Irán».

“The world has been asked, the governments represented in this General assembly what would happen if that wild madness of the elites that govern to the United States took the maddening step to attack the Pacific town of Iran, to where it would take a situation to us of those characteristics”, it emphasized.

It indicated: “we are in time to stop that campaign of satanización, are in time to construct the retaining walls, the alert, the calls and the alliances to stop the guerrerista madness of the elites that governs the United States of North America.”

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Cuba Foreign Minister 2007 UN Speech. Machine Translation.

Posted by QB on October 3, 2007


26 of September of 2007, New York

Sir President:

Before the real dangers that had never been made so evident they watch to the human species; before the violations to the Right International had been made never so evident that put in increasing danger to international La Paz and the security; before the inequality and the exclusion had never been made so evident, that strike to more than the two third parts of the population of our planet.

To end to the wastefulness and the consumista frenzy that promote the great corporations and the groups of being able of a reduced group of developed countries, that waste at the cost of the poverty and the perpetuación of the subdevelopment in a vast periphery of poor countries in which thousands of million people malviven, have become a key factor for the subsistence of the humanity. The meeting of high level of this General Assembly, carried out only two days ago, made the danger clear that represents the accelerated global heating that already we suffer and its effect in the climatic change. It is necessary to act, and to make it fast, and the developed countries must have moral and the historical responsibility to give the example and to head the effort.

On the other hand, several of our countries, always of the South, continue being victims of inadmissible acts of aggression on the part of the powerful ones of always, motivated, in the essential, by the insatiable appetite of strategic resources. The predatory wars and the proclamation and application of doctrines based on the preventive war, that do not even exclude the use from nuclear weapons against States that do not have them, and the reiterated use of pretexts such as the assumption fights to the terrorism, the tried promotion of the democracy or the call change of regime in countries unilaterally described like states villains, today constitute the greater and more serious threat to La Paz and the security in the world.

The aggression and illegal occupation of countries, the opposite armed intervention to the Right International and the intentions and principles of the Letter of the UN, the bombing to civilians and the torture continue being practical daily. Under the false litany of the freedom and the democracy, it is tried to consecrate the sacking of the natural resources of the Third World and to control zones of increasing geostrategic importance. That and another one are not the project of imperial domination that tries to impose to blood and fire the military superpower more powerful than the man has seen.

Far from acting itself in the international relations according to the principles of solidarity, social and international justice, the equality and the development for all, are used without the pudor minimum the practices to certify to countries, to impose unilateral blockades, to threaten the aggression, of chantajear and compelling.

If a small country defends its right to independence it accuses of State villain to him; if a power agrede to a country says that “it releases it”. A combatant against the foreign aggression is a terrorist; an attacking soldier is a “fighter by the freedom”. It is the mediatic war, the swindle of the truths, the tyranny of the unique thought in a globalizado world.

Instead of advancing towards the general disarmament and complete, including the nuclear disarmament, that has constituted per decades a permanent reclamation of the Movement of Countries nonAligned, one promotes the armamentismo and wastefulness in new arms and systems of armaments that spend the resources that the world would require to mitigate the effects of the climatic change and as opposed to to do the very serious problems derived from the poverty and the marginalization to him.

He tries himself to prevent, politicized and selectively, the application of the principle, proclaimed already in the Treaty of Nuclear nonProliferation, of which the nations have right to the development of the nuclear energy with pacific aims. One threatens the war and the destruction to countries while he allows himself the aggressive ally to have hundreds of nuclear devices and him aid to modernize them continuously.

How long will more have to pass and how many new victims will die before the hawks of the war include/understand that the arms do not serve to solve the serious problems of the humanity?

A day like today, is worth the trouble to remember the words of President Fidel Castro before this General Assembly in October of 1979:

“We say good bye to the arms – Fidel said and consagrémonos civilizadamente to the most exhausting problems of ours were. That is the responsibility and to have more asylum of all the statesmen of the world. That is, in addition, the indispensable premise of the human survival”.

Sir President:

Today one does not advance towards the fulfillment of Metas of the Millenium and the decisions of the great conferences of the conducted United Nations during the last decade.

The poverty does not diminish. The inequality between the countries and within the countries grows.

Thousand one hundred million people do not have access to potable water; 2 600 million lack services of cleaning; more than 800 million they are illiterate and 115 million children do not go to the primary school; 850 million pass hunger every day. 1% of the richest people of the world have 40% of the wealth, while 50% of the world-wide population as soon as it counts on a 1%. All this happens in a world that a million million in arms spend and another one in commercial publicity.

Near billion people who live in developed countries they consume around half of the total energy, whereas almost 2000 million poor men still do not know the electricity.

Is that the world that wants that we accept? Is perhaps the future to which we must be satisfied? Tenemos or not right to fight to change this state of things? We must or not fight because a better world is possible?

So that so colossal resources in the industry are wasted to kill and is not used to save lives? So that to schools instead of nuclear submarines and hospitals instead of “intelligent” pumps are not constructed? So that vaccines instead of armored vehicles and more foods instead of more bombers do not take place? So that the investigations are not impelled to fight the AIDS, the malaria and the tuberculosis instead of making anti-missile shields? So that the war against the poverty instead of against the poor men does not get rid?

Although billion dollars are needed only 150 to reach Metas of the Millenium, it affirms hypocritically that it does not have of where to obtain necessary the financial resources. Lie! Yes there is money very well, which lack is the political will, the ethics and the real commitment from which they must make the decisions.

If it is really wanted to find the money:

Cúmplase of once with the commitment dedicating 0.7% of the GIP to the Official Aid to the Development. It would mean more than 141 billion additional dollars to the present amounts. In the overflow of the simulation, the countries donors now enter the condonaciones of a debt that know that they will not be able to receive to inflate artificially his contributions.

Condónese the external debt, that our countries have paid already more of once. It would allow to dedicate to the development more than 400 billion dollars that today are dedicated to the service of a debt that does not let grow.

Conclúyase Ronda de Doha for the development and eliminates 300 billion agricultural subsidies of the developed countries. It will allow to dedicate that money to fight against the rural poverty, the nourishing insecurity and to guarantee right prices for products of export of the underdeveloped countries.

Reconózcase our right to the development. Garantícese our right to accede to the markets, the patents and the technologies that today are exclusive monopoly of the powerful ones. Ayúdese to our countries to form professionals and scientists and déjese to rob the talent to us.

The aligned countries we did not need alms; we needed and we demanded justice.

Respétese our right to the cultural diversity and the preservation of our patrimony, our symbols and our idiosyncrasy. That has been the unanimous reclamation that the aligned countries we did not finish proclaiming in Tehran, in our Ministerial Meeting on Human rights and Cultural Diversity.

Sir President:

The aligned countries we do not want more democratic United Nations and I am transparent, in which the General Assembly, its more representative and democratic organ, really exerts the faculties that correspond to him.

We needed Nations United with a reformed Security Council, that acts within the mandate that grants the Corporate charter to him of the Organization, without invading the functions and prerogatives of other organs of the system. A Security Council with one membresía extended, to tone with the present composition of the UN, where the underdeveloped countries we are majority. A Security Council where their methods of work reform radically to allow to the transparency and the access of all the States Members to their workings.

We defend United Nations where the multilateralism and the solutions decided in the absolute respect to the Letter, constitute the only one via approaching and solving the present problems.

We needed an Advice Human rights who prevents the repetition of the serious errors of the old Commission of Human rights. An Advice who consecrates in his practice the principle of which the human rights are universal, indivisible and interdependent. An Advice who ends the selectivity and the double raseros. The aligned countries we will not be against firmly to the perverse machinations of some powerful ones that, frustrated by not to have been able to obtain its objectives, they now try to reopen and to question the agreement reached in the arduous and difficult process of institutional construction of the Council.

The aligned countries we will not move backwards in the defense of the postulates with which our Movement was based, that is similar to those of this Organization. We will foment between the nations relations of friendship based on the respect to the sovereignty principles, equality of rights and frees determination of the towns.

We will continue defending the right of the undergone and heroic Palestinian town to have its own State with its capital in Eastern Jerusalem. We will continue condemning the genocide that against him is committed.

We will continue proclaiming the right of the town from Puerto Rico the sovereignty and independence.

The aligned countries we did not represent almost two thirds of membresía of United Nations. Our vindications could not be preteridas nor our ignored interests. We will stay united and we will lean in the defense of our rights. We will cause that our voice is listened to.

Sir President:

Here my speech like President of the Movement of Countries nonAligned finished. Nevertheless, the scandalous and crude performance of the President of the United States in this room, in the morning of yesterday, now forces to me to pronounce words to name of Cuba.

Using a language soez and an arrogant tone, President Bush insulted and threatened a ten of countries; he issued orders, final and authoritarian, to the General Assembly; and he distributed, with a great power never Vista in this room, qualifications and judgments on a twenty of countries.

It was an embarrassing spectacle. The delirium tremens of world-wide gendar to me. The embriaguez of the imperial power, decorated with all the mediocrity and the cynicism of which they threaten wars in which they know that they do not gamble his life.

The President of the United States does not have any right to judge another sovereign nation of this planet. To have powerful nuclear weapons does not give right some on the rights of the towns of the other 191 countries represented here.

And does not have to underestimate to the determination and the anger of the towns at the time of defending its rights! After all, which is worth is not the power of the tubes, but the justeza of the ideas by which it is fought. The militant and threatening President already must it have learned at this point.

Sovereign equality of the States and not “change of regime”. Respect to the sovereignty and unilateral noncertifications of good behavior. Respect to the Right International and illegal nonblockades and wars.

President Bush spoke of democracy, but all we know that he lies. It arrived at the Presidency by means of the fraud and the deceit. We had saved its presence yesterday and we would have listened to President Albert Gore speak on the climatic change and the risks for our species. We remembered, in addition, how it in plain language supported the coup d’etat against the President and the Constitution of Venezuela.

It spoke of peace, but we know that it lies. We remembered or when it threatened 60 or the more countries, to which it called “dark corners of the planet”, with making them disappear of the Earth face with pre-emptive strikes and surprise. Bush is a peculiar soldier who, from the rear, commands to kill and to die to the young people from its country to thousands of kilometers of its coasts.

It spoke of human rights, but we know that it lies. She is the person in charge of the death of 600 thousand civilians in Iraq, it authorized the torture in Naval Base of Guantánamo and Abu Ghraib, and is accomplice of the kidnapping and the secret disappearance of people, flights and the clandestine jails.

It spoke of the fight against the terrorism, but we know that it lies. It has guaranteed total impunity to the most abominable terrorist groups than, from Miami, they have perpetrated horrible crimes against the Cuban town.

President Bush attacked the new Council of Human rights. He bleeds by the wound; its impotence broods. It martyrs the shame of which, during his Presidency, the United States it cannot at least aspire to being member, because the elections are by secret vote. Cuba, however, was chosen charter member with more than two thirds from the votes.

It spoke of cooperation, development and prosperity for the rest of the world, but all we know that it lies. He has been the most egoistic and irresponsible politician who we have seen. In a world in that 10 million smaller children of 5 years by prevenibles diseases will die this year, their stingy and demagogic proposals of are a joke of badly pleasure yesterday.

President Bush does not have moral authority nor credibility to judge nobody. He would have to respond before the world by his crimes.

There are a limit, Excellence, to the arrogance and hipocresía. There is a limit to the lie and the blackmail. Cuba rejects and condemns each one of mendaces words pronounced yesterday by the President of the United States.

Sir President:

Cuba thanks for the solidarity that has received from this General Assembly in its fight against the blockade and the aggressions that has had to face during almost five decades. Of particular way I thank for here the words pronounced yesterday by the President of Nicaragua, companion Daniel Ortega, present here in the room, and those of all those that have raised to their voice in favor of the right and justice with the Cuban town.
Cuba is thankful to which they have supported his tenacious fight against the terrorism and have raised his voice in favor of the liberation of five jailed Cuban antiterrorist fighters unjustly in prisons of the United States.

Cuba will fight, delegated gentlemen, along with all the members of the Movement of Aligned Countries not to reach an order international and more just democratic, in which our towns can exert their right to La Paz and the development.

It will be possible to be accused to us of soñadores, but we fought with the conviction that the today dreams will be the morning realities.

We fought, and we will not let do it, with the conviction that when there are men without honor, there are always others have in himself the honor of many men and in them goes a whole town, goes the human dignity.

Thank you very much.

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Nicaragua Daniel Ortega 2007 UN Speech. Machine Translation.

Posted by QB on October 3, 2007

Speech of Daniel in 62ª General Assembly of the United Nations
25 of September 2007

Good afternoon considered representing of the towns brothers who integrate this Organization of United Nations.

I want to initiate remembering to the million human beings victims of the policies of the colonialismo and the neocolonialismo.

To begin remembering the victims of the Holocausto; to the victims of Hiroshima and Nakasaki; to the victims of the slavery of the Apartheid; to the victims of the wars of occupation of Vietnam and Afghanistan, Dominican Republic, Grenada, of Panama, of Nicaragua.

To the victims of that heroic and noble Cuban town, that has undergone aggressions of all type, and a blockade brutal and cruel. To the five heroes, prisoners of the empire, to fight against the terrorism.

I want to remember to the victims of the terrorist attacks in the World Trade Center; to the million men and women who have been and continue being victims of the genocide produced by global Capitalism.

To the victims of the discrimination and Apartheid, caused by those who they deny its enter the developed countries; I want to remember to the towns that in Latin America, try to enter the United States, and the towns that in Africa, in Asia, try to enter the European nations.

Our reflection, our recognition and our solidarity, for the victims of the natural disasters, that are simultaneously, victims of the policies of the imperialistic global Capitalism that with its desarrollista policy, continues causing destruction, death and poverty, becoming the greater aggressor of the Mother Earth, destroyed today by that avarice of imperial Capitalism.

I want to remember the recent victims of natural phenomena, that have been stimulated by that depredation caused by imperialistic global Capitalism… the victims of the Katrina Hurricane, the victims of the earthquake in Peru, the victims of the floods in Africa; the victims of the original towns, the miskito town, the town mayangna, victims of the Hurricane Central American, Latin American and Caribbean earth Felix; in the Earth of Sandino and Rubén Darío.

Our brothers of the towns miskitos and mayangnas, that obtained their Autonomy in 1987, and which today, participate in a process where they are going to be recognized his right plenary sessions established by that Law of Autonomy, they have requested to me to recognize United Nations, because after that long battle by more than 20 years, finally they begin to recognize the rights of the original towns.

They have requested to me to make delivery, in Nations here United, of a document signed by the brothers leaders of the towns miskitos, mayangnas, of the afrodescendientes towns, victims of the Hurricane Felix, so that this document circulates before all you, representing brothers of the towns of our Planet.

18 years ago, I had the opportunity to direct to me, in that period from 1979 to 1989, this General Assembly of United Nations; and memory perfectly well, which was the speeches, the messages, the positions. They have spent 18 years, and thanks to the inclaudicable fight of the town of Sandino, I am again here, directing to you these words to them.

Today in the morning, when this General Assembly began, I listened to with attention the words of the second orador, that took 20 minutes exactly, I hope not to happen of the 20 minutes… and, nonencounter no difference! between which it was the thought, the word, the action of those who then were to the front of this imperial power, with the speech that I have listened to this morning.

They change the Presidents in the United States, and can arrive with the best good intention, can think that a good to the humanity is doing him, because, they do not manage to notice itself that they are not more than instruments of an empire more, of the so many empires that have prevailed on our Planet.

But they forget, that the life of the empires is ephemeral in relation to the time, that as well as arise, as well as they fill of pride and great power, as well as they stand to dictate like Gods, who is good, who is bad; as well as they put to dictate how to give, which they call attendance, which they are not more than the historical debts that they have with our towns, they simply what they are doing is responding to the empire, to the policies of the empire.

For that reason, it has not been to not only be strange that we are us, with he himself speech, but with the same circumstances of oppression, violence, of terror, that undergoes the humanity, today, more threatened than for 18 years, when I had the opportunity to speak here in United Nations; today, under the tyranny of imperialistic global Capitalism.

And the International is an Economic Order, clear that there is it! But, who dictate to that Economic Order the International? A minority of dictators, who impose their interests that is not new…! they were those that enslaved the African towns; those that enslaved and put under our indigenous ancestors; they were those that they exterminated to the original towns here in the United States. And the immigrants came then… Europe, very calmly with the right of whom…! to devastate with these towns, and to settle like owners of which it did not belong to them.

They robbed these towns to them, his rights, his culture and the culture, the interests of the colonizadores prevailed. There it was born what today one appears like the most exemplary democracy in the world, when is really the tyranny, the dictatorship most gigantic and more impressive than has existed throughout the history of the humanity… the tyranny of the North American empire.

And if no, we see how this morning spoke to the gentleman President to us… with a total lack of respect, speaking of Cuba! when system represents that has commanded to assassinate to President of Cuba, our dear brother Fidel Castro, to which we honored because he has been extraordinarily shared in common, signs and consequent with its principles in the fight by the humanity.

They, who have insisted on maintaining that blockade brutal against Cuba, whereas for reasons of interests of State, “democratic principles” do not take into account their calls when, for economic reasons, interlace common stocks with other nations with which, supposedly, ideological differences exist. The capital unites them, and there the ideological differences disappear.

Whereupon authority come to question the right of Iran, the right of the Popular Republic of Korea of the North? Whereupon straight questions the right that has these towns, to use the atomic development with pacific aims? And still more! if they wanted to use it with military aims… whereupon authority, whereupon straight, those that have been the unique ones, the only State that in the history of the humanity has dropped atomic pumps on defenseless towns, as it sent them on Hiroshima and Nakasaki…?

Whereupon authority… to try to condemn the town of Iran that is working by a development of atomic energy, with pacific aims? But it is that they already decided that is not with pacific aims, and who has given that right them them…? They themselves occur it, and they prevail this General Assembly!

Because this General Assembly is not more than the reflection of that reality that lives the world, where a minority, capitalist, imperialistic, who today prevails with global Capitalism and settles down an order to explode, to press, to impoverish, to continue enslaving, to continue causing the Apartheid against the Latin American immigrants and the African immigrants in Europe… because global Capitalism is one single one has a head! but he is one single one, with its tentacles by all sides.

Whereupon authority…? If it is the country possessor of the greater atomic armament in all the Planet and whereupon authority, other countries that are possessors of atomic armament, come here to try to question the right from other towns to the Pacific development of atomic energy…? When not even has moral authority! in order to question the right of any town, to also develop to the atomic energy with pacific aims and aims the military.

He is not that one, logically, the best way for the humanity… the best way for the humanity is that disappears the atomic armament! If the United States, if the North American Presidents, and I do not want to personalize in a President the conduct of the empire, because the empire is the empire! independently of whom it is to the front of him, it llámese Democratic or Republican… the empire is the empire!

If the United States, if this town, wants to really demonstrate that it is convinced that it is necessary to end the threat of the use of the atomic energy with military aims, then must be first in taking the step to begin a policy of nuclear disarmament! to which those are added all that has nuclear weapon…

And then… yes will be moral authority! in order to say that no town in the world invests resources in the atomic development, with military aims. And which then, all the nations can have the option and the right, that is wanted to them to deny to the towns in via of development, to choose to the atomic development with pacific aims.

18 years ago, it said to them, from this same site, was spoken of the same! the Palestinian problem… the always covered with blood Palestinian town, with a nation there that has atomic armament! There same, enquistada in which it has been the historical territory of the Palestinian town.

18 years ago it was spoken of the town of Puerto Rico, that nation that has come fighting by its independence and there it is Puerto Rico, always fighting by his independence; the United States continues expressing, with all clarity, their neocolonialistas policies. That is to say, more outposts, more modern combine the domination forms, with the domination forms more leaving behind, as those military bases that they have in Guantánamo.

18 years ago it was spoken of the armamentismo and history continues being the same one! 18 years ago it was spoken of the war and history continues being today, much more burdens, because we were with that brutal war, imposed by the empire, imposed by the interests ec onómicos y petroleros del imperio.
He thought that he went to a easy task when occupying Iraq and Afghanistan, and he has been with the resistance of those towns. An invasion that was sent with a campaign of lies! because it is not certain that Iraq was in possibilities of making atomic arms.

What I can conclude…? That the enemy continues being he himself, after 18 years! Now that I am again in United Nations the enemy continues being he himself! and it is called, imperialistic global Capitalism. And this, only we are going to change it the towns.

The towns that have managed to reach their liberation, have not been thanks to kindness of the empires, but thanks to the fight, the blood spilled by those towns. The towns that spilled their blood in Africa of the South to reach independence… how many years of ignominy, suffering, slavery, Apartheid in Africa of the South!

Thus, we could cross all the African Continent, and we will be whereupon their towns reached their freedom, although the modern colonialistas tried to maintain always those forms of occupation, and clear! they have assumed new forms of occupation; they have established new forms of domination.

Those are our towns that they have to continue fighting; it is the unit of our towns, the Latin American towns, the Central American, Caribbean towns the unit in the DAWN! And that does not become to repeat actions, like that they sent against Venezuela when to an elect President democratically… gave the military coup him! They tried to repeat the history of Salvador Beyond. The history of Chile tried to repeat it!

But it was not there United Nations, did not summon United Nations to say what barbarism which is happening in Venezuela; it is necessary to condemn what it is happening, because that is an elect Government democratically! No! Rather, the empire immediately ran to recognize the coup participants… was the Venezuelan town the one that rose to put in its place, again, to the President who they had elect. Therefore, those are the towns that decide their destiny!

Of that reason, so that it can change United Nations, brothers… all we can be in favor full of the best intentions. I do not even doubt that representing countries of global and imperialistic Capitalism, come here with the best intentions, some; but, they lose of Vista, which follow in his proposals and their asistencialistas expositions, because they are asistencialistas! when they speak of aid… is insulting to us!

They must understand, once and for all, that as well as they have managed themselves to obtain from the privatizations… what get to make the great transnational companies to the developing countries? They say that they get to help, but what industralist puts to help? The industralist when he invests, is for removing utilities, the maximum of utilities that can, and does not stop to invest them in the country, but to take them to it, because the developing countries we are described like uncertain countries. That is to say, we are victims of a sacking!

If we compared volumes of wealth that continues extracting of our countries countries capitalist, developed, now with his great companies, his great capitals globalizados… if we compared those wealth, those utilities, with which they send the Latin American emigrants from the United States to his families, or what the emigrants of Africa send, of Asia, who are in Europe to their families, really is a misery! compared with the volumes of wealth that are sacked to newspaper by those institutionalized forms of oppression.

However, the emigrants who work in the United States and Europe, those emigrants work more duro than anyone! they are in the tasks that no longer develop nor the North Americans, nor the European, and receive miserable wages… then who does the favor to him to whom?

No favor does the Latin Americans to him that they manage to accede to work in the United States, and that manages to collect a little money to send 100, 200 dollars to its families, as opposed to the sacking of the great companies which yes they arrive there, to remove those enormous utilities, but that also, not only to take advantage from the cheap manual labor and the condicionalidades that impose Free Trade Agreement.

Logically, it frees commerce so that the human beings face, so that the societies face, the nations, to see who is strongest! and one goes away to impose logically, more hard. It is the law of the forest, the free commerce.

What we needed in the world is the commerce just; what the world demands is really a change in the globalizados capitalist countries, imperialistic, must there occur a change! They must change those concepts of Free Market and Free Trade Agreement, by Right Commerce and Market the International Just.

It is not reducing the subsidies, that are going away to solve this problem, because simply, the disparities are so enormous that is impossible! It is not with breadcrumbs that are going away to solve this problem.

This problem is solved with deeply radical changes that take to the democratization of those who, being a minority in the planet Earth, is the owners of the wealth, is the owners of the atomic armament and imposes their policies in this Assembly; they happen over the Security Council of United Nations; imposes their own laws! that there they are established clearly and that they do not have any respect for the humanity.

Only changing in these towns, these nations, in these governments, those policies, are that we are going to really have, that right world of which all we spoke. Because all we spoke of right world, of a world peacefully, a world in brotherhood, solidarity, ah…! but of the words to the practice, exists a great distance!

Receive dear brothers, our greeting, the greeting of the Nicaraguan town, a town fighter; of a town that has undergone the interventions of the empire from year 1856! when the Revolution had not prevailed over October, that Revolution of the great Lenin. When it did not exist therefore, the East-West conflict, already Nicaragua underwent the expansionistic policies of the empire; Nicaragua had already to raise in arms to be able to face which they wanted to dominate to us and to impose Yankee presidents to us.

We want, brothers, to request to them that they transmit its towns to them, the conviction, the security that today more than ever, conditions for the unit of the Latin American and Caribbean towns also exist; the unit of the African towns is growing; it must grow the unit of the Asian towns, but free of that global Capitalism! Because, of what is worth, of what serves to speak of socialism, if what is being constructed it is Capitalism, and if what is occurring she is santa alliance with global and imperialistic Capitalism.

We must construct that Formation force, in Africa, in Asia, in Latin America, where we are walking with the same force, he himself vigor, such principles that follows alive! of the African fighters, Lumumba, Sekú Turé. The principles of the Latin American fighters; the principles of such North American fighters, the United States; the principles of the European fighters.

The principles of this Latin America, Bolivar, Martí, Sandino, Tupac Atari, Tupac Amaru, those principles follow effective, and will follow effective while these forms of oppression exist!

I have the faith in God, the security and the certainty that as well as the towns, in spite of as much oppression, of as much destruction, they have not surrendered, nor they have been sold… today more than ever, the towns rise with pride, firmness, dignity and is not going away to sell, nor is going away to in front of render the globalizado capitalist empire!
Thank you very much.

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Israel & USA real threat to world peace.

Posted by QB on October 1, 2007

The latest news is that Israel is considering to downgrading its diplomatic relationship with Venezuela for having close warm relationship with Iran. The Israeli Ambassador to Venezuela is due to leave his post in next June and the Foreign Ministry has to name his replacement. The Israel Foreign Ministry will send the acting Ambassador downgrading its diplomatic ties with Venezuela. The Israeli government is following the footsteps of Bush regime that anyone who does not agree with their policies of aggression occupation oppression is their enemy. Hugo Chavez also criticized Israel invasion of Lebanon and and attacking Palestinians calling it “Methods of Hitler”. Hugo Chavez believe that Israel are doing what Hitler did killing innocent children and entire families. The Israeli downgrading its diplomatic ties will not really hurt Venezuela and it certainly will not hurt Israel. Hugo Chavez is the most dynamic charismatic leader is going in a direction which if continue will isolate Israel and USA. Hugo Chavez diplomacy is successful with Latin America coming together with close ties with Iran, China, Russia are the clear proof of his strong leadership. Israeli government and Bush regime must understand that nobody is so stupid to hate Americans and Jews, it is their policies which are hated. The Israeli government and Bush regime instead of listening the grievances reject them calling them the “enemy” of Israel and USA, “enemy of Jews”, “antisemite”, people who hate “freedom and democracy”, people who hate “American way of life”, very simple approach instead of looking at them rationally.

The US has become very intolerant country since Bush moved into White House with voices of moderation has gone into background overtaken by religious fundamentalism creating new alliances to support Israel government polices of aggressions and continuing its own polices of aggression and occupations. These policies are the source of problems which both these governments completely ignore and acknowledge. These policies are fueling more hatred and there is no hope for peace in the world. The US is pushing Zionists agenda blocking all the efforts to bring positive change with democracy. The only democracy which they accept the puppets governments endorsing their policies.

Britain and Israel expressed interest on US Campaign of surgical bombing raids on Iran Revolutionary Guards


Really bring smile on my face that Britain, Israel and US governments can be so stupid controlled by mental retards. Go ahead do it. The result will  be disaster for Britain, Israel and USA.

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Ecuador Assembly Elections Partial Results.

Posted by QB on October 1, 2007

The exit polls indicating that Rafael Correa will win the majority.

Quito – The government of left-wing populist President Rafael Correa was winning in Sunday’s election of a constituent assembly in Ecuador, according to an exit poll. According to the survey results issued shortly after polls closed at 2200 GMT by the institute Investigacion y Estudios, Correa’s Alianza Pais party was in line to win 15 of the 24 nationally elected seats in the 130-member assembly.

Another 100 seats were to be distributed to candidates by province, and a further six to candidates chosen by Ecuadorians living abroad. There were no exit polls as to their possible distribution.

Correa hoped for an absolute majority of 66 seats and said he would stand down if he did not obtain it.

Official results were not expected for 20 days.

Source Link : Exit poll: Government candidates leading Ecuador assembly elections

Correa calls assembly vote “Victory”

Correa, a left-wing ally of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, has claimed an overwhelming majority in the 130-member assembly he says should dissolve Congress, call early elections and curtail the unstable Andean country’s political old guard.

With 54.25 percent of the votes tallied, Correa has won about 70.74 percent of the votes for the 24 national seats in the assembly. Votes for the 100 provincially assigned seats and six delegates chosen by citizens living abroad were also not complete, but showed a similar trend.

HE CALLED it the “mother of all battles” and Rafael Correa, Ecuador’s new young president, appears to have won it. According to an unofficial count of the results of an election on September 30th for a Constituent Assembly, Mr Correa’s supporters, grouped in a new outfit called Acuerdo País (“Agreement for the country”), won some 70 or more of the 130 seats. That gives the president a clear mandate to write a new constitution reflecting the “21st century socialism” he espouses.

Bits and pieces taken from different reports.

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Hugo Chavez achievements ignorned by US mainstream media.

Posted by QB on September 30, 2007

The common American must read the following report as the majority of them are duped by CNN and all mainstream print and electronic media that Hugo Chavez is the devil dictator even get is very democratically elected by the Venezuelans in three previous elections. Bush infact is a dictator who was selected President by the Supreme court in 2000 elections. Bush dictator has ruined the US economy with huge deficits trying to win already lost wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, on the other hand Hugo Chavez policies are changing the lives of tens of millions of people in Venezuela as well as the neighboring countries. Venezuela budget has the huge surplus since Hugo Chavez sworn in as the President in 1999. The US latest deficit remember listening on CNN is 9 trillion dollars.

Venezuela: Revolution brings massive social gains

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Democracy Diplomacy Venezuelan & Cuban Governments comparison with US.

Posted by QB on July 28, 2007

The present Bush regime with mainstream media and European countries love to spread false propaganda against Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez accususing them of dictators and rogue nations who hates America for its open democracy. The fact is opposite that Bush regime and its European allies are the most closed minded undiplomatic non tolerant governments who wants all the other countries to adopt their corrupt version of democracy. The democracy and diplomacy are put aside with Bush regime in White House with their agenda of taking control of the world with uniliteral invasion and occupation to protect their way of life and impose their corrupt version of big corporations democracy.

Bush also believe that not talking to Cuba, Venezuela, Syria, Iran and North Korea is some kind of punishment which these countries deserve. The US foreign relations are so screwed up by Bush that it will be exactly same if Hilary Clinton get elected. Hilary Clinton will not talk to the governments white according to them are hostile towards US. Raul Castro speaking to crowd of 100,000 Cubans offered to open talks with new US administration if they give up their arrogance and talk in civilized manner. Hugo Chavez always always said that he wants the better relations with US whoever is in office after Bush.

Cuba celebrated the anniversary of its revolution today without its long time leader. In charge the brother of ailing leader Fidel Castro. And he’s offering a deal, Raul Castro, that is, a deal to the United States, reforms and talks, once the Bush administration he says is out of power.The president was temporarily handing over power, his aide announced. For the first time since 1959, Fidel Castro was not charge of Cuba. The government said only that he had been forced to undergo intestinal surgery. He’s widely believed to suffer from diverticulitis, inflamation of a pouch in the intestine wall.But those who predicted Cuba’s communist system would collapse in his absence were wrong. At a year with Raul Castro at the helm little has changed. Tens of thousands turned out waving their flags for the July 26th celebration. In Fidel’s traditional place, Raul stressed Cuba’s stability.RAUL CASTRO, CUBAN LEADER : These have been difficult months though with the opposite effect expected by our enemies who are hoping for chaos and Cuban socialism to collapse.

R. CASTRO : If the new U.S. authorities would finally put their arrogance aside and decide to talk in a civilized way, it would be a welcome change. If not, we’re ready to continue to confront their policy of hostility, even if it takes another 50 years.

A group of eight students from the United States has graduated from a medical school in Cuba.

The students are from a deprived background and could not afford to train as doctors in the US.

They are among hundreds of students from across America and Africa to be given scholarships by Cuba.

It is illegal for Americans to visit Cuba but an exception was given to this program following a deal between Fidel Castro’s government and members of the Congressional Black Caucus in Washington.

One of the students, Evelyn Erickson from New York, says the scholarship was all-inclusive.

“Cuba has given us a full scholarship with free room and board, we get everything from books, even uniforms,” she said.

“But the conditions are that we go back to our communities or wherever we’re needed and we provide health care.
“And that’s what we really want to do so we’re actually looking forward to it.”

Wolf Blitzer called Cuban leaders tyrant ignoring all the good news. Cuba is training hundreds of doctors from around the world with full scholarship to provide cheap medical care for poor. This is very admirable policy of Cuba should and must be appreciated and reported.
Hugo Chavez who is also called dictator is very popular democratically elected beloved President of Venezuela winning thee elections. Hugo Chavez policies which are benefiting the poor are better than US government policies of big corporations protection. Hugo Chavez is facing harsh criticism from rich privileged class backed by CIA and Bush regime.

Hugo Chavez achievements.
The construction of thousands of free medical clinics for the poor.
The institution of educational campaigns that have reportedly made more than one million adult Venezuelans literate.
The enactment of food and housing subsidies.
The government earmarked 44.6% of the 2007 budget for social investment, with 1999-2007 averaging 12.8% of GDP.

US only approve democracy when it is in its own interest. US does not like the democratic government leaders democratically elected in Ecuador, Nicaragua and Bolivia. The other problem with US democracy is the voters keep electing the same two parties candidates from last 100 years without evening thinking intelligently throwing them out of power with electing third parties candidates or independents. The real change will be if US voters reject all the corrupt politicians including Hilary Clinton Rudy Giuliani Mitt Romney and elect Dennis Kucinich who is honest politician for a real change. Vote for any third party Candidate for Senate and House of Representative seat and this will be the real change.

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Hugo Chavez Blasted Honduras Cardinal Rodriguez.

Posted by QB on July 25, 2007

Hugo Chavez news are always interesting and this news was reported yesterday is no exception where he called Honduran Cardinal Oscar Andres Rodriguez Maradiaga “imperial clown” replying to his accusations of increasing authoritarianism. Hugo Chavez statements are always blunt without any diplomacy.

“Another parrot of imperialism appeared, this time dressed as a cardinal. That’s to say, another imperialist clown”.

This Cardinal is considered the moderate, is the most prominent Catholic leaders in Americas and could be the possible Pope. Hugo Chavez also called Venezuelan Catholic leaders and “liars” and “perverts” and advice them to stop interfering in politics. Cardinal Oscar Andres Rodriguez Maradiaga will be another joke if selected next Pope after Benedict which will certainly not help Catholic ideology.

The following is lengthy informative article about Hugo Chavez and Bush regime which analyzes the situation fairly.

Where is Venezuela going? Chavez and the meaning of 21st century socialism.

Hugo Chavez is democratically elected very popular President of Venezuela harshly criticized by US and Western Countries media and Bush regime with false propaganda. Hugo Chavez is doing what US should be doing to change the lives of common poor people. I support Hugo Chavez for all his good efforts to improve the lives of common poor people.

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Chávez is no enemy of free speech.

Posted by QB on June 4, 2007

We need Bart Jones type of honest journalists not the ones who report lies and propaganda on CNN and Fox. Bush regime did bomb Al Jazeera office in Afghanistan and Iraq for broadcasting news which shows the real picture of US invasion atrocities. Bush regime has also closed down Al Jazeera offices in Iraq. This to me is not democratic free speech policy. Bush regime wants all the Middle East to watch US funded TV Al Hurra which broadcast US propaganda.

Bart Jones Article.

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