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Nicaragua Daniel Ortega 2007 UN Speech. Machine Translation.

Posted by QB on October 3, 2007

Speech of Daniel in 62ª General Assembly of the United Nations
25 of September 2007

Good afternoon considered representing of the towns brothers who integrate this Organization of United Nations.

I want to initiate remembering to the million human beings victims of the policies of the colonialismo and the neocolonialismo.

To begin remembering the victims of the Holocausto; to the victims of Hiroshima and Nakasaki; to the victims of the slavery of the Apartheid; to the victims of the wars of occupation of Vietnam and Afghanistan, Dominican Republic, Grenada, of Panama, of Nicaragua.

To the victims of that heroic and noble Cuban town, that has undergone aggressions of all type, and a blockade brutal and cruel. To the five heroes, prisoners of the empire, to fight against the terrorism.

I want to remember to the victims of the terrorist attacks in the World Trade Center; to the million men and women who have been and continue being victims of the genocide produced by global Capitalism.

To the victims of the discrimination and Apartheid, caused by those who they deny its enter the developed countries; I want to remember to the towns that in Latin America, try to enter the United States, and the towns that in Africa, in Asia, try to enter the European nations.

Our reflection, our recognition and our solidarity, for the victims of the natural disasters, that are simultaneously, victims of the policies of the imperialistic global Capitalism that with its desarrollista policy, continues causing destruction, death and poverty, becoming the greater aggressor of the Mother Earth, destroyed today by that avarice of imperial Capitalism.

I want to remember the recent victims of natural phenomena, that have been stimulated by that depredation caused by imperialistic global Capitalism… the victims of the Katrina Hurricane, the victims of the earthquake in Peru, the victims of the floods in Africa; the victims of the original towns, the miskito town, the town mayangna, victims of the Hurricane Central American, Latin American and Caribbean earth Felix; in the Earth of Sandino and Rubén Darío.

Our brothers of the towns miskitos and mayangnas, that obtained their Autonomy in 1987, and which today, participate in a process where they are going to be recognized his right plenary sessions established by that Law of Autonomy, they have requested to me to recognize United Nations, because after that long battle by more than 20 years, finally they begin to recognize the rights of the original towns.

They have requested to me to make delivery, in Nations here United, of a document signed by the brothers leaders of the towns miskitos, mayangnas, of the afrodescendientes towns, victims of the Hurricane Felix, so that this document circulates before all you, representing brothers of the towns of our Planet.

18 years ago, I had the opportunity to direct to me, in that period from 1979 to 1989, this General Assembly of United Nations; and memory perfectly well, which was the speeches, the messages, the positions. They have spent 18 years, and thanks to the inclaudicable fight of the town of Sandino, I am again here, directing to you these words to them.

Today in the morning, when this General Assembly began, I listened to with attention the words of the second orador, that took 20 minutes exactly, I hope not to happen of the 20 minutes… and, nonencounter no difference! between which it was the thought, the word, the action of those who then were to the front of this imperial power, with the speech that I have listened to this morning.

They change the Presidents in the United States, and can arrive with the best good intention, can think that a good to the humanity is doing him, because, they do not manage to notice itself that they are not more than instruments of an empire more, of the so many empires that have prevailed on our Planet.

But they forget, that the life of the empires is ephemeral in relation to the time, that as well as arise, as well as they fill of pride and great power, as well as they stand to dictate like Gods, who is good, who is bad; as well as they put to dictate how to give, which they call attendance, which they are not more than the historical debts that they have with our towns, they simply what they are doing is responding to the empire, to the policies of the empire.

For that reason, it has not been to not only be strange that we are us, with he himself speech, but with the same circumstances of oppression, violence, of terror, that undergoes the humanity, today, more threatened than for 18 years, when I had the opportunity to speak here in United Nations; today, under the tyranny of imperialistic global Capitalism.

And the International is an Economic Order, clear that there is it! But, who dictate to that Economic Order the International? A minority of dictators, who impose their interests that is not new…! they were those that enslaved the African towns; those that enslaved and put under our indigenous ancestors; they were those that they exterminated to the original towns here in the United States. And the immigrants came then… Europe, very calmly with the right of whom…! to devastate with these towns, and to settle like owners of which it did not belong to them.

They robbed these towns to them, his rights, his culture and the culture, the interests of the colonizadores prevailed. There it was born what today one appears like the most exemplary democracy in the world, when is really the tyranny, the dictatorship most gigantic and more impressive than has existed throughout the history of the humanity… the tyranny of the North American empire.

And if no, we see how this morning spoke to the gentleman President to us… with a total lack of respect, speaking of Cuba! when system represents that has commanded to assassinate to President of Cuba, our dear brother Fidel Castro, to which we honored because he has been extraordinarily shared in common, signs and consequent with its principles in the fight by the humanity.

They, who have insisted on maintaining that blockade brutal against Cuba, whereas for reasons of interests of State, “democratic principles” do not take into account their calls when, for economic reasons, interlace common stocks with other nations with which, supposedly, ideological differences exist. The capital unites them, and there the ideological differences disappear.

Whereupon authority come to question the right of Iran, the right of the Popular Republic of Korea of the North? Whereupon straight questions the right that has these towns, to use the atomic development with pacific aims? And still more! if they wanted to use it with military aims… whereupon authority, whereupon straight, those that have been the unique ones, the only State that in the history of the humanity has dropped atomic pumps on defenseless towns, as it sent them on Hiroshima and Nakasaki…?

Whereupon authority… to try to condemn the town of Iran that is working by a development of atomic energy, with pacific aims? But it is that they already decided that is not with pacific aims, and who has given that right them them…? They themselves occur it, and they prevail this General Assembly!

Because this General Assembly is not more than the reflection of that reality that lives the world, where a minority, capitalist, imperialistic, who today prevails with global Capitalism and settles down an order to explode, to press, to impoverish, to continue enslaving, to continue causing the Apartheid against the Latin American immigrants and the African immigrants in Europe… because global Capitalism is one single one has a head! but he is one single one, with its tentacles by all sides.

Whereupon authority…? If it is the country possessor of the greater atomic armament in all the Planet and whereupon authority, other countries that are possessors of atomic armament, come here to try to question the right from other towns to the Pacific development of atomic energy…? When not even has moral authority! in order to question the right of any town, to also develop to the atomic energy with pacific aims and aims the military.

He is not that one, logically, the best way for the humanity… the best way for the humanity is that disappears the atomic armament! If the United States, if the North American Presidents, and I do not want to personalize in a President the conduct of the empire, because the empire is the empire! independently of whom it is to the front of him, it llámese Democratic or Republican… the empire is the empire!

If the United States, if this town, wants to really demonstrate that it is convinced that it is necessary to end the threat of the use of the atomic energy with military aims, then must be first in taking the step to begin a policy of nuclear disarmament! to which those are added all that has nuclear weapon…

And then… yes will be moral authority! in order to say that no town in the world invests resources in the atomic development, with military aims. And which then, all the nations can have the option and the right, that is wanted to them to deny to the towns in via of development, to choose to the atomic development with pacific aims.

18 years ago, it said to them, from this same site, was spoken of the same! the Palestinian problem… the always covered with blood Palestinian town, with a nation there that has atomic armament! There same, enquistada in which it has been the historical territory of the Palestinian town.

18 years ago it was spoken of the town of Puerto Rico, that nation that has come fighting by its independence and there it is Puerto Rico, always fighting by his independence; the United States continues expressing, with all clarity, their neocolonialistas policies. That is to say, more outposts, more modern combine the domination forms, with the domination forms more leaving behind, as those military bases that they have in Guantánamo.

18 years ago it was spoken of the armamentismo and history continues being the same one! 18 years ago it was spoken of the war and history continues being today, much more burdens, because we were with that brutal war, imposed by the empire, imposed by the interests ec onómicos y petroleros del imperio.
He thought that he went to a easy task when occupying Iraq and Afghanistan, and he has been with the resistance of those towns. An invasion that was sent with a campaign of lies! because it is not certain that Iraq was in possibilities of making atomic arms.

What I can conclude…? That the enemy continues being he himself, after 18 years! Now that I am again in United Nations the enemy continues being he himself! and it is called, imperialistic global Capitalism. And this, only we are going to change it the towns.

The towns that have managed to reach their liberation, have not been thanks to kindness of the empires, but thanks to the fight, the blood spilled by those towns. The towns that spilled their blood in Africa of the South to reach independence… how many years of ignominy, suffering, slavery, Apartheid in Africa of the South!

Thus, we could cross all the African Continent, and we will be whereupon their towns reached their freedom, although the modern colonialistas tried to maintain always those forms of occupation, and clear! they have assumed new forms of occupation; they have established new forms of domination.

Those are our towns that they have to continue fighting; it is the unit of our towns, the Latin American towns, the Central American, Caribbean towns the unit in the DAWN! And that does not become to repeat actions, like that they sent against Venezuela when to an elect President democratically… gave the military coup him! They tried to repeat the history of Salvador Beyond. The history of Chile tried to repeat it!

But it was not there United Nations, did not summon United Nations to say what barbarism which is happening in Venezuela; it is necessary to condemn what it is happening, because that is an elect Government democratically! No! Rather, the empire immediately ran to recognize the coup participants… was the Venezuelan town the one that rose to put in its place, again, to the President who they had elect. Therefore, those are the towns that decide their destiny!

Of that reason, so that it can change United Nations, brothers… all we can be in favor full of the best intentions. I do not even doubt that representing countries of global and imperialistic Capitalism, come here with the best intentions, some; but, they lose of Vista, which follow in his proposals and their asistencialistas expositions, because they are asistencialistas! when they speak of aid… is insulting to us!

They must understand, once and for all, that as well as they have managed themselves to obtain from the privatizations… what get to make the great transnational companies to the developing countries? They say that they get to help, but what industralist puts to help? The industralist when he invests, is for removing utilities, the maximum of utilities that can, and does not stop to invest them in the country, but to take them to it, because the developing countries we are described like uncertain countries. That is to say, we are victims of a sacking!

If we compared volumes of wealth that continues extracting of our countries countries capitalist, developed, now with his great companies, his great capitals globalizados… if we compared those wealth, those utilities, with which they send the Latin American emigrants from the United States to his families, or what the emigrants of Africa send, of Asia, who are in Europe to their families, really is a misery! compared with the volumes of wealth that are sacked to newspaper by those institutionalized forms of oppression.

However, the emigrants who work in the United States and Europe, those emigrants work more duro than anyone! they are in the tasks that no longer develop nor the North Americans, nor the European, and receive miserable wages… then who does the favor to him to whom?

No favor does the Latin Americans to him that they manage to accede to work in the United States, and that manages to collect a little money to send 100, 200 dollars to its families, as opposed to the sacking of the great companies which yes they arrive there, to remove those enormous utilities, but that also, not only to take advantage from the cheap manual labor and the condicionalidades that impose Free Trade Agreement.

Logically, it frees commerce so that the human beings face, so that the societies face, the nations, to see who is strongest! and one goes away to impose logically, more hard. It is the law of the forest, the free commerce.

What we needed in the world is the commerce just; what the world demands is really a change in the globalizados capitalist countries, imperialistic, must there occur a change! They must change those concepts of Free Market and Free Trade Agreement, by Right Commerce and Market the International Just.

It is not reducing the subsidies, that are going away to solve this problem, because simply, the disparities are so enormous that is impossible! It is not with breadcrumbs that are going away to solve this problem.

This problem is solved with deeply radical changes that take to the democratization of those who, being a minority in the planet Earth, is the owners of the wealth, is the owners of the atomic armament and imposes their policies in this Assembly; they happen over the Security Council of United Nations; imposes their own laws! that there they are established clearly and that they do not have any respect for the humanity.

Only changing in these towns, these nations, in these governments, those policies, are that we are going to really have, that right world of which all we spoke. Because all we spoke of right world, of a world peacefully, a world in brotherhood, solidarity, ah…! but of the words to the practice, exists a great distance!

Receive dear brothers, our greeting, the greeting of the Nicaraguan town, a town fighter; of a town that has undergone the interventions of the empire from year 1856! when the Revolution had not prevailed over October, that Revolution of the great Lenin. When it did not exist therefore, the East-West conflict, already Nicaragua underwent the expansionistic policies of the empire; Nicaragua had already to raise in arms to be able to face which they wanted to dominate to us and to impose Yankee presidents to us.

We want, brothers, to request to them that they transmit its towns to them, the conviction, the security that today more than ever, conditions for the unit of the Latin American and Caribbean towns also exist; the unit of the African towns is growing; it must grow the unit of the Asian towns, but free of that global Capitalism! Because, of what is worth, of what serves to speak of socialism, if what is being constructed it is Capitalism, and if what is occurring she is santa alliance with global and imperialistic Capitalism.

We must construct that Formation force, in Africa, in Asia, in Latin America, where we are walking with the same force, he himself vigor, such principles that follows alive! of the African fighters, Lumumba, Sekú Turé. The principles of the Latin American fighters; the principles of such North American fighters, the United States; the principles of the European fighters.

The principles of this Latin America, Bolivar, Martí, Sandino, Tupac Atari, Tupac Amaru, those principles follow effective, and will follow effective while these forms of oppression exist!

I have the faith in God, the security and the certainty that as well as the towns, in spite of as much oppression, of as much destruction, they have not surrendered, nor they have been sold… today more than ever, the towns rise with pride, firmness, dignity and is not going away to sell, nor is going away to in front of render the globalizado capitalist empire!
Thank you very much.


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