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Who do you want to win US Presidential election?

Posted by QB on September 25, 2008

The US presidential election effect the whole world. The wrong candidate has already bring down the world economy and started unending wars. McCain if get elected the world will be worst place to live. Obama has the plan to change the foreign policy and do something about the economy.McCain, God forbid in White House, the world will see worst situation than Bush regime has already brought by fighting “war on terror”, spending trillion of dollars on wars leaving the poor people suffering in his own country.

Give your opinion.


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World did not change in one week.

Posted by QB on December 8, 2007

There is no change during my one week absence, I was able to watch some news at my hotel room and Hugo Chavez Constitutional Amendment Referendum defeat was big surprise and I was wrong predicting that Hugo Chavez will win the “Yes” vote. The people who voted “No” don’t want him to run for President for the third time will the losers by electing typical politician who will stop Hugo Chavez social reforms, will work to protect the interest of elite class.

Putin party did win the Parliamentary election with huge majority, don’t know the numbers and have no time to find that out by reading one week news archives. I have only today and tomorrow which is Sunday morning again will be leaving.

The most interesting news what US NIE on Iran nuclear program. The reaction from Bush regime is disgraceful who still insists that Iran is the biggest threat to world peace. John Bolton the former UN Ambassador believe that the intelligence agencies has under estimated  Iran nuclear program to compensate their report on Iraq WMD. Bush still believe that Iran is dangerous with the knowledge of building developing nuclear weapons. This is really the most stupid statement made by the only super power of the world. What is the Bush and Dick plan for Iran? Do they wanted to brainwash all the Iranian scientists who had the knowledge to build nuclear weapons?

The NIE confirmed what ElBardei said that they don’t have proof of Iran’s secret nuclear program which become problem for the Republican Presidential candidate who wanted to be tougher than Bush on Iran including Democrat Hilary Clinton, she wanted to use limited Nuclear Weapons on Iranian Nuclear facilities to stop the development of nuclear weapons which which they are not building. Saddam Hussein told the world that Iraq does not any Chemical or Nuclear Weapons and he too was telling the truth like Ahmadinejad.

The US if really wanted peace stability in the world than the American politicians have to learn to trust the other governments, stop interfering in their internal affairs, stop the policy of regime change.

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Call for Putin to remain President for the third term.

Posted by QB on October 27, 2007

Sergei Mironov, speaker of Russia’s upper house, said the issue of a third term for Mr Putin had “not been taken off the agenda” in spite of a constitutional bar on presidents serving more than two consecutive terms. Also there were rallies held in many Russian cities urging Putin to continue his Presidency for the third term in the best interest of country and the nation. There will be more similar rallies planned in other cities with more legislatures to demand what speaker of the house is saying.

The term limit in Russian constitution is included making US term limit which is very undemocratic in my own opinion. The term limit takes away the option from the people who wanted to reelect the same candidate as long as they want. The result of 2000 would be very different with Bill Clinton running for his third term.

What would Malaysia look like today if Dr. Mahathir Mohammad had to leave office after two terms? Malaysia would still be a third world country, ruled by corrupt politicians.

Russians don’t have to follow US constitutional amendment of two lime. Just change the constitution.

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Europe Missile Defense System is still big issue for Putin.

Posted by QB on October 27, 2007

The Bush regime planned installing Missile Defense System is making Russian President very uncomfortable calling it security risk for Russia. Putin is comparing Bush regime planned Missile Defense System to 1960 Russia Missile System installed in Cuba. He also said that Russia has dismantle all its Missile Defense System from Vietnam and Cuba.

”Analogous actions by the Soviet Union, when it deployed missiles in Cuba, prompted the ‘Caribbean crisis,”’ Putin said at a news conference at the end of a European Union-Russian summit in Portugal, using the Russian term for the Cuban missile crisis.”Such a threat is being set up on our borders,” he said.</td

Putin was diplomatic saying that US is listening to Russia’s concern, which is not true, Bush is madman running with razer blade, don’t listen and pay attention to any advice which can end useless conflicts. The purpose of Bush criminal regime is to create new conflicts not to bring peace to this world. Hugo Chavez was right that Oil prices soon hit USD 100 barrel if Bush did not stop threatening Oil producing countries, yesterday Oil close at USD 92 barrel. Hugo Chavez also suggested a solution which is to “send Bush to mental hospital”, this sure will work.

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Putin – Iran assassination plot a bid to ‘wreck’ visit.

Posted by QB on October 18, 2007

Vladimir Putin on his assassination plot in Iran were to “wreck” his landmark visit to Iran. The chances are that CIA and Mossad release this news to stop Putin trip to Iran, or maybe it was Bush and Ehud Olmert the main minds behind this “suicide killing” news. Putin is intelligent enough not to cancel his visit to Iran.

“It was nothing other than an attempt to wreck the visit,” Putin said Thursday during a televised question-and-answer session, referring to a report ahead of his visit to Tehran on Tuesday that suicide bombers were planning to assassinate him there.“It’s harmful for international relations because direct dialogue with states where there are problems are always more productive and a quicker path to success than the path of threats, sanctions or even force,” Putin said.Putin’s comment echoed the reaction of Iran’s foreign ministry, which dismissed the report of the plot as an attempt by “enemies” to break up relations between Russia and Iran.“The reports in some media are completely without foundation and part of a psychological war waged by enemies to disrupt relations between Iran and Russia,” foreign ministry spokesman Mohammad Ali Hosseini told AFP.

Bush must learn diplomacy from Putin. The majority of Democrats and Republicans also need to learn the foreign relations and diplomacy, all they have to do is borrow some common sense as none of them have his ability. The Presidential candidates have no common sense, common sense is missing in the Congress, Bush cabinet doesn’t have any common sense. All they how to talk tough threatening the whole world. USA has become the menace of the world. This is because the majority of Americans elect the corrupt charismatic lairs for the highest level of their government.

Putin bluntly commented that US wanted to seized the Iraqi Oil.

President Vladimir Putin, in his latest jab at Washington, suggested Thursday that the U.S. military campaign in Iraq was a “pointless” battle against the Iraqi people, aimed in part at seizing the country’s oil reserves.

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Putin promise to complete Iran Nuclear Power Plant.

Posted by QB on October 17, 2007

Putin promise that Russia will go ahead with construction of Iran first nuclear power plant after meeting with Ahmadinejad without giving specific date of completion. Iran expected this out from this meeting and they get that Russia is not backing away from its obligations of building and fueling their nuclear power plant. The Caspian nation signed pledge not to allow US and its allies to launch attack on Iran. The declaration signed by Russia, Iran, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan, this is the fist step towards diving the Caspian oil reserves which they failed to agree at their previous meeting in Turkmenistan in 2002.

Putin and Ahmadinejad wants more cooperation between Russia and Iran which will be beneficial for the region.

Iranian officials are not giving the details of Putin nuclear deal. Khamenei tell Putin according to Iran news agency that “”We will consider what you said and your proposal.” Israel Prime Minister Ehud Olmert announced to visit Russia on Thursday, few hours after Putin left Iran, which Israeli official described as a a “last-minute, urgent meeting”. Israel with US and European countries are very much against Iran nuclear program, the only country in the region with stockpile of WMD including chemical, biological and nuclear weapons. The sky will not fall down if Iran had couple of nuclear bombs which they are decade away from building. This is the politics at the worst where the whole world have to live under US and Israel dictatorship.

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Putin send strong warnings to Bush from Iran.

Posted by QB on October 16, 2007

The Russian President Vladimir Putin is on confrontation course with Bush regime sending strong warnings not to use Caspian nation to launch attack on Iran. Putin also said that none of the
Putin, whose trip to Tehran is the first by a Kremlin leader since World War II, warned that energy pipeline projects crossing the Caspian could only be implemented if all five nations that border the Caspian support them.

Putin want Iran nuclear issue to be resolved with negotiations without threatening Iran because Iranians are not scared at all to these threats. Ahmadinejad agree with Putin on what he said for military action and building piplelines. This strong message is clear indication that Russia is not willing to impose tougher sanctions on Iran as proposed by US France UK Germany and any attack on Iran will be resisted by Russia and hopefully China. The Russian President did not see any clear evidence that Iran is building nuclear weapon. Iran is not happy with Russian delaying in building their nuclear power plant is another issue which will be discussed during Putin visit and the chances are that he will promise to complete this nuclear power plant in near future.

Putin committed mistake by allowing US to build its military bases in Russia neighboring countries after 9/11, now realize that it is danger to its own security. Putin, like rest of the world leaders, did not had the courage to standup against Bush madness and stupidity without any opposition of any kind. The world leaders let him do whatever he wanted to fight “war on terror”, did not oppose Afghanistan invasion, did not stop him to invade Iraq, let him build military bases all around Russia. Putin is now showing courage to oppose the invasion of Iran and stealing their Caspian Sea Oil reserves,

The Bush regime along with all the Presidential candidates, who wants to attack Iran nuclear facilities, will attack Putin like mad dogs on his statement from Iran and that is all that they can do. The other problem with US is that majority of people really don’t analyze the facts correctly, they just accept all the mainstream media propaganda. They do not realize that Iran if had nuclear weapons will not be any threat to US or Israel because these countries had stockpile of WMD which can destroy Iran completely. Iran knows this very well and they are not stupid to use nuclear weapons attacking Israel, they simply can’t take that risk, also Iran do not have capability to attack US. This is in the best interest of the world peace to deal Iran nuclear issue with negotiations instead of any sort of military confrontation. According to Putin Iranians are not scared of US and its allies threats.

The presidents of the five Caspian nations agreed in Tehran today to prohibit third countries from using their territory for attacks on one another “under any circumstances.”

The declaration, signed by Iran, Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan, is the first step in reaching a treaty on dividing up the energy-rich sea. The countries failed to reach an accord at a previous summit in Turkmenistan in 2002.

The assurance of Caspian neighbors is great win for Iran and US must reconsider its policies of aggressions with coming back to diplomatic negotiations.

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Putin warned US to back off missile defense system. US Russia talks failed.

Posted by QB on October 12, 2007

Vladimir Putin warned US officials to back off installing their missile defense system in eastern Europe or risk harming relations with Moscow. The Russian President mocked US missile defense system which they see as weakening their security, he was speaking to Condoleezza Rice and Robert Gates.

“Of course we can sometime in the future decide that some anti-missile defense system should be established somewhere on the moon,” Putin said, according to an English translation. “But before we reach such arrangements we will lose the opportunity for fixing some particular arrangements between us.”

Putin is also threatening to pull out of arms control deal, if US install its missile defense system. Bush is not backing off from installing US missile defense system and Putin is very much against it, which means the Moscow and US relations will go back to cold war era. Georgy boy, see Putin heart and soul in his previous meeting, don’t know he still have the ability to see his heart and soul, agree with him to install the US defense missile system in Putin suggested country Azerbaijan. Bush provide real entertainment for people, he has the powers to look into heart and soul, he talked with God daily, God ask him to invade Afghanistan and Iraq.

US Russia missile talks failed. Condoleezza Rice and Robert Gates failed to convince Russia that US missile defense system is not threat to their security. The US relations will improve if someone intelligent be the next elected President, which is very doubtful because the front runners are insane and stupid like Bush. The Democrats and Republicans are not going to vote for Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul who are the real candidates who can put US back on right direction.

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Vladimir Putin may run for Parliament. Victim of two term limit.

Posted by QB on October 6, 2007

Vladimir Putin showing indications that he might run for Parliament and become Prime Minister. The Russia Presidential elections are scheduled to be held next year, he can’t run for President again because of Constitution restriction of two terms limit. This two term limit is included into Russian Constitution modeled at looking US Constitution Amendment, which is very undemocratic restricting peoples choice if they wanted to elect the President for more than two terms. The Presidential two term limit maybe good for US but this certainly is not good for other countries to include in their Constitution. The good politicians who are honest sincere wanted to bring real change for their countries, must have the option to continue as long as they want, if elected by the people.

Prime Minister of Malaysia Dr. Mahathir Mohammad is an good example of leader who has bring the country into developed nations in just twenty years, he was elected by the popular vote until he decided to retire at the age of 78. Dr. Mahathir Mohammad, had to step down after two term limit than Malaysia would still be third world country. Hugo Chavez is another Head of State who need time to implement his policies which are for the benefit of poor people. Venezuela very correctly is changing their Constitution which also had the two term limit restriction for President.

Vladimir Putin had a very popular support is likely to win the Parliament elections, if he decided to run which is very democratic. There are lots of criticism on BBC and CNN for his decision to become Prime Minister which is biased and is interfering in other countries internal affairs.

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Russia planted their Flags deep under North Pole.

Posted by QB on August 2, 2007

This is interesting news which will increase new tensions between Russia and USA. Vladamir Putin might have done this in response to Bush Europe Missile Defense program. It will be interesting to see Bush regime reaction. Canada Foreign Minister Peter MacKay mocked Russian claim. Mackay is mocking Russian claims hoping to fully backed by US power. Stephen Harper whole government is George W. Bush bitch.

Russian sub plants flag under North Pole.

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Putin raises spectre of nuclear war in Europe.

Posted by QB on June 5, 2007

Putin is threatening that Russia will place its own missiles with nuclear head towards Europe if US does not stop building Defense Missiles System in Eastern Europe. Bush on the other hand in Czech Republic spreading this “FREEDOM AGENDA” where he criticize Russia’s democracy is derailed and this will make Putin more angry. The US democracy was derailed when Bush was appointed President of the country. Bush regime has done everything in their power to derailed the country democratic system. Patriotic act, detained people without any charges, Abu Ghraib prison torture, Guantanamo Bay prison detention and torture, spying on Americans, freedom of speech where all opposing views are considered unpatriotic, corruption of Bush cabinet with his own crime of lying to the World to invade Iraq. The rest of the world would applause each and every word coming out of Bush’s mouth but nobody has the courage to point these undemocratic attitude of Bush regime. Bush really is shameless characterless person who is in Europe giving sermon to Czech  about “DEMOCRACY”.

Putin Threat.

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Russia Test New Missile – Putin Strong Warning To West.

Posted by QB on May 29, 2007

Russia has test its new missile with capability to carry multiple warheads with long range of 6000 km. This was very much expected from Russia as the country is feeling so uncomfortable with US installing missiles defence system in Europe. Bush wrong policies are to be blamed. Russia has the right to defend itself against the growing threat of US.

In what is becoming the most serious confrontation between Russia and the West since the end of the Cold War, Mr Putin made clear that Moscow was determined to confront the American plan to site missile defences in eastern Europe.

“We consider it harmful and dangerous to turn Europe into a powder keg and to stuff it with new weapons,” Mr Putin told Portugal’s Prime Minister Jose Socrates at a meeting in the Kremlin.

“It creates new and unnecessary risks for the whole system of international and European relations.”

Russia has tested a new type of ballistic missile at the same time as warning the West that deployment of any missile shield would turn Europe into a “powder keg”.

Moscow said the missile travelled 6000 kilometres before hitting its target at the Kura test site north of Japan.

It was carrying multiple warheads designed to specifically evade a missile shield.

President Vladimir Putin says he told the visiting Portugese Prime Minister his concern at present relations with the west. He drew attention to the fact that certain countries had not signed the Conventional Forces Treaty limiting military build-up in Europe, and reiterated his opposition to the American plans.

Up to now Washington has dismissed Russia’s fears about the planned installation, insisting it only wants to protect itself against attacks from “rogue states”.

It has continued to talk to key eastern European countries, such as Poland and the Czech Republic, about the possible provision of facilities.

The test firing follows a trip by Putin himself to those key countries to underline his displeasure at the proposals.

The new missile would apparently be capable of hitting the east coast of America, if fired from Moscow, in less than an hour. Source : Russia warns the west it is playing with fire as it tests new missile.

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USA may impose sanctions against Russia for selling 29 Tor-M1 complexes to Iran.

Posted by QB on January 27, 2007

This is interesting news that US will impose sanctions on Russia reported by Prauda Russian News Agency. This regime is out of their mind thinking that they can impose sanctions on Russia.

US may impose sanctions against Russia.

Russians must be laughing at this stupidity.

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Disconnected from News.

Posted by QB on December 12, 2006

I completely disconnected myself from all sort of news which really are the same from last six years since Bush regime take over the White House. The same killings, bombing, killing in the name of sectarian differences, killing in the name of “war on terror”, killing for the God’s given land some 5000 years back. I suddently lost interest with hypocrisy of main stream media giving air time to news stories which really does not have much material to report for weeks and weeks and ignoring the important news. CNN from the last few weeks are paying way too much importance to one Russian Spy death without any proof blaming Putin for his death. Bush has nothing new to say and I have listen to his stupid opinion that staying on the course will make USA safe and they will win the war on terror. The fact is that Bush has already lost in Afghanistan and Iraq and there is nothing that they can do to change the results.

I find something more interesting to look at ignoring all the news.

Working on IBM DB2 and using the Database for my Web and Java Projects using IBM WebSphare Application Developer.  I looked at many different Web Application Development Software including Microsoft Visual Studio and Sequal Server and after working with IBM products come to the conclusion that they are the best. The WebSphere might be little complicated for people who are familiar with Microsoft products because of its setup and the directory structure but once get used to it than it become more interesting. IBM WebSphere Application product come with all the plugins which are required to design any Web, Java, J2EE, Server applications.

I will keep working on IBM DB2 and WebSphere until I once again get connected to the news and maybe post something more about setting up DB2 Websphere projects if someone find it interesting.

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Iran Nuclear Program.

Posted by QB on November 1, 2006

The Iran Nuclear issue is very much alive with EU and US pushing for UN Security Council Resolution to impose sanctions. Russia clearly is against any sanctions against Iran and China now joining Russia and calling for negotiations.

National Security Advisor Igor Ivanov said Tuesday Russia has no evidence that the Iranian nuclear program has military purposes. He called for a peaceful settlement for the Iranian nuclear file, based on guaranteeing Iran’s right to invest the nuclear energy in peaceful means and to work in parallel to that to assuring the international community that Tehran would comply with the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT). Ivanov urged Iran to fully cooperate with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to remove all doubts over its nuclear program.

China holds that all parties concerned should refrain from taking any action that may lead to the escalation of the situation on Iran nuclear issue, Chinese Forein Ministry spokesman Liu Jianchao said Tuesday. Liu said some new situation emerged in Iran nuclear issue and China will continue to consult with other members of UN Security Council on relevant issues. Iran confirmed to have launched a second cascade of centrifuges last Sunday and vowed to conduct peaceful utilization of nuclear energy. The United States and other western countries are calling for a draft UN resolution that would impose sanctions on Iran.

Iran announced on Tuesday that its Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) would soon hold a new round of war-games. Iran war games shows that they have no intentions of stop their peaceful uranium enrichment program and show the EU and US that they are ready for any offense against their nuclear facilities or invasion.

The problem is that Bush regime still have two more years and they don’t believe in diplomatic negotiations. The chances are that Iran Nuclear issue will be escalated due to their stupid approach of confrontation.

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Dictatorship – Religious Hypocrisy – Nuclear Weapons.

Posted by QB on October 26, 2006

The rest of today’s news is depressing full of killings with political hypocrisy. The Iran Nuclear Program is heating up at UN Security Council where EU and US are trying to impose sanctions. This is the dictatorship part of the heading where five permanent members have the right to have Nuclear Weapons for their security and the rest of the world has no right to develop Nuclear Weapons because they are stupid and might use it foolishly. The only country which has used the Nuclear Weapons is US foolishly and they are the only one’s who will use it again justifying it with Religion and all sorts of lies.

Iran can’t develop Nuclear Weapons because it will be like challenging the power of only Nuclear Power in the region “Israel”. North Korea can’t develop nuclear weapons because according to western media propaganda he is mentally unbalanced person and will be a great threat to world. The journalists who met with Kim Jong Il described them as very intelligent person. The Nuclear Weapons at Bush disposal are the great threat to world existence because its a known fact that he is a person with no intelligence and wisdom and mentally disturbed.

I am not in favor of Nuclear Weapons at all, infact want all the Nuclear Powers to destroy their stockpiles of WMD for the benefit of mankind and stop all their research and development to create more lethal weapons. Lets start with the five permanent members of UN Security Council, India and Pakistan to follow and than US has to make sure that Israel don’t keep its Nuclear Weapons. These countries really don’t need these WMD for their security, they have build these weapons to keep bullying the rest of the world to keep control on the natural resources of the world.

The US military budget is 500 billion dollars which spend to build up the stockpiles of their weapons and they block the Embryonic Stem Cell research in the name of God and religion which could benefit all the humanity in the future. This is the worst hypocrisy that God and Religion allow them to build these WMD and kill hundreds of thousands people and keep blocking the the scientific research which is for the benefit of all mankind. I am sick of all these religious nuts who believe that Embryonic Stem Cell is killing life support all the killings for their wars.

The United Nations Security Council should be abolished with giving all the nations equal status to break the Dictatorship of five nuclear powers and the ignorant religious politicians must be denied power in every country. This is the only way for all of us to live in peace.

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Russia rejects sanctions against Iran.

Posted by QB on October 21, 2006

Condoleeza Rice was in Moscow for her one day visit and the main purpose of her visit was to get Russia on board for UN Security Council sanctions resolution which was flatly refused by Russian Foreign Minster Sergey Lavrov.

Yet even before Rice arrived in the Russian capital, her Russian counterpart said Moscow will not allow the Security Council to be used for punitive measures against Iran. Russia, however, was ready to discuss ways to pressure Iran into accepting broader international oversight of its nuclear program, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said.

“Any measures of influence should encourage creating conditions for talks,” Lavrov said in an interview with the Kuwaiti News Agency KUNA that was posted on the Russian Foreign Ministry Web site Saturday.

“We won’t be able to support and will oppose any attempts to use the Security Council to punish Iran or use Iran’s program in order to promote the ideas of regime change there,” according to the interview Friday.

This is a very strong message from Russian Foreign Minister and China will go along with Russia. This clearly means that Bush regime will not succeed on punishing Iran with any sanctions.

Condoleezza Rice also speak in support of press freedom. She met with the editors and journalists of Novaya Gazeta, the newspaper where a reporter critical of Russian policy in neighboring Chechnya murder this month.

Rice’s decision to meet with Novaya Gazeta editors and reporters was a reminder to Putin of the widening rift between Russia and the U.S. over what the Bush administration sees as a rollback of democratic gains under the Russian president.

The whole Bush regime consists of the worst hypocrites on earth. The US only give freedom to press which goes in their own interests. Bush regime raised any objection on CNN and all the News Networks showing Iraqis sitting down on dirt with their hands tied at their back head covered with a mask. Bush regime never raised objection to CNN and other News Networks by showing the pictures of caputured alleged Talebans again hands tied with their heads covered with mask. Bush regime very proudly showed the pictures of Saddam Hussein sons dead bodies with reporters examining each and every wound in detail. Bush regime again very proudly let the CNN and all the news networks show the dead body of socalled leader of Al Qaeda Abu Musab Al Zarqawi. These all images were very disturbing.

Bush regime protested when Al Jazeera showed the pictures of their dead soldiers when the war started. The US even bombed Al Jazeera office in Afghanistan and Iraq for reporting the reporting the truth.

Its a joke that Condoleezza Rice is giving sermon to Russians on freedom of press and democracy when they don’t give the same freedom to press in USA.

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US deeply concerned about Russia Georgia tensions.

Posted by QB on October 20, 2006

This news is very interesting because what Assistant Secretary of State Daniel Fried is showing the double standards of Bush regime. Moscow’s sanctions against Georgia regrettable and its harassment and deportations of Georgians “deeply troubling.” The sanctions is the biggest tool which US used against countries who do not agree with its policies. Cuba, Iraq, North Korea and now US is pressurising the world for sanctions against Iran. This is to me is more troubling than Russian sanctions on Georgia which is a constant trouble in the region.

Fried also said Washington backed European efforts to help resolve “frozen conflicts” left over from the Cold War, such as the breakaway South Ossetia and Abkhazia regions, which underlie the tensions between Tbilisi and Moscow.

“All of these issues are gravely complicated by the current tensions,” Fried told a news briefing in Brussels, where he met EU and NATO officials. “We are obviously deeply concerned.”

Fried said he had urged Georgia to do all it could to work with Russia and stressed there were no military solutions to conflicts in the breakaway South Ossetia and Abkhazia regions.

There is not military solutions to Georgia and Russian conflict I completely agree with Fried. There was no military solution for what happened on 9/11 but US took military action against Afghanistan followed by Iraq.

Fried further added. “Military options make no sense under any circumstances,” he said. “They (Georgia) must do everything they can to promote peaceful solutions. We do not support military options, period.”

I again in complete agreement with Fried that military options really don’t make sense which are evident in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Bush regime could have achieved better results if they have acted intelligently with seeking peacful soltuions instead of going in for all offensive after 9/11 tragedy. Fried is preaching what Bush does not believe in and he work for this man. I believe he don’t have courage to stand up in meeting with President and say the same which he is saying in Georgia.

Russia Georgia conflict is interesting will try to keep an eye on this topic.

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Russian General speak against Ballistic Missile Defence.

Posted by QB on October 19, 2006

This is the first tough response I have read in years coming out from Russian General on NATO and European nations acquiring Bush BMD. Russia has lost way too much influence with the neighboring countries under Putin rule that piratically they are cornered with US military bases all around their country. The Russian General response to US BMD program is blunt and tough exactly that’s what they need to do for their own existence. Putin is a weak President for Russia who has keep his mouth shut for US aggressive campaigns in favor of the candidates who want to build good relations with the west allowing their lands for military bases.

BMD Focus: Rumblings from Russia.

The other news which was encouraging is that Putin can’t run for office in next election because of the constitutional binding which restricts candidates from running for the third time. We hope that Russians will elect their next President who is tough on Russia own security and have the courage to stand up against the US aggressive domination of the world.

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Ehud Olmert visit to Russia.

Posted by QB on October 18, 2006

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert visit main agenda is to make sure Russia will stop supporting Iran peaceful nuclear program. The opening statement by Ehud Olmert were related to Iran’s nuclear program which Putin completly ignored to address.

Russia has a central and very important role in the world, especially with regard to the nuclear standoff which is worrying us all,” Olmert said in his opening remarks to the Russian president.

Putin did not address Iran’s nuclear program in his comments to Olmert during their meeting.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, however, said on Wednesday that international action over Tehran’s nuclear program must be in proportion to the real situation in Iran, which he added does not appear to include a threat to peace and security.

“It is necessary to act on Iran but that action should be in direct proportion to what is really happening,” the RIA news agency quoted Lavrov as saying.

“And what is really happening is what the IAEA [International Atomic Energy Agency] reports to us. And the IAEA is not reporting to us about the presence there of a threat to peace and security,” said Lavrov.

Ehud Olmert also met with Russian Defence Minister Sergei Ivanov where he provided the proof that Russian missiles were used by Hezbollah during Israel Lebanon war. The Russian diplomatic repose to that would be that they must have acquired these weapons from some other sources with the truth that Russia might be supplying these missiles to Hezbollah directly. The Russians with Chinese are not very happy with US military bases in the region close to their countries and they will support all the anti US groups to make sure that these military bases does not become permanent. The outcome of Ehud Olmert will be another shallow diplomacy with Russia with no ground breaking solid assurances coming out of this visit.

Russian message regarding Iran’s nuclear program is very clear that it is not threat to the region and the world and they will try to resist any tough sanctions in UN Security Council.

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