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Hugo Chavez Blasted Honduras Cardinal Rodriguez.

Posted by QB on July 25, 2007

Hugo Chavez news are always interesting and this news was reported yesterday is no exception where he called Honduran Cardinal Oscar Andres Rodriguez Maradiaga “imperial clown” replying to his accusations of increasing authoritarianism. Hugo Chavez statements are always blunt without any diplomacy.

“Another parrot of imperialism appeared, this time dressed as a cardinal. That’s to say, another imperialist clown”.

This Cardinal is considered the moderate, is the most prominent Catholic leaders in Americas and could be the possible Pope. Hugo Chavez also called Venezuelan Catholic leaders and “liars” and “perverts” and advice them to stop interfering in politics. Cardinal Oscar Andres Rodriguez Maradiaga will be another joke if selected next Pope after Benedict which will certainly not help Catholic ideology.

The following is lengthy informative article about Hugo Chavez and Bush regime which analyzes the situation fairly.

Where is Venezuela going? Chavez and the meaning of 21st century socialism.

Hugo Chavez is democratically elected very popular President of Venezuela harshly criticized by US and Western Countries media and Bush regime with false propaganda. Hugo Chavez is doing what US should be doing to change the lives of common poor people. I support Hugo Chavez for all his good efforts to improve the lives of common poor people.


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