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Fall of US Empire.

Posted by QB on May 13, 2011

The US has adopted the wrong path and policies after 9/11 with waging wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and now interferring in Libya internal conflict completely ignoring their financial crisis which had led the former countries colsped. The recent example is the breakup of USSR due to their military expendure ignoring the economy. The fall of Ottoman Empire was the result of their huge military expendures and expensive wars.

The US still has the time to avoid complete fall from Super Power to small independent States by chaning its policy of their favorite so called “War On Terror”. The US must withdraw all their occupation troops from Iraq, Afghanistan, stop drone attacks in NWFP Pakistan, do not interferre in Liyba or any other country.

US must fix economy by introducing fare trade policy instead of same old bull shit by Republicans who support free market. The “free market” actually is used to protect big corporations causing US manufacturing and IT jobs outsourced to China and India. Cut US military budget, se tax rate on rich. Introducte new tax for outsourcing jobs to China and India.

There is a need to change the policy on “War on Terror” by opening schools in Afghanistan and NWFP replacing madrasas because drone attacks and US occupation are creating more radicals and this has become the never ending war.

The majority of US citizens beleive all the propaganda they listen from their politicians on CNN and Fox News. They do not listen to the truth from Ron Paul and Dennis Kuccinich. The pride and arrogance will quickly vanish, if US does not change its policies, will lead to maybe 50 independent states instead of USA, just like it happened with USSR.

The US is running out of time to avoid breakup of USA.

US, Britain, France are just like Taleban who kill innocent children, women, unarmed civilians in the name of democracy and freedom.

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U.S. helicopter engines stolen en route to Pakistan port

Posted by QB on June 19, 2008

This is the news headline never reported before that US supplies conveys come under attack en route into Afghanistan.This is anther proof that puppet President Hamid Karzai have no control outside Kabul. Also this is the proof that Pervez Musharraf “war on terror” aggression has failed to gain the control of NWFP.

US politicians will keep claiming that they are winning the “war on terror” in Afghanistan and Iraq without any real success. Wars in these two countries will continue trying to keep these countries under occupation.

Yahoo News

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Afghan President threatens to send forces into Pakistan to fight against militants

Posted by QB on June 15, 2008

The puppet Afghan President Hamid Karzai threatening to send Afghan forces to fight Taliban into Pakistan does not have any control outside Kabul. This is a joke not a real threat. Afghans forces not very popular with the people of the country really can’t cross Pakistan borders. Hamid Karzai has made this ridiculous statement on behalf of occupation troops.

The Afghanistan situation will not improve if he take any such action it will become worst. The following news is interesting .

Taliban prison break ‘a small splash’

Interesting Hamid Karzai can’t protect his own country prison and wanted to attack Pakistan. Gordon Brown pledge to send more British troops to Afghanistan where 5 British soldiers were killed last week including 4 US soldiers. Taliban will keep fighting as long as it take to keep their resistance alive against occupation on minimum cost compared to US Britain huge financial logistic and occupation cost. There will be no clear victory for US and Britain in Afghanistan like Iraq and they have to withdraw at some point giving Taliban victory.

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US Air Strike Killed 11 Pakistani Soldiers.

Posted by QB on June 11, 2008

US is defending its air strike on Pakistani Military Post justifying it for their war on terror. Pakistani reaction is very strong calling is unprovoked cowardly attack.

The Pakistani army said the coalition airstrike hit a post of the paramilitary Frontier Corps and was a “completely unprovoked and cowardly act.”

It launched a strong protest and reserved “the right to protect our citizens and soldiers against aggression,” the military said in a statement.

This will create more tension in NWFP as well within the Pakistan Military making it more difficult to fight Bush favorite war on terror.

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Bush speech. McCain 2013 predictions.

Posted by QB on May 16, 2008

Bush delivered speech in Israel Parliament saying that who want to negotiate with terrorists and radicals as Nazis terrorists appeasement, clearly taking shot at Barak Obama who wants to get involve with diplomatic negotiations with Iran.

John McCain same day announce his predictions for his first term in office. He said that Iraq war will be won, troops will come home, Iran will give up its nuclear program, Osama Bin Laden will be killed or captured, Taleban will lose their strength and these countries will have the democracy.

These are the most stupid speeches delivered by the President of US and GOP Presidential candidate. How McCain is going to achieve all this when he don’t believe in having any kind of negotiations with Iran? John McCain must be planning attack on Iran. John McCain is old man loosing his bearings who sing “bomb bomb Iran” does not believe in diplomatic talks.

The war in Iraq is already lost, it is now the matter of time when US troops will withdraw. The situation in Iraq look stable because US is paying lots of money to Sunni resistance and it now look like they have cut the same deal with Mehdi Army which will bring down the violence. This does not mean that Iraqis had started to like the US occupation military.

The CIA don’t have any knowledge about Osama Bin Laden whereabouts, how he will get killed or captured? Taleban will not give up their resistance until all the foreign troops withdraw their military from Afghanistan.

These stupid speeches will play important part in US elections because very large group of ill informed voters will vote for John McCain without actually analyzing the facts.

John McCain will not be different than Bush and Osama Bin Laden wants someone like him in White House so they keep the fight alive. I will not be surprise if Osama Bin Laden video release before US election endorsing Barak Obama just like 2004 elections. I am not sure where these Osama Bin Laden tapes are made but these tapes always surface whenever Republicans are in trouble politically.

Osama Bin Laden message, infact hit the air in time, giving John McCain and George W. Bush enough material to scare US citizens for the coming election in November.

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Pervez Musharraf wants to declare “state of emergency” to fight Bush “war on terror”.

Posted by QB on November 1, 2007

The latest Pakistan news is that Pervez Musharraf is trying to convince Bush regime to let him declare state of emergency to fight their “war on terror”. Benazir Bhutto quickly rejected state of emergency fearing that it will be suspension of fundamental human rights. The militants are fighting Pakistani troops in North Frontier Province with popular support of the people, there was news that people have collected over US$ 25,000 in just three hours for militants. The battle between Pakistan troops and militants continue in Northern region of Pakistan which killed atleast 16 Pakistani soldiers. The clashes came a day after a suicide bomb attack less than a kilometre from the army headquarters in Rawalpindi killed at least seven people, including policemen and civilians, and left 11 others wounded. A suicide bomber on a motorcycle rammed a Pakistan Air Force (PAF) bus, killing at least eight people on Thursday as militants inspired by al Qaeda intensified a campaign to destabilize President Pervez Musharraf.

Pervez Musharraf and Bush must admit that their “war on terror” was a mistake, as it is not going in the direction of victory for Pakistan and US in the near future. The situation in the NWFP is becoming more violent increased attacks on Pakistan troops and as well as attacks on US troops in Afghanistan. The state of emergency will not suspend the fundamental humans of common people but it certainly will suspend the Benazir Bhutto dream of getting into power third time. The violence and killing will continue for Pakistani troops and US occupation military in Afghanistan if the rulers just accept their mistakes and try to resolved the conflict with negotiations. The Pakistan military and the US occupation military can’t get rid of Taliban from NWFP and Afghanistan, they will kill few hundreds, who will be replaced by few thousands more whose brothers fathers get killed by the military to take revenge. The way “war on terror” is executed will last for ever.

“In battle, government troops are only trained to run away,” remarks Akbar Hussain, the Taleban commander for Kabal region.“We don’t want to kill them because they are also Muslim, but [the country’s military ruler] Gen Musharraf is using them to advance the Americans’ agenda.”

Officials say Taleban militants beheaded at least eight government troops during two days of fighting over the weekend. Independent sources say the number may be twice that.

The government has accused “outsiders” of perpetrating trouble in Swat, a charge Mr Hussain dismisses.

He attributes the beheading of the troops, a hallmark of well-trained fighters linked to the Taleban and al-Qaeda, to “ordinary local people who lost their loved ones” in Islamabad’s radical Red Mosque.

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Presidential Race 2008. Democrats and Republicans front runners are all corrupt politicians.

Posted by QB on October 30, 2007

The front runners of both US parties Democrats and Republicans are corrupt politicians who are not very different than Bush. They are expert in spinning the issues, they are liars, they are deceptive, their leadership skills are mainstream print and electronic media gimmick. The mainstream print media and electronic media give exposure to front runners of both parties and the benefit of doing is that they will be the ones getting the campaign advertisements of these candidates during the primaries worth tens of millions of dollars. The US politics is a big business, the projected money spend for next election is 4 billion dollars.

Rudy Giuliani, John McCain, Mitt Romney, Hilary Clinton, Barak Obama, John Edwards are all liars using misinformation to get the votes. Bush and Dick want to bomb Iran so do all these front runner Presidential candidates, with the common stupid assumption that Iran will the the threat for US and Israel security. These front runners, if honestly believe this, than they are the most stupid people on earth, who have no intelligence to analyze the Iran nuclear issue. The fact. which is ignored by these moron front runner politicians, is that Iran if develop few nuclear bombs will not be threat to Israel, because they have stockpile of nuclear, biological chemical weapons, with bunker busting cluster bombs which can blow up whole Middle East in minutes. The other fact, which these front runner ignore that Iran does not have that long range missiles which can reach US. The Iran, insists that their nuclear program is for peaceful energy purpose so let them do what they are doing under UN inspections. IAEA does not have any proof that Iranians has any hidden or secret nuclear program. IAEA also reported that uranium enrichment is low grade which can’t be used to develop nuclear weapons. The truth is that Iran is not threat for Israel or US, it is Israel and US who are threat to world peace.

The American voters don’t know the power of their votes, they go and cast their vote for the biggest liar and hypocrite without actually knowing the facts about the issues. The Americans if wanted to continue this “war on terror” in Afghanistan fighting Taliban for another twenty years, keep Iraq under US occupation, want to invade Iran, send US troops into Pakistan NWFP region than go ahead vote for Rudy Giuliani, John McCain, Mitt Romney, Hillary Clinton, Barak Obama, John Edwards because they all have the similar policies of Bush regime aggression which will not bring peace and stability on earth.

The American voters if wanted to change the direction of country than they must vote for Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul both candidates are honest truth speaking intelligent politicians who will bring peace and stability to the world. Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul are saying what is right not like the front runners who are saying what ignorant voters wanted to hear. The real democratic revolution recently is seen in Bolivia, Nicaragua, Ecuador and Venezuela with voters rejecting the corrupt mainstream politicians, Americans must learn lesson from these countries voters.

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US Military Attack Action Against Iran.

Posted by QB on October 28, 2007

The drumbeat by Bush regime is getting louder and louder saying the same lies which we heard before the invasion on Iraq. CNN and the mainstream media is busy creating false fears of Iran nuclear program which is in very initial stages is no threat at all for US Europe or Israel. The mainstream media criminally ignoring the facts that Iran uranium enrichment program has produced low grade uranium which can’t be used in nuclear weapons. The mainstream media never reported that Israel has stockpile of nuclear weapons which can blow up the whole Middle East, if Iran has couple of nuclear bombs that does not make them threat for US Israel and European countries. The Iranians are intelligent enough not to use the nuclear weapons because they don’t wanted to get destroyed by Israel carpet nuclear bombing.

The US military did not have a clear victory in Afghanistan and Iraq fighting with Resistance Groups who has outdated weapons and homemade explosive devices and Iran Military is well equipped well organized with the capability to cause the damage beyond American imagination. Iran’s has rockets which can hit the US military bases in Afghanistan, Iran, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, UAE, which they will do without any hesitation if attacked. Iran’s government will strengthen Hamas, Hizbollah, Taliban and Iraqi Resistance Groups in response to US military attack.

The following is interesting article posted by Maureen Dowd, which could be a satire or maybe is the actual interview by Tim Russert of Dick.

Dick Talk to Tim Russet.

Tim Russert talked to Dick. Following is the link of that interview.

Interview of US Vice President Dick by Tim Russert.

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Benazir Bhutto using threats propaganda to win election.

Posted by QB on October 23, 2007

Benazir Bhutto is cunning corrupt politician who has learned the effective propaganda tactics of Bush regime. It was me who on Oct. 19, 2007 said that two bombs blasts were her own party job and now PML (Pervez Musharraf League -Q) leader Chaudhry Shujaat Hussein is saying exactly the same. Benazir Bhutto is behind two bomb blasts. Benazir Bhutto is blaming Pervez Musharraf government for bomb blasts, her allegations are baseless when looking at the whole situation. Pervez Musharraf government did provided all the required security because it was in the interest of his government. The bombs if killed Benazir Bhutto or if she was severely wounded than it could have been the job of Pervez Musharraf government or Islamic militants. We all know that Benazir Bhotto went into the well protected small cabin build around that truck ten minutes before bomb blasts, she escape unhurt, to use it to win sympathies of ignorant Pakistan voters.

The Bush regime was quick to point figure at Al Qaida without even knowing whether it was suicide attacks. This was not Al Qaida or Taliban attack, Mullah Omar and Osama Bin Laden are more concerned about Afghanistan occupation rather than killing a women who has no powers. The Al Qaida and Taliban know that Benazir Bhutto after getting the power is no threat for their existence, she too will fail like Pervez Musharraf. The latest news according to her own party receiving new threats of suicide attack in a letter. The question is why these militants want to keep her informed about all their future plans which give her advantage of knowing all their future plans. The Islamic Militants don’t provide the details of their attacks, they keep it very secret so they have the chance of hitting their targets. The new threats are propaganda spreading by Benazir Bhutto to win the election and it is clear distraction that she is another puppet of White House who will implement Bush regime policies more forcefully when in power.

The real face of Benazir Bhutto democracy was exposed yesterday when her loyal supporters beat injured victim of bombing who went to see her at her residence with his son and wife, these loyal supporter break the tooth of his son. Benazir Bhutto party issued the statement that he was not the supporter of her party and he was tortured because he was suspicious. This is great, torture anyone who look suspicious, this is real democracy like Bush regime who are torturing suspected terrorists without any proof keep them in Guantanamo and secret prisons without any access to judicial justice.

The people of Pakistan if look at her past will know that Benazir Bhutto grabbed the power twice by playing victim, first time portraying herself as the daughter of her executed father and second time by lying that her government was not involved in corruption.

The violence which she brought with her will continue until election day and if she gets into power the violence will become worst. Pakistani voters must learn something from Bolivia, Venezuela, Ecuador and Nicaraguan voters who intelligently rejected the US supported corrupt politicians, Malaysia voters also very voted intelligently to keep Dr. Mahathir Mohammad in power for 22 years, who turned this third world country into number 19 developed country of the world. This is the real power of the vote which is not used properly by the voters due to lack of intelligence and ignorance. They fall into the trap of personality worship. Benazir Bhutto is US supported corrupt politician who wants to grab power with Bush regime blessings in the name of Democracy. The US government democracy means to give power to corrupt politicians who can protect their interests.

Benazir Bhutto name is on no exit list which means she can’t leave Pakistan. This is the right decision of Pervez Musharraf government not to let her go abroad without facing corruption charges cases.

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US – European Countries want Turkey not to attack Nothern Iraq.

Posted by QB on October 22, 2007

Really don’t have time but US State Department make to write few lines about the hypocrisy of US and its European allies. The US State Department is asking Turkey not to invade Iraq going after Kurd terrorists.

In Washington, the State Department said the United States has opened a diplomatic “full court press” to urge Turkey not to invade northern Iraq.“In our view, there are better ways to deal with this issue,” spokesman Sean McCormack said, stressing that the United States regards the the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, known by its Kurdish acronym PKK, as a terrorist organization.

There are better ways to deal with terrorism, Really, than why US and its European allies invaded Afghanistan and Iraq. The US and European politicians wants to invade Iran, the Presidential candidate Hilary Clinton even wanted to use limited nuclear weapons in Iran attack, US politicians want to invade Pakistan, Obama promised that he will send US troops into NWFP. Why don’t they try the better ways themselves to solve the issues with Iran.

F*king SOBs. This is all few minutes I can spare right now.

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Pervez Musharraf and Benazir Bhutto power sharing deal?

Posted by QB on October 20, 2007

The power sharing deal which Pervez Musharraf was forced to sign with Benazir Bhutto with White House pressure is another example of Bush regime mental bankruptcy. There is no way that this deal is going to be successful in fighting Bush “war on terror”. The Bush regime panicked when they saw that Pervez Musharraf has become so unpopular that he might lose power and with carefully analyzing the correct political situation they come up with this stupid idea of power sharing deal. Pervez Musharraf reached to the brink of losing power following US policies and there is growing anti Americanism in Pakistan because of Afghanistan and Iraq invasion. The Pakistan religious parties oppose the “war on terror” which they believe is “war” against Islam, these religious parties have strong support in North West Frontier Province which border Afghanistan. The religious parties gained power of this province after very long time which was the result of growing anger against American policies.

The Bush regime also did not analyze that Benazir Bhutto has to win election to share power, which is an uphill battle because she is promising to be more tough in fighting Bush “war on terror” which is the main reason for Pervez Musharraf losing grip on power. She make another mistake before leaving for Pakistan by issuing statement creating ethnic division which will not play very well in Punjab. She said that “forgiveness for Punjabi Prime Minister and hanging to death punishment for Sindhi Prime Minster”, this was with reference to Nawaz Sharrif and her own father Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto who was executed. The party which win majority of Punjab seats will form the government, her statement will be used by Punjab politicians during the election campaign to unite them on ethnic basis.

The other obstacle is the Pakistan Muslim League (Q) which had supported Pervez Musharraf since he took control of the government, he get reelected President for the second term with their votes and support. He can’t abandoned this political party which is important for him to hold on to power.

The chances are that Benazir Bhutto will be sitting in opposition after the elections. There is no way Pervez Musharraf and Benazir power sharing deal work. Benazir Bhutto can’t win majority with fair and transparent elections, she can only get the thin majority with engineered election results.

Wanted to go further in details, but lost interest and get tired of researching Pakistan political parties…… maybe some other time.

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Benazir Bhutto is behind two bomb blasts. 145 dead over 550 injured.

Posted by QB on October 18, 2007

Two bomb blasts killed 130 people and injured over 550 at Benazir Bhutto welcome procession. These people died because this corrupt politician wanted to make her return a big deal to show off her support and popularity. Benazir Bhutto is corrupt politician knowingly that there are threats of suicide attack did not ask her supporters not to come as a precaution to save their lives, if she really cares about the poor peoples lives. She also know that any attack on her procession will give her enormous sympathy and support by ignorant people. This attack goes in her benefit with her corrupt husband blaming Pervez Musharraf government, tomorrow she will appear in press conference with tears in her eyes for her supporters who had lost their lives for no good reason. There is really something wrong with these bombs blasts, know to go to the safe room ten minutes before blast. It was not miracle that Benazir Bhutto escaped unhurt. She planned her this way, go down in bullet proof and maybe shock proof double cabin before the blasts. She was inside the small cabin build around the large cabin completely safe and secured. Her party planned these attacks very intelligently. She was traveling in the open truck surrounded by her supporters but ten minutes before she went down in specially build room in the truck. Why she decided to go into special room suddenly? The picture of that room after the blast show that she did not had a scratch and than she left the scene in protected car to home leaving behind all the injured and dead idiots. It was a surprise for me that there were women children dancing and signing for a women who lost power two times on corruption charges.

Pervez Musharraf government provided the best security for Benazir Bhutto safety to avoid any such incident,M the government did not wanted any act of violence to happen because it is not in their interest. Pervez Musharraf is in deep trouble with violence in NWFP, religious parties opposition, opposition from another corrupt Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif so he wanted Benazir Bhutto arrival as peaceful as possible. These bomb blasts give her big advantage, which she will keep playing till election day, to divert the public attention from her coming back with White House blessing promising USA to fight their war on terror and handover Dr. A. Qadeer Khan to IAEA for questioning.

The loyal stupid dispersing supporter of her start burning gas stations after the blasts. The people died get severe injuries for their stupidity, they are all have no brains to realize that their political leaders are using them as footsteps to climb to power. The sad news for me was that 5 year old little angel girl dead because of her parents stupidity. The idiots who killed in these two bomb blasts are praised by their corrupt leader, calling them the people who sacrifice their lives for “democracy” which was their duty to protect her because she considered herself “DEMOCRACY”. When she is in power its “DEMOCRACY” all other governments are dictatorship.

The Pakistan private channels did reported the incident without actually analyzing the incident. The facts are that Benezir Bhutto and her supporters know the threat of suicide bombing attacks and it is really sad that she did not advice her supporter not to showup in large number if she really cares about the lost of lives of common poor people. Benazir Bhutto chose to make it most spectacular political circus at the cost of human lives. The journalists and the political pundits if analyze this honestly then it will become clear that these bombings helped her to gain public sympathy, in other words this incident helped her cause by diverting the attention of general public from the main issue that she is coming back to Pakistan with blessing from White House, promising to make Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan available to IAEA for questioning on nuclear issue. Benazir Bhutto get the power by portraying herself as victim twice before, lost the power on corruption charges, is not real solution for Pakistan future.

The bomb according to bomb squad expert was thirty pounds which could not easily hidden under cloths and the person wearing the thirty pounds explosives also could not walk normally without getting noticed. The media reported this as suicide bombing carried out by Taliban and Al Qaida to please Bush regime.
Benazir Bhutto admit that she had the knowledge of suicide attacks. Read this news. Pakistan’s Bhutto Says She Had Forewarning of Attacks.

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Taliban list of demands for negotiations to Puppet President Hamid Karzai.

Posted by QB on October 15, 2007

Taliban send following three demands to puppet Afghan President Hamid Karzai for negotiations.

  • Control of 10 Southern Provinces
  • Timetable for withdrawal of all foreign troops
  • Release of all their prisoners in six months

These demands are approved by Mullah Omer. This is the chance for Bush regime and puppet Afghan President to start talking to Taliban because there demands are reasonable. Hamid Karzai only had the control of Kabul and all the Southern Afghanistan provinces are very much controlled by Taliban without any deal.The foreign troops and their governments know that they can’t stay in Afghanistan for ever so the demand for timetable is not so unreasonable. The prisoners release is that what all the political and organizations wants.

Pervez Musharraf who was talking on TV boasting to bring tanks and guns in North West Frontier Province very well know that guns and tanks will make the situation worst. The only way end this conflict is with negotiations. He should tell Bush that they really don’t have any chances of winning this “war on terror” with dropping bombs on civilians killing children and women. The “war on terror” could be won with taking positive steps, first by establishing the peace with negotiations. The second most important step should be by providing the financial help in NWFP and Afghanistan for building schools, hospitals, creating new job opportunities. Ronald Reagan, the most popular President till today, did the stupid blunder of abandoning Afghanistan after USSR withdrawal and this lead the countries into Talibisation as they come into power ending the corruption of the Northern Alliance government.

The change in NWFP and Afghanistan will come gradually with eduction, by constantly keeping in touch with Taliban by slowly changing their view of Islam which is based on traditions than Qur’an. Al Qaida and Osama Bin Laden will lost its popularity and support with US change its unconditional support of Israel and seriously put its efforts to solve this conflict.

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Time for Pervez Musharraf to go. His policies may cuase Pakistan breakup.

Posted by QB on October 12, 2007

Pervez Musharraf must be throw out of office either by Supreme Court by disqualifying him to hold the position of President or by the another military coup. Pervez Musharraf is making the same mistakes over in fighting Bush “war on terror” cold boldly murderer innocent civilians including children and women in NWFP. The latest Pakistan military air strikes killed more than 250 civilians, injured many, destroyed their homes in the month of Ramadan with one week before Eid. The majority of the villagers shifted to safer places. The news paper reported that majority of the people killed are children and women, the Pakistan air strike was on villages which are non combatant.

Officials of the political administration and tribal sources told The News that the PAF fighters targeted Haiderkhel, Ipi, Hasukhel, Musaki, Mullagan, Hurmaz, Zeeraki, Khushali and other villages of the area, mostly peopled by non-combatants.

They said eight persons were killed in Haiderkhel, four in Hurmaz and three in Hasukhel villages. Besides, dozens of others were injured in these and other villages including Ipi, Musaki, Mullagan, Zeeraki and Khushali.

Eyewitnesses said dozens of bodies were buried under debris of the damaged buildings, while there was no one to recover them, as every family was affected by the bombing and very few people were left to take care of the killed and injured.

They said that 90 percent of the people of the area shifted to safer places on Wednesday. Tribal sources said that majority of those killed and injured in the ongoing gunbattle and air strikes were non-combatants, many of them women and children.

The BBC showed the video report of the innocent injured children in hospital with interview of the captured Pakistani Military Major who is confident that he will get free with negotiations. These Militants have captured more then 300 Pakistan military some of them are released but majority of them are still in Militants custody. This is chaos because of Pervez Musharraf policy of blindly following the orders of Bush since 9/11 which is proved a complete failure, like his Master, wars in Iraq and Afghanistan but he is so stubborn, like his Master, to change course on fighting “war on terror”, or he is simply greedy cold blooded murderer bombing its own civilian to keep getting the US aid .

The people of Pakistan should also be careful not to re-elect Benazir Bhutto in next year January elections. Her policies will be more ruthless than Pervez Musharraf. She get the blessing of White House providing assurance to continue US policies on “war on terror’. Bush will be out of White House in January 2009 but the Presidential hopeful Democrats and Republicans are all SOB who will stick to the present policy. The US will not lose much in this war because they will withdraw from Afghan leaving the mess behind for Pakistan. The escalation of this confrontation may result in the breakup of Pakistan.

It is an uprising not by a few foreign Taliban or al-Qaeda fighters, but the local population.
Tomorrow they may declare the Islamic emirate of Waziristan,” said Talat Masood, a retired general. “This is the greatest challenge since 1971 [when East Pakistan broke away to become Bangladesh].” This is update which is reported in news today, General Talat is right.

The right approach to end this confrontation is to work according to the peace treaty signed with the Tribes, dismantle the military posts and leave the region. Let the Tribes live their lives the way they are living from centuries. The US and Pakistan government can start bringing the chance slowly and gradually by opening schools, building hospitals in the region. This is only the solution.

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USA – World Authoritarian Dictatorship.

Posted by QB on October 10, 2007

The American people believe that they are the “Good guys” fighting the “Evil bad guys” of the world, this was the propaganda started after WWII against Communism. The US government used “Evil Communism” propaganda, a threat to “American way of life” “Freedom” and “Democracy”, the enemy “Evil Communism” is replaced by “Evil Islamofacists”, “Islamic Terrorists” with the main theme is proven to be very effective still working on majority of Americans.

The US government after five years of WWII was engaged in military confrontation in Korea, trying to stop the evil communism, this war lasted for three years from 1950 – 1953. The US government start interfering in Vietnam in 1959 – 1975 again fighting the evil Communism. The US government, during the same period, was interfering in Chile politics to stop Marxist winning the election. US denies these allegations but Chile has the documented proof of US support for Chilean military Coup, Augusto Pinochet taking control of the government. Source : United States intervention in Chile.

In 1981 Ronald Reagan intervention in Nicaragua, again fighting the threat of evil Communists taking over power and building alliances. The Roland Reagan authorized CIA to start Iran Contra which basically was providing arms and financial aid to rebel groups. Source Link : Nicaragua.

The US was also fighting the evil Communists in Afghanistan during Roland Reagan Presidency. It was, infact US which provided arms to Afghanistan Resistance group and named them “Mujahideen”, Osama Bin Laden and Aymen Al Zahawari were that time good guys fighting the US enemies.

The recent invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq are all the part US same old strategy of fighting the Evil forces. The Bush regime had fooled the Americans that they are the good guys of the world spreading democracy and freedom in Middle East is another lie. The facts proved that these claims are wrong, The US government really never accept the results of democratic elections when their government backed candidates lose elections. The US use aggressive propaganda to create doubts about the results of such elections denouncing the popular democratically elected governments. It was very difficult for US government to accept the Palestine election results. The US government and its European allies never accepted Hamas as democratically elected representative of Palestinians, instead they cut off all the financial air knowing that it will be impossible for Hamas to govern without financial aid. Hugo Chavez, Rafael Correa, Daniel Ortega, Evo Morales are the popular leaders elected in elections are not acceptable to US because they all are introducing social reforms which are helping the poor people and SOLIALISM IS EVIL as it hurts the big corporations and the rich.

The US used all its resources to change the election results of Nicaragua, Ecuador, Bolivia and try to bring down Hugo Chavez government with failed CIA back coup. The people of these countries failed all the US efforts by rejecting US backed politicians.

The Bush also trying his best to make Americans believe that they are winning the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. In Iraq US military is building alliances with the Baathists and Iraqi Sunni Resistance who were the enemies they went to war. In Afghanistan Hamid Karzai is inviting Taliban for peace talks and offered them power sharing in his government. What did US achieve with invasion and occupation of these countries? Nothing. Its total disaster and failure. The US wanted to be in control of Middle East which failed.

US should learn the lesson that they must respect the choice of the people of the world in electing their governments instead of imposing their favorite politicians.

Written in bits and pieces at different time and days, might be little off the mark but really don’t have time to review. Let it go as it is.

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‘War on terror’ has been a ‘disaster’: British think tank.

Posted by QB on October 8, 2007

The British Research Group believe that US and Britain has to change its policies on “war on terror” to succeed, this is what exactly what am saying since the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq. Bush policies of invasion and occupation has created sympathies for Osama Bin Laden, Al Qaida and Taliban. The Osama Bin Laden and Taliban can’t be defeated with invasions and occupations, the better approach was to solve the differences with negotiations, which was offered by Taliban before Afghanistan invasion. Bush rejected their demand of showing evidence of Osama Bin Laden in 9/11 attack. Taliban promised to handover Osama Bin Laden to international court for trial. There would be no war, no unnecessary deaths, destruction and waste of hundreds of billions dollars. The hundreds of billions dollars could have been used to eliminate poverty, start eduction and awareness programs to bring positive change in Afghanistan. The Iraq war, on the other hand was unnecessary, there were no terrorists in Iraq, there was no Al Qaida in Iraq, Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11. The Iraq invasion was planned by Zionists to protect Israel, The other reason was that Neo-Cons like Paul Wolfowitz convinced Bush Junior to finish the job dad failed leaving Saddam Hussein in power. Saddam Hussein also challenged Bush senior that if he survived in power that will be is greatest victory against USA. Bush senior was defeated in election just after winning war against Saddam Hussein. The Oil was big attraction to invade and occupy Iraq.

LONDON (AFP) — The US-led “war on terror” has been a “disaster” and Washington and its allies must change their policy in Iraq and Afghanistan to defeat Al-Qaeda, an independent global security think tank said.Read complete report.

The following are few of my previous posts on Iraq and Afghanistan.

US lost Militarily and Politically in Iraq.

Afghanistan war will lasts for decades.

Osama Bin Laden Trapped Bush Intelligently!!!

Afghanistan war very much alive.

Hamid Karzai, Afghanistan puppet President who only had control of Kabul, invited Taliban for peace talk which they rejected demanding all foreign troops withdrawal for any peace negotiations. US military has also developed ties with Sunnis Iraqi Resistance by giving huge amount of money which are helping them to buy arms and ammunition’s to protect themselves against Shiite Militias . This does not mean that they support US occupation, they are very much against US presence in Iraq like Shiites.

The Britain Prime Minister announced to withdraw half of its troops from Iraq which will be 2,500 next spring. This announcement is not surprise because recent polls shows that his government is trailing to Britain Conservatives.

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Afghanistan after 6 years of invasion and occupation.

Posted by QB on October 7, 2007

The Afghanistan is clear evidence of Bush failed policies of invasion and occupation. Mullah Omar is still alive, Osama Bin Laden still at large and there is no hope of US finding him in near future with all their technological advantages. Taliban in control of most of Afghanistan and their are moving towards North. Hamid Karzai only control Kabul just like Nouri Al Maliki is in control of Baghdad Green Zone.

The following Associated Press article show the real picture.

6 Years Later, US Expands Afghan Base

Afghanistan invasion and occupation has made Pakistan NWFP region battleground where Tribes are fighting Pakistan security forces to defend their “way of life” and “freedom”, which is translated by Bush regime as “terrorism” without understanding the social religious background of that region. Bush regime has given Benazir Bhutto blessing to become the next Prime Minister of Pakistan and fight their “war on terror”. This is not going to go in US favor as well.

Waziristan clashes leave 32 dead

This is according to my own analysis of Afghanistan. Mullah Omar and Osama Bin Laden will send message at the end of Ramdan, like always, telling their supporters that that are winning against the superpower US. Bush will be leave White House in 2009, leaving behind two lost wars for the next President to deal. Democrat or Republican, who maybe the next President will continue these wars to keep America safe and Americans will be happy to spend trillion dollars more on these wars.

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Pakistan interesting situation.

Posted by QB on October 2, 2007

The Pakistan Presidential election will be on Oct. 6, 2007 and it will be contest between Pervez Musharraf and Makhdoom Amin Fahim, Benazir Bhutto’s party candidate. The chances are Pervez Musharraf will be re-elected for another five years. The interesting situation is that he is under US pressure to accommodate Benazir Bhutto that he has to grant her amnesty for pending corruption charges. Benazir Bhutto innocently denied these corruption charges on CNN when talking to Wolf Blitzer that nothing is proved in the court of law. The question which majority of Pakistanis will not ask her why did she chose to live in self imposed exile during Pervez Musharraf rule instead of facing these charges in the court of law. The corruption charges are not proved in court of law because she run away from Pakistan. The other fact which majority of people ignore that the corruption charges against their corrupt politicians are impossible to prove because of the lack of evidence. This lack of evidence is not due to that these charges are politically motivated but because people who have the evidence are themselves corrupt who were benefited financially by these corruptions. The corrupt politicians and the corrupt group of people are looking forward to make huge money again with Benazir Bhutto get into power.

Benazir Bhutto also talked to BBC on her way to Pakistan schedule to land on Oct. 18, 2007 promising to fight Bush “war on terror” which made Pervez Musharraf very unpopular. She did had some secret meetings with Bush regime officials getting their support and approval after rosy promises of making Dr. A. Q. Khan available to IAEA for questioning, rooting out Taliban from NWFP. Whoever she meet am sure failed to ask her why she believe will succeed where Pervez Musharraf failed?

The latest news is that militants attack Pakistan Military base in Banu captured 24 soldiers. These militants are holding 150 Pakistani soldiers from last year. This attack is an indication of very strong opposition of the Pakistani government pursuing US policies to bomb and kill innocent civilians on suspicions of associated with Taliban or Al Qaida.

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Hamid Karzai inviting Taliban for talk.

Posted by QB on September 29, 2007

Hamid Karzai the puppet President of Afghanistan wanted to meet Taliban leaders including Mullah Omar and Gulbuddin Hekmatyar to bring peace in the country. The question come to my mind what did the US achieve with Afghanistan invasion and occupation. Taliban wants all the occupation troops ouf of Afghanistan before any talks which Karzai is not in favor of. Talibans. Hamid Karazi should have told Bush to accept Taliban offer by showing them the proof of Osama Bin Laden involvement in 9/11 and they were ready to hand over him to international court for trial. Bush arrogantly rejected this reasonable offer which could have saved tens of thousands of innocent lives lost in Afghanistan. Karzai now want to give some government posts to Taliban which clearly means that Bush coalition is facing tough resistance and the situation is not under their control. Karzai typical hypocrite was very critical of Pervez Musharraf for signing peace deal with Taliban in NWFP and that too was for the purpose of peace of that country.

US can’t win the war in Afghanistan was my analysis from start so this is no big surprise to me that Karzai wants peace deal with Taliban. US military in Iraq has developed close ties with Iraqi Resistance so that war is lost too, on cost of $767 billion dollars, over 1 millions lives lost, millions Iraqis living in exile, complete destruction of that country. This happened when a f*king moron is in-charge of government.

My advice to Hamid Karzai is to bring as many of those fancy robes coming back to US with the troops.

Afghanistan’s Karzai Offers to Talk With Taleban

Taliban rejected Hamid Karzai offer with their spokesman issuing following statement.

“The Taliban will never negotiate with the Afghan government in the presence of foreign forces,” Ahmadi said. “Even if Karzai gives up his presidency, it’s not possible that Mullah Omar would agree to negotiations. The foreign forces don’t have the authority to talk about Afghanistan.”

Taliban can’t speak English properly but they are intelligent which is reflected in this statement. US and its allies don’t have the authority to appoint puppet governments in Afghanistan and Iraq. The governments in both occupied countries are illegitimate.

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Pervez Musharraf skip UN General Assembly.

Posted by QB on September 26, 2007

Prevez Musharraf first time missed the UN General Assembly since he took over the control of Pakistan as President. Pervez Musharraf is in deep trouble for blindly obeying Bush “war on terror” in NWFP and become so unpopular which could cost him losing the power. Pervez Musharraf forced to cut deal with Benezir Bhutto by US is fall apart after Benazir walk away with appointing her own party candidate against Pervez Musharraf. She is trying to give all kind of assurances to US and Bush regime that she is the better choice for fighting “war on terror” but in reality if get elected she can’t keep up these promises because they are so unpopular that it will make her government loose popular support. Pervez Musharraf promised to give up his military Commander In Chief post but will not resign if he loses Presidential elections. The new elected President will replace him with new Commander In Chief of his liking. This does not mean that this will be end of military rule in Pakistan. Benazir two previous governments were ended due to corruption will soon be involved in corruption and the promises like to let IAEA question Abdul Qadir Khan and fighting Bush “war on terror” will make her government as unpopular as Pervez Musharraf. The Pakistan nation love Dr. Abdul Qadir Khan the father of country nuclear program and throwing him in front of IAEA will generate fire and fury against Benanzir This could result in another military rule in Pakistan with new General.

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