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Fidel Castro criticizes US democracy and voting system.

Posted by QB on October 29, 2007

On the eve of balloting, Castro hailed the country’s electoral process as superior to that of its northern neighbour, the United States, which also is in the throes of a protracted election campaign.

“Our elections are the antithesis of those held in United States … There, first you have to be very rich, or have an enormous amount of money behind you,” said Castro in an editorial in the official daily, Granma.

In the United States, “to be elected president, you need hundreds of millions (of dollars), which come straight out of the coffers of the big monopolies. A candidate can win who actually got a minority of the popular vote,” Castro marvelled, in a jab at US President George W. Bush who, thanks to the unusual US electoral college system, won the presidency in 2000 even though Al Gore won the popular vote.

“There is fraud, trickery, ethnic discrimination and even violence,” Castro said of the US electoral system.

Fidel Castro is right.


3 Responses to “Fidel Castro criticizes US democracy and voting system.”

  1. jonolan said

    This from a man who doesn’t allow significant elections in his country. LOL!

  2. An Iranian said


    Fidel is a great man

  3. jonolan said

    An Iranian would say that! An American would say the opposite! We’re not going to agree on the relative value or worth of Fidel Castro.

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