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Venezuela ratifies will to reform the UN.

Posted by QB on October 3, 2007

Venezuela ratifies will to reform the UN for La Paz and the development

This Tuesday, the chancellor of Venezuela, Mature Nicholas, ratified the will of the revolutionary government to deeply reform the United Nations (the UN) in a true instrument for La Paz, the life and the development.

Mature General Assembly made this declaration during its intervention in the session of 62ª of the UN in New York, where it reiterated the necessity that this institution advances towards the democratization of the Security Council, towards their extension, as much of permanent members as of nonpermanent.

In addition, the Venezuelan diplomat proposed the fulfillment of new functions of this General Assembly to advance towards the fortification of the political paper of the Secretary General and to obtain new mechanisms of dialogue, coexistence and construction of a dumb one pluriplurar.

“Another world to pluripolar of balance without imperial hegemonismos is necessary, is urgent and is possible, we we were gotten up to the debate on the reform of the United Nations, we think that this organization must refundar itself, must be constructed to put itself to the service like faithful instrument of a world to pluripolar, balance, peace, a world without hegemonismos”, said.

It indicated that in this world to pluripolar all we must be worth the same and where the towns can be seen by resemblances within the framework of a world-wide cooperation to construct the bases of La Paz, justice and to surpass the madness of the war and power to chain the desire of the elites of the world to seize of the natural resources and the wealth of our towns.

The Chancellor indicated that the town of Venezuela has followed of way attempts the general positions that the debate of this General Assembly this last week and indicated that this debate has showed the present situation of the world, “a world that struggles to be constructed peacefully that it looks for new map courses”.

He remembered that the last year president Chávez, from the same tribune, ratified the alert of many in the world on the guerrerista madness that has been dominated parallel the desire of peace of the majorities in the world

Mature he presented/displayed a balance of that “guerrerista” madness that, six years ago, through harassment and the invasion to the town of Iraq was constructed in a justification to take step to the military occupation of the Iraqian nation.

He emphasized that after 5 years, the result of this political flood of hatred has required the investment of 610 billion dollars to maintain the war in the Middle East to take to the death and the destruction, to invest them in bullets, pumps and deaths.

“Those 610 billion inverted in the course of the 6 years that has lasted the occupation of Iraq could mean progress, equality and justice for the town of Iraq, but the results are very evident, are at sight”, said.

It explained that, according to the investigations of the Universities of the world, during this conflict more than 600 thousand Iraqians they have died product of this invasion and the military occupation, more than 3 thousand 600 American young people have passed away, more than 25 thousand disabled, blind, deaf and incapacitated American young people returned to his country for the life.

“Those 610 billion dollars inverted in the death which has done is to reproduce the violence and the balance that we could do today is that that investment has not left a world more surely, more balancing, today does not give like results a peace world us”, reflected.

Also, it commented that yes those 610 billion dollars had been reversed for the life had been constructed 3 ambulatory million of taking health to the world since makes the town of Cuba and Venezuela through the Bolivariana Alternative for the towns of Our America (White) all over Latin America and the Caribbean.

In addition, it emphasized that with those resources they were possible to have been constructed more than 12 million houses for man and women of Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean or more than 300 thousand schools that would lodge at least to 350 million young people, of young planet students.

“Yes we removed to the concrete balance the direct result from which it has been this foolish and irrational war we would have to say that this war has taken death, destruction, destabilization and have created more centers of terrorism”.

It showed that this foolish war is the worse example of since it has worked the security system for the protection of the balance and La Paz in the world.

It said that the Bolivariana Republic of Venezuela calls to the reflection in the world to fit the mechanisms to find the balance, La Paz and to stop the madness of the war.

One talked about in this case, to the public, mediatic campaign international of satanización of the town and of the government of Iran, because it said “we have seen as of dangerous way threatening declarations against La Paz of the town follow one another of Irán».

“The world has been asked, the governments represented in this General assembly what would happen if that wild madness of the elites that govern to the United States took the maddening step to attack the Pacific town of Iran, to where it would take a situation to us of those characteristics”, it emphasized.

It indicated: “we are in time to stop that campaign of satanización, are in time to construct the retaining walls, the alert, the calls and the alliances to stop the guerrerista madness of the elites that governs the United States of North America.”


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