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One Response to “Technology”

  1. “what lies are there in the hadiths that can be disproven” by acts of love and charity as displayed by Mohammad the profit?
    did the devil come to earth to trick Wahab into believing it was good to murder travelers for their wealth?
    an answer must be found to bring all sects together, not under one prophet of a “new age” but through one understanding of what has already been given to man, by all prophets, Mohammed being the latest of these advanced and holy guides. Mohammed did not ordain the stoning of women, this was done by primitive jealous men long before he came to enlighten the people of all lands.

    the one god is pure power of life giving force and the one god is continually giving life anew to all who give to others, forever. no man has the right ,or duty, to kill another based on an accusation of breaking faith with the one god, only the one god has that authority. there is no exception to this rule. if a man is ignorant of a religious law, it is the duty of the religious man to inform him of such, not to punish in the name of the one god.

    I am sure of this my friends. peace be with you all. Jim of D.C.

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