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Saddam Hussein execution picture.

Posted by QB on December 30, 2006

Al Iraqiya television shows masked executioners tightening the noose around former Iraqi president Saddam Hussein’s neck moments before his hanging in Baghdad December 30, 2006. Source : Time.com

Saddam Hussein look very calm and at peace. Political murder in the name of “democracy” and “freedom”.

BAGHDAD (Reuters) – December became the deadliest month for U.S. troops in Iraq in two years after the U.S. military reported six more combat deaths, leaving the tally just two short of the emotive 3,000 mark.

Three U.S. marines died on Thursday from wounds suffered in combat in Iraq’s western Anbar province. One soldier was killed by a roadside bomb in northwest Baghdad and another soldier was killed in Anbar on Friday, the military said on Saturday.

Another statement announced the death of a U.S. soldier killed by a roadside bomb in southwest Baghdad on Friday.

The latest deaths take the number of U.S. military deaths in Iraq since the invasion of March 2003 to 2,998, according to icasualties.org, a Web site that tracks U.S. deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan.

he number who died in December is now 109, three more than the previous high this year in October, and the highest since November 2004 when 137 U.S. servicemen and women died.

Mounting U.S. casualties are raising pressure on President Bush to set a timetable for the withdrawal of troops from the increasingly unpopular war.

Source : Rueters.

This is the reality on the ground in Iraq which idiots like JB are not paying any attention. Saddam Hussein murder will not solve anything for US occupation of that country. The idiot US President is having difficulty in making up his mind on changing Iraq’s occupation policy. The US citizens who are celebrating Saddam Hussein death have no sense what their own troops are going through for their stupid President.

Guys instead of posting comments in favor of Iraq occupation why don’t you all go and fight for your “democracy” and you “way of life” and “freedom in Iraq.


90 Responses to “Saddam Hussein execution picture.”

  1. Anonymous said

    Hussein deserved to die.
    He was a pig and had no respect for his own people.
    He should be spit on.

  2. Anonymous you can’t be human. You are an animal who like to spit on dead man body. Go to Iraq and spit on his grave.

  3. Anonymous said

    He should be sat in darkness for the rest of his mortal life, if one does not fear death it is not a punishment. Hussein deserved a fate worse than death.

  4. Mubashir said

    i feel very sorry for the death of saddam i feel that even if he was to be hanged he should be hanged after the eid now that he has been executed every person muslm or not are feeling sorry for his death

  5. Mubashir said

    i feel very soryy for saddam hussain death

  6. Anonymous said

    George Bush is a “bitch” and he must be tried for genocide on the death of innocent Iraqis and American soldiers.

  7. Anonymous said

    George Bush is a “bitch” and he must be tried for genocide for the death of innocent Iraqis and American soldiers.

  8. joe blogg said

    Hey that guy’s my mechanic!
    That’s just great!
    He told me my car would be ready next week, he was just waiting on a part.

  9. Yadab Das said

    All US presidents should be hanged , who are involved in Veitnam WAR.

  10. annonymous said

    MR. Bush,

    What have You achieved by the death of Saddam ???????????????????????

  11. Strictly unknown said

    Anonymous may havebeenh right but was that the best way to express the opinion. This anonymous cannot be human indeed but he has a point.

  12. 2007 said

    Saddam’s death is a blessing in disguise. Wapha anthu osalakwa ambirimbiri ndipo amayenera kufa ndithu.

  13. Indian said

    I am an Indian hindu. Whatever might be Saddam Hussain but he was a friend of our country.He deserves respect and honour after all he was a President of a sovereign country.His calm and compose attidude during his execution really shows how brave he was!!
    I am surprised to find such “Anonymous” person who seems to be a barbaric person by himself.

  14. MOM OF 4 said


  15. Mom of 4,

    You are another Western Media brainwashed person. The truth is Saddam Hussein will now live for ever like Che Guevera as Iraqi puppet government and Bush stupidity had make him a martyr.

    Have to taken the resposibility of deciding who will go to heaven and hell from God? Do you believe you will certainly go to heaven after your death? Mom of 4 you are not really a intelligent person.

  16. MOM OF 4 said


  17. Mom of 4,

    I don’t have children but have very young nieces who are just like my own daughters. I can understand your love for your children.

    Secondly I believe in One God who is our cheif Justice on the Day of Judgement. People will not sent to hell because of our wishes.

    The crimes which you are associating with Saddam Husssein had the no chance of prevailing in any fair unbiased court.

    So Mom of 4 with all due respect I totally reject your point of view.

  18. MOM OF 4 said


  19. MOM OF 4 said


  20. Mom of 4.

    Saddam Hussein charges had the no chance of standing in any international court. I never said that Saddam Hussein never killed anybody. Saddam Hussein did order the execution of many as the ruler of that country which does not make him a murderer.

    Bush Blair John Howard killed approximately 1 million Iraqis for the greed of Oil and Bush personal vendetta which is more severe crime what Saddam Hussein did as a ruler.

    Please read Saddam Hussein trial and you will find the links there that the allegations of gassing Kurds were not true according to CIA. Bush invaded Iraq based on lies to control the region Oil killing innocent civilians which includes mostly children women unarmed civilians.

    Bush Blair and John Howard are more criminals than Saddam Hussein.

  21. rainfan said

    Bush is even worse than Saddam..
    the whole war in Iraq was based on lies.. if WMD was the issue.. then why didn’t Bush tell his troops to invade North Korea? Kim Jong il kills millions of his own people, many of North Korean citizens especially children are homeless, starvings while Kim Jong il lives in luxury and use money for WMD… Saddam at least built schools and roads and I have never heard of a starving child in Iraq.
    but I guess Bush loves OIL more than Kimchee…

  22. pseudo intellectual said

    the answer to the problems we face is simply one thing which a poet said long ago. there should not exist boders or religion. it has caused more dischord than any harmony…. if we can find some other way to identify ourselves with, the world will be a better place… bottom line is all religion has some message for the betterment of the world… the people who propagate it destroy its very essense… i don`t think rulers necessarily order for the execution of their people… hardly a prescriptive right… and a contradiction arises in rainfan`s msg… you might have not heard of a starving child in iraq. but i`m sure you have heard of some being executed…. it is ironical that someone who started a war on terror ended up getting saddam hanged… i agree it is not a fair trial… however i doubt if the verdict would have been very different even if it was fair… and lastly the americans are nothing but insecure bullies.. along the same lines as the senior who picked on me in high school… it appears they have some locus standi to pass value judgements…. i repeat it only appears but it is not so… then again had bush not interferred with the iraqi regime the atrocities done to the people of iraq not only by saddam but also his sons would have never stopped… my father worked in iraq in the 80`ies… he used to recount stories about it to me… the tube rides… the projects he was working on… it seemed like a normal country to me then… something went wrong along the way….. i don`t suggest that the situation has alleviated now. though i`d like to believe so… oh and by the way, saddam and his sons lived in the lap of luxury no less…..

  23. Sad But True said

    Have any one of you lost anyone through this wole thing? anybody ? how can you be so opinionated then? Has anyone lost someone they love becouse of terrorisits? I have! and You condone it. YOU think it is ok? maybe you would change wour mind if you were in my shoues. God belss you all! (i say with a heavy heart)

  24. Anonymous said

    sure Saddam has killed his own people but hes a human being. no one can replace him in his families life, NO ONE!!!! and Saddam should have never been killed by hanging. all Muslims no that not one human being on this earth should be killed by hanging, and if the smart a** judge would give a sh*t, he would have known that. but he was to f*cking stupid to no that.

    if any of you were there when he got hanged or watched the video clip of him, you could see him praying and those f*cking men wouldn’t let him finish. the f*cking judge, and the f*cking evil hearted men were cold hearted. they wouldn’t even let him finish. his last words were “Mohammad”.
    but, what can we do, what can anyone do.
    yallah, Allah yarhamoo………………… :I

  25. Merlo said

    Saddam Hussein was a world-renown mass murderer, who killed thousands and thousands of Kurds and Shiites using, amongst other things, banned chemical weapons (also used against Iran during the Iran-Iraq war, provided courtesy of the White House). For these horrendous acts he deserved to be executed. But NOT by the US puppet “Iraqi” government. Iraqis should have decided on this alone, by themselves, but they don’t have any possibility to act on their own (other than resist the occupation with arms).

    This is rightfully called an act of international terrorism on state-level. Why? Well, let me examine an example here: after the Allies’ victory in WWII, an international court for war crimes and crimes against humanity was established. The nazi leaders were tried and rightfully executed. BUT! This was a war in which the winners (Allies) liberated the countries occupied by the Nazis and their allies (imperial Japan, fascist Italy etc).

    Here we have Iraq, a sovereign country which was ILLEGALLY occupied by the US because of OIL. Please, spare me the WMD (weapons of mass destruction) crap. Secretary-general of the UN, Kofi Annan, called this war an illegal one, and finally, the US government admitted there was NO proof that Iraq at any time possesed any kind of WMD at all. Finally, they have the guts to tell the world that this was (as of now) done to bring “democracy” to the Middle East. WTF?!

    And as the latest brutal, catastrophic move after the occupation (the attack on Iraq and the subsequent occupation left 600.000 dead!) was the execution of Saddam Hussein.

    Is Bush any better? Will he ever be tried for the 600.000 dead Iraqi civilians? Will Blair? My ass. They are just bullies and hypocrites.

    Fighting for the American way of life in the middle east? Seriously, are there any retards left who believe this? Do you “gung-ho” islamophobiacs ever realize that the collosal cost of the Iraq war on US taxpayers’ money could have up to now been used to develop, maybe even put into actual use a sustainable alternative energy system that would one day maybe completely replace oil?

    How can you sleep at night knowing that you are financing the murder, starvation of an entire nation?

    Iran is NOT developing any WMD’s whatsoever. Surely, if you are going to continue to read and swallow corporate media bullshit, you will believe that they actually have any WMDs. Boy, am I GLAD that they have got a powerful army, and FAR more importantly, that Russia and China have invested so much into Iranian oil and gas projects that an attack on Iran would mean a direct confrontation with these two new emerging superpowers. That’s a powerful deterrent. And I am glad because in this way, Iranians won’t die and young Americans who get drafted won’t too. My applause goes to all the courageous young men who prefer to go to jail then to get shipped overseas to kill and be killed/maimed.

    Still skeptic? Still thinking the US has genuine interest in promoting democracy? Here’s a stark and brutal example that the US doesn’t give a shit about a ruling system in a country, if it suits their interests. Two words: Equatorial Guinea. This small west-african country is ruled by one of the most brutal, repressive, ethno-centric and dictatorial regimes that currently exist on the face of the planet. It is a small nation, with a curse: they have got PLENTY of oil. 99% of Equatorial Guinea’s population is living on less than a dollar a day. The ruling mob has stashed all the riches for themselves. The US allows this because all the oil pumping contracts were and still are awarded to the US oil giants. This isn’t some gibberish, it is all well documented, there was even a congressional investigation. Still, the mob there remains in power because of the oil. Cool, huh? Talk about US interest in spreading “democracy”.

    GWB and the neocons: the worst catastrophe that has befallen humankind in the last decade.

    Get informed. Read media from all sides. Draw your conclusions. Visit Iraq. Then talk shit. But I think you’ll be left without any words.

  26. rainfan said

    Yes.. it’s true that Saddam and his sons lived in luxury but what I’m trying to say is.. there are other dictators who are far worst than him but all I hear is about Saddam. The situation in North Korea is just as bad or maybe even worse and people there need help with a dictator like Kim Jong il around.. he executes millions of people who tries to escape from North Korea and if refugees are sent back.. they’ll be dead for sure. He’s also developing WMD which he admits and some have been tested, his WMD can be a threat to the world but I don’t see Bush telling his troops to attack the country.
    I’m sorry if anybody have lost their loved ones because of terrorists.. but I’m also sorry that millions of innocent Iraqis are killed, lost their loved ones and have their country ruined to pieces because of a president’s greed for Oil.

  27. Merlo said

    Rainfan, I agree with you completely. You rule!

  28. Patriot said

    Attention US Haters-

    Not everyone in the US agrees with Bush – actually his approval ratings suck. Most Americans are fully aware of the disparity between domestic and international media reporting and many are also opposed to the war in Iraq. I never supported the war to begin with and many Americans don’t. The actions of the government are not necessarily supported by the majority.

    I have friends who have served in the military in Iraq. Most of them are college graduates and officers who served a dual purpose–fight insurgents and nation build. I’ve heard stories from these men that Iraqis were terrified of having a free voice: how could you not support democracy? Let’s also not forget those American contractors present in Iraq who get their heads sliced off while attempting to rebuild the country.

    The problem is really Osama Bin Laden right? He made the mistake of attacking the US and now he has an 800 pound gorilla chasing him around. Saddam was a dick…so are the presidents of North Korea and Iran. Live by the sword, die in the same. Maybe Bush will get his sword someday…why don’t you come on over and try to pick him off?

    Everyone hates the country at the top. The truth is, no superpower has ever acted 100% ethically. Any country, whether Islamic, European, Asian or otherwise will abuse their power when given the chance. We are of course sorry for those innocent people who have perished in Iraq. As for anyone who attacks American troops…**** em hard.

  29. saddam said


  30. saddam said

    i curse the executioners

  31. bob anderson said

    say it decently without cursing I will let your comments go.

  32. bob anderson said

    i curse the executioners? i would probably kill you if i had a chance, deutchbag. Get a ****** life, how could you defend a man who is guilty of killing approximately 100,000 people.

  33. Bob what about Bush Blair and John Howard who killed one million Iraqis so far? I don’t want them to be executed either, they must be tried for war crimes and spend rest of their lives behind bars.

  34. ben chiwama-Zambia said

    I wish to condemn the manner in which Mr Bush carried out the excution of Saddam. The answer to the problems of Iraq is Mr Bush himself. So please sir leave the people of Iraq handle their own issues. We know you control the UN but please check your limits.

  35. Ben very polite comments. Bob must learn manners from you.

  36. Nathan said

    The man brilliantly manueverd himself into a position of power, surrounding himself and rewarding his own tribe as supporters, he ruled with a 20% minority ruthlessly and with the wealth of oil gave his people a pretty good materialistic life. Naturally the other 80% of his population did suffer , however if they just lived their lives quietly and didn’t try to overthrow him they also lived a pretty good life. Iraq was considered a prosperous nation. Then he got greedy, thought Iran was weak after the overthrow of the sha and struck out for the Iranians oil, Iran wasn’t so weak and held him off and with the help of US he attacked Iran with chemical weopons forcing the Ayatola to sue for a cease fire. He then wanted the Kuwait’s and Saudi’s to pay for his war against the Iranians and when they said no he attacked Kuwait and if he had the courage could probably gone all the way to Saudia Arabia, whether he could have held it is another story. During this time he did cause the death of thousands upon thousands including his own people. In any civilized country the misery and muders he and his cronies and sons committed would have warranted hard punishment. Justice was done here, it is a shame there couldn’t have been more dignity to the execution but we forget the hatred and suffering the 80% of his countrymen suffered. The same outcry is heard in my own country when they discuss 9/11 and what they would want done to Ben Laden. We aren’t really more civilized then others but due to our system we would have executed him with more decorum but I do understand the emotions of those who were present at the execution. Do I understand the emotions and hatred the two branches of Islam have for each other, over who was the true decendent of Mohammed 700 years ago, no. Do I understand why one side or the other feels it is perfectly ok to blow up innocent civilians , woman, children, the elderly and any other bystanders as long as they don’t belong to their sect? No. I would love to have someone explain it to me. I am a Viet Nam veteran, actually saw much combat, not by choice but by chance and participated in it too, not proud of it, but it happened. Long time ago, very young, did what my leaders sent me to do so I have seen war at it’s worse and so participated in it, but what is happening in Iraq, I don’t understand, don’t have a clue. Would love a sunni or a Shite explain it to me or at least their understanding of it.

  37. Nathan,

    The truth is that killing millions of Iraqis and gassing Kurds is another lie of Bush mafia to justify the illegal invasion. Follow the following three links and read and these will expose the lies.


    The Sunni and Shia violence against each other is wrong can’t be justified except by their own twisted version of religion which is based more on hearsay. The responsibility of all these sectarian goes to religious scholars of both sects. Ayatollah Sistani is silent since this sectarian violence started with Sunni scholars. Ayatollah Sistani has the power to stop this violence but he did not said a word against it publicly and to me he can’t be Ayatollah (Sign of God) he to me is more Sign of Satan.

  38. Nathan said

    I will check those stes out, anything to learn more about this terrible delema we are in however if they are just sites that are propaganda for a particular point of view, example being the sites that “prove that the Holacaust never happened and the death camps were just hard work camps and a few thousand died because of overwork and the cold” I will be very upset.
    One of the arguments that I do have a problem is that Bush invaded for the oil. From what I have read , the total producion of Iraqui oil is about 5 Billion a year, lets say thats a false figure and double it to 10 billion a year. This war has cost America over 400 billion already: two well known economist have come out to say that when you figure out the actual cost of the war, remember America has over 20,000 wounded and many of these young people are badly wounded and will be taken care of for the rest of their lives, and with advances in care today, will live long lives and the rebuilding of military stores and equipment and other war expenses, the true cost is closer to 2 trillion. Lets say that is exaggerated, lets cut it in half. that leaves 1 trillion as a true monetary cost. A figure like that, which is 1 billion more then 999,000,000, when you see it written out it is more impressive, is a awful lot of money and in my mind makes the charge that Bush went into this war for the oil money hard to justify.
    So many mistakes have been made and after Bush’s speech tonight, I think even more are going to be made. The only truism is the iraqui’s are going to have to solve this themselves and I don’t believe they have the whertheall to do it. They are, even the educated and more open minded, to filled with hate and venom against their own brothers and are incapable to take the steps to solve this problem. I pray I am wrong but am to afraid I am right, God help us here.

  39. Anonymous said

    All you Saddam lovers can kiss my -!! If this war was over oil where is it? If you don’t like it here you’re free to leave. And for Rainfan and the rest of you Muslim idiots go yourself.

  40. Anonymous

    I always ignored your stupid comments because its not worth talking to someone like yourself. People like you are the main problem no matter what religion they belongs to. My advice to you is to go to school gain some knowledge before opening your big mouth. You think you are smart that you can swear without any shame. No man you have a brian just little better than champanzie that you can speak and read.

  41. Swadick Peeroo said

    Saddam was a bad guy(yes)
    Saddam was being created by scum like #39.
    sadman was a bad person so? Arent we all bad? Can you really say that you havent done anythign bad or thought of doing anything bad? And think about #39 blame you parents for spawning you and people like sadamn on this earth. Another thing you cant blame the whole muslim religion for what one man did you dickweed, think about it you can’t blame the whole muslim religion becuase of one man otherwise we could blame bush for messing around the whole planet, and its true go educate yourself instead of keeping that 4th grade education of yours.

  42. Haroon said

    hey losers there is no such thing as a good human being ok? so all of you that all wanted him to die can go eat thier own feces because he diditn do anythign to you sodomists. Wow its really amazing how losers say bullshit liek this #1 said
    Hussein deserved to die.
    He was a pig and had no respect for his own people.
    He should be spit on

    Hey retard no one deserves to be spit on ok? if you were ever confronted in front of him youd beg for your pathetic life. #39 go fall in a hole you kkk sodamist. Even Mussolini was spit on after his death which really pisses me off because none of the people that spit on him woudl do it while mussolini was alive. Anyone that spits on another persons grave or on a dead body deserves to have thier throat slashed and urinated upon. Sadamn hussein was a bad person that killed many people but he must have had a reason for it. As Hitler had a reason for hating jews and killign them. Well thats about it pardon me for this but anyone that says bad stuff about Sadamn can go stick thier ass on a stove

  43. ANUPAM said


  44. Saurabh said

    I m an indian & a ‘Hindu’ By religin, still I think that the Saddam was a good at heart & brave as well, & I really feel sorry for his assacination.

  45. Noemi said

    Dear All,

    I completely understad those who wanted Saddam executed, and completely understand those, who didn’t. Why?

    Everone has a different point of view. Just imagine. You born. You are a baby. You have your family around first. What do you hear, see, expreience? The way they act and behave. Other step is socialisation. You meet people. They tell you their point of view. Explaining it. You collect information, and you are going to belive in the information that was confirmed the most by your environment…

    Don’t want to make it too long. EACH person dead or alive in the world was unique, only ONE. I don’t know wheter there is reincarnation or not, but even if there is, all lives in a certain role is unique, determined and affected by unique, single, and one time acts, experiences. If you were hurt many times by people you may become aggressive, and try to protect yourself from being hurt again.

    If your son was killed by Saddam, you will hate him. If your son was killed by the american troops, you will hate Bush. These all depend on the situation you are participating in, depends on your culture, religion, the area you live in, the things affected your life.

    This is how we get socialised, this is how we are programmed.

    Saddam and Bush are all programmed badly. What is (was) most probably leading them is longing for power. We just don’t know how they were brought up, don’t know the things happened to them in their lives that made them think and live like they do (did).
    Of course, bad experience is not an excuse and release. If they were conscious enough, they could have recognized that all we get on Earth , all the problems are for our ascension. Those, who don’t recognize it, they get lost, like Bush, Saddam and many of us.

    What I want to tell you, is that these people are unknowing, they don’t know what are they doing. Using aggression, power, money etc. Using bad things, bad energies. They hate others. They rule others. They are afraid. They don’t know about community, and partnership. They probably don”t know love. They are living with closed eyes.

    All those people here, doesn’t matter on which side you are standing. You should, or I rather say WE should try to strengthen the GOOD and not the BAD. So not saying about each other: you are an idiot, muslims are stupid, americans are stupid. We all want PEACE and ASCENSION. All we want to be is HAPPY. Do you want to be happy? Well, I guess this is what you want all.

    So lets join with one another, and try to work on ourselves, on our environment, and everybody pray her/his own God or Saint or anyone Above for peace and happiness in the world. And pray for Bush and Saddam too to recognize their sins, regret them, and step on the Right path (also Saddam, since who knows what happened to his soul after his execution).

    Just try to belive in GOOD, and GOD, in a higher POWER. Try to belive, that you meet your loved ones on the other side, and try to belive, that all the sinners will get their punishment from a higher power.
    (I don’t mean to let them kill more and more people; we have to rule them, and keep them away from peaceful human beings, but execution and aggression is not a tool.
    LOVE is the tool, and understanding. Just think about Buddha, Mohamed, Jesus, or anyone of the big prophets.

    How do you feel while you are writing to each other:
    “Bush should be executed too”
    “Saddam deserved to be executed”
    “All you say is bullshit”
    “I would kill you”…

    You feel anger, aggression, maybe fear or pain. You feel like shit. Do you want to feel like that all your life? This is all bad energies. Talking about these things, talking to other people like that, it makes us feel bad, uncomfortable, angry and so on. But we all want to be HAPPY.

    So why do we talk like this? Does cursing other people solve anything?
    You know the answer.
    Cursing is just words, and raising hate and anger.

    You all here, who are angry with the dictators and some other people, you are angry, because they hurt humanity.(You are completely right !) Why do you hate them? Because they take PEACE, and HAPPINESS away from you.

    But while you are cursing someone, you are just generating more and more hate. So what happens when you feel hate? You feel bad, and you close yourself away from being HAPPY. This is how human mind and soul works. We are blocking ourselves away from feeling Right, because we do not recognize, that the key is acceptence, trust and joining with each other.

    Think about it.

    With love,


  46. Nathan said

    I am going to tell you what I think, it may be wrong but it is what I believe.
    George Bush, the jr, after 9/11 , realized that the country he was the elected leader of was at war.It had been atteacked and hurt and over 3000 civilians were killed . It could have been over 50,000 since that is how many people worked and visited the twin towers every day. This is not counting what would have happened if the passengers hadn’t tried to take over the plane that went down in Pa. Was that to hit the White House or the Capital. Either one would have been a terrific blow for America.
    He knew who his enemy was and were they were and thus his campaign in Afganistan. He had no love for Saadam and his cohorts and I am sure was convinced that there were weapons of mass destructions in country or being developed and if there could be used against his country either by Saadam or given to others who wouldn’t hesitate to use them against others who they felt were their enimies. This could be other Western powers, Israel, USA, even Arab countries such as Saudia Arabia, Jordan, Egypt or who knows who if they didn’t live up to what these people felt was the correct way of life for Moslems.
    He also made the mistake of thinking that the Moslem outlook on the world was basically the same as his and other westerners. What is important to a Westerner would be the same as one in the East. If he gets rid if a Tyrant, tyrant to 80% of the people he is ruling anyway, then the rest will be overjoyed and welcome those who freed them. There was a failure, I believe from the state department, I think those are the ones who are supposed to know about tribal hatreds and how people actually are in particular parts of the world, and wasn’t told of the 700 year war and intense hatred of Sunni against Shia and throw in the Kurds too. If he was told and just ignored it as a minor problem that a forceful military presense would take care of, , then he really was stupid. This I don’t know.
    Unlike Saadam who took power and governed as he did because he wanted power, privilidge and wealth and was not really concerned about the welfare of the majority of his people, Bush just made mistakes because he didn’t understand what he was getting into. He thought that he would be able to bring some kind of peace or accomadation to the Middle East, he would have a strong Allie against Iran who he feels is a threat, possible a way to get the Israelis and Palestinian’s ogether .
    None of this worked out and what gets me is that while he has admitted making mistakes , as much as any leader can and still stay in power, and while Americans have made mistakes such as the Prison treatment, and isolated misconduct by a very small % of troops, actually punished by jail time those convicted of such crimes. the Arabs take no blame for anything they do. They did have a chance to change but just used it to kill each other, because they belong to different sects. They take no responsibility for the Invasion . rape and murders when they invaded kuwait. There are still civians missing from that war that Iraquis took. Saadam didn’t rape or kill them, Iraqui’s did and they take no responsibility for this. At least come forward and whisper to someone where the bodies are buried, these young people have mothers, fathers, children and siblings who would love dearly to recover their remains and bury them and take care of them properly. But noooo, the response from any Iraqui is these are all lies, we never raped or murdered and if we did they were only Kuwaitee’s anyway and no one really likes Kuwaitees anyway except other Kuwaitees.
    When Arabs start taking responsibilities for their actions that is when I will start taking them seriously in thinking they really want peace and tranquility and to join other nations and become important to the rest of the world, for more then just oil. Take responsibility, stop thinking that living in the 14th century is the best thing to happen to people.You want to be left alone, so be it if you leave me alone too.

  47. Nathan my friend just add this to your information that Saddam Hussein take over the power in Iraq with the help of CIA. USA planted him in the office and used him to push their policies in Middle East and get rid of him when they thought he can’t do anything more.

  48. Nathan said

    I know that we were involved in many things in this area. The sha in Iran, helping Saddam against Iran in their war with photo reconnisense. So called great powers do this, have done it throughout history. See the history of France, Great Britain, Russia, Iran today in Lebenon. Not proud of it but it happened and will continue. However, today , right now what is happening in Iraq has nothing to do with great powers manipulations. The Iraquis, which means all Iraquis , Kurds, Sunni, Shia have a chance to step up and decide if they want to have a viable country. George Bush is , in my opinion, a failed Presidency. his so called surge of 20,000 troops is not going to accomplish anything. Within 2 years the US will out of Iraq and then what. Are the Shia going to share power with the hated Sunni? Are the Kurds going to be part of Iraq or just keep to the North? Is Iraq going to be fully influenced by Iran and just be a sattellite of that country and if Iran does develope the bomb and actually uses against Israel do you believe Israel wont use their own 200 plus bombs? If a bomb is actually used against America do you actually feel that the US will hold off from using some of their many more powerful weapons against the country that supplied the weapon , and the scientist will identify were it came from. We are living in very dangerouse times my friend, I can not take comfort in the Moslems feel, with all respect beleve me for their beliefs me, that there is always Allah and a true heavon to go to. I am afraid that doesn’t cut it for me. I believe in the now, today and how we act toward our fellow man today .
    In some ways it felt safer in the world when there was a Soviet Union and iron curtain around and you knew who your enemys were and you knew that for the most part they may be your enemy but for the most part they were rational men.

  49. Nathan,

    The Bush mafia should know that this will happen if they invade Iraq as I predicted exactly what is happening in Iraq.

    Kurds are the main problem creators in the region not only for Iraq but they are also trouble for Iran and Turkey. Kurds wants their own independent country based on their Kurdish indentity. They are trying to break three countries Turkey, Iran and Iraq (there are also Kurds in Syria but they are not fighting for any independent state) on ethnic grounds and when they are dealt with force by Iranian Turkish authoraties than they start crying foul.

    What would the US government or Bush mafia do to such a group in US?
    The government will use power to crush down any seperatist movement and thats what Saddam Hussein did and Iran and Turkey are now doing.

    Iran will have a huge influene on Iraq after US troops withdrawal with very close ties with Hezbollah and Syria. Shias are not going to share power and Iraq’s Oil revenues with Sunnis and Kurds because of Bush mafia stupid invasion overthrowing a secular government and bringing sectarian religious fanatics into power. Shias will deal with Kurds in the future when they have developed their military power and they will be more cruel than Saddam Hussein on these Kurds who wants to divide Iraq.

    Iran insists that their nuclear program is for peaceful energy purposes and I believe them because IAEA did not find any serious violations of NPT.

    Iran will never use the nuclear weapon against Israel because they are intelligent enough to know the consequences. On the other hand the possibilities are that US and Israel can use nuclear weapons against Arabs because they know that they can get away with all war crimes because they know nobody will stand up against their aggression all they will do pass some resolutions in UN and forget the incident.

  50. Nathan said

    I don’t really know what your agenda is, I found this web site by accident and do not know who I am really communicating with. Most of the communicates on it seem to fill it up with curse words and lots of hatred, not discussions of politics and different scenerios. I get the feeling that you feel that Bush is a criminal and had no business invading Iraq and thus this makes him a war criminal. I feel that he committed his country to a action without thinking it out, getting the wrong advice, taking advice from those who supported his viewpoint, simplyfying a non simple action , taking a stubborn attitude rather then learning from what was really happening on the field, in other words acting foolishly and showing his inaptitude as a leader of the most powerful country, militarily at least, in the world. War criminal? Not in my opinion. Stupid and gnorant in his actions? Yes. That is a big difference.
    From your comments I am getting the feeling that you are probable a Sunni, or sympahize with them, and didn’t feel that there was anything wrong with the Sunni controlling the Shia and Kurds even though they only represented 20% of their country poulation.
    I wonder what would happen if the US pulled back into the Kurdish North, if they were invited naturally by the kurds. If they promised Turkey and Iran that they would not support the Kurds Independence movement and the Kurds promised to , at least overtly not push this part of their agenda but continue to act as a semi independent area with their own economics , language and cultural systems as they are doing now.Maybe even being the organized voice of the kurds in other parts of the world with the Governments who these Kurds are under. I feel there is nothing wrong with that. The US would be close enough to keep the Iranians from taking over completly the area, thus helping out the Saudi’s, Jordanians , Egyptians and other more moderate governments and would stop the Kurds being taking care of by the Iraquis as you have stated. It is just a thought of mine.
    As far as Iran and it’s nuclear weopons, Israel being so small, would be hurt terrible by just one bomb going off in the country and 100% destroyed by 2. The Palestinians would also be gone by the way, so for them, the Israeli’s, to trust the Iranians with their future seems to be far fetched . The Iranians would not be completly gone with just 1 or 2 bombs, hurt terrible but not gone as a Nation or people, it is a much larger country. In your mind the Israeli’s should do nothing because there is no chance of them ever being attacked like that. Your to inelligent to really believe that.If the iranian’s continue on the road to acquiring weopons like this or do not allow inspections to show that they are not doing this, will the Israeli’s try and remove this as a threat to themselves? Probable.
    I would like to hear from you your thoughts of how you think these problems can be resolved. No more blaming bush as a war criminal and with your knowledge of who the real players are in this area, I don’t really know them, and the why and the who of the secretarian hatreds in these areas: remember the 700 year scism between Shia and Sunni means nothing to me, I can’t relate to it and this is not meant as disrespect to you or your beliefs, it’s just a fact and I hope you can explain it to me. am sorry for writing so much , one does get carried away.Please inform me.

  51. Nathan said

    I also apologize for the misspelling and other grammatical mistakes, my spell check is disabled and I don’t want to take the time to use a dictionary.
    By the way , if I am wrong as to who you are and who, if any , you favor in this conflict , please let me know.

  52. Nathan

    I am no Sunni and not Shia. I write what is correct. I don’t have any agenda. Bush Blair and all Middle East Kings and Amirs are war criminals who killed nearly 1 million Iraqis for their lies. Did you not read my criticism of the Sunni Shia religious scholars?

    I am against everything which is wrong not wether its US or any Muslim country.

  53. Nathan said

    Very good, I understand and yes I read your criticism.

    Now I would like to know your thoughts of how the US can get out of the mess it is in in Iraq. I am sure you would believe that it’s support of Israel is a major part of the problem and the fact that Israel is a Jewish country and not a non sectarian country is a important part of the problem. This is not going to change , however. What the area will look like in 500 years I don’t know, but for the forceable future, unless their is a destruction of Israel which I discussed earlier, and then the destruction of a good part of the middle east, that equation is not going to change.

    Since the US made is there, do we just pull out and leave the area to become what it will and the rest of the world live with what ever comes out of that? If the oil wasn’t there we wouldn’t even be having this conversation, the area would be treated like parts of Africa, though even there there is meddling because of oil now, see how China is moving into the areas to protect it’s supply with no thought given to the extermination of innocents by the Arab’s in charge.

  54. saddam husain said

    your mama is fat and it was fat wen saddam got hanged

  55. You idiot what Saddam Hussein has to do with my old and sick mother. You illeterate moron my mother is old and too weak and thin but due to your lack of intelligence you must have thought that you are posting a very smart comment.

  56. Nathan said

    Quaran Bible-
    I just wanted to tell you I enjoyed our dialogue, I learned a little and found a way to vent my thoughts, this is good. I may come back again and continue our interaction but I must leave you now as I see the Idiot’s are back. Keep well and happy.

  57. Nathan,

    Thank you. I too enjoy intelligent exchange of opinions no matter if we don’t agree on everything. You are always welcome to post what is on your mind whenever you have time.

    Take care.

  58. Anatol said

    Saddam is gone and now, try to think how not to create annother Saddam and Bin Ladin by,feeding them with money and arms you bunch of Bushie”s.

  59. Anonymous said

    saddham woz a gay boy who liked drinking coffee in front of a fire

  60. anonymous said

    saddham woz a gay boy who liked drinking coffee in front of a fire

  61. QB said


    You repeated this stupid statement twice maybe you have personal experience of sleeping with him. He must have screwed you roughly and you must be missing him that is why you are so angry. Also can you tell me he drink coffee sitting in front of fire before boning you or after.


    Those who take SWORD will be ruined by sword

  63. SHAHID said


  64. SHAHID said


  65. QB said


    Am against killing, against murders. Bush regime did encourage the Iraqi Generals to kill Saddam Hussein before the Iraq invasion, but still I believe Bush live long long time and everyday he has to go through the punishment of murdering innocent Iraqis. This is more harsh punishment than taking his life.

  66. An Iranian said

    By killing Bush ,terrorism will not disappear .It is a program created by the owners of military and energy industries .They are the big Zionists and Neocons and evangelists .Bush and other front runners are the small part of this chain . This chain only believes in profit and capital. It is a pre defined global program .But they are in a big mistake. The world is established on some fundamental and constant rules .those rules has brought the equilibrium between all the parts. Look at atoms, you will realize how huge opposite forces are peacefully live beside each other. Those people think that rule of Jungle is governing. Soon they will clearly realize the great mistake they have made. I recently was reading one of Ron Paul’s Articles .I wished they were as intelligent and honest as Ron .Any way Bush is a small puppet. Let’s wait for future events. My idea will be proved within few years.Sonner than you may think .

  67. Anonymous said

    im glad he’s dead he was an idiot and all u hatin cowards talkin krap about george bush u guys r hella stupid so keep up the good work mr. bush

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  69. Abdulmalik Ethiopia said

    According to me number one terrorist in the history of the world is George W. Bush. He vision and mission is totally to eradicate muslims from the world. He hates muslims 100%. He is the most selfish man. That is why hundreds of thousands are killed in Afgahan and Iraq. Why for?… it is an open secret …FOR OIL! He hang sadam on Eid to demoralize world muslims. Death for W.Bush!

  70. QB said


    I don’t want Bush to die, want him to live a very long life and get tortured by his own conscious when he go to sleep or whenever he is alone. Bush is responsible for over million innocent peoples death.

  71. morshed said

    hi Morshed
    by Md Mostofa Kamal

  72. JmaesP said

    The Arab Nations live in the sands for a reason..they worship a false god, they have believed the lie from Satan. Its time to receive the one and only true GOD !! Jesus stop following man. I mean you are a fool !!! a Fool !!! If you tink a Holy and Loving ,Just God will reward you with many Virgin women for killing woman and children….. you are nothing but fools following Satan……You will meet him in hell

  73. farhang Adib said

    HI JmaesP
    Are sure that with such sentences you will be able to put a positive influence on Arabs? Will you be able to warn them against Satan? By calling them fool? It is the tactics the great Jesus followed or principally confirms? What do you want to deduce by considering races and nations as black and white? Do you close your eyes against the very obvious crimes your governments making against others?
    You can call others what so ever you want to .you are free. But if you are on God side ,try to think before
    making any comment in public.
    Good Luck

  74. just me said

    listen everyone here can argue there point on the matter but the fact is all leaders need a kick in the damn ass. SADAM GOT WHAT HE DISERVED but by that so should all the others…. george w bush is a murderer and scum and isnt worth anyones time along with kim jong hes a revolting pig. all of them need to be hung! and actually get people in power who know what they are doing instead of pointing fingers at someone else to blame. how are we ever goin to acheieve some type of peace in the world? point is we need to get the little boys with little parts trying to play grown ups out of power…discard of them and get people with more then half a brain into power to make POSSITIVE changes and end pointless wars with no ending to them.

    to the people who have lost love ones from the bottom of my heart my deepest sympothy…. inocent people have died because of egotistical individuals

    enough is enough

  75. Unknown said

    Mr. Goerge W. Bush is a ‘Mother ******’ and he ‘sucks my ****’ he should be hanged to death then torcherd like he did to Saddam. They torcherd him after the hanging, it was caught on mobile phone. May Saddam R.I.P and then end up in heaven(Jannattul- Firdous). Ameen

  76. ohmygosh said

    Saddam was killed by whose lies. Arabs lies or the US….Arabs lies
    Dont blame Bush for listening blame the liar…Although I do beleive the biggest mistake of Bush presidency was killing Saddam. By the way Bush did not kill Saddam Ahmadinejad did. His people shiite muslims Becareful who you blame for killing over there our us soldiers have killed less people than arabs insurgenets have Our US soldiers are giving these people a life wake up

  77. ohmygosh said

    Please show me in the film where Bush was on the day saddam dies I did not see his picture I saw arabs killing him……HMMMMMMMMM

  78. ohmygosh said


    What are your veiws of Christians and if your people accept Christ is that a good thing ?You say George Bush hates muslims how do you as a human have a right to judge George Bush’s motives. You are not in his shoes Islam is unlikeable becuase everyone who is a muslim that I know is so darn arrogant and sensitive If you disagree with islam your a bad person I dont believe in islam I beleive it is a lie if you dont believe thats fine but this is America and we were founded by the mosaic laws See DEUT 15 1 our credit laws, Just like you accuse george Bush of hating muslims I dont think you like us eithr or would you accept Christ as your savior

  79. ohmygosh said


    Jesus in our bible used the term fools. Their is nothing wrong with calling some one a fool If they are they are It is what it is

  80. ohmygosh said


    Muslims have a nerve calling someone selfish Its almost funny

  81. Farhang said

    What kind of person you are?!I sometime get really shocked when observing some people points of view as yours!!US government attacked Iraq against all the international rules. Every where you find trouble, the sign of US regime is there too. Don’t you see the real story? The truth is the fight for the region energy. All the beautiful sentences they use are to fool those very simple minded people as you.
    If there is nothing wrong calling people fool (as you said), I call you the real sample of foolishness. .because you really are that. But I am not angry with you at all. Because you are a fool. I am angry with those people made your mind in that way. Now they can be happy .Because they are successful in creating more hate in you. I did not want to insult you at all .I wanted you to understand the feeling of people when you call them fool so carelessly .This was the main message of my comment .We are under disgusting behavior of your politicians. Yes we are fool .we should be killed and insulted. And you are the best pure people. I did not want to waste my time with you because you still have a far distance to walk for realizing what you should do. But I any way wrote .You may change in future. That is enough for me.

  82. astonished said

    What kind of person you are?!I sometime get really shocked when observing some people points of view as yours!!US government attacked Iraq against all the international rules. Every where you find trouble, the sign of US regime is there too. Don’t you see the real story? The truth is the fight for the region energy. All the beautiful sentences they use are to fool those very simple minded people as you.
    If there is nothing wrong calling foolish as fool (as you said), I call you the real sample of foolishness. .because you really are that. But I am not angry with you at all. Because you are a fool. I am angry with those people made your mind in that way. Now they can be happy .Because they are successful for creating more hate in you. I did not want to insult you at all .I wanted you to understand the feeling of people when you call them fool so carelessly .This was the main message of my comment .We are under disgusting behavior of your politicians. Yes we are fool .we should be killed and insulted. And you are the best pure people. I did not want to waste my time with you because you still have a far distance to walk for realizing what you should do. But I any way wrote .You may change in future. That is enough for me.

  83. Farhang Adib said

    I as Farhang Adib wrote the above comment to you .

  84. fuck saddam said

    saddam hussein. well lets look at it he killed he tried to be someone he was not supposed to be so to me that bitch got wat the fuck he deserved and for u bush u aint nothing but a bitch that deserves a worser death than saddam u bitch

  85. mustafa jaan said

    hang bush bush with a bushy tail this is wat shud happen to him excute him burn his head throw rocks on his body and leave the rest for vultures to eat im a desert

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