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Hillary Clinton “Jew Bastard”.

Posted by QB on May 22, 2008

This is real Hillary Clinton.

Oppenheimer alleges that Hillary Rodham — then Bill Clinton’s girlfriend — called adviser Paul Fray a “Jew bastard” to his face on election night. Bill Clinton lost the race for Arkansas’ 3rd Congressional District to incumbent Rep. John Paul Hammerschmidt by 6,000 votes out of 190,000 cast.

Oppenheimer stood by his account on Sunday. “Three witnesses have now publicly acknowledged that she said it,” Oppenheimer said.

The three people identified by Oppenheimer told CNN that Rodham uttered the slur.

Source : CNN Archives.

In one particularly shocking passage in the book, Oppenheimer quotes a campaign official who describes an angry attack by Hillary in which she screams at him, “You fucking Jew bastard!”

Two sourced eyewitnesses confirmed to Oppenheimer that they heard the verbal assault.

Source : Rense.com


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Religious Holidays.

Posted by QB on December 22, 2007

Merry Christmas to Christians!!!

Happy Eid Ul Adha to Muslims!!!

Happy Tu Bishvat to Jews!!!

I myself don’t celebrate any religious holiday. These religious holidays to me are more commercial than religious. Enjoy your Religious holidays. Be nice to poor people. Help them out within your resources as much as you can.

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Iran Nuclear Program and Israel’s False Allegations against ElBaradei.

Posted by QB on November 6, 2007

The Israel Foreign Minister attacking IAEA ElBaradei is an indication that they want US to attack Iran. The allegations made by Israel Foreign Minister are not based on any hard evidence so they are lies. The purpose of these allegations is summarized as follows:

  • Creating fear amoung ignorant Americans.
  • Providing propaganda material for CNN and other mainstream media.
  • Get more support of Evanglicals who can put pressure on US government to take Military action against Iran.
  • Israel strong lobby to start their campaign to convince legislator Military action against Iran.
  • Bush regime is already inclined to attack Iran now have the new propaganda material to brainwash Americans.

The US and Israel government are the main reason for present violent situation in Middle East, any futher escalation of conflict will hurt US as well as Israel beyond their expectations and imaginations. Bush regime consists of schizophrenic maniacs who believe that Iran nuclear weapons will be threat for the world. Bush regime also believe that Pakistan nuclear weapons are real threat for US fearing that will fall into the hands of terrorists. These fears are refelect their schizophrenic approach rather than based on facts. Iran is cooperating with IAEA and it was reported by FARS Iranian news agency that their last meeting was successful, IAEA was satisfied with the meeting find no evidence of Iran’s hidden nuclear program, on the other hand Pakistan nuclear weapons are very well protected by strong Military has no chances of falling into the hands of terrorists. We the people of the world fear US and Israel stockpile of nuclear weapons which can blowup the whole world and these weapons are in the hands of mentally disabled Presidents of these countries.

Foreign Ministry Director-General Aharon Abramovich on Monday accused the International Atomic Energy Agency of thwarting the international efforts against Iran’s nuclear program.“Instead of contributing to the international efforts against Iran, the IAEA is acting as an obstructive element, whose opinions serve as an excuse for countries to refrain from joining the efforts against Tehran,” Abramovich said during a discussion of the Iranian issue at the Saban Forum.Israeli sources explained that ElBaradei was using caution in his criticism of Iran, after being the one who had warned against the war in Iraq, claiming that it did not possess weapons of mass destruction.“Now he is using the Iranian issue as an outlet for his anger,” a senior source at the Foreign Ministry said.Diplomatic sources in Jerusalem clarified that Abramovich’s remarks were the result of ElBaradei’s actions, which prevent the world from forming a united international front against Iran.According to the sources, the process of presenting questions to Tehran by the IAEA is taking too long and is creating a sense of activity, but is actually a process of “foot-dragging” which enables the Iranians to move forward. Diplomatic sources added that ElBaradei himself had a tendency of “wrapping the agency inspectors’ professional report with an introduction and summary remarks which create a political ‘spin’.”

The sources presented as an example one of the IAEA’s recent reports, submitted in February, in which the inspectors ruled that Iran did not provide information on its centrifuges and failed to explain where it got them from. Source: Y Net.

Robert Gates is in China begging to support more UN sanctions on Iran without getting any commitment from Chinese government.

Here comes fear mongering from Republican Presidential morons, the same old threat of Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal falling into the hands of radical Islamist groups, should President Pervez Musharraf’s government eventually fall. The world will be more at risk if any of the Presidential candidate win 2008 elections, there is no possibility of Pakistan’s nuclear weapons falling in the hands of terrorists. Pakistan voters are just like American voters, IGNORANT, that they will vote for corrupt Benazir Bhutto, corrupt Nawaz Sharif in two provinces Sindh and Punjab, whoever win the majority of National Assembly seats in Punjab will form the federal government. The other two provinces North West Frontier Province and Baluchistan where the religious parties win the majority of Provincial Assembly seats. This means the Pakistan four provinces will be divided equally between moderates and religious parties with the chance of moderate to have control of federal government. The religious parties popularity in two provinces are due to rising anti Americanism among the population, where Osama Bin Laden Mullah Omar are way too popular than Musharraf Bush Benazir and I blame this on Bush stupidity.

The Zionist propaganda and lies will again drag US into another bloody war with Iran. IAEA does not have any information about Iran nuclear weapons program which is based on their inspection and intelligence but the Zionists keep spreading lies and propaganda against Iran.

Iran could procure nuclear weapons by 2009, a top Israeli intelligence analyst said.Brig. Gen. Yossi Baidatz, chief analyst for Israel’s military intelligence, told the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee on Tuesday that if Iran’s nuclear program goes unchecked, it could produce warheads by the end of 2009 or the beginning of 2010.

Western powers believe Iran is two or three years further away from nuclear bomb-making capability.

Baidatz also said that the hard-line regime of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad looks strong despite its unpopularity at home and foreign pressure to abandon its atomic ambitions.

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Was Jesus Christ born to Virgin Mary? Jesus Christ Was Son of Mary and Joseph.

Posted by QB on October 25, 2007

The problem with the three monotheistic regions i.e. Judaism Christianity and Islam is that majority of them following blindly without the proper knowledge of the scriptures. They are closed minded sheep following the interpretation which is not entirely based on the message, The three scripture’s message is contaminated with false traditions with introducing the concept of oral commandments after the death of Moses, Jesus Christ and Mohammad. The Rabbi written the Talmud after 2!/2 century after Moses death included all day to day issues, Christians included the traditions which made Jesus Christ son of God and God himself, Muslims introduced the Hadiths 150 years after Muhammad death. Talmud and Hadiths deal with the issues which are not really important to be a Jew or Muslim. Jesus Christ virgin birth is another myth created by the early clergy and to make him the son of God and God himself was introduced after his death, Muslims too believe in the virgin birth of Jesus Christ. This does not make sense at all to me after reading Gospel and Qur’an, why God need to have sex with Mary to born as his own son, this is creepy. Orthodox Christians believe in a God who is both three and one, this means that Jesus Christ was the son as well as the husband of Mary, this means that Mary important than God himself as she is the mother. According to Gospel Mary was married to Joseph carpenter when Jesus was conceived so the biological father was her husband and she had many more children from this marriage. The Gospel is very clear that Jesus Christ always called himself the the son of man never said that he is the son of God.

The radical Jews are the main obstacle in solving Iran Palestinian conflict with opening up Torah that Israeli land is the gift from God which can’t be divided. If they find the better interpretation of this concept which will solve the Middle East situation. They have the right to believe and follow what is written in Talmud.

The Muslims who believe in the virgin birth of Jesus Christ have to look at human creation subject in Qur’an. The humans created as a single cell in the mud resemble leech. The common concept is wrong that God formed Adam in his own image and blow his spirit into him. The other big problem with Christianity and Islam is that they want all the people on earth to accept their version of religion.

This is my response to one radical Christian who used all his simple minded techniques to scare me with his stupid threats. Always avoided the criticism of Judaism Christianity and Islam because I believe its none of my business to interfere in other people religious beliefs. I wish the religious scholars of all three monotheistic religions will realize that it is the time to revise the old concept of religion defined 3000 back is too old and obsolete, just bring the reforms with the present day knowledge and scientific developments.

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Codoleezza Rice Ehud Olmert Mahmoud Abbas on right path.

Posted by QB on October 15, 2007

The Bush regime finally is doing something which is positive will bring peace in Middle East and in the world. I dislike Condoleezza Rice as much as Bush and his whole cabinet but today she issued statement which is very positive, if she actually mean to implement her words into actions.

“Frankly, it’s time for the establishment of a Palestinian state,” Rice said in Ramallah, standing next to Abbas.
“I wanted to say in my own voice to be able to say to as many people as possible that the United States sees the establishment of a Palestinian state and a two-state solution as absolutely essential for the future, not just of Palestinians and Israelis but also for the Middle East and indeed to American interests,” she said. “That’s really a message that I think only I can deliver.”

This is the right approach bringing peace and this will also destroy Al Qaida. Ehud Olmert and Mahmoud Abbas statements are also very positive which are admirable, as they are first time talking sense by sharing Jerusalam, which ofcourse was off the limit due to religious fanatical in the past.

Concerning Jerusalem, for example, he said it would be enough to declare that west Jerusalem will be the capital of Israel and east Jerusalem the capital of Palestine. The line of division would then be determined in negotiations.Olmert hinted Monday that he is ready to share control of the holy city, saying that Israel could do without controlling some of Jerusalem’s outlying Arab neighborhoods.

This is the first positive step taken by Bush regime which must be welcome by the moderate Arab neighboring countries to make this peace conference starting point to bring peace in the world. Ayatollah Khemini wants Arab countries to boycott this peace conference which is really a very bad suggestion. The Jews and Arabs can live together side by side in peace as they were living for thousands of years before the creation of Israel. It is now that the State of Israel is created, the only solution is the creation of Palestinian State respecting each other religious beliefs and accept the reality. The confrontation will not the solution. The Arab rulers am sure will participate in this peace conference.

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Pope Benedict XVI open his mouth again!

Posted by QB on October 9, 2007

Pope Benedict XVI open his mouth again to lecture Iran on anti-Semitism. He is the same guy who has, with his stupid statements, created hatred between Christians and Muslims.

VATICAN CITY – Pope Benedict XVI today targeted Iran as he vowed to help fight anti-Semitism, a top official of the World Jewish Congress said following an audience with the pontiff.“We thanked the Holy Father for everything he did for the Jewish people, and more importantly what he will do,” WJC vice secretary general Maram Stern told AFP.The pope “recognised the question of Iran as an issue of big concern for him,” Stern said, adding that Benedict pledged “to find how the message can be made, through education, to avoid the hatred of the Iranian leadership towards the Jews and Israel.“He expressed his concern over the rise in anti-Semitism. The Holy Father said he was very aware of it (and wants to) find a way to make it less prominent through education,” Stern said.The pontiff said “co-operation between the Jewish people and the Church is a matter that is close to his heart,” Stern said, describing the meeting as “interesting and cordial.”New WJC President Ronald Lauder, who headed the delegation, said that the pope had agreed in principle to host a “joint event” with him when Benedict visits New York next year.
WJC Secretary General Michael Schneider was also present at the audience.Iran’s government vehemently denies charges of anti-Semitism, pointing to the peaceful existence in Iran of a 20,000-strong Jewish community, the largest in the Middle East outside Israel.Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad provoked an international outcry shortly after his election in 2005 when he called for Israel to be “wiped from the map” and also described the Holocaust as a “myth”.He has since toned down his rhetoric but last week he reaffirmed his deeply controversial questioning of the mass slaughter of Jews in World War II and his suggestion that Israel could be moved to arctic North America. Source: Pope cites Iran to curb anti-Semitism

Pope criticizes Hugo Chavez democratically elected popular government repeating the allegations of US and European countries.

Today, the Pope said, the Church faces the challenges brought by a global economy which “brings with it the risk of vast monopolies and of treating profit as the supreme value.” In Latin America, he added, there is another disquieting trend: “authoritarian forms of government and regimes wedded to certain ideologies that we thought had been superseded.” Here the Pope seemed clearly to be referring to leftist governments such as the Venezuelan regime of Hugo Chavez, who has clashed frequently with Church leaders there.

Pope should explain in detail why questioning Holocaust is such a big sin. There are people who believe that the Holocaust deaths are way too high to be true, all they want to study this historic event in detail which is not illogical drawing so much anger in Europe and US. Look like that Zionists don’t want independent group to study his historic event.

Pope just shut up (Shut up is to0 polite, STFU is appropriate). You are not a person to give advice to Ahmadinejad or as a matter of fact nobody.

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Peres congratulates Musharraf.

Posted by QB on October 8, 2007

Israel President Shimon Peres congratulated Pervez Musharraf on winning Presidential elections. This is the first time that Israel issued public statement showing their good friendly intentions. President Peres should know that everybody in the world wants peace in Middle East and this include Hamas, Hizbollah and Iran, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, UAE, Pakistan and all the other Muslim countries..

Israel congratulated Pervez Musharraf on his re-election as president of Pakistan.President Shimon Peres on Monday published an open letter to Musharraf, a former general who seized power in 1999 and swept to a second term in elections over the weekend.Peres noted that although Islamabad and Jerusalem do not have formal ties, Musharraf has voiced interest in Israeli-Arab peace efforts. Musharraf is an ally of the Bush administration.“You have shown responsibility and strength in preventing the spread of violence and terrorism on many occasions, and I carry in my heart your support for peace in the Middle East,” Peres wrote. “Please accept, Your Excellency, the assurances of my highest consideration.”

The Israeli and Pakistani foreign ministers held surprise talks in 2005, but Pakistan has said it will withhold full recognition of the Jewish state until a Palestinian state is founded.

Peres statement is the first positive step towards peace. The Israeli government has to work hard towards achieving peace by just opening their minds and hearts and accepting that their policies of aggression and oppression were wrong. These policies did not bring any peace and stability from last 60 years and these policies can’t bring peace in the next 100 years. The confrontation will cause death and destruction on both sides.

The Peres know that Ahmadinejad can’t destroy Israel, the fact is that Israel can destroy all the neighboring countries with its WMD. It is in the best interest of the Israel to solve Palestine issue as quickly as possible which will bring peace stability prosperity for Israel and Middle East. The peace treaty giving Palestinians will also destroy Al Qaida without firing a single shot. Al Qaida and terrorism is growing due to wrong policies of US and Israel. Fighting war on terror will keep growing with Bush policy of invasions and occupations.

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Iraq – Will buy 3.4 billion dollars US weapons!

Posted by QB on October 5, 2007

Iraq will buy 3.4 billion dollars US weapons and 100 million dollars weapons from China for its police force.

General David Petraeus told a Senate Committee last month Baghdad has already signed deals to buy $1.6 billions in U.S. arms, with another $1.8 billion in possible purchases set up to happen before the end of this year.

This is interesting. Lets now balance the books.

Cost of War 767.00 billion dollars
Weapons deals 3.40 billion dollars
Net Loss 763.40 billion dollars

Paul Wolfowitz assured Bush that Iraq war will only cost 70 billion dollars, which was the initial cost of invasion. The Iraq war and reconstruction will fund by Iraqi Oil Export was the assurance given by this corrupt Deputy Secretary of Defense. He might have convinced Bush that 70 billion dollars investment will bring huge financial benefits controlling Iraqi Oil Reserves.

The American Zionists, it look like, born and raised in US but are more inclined to protect the interests of State of Israel over US interests. Joe Lieberman is another example of this Zionist mentality, who wants US to attack Iran. Iran is no threat to US or Israel. Iran does not have resources to attack US and Israel with its nuclear weapons has the capability to destroy Iran completely. The Evangelicals, on the other hand, had their religious beliefs to push for Iran attack. According to their religious beliefs Jesus will come back to defend Israel holy land when attacked by Iran, Syria and Lebanon.

The present situation is not very different, which was before the invasion of Iraq. Politicians and mainstream media CNN are continuously spreading lies against Iran. Iran Revolutionary Guards are declared as a “terrorist organization”. The majority of Americans again has brainwashed by politicians and CNN who are in favor of military attack on Iran.

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Israel & USA real threat to world peace.

Posted by QB on October 1, 2007

The latest news is that Israel is considering to downgrading its diplomatic relationship with Venezuela for having close warm relationship with Iran. The Israeli Ambassador to Venezuela is due to leave his post in next June and the Foreign Ministry has to name his replacement. The Israel Foreign Ministry will send the acting Ambassador downgrading its diplomatic ties with Venezuela. The Israeli government is following the footsteps of Bush regime that anyone who does not agree with their policies of aggression occupation oppression is their enemy. Hugo Chavez also criticized Israel invasion of Lebanon and and attacking Palestinians calling it “Methods of Hitler”. Hugo Chavez believe that Israel are doing what Hitler did killing innocent children and entire families. The Israeli downgrading its diplomatic ties will not really hurt Venezuela and it certainly will not hurt Israel. Hugo Chavez is the most dynamic charismatic leader is going in a direction which if continue will isolate Israel and USA. Hugo Chavez diplomacy is successful with Latin America coming together with close ties with Iran, China, Russia are the clear proof of his strong leadership. Israeli government and Bush regime must understand that nobody is so stupid to hate Americans and Jews, it is their policies which are hated. The Israeli government and Bush regime instead of listening the grievances reject them calling them the “enemy” of Israel and USA, “enemy of Jews”, “antisemite”, people who hate “freedom and democracy”, people who hate “American way of life”, very simple approach instead of looking at them rationally.

The US has become very intolerant country since Bush moved into White House with voices of moderation has gone into background overtaken by religious fundamentalism creating new alliances to support Israel government polices of aggressions and continuing its own polices of aggression and occupations. These policies are the source of problems which both these governments completely ignore and acknowledge. These policies are fueling more hatred and there is no hope for peace in the world. The US is pushing Zionists agenda blocking all the efforts to bring positive change with democracy. The only democracy which they accept the puppets governments endorsing their policies.

Britain and Israel expressed interest on US Campaign of surgical bombing raids on Iran Revolutionary Guards


Really bring smile on my face that Britain, Israel and US governments can be so stupid controlled by mental retards. Go ahead do it. The result will  be disaster for Britain, Israel and USA.

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The Holocaust: “The most documented event in human history”! By David Duke

Posted by QB on September 27, 2007

This article written by David Duke is interesting very neutral. David Duke feared that Lee Bollinger statement related to holocaust “The most documented event in human history” will become the slogan for mainstream media to shutup any criticism of this event. David Duke has also mentioned that there is no recorded evidence of gas chamber killings and Red Cross believe that there were no mass murder of Jews happened during WWII. Please read the article which proves that holocaust is the most undocumented history which should and must be further investigated.

The Holocaust By David Duke

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Ahmadinejad questioned by Kidnapped Israeli Soldier’s Wife.

Posted by QB on September 27, 2007

Ahmadinejad UN press conference transcript and videos are available at many websites so not really getting into the content of his press conference here I will only deal with the wife of Israel Kidnapped soldier’s wife question. She asked the question directly to Ahmadinejad and his reaction during the whole question was smile.

Goldwasser said she was not afraid to present the president with her question, and asked him, “Hello, my name is Karnit, the wife of Ehud Goldwasser, the soldier who has been held captive for over a year. Since you are the man that is behind the kidnapping due to the aid you grant Hizbullah, why don’t you allow the Red Cross to visit the two soldiers?” she asked.

The wife of this kidnapped Israeli soldier is trying desperately everything possible to get some news about his abducted husband from last one year. There was really nothing wrong with her sneaking into the UN press conference except the question. She blamed Amhadiinejad for her soldier kidnapping which is not the truth, it is the propaganda promoted by Israeli and US government. The propaganda is used by Israel and US government to brainwash their citizens by keep repeating the lies on print and electronic media. This poor wife of Israeli soldier is the simple case of Israeli and US government lies and my sympathies are with her as I can understand her feelings.

Ahmadinejad can’t be blamed for Israeli soldiers kidnapping. This is true that Iranian government has close ties with Hizbollah which get their financial and military aid. Israeli government is the recipient of biggest US financial and military aid compared to the rest of the world. She has to look this matter in broad perspective, Ahmadinejad is responsible for two Israeli soldiers kidnapping than Bush regime and all the previous US governments are responsible for illegal abduction of tens of thousands of Palestinians and Lebanese who are in Israeli prisons for decades. These Palestinians and Lebanese prisoners are also the sons, husbands, fathers and the families don’t have any information these prisoners.

Dear Sister Karnit you are the victim of Israeli and US government wrong policies of aggression oppressions and occupation. Look at the facts that these two Israeli soldiers were kidnapped to negotiate the release of Lebanese prisoners. The Israeli government refused to get engaged in any negotiations instead attacked Lebanon carpet bombing the villages with cluster bombs killing thousands of innocent women children and unarmed civilians. The best way to pursue the release of your husband is to put pressure on your own government to start the negotiations with Hizbollah for their prisoners who were illegally abducted and are in your country prisons. The peace is only possible with your Arab neighbors when majority of Israelis stop supporting the wrong policies of their government.

The soldiers kidnapped by Hizbollah according to my analysis are alive and treated very well as they are Hizbollah greatest chance of getting their own prisoners released.

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Americans reaction on Ahmadinejad Columbia University speech.

Posted by QB on September 24, 2007

The Americans are now becoming so intolerant and developed paranoia believing that anyone who does have different opinion than their own set of beliefs does not have the right to be heard or speak. This is what happened when Columbia University invited Ahmadinejad to speak at the campus. The Columbia University President insulted him in his introduction speech with large groups of demonstrators who believe that Ahmadinejad is evil for denying the holocaust. This is really great that the invited guest is insulted by the head of University and it is insane to shut the people up who have different views of holocaust.

Ahmadjinejad speech what I read was intelligent where he make some good points. He wanted to have more research on holocaust which is actually not a bad idea. Why the holocaust can’t be researched when we are having research on everything including the existence of God? Why the author of the book was sent to jail who did deny holocaust? Where is the freedom of speech?

This whole antisemite has become the unwritten law because of the Jewish control of all print and electronic media that nobody is allowed to question their version of the written history. This looks like that Jews may have inflated the figures of holocaust and now don’t want anybody to research this independently so they can keep killing innocent Palestinians without any checks and controls playing holocaust card.

Will try to find out the full script of Ahmadinejad speech and maybe will write more about this subject.

The holocaust needs very deep detailed research because Ahmedinejad Mel Gibson David Duke all have doubts that there were 5.1 to 6 millions Jews were killed during WWII and their doubts must be based on some facts. I never looked at holocaust figures because don’t have time and resources to go into detail research. I did always accepted the Jews figures of holocaust victims but just looking at some data it look to me that holocaust figures were exaggerated to gain Britain and US sympathies which they used for the creation of Israel.

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David Duke interview by Wolf Blitzer.

Posted by QB on December 14, 2006

Wolf Blitzer yesterday interview David Duke who is in Tehran attending Holocaust conference. Wolf who is the most biased Jew anchor on CNN was attacking David Duke since this Holocaust conference started in Tehran. David Duke blasted Wolf Blitzer where he had no other choice to keep him quiet by interrupting his answer.

This was the introduction given by Wolf Blitzer before interview. Former Ku Klux Klan leader turned politician, David Duke, has spent decades provoking Americans with his opinions on race and religion. Now he’s found a surprising new platform in Iran. Duke put himself front and center at a conference on whether the holocaust really happened. In the process, he became an ally of Iran’s fiercely anti-American president. I spoke to David Duke, and we’ll have that interview coming up in a moment.

First, though, our Mary Snow has more on David Duke and what he’s all about — Mary.

MARY SNOW, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Well, Wolf, whether he’s pushing his white race agenda or targeting Zionists, David Duke and extremism have always gone hand in hand. And that extremism was welcome in Iran, where its leader has said Israel should be wiped off the map.

Marry Snow video clip. SNOW (voice-over): Meet Iran’s new American friend — David Duke, the former politician and ex-Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan. He’s applauding Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad for assembling a conference of Holocaust deniers. Duke says it’s all about free speech. Many see it another way, with one headline in the U.S. reading: “Cringing At Iran Kookfest.”

DAVID DUKE, FORMER KU KLUX KLAN LEADER, FORMER LOUISIANA STATE REPRESENTATIVE: And the Zionists have used the Holocaust as a weapon to deny the rights of the Palestinians and to cover-up the crimes of Israel.

SNOW: World leaders have expressed disgust.

British Prime Minister Tony Blair says Duke’s presence just points to Ahmadinejad’s extremism.

TONY BLAIR, BRITISH PRIME MINISTER: I had to get someone to go and check twice that they actually invited this — this person who is the former head of the Ku Klux Klan there. I mean, you know, it’s just unbelievable.

SNOW: And Iran’s not the only spot aboard where Duke’s found a receptive audience. Last year, he took his anti-Zionist rhetoric to Syria. The Southern Poverty Law Center, which monitors hate groups, says Duke has been getting an international audience larger than he gets in the U.S.

MARK POTOK, DIRECTOR, THE INTELLIGENCE PROJECT: I think David Duke is, without question, the best known white supremacist leader in America today. You know, that said, he is not anything like he was 10 or 15 years ago.

DUKE: The time is coming when the American majority will find its way to its rights and its heritage.

SNOW: Then, Duke was in the thick of politics, saying he put his days as a Klansman behind him. He served in state office in Louisiana and at one time tried running for president.

In 1990, even though he lost in the Louisiana U.S. Senate race, he startled many when he won more than half the white vote there. In 2003, he went to prison for tax and mail fraud. And some say because he was discredited in the U.S., he searched for new audiences.

POTOK: Well, I think that what Duke is doing in Iran it really giving life to the Holocaust denial movement. And it is helping to stoke very dangerous fires in the Middle East and in Arab countries in general.

BLITZER: Mr. Duke, thanks very much for coming in. What do you say to those who say — who charge, and there are many, that you’re there in Tehran at this Holocaust conference simply because you hate Jews?

DAVID DUKE, FORMER KU KLUX KLAN LEADER: Well, first off, Mr. Blitzer, I resent the introduction you made of me. You mentioned the Ku Klux Klan 11 times. That was over 30 — well, 30 years ago in my life, and since that time I got elected to the House of Representatives, I became — and I received a full doctorate, I have been a teacher, I have one of the best selling books in the world.

And you interview many former communists in governments all over the world and you don’t introduce them by saying former communist and certainly not 11 times. I think you’re biased because you’re a former lobbyist for AIPAC. You’re a Jewish extremist, supporter of Israel, so you want to bias anyone who criticizes Zionism.

BLITZER: Well, do you hate Jews?

DUKE: No, I don’t. Do you hate people who don’t want to be controlled? Do you hate Americans who don’t want the Israeli lobby to have Americans fight and die and thousands maimed because Israel wants it in the Middle East? We have a war in Iraq because Israel wanted that war, not for American interests.

They lied to us about weapons of mass destruction, and now they’re trying to get America into war against Iran, and I think it would be a tragedy for this country, a tragedy for the world. And you don’t like what I say against Zionism so you want to talk about the Ku Klux Klan rather than the issues facing the world…

BLITZER: Do you…

DUKE: … the terrorism of the Israel state for instance.

BLITZER: Do you believe, Mr. Duke, that there was a Holocaust?

DUKE: I’m sorry? I believe, sir, that the only way we can know whether there was a Holocaust or the nature of it is freedom of speech. I don’t think we should be locking people in prison in Europe, even elderly people in their 80s, because they dare to have a different opinion about an historical event.

The American government shouldn’t be saying that the Iran conference — the Iran conference was a conference for freedom of speech. I heard many mainstream Holocaust speakers at this conference, many. This conference allowed freedom of speech on the issue.

The American government and Tony Blair and George Bush should be saying its a disgrace that David Irving, a worldwide historian with books in almost every library in the world, is in prison right now in Austria because he said something the Zionists don’t like about the Second World War.

BLITZER: Do believe in a two state solution to the Israeli- Palestinian conflict, a new state of Palestine living side by side with the state of Israel?

DUKE: I think that’s probably the best solution. I think you have to ask the people who live there, of both Israel and the Arab countries. But I know one thing. You can’t impose a solution from the Zionist’s domination of American foreign policy.

Pearl and people like Wolfowitz, Feith, Wurmser, Kristol, Abrams — we can go on and on. It sounds like a Jewish wedding. They have set American policy and they have hurt American interests in the Middle East. Just as I have said for years, as Walt and Mearsheimer of Harvard have said, it’s a fact.

And we are dying right now in Iraq because we’re there for Israel’s interests. We’ve gotten no oil out of this war. I said — I went around the world, around the country before this war, and said there were no weapons of mass destruction.

BLITZER: Well, let me interrupt for a moment, Mr. Duke. As far as I know, the president of the United States, who is the commander in chief, is not Jewish. The vice president of the United States is not Jewish. The secretary of defense is not Jewish. The national security advisor to the president, not Jewish. The director of the CIA, not Jewish. Are these people simply tools of the Zionist conspiracy?

DUKE: They’re not tools of a conspiracy, but they are definitely tools of the Zionist media and political power. Even the “Washington Post” said that 60 percent of the contributions for the Republican Party come from Jewish sources. Plus, if any politician in America dares to criticize Israel, millions will go to his opponents and he will be attacked in the media where Zionists have incredible power.

Even the “Jewish Chronicle,” the “Jewish Los Angeles Times” — excuse me, not the “Los Angeles Times,” the “Jewish Times of Los Angeles” stated that four of the five conglomerates of — the largest media conglomerates are owned by Jews, and the fifth is even more pro- Israel than some of those conglomerates. We have a controlled media in the United States, and that’s why we’re not hearing the truth about this conference.

This conference is about the fact that there must be freedom of speech. And this is insane that people are being criticized. This conference is being criticized when there are people in prison right now for freedom of their conscience.

BLITZER: If there’s a controlled…

DUKE: Now, if you think that David Irving should be in prison right now in Austria — I’m asking you a question, sir.

BLITZER: Well, I’m the one who asks the questions in these interviews…

DUKE: Do you think David Irving should be in prison in Austria for voicing an opinion?

BLITZER: … and we invited you on. And the question is…

DUKE: Exactly.

BLITZER: … if we invited you on, why is there a Zionist conspiracy if we’re letting you on television right now? How do you explain that?

DUKE: How do I explain that? I think that you can’t affect the news. You’ve got — I think you have to put some spin on what’s happening in Iran.

BLITZER: But we didn’t have to invite you on CNN.

DUKE: And you want to — it’s an attack mode, always an attack mode when people like myself come on there. But you thought you could handle me with your 11 connotations of the Ku Klux Klan.

BLITZER: All right, let me…

DUKE: But you know something? You can’t handle me, and you can’t handle the truth, and the fact is, you are an agent of Zionism. You work for AIPAC…

BLITZER: Listen — all right. Listen.

DUKE: … the lobby in this country that controls Israeli policy.

BLITZER: Listen, Mr. Duke…

DUKE: You’re not an honest broker of television.

BLITZER: … I am going to read to you what Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has said… DUKE: You’re an Israeli agent.

BLITZER: All right. I’m going to read to you what Mr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the president of Iran, has said and then you can respond if you agree of disagree with him. “Israel must be wiped off the map and, God willing, with the force of God behind it, we shall soon experience a world without the United States and Zionism.”

That’s what he said on October 28th, 2005, according to Al- Jazeera.

DUKE: All right, first off, that’s a complete misquote. He never said wipe off the map, and he was talking about the Zionist control of the United States. In fact, I heard his last speech, and I read articles all over the world where he said Israel will be wiped off the map.

He said Israel would have a change in government just as the Soviet Union changed. Obviously, the Russian people weren’t killed. Israel wasn’t wiped out, and this was to garner hatred against Iran to support the Holocaust and maybe the nuclear strike against Iran.

BLITZER: Well, what about when he says we “shall experience a world” — when he says we should “soon experience a world without the United States”?

DUKE: I’m sorry, sir. I couldn’t hear you.

BLITZER: When he says we should “soon experience a world without the United States and Zionism.”

DUKE: I know what the translation was. He was referring to the control — Israel uses the United States as its proxy. They use the — as Mahaper (ph) said from Malaysia, Israel is able to dominate our policy through their money, through their media control, and they’re leading us to disaster.

Richard Pearl and Paul Wolfowitz he were the formulators of the Iraq war. Pearl, Wurmser and Feith wrote a paper for Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel calling for war against Iraq , Iran, and Syria. And that’s exactly what we did. They made up the lies of weapons of mass destruction because Americans were not willing to die in thousands and spend billions of dollars for Israel’s strategic objectives. That’s the reality.

BLITZER: David Duke, we have to leave it there.

DUKE: And there are so many lies that are going on right now.

BLITZER: The satellite is about to go down. So we have to leave it right there. But you’re in Tehran.

DUKE: Well, people can find information at DavidDuke.com — DavidDuke.com.

BLITZER: I’m sure they’ll have plenty of opportunities to hear what you have to say. That’s it. David Duke joining us from Iran.

Source: CNN.com – Situation Room Transcript.

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Posted by QB on November 10, 2006

Vatican city, Nov. 10 – Pope Benedict XVI said today: “In the relations with the Muslim who are so rooted to their believes and rites, the Christians must be respectful and benevolent but the Islam followers, because are able to be loyal to their religious tradition, have the right to our humble and determinate testimony of Jesus Christ”. The pope spoke to the German bishops in today’s visit in limina. The pope said this testimony required a great pledge. So he said that it was necessary that in places where there was a lot of Muslims there was a Catholic interlocutor with the indispensable knowledge of language and religion that enabled them to dialog with the Muslims. This dialog must also involve a deep knowledge of the Catholic faith, he said.

Source : Pope -Islam.

Pope Benedict XVI is an idiot issuing such stupid statements which clearly are pointing out to my previous conclusion that he has lost the intelligence because of old age and has developed some kind of mental problem. All the religious people are so loyal to their own traditions and beliefs whether Christians Jews or Muslims. Pope can’t be so ignorant that he don’t know that Muslims believe that Jesus Christ was the messanger of God. Jews do not believe in Jesus Christ. I really did not properly understand what he mean by “have the right to our humble and determinate testimony of Jesus Christ”.

My advice to this Pope is to shut up don’t open your month so nothing stupid will be coming out.

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Israel Gaza Strip Military offensive.

Posted by QB on October 16, 2006

Read the following news.

Hamas threatens Israel with unforgettable lesson.

The open minded people can see the injustices and the aggression in the name of protection. Israel is the only country which is the main cause of all Middle East unrest.

Israel also accused Syria still supplying arms to Hezbollah in Lebanon. Israel get most sophisticaed weapons from US to defend themselves why Hezbollah is not allowed to get weapons from Syria and Iran to defend themselves against Israeli invasion.

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Church of England blamed for not converting people.

Posted by QB on October 16, 2006

This is very interesting news for me that Church of England is getting blamed for not putting all their efforts to covert Muslims and the people of other faiths to Christianity. Paul Eddy, a member of the General Synod, the Church’s ruling body, said that the active recruitment of non-believers had always been a Biblical injunction on Christians.
But he claimed that the bishops were deliberately down-playing evangelising among other faiths for fear of upsetting minority groups and their role in inter-faith talks. He said the Church’s official statements tended to gloss over the issue of converting Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs or followers of other religions. His motion calls on the bishops to report back on “their understanding of the uniqueness of Christ in Britain’s multi-faith society, and offer examples and commendations of good practice in sharing the gospel of salvation through Christ alone with people of other faiths and of none”.

“My Muslim friends say they can’t understand why we Christians don’t evangelise more, especially as they have a strategy to convert Britain,” said Mr Eddy.

“The Church needs to regain confidence in the God it professes to believe in, and a new confidence in the Gospel it should be proclaiming. And that starts with a clear steer from the bishops.”

These Christians Sunnis and Shias are the different sides of the same coin who believe that increasing their numbers will make them more credible religion. The Sunnis share more common beliefs with Christians than Shias as they have their own dogmas. The Jews are the only Abraham religion who do not have aggressive conversion program.

Christians believe Jesus is alive in heaven and Sunnis have the same belief. Christians believe in second coming of Jesus and Sunnis too are anxiously waiting for his second coming. Shias are waiting for Imam Mahdi who is as powerful as god who will save them all and Sunnis don’t want to be left behind so they have their own version of Imam Mahdi.

Is Jesus still alive? According to my understand of Qur’an and Bible the answer is Jesus is dead and will be resurrected on the day of judgement.

Who is Imam Mahdi? This is very interesting belief which almost all the religions share with a similar story that someone will come and their religion will rule the world.

The ignorants who blame that Muslims want to convert Christians should look into their own missions who very aggressively try to convert people. There was a very interesting news story about the indigenous people of Amazon who used to lived on on the edges of the jungle disappeared into deep jungles because they were so fedup with the Christian missionaries who were trying to shove down Jesus down their throats.

Christians Sunnis and Shias have to understand the religion in its true essence that God did not want us all believe and follow one religion. The solution is simple keep following the religion of your choice and let God be the judge on judgement day.

Sunnis and Shias all believe in Jesus Christ that Jesus Christ was messenger and Prophet of God. The Sunnis believe that Jesus Christ is still alive just like Christians and will come back. Shias believe that it will me Imam Mahdi who will come and solve all their problem not Jesus Christ. They are two different factions of Islam just like Catholics and Protestants in Christianity.

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Judaism – Christianity – Sunni Shi’ite Islam main obstacle for peaceful world.

Posted by QB on October 2, 2006

Just put this on hold because it will offend 2.4 Billion Christians, 13.6 Million Jews and 1.6 Billions Sunnis Shi’ites (Sunnis Shi’ites off shoot branches like Ismailis, Ahmadis, Alawis included).

I might put it all together sometime in future meantime just the heading is enough to think and try by to change the mental approach towards religion and God.

God to me is very liberal, equipped with the most advanced technology which are capable of recording our electronic thinking pulses. God who has created this universe is the most intelligent all knowing Merciful who do not want us to hate people for their religious beliefs.

There is no such place as sacred land or God’s land on earth, the fact is this whole earth is sacred we are only here for a very short time. The main cause of the conflicts are man made who control the minds and hearts of majority by their self appointed position as the protectors and owners of God and religions. We all know them as Mullahs, Ayatollahs, Muftis, Imams, Rabbis, Reverends, Pastors, Pope who are the main source of creating divisions and hatred for their financial benefits.

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Ayman Al Zawahiri Inviting Americans to accept Islam.

Posted by QB on September 15, 2006

Ayman Al Zawahiri latest tape message inviting Americans to accept Islam is political statement to gain support of ignorant Muslims world wide. Ayman Al Zawahiri knows that there is no compulsion in following religion. Ayman Al Zawahiri used this go gain popularity among the ignorant Muslims just like Bush who talk about Islamofacists, evil forces, terrorists, thugs to keep their religious Church going Christians intact in every speech. The Qur’an never command Muslims to convert people of any other religion, the fact is that Qur’an teaches us that the mankind will always be following the different religions or no religion. God has given us free will to accept the truth without forcing His will on us.

10:99 If it had been thy Lord’s will, they would all have believed,- all who are on earth! wilt thou then compel mankind, against their will, to believe! Qur’an.
2:256 Let there be no compulsion in religion: Truth stands out clear from Error: whoever rejects evil and believes in God hath grasped the most trustworthy hand- hold, that never breaks. And God heareth and knoweth all things. Qur’an.

Al Qaeda Ayman Al Zawahiri and Osama Bin Laden knows this better than me because Qur’an was relealed in their own native language Arabic. This statement will go very well with majority of the Muslims who never have read Qur’an and have no knowledge about the message will gain sympathies with Al Qaeda.

The winning strategy which US must adopt by cutting of the supply of new recruits simply by modifying their foreign policy. Win the minds of hearts of Arabs and Muslims all over the world by putting pressure on Israel to implement the UN Resolutions. This is the quickest way to end violence and the Jews must give Palestinians the land to live there side by side with Israel.

This unfortunately is not going to happen because Jews are still stiffed neck people of Old Testament revelation time who has the support of radical Christians who will not let this happen because they believe Jesus will come back when evil Muslims attack Israel and God will come down to fight with Jews. Bush who has more faith than brains will never force Israel to given Palestinians their independence and land.

So what is the solution. Simple solution is eduction and creating awareness among Muslims and Christians who follow blindly their religious scholars.

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