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Fall of US Empire.

Posted by QB on May 13, 2011

The US has adopted the wrong path and policies after 9/11 with waging wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and now interferring in Libya internal conflict completely ignoring their financial crisis which had led the former countries colsped. The recent example is the breakup of USSR due to their military expendure ignoring the economy. The fall of Ottoman Empire was the result of their huge military expendures and expensive wars.

The US still has the time to avoid complete fall from Super Power to small independent States by chaning its policy of their favorite so called “War On Terror”. The US must withdraw all their occupation troops from Iraq, Afghanistan, stop drone attacks in NWFP Pakistan, do not interferre in Liyba or any other country.

US must fix economy by introducing fare trade policy instead of same old bull shit by Republicans who support free market. The “free market” actually is used to protect big corporations causing US manufacturing and IT jobs outsourced to China and India. Cut US military budget, se tax rate on rich. Introducte new tax for outsourcing jobs to China and India.

There is a need to change the policy on “War on Terror” by opening schools in Afghanistan and NWFP replacing madrasas because drone attacks and US occupation are creating more radicals and this has become the never ending war.

The majority of US citizens beleive all the propaganda they listen from their politicians on CNN and Fox News. They do not listen to the truth from Ron Paul and Dennis Kuccinich. The pride and arrogance will quickly vanish, if US does not change its policies, will lead to maybe 50 independent states instead of USA, just like it happened with USSR.

The US is running out of time to avoid breakup of USA.

US, Britain, France are just like Taleban who kill innocent children, women, unarmed civilians in the name of democracy and freedom.

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Is Osama Bin Laden Really Dead?

Posted by QB on May 2, 2011

Is he really dead? Burried at the sea near Abbottabad? There is no sea near Abbottabad. What was the rush to burry him so quickly?

If he is really dead than stop killing civilians in Nothern Pakistan and Afghanistan. Declare victory on your so called “War on Terror” and get out of Afghanistan, Iraq, stop killing Gaddafi sons and his grand childrens. Stop US “Terror” on Muslim world.

The images of dead Osama Bin Landen does not look like Osama Bin Laden, the nose is different, the beard does not match. There is something US is not telling the truth.

This report come when Barak Obama was in deep political trouble with is low approval ratings with all the chances to lose 2012 election. There is something wrong and US is not telling the truth.

Pakistan map Abbottabad is North of Islamabad and there is no sea in NWFP, the sea down south in Karachi also at Gawadar Balouchistan Province.

Update latter, hope to see Obama approval ratings go up. US citizens will forget the shit economy, jobs, declining US Dollar, they are all beaming with joy right now chanting USA USA for killing someone who has beard like Osama Bin Laden. We are never going to find out who was killed because US has put the body in the sea. DNA tests to me are fake just like WMD in Iraq, Collin Powell General Assembly stunt showing bottle of anthrax.

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Liberating Libya.

Posted by QB on April 27, 2011

The meaning of “LIBERATE” is changed by US and its Europeann Allies. The word “LIBERATING” is used by US and European Allies for interferring in other countries internal affair, unnecessary aggression, political murder, killing civilians calling it protecting civilians.

Libya is the latest example of US and its European allies target. UN Security Council is a joke where five countries can pass any resolution or veto any resolution for their own interests. The UN Security Council resolution against Libya was passed when there were few civilian casualties in Libya, the resolution was passed quickly and immediately Libya was under air bombing attack. These air strikes has killed more civilians than Gaddafi’s government.

US has killed and are killing more civilians than any other government of the world in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq and Vietnam.

The agenda in Liyba is to install another puppet government under US and European Allies the so called democracy, like Iraq and Afghanistan. The changes are that Libya will be very unstable country like Iraq and Afghanistan with different factions and tribes will be fighting each other for power resulting more civilians deaths unstable country. There is also the chances that religious Jihadis will gain more power. The latest news coming out of Egypt is that Muslim Brotherhood is gaining ground in that country before elections. It is really surprising for me that none of the Analysts see their interference can help the extermist groups.

The US economy is in deep trouble with huge deficit, no jobs (all jobs are outsource to India), US Dollar is slipping down against all currencies (personally too painful for me) and US is still playing World police trying to Liberate Libya. China will be the biggest economy by 2016 is the latest economists forecast. The US Dollar will not be the world reserve currency but Republicans and Democrats are busy in their usual politics instead of doing something positive to solve problems.

The only way to get out of this mess is to stop outsourcing jobs to India, cut military budget, stop interferring in other countries.

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CIA Agent Charged with Murder in Pakistan Is Freed After U.S. Pays Family ‘Blood Money’

Posted by QB on April 20, 2011

CIA agent who killed two innocent civilians is released by Pakistan government. Asif Zardari the President of Pakistan himself is murderer and he let another murder under US pressure.

This is shameful that US citizens are free to do all kind of terrorism eploding bombs in Venezuela, Cuba, murdering people in Pakistan without fear that they will not face any trial or punishment for their crimes.

Source: http://www.commondreams.org/headline/2011/03/16-1 – Read the complete report which is very sad.

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World Crisis

Posted by QB on April 20, 2011

There was hope that world be be better peaceful place with Barak Obama in White House but the truth is the world has more unrest than under Bush regime. US and its European allies are interferring in Libya, Syria with UN Security Council Resollution. The UN Security Council is under US, UK, France, China and Russia dictatorship where these countries will get whatever they want. These countries will try to implement the UN Resolution by force in Muslim countries ignoring all UN Security Council resolution against Isreal which is protected by US and its European allies.

US, France, UK are once again bombing Libya killing innocent civilians instead of providing protection. There are once again lies on mainstream media CNN, BBC promoting propaganda. RT is reporting the news which not many people watch. CNN reported that Gaddafi forces are now using cluster bombs on civilians which are banned. The cluster bombs and chemical weapons were used by US and Isreal on civilians in Fallujah.

Lebanon, 1978, 1982 and 2006Extensively used by Israel during the 1978 Israeli invasion of Lebanon, the 1982-2000 occupation of Lebanon and in the 2006 Lebanon War.During the Israeli-Lebanese conflict in 1982, Israel used cluster munitions, many of them American-made, on targets in southern Lebanon. Israel also used cluster bombs in the 2006 Lebanon War.[10][11][12]Two types of cluster munitions were transferred to Israel from the U.S. The first was the CBU-58 which uses the BLU-63 bomblet. This cluster bomb is no longer in production. The second was the MK-20 Rockeye, produced by Honeywell Incorporated in Minneapolis. The CBU-58 was used by Israel in Lebanon in both 1978 and 1982.[10] The Israeli Defense company Israel Military Industries also manufactures the more up-to-date M-85 cluster bomb.Hezbollah fired Chinese-manufactured cluster munitions into Israel using 122-mm rocket launchers during the 2006 war, hitting Kiryat Motzkin, Nahariya, Karmiel, Maghar, and Safsufa. A total of 113 rockets and 4,407 submunitions were fired into Israel during the war. The rockets killed one person and injured twelve.[13]The United Nations and human rights groups have accused Israel of dropping as many as 4 million cluster bomblets onto targets in Lebanon during the 2006 Lebanon war.[14][15]”Israel Defense Forces Chief of Staff Dan Halutz plans to appoint a major general to investigate the use of cluster bombs — some of which were fired against his order — during the Lebanon war. Halutz ordered the IDF to use cluster bombs with extreme caution and not to fire them into populated areas. Nonetheless, it did so anyway, primarily using artillery batteries and the Multiple Launch System (MRLS). IDF artillery, MLRS and aircraft are thought to have delivered thousands of cluster bombs, containing a total of some 4 million bomblets during the war.”[15][16]Human Rights Watch said there was evidence that Israel had used cluster bombs very close to civilian areas and described them as “unacceptably inaccurate and unreliable weapons when used around civilians” and that “they should never be used in populated areas.”[17] Human Rights Watch has accused Israel of using cluster munitions in an attack on Bilda, a Lebanese village, on 19 July[18] which killed 1 civilian and injured 12, including seven children. The Israeli “army defended … the use of cluster munitions in its offensive with Lebanon, saying that using such munitions was ‘legal under international law’ and the army employed them ‘in accordance with international standards.'”[19] Foreign Ministry Spokesman Mark Regev added, “[I]f NATO countries stock these weapons and have used them in recent conflicts — in Yugoslavia, Afghanistan and Iraq — the world has no reason to point a finger at Israel.”[20] FAizal…
Source : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cluster_bomb
Siege, April 2004In response to the killing of the four US citizens, and intense political pressure, the US Marines commenced Operation Vigilant Resolve. They surrounded the city and attempted to capture the individuals responsible as well as others in the region who might have been involved in terrorist activities. One out of every two mosques in Fallujah were used to hide terrorists or weapons.[12] The Iraqi National Guard was supposed to work alongside with the US Marines in the operation, but on the dawn of the invasion they discarded their uniforms and deserted.[13] Under pressure from the Iraqi Governing Council, the US aborted its attempt to regain control of Fallujah. The US Marines suffered 40 deaths in the siege. Estimates of the number of Iraqi deaths (both terrorists and civilians) in the attack range from 271 (according to Iraqi Ministry of Health officials[14][15]) to 731 (according to Rafie al-Issawi, the head of the local hospital[16]).

The occupying force on April 9 allowed more than 70,000 women, children and elderly residents to leave the besieged city. On April 10, the US military declared a unilateral truce to allow for humanitarian supplies to enter Fallujah. US troops pulled back to the outskirts of the city. An Iraqi mediation team entered the city in an attempt to set up negotiations between US forces and local leaders, but as of April 12 had not been successful. Weapons were found hidden in some humanitarian supply trucks that were attempting to enter the city.[17] At least one US battalion had orders to shoot any male of military age on the streets after dark, armed or not.[18] Some press reports contained anecdotal accounts from Iraqi residents of US snipers allegedly firing on unarmed civilians.[19][20] In violation of the Geneva Convention, the city’s main hospital was closed by Marines, negating its use, and a US sniper was placed on top of the hospital’s water tower.[21]

There were also reports of the use of cluster bombs by US forces in Fallujah during this time, including reports from Al Jazeera on April 9 and 15, which US State Department spokesperson Richard Boucher later described as “totally false.”[22] Similar reports came from several other sources, including Associated Press, who reported on 26 April 2004: “A spokesman for an Iraqi delegation from the violence-gripped city of Fallujah on Monday accused U.S. troops of using internationally banned cluster bombs against the city and said they had asked the United Nations to mediate the conflict. Mohammed Tareq, a spokesman for the governing council of Fallujah and a member of the four-person delegation, said U.S. military snipers were also responsible for the deaths of many children, women and elderly people.” And the Economic Press Review reported on 17 April 2004: “American F-16 warplanes are blitzing the Al-Julan residential area in Al Fallujah 50 kilometers west from Baghdad with cluster bombs.”

The ceasefire followed a wave of insurgency activity across southern Iraq, which included the capture of two US soldiers, seven employees of US military contractor Kellogg, Brown and Root, and more than 50 other workers in Iraq. Several of the prisoners were released within days of their capture, while the majority were executed.

The US forces ostensibly sought to negotiate a settlement but promised to restart its offensive to retake the city if one was not reached. Military commanders said their goal in the siege was to capture those responsible for the numerous deaths of US and Iraqi security personnel. As the siege continued, insurgents conducted hit-and-run attacks on US Marine positions. The Marines had announced a unilateral ceasefire.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fallujah_during_the_Iraq_War

UK now are sending Military personnels to Bin Ghazi and this will escalate the war making Libya another Iraq and will give US another opportunity to invade and occupy Libya.

Barak Obama is the biggest disappointment since he become President. The US economy is in big trouble, US dollar is losing against all major currencies, the big deficit and he is raising the military budget. Osama Bin Laden looks like winning the war by making US financially bankrupt.

This is interesting that US is providing support to Al Qaeda in Libya.

Source : Telegraph UK

I am not fan of Gadaffi but if he lost the power than Libya will be in hands of fundamentalists like Iraq’s Shia government. Saddam Hussein was better than the currect Iraq Shia regime.

There are also reports that US is providing support to Syrians to over throw Bashar Assad.

Bahrain is another story where US is supporting the government because they believe that the uprising there will benefit Iran. US also don’t want to lose support of Saudis who does not want Shias uprising to succeed.

What will be the end result? More wars more occupation, more killings of civilians. The financial crisis will make US just like another third world country.

All this democracy and librarting countries are US propaganda which will destabilze Libya, Syria, Bahrain and Yemen.

The UN needs reforms by eleminating UN Security council dictatorship who has the power to veto any resolution which is against their interests. The world affairs must be decided by UN General Council vote where all the countries have the same previliges not the dictatorship of US, UK, France, China, Russia.

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Comments posted.

Posted by QB on April 16, 2011

Try to keep them updated. Keep it clean guys.

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USA Liberating Libya.

Posted by QB on April 16, 2011

US is now Liberating Libya thats what  Wolf Blitzer is talking on CNN. Wolf also want the cost of libration come out of Libya frozen assets. WTF.

Why are USA and its NATO Allies are so stupid to keep interfering in other countries internal affairs by passing UN Security Council resolution. Security council is under US and its NATO Allies dictatorship.

When the world will take action to liberate UN Security Council from the dictatorship of US and its Allies.

There is no change in US policies with Obama and there will never be a change until the rest of the world build an alliance to stand up against US and NATO allies.

Looking at all the situations in Middle East it is so absurd that make no sense, Bahrain can’t be Liberated because it is US ally and US has naval base in Bahrain. Syria uprising is supported by US because they have good relation with Iran.

I am sick of all this stupidity.

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Posted by QB on June 21, 2010


I even don’t have time to read all your comments. While approving your comments saw a request to write COBOL program using Tables, indexed and sequencial, call a sub routine.

Sure will do when get some free time.

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Happy Ramadan & Happy Eid.

Posted by QB on September 5, 2009

Wish Muslims around the world Happy Ramadan & Happy Eid.

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Still alive.

Posted by QB on April 14, 2009

I am too busy to post anything else on the blog. I will post your comments when log on if they don’t have any adult website link, so please be patient.

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Change has come to America!

Posted by QB on December 20, 2008

Barack Obama used this phrase on election night after winning the election. I too believed that that the change has really come into American politics until  Barack Obama announced his cabinet which does not give me any hope of change with his administration. Hillary Clinton does not believe in diplomacy is the Secretary of State. She strongly believe that there should be no negotiations with Iran, she believes that Iran must be obliterated, she supports trade embargo on Cuba, she supports are Israel aggression unconditionally, she voted for Iraq invasion. How she could be Secretary of State for change?

Robert Gates still Secretary of Defence. Barack Obama election promise was to end Iraq war immediately is now saying that he will listen to the advice of Generals on Iraq, this is the same policy from last eight years adopted by Bush regime. This is not the change Americans voted for.

Barack Obama also promised to bring social reforms for poor and middle class which he can’t do before inauguration, so that still is some hope for change in America.

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AS/400 – iSeries Sample COBOL program.

Posted by QB on November 1, 2008

CT wanted COBOL program written for IBM iSeries. The following is simple sample interactive program (online program) adding Customers Information. This program will add customer records and update existing Customers Information.

QB Software Inc.

*USER                                                                         *SYSNAME

*DATE                                                                         *TIME

Customer Number : 1234567890

Enter Customer Number and Press <Enter>

F3= End

When press enter second screen format will be displayed which will allow user to input or update the information.

Company heading constant.
Customer number will be output field on this format.

*USER                                                                         *SYSNAME

*DATE                                                                         *TIMEName : (25) Characters
Address : (25) Characters
City : (20) Characters
State : (2) Characters

Enter Customer Information and Press

F3=End F12=Previous Screen

The formats will be designed using SDA which will generate your DSPF DDS. Condition indicator 30 is used to check the input field. The error message will be displayed “Customer Number be blank.” on line number 24, if user press enter leaving this field blank. The condition indicator 30 will also have the reverse image associated with this field attributes.

Condition indicators with reverse image and position cursor will be associated with all the input fields.

Indicator 33 Customer Name when “ON” will display message “Customer Name cannot be blanks.”

Indicator 34 Customber Address.

Fields User System Name Date and Time will be retrieved from system date and time. User name will be retrieved from Job Attributes.

Indicator 35 Customer City

Indicator 36 Customer State

The messages usually are defined in user message file but it will be easy for beginers to include the error messages on SDA formats.

       PROGRAM-ID.                     CUSTMAST.
            SELECT Customer-FILE ASSIGN TO DISK-Customer
                   ORGANIZATION IS Indexed
                   Access Mode Is Dynamic
                   Record Key Is Cust-No.

              SELECT Screen-File Assign TO WORKSTATION-CUSTFMTS
                   ORGANIZATION IS Transaction.                  

       FD   Cust-FILE
       01   Custs-REC.
            Copy DDS-ALL-FORMATS of CUSTOMER.

       01   SCREEN-REC.


       77   IND-OFF                       PIC 1  VALUE B"0".
       77   IND-ON                        PIC 1  VALUE B"0".

            05 F03-EXIT                   PIC 1.
            05 F12-PRV-SCRN               PIC 1.
            05 CUST-SPACES                PIC 1.
            05 CUST-NAME-SPACES           PIC 1.
            05 CUST-ADDRESS-SPACES        PIC 1.
            05 CUST-CITY-SPACES           PIC 1.
            05 CUST-STATE-SPACES          PIC 1.
            05 CUST-NOT-FOUND             PIC 1.

            OPEN I-O    CUSTOMER-FILE


            STOP RUN.



            IF CUST-NO   = SPACES
               MOVE  IND-ON     TO CUST-SPACES
               GO TO CUSTOMER-INPUT-RTN.


            IF CUST-NAME = SPACES
               MOVE IND-ON     TO CUST-NAME-SPACES
               GO TO CUSTOMER-DETAILS.

            IF ADDRESS = SPACES
               GO TO CUSTOMER-DETAILS.

            IF CITY = SPCACES
               GO TO CUSTOMER-DETAILS.

            IF STATE = SPACES
               GO TO CUSTOMER-DETAILS.

               WRITE CUST-REC
               REWRITE CUST-REC.

            MOVE IND-OFF      TO CUST-NOT-FOUND.
                MOVE SPACES TO CUST-NAME
                MOVE SPACES TO ADDRESS
                MOVE SPACES TO CITY
                MOVE SPACES TO STATE
                NOT INVALID KEY

This is very simple iSeries COBOL program. You have to debug it for errors because
I did not compile and run the program. 

STRDBG CUSTMAST updprod(*yes) will let you debug the source. Compile it with *Source
debug view. Also have not worked on COBOL for many many years and its kind of rusty.
This program written in RPG/ILE will be much simple.

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Who do you want to win US Presidential election?

Posted by QB on September 25, 2008

The US presidential election effect the whole world. The wrong candidate has already bring down the world economy and started unending wars. McCain if get elected the world will be worst place to live. Obama has the plan to change the foreign policy and do something about the economy.McCain, God forbid in White House, the world will see worst situation than Bush regime has already brought by fighting “war on terror”, spending trillion of dollars on wars leaving the poor people suffering in his own country.

Give your opinion.

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Opinion from inside Iran by Farhang.

Posted by QB on September 13, 2008

Your web site is again unfiltered from yesterday and I can have access to it through ordinary internet proxy servers. I will keep regular inspection on this issue and if any thing changes, you will be informed accordingly .I hope all these hates between the two governments will finish and I will meet you in future. You may not be familiar with Iranian cultures. We are not an aggressive nation at all. Most of the people in here are very sensitive, sincere and kind with a very good sense of humor. I sometimes feel pity about the very false propaganda that western media create against us. Although our government has some problem, but even our politicians are not looking for violence and war. If you come to Iran your view will completely change .Here is really different .The problem is that US regime and its allies want to change the geopolitics of Middle East. They have surrounded us. They support many terrorist organizations.

They have created and support an aggressive and savage regime as Israel. They have fucked our ordinary life. People in here are under different pressures. Of course some of them are due to our faults but many are imposed by US government. Iran is always repeating that we are ready for negotiation, instead US is pushing us to approach Russia and China more and more .We want to be friend with all the countries under same and fair condition. But your government is acting proudly, not considering that we are a big and old nation. We do not accept any unfair behavior from any body. All of us are human not super man or god. Their period will finish. You are observing how they act. How they are directly causing Russia become stronger. For sure I do not want Russia to stay wick. I do not want any country be wick. Any how your government believes that we should not support Hezbollah of Lebanon. In fact they are mostly pure people, spending their life to defend their country. Seyed Hassan Nasorllah is a nice man.

He does not play dirty games .His life is always in danger. But he is there and hopefully will be until his mission is completed. US government should realize that the dream of resolving the countries in this region should be forgotten .If they realize this fact they will start to rectify their policy in this region and other regions too. At the same time Iran is getting stronger through self made advanced military weapons. My friend, believe me that I am not under the internal propaganda .The substantial progress in Iranian arm forces is a reality .We had to chose this pass because the US does not understand any other languages . If any war happens, US government is finished, unless they use atomic weapons or other mass destruction ones. In that case again they will be finished .Because even their own nation will not believe them any more.Because lies will show themselves as the Sun does.

In fact we do not want war and violence.It is against our mood and culture .Not because we are afraid or because we are under pressure.We are a nation strongly believe in the supernatural life.We believe that the period of our living on this planet is a flash when compared to the real life we will have in the later phases .Such a nation never feel any fear from death.This was clearly proved in Iran-Iraq war.US politicians should take lesson from it and I believe they have.

This will make the warmongers McCain and Palin understanding that Iran is not a threat at all. Like Saddam Hussein was not threat for US and its European allies. The Republicans are the one who are cling by creating fears exploiting 9/11. There will be no peace if US continue its policies of preemption for their favorite war on terror. It look like McCain and Palin will win the coming election. Iraqi government want US troops out, but this old idiot McCain insists to keep their country under occupation..

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Sarah Palin – Women Version OF Osama Bin Laden.

Posted by QB on September 4, 2008

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin told ministry students at her former church that the United States sent troops to fight in the Iraq war on a “task that is from God.”

“Our national leaders are sending them out on a task that is from God,” she said. “That’s what we have to make sure that we’re praying for, that there is a plan and that plan is God’s plan.”

“I can do my job there in developing our natural resources and doing things like getting the roads paved and making sure our troopers have their cop cars and their uniforms and their guns, and making sure our public schools are funded,” she added. “But really all of that stuff doesn’t do any good if the people of Alaska’s heart isn’t right with God.”

We all will be fucked if McCain and Sarah Palin win the election. They will make world worst than what Bush has done in the name of God. Russia and Iran conflicts with grow with these two in White House.

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Pervez Musharraf resignation.

Posted by QB on August 19, 2008

This is sad that honest Pervez Musharraf has to resign under pressure from corrupt criminals Nawaz and Zardari. Pervez Musharraf addopted the policies which he believe were in the best interest of Pakistan, he did not take any personal advantage of his position. Pervez Musharraf did not steel money from Pakistan, honest person is leaving the office leaving behind the most corrupted politicians incharge of the government.

The stupid Pakistanis who voted for these two criminals will go through very bad times as these two SOB will keep filling their foreign bank accounts.

Pervez Musharraf was pressurized by Bush and Britain to take of his uniform which is also the main cause of his resignation.

Pervez Musharraf is good honest man, will always have my respect.

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Roger Federer Wimbledon loss.

Posted by QB on July 7, 2008

Roger Federer yesterday Wimbledon loss is too much of a shock to me that I really don’t feel like saying anything about this very sad result. All the credit goes to Rafael Nadal staying in the match and finish it off in his favor.

Federer in press conference said that he played good match, I don’t agree with him because he missed so many opportunities which could give him the record setting sixth Wimbledon Championship. The post match press conference is just after the conclusion of the match and I am sure that Federer himself was in shock. He will realize his mistakes onces he has chance of looking at the match critically and will avoid the same mistakes of getting panicky on important match points. Federer failed to materialize on the big important points of the match.

Federer has to win few Masters Series before US Open to keep his number 1 ranking.

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Wimbledon – Week 1.

Posted by QB on June 28, 2008

Wimbledon week one is the one full of surprise upsets which I have never witness before on grass court tournament. Novak Djokovic was defeated by Mart Safin than Andy Roddick lost to Tipservic. Andy Roddick has very good record on grass court tournaments and was hoping to see play interesting match with Federer but he lost in early round. Andy Roddick Queens four time champion when lost to Nadal was not that surprising because he make comeback after suffer shoulder injury in Rome. Roddick said that he chocked on big points was the main reason for losing the match make more sense but he has to overcome all his fears for North America hart courts season and US Open.

Federer chances are better than ever to write history by winning sixth consecutive Wimbledon Championship. He is playing very well this what I can say by looking at the scores, as I did not get a chance to watch any Wimbledon matches. Federer will face Layton Hewitt in fourth round which will not be that easy because Hewitt fight till the last point. Federer will win at the end.

There were upsets on women side too, Maria Sharapova early exit, Ana Ivanovic lost to 133 ranked Chinese player. Watching French open women matches and now in Wimbledon start missing Justine Henin more because I believe she would have won one more French Open and her first Wimbledon Championship which is wide open. Justine Henin was the most talented tough tennis player on women side has to reconsider her retirement decision immediately instead of doing it few years latter like Martina Hingis, she has many more of tennis left in her.

Today will the first time will watch Wimbledon and add some more thoughts.

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Wimbledon – Huge Upset.

Posted by QB on June 26, 2008

Wimbledon started and it was the first time look at the results on website this evening and find out that Marat Safin defeated Novak Djokovic who was one the the favorite to win title. This is really great news for me that now Roger Federer has one less opponent who has the game and nerve who can defeat him. Roger Federer win his match easily in straight sets.

Watch tennis on Saturday maybe by than someone would might create another upset by defeating Rafael Nadal.

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U.S. helicopter engines stolen en route to Pakistan port

Posted by QB on June 19, 2008

This is the news headline never reported before that US supplies conveys come under attack en route into Afghanistan.This is anther proof that puppet President Hamid Karzai have no control outside Kabul. Also this is the proof that Pervez Musharraf “war on terror” aggression has failed to gain the control of NWFP.

US politicians will keep claiming that they are winning the “war on terror” in Afghanistan and Iraq without any real success. Wars in these two countries will continue trying to keep these countries under occupation.

Yahoo News

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