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Israel & USA real threat to world peace.

Posted by QB on October 1, 2007

The latest news is that Israel is considering to downgrading its diplomatic relationship with Venezuela for having close warm relationship with Iran. The Israeli Ambassador to Venezuela is due to leave his post in next June and the Foreign Ministry has to name his replacement. The Israel Foreign Ministry will send the acting Ambassador downgrading its diplomatic ties with Venezuela. The Israeli government is following the footsteps of Bush regime that anyone who does not agree with their policies of aggression occupation oppression is their enemy. Hugo Chavez also criticized Israel invasion of Lebanon and and attacking Palestinians calling it “Methods of Hitler”. Hugo Chavez believe that Israel are doing what Hitler did killing innocent children and entire families. The Israeli downgrading its diplomatic ties will not really hurt Venezuela and it certainly will not hurt Israel. Hugo Chavez is the most dynamic charismatic leader is going in a direction which if continue will isolate Israel and USA. Hugo Chavez diplomacy is successful with Latin America coming together with close ties with Iran, China, Russia are the clear proof of his strong leadership. Israeli government and Bush regime must understand that nobody is so stupid to hate Americans and Jews, it is their policies which are hated. The Israeli government and Bush regime instead of listening the grievances reject them calling them the “enemy” of Israel and USA, “enemy of Jews”, “antisemite”, people who hate “freedom and democracy”, people who hate “American way of life”, very simple approach instead of looking at them rationally.

The US has become very intolerant country since Bush moved into White House with voices of moderation has gone into background overtaken by religious fundamentalism creating new alliances to support Israel government polices of aggressions and continuing its own polices of aggression and occupations. These policies are the source of problems which both these governments completely ignore and acknowledge. These policies are fueling more hatred and there is no hope for peace in the world. The US is pushing Zionists agenda blocking all the efforts to bring positive change with democracy. The only democracy which they accept the puppets governments endorsing their policies.

Britain and Israel expressed interest on US Campaign of surgical bombing raids on Iran Revolutionary Guards


Really bring smile on my face that Britain, Israel and US governments can be so stupid controlled by mental retards. Go ahead do it. The result will  be disaster for Britain, Israel and USA.


3 Responses to “Israel & USA real threat to world peace.”

  1. joelsk44039 said

    Hugo Chavez may be charismatic, but he’s a demagogue and is leading Venezuela down the path of totalitarianism. He’s closed down newspapers, radio stations and television networks that disagree with his political views. He’s packed the courts and will no doubt look to be “president for life.”

    If any politician could be held up in a comparison to Hitler, it is surely Chavez. After he’s done nationalizing much of the economy, he’ll be ready to export his “revolucion” to other neighboring countries, much in the same way as Cuba, which is not exactly a country to emulate.

  2. QB said

    This is BS propaganda of US and its European allies. Joel you have to understand the other side of story. I remember have couple of posts on closing down TV stations defending his dicision.

  3. […] People, this is why a good portion of the rest of the world hates America. We’re inconsistent in our support of “freedom and liberty for all.” We stick our noses in where it’s not wanted. […]

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