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Fidel Castro – Great Revolutionary Leader with Vision and Wisdom.

Posted by QB on May 6, 2008

This is what Fidel Castro said about turning food into fuel. There is nothing that I can add to his words.

“More than three billion people in the world are being condemned to a premature death from hunger and thirst,” Mr. Castro wrote in his first column.

“It is not an exaggeration; this is rather a conservative figure,” he wrote, criticizing plans to turn food crops into fuel as a “sinister idea” hatched by the Bush administration and the U.S. auto industry.”


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Fidel Castro criticizes US democracy and voting system.

Posted by QB on October 29, 2007

On the eve of balloting, Castro hailed the country’s electoral process as superior to that of its northern neighbour, the United States, which also is in the throes of a protracted election campaign.

“Our elections are the antithesis of those held in United States … There, first you have to be very rich, or have an enormous amount of money behind you,” said Castro in an editorial in the official daily, Granma.

In the United States, “to be elected president, you need hundreds of millions (of dollars), which come straight out of the coffers of the big monopolies. A candidate can win who actually got a minority of the popular vote,” Castro marvelled, in a jab at US President George W. Bush who, thanks to the unusual US electoral college system, won the presidency in 2000 even though Al Gore won the popular vote.

“There is fraud, trickery, ethnic discrimination and even violence,” Castro said of the US electoral system.

Fidel Castro is right.

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Che Guevara Martyrdom Make Him Immortal.

Posted by QB on October 9, 2007

Che Guevara martyrdom make him immortal with Latin American countries in honor of his 40th death anniversary. Che Guevara will be inspiration for generations to bring social reforms to improve the lives of poor people all around the world. Che Guevara will always be remembered as great revolutionary who sacrificed his life for fighting against oppressive governments and system.
Cuba honors Che Guevara 40 years after death.

Che Guevara’s legacy looms larger than ever in Latin America.

Sympathizers mark 40th anniversary of Che Guevara’s death.

President Chavez to attend “Che Guevara’s tribute”.

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Cuba Foreign Minister 2007 UN Speech. Machine Translation.

Posted by QB on October 3, 2007


26 of September of 2007, New York

Sir President:

Before the real dangers that had never been made so evident they watch to the human species; before the violations to the Right International had been made never so evident that put in increasing danger to international La Paz and the security; before the inequality and the exclusion had never been made so evident, that strike to more than the two third parts of the population of our planet.

To end to the wastefulness and the consumista frenzy that promote the great corporations and the groups of being able of a reduced group of developed countries, that waste at the cost of the poverty and the perpetuación of the subdevelopment in a vast periphery of poor countries in which thousands of million people malviven, have become a key factor for the subsistence of the humanity. The meeting of high level of this General Assembly, carried out only two days ago, made the danger clear that represents the accelerated global heating that already we suffer and its effect in the climatic change. It is necessary to act, and to make it fast, and the developed countries must have moral and the historical responsibility to give the example and to head the effort.

On the other hand, several of our countries, always of the South, continue being victims of inadmissible acts of aggression on the part of the powerful ones of always, motivated, in the essential, by the insatiable appetite of strategic resources. The predatory wars and the proclamation and application of doctrines based on the preventive war, that do not even exclude the use from nuclear weapons against States that do not have them, and the reiterated use of pretexts such as the assumption fights to the terrorism, the tried promotion of the democracy or the call change of regime in countries unilaterally described like states villains, today constitute the greater and more serious threat to La Paz and the security in the world.

The aggression and illegal occupation of countries, the opposite armed intervention to the Right International and the intentions and principles of the Letter of the UN, the bombing to civilians and the torture continue being practical daily. Under the false litany of the freedom and the democracy, it is tried to consecrate the sacking of the natural resources of the Third World and to control zones of increasing geostrategic importance. That and another one are not the project of imperial domination that tries to impose to blood and fire the military superpower more powerful than the man has seen.

Far from acting itself in the international relations according to the principles of solidarity, social and international justice, the equality and the development for all, are used without the pudor minimum the practices to certify to countries, to impose unilateral blockades, to threaten the aggression, of chantajear and compelling.

If a small country defends its right to independence it accuses of State villain to him; if a power agrede to a country says that “it releases it”. A combatant against the foreign aggression is a terrorist; an attacking soldier is a “fighter by the freedom”. It is the mediatic war, the swindle of the truths, the tyranny of the unique thought in a globalizado world.

Instead of advancing towards the general disarmament and complete, including the nuclear disarmament, that has constituted per decades a permanent reclamation of the Movement of Countries nonAligned, one promotes the armamentismo and wastefulness in new arms and systems of armaments that spend the resources that the world would require to mitigate the effects of the climatic change and as opposed to to do the very serious problems derived from the poverty and the marginalization to him.

He tries himself to prevent, politicized and selectively, the application of the principle, proclaimed already in the Treaty of Nuclear nonProliferation, of which the nations have right to the development of the nuclear energy with pacific aims. One threatens the war and the destruction to countries while he allows himself the aggressive ally to have hundreds of nuclear devices and him aid to modernize them continuously.

How long will more have to pass and how many new victims will die before the hawks of the war include/understand that the arms do not serve to solve the serious problems of the humanity?

A day like today, is worth the trouble to remember the words of President Fidel Castro before this General Assembly in October of 1979:

“We say good bye to the arms – Fidel said and consagrémonos civilizadamente to the most exhausting problems of ours were. That is the responsibility and to have more asylum of all the statesmen of the world. That is, in addition, the indispensable premise of the human survival”.

Sir President:

Today one does not advance towards the fulfillment of Metas of the Millenium and the decisions of the great conferences of the conducted United Nations during the last decade.

The poverty does not diminish. The inequality between the countries and within the countries grows.

Thousand one hundred million people do not have access to potable water; 2 600 million lack services of cleaning; more than 800 million they are illiterate and 115 million children do not go to the primary school; 850 million pass hunger every day. 1% of the richest people of the world have 40% of the wealth, while 50% of the world-wide population as soon as it counts on a 1%. All this happens in a world that a million million in arms spend and another one in commercial publicity.

Near billion people who live in developed countries they consume around half of the total energy, whereas almost 2000 million poor men still do not know the electricity.

Is that the world that wants that we accept? Is perhaps the future to which we must be satisfied? Tenemos or not right to fight to change this state of things? We must or not fight because a better world is possible?

So that so colossal resources in the industry are wasted to kill and is not used to save lives? So that to schools instead of nuclear submarines and hospitals instead of “intelligent” pumps are not constructed? So that vaccines instead of armored vehicles and more foods instead of more bombers do not take place? So that the investigations are not impelled to fight the AIDS, the malaria and the tuberculosis instead of making anti-missile shields? So that the war against the poverty instead of against the poor men does not get rid?

Although billion dollars are needed only 150 to reach Metas of the Millenium, it affirms hypocritically that it does not have of where to obtain necessary the financial resources. Lie! Yes there is money very well, which lack is the political will, the ethics and the real commitment from which they must make the decisions.

If it is really wanted to find the money:

Cúmplase of once with the commitment dedicating 0.7% of the GIP to the Official Aid to the Development. It would mean more than 141 billion additional dollars to the present amounts. In the overflow of the simulation, the countries donors now enter the condonaciones of a debt that know that they will not be able to receive to inflate artificially his contributions.

Condónese the external debt, that our countries have paid already more of once. It would allow to dedicate to the development more than 400 billion dollars that today are dedicated to the service of a debt that does not let grow.

Conclúyase Ronda de Doha for the development and eliminates 300 billion agricultural subsidies of the developed countries. It will allow to dedicate that money to fight against the rural poverty, the nourishing insecurity and to guarantee right prices for products of export of the underdeveloped countries.

Reconózcase our right to the development. Garantícese our right to accede to the markets, the patents and the technologies that today are exclusive monopoly of the powerful ones. Ayúdese to our countries to form professionals and scientists and déjese to rob the talent to us.

The aligned countries we did not need alms; we needed and we demanded justice.

Respétese our right to the cultural diversity and the preservation of our patrimony, our symbols and our idiosyncrasy. That has been the unanimous reclamation that the aligned countries we did not finish proclaiming in Tehran, in our Ministerial Meeting on Human rights and Cultural Diversity.

Sir President:

The aligned countries we do not want more democratic United Nations and I am transparent, in which the General Assembly, its more representative and democratic organ, really exerts the faculties that correspond to him.

We needed Nations United with a reformed Security Council, that acts within the mandate that grants the Corporate charter to him of the Organization, without invading the functions and prerogatives of other organs of the system. A Security Council with one membresía extended, to tone with the present composition of the UN, where the underdeveloped countries we are majority. A Security Council where their methods of work reform radically to allow to the transparency and the access of all the States Members to their workings.

We defend United Nations where the multilateralism and the solutions decided in the absolute respect to the Letter, constitute the only one via approaching and solving the present problems.

We needed an Advice Human rights who prevents the repetition of the serious errors of the old Commission of Human rights. An Advice who consecrates in his practice the principle of which the human rights are universal, indivisible and interdependent. An Advice who ends the selectivity and the double raseros. The aligned countries we will not be against firmly to the perverse machinations of some powerful ones that, frustrated by not to have been able to obtain its objectives, they now try to reopen and to question the agreement reached in the arduous and difficult process of institutional construction of the Council.

The aligned countries we will not move backwards in the defense of the postulates with which our Movement was based, that is similar to those of this Organization. We will foment between the nations relations of friendship based on the respect to the sovereignty principles, equality of rights and frees determination of the towns.

We will continue defending the right of the undergone and heroic Palestinian town to have its own State with its capital in Eastern Jerusalem. We will continue condemning the genocide that against him is committed.

We will continue proclaiming the right of the town from Puerto Rico the sovereignty and independence.

The aligned countries we did not represent almost two thirds of membresía of United Nations. Our vindications could not be preteridas nor our ignored interests. We will stay united and we will lean in the defense of our rights. We will cause that our voice is listened to.

Sir President:

Here my speech like President of the Movement of Countries nonAligned finished. Nevertheless, the scandalous and crude performance of the President of the United States in this room, in the morning of yesterday, now forces to me to pronounce words to name of Cuba.

Using a language soez and an arrogant tone, President Bush insulted and threatened a ten of countries; he issued orders, final and authoritarian, to the General Assembly; and he distributed, with a great power never Vista in this room, qualifications and judgments on a twenty of countries.

It was an embarrassing spectacle. The delirium tremens of world-wide gendar to me. The embriaguez of the imperial power, decorated with all the mediocrity and the cynicism of which they threaten wars in which they know that they do not gamble his life.

The President of the United States does not have any right to judge another sovereign nation of this planet. To have powerful nuclear weapons does not give right some on the rights of the towns of the other 191 countries represented here.

And does not have to underestimate to the determination and the anger of the towns at the time of defending its rights! After all, which is worth is not the power of the tubes, but the justeza of the ideas by which it is fought. The militant and threatening President already must it have learned at this point.

Sovereign equality of the States and not “change of regime”. Respect to the sovereignty and unilateral noncertifications of good behavior. Respect to the Right International and illegal nonblockades and wars.

President Bush spoke of democracy, but all we know that he lies. It arrived at the Presidency by means of the fraud and the deceit. We had saved its presence yesterday and we would have listened to President Albert Gore speak on the climatic change and the risks for our species. We remembered, in addition, how it in plain language supported the coup d’etat against the President and the Constitution of Venezuela.

It spoke of peace, but we know that it lies. We remembered or when it threatened 60 or the more countries, to which it called “dark corners of the planet”, with making them disappear of the Earth face with pre-emptive strikes and surprise. Bush is a peculiar soldier who, from the rear, commands to kill and to die to the young people from its country to thousands of kilometers of its coasts.

It spoke of human rights, but we know that it lies. She is the person in charge of the death of 600 thousand civilians in Iraq, it authorized the torture in Naval Base of Guantánamo and Abu Ghraib, and is accomplice of the kidnapping and the secret disappearance of people, flights and the clandestine jails.

It spoke of the fight against the terrorism, but we know that it lies. It has guaranteed total impunity to the most abominable terrorist groups than, from Miami, they have perpetrated horrible crimes against the Cuban town.

President Bush attacked the new Council of Human rights. He bleeds by the wound; its impotence broods. It martyrs the shame of which, during his Presidency, the United States it cannot at least aspire to being member, because the elections are by secret vote. Cuba, however, was chosen charter member with more than two thirds from the votes.

It spoke of cooperation, development and prosperity for the rest of the world, but all we know that it lies. He has been the most egoistic and irresponsible politician who we have seen. In a world in that 10 million smaller children of 5 years by prevenibles diseases will die this year, their stingy and demagogic proposals of are a joke of badly pleasure yesterday.

President Bush does not have moral authority nor credibility to judge nobody. He would have to respond before the world by his crimes.

There are a limit, Excellence, to the arrogance and hipocresía. There is a limit to the lie and the blackmail. Cuba rejects and condemns each one of mendaces words pronounced yesterday by the President of the United States.

Sir President:

Cuba thanks for the solidarity that has received from this General Assembly in its fight against the blockade and the aggressions that has had to face during almost five decades. Of particular way I thank for here the words pronounced yesterday by the President of Nicaragua, companion Daniel Ortega, present here in the room, and those of all those that have raised to their voice in favor of the right and justice with the Cuban town.
Cuba is thankful to which they have supported his tenacious fight against the terrorism and have raised his voice in favor of the liberation of five jailed Cuban antiterrorist fighters unjustly in prisons of the United States.

Cuba will fight, delegated gentlemen, along with all the members of the Movement of Aligned Countries not to reach an order international and more just democratic, in which our towns can exert their right to La Paz and the development.

It will be possible to be accused to us of soñadores, but we fought with the conviction that the today dreams will be the morning realities.

We fought, and we will not let do it, with the conviction that when there are men without honor, there are always others have in himself the honor of many men and in them goes a whole town, goes the human dignity.

Thank you very much.

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Hugo Chavez make Che Guevara revolution vision a successful reality!

Posted by QB on September 28, 2007

The Che Guevara revolutionary vision is making Latin America countries more united with socialist reforms which started with the dynamic leadership and vision of Hugo Chavez. The Venezuelans make the best choice by electing Hugo Chavez in 1999. His sincere honest efforts are improving the lives of millions in Venezuela and he did end the Cuban isolation which has improved the lives of common people. Cuba economy is growing now Bolivia, Nicaragua and Ecuador has developed strong economic relationship following Hugo Chavez policies. This is the beautiful start and still there are plenty of problems these leaders are facing including including the strong resistance from the corrupt government officials and the corrupt politicians who want this revolution to fail. The Bush regime was quick to realize that Hugo Chavez policies will hurt the big US corporations and their way of life and he tried to topple Hugo Chavez popular government with CIA funded coup with alliance with corrupt politicians. The coup failed and Hugo Chavez was in power within couple of days and since than Hugo Chavez has become the harsh critic of Bush, his government and his policies. Hugo Chavez is kind person who has helped the poor neighboring countries and is providing the subsidies heating fuel for poor US citizens. This is sad that the CNN and whole western print and electronic media keep spreading false propaganda against very popular world leader ignoring all what he is doing to improve the lives of millions.

The following article is interesting.

Pink tide – and a revolutionary is born again

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Vicente Fox, Fidel Castro, Iraq.

Posted by QB on September 21, 2007

The former Mexican President Vicente Fox book which will be coming out in next few days has some very strong harsh comments about his amigo Bush. Vicente Fox according CNN reporter called Bush “windshield cowboy”, “Cockiest person he ever meet” and also he is surprised how “Bush has make it to White House”. The people who read my blog know that I am very critical of Bush policies but what Vicente Fox has written is wrong. He and Bush meet plenty of time have friendly talks have dinner at the same table and they agree on all the policies. Vicente Fox should have told Bush on his face what he thinks about him but I believe diplomacy which infact is hypocrisy stopped him for telling his real feeling. Bush here has my sympathy for showing strong character refusing to comment on these remarks by his friend Vicente Fox.

Fidel Castro tapped interview will be broadcast on Cuba TV in response to rumors of his death.

US General said that only 16% of Baghdad is secure and they don’t have any control of Sadr City. This shows the real picture and  proved that MoveOn  all analysis is correct.

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Democracy Diplomacy Venezuelan & Cuban Governments comparison with US.

Posted by QB on July 28, 2007

The present Bush regime with mainstream media and European countries love to spread false propaganda against Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez accususing them of dictators and rogue nations who hates America for its open democracy. The fact is opposite that Bush regime and its European allies are the most closed minded undiplomatic non tolerant governments who wants all the other countries to adopt their corrupt version of democracy. The democracy and diplomacy are put aside with Bush regime in White House with their agenda of taking control of the world with uniliteral invasion and occupation to protect their way of life and impose their corrupt version of big corporations democracy.

Bush also believe that not talking to Cuba, Venezuela, Syria, Iran and North Korea is some kind of punishment which these countries deserve. The US foreign relations are so screwed up by Bush that it will be exactly same if Hilary Clinton get elected. Hilary Clinton will not talk to the governments white according to them are hostile towards US. Raul Castro speaking to crowd of 100,000 Cubans offered to open talks with new US administration if they give up their arrogance and talk in civilized manner. Hugo Chavez always always said that he wants the better relations with US whoever is in office after Bush.

Cuba celebrated the anniversary of its revolution today without its long time leader. In charge the brother of ailing leader Fidel Castro. And he’s offering a deal, Raul Castro, that is, a deal to the United States, reforms and talks, once the Bush administration he says is out of power.The president was temporarily handing over power, his aide announced. For the first time since 1959, Fidel Castro was not charge of Cuba. The government said only that he had been forced to undergo intestinal surgery. He’s widely believed to suffer from diverticulitis, inflamation of a pouch in the intestine wall.But those who predicted Cuba’s communist system would collapse in his absence were wrong. At a year with Raul Castro at the helm little has changed. Tens of thousands turned out waving their flags for the July 26th celebration. In Fidel’s traditional place, Raul stressed Cuba’s stability.RAUL CASTRO, CUBAN LEADER : These have been difficult months though with the opposite effect expected by our enemies who are hoping for chaos and Cuban socialism to collapse.

R. CASTRO : If the new U.S. authorities would finally put their arrogance aside and decide to talk in a civilized way, it would be a welcome change. If not, we’re ready to continue to confront their policy of hostility, even if it takes another 50 years.

A group of eight students from the United States has graduated from a medical school in Cuba.

The students are from a deprived background and could not afford to train as doctors in the US.

They are among hundreds of students from across America and Africa to be given scholarships by Cuba.

It is illegal for Americans to visit Cuba but an exception was given to this program following a deal between Fidel Castro’s government and members of the Congressional Black Caucus in Washington.

One of the students, Evelyn Erickson from New York, says the scholarship was all-inclusive.

“Cuba has given us a full scholarship with free room and board, we get everything from books, even uniforms,” she said.

“But the conditions are that we go back to our communities or wherever we’re needed and we provide health care.
“And that’s what we really want to do so we’re actually looking forward to it.”

Wolf Blitzer called Cuban leaders tyrant ignoring all the good news. Cuba is training hundreds of doctors from around the world with full scholarship to provide cheap medical care for poor. This is very admirable policy of Cuba should and must be appreciated and reported.
Hugo Chavez who is also called dictator is very popular democratically elected beloved President of Venezuela winning thee elections. Hugo Chavez policies which are benefiting the poor are better than US government policies of big corporations protection. Hugo Chavez is facing harsh criticism from rich privileged class backed by CIA and Bush regime.

Hugo Chavez achievements.
The construction of thousands of free medical clinics for the poor.
The institution of educational campaigns that have reportedly made more than one million adult Venezuelans literate.
The enactment of food and housing subsidies.
The government earmarked 44.6% of the 2007 budget for social investment, with 1999-2007 averaging 12.8% of GDP.

US only approve democracy when it is in its own interest. US does not like the democratic government leaders democratically elected in Ecuador, Nicaragua and Bolivia. The other problem with US democracy is the voters keep electing the same two parties candidates from last 100 years without evening thinking intelligently throwing them out of power with electing third parties candidates or independents. The real change will be if US voters reject all the corrupt politicians including Hilary Clinton Rudy Giuliani Mitt Romney and elect Dennis Kucinich who is honest politician for a real change. Vote for any third party Candidate for Senate and House of Representative seat and this will be the real change.

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Hugo Chavez and Latin America & Middle East.

Posted by QB on May 25, 2007

Hugo Chavez who is the most hated person in USA and its European allies to me is courageous passionate peace loving person who wanted to improve the lives of common people not only in his country but for whole poor Latin Americans. Hugo Chavez is also considered the greatest threat for USA but the truth is the other-way around. USA is a real threat to Venezuela and Hugo Chavez, its people and their Oil as long as Bush mafia is in control. Bush did try to topple Hugo Chavez government down with the help of CIA and corrupt Venezuelans elite which failed.

This are few Hugo Chavez achievements. Poverty went down to 34% from 40%, free health care for Venezuelans, building cheap housing for poor, education. Hugo Chavez also helped the poor neighboring countries in building hospitals, providing he subsidized oil, subsidized fertilizers for the farmers. Hugo Chavez is savior in Cuba who has hired doctors and other professionals and it is his efforts which has improved the lives of Cubans with higher standard of living and more quantities and varieties of food in market.

Hugo Chavez is a real hero and a true leader. Hugo Chavez friendship with the last revolutionary alive Fidel Castro is also criticised by USA and its European allies. The majority of ignorant American believe that Fidel Castro is some kind of monster which of-course is not true and they blame him for poor economy and poverty which again is propaganda. The truth is Cubans are suffering from last 45 years because of brutal US embargo. Forbes magazine published report that Fidel Castro personal wealth is over 900 million dollars in foreign banks. Fidel Castro blasted Forbes magazine and US imperialists for three hours on TV and challenged them to prove this false accusation. Fidel Castro promised to resign from the government if they prove that he even have any foreign account with 1 dollar balance.

The other example of this kind of propaganda is Kim Jong Il who in the west is known as some kind of mentally unstable crazy person. The truth if you analyze the North Korea situation the country’s poor are suffering due to US sanctions. Kim Jong Il is more sane than George W. Bush who know the consequences of starting a military conflict with South Korea and his threats are simply to seek the attention of international community so he can get some favors.

Democracy is good and dictatorship is evil maybe the good slogan for US but in reality people really don’t care much about the government or the head of State as long as they have security and financial stability. The good US democracy don’t have free medical for all US citizens and there are 49 million poor who don’t have any medical insurance. The good US democracy is not providing cheap eduction (Venezuela has free eduction, but not sure).

I believe that it is not the responsibility of US and its European allies to invade country for regime change. The people of the country can and they have the capability and the power to topple down any evil dictator of their country. Why Fidel Castro is still in power? The answer to this question is that because he had the support of Cubans and that is why there is no real opposition build up against his government. Saddam Hussein came into power with the support of US government and CIA. Saddam Hussein enjoyed power because majority of the Iraqis feel that comfortable with him except Kurd terrorists and Shiites. Iraqis if they were so against Saddam Hussein they could have toppled him down with people power like now they are fighting against the superpower of the world for their freedom.

Hugo Chavez has started common socialists reforms which are spreading in Latin America like wild fire with Nicaragua, Bolivia, Argentina, Brazil, Cuba, Chile, Ecuador has leftist governments developing close relationship with neighboring country which will bring financial stability for the common people. Hugo Chavez is the fresh breeze which will shape Latin America very better way.

Hugo Chavez has to implement tough policies to fight the increasing crimes in Caracas and had to start projects which benefits poor people. Hugo Chavez if really don’t know that crime and housing are the main grievances of poor people than he is as much disconnected with reality as George W. Bush. Hugo Chavez cannot claim to be the leader of poor if he really don’t know their problems.

This is not new post was written very poorly long time ago. I just try to correct the spellings and try to improve the quality for people interest.

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World Support for Cuba at WTO.

Posted by QB on May 23, 2007

Geneva, May 23 (Prensa Latina) Seven countries reiterated their support for Cuba s demands against the US at a meeting of the World Trade Organization s Dispute Settlement Body.

Brazil, China, Venezuela, Nicaragua, India, Bolivia, and Vietnam expressed their solidarity with the Cuban cause over Washington s lack of progress to accomplish resolutions and recommendations by the WTO mechanism.

The delegations from those countries highlighted the US keeps violating the juridical principle contained in the Dispute Settlement Understanding, dealing with prompt fulfilment of rulings.

Similarly, they expressed dissatisfaction with the US report for being too brief and repetitive.

On Tuesday, Cuba slammed the US for its open maneuvers to reinforce illegal, unilateral measures attempting against its free trade and development.

Jorge Ferrer, minister-counselor of the Cuban permanent mission at the UN, said at the WTO Dispute Settlement mechanism that Washington repeats the same speech each month.

US President George W. Bush has reiterated he will veto any congressional bill aimed at softening or removing the White House anti-Cuba measures, he sustained.

Source : Latin American News Agency.

There is another report that US farmers will sign USD 150 million dollars with Cuba signing deal for Agriculture products. This is something that can happen with only US oppressive one sided policies which keep the American open to earn money from the country which has suffered so much with US embargo. Cuban government has spend USD 2.2 billion since 2001 buying American farm products.

Fidel Castro why are your government so much cash flow into US economy who wants Cubans to suffer and the whole country destroyed with embargo. Why not buy all the agriculture and farm products from some friendly country? China or any other Latin American country.

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Hugo Chavez Efforts Changing Latin America.

Posted by QB on May 12, 2007

Hugo Chavez peaceful efforts are making life much more pleasant for poor common people of Latin. Hugo Chavez who has provided financial help to countries like Cuba, Bolivia, Nicaragua where people life quality has improved.

La Paz, May 11 (Prensa Latina) President Evo Morales expressed respect and admiration for the Cuban physicians working in Bolivia and pointed out that for the the first time his people are receiving quality assistance.

Morales, at Friday s Patakamaya, La Paz, inauguration of the 22nd hospital constructed with Cuban equipment and personnel, was accompanied by Cuban Foreign Minister Felipe Perez Roque.

The statesman thanked Cuba for its solidarity in providing the medical centers and for the staff at the 11 ophthalmologic clinics that have operated on some 80,000 Bolivians.

The president requested applause for Fidel (Castro), this comrade who works for education and health care for Latin American, with no strings attached, he said.

Bolivia no longer needs the IMF or World Bank, which terms contribute to poverty and lead to violent clashes, he said, since its economy is improving: international reserves grow and it has nearly five percent fiscal surplus, the highest in the past 30 years.

President Morales recalled that this is all owed to the nationalization of fuel and recovery of other natural resources, worthwhile struggles begun by social sectors.

Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega is to pay an official visit to Iran soon, as the two countries wage a battle against US unilateralism.

The president Hugo Chavez warned that humankind is threatened by poverty and the destruction of the environment, and wondered why the rich do not understand the need for a poverty-free world.

He noted that “only that way we will have a world of justice and peace” and denounced those who think that violence can be fought with bombs and invasions.

This is crazy, violence generates violence and Iraq is the best example, Chavez stressed. Latin America News Agency.

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Chavez encourages allies to support Iran.

Posted by QB on May 11, 2007

Hugo Chavez is encouraging his Latin American government to have close economic relations with Iran which is offering trade concessions and financial incentives. Iran is winning support in the region with Nicaragua, Ecuador, Bolivia with Venezuela developing very close relationship with Iran.

“The struggle for justice and truth in the framework of economic development is the principle objective of the government in Nicaragua and of our friends in Iran,” said Mr. Ortega when Mr. Mottaki arrived after stopping in Venezuela for talks with Mr. Chavez.

Mr. Ortega called Iran a “victim” of the U.S., which he accused of “supporting terrorism.”

Speaking in the rural Bolivian community of San Julian on the same day, Mr. Morales told peasant supporters to grow soybeans to export to Iran.

“In the last meeting I had with the ambassador of Iran, he told me that his country will buy all the production that we generate,” Mr. Morales said in announcing the imminent arrival of an Iranian trade delegation.

Bolivian officials say that they need new markets for agricultural products, which may lose U.S. tariff preferences over Mr. Morales’ refusal to sign a free-trade agreement with Washington and eradicate coca plantations that supply international cocaine traffickers.

Officials also credit Iran with offering much needed aid and investment.

With Mr. Morales sitting next to him on his Sunday TV talk show, “Alo Presidente,” Mr. Chavez called on Iran to “analyze ways” of incorporating Bolivia and other members of his Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas (ALBA) into existing economic agreements with Venezuela.

ALBA is a socialist common-market initiative originally formed between Venezuela and Cuba, which has recently incorporated Bolivia and Nicaragua.

Source : World Peace Herald.

This new alliance building up in Latin America is the result of Bush regime failed foreign policies with all their energies focused on invasion and occupation and imposing sanctions on Iran. There are also reports that Hugo Chavez is interested in building nuclear power plant in Venezuela with Iran co-operation. Hugo Chavez has proved again that he is better leader than Bush who has peaceful goals with providing economic and social benefits for the common people. This is the right way to go for the world peace.

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Venezuela, Cuba Criticize US Over Release of Carriles.

Posted by QB on May 10, 2007

Source : VOA.

Venezuela and Cuba have accused the United States of harboring a terrorist after a U.S. federal judge dropped immigration fraud charges against Cuban-born former CIA operative Luis Posada Carriles.

Venezuelan Foreign Minister Nicolas Maduro repeated his government’s demand Wednesday for the extradition of the 79-year-old Posada Carriles. Maduro spoke in Venezuela at a joint news conference with Cuban Foreign Minister Felipe Perez Roque.

Perez Roque said Posada Carriles’ release shows what Cuban minister called the hypocrisy of the U.S. government.

Posada Carriles is wanted in Cuba and Venezuela, where he is accused of plotting the 1976 bombing of a Cuban jetliner that killed 73 people. He denies any wrongdoing.

On Tuesday, the judge in El Paso, Texas dismissed an indictment against Posada Carriles. She said statements Posada Carriles made that were to be used against him at his trial had been improperly obtained.

Tuesday’s move came three days before Posada Carriles was scheduled to go on trial on charges that he illegally entered the United States in 2005.

Prosecutors are reviewing the judge’s decision.

The Cuban-born Posada Carriles is a naturalized Venezuelan citizen.

U.S. Democratic Party Congressman Bill Delahunt issued a statement Wednesday calling on President Bush to detain Posada Carriles. Delahunt said unless President Bush takes action, the world will conclude that his administration has a double standard when it comes to fighting terrorism.

The senator said Posada Carriles’ release could be catastrophic to U.S. efforts to rally other nations to fight al Qaeda, especially in the Muslim world where he said some view Osama bin Laden as a similar hero.

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Miami plans big party when Castro dies.

Posted by QB on January 29, 2007

Digusting. The people of Miami are so full of hatred that they are planning Fidel Castro celebration when he dies. Are these morons will live forever? Fidel Castro is old sick man who will die some day just like all of us die because no human is imortal. Celebrating someone’s death is the most stupid thing to do.

Miami plans big party when Castro dies.

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Hugo Chavez will be Re-elected.

Posted by QB on November 27, 2006

Hugo Chavez will easily win the re-election next Sunday with overwhelming majority as suggested by all polls. Hugo Chavez is dedicating his re-election victory to Cuba’s Fidel Castro and the 50th Revolution Anniversary. Hugo Chavez strong leadership has helped the Latin America to take control of their governments by electing socialists reformers. The Latin America now will have more economic social diplomatic co-operation between Cuba, Boliva, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Nicaragua and now with Ecuador as the news is that Correa is winning the Presidential election with partial vote counting.

The only positive news these days are coming from Latin America where people are rejecting the corrupt politicians who were the slaves of White House protecting their big corporations interests instead of working for the interests of the common poor people.

Hugo Chavez after winning has to implement the social reforms immediately if he wants to win the next election. The Caracas has serious housing problem and I don’t understand why this is such a so big problem which is the main cause of all the grievances of the poor. The housing project must get the top priority to provide proper shelter to these poor people who are living in temporary housing. The next top project should be to encourage business which will provide jobs for the people. Hugo Chavez has very little time after this re-election victory to start working on the these projects which will guarantee him to win the next election as well. The people really will not interested in changing the government if they are living comfortably in peace and security. Hugo Chavez will defeat “devil” Bush on December 3.

Chávez closes campaign in Caracas

This is my analysis based on various reports and really don’t know the actual situation in Venezuela.

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Ecuador Election Tomorrow.

Posted by QB on November 25, 2006

The second round of Presidential elections are scheduled for Nov. 26 between leftist socialist reformer Correa and Noboa. According to latest poll Correa is for the first time is ahead of Noboa with 52 to 48 percent. US interests are tied with Noboa and if these latest numbers hold than it is clear Correa will be the winner who promised not to renew US military base if get elected. Correa also joked that he will renew US military base lease if Ecuador get its military base in Florida.

This race was very interesting from the beginning of the second round with Noboa holding clear lead over Correa for giving money and other gifts to poor voters. Ecuadorians poor commons are I believe are smart who can see the hypocrisy of this billionaire who had exploited the poor laborers without showing any mercy. Noboa who had inherited his money from his father never before had done anything good to improve the lives of poor people which he could have done easily without holding power with his money and now he is promising poor people to bring down the moon and stars for them if they vote for him. Noboa did nothing for poor people his whole life and now he wanted their votes so he can grab the power and protect his and his own class people wealth and interests.

Correa on the other hand is a fresh uncorrupted common person who understand the problems of the common poor people of his country. The Ecuadorians must give Correa a chance by rejecting the corrupt billionaire and elite ruling class which will lead the country into new direction.

There is plenty of propaganda going on against socialists in Latin America by the US and its European allies as something bad where the fact is it is good to have close business economic military relations with neighboring countries which will bring stability and economic growth which is always good for the people.

Hugo Chavez will be re-elected easily as he is way ahead of his opponent Rosales and this will help to build a strong alliance between Bolivia, Cuba, Nicaragua, Chile, Argentina, Brazil to adopt and implement independent policies which are good for the people of these countries and the region instead of being the puppet of Bush regime.

Read this post which is updated todate.
Ecduador Election Exit Polls. Correa Claim Victory.

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North Korea, Iran seek to boost friendly relations.

Posted by QB on November 20, 2006

This news is interesting for me North Korea and Iran seeking friendly relations. The news report is very brief without providing any details but this sure is beginning of new era. North Korea may not be isolated like Cuba once was with building friendly financial and economic pact with Iran as well as Latin America. Hugo Chavez with Ahmadinejad can help North Koreans living conditions with the treaties like Cuba.

North Korea, Iran seek to boost friendly relations.

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USA Lost Its Superpower Status.

Posted by QB on November 14, 2006

There is very interesting political changes which are pointing that USA is loosing its Superpower of the World status ofcourse with the help of Bush regime stupid policies. The new bloc which is building will be more powerful in political and economical terms that it will be difficult for USA to try to impose its oppressive policies in the name of “Democracy”. China will be the next economic superpower of the world without aggressive polices of invasion and occupation. Bush regime which is so deeply in love with “Oil” will fail in Iraq and it will be hard for them to acquire Oil for their domestic consumption if they continue their policies of interfering in other countries internal affairs.

Hugo Chavez policies have already win the hearts and minds of the people of Latin America as well as in Asia clearly shows that world reject the US policies and will welcome policies which are for the benefit of poor people. The current example is the Nicaragua election where voters has rejected US backed candidate ignoring all their economic and financial threats. The majority of the world leaders has assured to cooperative and have good relations with Ortega government including Iran. The other interesting news is that Lula de Salva Brazilian President has strongly endorsed Hugo Chavez re-election with very strong message that all the Brazilians who have voted for him would love to re-elect Hugo Chavez. Evo Morales has signed defence and economic treaties with Venezuela and they praise the Cuban efforts to fight Bolivia illiteracy. Nicaragua Present elect Ortega call Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro as “beloved brothers” so the power is shifting more towards socialists reforms with close ties are building. The present Latin America bloc consists of Venezuela, Bolivia, Brazil, Argentina, Cuba and probably Chile will join the group Michelle Bachelet Jeria too is Socialists with very close ties to Middle Eastern countries Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine.

Russia and China are making sure not to let the Bush crazy regime to implement its oppressive policies through UN Security Council to isolate Iran and North Korea with sanctions. Bush regime will be isolated if they keep insisting on their dictatorship. The world do not fear US military power because of Iraq and Afghanistan failed invasion and occupations. Bush has exposed the weakness of US military where they are unable to win over people fighting with outdated AK-47 and home made bombs.

Hugo Chavez has the double digit lead over his opponent and is the favorite to win December 3 election with clear majority vote. Hugo Chavez will keep purusing his policies which will benefit the poor people of the world.

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South American Governments not US Enemy.

Posted by QB on November 9, 2006

This is in repose to one guy who believe that my comments were based on ignorance that Latin American governments are not US enemies. The truth is that guy himself is US government and media propaganda brainwashed person who really never try to analyze the changing political situation in South America. The fact is that US government is the enemy of poor people of South America who started to reject corrupt US backed politicians.

The US has the habit of interfering in internal affairs of all the countries of the world favoring corrupt politicians to gain power who protect their financial interests by letting their corporations to loot the natural resources of the country. The recent example of their interference was in Nicaragua where they openly supported Ortega opponent because of his socialists ideology. Ortega win the election despite all the negative propaganda by US and after that there was news flowing calling Ortega the enemy of US has gained power. The truth is Nicaragua is very small country which has suffered US backed terrorism which killed 30000 Nicaraguans. Ortega was the victim of US aggression not the aggressor when they supported the Contras. Nicaragua’s leftist President-elect Daniel Ortega promised yesterday the United States and business leaders that he will not push for radical economic reforms.

Cuba is another example of US embargo oppressive policy where people are suffering from long time just because they don’t like Fidel Castro communist ideology. Cuba economic situation started to improve now with Hugo Chavez policies which are improving the lives of common Cubans. Bolivia where Evo Morales is again becoming evil because he is nationalizing country’s natural gas oil and mining industry making it hard for foreign companies to steel their natural resources.

Hugo Chavez always said that he wanted good relations with US government but Bush regime plotted coup against him which leads to words of war. Hugo Chavez promised to extend hand for friendship to the next US President.

The problem is the majority of the Americans believe in all the lies and propaganda of their media and government without analyzing the situation that none of the South American country has the military capability to attack US. These South American government are developing economic social and defence alliances for their own protection against any US hostilities. I post comments after analyzing the situation not blindly going with lies and propaganda. I stick to my comments that South American governments are against the US aggressive policies not the people of US and they are not enemy, anybody want to call this ignorance, sure why not. There was a guy who really did not understand what hypocrisy means called me the hypocrite with very stupid comments.

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Hugo Chavez under Western media attacks.

Posted by QB on October 18, 2006

The US and European press is criticizing Hugo Chavez with their propaganda by criticising the good work he is doing since he took office for the poor people of Venezuela as well as providing financial help to the neighboring countries and all around the world. The business news published in Globe and Mail today had a very stupid analysis related to OPEC meeting which will be held in Qatar to look into the declining oil prices. The Globe and mail news is suggesting that OPEC will reject Hugo Chavez proposal of cutting the oil production to boast the prices which will hurt him in comming December election. The US business news also falsely reported that Venezuela is running the budget deficit which is a lie as they have budget surplus.

He has used the country’s petrodollars to fund social programs that have garnered him tremendous support among the poor in Venezuela, where he faces an increasingly competitive election in seven weeks. He also financed international aid commitments that bolstered his image abroad, including his as-yet unsuccessful attempt this week to win a seat on the United Nations Security Council.

The Globe and Mail business news said that Hugo Chavez social program done for the poor are something very bad. The Globe and Mail correspondent SHAWN MCCARTHY is misreporting that Hugo Chavez is up for a competitive election. The truth is Hugo Chavez is way ahead of his opponent with over 51% to 22% which really does not make this election very compititive. Hugo Chavez good deeds are also projected as evil because providing financial help to Cuba and other Latin American countries does not look bad in any way no matter what intentions he had in his heart.

This is what Guardian has written in one of their article about Hugo Chavez. Since his election as president in 1998, Mr Chávez has won support from the poor by using oil revenues to fund Barrio Adentro, a programme of free clinics, Misión Robinson, a literacy programme, and subsidised state-run shops known as mercals. Mr Chavez, who is running against Manuel Rosales, governor of the state of Zulia, is expected to win on December 3, and is reaching out to those unhappy with his ties to Cuba and anti-US rhetoric.

Hugo Chavez good diplomatic and economic relations with Cuba Bolivia Argentina and Brazil is something Bush regime must learn instead of criticizing. The US and Western press and media try to potray Hugo Chavez who is trying to take over Latin America with his socialists revolution is again false propaganda. Hugo Chavez do support the socialists in other countries elections just like US support the religious Christian candidates who are the protector of their interests in their countries. Hugo Chavez supporting socialists in Latin America is for the betterment of poor people to provide them facilities education and better life. Bush regime support for Christian conservatives is for the protection of their big corporations and keep explioting Latin Americas natural resources.

The socialists revolution is on the rise in Latin America and if Latin Americans do not fall into US and Western media propaganda they can have the better life. CIA killed Che Guevara in Bolivia to eliminiate the evil communism threat and now after 40 years Boliva had the socialists President Evo Morales. US failed and Che Guevara win.

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Tariq Ali on Hugo Chavez and the Axis Of Hope.

Posted by QB on October 17, 2006

I really like this socialist Tariq Ali who speaks in favor of Hugo Chavez Fidel Castro and now Bolivian Evo Moreles. Voting in the race for Latin America’s open seat on the UN Security Council will go into a second day after delegates failed to end a deadlock between frontrunners Venezuela and Guatemala.

Neither country obtained the 125 votes needed to win, but after ten rounds of voting, Guatemala established a wide lead with 110 to Venezuela’s 77. The balloting resumes Tuesday and could last days until one country prevails or the Latin American group decides to bring forth a compromise candidate. Guatemala’s bid for the open seat is heavily backed by the United States.

Venezuela’s President, Hugo Chavez, has become one of the foremost challengers of neo-liberal policies and a constant critic of American foreign policy. First elected in 1998, Chavez’s influence continues to be felt throughout the region. Just this weekend, presidential elections were held in Ecuador that resulted in a run-off between two candidates – leftist economist Rafael Correa will face- off against Alvaro Noboa in a run-off next month. Correa is a close ally of Chavez, while Noboa is openly pro-Washington. Chavez’s social-democratic reforms and his constant taunting of the Bush administration have brought intense hostility from Washignton. Venezuela’s U.N. Ambassador Francisco Arias Cardenas has complained that the US is actively trying to prevent Venezuela from winning the rotating seat on the U.N Security Council.

Well a new book examines Chavez, his influence and his legacy. In “Pirates of the Caribbean: Axis of Hope,” author Tariq Ali looks at how Chávez’s views have polarized Latin America and examines the aggression directed against his administration. Ali also analyzes the leaders of two other countries – Cuba and Bolivia and looks at how together with Venezuela, they are sharply challenging American foreign policy.

Tariq Ali interview transcript.

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