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4 Responses to “Iraq”

  1. Ben Laden: This has two bee, done, is this, “Ghod made the world is this Ghod made the world this Bible all hat is in teh Bible as well as this, YAWEH as well as this red sea as well as this, Aron, as well as this Noah Ark as well as this, Ark Covnet, Ruth Naome, as well as this when its view and read, during that period back then the, “Ark Covent was caried bie certin men and as it was caried across water the water was effected bie the Ark Covnet as well as A, rock was place near the river as well as this, A, “Signet Ring” White Turek are all ways eaten at A, happy moment

  2. QB said

    White Turke really don’t understand what you said. Please just post your comments once. Thanks.

  3. An Iranian said

    I think this person “White Turke” is either a joker or has some mental problem .I did understand nothig either

  4. QB said


    He was trying to be joker but the problem is that it is not funny at all.

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