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Was Jesus Christ born to Virgin Mary? Jesus Christ Was Son of Mary and Joseph.

Posted by QB on October 25, 2007

The problem with the three monotheistic regions i.e. Judaism Christianity and Islam is that majority of them following blindly without the proper knowledge of the scriptures. They are closed minded sheep following the interpretation which is not entirely based on the message, The three scripture’s message is contaminated with false traditions with introducing the concept of oral commandments after the death of Moses, Jesus Christ and Mohammad. The Rabbi written the Talmud after 2!/2 century after Moses death included all day to day issues, Christians included the traditions which made Jesus Christ son of God and God himself, Muslims introduced the Hadiths 150 years after Muhammad death. Talmud and Hadiths deal with the issues which are not really important to be a Jew or Muslim. Jesus Christ virgin birth is another myth created by the early clergy and to make him the son of God and God himself was introduced after his death, Muslims too believe in the virgin birth of Jesus Christ. This does not make sense at all to me after reading Gospel and Qur’an, why God need to have sex with Mary to born as his own son, this is creepy. Orthodox Christians believe in a God who is both three and one, this means that Jesus Christ was the son as well as the husband of Mary, this means that Mary important than God himself as she is the mother. According to Gospel Mary was married to Joseph carpenter when Jesus was conceived so the biological father was her husband and she had many more children from this marriage. The Gospel is very clear that Jesus Christ always called himself the the son of man never said that he is the son of God.

The radical Jews are the main obstacle in solving Iran Palestinian conflict with opening up Torah that Israeli land is the gift from God which can’t be divided. If they find the better interpretation of this concept which will solve the Middle East situation. They have the right to believe and follow what is written in Talmud.

The Muslims who believe in the virgin birth of Jesus Christ have to look at human creation subject in Qur’an. The humans created as a single cell in the mud resemble leech. The common concept is wrong that God formed Adam in his own image and blow his spirit into him. The other big problem with Christianity and Islam is that they want all the people on earth to accept their version of religion.

This is my response to one radical Christian who used all his simple minded techniques to scare me with his stupid threats. Always avoided the criticism of Judaism Christianity and Islam because I believe its none of my business to interfere in other people religious beliefs. I wish the religious scholars of all three monotheistic religions will realize that it is the time to revise the old concept of religion defined 3000 back is too old and obsolete, just bring the reforms with the present day knowledge and scientific developments.


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Catholics Church has lost their minds or simply they are stupid.

Posted by QB on October 9, 2007

The following article is published by Christian Science Monitor catch my attention for criticizing Hugo Chavez and ex Catholic Bishop Lugo for running for President of Paraguay, protecting the interests of poor people.

ASUNCIóN, PARAGUAY – Change or death.” That’s the stark campaign slogan of Fernando Lugo in his bid to become Paraguay’s next president.The outspoken populist appeals to the poor – but he also increasingly resembles Latin America’s leading anti-democratic firebrand, Venezuelan president Hugo Chávez.His candidacy is cause for concern that Paraguay’s gradual 18-year move toward democracy may be reversed. The last thing Latin America needs is another populist troublemaker.Already, Paraguay’s democratic progress has taken a few hits under the current government. President Nicanor Duarte Frutos, whose term ends next August, has tried – unsuccessfully so far – to amend the Constitution so he can run for reelection. As his campaign to remain in control becomes more desperate, so have his methods. They have grown increasingly strident and confrontational – common in a region long known for populist politics.

His party, the traditional National Republican Association, or Colorado Party as it is known, has split into three factions, with little likelihood of reconciliation.

That means the opposition is now poised to assume power. As bad as Mr. Duarte may seem, the opposition is worse; as is its leading candidate, Mr. Lugo.

A former priest who became bishop of San Pedro, Lugo has long been involved in politics and is known as an outspoken advocate of a controversial ideology popular in the 1970s and 1980s known as liberation theology. This earned Lugo the title of Paraguay’s “Red Bishop.”

The Catholic Church hierarchy dismissed Lugo from his clerical duties when he announced his candidacy for president, but that didn’t stop him. On the contrary, his removal from the clergy appears to have intensified his anti-democratic stances, which increasingly allies Lugo with Venezuela’s Mr. Chávez and Bolivia’s Evo Morales. On a billboard that rises over Asunción’s main boulevard, for example, the Lugo campaign advertises the slogan, “Change or death,” and brags that their candidate doesn’t consider himself “a slave of the law.” So much for the rule of law.

The opposition faces a dilemma. If it continues to support Lugo, it could win – maybe – but will have to deal with a demagogue who thumbs his nose at the law and could plunge the country into chaos. If it enters the elections divided – already, three parties have split off from the original coalition of 10 – and offers several candidates, it is almost sure to lose. Worse, Lugo could go all the way and become a dictatorial strongman like Chávez.

Though the political class is wary of him, Lugo has broad support among the country’s poor, who are drawn to his populist rhetoric about the evil rich and the need to redistribute wealth to those less fortunate.

Ranting about the rich has broad appeal because Paraguay is a poor country with a high unemployment rate – nearly half the labor force works in agriculture, more than 16 percent of the population is unemployed, and 36 percent of all Paraguayans live below the official poverty line. And while not totally in shambles, its economy is languid, growing at a compounded annual rate of just 1.3 percent per year over the past five years, according to The Heritage Foundation and The Wall Street Journal’s 2007 Index of Economic Freedom, which ranks the economy well down the list in terms of openness – 99th out of 157 globally, and 22nd out of 29 in the Americas.

With a weak economy; high levels of government corruption; and a restrictive, highly regulated, labor market – one of the worst in the world – Paraguayan society is ripe for the kind of politics-of-envy message being peddled by Lugo. This is all music to Chávez’s ears.

For now, the likely outcome is far from clear. Lugo’s words and actions have created considerable unease among many even within his own coalition. The ruling party is torn by divisions. There are even proposals afoot to legally block Lugo’s candidacy.

The unease is also spreading to neighboring countries, especially Brazil, which are understandably concerned about having another radical populist in the neighborhood.

Meanwhile, the clock is ticking – not only for Paraguay, but for all of Latin America, which hardly needs another populist strongman to add to the region’s problems.

Carlos Sabino is an adjunct fellow with the Independent Institute, in Oakland, Calif., and a visiting professor and researcher at Francisco Marroquín University in Guatemala. Source : Latin America doesn’t need another radical like Chávez.

Carlos Sabino is biased radical agent of Capitalism, written this article to get recognition and get some monetary gains from US government. Lugo, this idiot Professor admit, has become more popular after being removed from clergy because he wanted to bring positive change in the lives of poor people. The social reforms scared the rich elite class of every country, which they have accumulated by using all legal and illegal means and Catholics have become the protector of rich and power as they are the main contributor to their Churches. These contributions are very important for Catholics to maintain their luxurious life style, Pope wearing designer cloths and shoes, luxury cars, decorating the domes with gold at the expense of poor people oppression.

Jesus Christ, according to Gospel, was Socialists not Capitalist. Jesus Christ lived his whole life without owing any property without accumulating any money, spending whatever he had to feed poor.

The Paraguayan should vote for Lugo, who will bring positive change in the lives of poor, developing close relationship neighboring countries making Latin America region for peace and prosperity. The people like this Professor, who are the protector of rich and powerful, will keep writing against Lugo to keep him out of power because they fear that poor are taking over powers and privileges.

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Pope Benedict XVI open his mouth again!

Posted by QB on October 9, 2007

Pope Benedict XVI open his mouth again to lecture Iran on anti-Semitism. He is the same guy who has, with his stupid statements, created hatred between Christians and Muslims.

VATICAN CITY – Pope Benedict XVI today targeted Iran as he vowed to help fight anti-Semitism, a top official of the World Jewish Congress said following an audience with the pontiff.“We thanked the Holy Father for everything he did for the Jewish people, and more importantly what he will do,” WJC vice secretary general Maram Stern told AFP.The pope “recognised the question of Iran as an issue of big concern for him,” Stern said, adding that Benedict pledged “to find how the message can be made, through education, to avoid the hatred of the Iranian leadership towards the Jews and Israel.“He expressed his concern over the rise in anti-Semitism. The Holy Father said he was very aware of it (and wants to) find a way to make it less prominent through education,” Stern said.The pontiff said “co-operation between the Jewish people and the Church is a matter that is close to his heart,” Stern said, describing the meeting as “interesting and cordial.”New WJC President Ronald Lauder, who headed the delegation, said that the pope had agreed in principle to host a “joint event” with him when Benedict visits New York next year.
WJC Secretary General Michael Schneider was also present at the audience.Iran’s government vehemently denies charges of anti-Semitism, pointing to the peaceful existence in Iran of a 20,000-strong Jewish community, the largest in the Middle East outside Israel.Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad provoked an international outcry shortly after his election in 2005 when he called for Israel to be “wiped from the map” and also described the Holocaust as a “myth”.He has since toned down his rhetoric but last week he reaffirmed his deeply controversial questioning of the mass slaughter of Jews in World War II and his suggestion that Israel could be moved to arctic North America. Source: Pope cites Iran to curb anti-Semitism

Pope criticizes Hugo Chavez democratically elected popular government repeating the allegations of US and European countries.

Today, the Pope said, the Church faces the challenges brought by a global economy which “brings with it the risk of vast monopolies and of treating profit as the supreme value.” In Latin America, he added, there is another disquieting trend: “authoritarian forms of government and regimes wedded to certain ideologies that we thought had been superseded.” Here the Pope seemed clearly to be referring to leftist governments such as the Venezuelan regime of Hugo Chavez, who has clashed frequently with Church leaders there.

Pope should explain in detail why questioning Holocaust is such a big sin. There are people who believe that the Holocaust deaths are way too high to be true, all they want to study this historic event in detail which is not illogical drawing so much anger in Europe and US. Look like that Zionists don’t want independent group to study his historic event.

Pope just shut up (Shut up is to0 polite, STFU is appropriate). You are not a person to give advice to Ahmadinejad or as a matter of fact nobody.

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Pope Benedict XVI proved again that he is an idiot.

Posted by QB on May 20, 2007

President Hugo Chavez sought Benedict XVI’s apology for offending native peoples during the pope’s recent attempt to reach out to Latin American Roman Catholics.

“As a head of state, I beg your holiness to apologize to the peoples of our Americas,” said Chavez, speaking late Friday.

“I believe it is the right thing to do.”

Benedict XVI made quite an impression on his first visit to Latin America, home to about half of his flock, when he said last week that “Christianity was not imposed by a foreign culture.”

“Christ was the Savior (America’s natives) silently yearned for,” the pope said in Brazil.

Benedict also called a recent resurgence of pre-Columbian religions “a step backward,” drawing protests from native peoples as far away as Mexico.

Natives in Ecuador also questioned Benedict’s version of events.

“Surely, the pope does not know that representatives of the Catholic Church of those times, with honorable exceptions, were accomplices, deceivers and beneficiaries of one of the most horrific genocides of all humanity,” the Confederation of Indigenous Nations said in a statement Saturday.

The pope’s statements were still on Chavez’s mind Saturday: “How could you say that they came — when they came with arquebuses (firearms) to evangelize — with no sort of imposition?”

The conquest of Latin America by Europeans “was something far worse than the Holocaust in the Second World War and no one can deny it, not even your Holiness can deny the Holocaust of the natives of our land.”

“Christ arrived much later to America; he did not arrive with (Christopher) Columbus.

That was the arrival of the anti-Christ,” said Chavez, whose speeches frequently rely on Christian teachings and baseball metaphors.

Chavez and the Roman Catholic Church have had rough relations, which have improved in the past year, with new Caracas archbishop Jorge Urosa.
Chavez has met once with Benedict, in May 2006.

Source : Venezuela’s Chavez seeks papal mea culpa for native slaps

Whenever Pope opens his holy mouth he say something stupid. Pope Benedict handlers must keep his mouth taped which will save Catholic Church plenty of embarrassments.

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Pope Benedict Turkey Visit

Posted by QB on November 27, 2006

Pope Benedict should have canceled his visit after making stupid comments about Prophet Muhammad and Islam. The Turks are demontrated in Istanbul yesterday against his visit and there will be many more huge demonstrations when he arrive there tomorrow. The Turkish government that this racists Pope visit will help them to join the European Union I believe ignoring the fact that he has spoken clearly not to let the Muslim nation join the EU.

Pope Benedict XVI and Islam

This Pope who is trying to improve his public image in the Muslim world will not gain much support and it will be interesting to watch and see the demonstration against him.

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Posted by QB on November 10, 2006

Vatican city, Nov. 10 – Pope Benedict XVI said today: “In the relations with the Muslim who are so rooted to their believes and rites, the Christians must be respectful and benevolent but the Islam followers, because are able to be loyal to their religious tradition, have the right to our humble and determinate testimony of Jesus Christ”. The pope spoke to the German bishops in today’s visit in limina. The pope said this testimony required a great pledge. So he said that it was necessary that in places where there was a lot of Muslims there was a Catholic interlocutor with the indispensable knowledge of language and religion that enabled them to dialog with the Muslims. This dialog must also involve a deep knowledge of the Catholic faith, he said.

Source : Pope -Islam.

Pope Benedict XVI is an idiot issuing such stupid statements which clearly are pointing out to my previous conclusion that he has lost the intelligence because of old age and has developed some kind of mental problem. All the religious people are so loyal to their own traditions and beliefs whether Christians Jews or Muslims. Pope can’t be so ignorant that he don’t know that Muslims believe that Jesus Christ was the messanger of God. Jews do not believe in Jesus Christ. I really did not properly understand what he mean by “have the right to our humble and determinate testimony of Jesus Christ”.

My advice to this Pope is to shut up don’t open your month so nothing stupid will be coming out.

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Church of England blamed for not converting people.

Posted by QB on October 16, 2006

This is very interesting news for me that Church of England is getting blamed for not putting all their efforts to covert Muslims and the people of other faiths to Christianity. Paul Eddy, a member of the General Synod, the Church’s ruling body, said that the active recruitment of non-believers had always been a Biblical injunction on Christians.
But he claimed that the bishops were deliberately down-playing evangelising among other faiths for fear of upsetting minority groups and their role in inter-faith talks. He said the Church’s official statements tended to gloss over the issue of converting Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs or followers of other religions. His motion calls on the bishops to report back on “their understanding of the uniqueness of Christ in Britain’s multi-faith society, and offer examples and commendations of good practice in sharing the gospel of salvation through Christ alone with people of other faiths and of none”.

“My Muslim friends say they can’t understand why we Christians don’t evangelise more, especially as they have a strategy to convert Britain,” said Mr Eddy.

“The Church needs to regain confidence in the God it professes to believe in, and a new confidence in the Gospel it should be proclaiming. And that starts with a clear steer from the bishops.”

These Christians Sunnis and Shias are the different sides of the same coin who believe that increasing their numbers will make them more credible religion. The Sunnis share more common beliefs with Christians than Shias as they have their own dogmas. The Jews are the only Abraham religion who do not have aggressive conversion program.

Christians believe Jesus is alive in heaven and Sunnis have the same belief. Christians believe in second coming of Jesus and Sunnis too are anxiously waiting for his second coming. Shias are waiting for Imam Mahdi who is as powerful as god who will save them all and Sunnis don’t want to be left behind so they have their own version of Imam Mahdi.

Is Jesus still alive? According to my understand of Qur’an and Bible the answer is Jesus is dead and will be resurrected on the day of judgement.

Who is Imam Mahdi? This is very interesting belief which almost all the religions share with a similar story that someone will come and their religion will rule the world.

The ignorants who blame that Muslims want to convert Christians should look into their own missions who very aggressively try to convert people. There was a very interesting news story about the indigenous people of Amazon who used to lived on on the edges of the jungle disappeared into deep jungles because they were so fedup with the Christian missionaries who were trying to shove down Jesus down their throats.

Christians Sunnis and Shias have to understand the religion in its true essence that God did not want us all believe and follow one religion. The solution is simple keep following the religion of your choice and let God be the judge on judgement day.

Sunnis and Shias all believe in Jesus Christ that Jesus Christ was messenger and Prophet of God. The Sunnis believe that Jesus Christ is still alive just like Christians and will come back. Shias believe that it will me Imam Mahdi who will come and solve all their problem not Jesus Christ. They are two different factions of Islam just like Catholics and Protestants in Christianity.

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Pope still trying to defend his stupid quote?

Posted by QB on October 13, 2006

Pope Benedict XVI has added an explanatory note on his quote on which he included in his speech. The damage is already done your holiness and you do not understand this because you are blinded with your religious beliefs.

The quote of Manuel II “”Show me just what Mohammed brought that was new, and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached.”

The following is the explanation given by his old his highness.

“In the Muslim world, this quotation has unfortunately been taken as an expression of my personal position, thus arousing understandable indignation,” the note said.

“I hope that the reader of my text can see immediately that this sentence does not express my personal view of the Quran, for which I have the respect due to the holy book of a great religion,”. “In quoting the text of the Emperor Manuel II, I intended solely to draw out the essential relationship between faith and reason. On this point I am in agreement with Manuel II, but without endorsing his polemic,” he said.

Pope is really not a very intelligent person or maybe his age has taken away his rational thinking. You quoted Manuel II as the part of the speech and you have the same understanding that Islam has brought nothing but evil and inhumane and is spread using sword. Read your statement again and come up with some different approach.

Pope Benedict XVI you are no better than any other religious scholar of Islam or Judaism who preaches hatred in the name of religion. I have no respect for any such scholar no matter what religious belief they teaches and preaches. Shut up now and don’t open your mouth again. Keep smiling and waving hand from the window.

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Judaism – Christianity – Sunni Shi’ite Islam main obstacle for peaceful world.

Posted by QB on October 2, 2006

Just put this on hold because it will offend 2.4 Billion Christians, 13.6 Million Jews and 1.6 Billions Sunnis Shi’ites (Sunnis Shi’ites off shoot branches like Ismailis, Ahmadis, Alawis included).

I might put it all together sometime in future meantime just the heading is enough to think and try by to change the mental approach towards religion and God.

God to me is very liberal, equipped with the most advanced technology which are capable of recording our electronic thinking pulses. God who has created this universe is the most intelligent all knowing Merciful who do not want us to hate people for their religious beliefs.

There is no such place as sacred land or God’s land on earth, the fact is this whole earth is sacred we are only here for a very short time. The main cause of the conflicts are man made who control the minds and hearts of majority by their self appointed position as the protectors and owners of God and religions. We all know them as Mullahs, Ayatollahs, Muftis, Imams, Rabbis, Reverends, Pastors, Pope who are the main source of creating divisions and hatred for their financial benefits.

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Hugo Chavez reaction to Pope quote.

Posted by QB on September 26, 2006

Venezuela’s Chavez says pope should be more careful with his words CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) – Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez urged Pope Benedict XVI on Wednesday to be more careful with his words, saying he found the pontiff’s recent remarks regarding Islam and holy war “worrisome.” “I think the Vatican should clarify the position much better because I believe many doubts still linger among our Muslim brothers of the world,” said Chavez, whose statements were broadcast on state-run television. “Those who have so much weight with the word” shouldn’t be “saying something that could be misinterpreted and throw more fuel on the fire,” added Chavez, who visited the pope at the Vatican in May. Benedict has apologized for the angry response to a speech he gave last week, quoting a medieval text characterizing some of the Prophet Muhammad’s teachings as “evil and inhuman.”

Hugo Chavez intelligent, true without any political or religious biased or diplomacy.

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Christian terrorist killed!!!

Posted by QB on September 22, 2006

Christians terrorists executed in Indonesia.

The three Christian militants were executed by an Indonesian police firing squad early on Friday amid tight security in Palu, the capital of Central Sulawesi province.

Fabianus Tibo, Marianus Riwu and Dominggus Silva had been sentenced to death in 2001, after being found guilty of leading a mob in an attack that killed more than 200 people at an Islamic boarding school during clashes in the province between Muslims and Christians.

The trio had originally been scheduled to die in August, but the executions were postponed after demonstrations by thousands of Indonesians and an appeal from Pope Benedict.

Violence has since erupted in Silva’s hometown of Atambua in West Timor when thousands of Christians protested.

Falwell said President Bush should “blow them (the terrorists) all away in the name of the Lord.”

Pat Robertson radical Christian, these Christianofacists are dangerous for world peace. There was a popular coup that overthrew him [Chavez]. And what did the United States State Department do about it? Virtually nothing. And as a result, within about 48 hours that coup was broken; Chavez was back in power, but we had a chance to move in. He has destroyed the Venezuelan economy, and he’s going to make that a launching pad for communist infiltration and Muslim extremism all over the continent.
You know, I don’t know about this doctrine of assassination, but if he thinks we’re trying to assassinate him, I think that we really ought to go ahead and do it. It’s a whole lot cheaper than starting a war. Pat Robertson Fatwa to kill Hugo Chavez.
Do the Christianity teaches hatred and killing? Is Christianity a peaceful religion? Why Christians are so violently protesting against the killings of these murderers and terrorists? Why did Pope appeal in support of Christian terrorists?

Christianity is as much violent religion as Islam and Judaism.

I could have written this all in very different way but the problem the majority of people have no knowledge and they try to blame all the violence on Islam without even trying to understand the true causes of violence. Also I know the cause of all these violence protests which broke out in Indonesia. Give me one good reason when so many millions are spreading hatred against Islam and Muslims including Pope himself the holy father of Catholics and the Pastors and Reverends why should I be the only once to stick to my peaceful way of tolerance peace and love.

The State run terrorism has a very strong support of radical Christians religious scholars including Pope. They don’t speak against the killing of innocent children, women, elderly, unarmed civilains in Iraq and Afghanistan. The mojority of the Christians justify all these killings linking it to 9/11 where they lost 2740 lives. Christians believe they got the license to kill all the Muslims. These Christians also ask where are the moderate Muslims who don’t come out and speak against the terrorism without knowing that Mainstream media have no interest of covering the message of peaceful Muslims. The Mainstream Media made better financial gains with promoting the negative news about Islam and Muslims.

BTW where are the moderate Christians who do not come forward to speak against the US invasions destructions and killings.

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Sunnis Shi’ites Religious scholars.

Posted by QB on September 22, 2006

The majority of Sunnis and Shi’ites are the mental slaves to their religious scholars who follow them blindly with the firm belief that they are guiding them towards heaven. These Sunnis and Shi’ites religious scholars have protected their authority on religious matters by including hadiths (stories very wrongly attributed to Prophet Muhammad) which makes some kind of superior to non religious class and to make them not to question their illogical hadiths, they have included the death punishment for Apostate and blasphemy which are imported from Old Testament. They are in control of masses who can’t go against their opinions.

They have the similar type of Hierarchy system like Christian Catholicism with entry level position is the guy whose job is to call for prayers five times daily, next level is the Imam to lead five times prayers, Mufti is the one who issues Fatwas. Shi’ites most highest religious position is Ayatollahs which means sign of God. Ayatollahs words are taken as if they are coming directly from divine source and people listen and follow blindly.

The sectarian violence which is going on over a year where Shi’ites are killing Sunnis and Sunnis are killing Shi’ites could have been completely avoided if these religious scholars are really are religious following the commands of God. The Sunnis and Shi’ites sects were started with the hatred after the death of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) by including stories which has created the division which only be bridged if they just accept the simple truth that Qur’an is the superior to all man written books of hadiths. Sunnis and Shi’ites still hate each other for the issues which are illogical and beyond intelligence. They are fighting each other after 1400 years trying to prove the superiority of some of the companions of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and his family.

Do all these religious scholars don’t know what the Qur’an say about killing?

5:32 On that account: We ordained for the Children of Israel that if any one slew a person – unless it be for murder or for spreading mischief in the land – it would be as if he slew the whole people: and if any one saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of the whole people. Then although there came to them Our apostles with clear signs, yet, even after that, many of them continued to commit excesses in the land.

They all know it very well. They read the scripture ignore it because that is what in their own material interests because they live on poor people contributions.

There are many verses in Qur’an for the people who have divided their religion into sects. They don’t pay any attention when Qur’an says that the people who were divided into sects their judgement will be with God. God did not command these Sunnis and Shi’ites to kill each other and bombs their mosques.

Sunnis are waiting for the second coming of Jesus (PBUH) just like Christians without knowing that Qur’an provide the clear evidence of his death.

Shi’ites believe someone name Imam Mahdi will come to save them who disappeared in some Iraq cave 1200 ago and Sunnis don’t want to fall behind so they have their own version of Imam Mahdi who will born.

The Sunnism and Shiaism is an effort to make people like Robots act and do everything according to what is written in their hadith books. When people don’t know how to take bath and make themselves clean and they have to look into some book to find the way than there is something very wrong funny and stupid. When people try to find out how to enter and leave bathroom and mosque than they are stupid. God has given us intelligence to know how to take bath and clean ourselves and there is absolutely no hard and fast rules set for entering or leaving bathroom and mosques.

These Sunni Shi’ites religious scholars who have closed their minds and eyes are not willing to accept the superior authority of Qur’an but atleast they can do is stop these brutal killings and murders. Grand Satan Sistani has the power to stop this violence with one statement but he is salient I believe is enjoying all these killings. Sunnis scholars too must put some effort to bring them to sanity.

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Pakistani clerics, religious leaders demand pope’s removal.

Posted by QB on September 22, 2006

Pakistani clerics, religious leaders demand pope’s removal.

This is the most stupid news headline which catch my attention. These Sunni Shi’itie clerics are dumb and stupid who open their mouths and nothing come out of it but garbage. This is absurd to call for the removal of Pope, don’t they know that Pope is elected as the spiritual leader of Catholic for lifetime. Pope is the holy father to Catholics who they love to follow his all actions and words.

I have a demand of my own to remove Grand Satan Sistani from his Ayatollah position. Ayatollah, for those who don’t know means the sign of God. The is the highest religious position someone can hold with Shi’ite Religious Hierarchy. Ayatollahs are just like mini Pope with Shi’ites because there are numerous for each region and country. These Sunnis and Shi’ites religious scholars are Fatwas producing machines goes into deep silence when the violence is sectarian. Hypocrisy.

I demand to remove Grand Satan Sistani from Ayatollah position due to his criminal silence over sectarian violence and killings. I did not heard a word from this Grand Satan who can stop all these killings simply with issuing a statement. Grand Satan silence is kind of approval for Shi’ites to keep killing Sunnis so they can have the complete control of Iraq.

Pope stupidity bring us to new division hatred against each other. What have you done you old man, you must have lost all your thinking abilities clogged due to your age.

These Sunnis Shi’ite religious scholars have to lean a lot from Western Democracies and Christianity how to kill people in the name of God and religion with politely with smile on their faces.

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Bill Clinton did not supported Pope comments.

Posted by QB on September 21, 2006

Bill Clinton was on Larry King last night on CNN. Bill Clinton was very impressive with flowing answers on all the subjects Larry asked him. Larry asked Bill Clinton regarding Pope’s comments on Islam.

Bill Clinton replied with diplomacy because he is very intelligent person and an excellent diplomat who do not wanted to alienate the Catholics voters in US and all around the world. Bill Clinton has the unique style of talking where he disagree with his opponents without getting them to feel like they were insulted and that still make him the most likable President of USA in recent history.

CLINTON: Well, first I think we ought to take him at his word, that he’s sorry if it was interpreted that way. I think he really was trying to say what a lot of serious people believe, that the religious aspect of Islam has always had a political and military component.

But I think it was unfortunate, as he said, because right now there are all these moderates, both moderate Muslim clerics, the kind of people that gathered around King Abdullah in Jordan not so long ago to say that Islam is not a bloodthirsty religion, Islam does not condone terror and the killing of innocents.

There are all these people trying to reclaim their religion from those who have a very selective reading and teaching of the Koran’s verses about aggression, military aggression. They basically teach, in my view, a distorted view of what is in the Koran and what Islam stands for.

And we — every time one of us, particularly someone as august as the pope says something like that, we make the task of the moderates in the Muslim world more difficult. That is, these people that are asking young people to strap on bombs or carry liquid explosives on planes or whatever and, you know, engage in murder in God’s name are really asking them to practice politics.

The leaders of all these groups are not strapping on the bombs and blowing themselves up. They’re trying to talk some kid into doing it. In order to do it, you have to believe two things, normally. You have to believe, number one, you get a free ticket to heaven; and number two that the people you’re striking are profoundly evil, are subhuman. But behind all that, it’s not about religion at all.

It’s a political deal, but there have been sects of Islam that have trained and treated and educated people who were living in poverty, had legitimate grievances, to believe that their faith legitimizes killing non-combatants, including completely innocent civilians.

So we made the task of all those moderates harder, we make it harder, with things like the Danish cartoons or the pope’s comments. He did issue an apology, and I think we ought to go on.

I also think that we need moderate Muslims to say look, in the West, people insult each other and their faiths and their politics and their persons all the time. Look what President Chavez just said about President Bush. You know, we — and we try to teach our children to get over it.

I mean, you’ve got kids. You know, one of the most important things you can teach a child is that not everything that happens to you will be nice. But you are in control of how you respond to everything that happens to you. You do not have to respond with violence or anger or hatred or bitterness or demeaning conduct and you cannot be diminished by what someone else says about you.

This is my response to Bill Clinton is that the Islam is hijacked by Sunnis and Shi’ites two main factions of Islam who unfortunately are in majority. All this violence is due to their lack of knowledge about the message of Qur’an. Sunnis and Shi’ites are very much like these Catholics who believe that hating each other belief is the best way to follow their faiths. These Sunnis and Shi’ites have another common thing which they share with Catholics and that is try to convert everyone to their own beliefs. I can say all this without any diplomacy because don’t fear to lose my vote bank. We have to work hard to change the mentality of Sunnis and Shi’ites as well as Catholics.

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Pope is Hyporcite.

Posted by QB on September 21, 2006

I find out that now that there are two similar posts with same headings and materials.

Please read the post on the subject at the following link.

Pope is Hypocrite.

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Pope is hypocrite.

Posted by QB on September 21, 2006

According to Delia Gallagher that this iss the second time Pope Benedict explained his quote of medieval emperor who described Islam as violent and inhuman. But it wasn’t the apology some Muslim leaders were hoping for.Pope said. I did not in any way wish to make my own negative words which were pronounced by the medieval emperor in this dialogue. And its contained polemic did not express my personal convictions.

Pope is killing the Religious Harmony developed by Pope John Paul II. The following is good animiated cartoon on Al Jazeera.

The Vatican has been attempting serious damage control, printing the pope’s regrets in Arabic on the front page of the Vatican newspaper. And instructing its representatives to explain the pope’s words to Muslim leaders. I believe Muslims leaders are not so stupid that they need explaination of Pope’s words.

This is what Andrew Sallivan said on Anderson Cooper last night replying Anderson’s question. Well, he’s telling what he thinks is the truth. Which is that Islam and Christianity are based in very different ideas of God. And, as he understands it, and that’s what, regardless of this inflammatory quote, what he was really saying, is that Christianity is based in the Greek notion of logos, of reason, and Islam is not.

And therefore, it’s very hard to have a dialogue. And therefore, the only way you can have a dialogue is between cultures, not faiths. That’s quite a radical thing for him to say. It’s certainly not in any way diplomatic.

It is true that Muslims pray to the same One God of Abraham, Moses, Noah and Catholics have differnt gods and they are more close to Paganism rather than following the true message of Jesus Christ. They pray to Marry who they call the Mother of God, they pray to Jesus as God, they pray to their Saints and they pray to Pope as the Holy Father. Pope is right that we can’t compare Islam and Catholic religion but it is arrogant to claim that they are only one who are on the right path. Pope did said nothing about the Judaism God who are praying to the same God of Muslims.

Andrew Sallivan futher added that Pope is saying that the Muslim world has a problem with violence and compulsion and religion, and they respond by threatening violence against him, then it doesn’t exactly disprove his point.

The problem is that the pope is really intellectual. He’s always a theologian. If you read his writings across the decades, he’s always been a very provocative. Pope is not a diplomat.

Pope can’t be a intellectual. The comments shows his stupidity and radical views about Catholic religion were no way near to any intelligence.

The truth that Catholics are radical who believe in compulsion promoting their religion with missionaries with their fanatical message salvation is only through Jesus. The god, son of god and the holy spirit.

What Qur’an say about compulsion?

2:256 Let there be no compulsion in religion: Truth stands out clear from Error: whoever rejects evil and believes in Allah hath grasped the most trustworthy hand-hold, that never breaks. And Allah heareth and knoweth all things. Qur’an Chapter Two.
Andrew Salliven also said that Pope is not a diplomat. It’s also courageous of him to say if Islam is fomenting — even if it’s an extreme version of it, even if it’s perversion of Islam — if it’s fomenting violence and Islam has to come to terms with that, it isn’t up to the west to apologize for that. It’s up to Islam to deal with it. Courageous.Anderson Cooper pointed that there was an awful lot of stuff that went on, the inquisition, lots of things, which he never sort of mentioned.

Andrew Sullivan reply. Yes. And he’s very good at that, of course. I mean, he’s bypassed the church’s own murderous history. I mean, what Christianity, what the crusades did to Muslims, and indeed, what Christianity to one another in the Middle Ages and indeed during the Reformation is just as violent, if not much more violent, than what we’re seeing today in the Muslim world.

Pope that means is a hypocrite by brining the stupid quotes and misleading information about Islam and Muslims. Catholics and all religions who bring the death punishment for anyone leaving Islam is infact taken from Old Testament and I am sure Pope have read and understand the Bible.
Death Punishment for Apostate?

Sunni and Shias religious scholars are stupid to have this punishment writen in their Sharia Laws associated with false story attributed to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

This is my questions to Sunni and Shias religious scholars.

When will you realize that you are following the punishment laws of Old Testament?

Is this not the right time to revise all these laws?

Is there really punishment for the person who is leaving Islam?

Yes the punishment will be with God on the judgement day and He maybe punish that person in this world.

16:106 Any one who, after accepting faith in God, utters Unbelief,- except under compulsion, his heart remaining firm in Faith – but such as open their breast to Unbelief, on them is Wrath from God, and theirs will be a dreadful Penalty.

Sunnis and Shias mental slaves to their religious scholars when you all will open your mind to see the truth.

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