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Democracy Diplomacy Venezuelan & Cuban Governments comparison with US.

Posted by QB on July 28, 2007

The present Bush regime with mainstream media and European countries love to spread false propaganda against Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez accususing them of dictators and rogue nations who hates America for its open democracy. The fact is opposite that Bush regime and its European allies are the most closed minded undiplomatic non tolerant governments who wants all the other countries to adopt their corrupt version of democracy. The democracy and diplomacy are put aside with Bush regime in White House with their agenda of taking control of the world with uniliteral invasion and occupation to protect their way of life and impose their corrupt version of big corporations democracy.

Bush also believe that not talking to Cuba, Venezuela, Syria, Iran and North Korea is some kind of punishment which these countries deserve. The US foreign relations are so screwed up by Bush that it will be exactly same if Hilary Clinton get elected. Hilary Clinton will not talk to the governments white according to them are hostile towards US. Raul Castro speaking to crowd of 100,000 Cubans offered to open talks with new US administration if they give up their arrogance and talk in civilized manner. Hugo Chavez always always said that he wants the better relations with US whoever is in office after Bush.

Cuba celebrated the anniversary of its revolution today without its long time leader. In charge the brother of ailing leader Fidel Castro. And he’s offering a deal, Raul Castro, that is, a deal to the United States, reforms and talks, once the Bush administration he says is out of power.The president was temporarily handing over power, his aide announced. For the first time since 1959, Fidel Castro was not charge of Cuba. The government said only that he had been forced to undergo intestinal surgery. He’s widely believed to suffer from diverticulitis, inflamation of a pouch in the intestine wall.But those who predicted Cuba’s communist system would collapse in his absence were wrong. At a year with Raul Castro at the helm little has changed. Tens of thousands turned out waving their flags for the July 26th celebration. In Fidel’s traditional place, Raul stressed Cuba’s stability.RAUL CASTRO, CUBAN LEADER : These have been difficult months though with the opposite effect expected by our enemies who are hoping for chaos and Cuban socialism to collapse.

R. CASTRO : If the new U.S. authorities would finally put their arrogance aside and decide to talk in a civilized way, it would be a welcome change. If not, we’re ready to continue to confront their policy of hostility, even if it takes another 50 years.

A group of eight students from the United States has graduated from a medical school in Cuba.

The students are from a deprived background and could not afford to train as doctors in the US.

They are among hundreds of students from across America and Africa to be given scholarships by Cuba.

It is illegal for Americans to visit Cuba but an exception was given to this program following a deal between Fidel Castro’s government and members of the Congressional Black Caucus in Washington.

One of the students, Evelyn Erickson from New York, says the scholarship was all-inclusive.

“Cuba has given us a full scholarship with free room and board, we get everything from books, even uniforms,” she said.

“But the conditions are that we go back to our communities or wherever we’re needed and we provide health care.
“And that’s what we really want to do so we’re actually looking forward to it.”

Wolf Blitzer called Cuban leaders tyrant ignoring all the good news. Cuba is training hundreds of doctors from around the world with full scholarship to provide cheap medical care for poor. This is very admirable policy of Cuba should and must be appreciated and reported.
Hugo Chavez who is also called dictator is very popular democratically elected beloved President of Venezuela winning thee elections. Hugo Chavez policies which are benefiting the poor are better than US government policies of big corporations protection. Hugo Chavez is facing harsh criticism from rich privileged class backed by CIA and Bush regime.

Hugo Chavez achievements.
The construction of thousands of free medical clinics for the poor.
The institution of educational campaigns that have reportedly made more than one million adult Venezuelans literate.
The enactment of food and housing subsidies.
The government earmarked 44.6% of the 2007 budget for social investment, with 1999-2007 averaging 12.8% of GDP.

US only approve democracy when it is in its own interest. US does not like the democratic government leaders democratically elected in Ecuador, Nicaragua and Bolivia. The other problem with US democracy is the voters keep electing the same two parties candidates from last 100 years without evening thinking intelligently throwing them out of power with electing third parties candidates or independents. The real change will be if US voters reject all the corrupt politicians including Hilary Clinton Rudy Giuliani Mitt Romney and elect Dennis Kucinich who is honest politician for a real change. Vote for any third party Candidate for Senate and House of Representative seat and this will be the real change.


2 Responses to “Democracy Diplomacy Venezuelan & Cuban Governments comparison with US.”

  1. in2thefray said

    Aw c’mon let us just keep Bush-foreve just like the people of Venezuela get to keep Chavez

  2. QB said

    Sure why not if he can get elected. Actually he could get elected with the help of electronic voting machines. Let the Senate and Congress change the two limit term restriction.

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