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Roger Federer religion.

Posted by QB on September 10, 2007

The people searching for Roger Federer religion increased significantly after Roger Federer US Open win. There are people who wants to know Roger Federer religion and than there are people who believe that Roger Federer is Jewish. These people who are searching to find out Roger Federer religion are religious idiots who wanted to own him for his religious beliefs and boasts about him belong to their faith. These people must know that Roger Federer has never talked about his religious beliefs in any of his interviews. Roger Federer many times mentioned in his interviews that he is world # 1 not Switzerland # 1 tennis player and he believe he belongs to the whole world.

There are tennis players who do show their religious affection during the match and post match press conferences but majority of tennis players stay away from the religion. There is one young talented player who love to kiss his cross after wining the points and this same player lost in the first round of US Open even he was kissing his cross looking up to heaven defeated by veteran. The God or cross or David star can’t help professional tennis players to win their matches, it is their game and how they handled the match on a given day make them win or lose not their religion.

Roger Federer is the most talented tennis player in the history of tennis because of his genius short making skills. He play unbelievable shorts from the angels which are impossible for any other player to play. He learned some of these shorts but most of his game is very natural. He is born to play tennis so intelligently and beautifully.  The people must watch his tennis and enjoy his game without trying to look into this personal life. Roger Federer in few years will be gone so enjoy his tennis as long as it last.


13 Responses to “Roger Federer religion.”

  1. Enough of Quorans, Bible, Ramayans, and so called sacred scriptures, religions, sermons for we people never see the “essence” but take the peripheral things and wage a war against our own co-living colleagues on this planet earth for possessing a different faith. We people madly want some label of religion and affiliation for our existene. We dont need religions and sermons to love each other, to love this planet earth. Goodness may exist beyond and without religions too.

  2. alex said

    You are idiots… talk about love but hate church, religion, everything… love is no hate… Federer believes in God, thats importante…….

  3. believer said

    Blind!!! Search the biggest tennists Margaret Court and Pete Sampras believes!!!

  4. Musa 44 said

    roger fed is a muslim i know he is.

  5. mustafa said

    Federer is Black , he Colored his Skin .. He was born in Zimbabwe Africa.

  6. Mufasa said

    Federer is a native american, i would know he taught me how to make giant corn! and he sucks at tennis

  7. multi_io said

    Federer himself, with his playing abilities, passes as a religion. The only TRUE one, in fact. Federerism, we should call it.

  8. anony said

    You need intensive english lessons

  9. hi said

    Who ever you people are you guys are fucking retarded

  10. sant maskeen…

    […]Roger Federer religion. « Qur'an – Bible.[…]…

  11. Sant Singh Maskeen…

    […]Roger Federer religion. « Qur'an – Bible.[…]…

  12. Anonymous said

    The Religion of Roger Federer is Roman Catholic.
    Roger Federer Is my Cousin.

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