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Cuba Foreign Minister 2007 UN Speech. Machine Translation.

Posted by QB on October 3, 2007


26 of September of 2007, New York

Sir President:

Before the real dangers that had never been made so evident they watch to the human species; before the violations to the Right International had been made never so evident that put in increasing danger to international La Paz and the security; before the inequality and the exclusion had never been made so evident, that strike to more than the two third parts of the population of our planet.

To end to the wastefulness and the consumista frenzy that promote the great corporations and the groups of being able of a reduced group of developed countries, that waste at the cost of the poverty and the perpetuación of the subdevelopment in a vast periphery of poor countries in which thousands of million people malviven, have become a key factor for the subsistence of the humanity. The meeting of high level of this General Assembly, carried out only two days ago, made the danger clear that represents the accelerated global heating that already we suffer and its effect in the climatic change. It is necessary to act, and to make it fast, and the developed countries must have moral and the historical responsibility to give the example and to head the effort.

On the other hand, several of our countries, always of the South, continue being victims of inadmissible acts of aggression on the part of the powerful ones of always, motivated, in the essential, by the insatiable appetite of strategic resources. The predatory wars and the proclamation and application of doctrines based on the preventive war, that do not even exclude the use from nuclear weapons against States that do not have them, and the reiterated use of pretexts such as the assumption fights to the terrorism, the tried promotion of the democracy or the call change of regime in countries unilaterally described like states villains, today constitute the greater and more serious threat to La Paz and the security in the world.

The aggression and illegal occupation of countries, the opposite armed intervention to the Right International and the intentions and principles of the Letter of the UN, the bombing to civilians and the torture continue being practical daily. Under the false litany of the freedom and the democracy, it is tried to consecrate the sacking of the natural resources of the Third World and to control zones of increasing geostrategic importance. That and another one are not the project of imperial domination that tries to impose to blood and fire the military superpower more powerful than the man has seen.

Far from acting itself in the international relations according to the principles of solidarity, social and international justice, the equality and the development for all, are used without the pudor minimum the practices to certify to countries, to impose unilateral blockades, to threaten the aggression, of chantajear and compelling.

If a small country defends its right to independence it accuses of State villain to him; if a power agrede to a country says that “it releases it”. A combatant against the foreign aggression is a terrorist; an attacking soldier is a “fighter by the freedom”. It is the mediatic war, the swindle of the truths, the tyranny of the unique thought in a globalizado world.

Instead of advancing towards the general disarmament and complete, including the nuclear disarmament, that has constituted per decades a permanent reclamation of the Movement of Countries nonAligned, one promotes the armamentismo and wastefulness in new arms and systems of armaments that spend the resources that the world would require to mitigate the effects of the climatic change and as opposed to to do the very serious problems derived from the poverty and the marginalization to him.

He tries himself to prevent, politicized and selectively, the application of the principle, proclaimed already in the Treaty of Nuclear nonProliferation, of which the nations have right to the development of the nuclear energy with pacific aims. One threatens the war and the destruction to countries while he allows himself the aggressive ally to have hundreds of nuclear devices and him aid to modernize them continuously.

How long will more have to pass and how many new victims will die before the hawks of the war include/understand that the arms do not serve to solve the serious problems of the humanity?

A day like today, is worth the trouble to remember the words of President Fidel Castro before this General Assembly in October of 1979:

“We say good bye to the arms – Fidel said and consagrémonos civilizadamente to the most exhausting problems of ours were. That is the responsibility and to have more asylum of all the statesmen of the world. That is, in addition, the indispensable premise of the human survival”.

Sir President:

Today one does not advance towards the fulfillment of Metas of the Millenium and the decisions of the great conferences of the conducted United Nations during the last decade.

The poverty does not diminish. The inequality between the countries and within the countries grows.

Thousand one hundred million people do not have access to potable water; 2 600 million lack services of cleaning; more than 800 million they are illiterate and 115 million children do not go to the primary school; 850 million pass hunger every day. 1% of the richest people of the world have 40% of the wealth, while 50% of the world-wide population as soon as it counts on a 1%. All this happens in a world that a million million in arms spend and another one in commercial publicity.

Near billion people who live in developed countries they consume around half of the total energy, whereas almost 2000 million poor men still do not know the electricity.

Is that the world that wants that we accept? Is perhaps the future to which we must be satisfied? Tenemos or not right to fight to change this state of things? We must or not fight because a better world is possible?

So that so colossal resources in the industry are wasted to kill and is not used to save lives? So that to schools instead of nuclear submarines and hospitals instead of “intelligent” pumps are not constructed? So that vaccines instead of armored vehicles and more foods instead of more bombers do not take place? So that the investigations are not impelled to fight the AIDS, the malaria and the tuberculosis instead of making anti-missile shields? So that the war against the poverty instead of against the poor men does not get rid?

Although billion dollars are needed only 150 to reach Metas of the Millenium, it affirms hypocritically that it does not have of where to obtain necessary the financial resources. Lie! Yes there is money very well, which lack is the political will, the ethics and the real commitment from which they must make the decisions.

If it is really wanted to find the money:

Cúmplase of once with the commitment dedicating 0.7% of the GIP to the Official Aid to the Development. It would mean more than 141 billion additional dollars to the present amounts. In the overflow of the simulation, the countries donors now enter the condonaciones of a debt that know that they will not be able to receive to inflate artificially his contributions.

Condónese the external debt, that our countries have paid already more of once. It would allow to dedicate to the development more than 400 billion dollars that today are dedicated to the service of a debt that does not let grow.

Conclúyase Ronda de Doha for the development and eliminates 300 billion agricultural subsidies of the developed countries. It will allow to dedicate that money to fight against the rural poverty, the nourishing insecurity and to guarantee right prices for products of export of the underdeveloped countries.

Reconózcase our right to the development. Garantícese our right to accede to the markets, the patents and the technologies that today are exclusive monopoly of the powerful ones. Ayúdese to our countries to form professionals and scientists and déjese to rob the talent to us.

The aligned countries we did not need alms; we needed and we demanded justice.

Respétese our right to the cultural diversity and the preservation of our patrimony, our symbols and our idiosyncrasy. That has been the unanimous reclamation that the aligned countries we did not finish proclaiming in Tehran, in our Ministerial Meeting on Human rights and Cultural Diversity.

Sir President:

The aligned countries we do not want more democratic United Nations and I am transparent, in which the General Assembly, its more representative and democratic organ, really exerts the faculties that correspond to him.

We needed Nations United with a reformed Security Council, that acts within the mandate that grants the Corporate charter to him of the Organization, without invading the functions and prerogatives of other organs of the system. A Security Council with one membresía extended, to tone with the present composition of the UN, where the underdeveloped countries we are majority. A Security Council where their methods of work reform radically to allow to the transparency and the access of all the States Members to their workings.

We defend United Nations where the multilateralism and the solutions decided in the absolute respect to the Letter, constitute the only one via approaching and solving the present problems.

We needed an Advice Human rights who prevents the repetition of the serious errors of the old Commission of Human rights. An Advice who consecrates in his practice the principle of which the human rights are universal, indivisible and interdependent. An Advice who ends the selectivity and the double raseros. The aligned countries we will not be against firmly to the perverse machinations of some powerful ones that, frustrated by not to have been able to obtain its objectives, they now try to reopen and to question the agreement reached in the arduous and difficult process of institutional construction of the Council.

The aligned countries we will not move backwards in the defense of the postulates with which our Movement was based, that is similar to those of this Organization. We will foment between the nations relations of friendship based on the respect to the sovereignty principles, equality of rights and frees determination of the towns.

We will continue defending the right of the undergone and heroic Palestinian town to have its own State with its capital in Eastern Jerusalem. We will continue condemning the genocide that against him is committed.

We will continue proclaiming the right of the town from Puerto Rico the sovereignty and independence.

The aligned countries we did not represent almost two thirds of membresía of United Nations. Our vindications could not be preteridas nor our ignored interests. We will stay united and we will lean in the defense of our rights. We will cause that our voice is listened to.

Sir President:

Here my speech like President of the Movement of Countries nonAligned finished. Nevertheless, the scandalous and crude performance of the President of the United States in this room, in the morning of yesterday, now forces to me to pronounce words to name of Cuba.

Using a language soez and an arrogant tone, President Bush insulted and threatened a ten of countries; he issued orders, final and authoritarian, to the General Assembly; and he distributed, with a great power never Vista in this room, qualifications and judgments on a twenty of countries.

It was an embarrassing spectacle. The delirium tremens of world-wide gendar to me. The embriaguez of the imperial power, decorated with all the mediocrity and the cynicism of which they threaten wars in which they know that they do not gamble his life.

The President of the United States does not have any right to judge another sovereign nation of this planet. To have powerful nuclear weapons does not give right some on the rights of the towns of the other 191 countries represented here.

And does not have to underestimate to the determination and the anger of the towns at the time of defending its rights! After all, which is worth is not the power of the tubes, but the justeza of the ideas by which it is fought. The militant and threatening President already must it have learned at this point.

Sovereign equality of the States and not “change of regime”. Respect to the sovereignty and unilateral noncertifications of good behavior. Respect to the Right International and illegal nonblockades and wars.

President Bush spoke of democracy, but all we know that he lies. It arrived at the Presidency by means of the fraud and the deceit. We had saved its presence yesterday and we would have listened to President Albert Gore speak on the climatic change and the risks for our species. We remembered, in addition, how it in plain language supported the coup d’etat against the President and the Constitution of Venezuela.

It spoke of peace, but we know that it lies. We remembered or when it threatened 60 or the more countries, to which it called “dark corners of the planet”, with making them disappear of the Earth face with pre-emptive strikes and surprise. Bush is a peculiar soldier who, from the rear, commands to kill and to die to the young people from its country to thousands of kilometers of its coasts.

It spoke of human rights, but we know that it lies. She is the person in charge of the death of 600 thousand civilians in Iraq, it authorized the torture in Naval Base of Guantánamo and Abu Ghraib, and is accomplice of the kidnapping and the secret disappearance of people, flights and the clandestine jails.

It spoke of the fight against the terrorism, but we know that it lies. It has guaranteed total impunity to the most abominable terrorist groups than, from Miami, they have perpetrated horrible crimes against the Cuban town.

President Bush attacked the new Council of Human rights. He bleeds by the wound; its impotence broods. It martyrs the shame of which, during his Presidency, the United States it cannot at least aspire to being member, because the elections are by secret vote. Cuba, however, was chosen charter member with more than two thirds from the votes.

It spoke of cooperation, development and prosperity for the rest of the world, but all we know that it lies. He has been the most egoistic and irresponsible politician who we have seen. In a world in that 10 million smaller children of 5 years by prevenibles diseases will die this year, their stingy and demagogic proposals of are a joke of badly pleasure yesterday.

President Bush does not have moral authority nor credibility to judge nobody. He would have to respond before the world by his crimes.

There are a limit, Excellence, to the arrogance and hipocresía. There is a limit to the lie and the blackmail. Cuba rejects and condemns each one of mendaces words pronounced yesterday by the President of the United States.

Sir President:

Cuba thanks for the solidarity that has received from this General Assembly in its fight against the blockade and the aggressions that has had to face during almost five decades. Of particular way I thank for here the words pronounced yesterday by the President of Nicaragua, companion Daniel Ortega, present here in the room, and those of all those that have raised to their voice in favor of the right and justice with the Cuban town.
Cuba is thankful to which they have supported his tenacious fight against the terrorism and have raised his voice in favor of the liberation of five jailed Cuban antiterrorist fighters unjustly in prisons of the United States.

Cuba will fight, delegated gentlemen, along with all the members of the Movement of Aligned Countries not to reach an order international and more just democratic, in which our towns can exert their right to La Paz and the development.

It will be possible to be accused to us of soñadores, but we fought with the conviction that the today dreams will be the morning realities.

We fought, and we will not let do it, with the conviction that when there are men without honor, there are always others have in himself the honor of many men and in them goes a whole town, goes the human dignity.

Thank you very much.


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