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Bush must be send to mental hospital . Hugo Chavez.

Posted by QB on October 26, 2007

Hugo Chavez latest criticism said that it is US policies which are rising the price of Oil and Bush must be admitted into mental hospital. Hugo Chavez said Oil prices are rising because of US foreign policies with threatening oil producing countries, he predicted that Oil prices will rise to USD 100 barrel if US keep threatening oil producing countries. Hugo Chavez warned US not to invade Iran because the result will be worst than Iraq, he blamed Bush for leading world towards nuclear WWIII. He want Bush immediately admitted into mental hospital.

Hugo Chavez is the new breed of Head Of State who doesn’t care much about diplomacy. But what he said is true.


2 Responses to “Bush must be send to mental hospital . Hugo Chavez.”

  1. Ric said

    Better take Cheney too. They can have adjoining padded cells. Probably best not to feed either of them. And they can get all the water they need at their waterboarding sessions. What? That’s not cruel, it’s not torture. Just ask them. They’ll tell you.

  2. QB said

    Ric. LOL. You humor is amusing. Write a political satire book, you have main characters Bush and Dick, with side characters Rumsfeld, Rice, Collin Powell, John Ashcroft (who believe naked breast on the statue are nudity), Richard Armitage, Paul Wolfowitz. These are enough to write funny political book by what they said and what they are saying now. If you want more characters there will be no shortage of characters.

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