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U.S. helicopter engines stolen en route to Pakistan port

Posted by QB on June 19, 2008

This is the news headline never reported before that US supplies conveys come under attack en route into Afghanistan.This is anther proof that puppet President Hamid Karzai have no control outside Kabul. Also this is the proof that Pervez Musharraf “war on terror” aggression has failed to gain the control of NWFP.

US politicians will keep claiming that they are winning the “war on terror” in Afghanistan and Iraq without any real success. Wars in these two countries will continue trying to keep these countries under occupation.

Yahoo News

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Bush War on Terror. Taliban Resistance Growing.

Posted by QB on November 25, 2007

The Associated press published short news related to White House Intelligence Report, the conclusion of this report is that Taliban has the upper hand in Afghanistan and US failed to meet its objectives.

WASHINGTON (AFP) — The White House concluded in a recent secret report that the war effort in Afghanistan has not met strategic goals set this year, The Washington Post reported Sunday.

The newspaper, citing unnamed US officials, said the report was prepared earlier this month by the National Security Council.

Its main conclusion was that while individual military battles against the Taliban have been successful, other areas remain wanting, report said.

“One can point to a lot of indicators that are positive,” The Post quoted a senior US intelligence official as saying.

“We go out there and achieve our objectives and kill bad guys.”

But the extremists, he added, seem to have little trouble finding replacements, according to the paper.

While many foreigners, mostly Pakistani, join the Taliban, several officials said the main source of new recruits remain unhappy Afghans, The Post said.

“There doesn’t seem to be a lot of progress being made … I would think that from (the Taliban) standpoint, things are looking decent,” the paper quoted the intelligence official as saying.

This is the news story. This is what I said couple of few weeks before this report. The Pakistan military and the US occupation military can’t get rid of Taliban from NWFP and Afghanistan, they will kill few hundreds, who will be replaced by few thousands more whose brothers fathers get killed by the military to take revenge. The way “war on terror” is executed will last for ever.

The Bush regime spending time and money in reaching these conclusions whereas am giving to them free of charge. Hamid Karzai and Pervez Musharraf can’t kill all their population to win Bush “war on terror”. Hamid Karzai is desperately looking for some peaceful solution with Taliban which is not going anywhere because Taliban main demand is to give the timetable of all foreign troops withdrawal from Afghanistan with control of 18 provinces. Pervez Musharraf emergency failed to provide security in Pakistan’s capital where Taliban are attacking the military personnels in bombs attacks.

The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq should have never been started if Bush regime had little bit of intelligence. The best was to provide the evidence of Osama Bin Laden involvement to Mullah Omar and he was ready to hand him over to International court for trial. This would be the end of Al Qaida but with the invasion and occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq Osama Bin Laden popularity has reached where Bush was after 9/11 attack. The Bush regime still has the chance to change the lost war into victory by accepting Taliban demands withdrawing their troops from their country. The US must keep providing the financial help to Afghanistan which will create jobs, provide education to kids, health care for the poor and very slowly try to change the Taliban mentality with the help of Muslim scholars making them realize that what they do in the name of religion is infact against Qur’an.

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Taliban list of demands for negotiations to Puppet President Hamid Karzai.

Posted by QB on October 15, 2007

Taliban send following three demands to puppet Afghan President Hamid Karzai for negotiations.

  • Control of 10 Southern Provinces
  • Timetable for withdrawal of all foreign troops
  • Release of all their prisoners in six months

These demands are approved by Mullah Omer. This is the chance for Bush regime and puppet Afghan President to start talking to Taliban because there demands are reasonable. Hamid Karzai only had the control of Kabul and all the Southern Afghanistan provinces are very much controlled by Taliban without any deal.The foreign troops and their governments know that they can’t stay in Afghanistan for ever so the demand for timetable is not so unreasonable. The prisoners release is that what all the political and organizations wants.

Pervez Musharraf who was talking on TV boasting to bring tanks and guns in North West Frontier Province very well know that guns and tanks will make the situation worst. The only way end this conflict is with negotiations. He should tell Bush that they really don’t have any chances of winning this “war on terror” with dropping bombs on civilians killing children and women. The “war on terror” could be won with taking positive steps, first by establishing the peace with negotiations. The second most important step should be by providing the financial help in NWFP and Afghanistan for building schools, hospitals, creating new job opportunities. Ronald Reagan, the most popular President till today, did the stupid blunder of abandoning Afghanistan after USSR withdrawal and this lead the countries into Talibisation as they come into power ending the corruption of the Northern Alliance government.

The change in NWFP and Afghanistan will come gradually with eduction, by constantly keeping in touch with Taliban by slowly changing their view of Islam which is based on traditions than Qur’an. Al Qaida and Osama Bin Laden will lost its popularity and support with US change its unconditional support of Israel and seriously put its efforts to solve this conflict.

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‘War on terror’ has been a ‘disaster’: British think tank.

Posted by QB on October 8, 2007

The British Research Group believe that US and Britain has to change its policies on “war on terror” to succeed, this is what exactly what am saying since the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq. Bush policies of invasion and occupation has created sympathies for Osama Bin Laden, Al Qaida and Taliban. The Osama Bin Laden and Taliban can’t be defeated with invasions and occupations, the better approach was to solve the differences with negotiations, which was offered by Taliban before Afghanistan invasion. Bush rejected their demand of showing evidence of Osama Bin Laden in 9/11 attack. Taliban promised to handover Osama Bin Laden to international court for trial. There would be no war, no unnecessary deaths, destruction and waste of hundreds of billions dollars. The hundreds of billions dollars could have been used to eliminate poverty, start eduction and awareness programs to bring positive change in Afghanistan. The Iraq war, on the other hand was unnecessary, there were no terrorists in Iraq, there was no Al Qaida in Iraq, Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11. The Iraq invasion was planned by Zionists to protect Israel, The other reason was that Neo-Cons like Paul Wolfowitz convinced Bush Junior to finish the job dad failed leaving Saddam Hussein in power. Saddam Hussein also challenged Bush senior that if he survived in power that will be is greatest victory against USA. Bush senior was defeated in election just after winning war against Saddam Hussein. The Oil was big attraction to invade and occupy Iraq.

LONDON (AFP) — The US-led “war on terror” has been a “disaster” and Washington and its allies must change their policy in Iraq and Afghanistan to defeat Al-Qaeda, an independent global security think tank said.Read complete report.

The following are few of my previous posts on Iraq and Afghanistan.

US lost Militarily and Politically in Iraq.

Afghanistan war will lasts for decades.

Osama Bin Laden Trapped Bush Intelligently!!!

Afghanistan war very much alive.

Hamid Karzai, Afghanistan puppet President who only had control of Kabul, invited Taliban for peace talk which they rejected demanding all foreign troops withdrawal for any peace negotiations. US military has also developed ties with Sunnis Iraqi Resistance by giving huge amount of money which are helping them to buy arms and ammunition’s to protect themselves against Shiite Militias . This does not mean that they support US occupation, they are very much against US presence in Iraq like Shiites.

The Britain Prime Minister announced to withdraw half of its troops from Iraq which will be 2,500 next spring. This announcement is not surprise because recent polls shows that his government is trailing to Britain Conservatives.

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Hamid Karzai inviting Taliban for talk.

Posted by QB on September 29, 2007

Hamid Karzai the puppet President of Afghanistan wanted to meet Taliban leaders including Mullah Omar and Gulbuddin Hekmatyar to bring peace in the country. The question come to my mind what did the US achieve with Afghanistan invasion and occupation. Taliban wants all the occupation troops ouf of Afghanistan before any talks which Karzai is not in favor of. Talibans. Hamid Karazi should have told Bush to accept Taliban offer by showing them the proof of Osama Bin Laden involvement in 9/11 and they were ready to hand over him to international court for trial. Bush arrogantly rejected this reasonable offer which could have saved tens of thousands of innocent lives lost in Afghanistan. Karzai now want to give some government posts to Taliban which clearly means that Bush coalition is facing tough resistance and the situation is not under their control. Karzai typical hypocrite was very critical of Pervez Musharraf for signing peace deal with Taliban in NWFP and that too was for the purpose of peace of that country.

US can’t win the war in Afghanistan was my analysis from start so this is no big surprise to me that Karzai wants peace deal with Taliban. US military in Iraq has developed close ties with Iraqi Resistance so that war is lost too, on cost of $767 billion dollars, over 1 millions lives lost, millions Iraqis living in exile, complete destruction of that country. This happened when a f*king moron is in-charge of government.

My advice to Hamid Karzai is to bring as many of those fancy robes coming back to US with the troops.

Afghanistan’s Karzai Offers to Talk With Taleban

Taliban rejected Hamid Karzai offer with their spokesman issuing following statement.

“The Taliban will never negotiate with the Afghan government in the presence of foreign forces,” Ahmadi said. “Even if Karzai gives up his presidency, it’s not possible that Mullah Omar would agree to negotiations. The foreign forces don’t have the authority to talk about Afghanistan.”

Taliban can’t speak English properly but they are intelligent which is reflected in this statement. US and its allies don’t have the authority to appoint puppet governments in Afghanistan and Iraq. The governments in both occupied countries are illegitimate.

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Taliban commander vows bloody 2007 in Afghanistan.

Posted by QB on January 2, 2007

This news is published by AlterNet.org and all following quotes are extracted from their news story.

The Taliban will step up attacks on foreign troops in Afghanistan this year and kill anyone who negotiates with the government, a top rebel commander said on Tuesday. Taliban commander Mullah Dadullah said the new year would see more attacks on NATO and U.S. forces.

“Suicide and guerrilla attacks on NATO, American and coalition forces will continue and increase this year. The Taliban will inflict heavy casualties on them,” Dadullah told Reuters by satellite telephone from an undisclosed location.

Dadullah said the Taliban had used a winter lull in fighting to draw up new war plans to inflict maximum damage on foreign forces. Afghan fighting traditionally falls off during the bitter winter when snow blocks mountain passes.

“They will soon come to know about the Taliban’s strength and war strategy. We will attack with such a force they will have no time to settle,” Dadullah said. The rebel commander ruled out any negotiations while foreign troops were in the country and threatened dire consequences for anyone who did so. “Those who negotiate in the name of the Taliban will be killed,” he said. He did not elaborate. The government has a reconciliation programme aimed at persuading Taliban members to give up their fight and rejoin society but few insurgents have taken up the offer. Some Afghan politicians have said peace will be impossible unless elements of the Taliban are included in talks. A Taliban spokesman said last month the rebels might take part in planned tribal councils that Pakistan and Afghanistan aim to hold on both sides of the Afghan-Pakistani border. But other Taliban members quickly denied there was any chance of the insurgents attending the councils. Taliban leader Mullah Mohammad Omar was reported to have denounced the proposed meetings as an American trick in a message last week.

Afghanistan front will be quiet during the winter because of severe cold weather and winter always is family time for Afghans and it is also evident they will be doing planning and setting up their war strategy. Bush regime will try to promote its propaganda that everything is under NATA occupation troops and Talebans have gone into hiding and defeated which ofcourse will only accepted by the idiots who have no knowledge about the region and Afghans mentality who had the desire and will to continue this war for decades. Afghanistan will go into background for the time being with all the emphasis will be on Iraq and I am still waiting for Bush regime next move which could be increasing the number of US troops but that will backfire will not solve any of the mess Bush stupidity has created with invading that country.

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Afghanistan – Bush and Blair war.

Posted by QB on October 13, 2006

The British Parliament had interesting debate discussion comparing it parallel to Russian invasion and occupation of Afghanistan. The British government is denying any claim that there is no comparison between UK and US invasion and occupation with Russia invasion and occupation. The British government used the word “deployment of UK troops” instead of invasion to look like its more likely to be seen as they went there for good cause.

“I have studied Afghanistan’s history and think the important point is that the Soviet campaign and the campaigns of the British Empire were absolutely different in nature from what we are undertaking,” Defence Minister Lord Drayson said.

Speaking in the House of Lords on Thursday, Drayson said the point was made clear to him recently by Estonia’s defence minister Jurgen Ligi, who said the people of his country were sent to Afghanistan “as a form of punishment under the Soviet empire.”

“We, with our coalition partners, are supporting the development of a democracy in Afghanistan, with the complete support of the people of Afghanistan as expressed in their democratic elections. That is completely different,” he said.

The same rhetoric of promoting Bush regime democracy with guns and bombs. The US and British invasion and occupation of Afghanistan is no different than Russian invasion and occupation. The occupation military is facing the fierce resistance from Afghans who has the desire and will to fight these foreign occupation for as long as it take to take back control of their country.

The other news is that 8 Afghans and one NATO soldier killed in suicide attack in Kandahar. According to NATO Commandar said that Afghanistan has reached to a boiling point. Lieutenant General David Richards said on October 8 that the situation in this country reached the boiling point. The British general believes that the majority of the population will end up on the Taliban’s side unless some positive changes take place within six months, no more. Residents of Badakhshan this correspondent talked to claim that fighting takes place in the environs of Jelalabad, Hardez, and Kandahar (eastern and southern provinces) almost every day but NATO command is keeping it under the lid.

Bush regime thought that they will control Afghanistan by giving power to Hamid Karzi who only had the control of Kabul with the help of foreign fighters. Afghans will always be more sympathtic to Talebans because they are their own people over these foreign occupation military. The US UK can delay their complete defeat quickly started spending hundreds of million dollars but at the end the outcome of Afghanistan occupation will not be different than Russian occupation.

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Pakistan – Afghanistan growing rift. History Culture and Analysis of the situation.

Posted by QB on September 28, 2006

The lastest hot news for CNN is Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf and Kabul President Hamid Karzai. Wolf Blitzer interview Pervez Musharraf with last night sit down with Hamid Karzai and tried his best to escalate the tensions between two with playing the partial video of Pervez Musharraf. Hamid Karzai was very diplomatic and intelligently asnwered all Wolf Blitzer questions. CNN last night coveraged was dominated by Afhanistan Pakistan tensions until mid night ending with Anderson Cooper.

CNN coverage had all sorts of socalled experts on the issue who had their own opinions which mainly are due to their ignorance of the region culture traditions and tribal knowledge of Afghanistan and Pakistan. Bob Grenier former head of CIA counterterrism analysis was most accurate and professional.

The recent peace deal, which Pervez Musharraf signed with tribal elders of North West Frontier Province, is getting all sorts of criticism from US socalled analysts reports and US military.

The NWFP majority of the population is Pashtoons with very close ties with Afghans Pastoons who are 53% of Afghanistan. The speak the same language, have the same culture and traditions and live their lives according to their tribal rules. These Pashtoons never recognized the broder betwee Afghanistan as they are used to crossing these borders for trade and social cultural reasons. This NWFP was independent even with whole India and present Pakistan was under British rule. These Pushtoons resisted very bravely with British troops to keep their independence.

Pakistan government never had the full control of some areas of NWFP which are controlled by Sardars and known as Federal Adminstrative Tribal Areas with representation in National Assembly and Senate by elections. These Pasthoons love their tribal way of life customs and traditions folllow the rules and laws set by their Sardars with no interference from Pakistan government.

This all changed when Pervez Musharraf decided to join Bush’s “war on terrorism”. Bush administration pushed Musharraf government to the wall pressuring them to take action in NWFP and the attack in Waziristan started all this fighting between Pakistan military and Pasthoons tribes when they attacked and killed hundreds of women, children, elderly by bombing their compounds and that all is done in “fight against terror’. The consequences of this attack were very disappointing for Pakistan military and rangers with hundreds of soldiers get killed. There was a report that these tribes had attacked and blown up eight Pakistan military and rangers trucks killing hundreds in one day, this was never reported by Pakistan news media.

Pakistan Military was facing fierce resistance since Waziristan attack and it became the political problem for Pervez Musharraf which could have resulted in an military coup or he had step down due to political unrest. Pervez Musharraf decision to sign peace deal with tribal elders is a bold step to keep himself in power, which is good for Pakistan as well as for the whole world.

Bob Grenier is the former head of the CIA’s counterterrorism center. “Each of those leaders and both of the countries have very complicated political situations. And what is perhaps of the greatest relevance to us is that neither leader controls all of his territory. And that’s where the problems of greatest concern to the United States really arise.”

Garnier further addded on poppy fields. Grenier says Karzai can’t go against poppy fields by choice, afraid to anger warlords who control the narcotics trade. He dare not alienate large elements of his population who are not currently alienated, given the fact that he already has a very large insurgency that he’s fighting. This is very accurate professional analysis of Afghanistan Pakistan situation.

Bush administration must know the limits not to pressure Pervez Musharraf on sensitive issues like insisting that US military has the right to take action on Pakistan territory. This will create anger and hatred against Musharraf with majority of Pakistan population and they will vote against these moderates and go for religious Mullahs political parties. Musharraff support for Bush’s “war on terror” has already cost him two provinces NWFP and Baluchistan. Musharraf government is better than the Mullahs take over government.

The US media and Bush adminstration portrayed Hamid Karzai as the popular democratically elected President of Afghanistan only had the control of Kabul with NATO and US military support. Karzai is Pashtoon and majority of Afghans, with the approval of Taliban, voted for him because of their rivalry with Tajiks. The reason for writing that Afghans voted with the approval of Taliban is that the elections went very smoothly without any violence.

The recent escalation in Taliban attacks is their last push before winter and there will be very low number of attacks during whole winter and they will again come back with attacks in spring. This is what is happening in Afghanistan from last five years and none of these socalled terrorism has poininted that out neither any of the military analysts ever accknowledged this fact.

Hamid Karzi himself if Afghan Pasthoon and he knows the nature of his people who don’t like occupation. Karzai knows that Afghans fight Russian invasion of Afghanistan for ten year. Karzai knows that Afghans would have fight Russians for if they had not withdrawn from Afghistan. Karzai knows that Afghan Pashtoons will keep fighting as long there are foreign troops on their land who are threathen their tribal way of life and culture. Karzai is denying these facts blaming it all on Pakistan for Taliban resistance is more political statements to gain more financial support from US government.

Karzai who is holding on to power from last five years have done nothing to improve the living coniditions of people living in Southern Afghanistan. The US news networks try to paint a very positive picture of Afghanistan by showing the video shops beauty parlours and brothels in Kabul without carefully listening to the common Afghans who still believe they were better under Taliban rule. Anderson Cooper interviewed some young Afghans in Jalalabad who praised Taliban for security and electricity. Karzai could have earned the respect and support of common Afghan by development work in the whole Afghanistan by providing them basic utilities electric and power. The security better economic conditions will somewhat bring down the Taliban support. These Pashtoons will always be more sympathic to Talibans over the foreigners who have occupied their land.

The resistance in Afghanistan will continue just like resistance in Iraq with foreign troops in these countries. Karzai know this better than me only he don’t want to admit the truth.

Karzai also wants Musharraf to close down all the madarsas in Pakistan which he believe are the breading grounds of terrorism.  This did not turn out to be the truth about madarsas after doing extensive research on internet. These madarsas help the young kids to learn to read and memorise Qur’an. Karzai should also demand to close down most radical Christian fundamentalists Liberty University of Rev. Jerry Falwell who is breading ground for fundamentalists Chrisitians scholars who love to kill “all Muslims in the name of Lord”.

Bush administration must not issue irresponsible statements about Pakistan which will destabilize Musharraf government. Bush administration foolish policies has helped Iraq to have Shi’ites religious government. Iran had Ahmadinejad who win over reformist Khatami on Anti America sologan.

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