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Roger Federer Wimbledon loss.

Posted by QB on July 7, 2008

Roger Federer yesterday Wimbledon loss is too much of a shock to me that I really don’t feel like saying anything about this very sad result. All the credit goes to Rafael Nadal staying in the match and finish it off in his favor.

Federer in press conference said that he played good match, I don’t agree with him because he missed so many opportunities which could give him the record setting sixth Wimbledon Championship. The post match press conference is just after the conclusion of the match and I am sure that Federer himself was in shock. He will realize his mistakes onces he has chance of looking at the match critically and will avoid the same mistakes of getting panicky on important match points. Federer failed to materialize on the big important points of the match.

Federer has to win few Masters Series before US Open to keep his number 1 ranking.

7 Responses to “Roger Federer Wimbledon loss.”

  1. masters said

    […] credit goes to Rafael Nadal staying in the match and finish it off in his favor. Federer in press cohttps://quranbible.wordpress.com/2008/07/07/roger-federer-wimbledon-loss/Read “RE: TOITS – Michael Masters – Oil Speculator Expert? – TOITS – InvestorVillage” at TOITS : […]

  2. sheila said

    i think both players played fantastic. after looking @ stats the difference is that nadal capitalized on break point opportunities whereas federer did not. being a huge fan of federer’s i am heartbroken he didn’t pull it off. however, anyone who dares to say federer is not a great player after coming back 2 sets against nadal is really delusional. i don’t think any other player on the tour could ever come back 2 sets and go the distance in a 3rd set against nadal and federer did. i hope that federers performance at wimbledon will elevate his game in upcoming hardcourt events and i can only be hopeful that he wins u.s.open. i have the utmost respect for nadal. he is a class act in my opinion. after reading lots of websites and people simply knocking federer, i don’t think they appreciate the match those 2 played on sunday. also i am so tired of everyone saying federer is in decline and i hope w/all my heart that he proves them wrong and wins masters series and u.s. open. i simply hope federer can pass sampras’s record b4 he retires. nadal is the best player this year 4sure, but people saying he is the best player ever are simply huge fans. i think nadal is a great player, i think federer is a great player, i think djokovic is becoming a great player (although i can’t stand his personaility), but because nadal won the french and wimbledon this year does not put him above federer is record speaks for itself. but yes nadal is the #1 player of 2008 4 sure. even he says he is not the best player of all time because he has more to prove. federer has said he is not the best player of all time because he to has not broken records. so people that are fans of either player, to insult each player because they don’t like them is ridiculous. give them all credit for what they bring to the tennis court.

  3. Erik said

    What an epic five set match by the two titans of tennis. My eyes were glued to this marathon for 4 hours and 48 minutes! This was the greatest and perhaps the best quality tennis I have ever witnessed in any tournament. Congrats to Nadal for taking down the great Federer.

  4. QB said

    Thank you Sheila and Erik your nice comments. You two are understand Tennis very well, must be die hard Tennis fans. Looking forward at the US hard court season. Federer must win few of these Master Series before going into US Open to keep his number 1 ranking. Olympic will be before US Open which really doesn’t matter much for the ATP Tennis points but add Gold.

  5. Ed said

    At least we Americans have the Williams sisters! GO Venus and Serena!

  6. Karl said

    oh yeah that was the best final of all time, even above sampras s finals at wimbledon. federer is the man he proved to me in this final that is not human with 26 aces 89 winners. being mentally tough time and time at 15-40 down. playing well from 2 sets down that s wonderful. on the other side people dont realize how good nadal has become on grass with ground strokes more penetrating than federer, it seems to me if federer wasnt serving well it would have been a 3 sets final to nadal. federer almost always has fight to keep serve while serving well, the moment he lacks intensity in the serve it s a nadal s game. well i thank the two for playing the final at the highest quality. but nadal will be #1 at the end of the year.

  7. Fawzy said

    The match was a real testament to the fact that imtiative is well taken.

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