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Change has come to America!

Posted by QB on December 20, 2008

Barack Obama used this phrase on election night after winning the election. I too believed that that the change has really come into American politics until  Barack Obama announced his cabinet which does not give me any hope of change with his administration. Hillary Clinton does not believe in diplomacy is the Secretary of State. She strongly believe that there should be no negotiations with Iran, she believes that Iran must be obliterated, she supports trade embargo on Cuba, she supports are Israel aggression unconditionally, she voted for Iraq invasion. How she could be Secretary of State for change?

Robert Gates still Secretary of Defence. Barack Obama election promise was to end Iraq war immediately is now saying that he will listen to the advice of Generals on Iraq, this is the same policy from last eight years adopted by Bush regime. This is not the change Americans voted for.

Barack Obama also promised to bring social reforms for poor and middle class which he can’t do before inauguration, so that still is some hope for change in America.

19 Responses to “Change has come to America!”

  1. Ashley said

    Well, considering the Bush – Congress team is bailing every bad business out with our grandchildren’s money, there may not be any resources to pay for “social reforms for the low and middle class.” It is our own fault.

    “If government is not good perhaps it is because the good refuse to participate and so we get the government that we deserve.”-Mark Twain

  2. QB said


    The big corporations troubles are their own fault of greed and bad policies. The government bailout is necessary at this time to avoid total collapse of US economy which would be disaster for poor and middle class. Bush has already bring the US debt to extremely high level which if further goes up by few hundred billion dollars to keep the economy moving will the right approach. Barack Obama administration can deal with it in coming years.

    The social economic program for poor and middle class is the right thing to do without any delay.

    Thanks for your comments.

  3. Ric said

    Let’s not forget that it has been the stated intent of Bush, the Republicans, and the Conservatives to effectively destroy the Federal government’s ability to operate social programs that help the poor, the workers, the middle class. Bush’s ‘midnight’ regulations are part of that effort. The spending of 700 billion dollars on the financial industry is another part of the attempt to cripple the government and the Obama administration, no matter how many Democrats voted for it or seem to think it’s a good and necessary action. That nobody but Paulson, a Wall Street insider, knows where the money has gone is indicative of the corrupt nature of these people.

  4. Farhang Adib said

    I remmeber I told you my prediction about Obama a few month ago.
    The truth is that all these people are following the same path but with some minor differences.World does not realise anything.ingnorance exist every where

  5. QB said

    Friend Farhang,

    You are right. Now you know why I lost interest because there will never be a positive change.

    Happy New year to you your family and friends.

  6. Farhang Adib said

    Dear QB
    thanks for your message . Happy new year to you and your esteemed family and all the freinds in your web belog

  7. Nathan said

    QB, you are way out of touch with reality, and completely ignorant in regards to American foreign policy.

    1. American foreign policy WILL NEVER focus on what is best for the Middle East. It will focus on what is best for America. Ahmadinejad is the last leader in the world Obama should negotiate with. The only things he wants are Islamic domination of the Middle East and the extermination of Israel. These sorts of demands are absurd. He is a raving lunatic.

    2. The Middle East would be in turmoil regardless of American presence. Obama is filling his cabinet with American politicians who care about America first and foremost and not the fact that Hamas can’t leave Israel alone long enough for any kind of dipolmacy to occur. Obama will bring change, and honestly, the entire Middle East should be asking for his help, not blaming him for the chaos.

    3. And you are very wrong about Hillary Clinton. She did vote for the Iraq Invasion intially, along with a majority of Senators. Obama was one of the VERY FEW who did not. And she supports Israel because they are our allies. Not because she thinks they should be killing women and children in Palestine, but because we are allies.

    In my opinion, your passion ideas about this subject should be reevaluated. You have no clue to the reality of American foreign policy. Please don’t pretend you do.

    • QB said

      Again you are trying to be smart but you are an idiot, Hillary did vote for Iraq war with the majority of Senators. American foreign policy nothing but stupidity, embargo on Cuba, trying to overthrow Hugo Chavez government, no diplomatic relations with Iran. Big five can have all sort of WMDs but other nations can’t have them for their defense.

  8. Farhang Adib said

    Friend QB
    Please leave this person alone. Israel is killing innocents in Gaza ,while human right exists only for ignorants like Nathan. Leave these people with their stupid minds as they are .Soon or late they will realize the truth. They dont know how Bush Administration f….d their economy and reputation .So let them to enjoy the new year holiday while people are dying in other places. this is the meaning of humanity ,democracy and freedom .I have well understood the foreign policy of USA.Nathan is right .Israel is the US ally,so allowed to do anythig.When somebody is
    doing the worst defense for his/her friends, why should we insist and prevent him/her not to do so .What a wonderful world !!!

    • QB said


      My friend just he make me angry. Israel has the backing of US and UK so they are free to kill as many innocent people they like. US invasions has already killed over million innocent people in Iraq and Afghanistan. This idiot comments were stupid. I can take the criticism but not supidity.

  9. Farhang Adib said

    Friend QB
    What a strange logic Nathan is using!!. despite the crimes Israel makes in killing women and children of Gaza, that regime should be supported because Israel is among the US allies !!! as I said before, Nathan is trying to justify criminal acts in a worst possible way . I thank Nathan for his honesty. At least he reveals his thoughts ,but making one mistake about you. You are well aware of US diplomacy . As we are . In the way of Nathan’s justification, morality has no meaning. Nathan is saying something that even corrupt US politicians do not dare to directly say so .Do not put too much stress on your nerves .Any time I read such nonsense so called logics ,I just smile. because others read his comments and deduce in a right way.
    Have a great day .Please pray for the people in Gaza.

  10. ilahiler said

    It is nice think..thanks.

  11. Nathan said

    The only thing you did was restate my point about Clinton and then tell me that American foreign policy was “stupid”. Remember what I said before. America will think about America first and foremost. Cuba, Chavez, and Iran have ALL publicly denounced the USA, so we will do what is necessary to keep them at bay. Period. No ignorant self-righteous, America hating imbecile like yourself is going to agree with this. So I understand why you don’t.

    As for Gaza, when Hamas launches rockets into Israel, they have every right to retaliate. If you wanna blame it on religious oppression, fine. Fact is, Hamas launched over 1000 rockets into Israel in 2008 alone. If Canada launched 3 rockets into the USA, we would have their head on a plate. If Hamas can’t take the heat, quite fucking around with Israel. They win EVERY time.

    • Nathan Nathan... said

      I am a man with peace loving israeli friends, as well as peace loving muslim friends. I have a lot of family in America too, after the european exodus over a hundred years ago.

      Nathan…You are not seeing clearly. You get angry, you call QB an “America hating imbecile” and start babbling on about what would happen if Canada threw a few rockets over on to your side of the border ? Before I get to my point, don’t you think the Civilized Canadians would have been quite a task for the strung out reserves who probably would have to go to war without being paid ? After all, siding with Norway, they are the best democracy in the world. The US of A are not even on that top 10 list! Ok, so I am pulling your chain a bit here, but see how easy it is to fall out of subject when you are angry ?

      Seriously though, if Canada took Montana, would you like it if your grandchildrens kids felt that the people of Montana should stop killing innocent Canadians in order to get back the land of their families ? Their houses, which now are occupied with Canadians ?

      If the israelis kill all the members of a peace loving family father, would you be totally surprised that he blew up an israeli bus a few months later ?

      Watch who you are calling ignorant. The israelis have basically no support left in the world. Not just because the Knesset have the worst propaganda machinery…because quite frankly, I do not think they care. They do not care about the countless resolutions from the UN, that REALLY do not disappear just because the constant US veto. The israeli are first and foremost in lack of respect and support, because they enter the same trap every day, decade after decade. Killings have NEVER EVER had the desired effect, NEVER resulted in a more secure Israel. It may help a bit on the feeling of getting revenge, but it is as constructive as the irish, teaching their kids to spit on other kids going scared to school every day. In other words, Absolutely meaningless.

      The Likud party must have been celebrating with champagne when Rabin was killed by “a student”, and the Oslo agreement was paused. They must have been swimming in the Champagne, when the american jew moved to Israel, just to murder lots of praying muslims, and burried the Oslo agreement. The norwegian Johan J. Holst died after working around the clock with this agreement. He was honoured with a seat on the lawn by the White House, because the “people who do not see it fit to talk or negotiate with certain people” craved the spotlight, honour, extra votes and what have you. When Clinton received both parties at that lawn, it was incompetency bashing in glory for the norwegian break-through. It taught the US the importancy of communication, and the use of secret, unofficial channels.

      This agreement only lacked a solution to the settlements, and it would have been a brilliant example of ending the mother of all wars, that is how close we were guys, and look at the settlements now; the israel government is taking a crap in the face of the american government, like so many times before. The israeli government is eyeballing all of the world saying, without saying; PEACE IS SOMETHING WE REALLY REALLY REALLY DO NOT WANT! Thank God that peace loving israelis are growing in numbers. They can even do it officially on the streets now, more often even without getting beaten up.

  12. Farhang Adib said

    Dear friend QB
    Some people should know they are not in a position to keep any country at bay.Besides ,most people all around the world hate the US government and not Americans .Some brain whshed people should also study the history of Gaza and find out that which side is aggressive .On the other hand ,a military war should be different with War Crimes ,when more than 6300 civilians are recently killed and injured ( about 500 children were killed ) in Gaza . Zionists have also used chemical weapons against the innocents in the under attacked city .Any how they can follow the same way as done in the past and bear the consequences more .As they wish .

    • QB said

      Dear Friend Farhang,

      The problem with people like Nathan is that they only try to impose their views and policies in the name of national pride, patriotism and self defense without analyzing the facts. They don’t try to accept the fact that the other countries policies are for their own national interests, not US interests. The other countries too have the right to develop nuclear weapons for their defense. Israel do follow the policies of US who had used the cluster and Phosphorus bombs on Iraqi civilians in Fulluja. US & Russia are the two countries refused to sign agreement on using cluster bombs. Gaza 6300 innocent people killed what about over 1 million innocent children women elderly killed by US invasion of Iraq and another tens of thousands in Afghanistan. Nathan will justify all these unnecessary killings for their self defense without accepting the fact that these stupid policies are creating more hatred against US.

  13. Nathan said


    Those casualty number are a FAR exaggeration. The United States Military DID not kill over 1 million innocent women and children in Iraq. I would never justify 1 million innocent deaths, as it is absurd. There have only been around 1000 death in Gaza since this conflict began some 4 weeks ago. While Israel is in the wrong for several attacks, such as the UN Consolate Building, Hamas is also to blame. Hamas sought refuge in Mosques, schools, and hospitals, all with innocents inside, and fired on Israeli troops while inside them. Hamas does not care about innocents. They care about political power and international attention. At no time do they consider the cost of their actions.

    And yes, I will show my spirit of nationalism and patriotism EVERY time. All I am asking if for you to do some research before you spout off. You hate the United States. Who cares. Learn the facts before you bring them up. You need to understand that you are very incorrect in much of your factual information, and you opinion the US policies are “stupid” is fine if you can give solid reasons for this thought. Since you cannot, please, shut up.

    I would like you to read this article, and expain to me where you got the number “6300” as the death toll in Gaza. You are a liar.


    Also, one last note. The fact that you used the term “Zionist” indicates that you feel this is a religious-based attack. An attack on Islam by the Jews of Israel. Once again, QB, you are so wrong. Hamas has been launching rockets in Israel. Don’t feed me bullshit about what side has been aggresive throughout history. If you launch rockets into an enemy country, you will get a retaliation. I guaruntee it.

    • QB said


      I don’t hate, I love US. I have great admiration of US where never face any discrimination, the people are kind. Lived in many States, fortunately all those are non Bible belt States.

      The one million figures are very correct from independent sources.

  14. Farhang Adib said

    Dear friend QB
    – About 1200 civilians were killed in Gaza . and more than 4000 were injured during the recent attack
    – The people of Gaza had no place to hide ,some had to go the UN
    facilities.But Israel did not consider and respect any international rule. I personally heard and saw the interview of the UN authority in Gaza ,saying the fact that the people had no place to hide against Israeli bombs ( Algazeera press TV).
    – The war in our region is the War for Oil. It is not a religous war.Zionist leaders believe in nothing . Those religous stories they repeat is for their own people justification .They are the big liars and criminals.
    And at last how can you persuade a person denying everything .
    The whole world know the real story.We have a famous expression saying :
    It is easy to wake somebody up ,but impossible to do the same for a person that pretends to have fallen sleep . What so ever statstics that you show from independent sources will be denied by these kind of people.Israel surronded Gaza for a long time ,bombig them ,killing them through terrorist activities ,and at last attacked them ,while people like that person above expects the elected government of Palestine (Hamas ) do nothing and just watch. Despite the damages Zionists made to Gaza ,we all see that at last they went out and in fact were defeated again .While the Iraeli regime declaring they got the expected goals ,I do not know how ? by killing civilians?

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