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Roger Federer Wimbledon loss.

Posted by QB on July 7, 2008

Roger Federer yesterday Wimbledon loss is too much of a shock to me that I really don’t feel like saying anything about this very sad result. All the credit goes to Rafael Nadal staying in the match and finish it off in his favor.

Federer in press conference said that he played good match, I don’t agree with him because he missed so many opportunities which could give him the record setting sixth Wimbledon Championship. The post match press conference is just after the conclusion of the match and I am sure that Federer himself was in shock. He will realize his mistakes onces he has chance of looking at the match critically and will avoid the same mistakes of getting panicky on important match points. Federer failed to materialize on the big important points of the match.

Federer has to win few Masters Series before US Open to keep his number 1 ranking.

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Pervez Musharraf wants to declare “state of emergency” to fight Bush “war on terror”.

Posted by QB on November 1, 2007

The latest Pakistan news is that Pervez Musharraf is trying to convince Bush regime to let him declare state of emergency to fight their “war on terror”. Benazir Bhutto quickly rejected state of emergency fearing that it will be suspension of fundamental human rights. The militants are fighting Pakistani troops in North Frontier Province with popular support of the people, there was news that people have collected over US$ 25,000 in just three hours for militants. The battle between Pakistan troops and militants continue in Northern region of Pakistan which killed atleast 16 Pakistani soldiers. The clashes came a day after a suicide bomb attack less than a kilometre from the army headquarters in Rawalpindi killed at least seven people, including policemen and civilians, and left 11 others wounded. A suicide bomber on a motorcycle rammed a Pakistan Air Force (PAF) bus, killing at least eight people on Thursday as militants inspired by al Qaeda intensified a campaign to destabilize President Pervez Musharraf.

Pervez Musharraf and Bush must admit that their “war on terror” was a mistake, as it is not going in the direction of victory for Pakistan and US in the near future. The situation in the NWFP is becoming more violent increased attacks on Pakistan troops and as well as attacks on US troops in Afghanistan. The state of emergency will not suspend the fundamental humans of common people but it certainly will suspend the Benazir Bhutto dream of getting into power third time. The violence and killing will continue for Pakistani troops and US occupation military in Afghanistan if the rulers just accept their mistakes and try to resolved the conflict with negotiations. The Pakistan military and the US occupation military can’t get rid of Taliban from NWFP and Afghanistan, they will kill few hundreds, who will be replaced by few thousands more whose brothers fathers get killed by the military to take revenge. The way “war on terror” is executed will last for ever.

“In battle, government troops are only trained to run away,” remarks Akbar Hussain, the Taleban commander for Kabal region.“We don’t want to kill them because they are also Muslim, but [the country’s military ruler] Gen Musharraf is using them to advance the Americans’ agenda.”

Officials say Taleban militants beheaded at least eight government troops during two days of fighting over the weekend. Independent sources say the number may be twice that.

The government has accused “outsiders” of perpetrating trouble in Swat, a charge Mr Hussain dismisses.

He attributes the beheading of the troops, a hallmark of well-trained fighters linked to the Taleban and al-Qaeda, to “ordinary local people who lost their loved ones” in Islamabad’s radical Red Mosque.

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Roger Federer with fourth straight US Open Championship.

Posted by QB on September 9, 2007

Roger Federer win his fourth consecutive US Open Championship and I am sure that he has written new history to become the first player to win Wimbledon and US Open titles back to back four years. This all come on a day when Roger Federer was not playing his best tennis, his serve for first two sets were ordinary, his return game was way off for the entire match, he committed more backhand and forehands errors which on good day could have been clean winners and still the result is amazing winning in straight sets against very talented Novak Djokovic, as my prediction in my prematch analysis. This is Roger Federer 12 Grand Slam Title only two behind Pete Sampras which is very achievable starting from Australian Open in January. Roger Federer play excellent tennis on grass and this give us the hope that he there will also write new history winning Wimbledon for sixth straight year. If he achieve these goals by the middle season of next year than he sure will go to keep winning US Open.

Novak Djokovic is young talented player who had the opportunity to win the first set easily but he could not convert his six sets points which was clear sign of his nervousness and also it was due to Roger Federer excellent defense game. Roger Federer did not have any problem wining the first set in tiebreak once he had leveled the set. The second set was also was not so good for Roger Federer with is very ordinary poor quality of tennis and Novak Djokovic get the early break in the second set as well. Roger Federer did break Novak Djokovic to level the second set and once again second set was decided on tiebreak which Roger Federer win comfortably. There were no breaks in the third sets until game 10 when Roger Federer break Novak Djokovic serve to win US Open Title.

This is the quality of true champion which Roger Federer showed today by winning on a very bad day when he was no way near his level of game. All the credit goes to Roger Federer the best tennis player in the history of this game. Roger Federer also written one more record by winning 2.4 million dollars, 1.4 million is for the championship and 1 million was for winning the US Series. The season is almost over with very few tier 2 tournaments in Asia with only one tier 1 tournament in Shanghai Master Cup where top 8 ranking players will compete.

This is all for the tennis now unless something very interesting happened in Master Cup.

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Justine Henin wins her second US Open Championship. Federer vs Djokovic Finals today.

Posted by QB on September 9, 2007

Justine Henin comfortably defeated Svetlana Kuznetsova in finals to win her second US Open Championship. She dominated the match from the first game of the match by breaking Kuznetsova servve and she did break two more times to win the first set 6-1. Justine Henin win second set 6-3 become the champion with very little resistance from Kuznetsova. Justine Henin is 5′ 5″ very thin body is an amazing player generate powerful shots like her 6′ opponents with the most beautiful backhand on women tour, her forehand has improved a lot in last couple of years but she has also gone down on her serve start making double faults. Justine Henin did not lose any set during the whole tournament.

David Ferrer did not able to win against Djokovic so the final will be Roger Federer vs Novak Djokovic today.  The experts John McEnroe Pattrick McEnroe Jim Courier who are constantly talking about Djokovic win against Federer in Montreal final making him the favorite to win US Open Championship but their analysis is not correct because they are ignoring the facts. Montreal final was three set match and their Federer only play one bad game which cost him the match. US Open final is five set match which gives Federer clear edge over Djokovic. Roger Federer has the game and the nerves to come back into match after losing two sets to one with raising the level of his game and making his opponent to make errors. There is one more factor which none of these experts looked at or talked about that Djokovic has become stiff and is very tense since quarter final match. He will be extremely nervous stepping into court today again very cool calm confident Federer.

Roger Federer will win this final in three straight sets. Fourth US Open Championship Tile and this will be another record as nobody ever had win back to back US Open and Wimbledon for four straight years.

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Justine Henin defeated Venus Williams advanced to finals tomorrow.

Posted by QB on September 7, 2007

Justine Henin defeated Venus Williams in Semi Final in straight sets but this match was not easy win. Women finals will be tomorrow night and men will be fighting in Semis for the final spot. Justine Heein will meet Svetlana Kuznetsova in finals. My hope for Justine second US Open Title are still alive because she has the game mental toughness to beat Kuznetsova. Kuznetsova defeated Anna Chakvetadze easily with losing the first sets. The score for the second and third sets shows that Chakvatadze did not play the remaining two sets very well. This was her first grand slam semi final and maybe she was too nervous and wind could also have affected her game.

My pick for final are Roger Federer and David Ferrer. All the experts pick is Novak Djokovic for the final but after watching his two previous matches against Juan Monaco and Carlos Moya it look like he is under tremendous pressure and stress so much that he has lost his all sense of humor showing very aggressive signs. Djokovic was also was very stiff against Carlos Moya in the first two sets which unfortunately Moya failed to materialized as he himself was under pressure and was physically worn out playing very long tough matches in earlier rounds. Davud Ferrer is playing excellent tennis from last two weeks and he can win against Djokovic in tomorrow Semi which will the first match at 12:00 Noon ET.

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Roger Federer thirteenth straight win against Andy Roddick.

Posted by QB on September 6, 2007

Roger Federer defeated Andy Roddick in quarter finals and moved into Semi Finals where he will face Nicolay Davydenko. Roger Federer has 14-1 head to head record against Andy Roddick. Their first meeting was in Montreal in 2003 where Roger Federer lost to Andy Roddick and the same year Andy Roddick win his first US Open Grand Slam Title for the first time and become the number 1 rank player for couple of months. Andy Roddick was dethrone in January 2004 Austrian Open with Roger Federer taking over the number 1 stop and since than it is all history where he has break the all the records in men and women tennis sitting on top spot for consecutive weeks. Roger Federer is the best tennis player in tennis history.

The last night match was very tough for Roger Federer as Andy Roddick played very high class tennis. The first two sets were decided on tiebreaks Roger Federer winning both and it was really impossible for Andy Roddick to come back in the match. Andy Roddick played couple of loose points in the third set 8 game and Roger Federer was quick to cash on this opportunity to break his serve and win the match in third set. This was the match Andy Roddick did all he could have done but still lost the match and this is all any player can do against Roger Federer. I would have been very sad and disappointed if Andy Roddick defeated Roger Federer last night so it kind of relief that Roger Federer still have the chance to win US Open title for straight fourth time. This will be new record which will be very difficult to break in decades to come.

There is one very interesting women Semi Finals on Friday between Venus Wiliams and Justine Henin. Venus Williams has the edge of home crowd and hard court but Justine Henin has the game and mental toughness to beat her to reach to finals where she probably meet Svetlana Kuznetsova as she is facing another Russian Anna Chekvetadze who doesn’t have fire power, she play more like Martina Hingis type of tennis which is very interesting to watch but has the greater risk of loosing the match.

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Justine Henin defeated Serena Williams.

Posted by QB on September 5, 2007

Justine Henin defeated Serena Williams in straight sets 7-5 6-1, she dominated the match from the very first game with breaking Serena Williams serve. Justine Henin did lost the serve in tenth game and the first set was decided in tiebreak. Justine Henin did play superb tennis with beautiful forehand and backhand shorts. Serena Williams is the one player who try to blame the whole world after loosing the match and this time is no exception when she said that Justine Henin win the match because of some lucky shorts. There was nothing like lucky shorts during the whole match Justine Henin win all her points with smart play where she hit clean winners as well as forced Serena Williams to make errors. Justine Henin win the match because she played better than Serena Williams.

The last night Rafael Nadal and David Ferrer match was too late at night which was not possible for me to watch. David Ferrer defeated Rafael Nadal in four sets. Nadal maybe is not feeling 100% fit physically but all the credit goes to his fellow Spainiad to reach quarter finals of US Open.

Tonight starting at 7:00 PM ET Jelena Jankovic will face Venus Williams followed by Roger Federer Andy Roddick match. Waiting for this evening to watch both matches.

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