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Pervez Musharraf resignation.

Posted by QB on August 19, 2008

This is sad that honest Pervez Musharraf has to resign under pressure from corrupt criminals Nawaz and Zardari. Pervez Musharraf addopted the policies which he believe were in the best interest of Pakistan, he did not take any personal advantage of his position. Pervez Musharraf did not steel money from Pakistan, honest person is leaving the office leaving behind the most corrupted politicians incharge of the government.

The stupid Pakistanis who voted for these two criminals will go through very bad times as these two SOB will keep filling their foreign bank accounts.

Pervez Musharraf was pressurized by Bush and Britain to take of his uniform which is also the main cause of his resignation.

Pervez Musharraf is good honest man, will always have my respect.

One Response to “Pervez Musharraf resignation.”

  1. lorna.ir said

    a realy good article for me
    it was pablished in midpress.


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