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USA Liberating Libya.

Posted by QB on April 16, 2011

US is now Liberating Libya thats what  Wolf Blitzer is talking on CNN. Wolf also want the cost of libration come out of Libya frozen assets. WTF.

Why are USA and its NATO Allies are so stupid to keep interfering in other countries internal affairs by passing UN Security Council resolution. Security council is under US and its NATO Allies dictatorship.

When the world will take action to liberate UN Security Council from the dictatorship of US and its Allies.

There is no change in US policies with Obama and there will never be a change until the rest of the world build an alliance to stand up against US and NATO allies.

Looking at all the situations in Middle East it is so absurd that make no sense, Bahrain can’t be Liberated because it is US ally and US has naval base in Bahrain. Syria uprising is supported by US because they have good relation with Iran.

I am sick of all this stupidity.

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