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Posted by QB on June 21, 2010


I even don’t have time to read all your comments. While approving your comments saw a request to write COBOL program using Tables, indexed and sequencial, call a sub routine.

Sure will do when get some free time.


One Response to “Busy”

  1. Farhang said

    Friend QB
    Happy to hearing from you . Hope that you are well . As you see, many things happened and now we are more clear about western politicians.They are showing their real face as days pass. When logic does not exist ,then force and hate step forward. There is no real will to solve the peaceful nuclear project of Iran. Apparently ( or may be as a mental war)they are pushing the issue to an irreversible conflict and/or a real war.We are not afraid at all and ready to do what we should logically do.Sorry I hoped to say something good ,but these people do not let it be so . They like to live ,enjoying their life,while giving no right to others to be so . Selfishness is endless .Those mads will loose. Wait and see.
    Good luck .

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