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Afghan President threatens to send forces into Pakistan to fight against militants

Posted by QB on June 15, 2008

The puppet Afghan President Hamid Karzai threatening to send Afghan forces to fight Taliban into Pakistan does not have any control outside Kabul. This is a joke not a real threat. Afghans forces not very popular with the people of the country really can’t cross Pakistan borders. Hamid Karzai has made this ridiculous statement on behalf of occupation troops.

The Afghanistan situation will not improve if he take any such action it will become worst. The following news is interesting .

Taliban prison break ‘a small splash’

Interesting Hamid Karzai can’t protect his own country prison and wanted to attack Pakistan. Gordon Brown pledge to send more British troops to Afghanistan where 5 British soldiers were killed last week including 4 US soldiers. Taliban will keep fighting as long as it take to keep their resistance alive against occupation on minimum cost compared to US Britain huge financial logistic and occupation cost. There will be no clear victory for US and Britain in Afghanistan like Iraq and they have to withdraw at some point giving Taliban victory.

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US Security Agreement Not So Popular.

Posted by QB on June 13, 2008

The Bush regime is trying to sign long term security agreement with Iraqi government to provide legal cover to their occupation as the UN authorization will expire by the end of this year. The US government is facing tough resistance from Iraqi law makers to sign any such deal.

BAGHDAD, Iraq — New U.S. proposals have failed to overcome Iraqi opposition to a proposed security pact, two Iraqi lawmakers said Thursday, casting doubt that an agreement can be reached before this fall’s U.S. presidential election.

The security agreement would provide a legal basis for the presence of U.S. forces in Iraq after the U.N. mandate expires at the end of this year. U.S. negotiators offered new proposals this week after Iraqi lawmakers expressed outrage over the direction of the negotiations, claiming that accepting the U.S. position would cement American military, political and economic domination of this country.

Iman al-Asadi, a Shiite member of the parliamentary committee on legal affairs, said the latest U.S. version “wasn’t satisfactory, to say the least.” Asadi said her committee had recommended to Iraq’s negotiators that they reject the latest draft, the fourth since the talks began in March.

Kurdish lawmaker Mahmoud Othman confirmed Asadi’s comments, adding that “we will not sign” the current proposed agreement.

This is clear indication that Iraqis don’t want US military presence in their country, Bush regime and John McCain are the only ones who wanted to stay in Iraq for 100 years. Iraqi puppet Prime Minister Nouri Al Maliki also met with Ahmadinejad last week who oppose US military presence in Iraq as they see threat to their own national security.

Barak Obama plan to withdraw troops within 16 months will be accepted by Iraqi government. Bush went into Iraq killed million Iraqi innocent civilian, destroyed their cities, towns, villages is facing tough resistance from the same people who he liberated. Iraqis want all the occupation troops out of their country.

US if try to force an agreement that will result in the tough resistance from Shias and maybe from Sunnis who are now on US military payroll.

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US Air Strike Killed 11 Pakistani Soldiers.

Posted by QB on June 11, 2008

US is defending its air strike on Pakistani Military Post justifying it for their war on terror. Pakistani reaction is very strong calling is unprovoked cowardly attack.

The Pakistani army said the coalition airstrike hit a post of the paramilitary Frontier Corps and was a “completely unprovoked and cowardly act.”

It launched a strong protest and reserved “the right to protect our citizens and soldiers against aggression,” the military said in a statement.

This will create more tension in NWFP as well within the Pakistan Military making it more difficult to fight Bush favorite war on terror.

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Bush War Promotion European Tour.

Posted by QB on June 11, 2008

Bush is on his farewell European tour promoting another war this time with Iran. Bush issued warning to Iran to resolve the nuclear issue with diplomacy adding the threat that all the options are on the table. It look like that he might bomb few Iranian sites before the elections evaluate Iranian military strength. Bush know that this will benefit John McCain who does not have any chances of getting elected in November. Bush also know that Democrats does not have the courage to speak against his air strike on Iran because they don’t wanted to be called soft on national security. He will justify his air strikes to eliminate non existent Iranian nuclear weapons which are threat to Israel security and danger for US national security. Ehud Olmert visited White House recently and his Deputy Prime Minister wanted to attack Iran because they believe Iran nuclear program is real threat for Israel safety.

The majority of the US politicians will support his air strikes on Iranian sites getting strong support from Israel. Iranians must be very alert safe guarding their nuclear sites because the chances of getting destroyed by Bush madness.

Barak Obama can’t condemn Bush attack because of the coming elections.

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Tennis – Pre Wimbledon Tournaments Started.

Posted by QB on June 9, 2008

The Queens grass court tournament has started and it is good to see Andy Roddick into men draw. Andy Roddick skip Rolland Garros because of shoulder injury is back in action. Rafael Nadal is also playing at Queens, he is the one clay court player becoming comfortable on grass which is very difficult for clay court players. Nadal and Djokovic would be the main obstacle for Roger Federer sixth straight Wimbledon  title with Andy Roddick who always had good results on grass. Roger Federer will play in Germany grass court tournament and he will not face Nadal or Djokovic as they are playing in Queens.

The final between Federer vs Nadal was big disappointment, Nadal crushing him by playing excellent tennis.

Wimbledon three weeks away.

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Hillary Clinton Exit.

Posted by QB on June 7, 2008

Hillary Clinton exit an over exposed CNN coverage where their all political analysts are praising her for speech she delivered to support Barak Obama was not voluntarily because she is forced to concede by the majority of her supporters in Senate and the House of Representatives. Hillary Clinton intentions were to take this fight to Democratic convention when she asked her supporters to send her opinions what to do next, she did not succeed because she was told that all the law makers will withdraw her support if she don’t concede. The one good example was Charlie Rangel, her staunch supporter from the very beginning of her Presidential campaign, was very frustrated by her speech on Tuesday primary night.

The Hillary Clinton wants to be on Barak Obama ticket as VP and this is the only way she can go back into White House again and keep praying for Barak Obama death so she can become the first women President. Hillary Clinton can never be elected as first women President. There will be some day some good decent women will achieve this goal.

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iSeries – CL program record update.

Posted by QB on June 7, 2008

CL programs can read and update database records as well as read and write formats. CL programs can’t handle large database effectively so it is not good practice to update records from CL programs.

The simple example of CL program record update.


DCL Var(&FileName) *Char Len(10)

DCL Var(&LibName) *Char Len(10)

ChgVar Var(&FileName) Value(‘AcctPayble’)

ChgVar Var(&LibName) Value(‘Accounts’)

DCLF File(&LibName/&FileName)

Read: RCVF /* Read the first record */


Process: Do your processing here….. whatever it may be

SndF                                                                               /* Update record after processing */

GoTo Read

EOF: /* End Of File */


Very simple program to update database.

Update : CLLE program did not update keyed database. It works well for SDA formats. Did not try to update sequential file yet.

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French Open. Roger Federer vs Rafael Nadal Final Sunday.

Posted by QB on June 6, 2008

Federer and Nadal once again will face in French Open final on Sunday. Nadal played exceptionally well today defeating Djokovic in straight sets. The match was display of high quality tennis.

Federer defeated Gael Monfils of France in four sets with vulnerability not playing high quality tennis. Federer missed easy volleys on the net, engaging in long rallies, which does not benefit him, his serve not very effective as well. Monfils, on the other hand, played very very good tennis match showing his real potential. Monfils look like has matured player now and this is for the first time he has impressed me showing his cross court shorts angle shorts and the power. He will climb up to top ten players ranking if he just keep this level of game.

Federer has to come with different game plan if he wanted to win against the best clay court player Nadal. Federer can’t involve in long rallies with Nadal because he is the best returner of the ball in tennis, come to the court keeping his fear of losing another final to Nadal out of his mind. The taking the fear factor out will help him play high quality tennis. Federer play the match trying to finish the point as quickly as possible.

This is how he can win his first French Open title.

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Ehud Olmert dangerous intentions to save his political career.

Posted by QB on June 6, 2008

The Deputy Prime Minister is threatening Iran will be attack if they did not stop their nuclear program. Ehud Olmert also wanted to stop nuclear program by all means possible. This would be another mistake by this corrupt politician to save his political career like his decision to attack Lebanon. The Lebanon invasion, which could have been easily avoided was complete disaster for Israel. Ehud Olmert visited White House yesterday trying to get Bush blessing on Iran attack.

There are more disadvantages than any advantages looking at the present Middle East situation. Israel is engaged in peace talks with Syria with Turkey assistance will be stopped, Hezbollah start firing missiles across Israeli border, Syria will support Iran, Iraq situation will become more violent, Al Qaeda will get fresh reason to create hatred against Israel and USA.

Ehud Olmert is not in a position to comment any other mistake. He might survive the corruption charges but it will be impossible to hold on to power after another fail war.

Source : Israeli minister threatens Iran BBC News

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Bush misused Iraq intelligence: Senate report

Posted by QB on June 5, 2008

The majority of the Senate is filled with morons. When a person like me know that there are no WMD in Iraq and Bush regime is lying to invade and occupy Iraq. I predicted that Bush will invade Iraq on the day of his inauguration, these friends are still very much alive who can confirm. Senate and the Congress give Bush regime authorization because waging war was very high approval ratings. The politicians are cowards scared to lose their power so the majority of them went with the flowing water.

The public opinion was created by false propaganda by mainstream media on CNN FOX MSNBC. Condoleezza Rice Dick and Bush Rumsfeld were telling lies without anyone questioning them because they were scared to be called unpatriotic. The war started like a reality show on CNN with tanks moving into Iraq desert. When the war started to go wrong the same politicians and the mainstream media turn against the war.

Iraq is still a failure, present stable condition did come with huge payments of USD to Sunni Resistance and it look like that some kind of same is done with Muqtada Al Sadr Mehdi Militia.

Yahoo News

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French Open Women Final will be played on Saturday.

Posted by QB on June 5, 2008

Women final will be battle between Ana Ivanovic and Dinara Safina. Safina defeated Kuznetsova easily and Ivanovic win interesting match defeated Jelena Jankovic. Invanovic is still favorite to win French Open.

Men semi finals are tomorrow and likely outcome looks like that final will be played Nadal and Federer. Nadal have to beat  Djokovic tomorrow to retain his number 2 ranking. Djokovic will be tough opponent for Nadal. I would like to see Djokovic win which will be very favorable for Federer. Federer can defeat Djokovic for his first French Open Title.

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Barak Obama historical win.

Posted by QB on June 4, 2008

Democrats has made history last night by electing African American as their Presidential nominee for their party. This would not be possible without the support of White majority voters who deserve all the praises rejecting the racial divide. The majority of White voters stand side by side with African Americans Asians Latinos to bring the change America needs with electing Barak Obama as their next President, he is favorite to win White House in November.

Barak Obama last night delivered brilliant speech in Minnesota after John Kerry nomination in 2004 when I first have the chance to listen and was mesmerized.

Hillary Clinton and her supporters are the only one in the world who believe and act like that she should be the nominee. Hillary Clinton come on stage pretending to be the actual winner instead of Barak Obama. Hillary Clinton yesterday spend her time in New York calling the Super Delegates and it is reported that no one was available to take her call, which clearly means that these Super Delegates were avoiding her all day, she finally was able to talk to Charlie Rangel her supporter indicating her desire to be the VP on Barak Obama ticket. She congratulate Barak Obama for running the good campaign without acknowledging him as the nominee of the party. She last night said that she had 18 million supporters and she will keep working in the best interests of her supporters. The fact is that Hillary Clinton emotional supporters do not realize that she is working for her own interest using them as her bargaining tools for politics and power. The Hillary Clinton supporters James Carville along with others believe that she is working in the best interest of Democratic party and US which ofcource is a lie looking at her actions and words last night. Hillary Clinton adviser Lanny Davis was so quick to submit petition to Barak Obama to include her as his running mate.

Senator Barack Obama

Dear Senator Obama,

We write you because we believe it is very important for the Democrats to win back the presidency in 2008. To do so, we must field the strongest possible ticket for the Democratic Party. We believe the 2008 election could be close. And your selection of a vice presidential candidate may make the difference between victory and defeat.

We write to urge you to select Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton to be your choice for vice president because we believe that she would be, by far, the most qualified and strongest candidate to be your running mate.

Both you and Senator Clinton during this campaign have demonstrated strengths in different segments of the electorate and in different parts of the country. Together, you stand the best chance of making U.S. history not once but twice — the first African American president and the first female vice president since the founding of our great nation.

We know this is ultimately your decision on who is to be your running mate. But with the greatest respect, we ask you to select Senator Clinton in recognition of the more than 17 million Democrats who supported her at the polls and who, in combination with your more than 17 million supporters, would form the base of a successful presidential campaign in the November election.


“Hillary for VP ’08 Committee”

Lanny J. Davis
Washington, D.C.

Source : Women for Fair Politics.

Lanny Davis petition is Hillary Clinton another effort to dictate her terms by putting pressure on Barak Obama. This is not request it is threat and blackmail. Hillary Clinton will be the terrible choice for VP on the ticket. Why she is pushing so much to be the VP?

  • Hillary Clinton is power hungry women wanted to be the first women President of US and the only way she can achieve her goal is win as VP with Barak Obama. Keeping in mind her Bobby Kennedy assassination statement will not hesitate to actually get her out the way to become the President of US. This is the easiest way to make her dream become reality.
  • The other reason for Hillary Clinton might be she still believe that Barak Obama will be assassinated and she will become the nominee by finishing second. Clintons are disgrace for humanity.

Hillary Clinton also wanted Barak Obama to make Bill Clinton his chief campaign adviser as reported on CNN. This is disgusting characterless efforts by Clintons. Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton will be disaster for Barak Obama campaign.

Hillary Clinton will also interested in discussing some powerful cabinet positions in Barak Obama administration. She can’t be Secretary of State because she does not believe in building good diplomatic relations with countries like Iran, Syria, Venezuela, Cuba. Secretary Of State job require someone who is willing to sit down with friends and enemies resolving the differences with diplomacy. Iran will not be enthusiastic and open to talk to someone like her with intentions to “OBLITERATE” and “NUKE” their country.

The indication from Barak Obama last night speech is that he will offer her Secretary of Health and Human Services to implement his health care program. The problem is that she has criticize his health care program so aggressively that she might not accept this offer.

The media and the political analysts who believe that Barak Obama has to pick Hillary Clinton as VP to win the general election is wrong analysis. Barak Obama can win the general election easily by bringing back the Democrats to vote for him who voted for Hillary Clinton in primaries. The non college educated White Blue collar voters will come back to him with Labor Unions endorsements and John Edwards active role in his Presidential campaign. There will be small very small percentage these Blue Collar voters who will not vote for him because no matter what Barak Obama do they are not ready to accept African American as their President. Racism it is. The older voters has the same race problem not all of them will vote for him. The women emotions are running high as they wanted to see Hillary Clinton on the ticket must realize that she was treated with respect by Barak Obama campaign as well as the Democratic party officials during the campaign by not endorsing him until the race is over. Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, used all the nasty negative ads against him to get the nomination, Barak Obama was not treated fairly by her campaign.

Hillary Clinton does not have much time to concede because Senators Congressmen Party Officials wanted to end this bitterness and get united for the coming election. Hillary Clinton, is analyzing the situation incorrectly that she can run again in 2012 by destroying Barak Obama making him impossible to win in general election. Hillary Clinton is making wrong assumption, like her vote to invade Iraq. Barak Obama if do not win in November because of her creating division has no chances of getting the nomination, the voters will not forget and forgive her.

John McCain also decided to speak last night which was very fake, his words, his smiles were delivered with very uncomfortable expressions on his face. He know that how difficult it would be to defeat Barak Obama in general elections. John McCain best hope is Hillary Clinton to win. Hillary Clinton Bill Clinton and all her supporters should be ashamed of themselves, bunch of power hungry corrupt politicians.

Why Hillary Clinton lost against very unknown African American candidate?

Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton miscalculated Barak Obama potential with other African American Presidential candidates in US elections. Clintons thought that he is one more Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton who had no chance of winning.

“Jesse Jackson won South Carolina in ’84 and ’88,” Clinton said at a rally in Columbia. “Jackson ran a good campaign. And Obama ran a good campaign here.”

This is what Bill Clinton said after losing S. Carolina primary. Father Pflager defined Hillary Clinton frame of mind that she is unbeatable because he is White and wife of Bill. Hillary Clinton realize that she is losing the nomination battle after he win 11 straight primaries and it was too late to recover. Hillary Clinton start attacking Barak Obama unfairly, turned the race into “White” against “Black” contest and was able to did somewhat better in the remaining primaries. Terry McAuliffe has to share the responsibility of very poor campaign. Terry Mcauliffe, btw, is scumbag.

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French Open.

Posted by QB on June 3, 2008

Ernests Gulbis played very good tennis but lost to Novak Djokovic, this teenager is talented player will very quickly rise to top rankings. The first semi final will be played between Nadal and Djokovic which will be an interesting match to watch because Nadal losing this match also means that he will lose his number 2 ranking to Djokovic. Nadal today played excellent match against Almagro who only manage to win three games in three sets.

Ana Ivanonic and Jelena Jankovic will meet in semi finals and the probable result will be Ivanovic winning the match. Ana Ivanovic has more fire power compared to Jankovic also she lack mental toughness to win the matches. Jankovic is adorable talented player has to learn to be mean and tough to win. The other women semi finalist is Kuznetsova playing against very unknown player hopefully will meet Ana Invanovic in Final.

The other two quarter finals will be played tomorrow hopefully Federer and Ferrer will advance to semi finals.

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Maria Sharapova out.

Posted by QB on June 2, 2008

Dinara Safina defeated Maria Sharapova in three sets interesting match.

It will be interesting to see Novak Djokovic against young Gulbis which I believe will be played tomorrow. Gulbis has the game and heart to beat Djokovic.

Federer will face Gonzalez and it will be interesting match. Novak Djokovic will face young talented player Gulbis who has the game and heart to win this match. Ferrrer will play against Monfils and the chances are Ferrrer will be the winner because Monfils does not take the advantage of the situation to win points. Nadal will play Almagro and he certainly will win.

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DNC – Florida Michigan Primaries Decision.

Posted by QB on May 31, 2008

The live DNC meeting is underway to decide Florida and Michigan primaries and by watching it closely it is evident that Hillary Clinton supporters don’t want to resolve the issue unless she get the clear advantage which will bring her close to nomination.

Barak Obama supporters are very compromising to bring the Democratic party together by giving her advantage of 19 delegates in Florida. Hillary Clinton and her husband Bill Clinton are now saying that she should be the nominee because she has more popular votes despite the fact that she is 200 delegates behind Barak Obama and the nomination or general elections are decided on delegates not popular votes. Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton are including the Florida and Michigan votes in their calculation.

Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton supporters now claim that she has been treated unfairly is the new deception created to gain votes in remaining primaries. The truth is that Hillary Clinton is the one who has run very nasty negative campaign attacking Barak Obama unfairly turning this campaign into “BLACK” and “WHITE” racial conflict and still her campaign believe that she is treated unfairly.

The following is reported on CNN last night news.

Imitation is not always the best form of flattery. Right now, Hillary Clinton is getting words of support from some unlikely sources, including John McCain and the Catholic Church. This after she was mocked by a Barack Obama supporter. The man is a long time Obama associate, a friend of Obama’s former pastor, the Reverend Jeremiah Wright. And he delivered a similarly fiery sermon of political denunciation in Wright’s old pulpit.

Brian Todd is looking at this for us — Brian, it’s sparked new problems for Barack Obama, some swift reactions. Update our viewers.

What is going on right now?

BRIAN TODD, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Swift and very angry reactions, Wolf. This may be known as the season of the firebrand pastor, considering all of these controversies. Now, a popular Chicago priest caught caused more political migraines for Barack Obama with remarks about Senator Clinton delivered from the pulpit.


TODD (voice-over): In front of Barack Obama’s congregation, a priest with longstanding ties to Obama openly mocks Hillary Clinton, referencing her public tears earlier in the campaign. REV. MICHAEL PFLEGER, ST. SABINE ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH: When Hillary was crying and people said that was put on, I really don’t believe it was put on. I really believe that she just always thought this is mine.


PFLEGER: I’m Bill’s wife. I’m white. And this is mine. I’ve just got to get up and step into the plate. And then out of nowhere came, hey, I’m Barack Obama.

And she said oh, damn, where did you come from?


PFLEGER: I’m white; I’m entitled. There’s a black man stealing my show.

Source : CNN Transcript.

Father Pfleger described the Hillary Clinton frame of mind honestly in very funny manner.

Donna Brazil who is uncommitted will go and endorse Barak Obama as it seems clear from her statement in the meeting that playing by the rules should be respected and changing the rules in the middle of the game is cheating.

The DNC last night decision to resolve Florida and Michigan primaries was surprising after they come out of their close door meeting. Clinton supporters were too aggressive in the morning session indicating no compromise look like defeated when they start the evening session. What happened behind door I can only guess that Barak Obama campaign and DNC must have showed them that Obama have all the delegates needed to clinch the nomination. Now Puerto Rico primary is just a formality. The other cause maybe she get the assurance to be the VP choice, which will be terrible mistake. Puerto Ricans, if aware of this latest change should vote for Obama.

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Michael Ware offer Presidential Candidates Iraq solution.

Posted by QB on May 30, 2008

Michael Ware call US Officials divorced from reality in Iraq, he was replying to John McCain presidential race discussion on Iraq.

BLITZER: And joining us now, our correspondent in Baghdad, Michael Ware — Michael, what do you make of this to-do that’s going on here, whether or not Barack Obama should actually go to Baghdad, see what’s going on?

Senator McCain saying, you know, he should go over there and talk to Iraqis, talk to U.S. military and diplomatic leadership over there.

What’s your sense of this — this whole uproar?

MICHAEL WARE, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Well, to me, honestly, Wolf, it seems like a bit of a storm in a teacup. I mean I have to say from the outset, I’ll give respect to any U.S. decision-maker who wants to come and see at least what it is they can see, no matter how narrow that prism is.

However, I’ll issue a word of caution, too. I mean Senator McCain has been here, what, more than half a dozen times. And we’ve seen him get assessments of Iraq terribly wrong. So I wouldn’t be hanging my hat on the fact that your opponent has only been here once.

And let’s not forget what do American officials get to see?

Well, they get to see the rooftops of a lot of Iraqi houses as they chopper over them or across vast expanses of desert. They get to see rooms in the inside of U.S. bases in the Green Zone, both of which are divorced from reality. And they’ll get inundated with military briefings.

Now, in these briefings, in the past, officials have been told the insurgency was in its death throes, there was no civil war, that Iranian influence wasn’t that big a problem, that Al Qaeda had been defeated. I mean, you really aren’t going to get much of a real picture. It’s almost by definition impossible.

And General Petraeus, the commander in the war here, doesn’t pull any punches. So you almost could gain as much from having a private chat with him when he was last on Capitol Hill.

Nonetheless, I say, respect to anyone who wants to come here and try. But, really, don’t raise your expectations — Wolf.

BLITZER: You’ve been there now what for some five years.

What would a U.S. leader — a major senator or presidential candidate or a president, for that matter, really need to do to go over to Iraq and get a sense — a real understanding and appreciation of what’s going on?

A, how long would they have to stay, and how would they be able to do it? WARE: Well, obviously it can be very, very difficult. And I guess, in many ways, they’ve got to rely on their deputies and lieutenants, because any answer you get is not going to be one without a filter. They’re going to be — they’re going to be shaped in one way or another.

Any Iraqi official you talk to is going to play the same old game. They’re going to tell the Americans what they think the Americans want to hear. And American commanders have to impress, as well. I mean and they’ll give as frank an assessment as they can. But so often we’ve seen, even the American commanders have made miscalculations during this war. And let’s not forget, I mean, the strictures of a U.S. official coming here, they’re such a grand target.

Now, let’s compare that to the visit of the Iranian president, Ahmadinejad. He announces a visit weeks in advance. He didn’t come in secret. He drove from the airport, didn’t chopper. He stayed outside the Green Zone overnight and he walked the streets of Baghdad. And he didn’t have 100 American troops around him, like Senator McCain.

So it’s going to be extraordinarily difficult for them to ever get a real picture. Perhaps, for example some other people — I’d be more than willing. I’d challenge either candidate who comes here to sit down and give me 20 minutes. And I speak to the insurgents, I speak to the militias, I speak to the Iranians and I speak to the Iraqi officials in their private moments.

Let’s have a shot at it — Wolf.

BLITZER: Maybe they’ll just do that.

Michael, thanks very much.

WARE: Thank you, Wolf.

Source : CNN Transcripts.

Hillary Clinton still bitching around pretending to be the nominee with Bill Clinton, James Carville, Paul Begala with all her campaign staff. The arguments they are making are lies and stupid that she will be nominee dividing Democrats which will result in defeat in November.

John McCain should read this report and then honestly defend his opinion of keeping US troops in Iraq for 100 years. The majority of Iraqis don’t want us occupation military in their country neither they want permanent US military bases. Withdrawal is the only option which will be used by Al Qaeda as the defeat. The Afghanistan war too will have the similar ending.

Iraqis say Marine handed out Christian coins

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French Open – David Nalbandian upset.

Posted by QB on May 29, 2008

David Nalbandian lost to Jermey Chardy Frenchman ranked 145 was the upset of the day. Nalbandian was two set up lost the match in five sets. Nalbandian was not moving well must be some kind of injury.

James Blake lost to Gulbis young upcoming player was no surprise to me because he is the most unpredictable tennis player like Taylor Dent Mardy Fish.

Davydenko defeated his coutryman Safin in straight sets. Watching Safin match is always fun with his emotional burst and breaking his rackets.

Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal also win their matches.

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French Open – Rain Interruptions.

Posted by QB on May 27, 2008

French Open first round matches still not completed after three days because of rain interruptions. The rain helped Nikolay  Davydenko today to recover cramps and win the match in three sets against Thomas Johansson. Davydenko had the injury timeout and get his thigh massage get his  thigh  strapped. Davydenko recovered when he return to the court moving without any pain and difficulty playing his shorts.

Amelie Mauresmo win in three sets. Wawrinka win in straight three sets.

The rain again suspended the just started match between Rafael Nadal and Thomaz Bellucci who is new left handed player showed few good shorts. This is my evil desire that somehow Thomaz Bellucci defeat Rafael Nadal removing the biggest hurdle for Roger Federer to win French Open. I have nothing against Rafael Nadal but wanted to see Roger Federer win this title. I like Rafael Nadal game and his good manners and decency. Thomaz Bellucci  is new can play without any fear and maybe record the biggest upset of the tournament.

Novak Djokovic is other player other than Rafael Nadal on Roger Federer nerve but he won’t be such a big threat on clay like Nadal.

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French Open.

Posted by QB on May 26, 2008

French open started without Justine Henin unexpected retirement announcement before the tournament ranking at number 1 and at the age of 25, I sure will miss Justine Henin great champion.

The positive news is that Guillermo Coria return to ATP tour after two years lost in first round to Tommy Robredo in four sets but watching the highlights of the match it look like he has over come some of his mental fears and ready to get back on the tour. The reason he lost was due to lack of confidence which resulted in unforced errors double than Robredo. Coria was very exciting clay court player before French Open final which he lost to his country man Gaston Gaudio, a very unexpected lost. Coria after that final lost his all confidence and went into hiding without playing the last two seasons. Coria has very difficult path ahead with present ranking at 733 and he can turn this around with consistency and positive mental approach. Coria was mentally tough physically fragile player, before losing to Gaston Gaudio, has to become mentally tough guy on the tour.

I wish him best luck for remaining season and hope to see him back on tour with Australian Open.

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Farhang Adib – Opinion from inside Iran.

Posted by QB on May 26, 2008

I hope you are doing well .Attached please find a  picture from inside Iraq.

There are two points that I mention as follows

1- Obviously the boys do not know the story . Specially because Muslims males are very sensitive and firm about their family

2- For respect ,the address of the porno site written on the picture is omitted .

I hope you will publish that in your site .

We shouldn’t be surprised with this picture when they let themselves to shoot at Quran the

Muslims holly book . We really understand the American democracy and all those rubbishes the US politicians are always repeating .They should really wait for the sever consequences that for sure will happen to them

All the best


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