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Sarah Palin – Women Version OF Osama Bin Laden.

Posted by QB on September 4, 2008

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin told ministry students at her former church that the United States sent troops to fight in the Iraq war on a “task that is from God.”

“Our national leaders are sending them out on a task that is from God,” she said. “That’s what we have to make sure that we’re praying for, that there is a plan and that plan is God’s plan.”

“I can do my job there in developing our natural resources and doing things like getting the roads paved and making sure our troopers have their cop cars and their uniforms and their guns, and making sure our public schools are funded,” she added. “But really all of that stuff doesn’t do any good if the people of Alaska’s heart isn’t right with God.”

We all will be fucked if McCain and Sarah Palin win the election. They will make world worst than what Bush has done in the name of God. Russia and Iran conflicts with grow with these two in White House.

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Bush War Promotion European Tour.

Posted by QB on June 11, 2008

Bush is on his farewell European tour promoting another war this time with Iran. Bush issued warning to Iran to resolve the nuclear issue with diplomacy adding the threat that all the options are on the table. It look like that he might bomb few Iranian sites before the elections evaluate Iranian military strength. Bush know that this will benefit John McCain who does not have any chances of getting elected in November. Bush also know that Democrats does not have the courage to speak against his air strike on Iran because they don’t wanted to be called soft on national security. He will justify his air strikes to eliminate non existent Iranian nuclear weapons which are threat to Israel security and danger for US national security. Ehud Olmert visited White House recently and his Deputy Prime Minister wanted to attack Iran because they believe Iran nuclear program is real threat for Israel safety.

The majority of the US politicians will support his air strikes on Iranian sites getting strong support from Israel. Iranians must be very alert safe guarding their nuclear sites because the chances of getting destroyed by Bush madness.

Barak Obama can’t condemn Bush attack because of the coming elections.

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Hillary Clinton Exit.

Posted by QB on June 7, 2008

Hillary Clinton exit an over exposed CNN coverage where their all political analysts are praising her for speech she delivered to support Barak Obama was not voluntarily because she is forced to concede by the majority of her supporters in Senate and the House of Representatives. Hillary Clinton intentions were to take this fight to Democratic convention when she asked her supporters to send her opinions what to do next, she did not succeed because she was told that all the law makers will withdraw her support if she don’t concede. The one good example was Charlie Rangel, her staunch supporter from the very beginning of her Presidential campaign, was very frustrated by her speech on Tuesday primary night.

The Hillary Clinton wants to be on Barak Obama ticket as VP and this is the only way she can go back into White House again and keep praying for Barak Obama death so she can become the first women President. Hillary Clinton can never be elected as first women President. There will be some day some good decent women will achieve this goal.

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Barak Obama historical win.

Posted by QB on June 4, 2008

Democrats has made history last night by electing African American as their Presidential nominee for their party. This would not be possible without the support of White majority voters who deserve all the praises rejecting the racial divide. The majority of White voters stand side by side with African Americans Asians Latinos to bring the change America needs with electing Barak Obama as their next President, he is favorite to win White House in November.

Barak Obama last night delivered brilliant speech in Minnesota after John Kerry nomination in 2004 when I first have the chance to listen and was mesmerized.

Hillary Clinton and her supporters are the only one in the world who believe and act like that she should be the nominee. Hillary Clinton come on stage pretending to be the actual winner instead of Barak Obama. Hillary Clinton yesterday spend her time in New York calling the Super Delegates and it is reported that no one was available to take her call, which clearly means that these Super Delegates were avoiding her all day, she finally was able to talk to Charlie Rangel her supporter indicating her desire to be the VP on Barak Obama ticket. She congratulate Barak Obama for running the good campaign without acknowledging him as the nominee of the party. She last night said that she had 18 million supporters and she will keep working in the best interests of her supporters. The fact is that Hillary Clinton emotional supporters do not realize that she is working for her own interest using them as her bargaining tools for politics and power. The Hillary Clinton supporters James Carville along with others believe that she is working in the best interest of Democratic party and US which ofcource is a lie looking at her actions and words last night. Hillary Clinton adviser Lanny Davis was so quick to submit petition to Barak Obama to include her as his running mate.

Senator Barack Obama

Dear Senator Obama,

We write you because we believe it is very important for the Democrats to win back the presidency in 2008. To do so, we must field the strongest possible ticket for the Democratic Party. We believe the 2008 election could be close. And your selection of a vice presidential candidate may make the difference between victory and defeat.

We write to urge you to select Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton to be your choice for vice president because we believe that she would be, by far, the most qualified and strongest candidate to be your running mate.

Both you and Senator Clinton during this campaign have demonstrated strengths in different segments of the electorate and in different parts of the country. Together, you stand the best chance of making U.S. history not once but twice — the first African American president and the first female vice president since the founding of our great nation.

We know this is ultimately your decision on who is to be your running mate. But with the greatest respect, we ask you to select Senator Clinton in recognition of the more than 17 million Democrats who supported her at the polls and who, in combination with your more than 17 million supporters, would form the base of a successful presidential campaign in the November election.


“Hillary for VP ’08 Committee”

Lanny J. Davis
Washington, D.C.

Source : Women for Fair Politics.

Lanny Davis petition is Hillary Clinton another effort to dictate her terms by putting pressure on Barak Obama. This is not request it is threat and blackmail. Hillary Clinton will be the terrible choice for VP on the ticket. Why she is pushing so much to be the VP?

  • Hillary Clinton is power hungry women wanted to be the first women President of US and the only way she can achieve her goal is win as VP with Barak Obama. Keeping in mind her Bobby Kennedy assassination statement will not hesitate to actually get her out the way to become the President of US. This is the easiest way to make her dream become reality.
  • The other reason for Hillary Clinton might be she still believe that Barak Obama will be assassinated and she will become the nominee by finishing second. Clintons are disgrace for humanity.

Hillary Clinton also wanted Barak Obama to make Bill Clinton his chief campaign adviser as reported on CNN. This is disgusting characterless efforts by Clintons. Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton will be disaster for Barak Obama campaign.

Hillary Clinton will also interested in discussing some powerful cabinet positions in Barak Obama administration. She can’t be Secretary of State because she does not believe in building good diplomatic relations with countries like Iran, Syria, Venezuela, Cuba. Secretary Of State job require someone who is willing to sit down with friends and enemies resolving the differences with diplomacy. Iran will not be enthusiastic and open to talk to someone like her with intentions to “OBLITERATE” and “NUKE” their country.

The indication from Barak Obama last night speech is that he will offer her Secretary of Health and Human Services to implement his health care program. The problem is that she has criticize his health care program so aggressively that she might not accept this offer.

The media and the political analysts who believe that Barak Obama has to pick Hillary Clinton as VP to win the general election is wrong analysis. Barak Obama can win the general election easily by bringing back the Democrats to vote for him who voted for Hillary Clinton in primaries. The non college educated White Blue collar voters will come back to him with Labor Unions endorsements and John Edwards active role in his Presidential campaign. There will be small very small percentage these Blue Collar voters who will not vote for him because no matter what Barak Obama do they are not ready to accept African American as their President. Racism it is. The older voters has the same race problem not all of them will vote for him. The women emotions are running high as they wanted to see Hillary Clinton on the ticket must realize that she was treated with respect by Barak Obama campaign as well as the Democratic party officials during the campaign by not endorsing him until the race is over. Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, used all the nasty negative ads against him to get the nomination, Barak Obama was not treated fairly by her campaign.

Hillary Clinton does not have much time to concede because Senators Congressmen Party Officials wanted to end this bitterness and get united for the coming election. Hillary Clinton, is analyzing the situation incorrectly that she can run again in 2012 by destroying Barak Obama making him impossible to win in general election. Hillary Clinton is making wrong assumption, like her vote to invade Iraq. Barak Obama if do not win in November because of her creating division has no chances of getting the nomination, the voters will not forget and forgive her.

John McCain also decided to speak last night which was very fake, his words, his smiles were delivered with very uncomfortable expressions on his face. He know that how difficult it would be to defeat Barak Obama in general elections. John McCain best hope is Hillary Clinton to win. Hillary Clinton Bill Clinton and all her supporters should be ashamed of themselves, bunch of power hungry corrupt politicians.

Why Hillary Clinton lost against very unknown African American candidate?

Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton miscalculated Barak Obama potential with other African American Presidential candidates in US elections. Clintons thought that he is one more Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton who had no chance of winning.

“Jesse Jackson won South Carolina in ’84 and ’88,” Clinton said at a rally in Columbia. “Jackson ran a good campaign. And Obama ran a good campaign here.”

This is what Bill Clinton said after losing S. Carolina primary. Father Pflager defined Hillary Clinton frame of mind that she is unbeatable because he is White and wife of Bill. Hillary Clinton realize that she is losing the nomination battle after he win 11 straight primaries and it was too late to recover. Hillary Clinton start attacking Barak Obama unfairly, turned the race into “White” against “Black” contest and was able to did somewhat better in the remaining primaries. Terry McAuliffe has to share the responsibility of very poor campaign. Terry Mcauliffe, btw, is scumbag.

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DNC – Florida Michigan Primaries Decision.

Posted by QB on May 31, 2008

The live DNC meeting is underway to decide Florida and Michigan primaries and by watching it closely it is evident that Hillary Clinton supporters don’t want to resolve the issue unless she get the clear advantage which will bring her close to nomination.

Barak Obama supporters are very compromising to bring the Democratic party together by giving her advantage of 19 delegates in Florida. Hillary Clinton and her husband Bill Clinton are now saying that she should be the nominee because she has more popular votes despite the fact that she is 200 delegates behind Barak Obama and the nomination or general elections are decided on delegates not popular votes. Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton are including the Florida and Michigan votes in their calculation.

Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton supporters now claim that she has been treated unfairly is the new deception created to gain votes in remaining primaries. The truth is that Hillary Clinton is the one who has run very nasty negative campaign attacking Barak Obama unfairly turning this campaign into “BLACK” and “WHITE” racial conflict and still her campaign believe that she is treated unfairly.

The following is reported on CNN last night news.

Imitation is not always the best form of flattery. Right now, Hillary Clinton is getting words of support from some unlikely sources, including John McCain and the Catholic Church. This after she was mocked by a Barack Obama supporter. The man is a long time Obama associate, a friend of Obama’s former pastor, the Reverend Jeremiah Wright. And he delivered a similarly fiery sermon of political denunciation in Wright’s old pulpit.

Brian Todd is looking at this for us — Brian, it’s sparked new problems for Barack Obama, some swift reactions. Update our viewers.

What is going on right now?

BRIAN TODD, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Swift and very angry reactions, Wolf. This may be known as the season of the firebrand pastor, considering all of these controversies. Now, a popular Chicago priest caught caused more political migraines for Barack Obama with remarks about Senator Clinton delivered from the pulpit.


TODD (voice-over): In front of Barack Obama’s congregation, a priest with longstanding ties to Obama openly mocks Hillary Clinton, referencing her public tears earlier in the campaign. REV. MICHAEL PFLEGER, ST. SABINE ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH: When Hillary was crying and people said that was put on, I really don’t believe it was put on. I really believe that she just always thought this is mine.


PFLEGER: I’m Bill’s wife. I’m white. And this is mine. I’ve just got to get up and step into the plate. And then out of nowhere came, hey, I’m Barack Obama.

And she said oh, damn, where did you come from?


PFLEGER: I’m white; I’m entitled. There’s a black man stealing my show.

Source : CNN Transcript.

Father Pfleger described the Hillary Clinton frame of mind honestly in very funny manner.

Donna Brazil who is uncommitted will go and endorse Barak Obama as it seems clear from her statement in the meeting that playing by the rules should be respected and changing the rules in the middle of the game is cheating.

The DNC last night decision to resolve Florida and Michigan primaries was surprising after they come out of their close door meeting. Clinton supporters were too aggressive in the morning session indicating no compromise look like defeated when they start the evening session. What happened behind door I can only guess that Barak Obama campaign and DNC must have showed them that Obama have all the delegates needed to clinch the nomination. Now Puerto Rico primary is just a formality. The other cause maybe she get the assurance to be the VP choice, which will be terrible mistake. Puerto Ricans, if aware of this latest change should vote for Obama.

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Michael Ware offer Presidential Candidates Iraq solution.

Posted by QB on May 30, 2008

Michael Ware call US Officials divorced from reality in Iraq, he was replying to John McCain presidential race discussion on Iraq.

BLITZER: And joining us now, our correspondent in Baghdad, Michael Ware — Michael, what do you make of this to-do that’s going on here, whether or not Barack Obama should actually go to Baghdad, see what’s going on?

Senator McCain saying, you know, he should go over there and talk to Iraqis, talk to U.S. military and diplomatic leadership over there.

What’s your sense of this — this whole uproar?

MICHAEL WARE, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Well, to me, honestly, Wolf, it seems like a bit of a storm in a teacup. I mean I have to say from the outset, I’ll give respect to any U.S. decision-maker who wants to come and see at least what it is they can see, no matter how narrow that prism is.

However, I’ll issue a word of caution, too. I mean Senator McCain has been here, what, more than half a dozen times. And we’ve seen him get assessments of Iraq terribly wrong. So I wouldn’t be hanging my hat on the fact that your opponent has only been here once.

And let’s not forget what do American officials get to see?

Well, they get to see the rooftops of a lot of Iraqi houses as they chopper over them or across vast expanses of desert. They get to see rooms in the inside of U.S. bases in the Green Zone, both of which are divorced from reality. And they’ll get inundated with military briefings.

Now, in these briefings, in the past, officials have been told the insurgency was in its death throes, there was no civil war, that Iranian influence wasn’t that big a problem, that Al Qaeda had been defeated. I mean, you really aren’t going to get much of a real picture. It’s almost by definition impossible.

And General Petraeus, the commander in the war here, doesn’t pull any punches. So you almost could gain as much from having a private chat with him when he was last on Capitol Hill.

Nonetheless, I say, respect to anyone who wants to come here and try. But, really, don’t raise your expectations — Wolf.

BLITZER: You’ve been there now what for some five years.

What would a U.S. leader — a major senator or presidential candidate or a president, for that matter, really need to do to go over to Iraq and get a sense — a real understanding and appreciation of what’s going on?

A, how long would they have to stay, and how would they be able to do it? WARE: Well, obviously it can be very, very difficult. And I guess, in many ways, they’ve got to rely on their deputies and lieutenants, because any answer you get is not going to be one without a filter. They’re going to be — they’re going to be shaped in one way or another.

Any Iraqi official you talk to is going to play the same old game. They’re going to tell the Americans what they think the Americans want to hear. And American commanders have to impress, as well. I mean and they’ll give as frank an assessment as they can. But so often we’ve seen, even the American commanders have made miscalculations during this war. And let’s not forget, I mean, the strictures of a U.S. official coming here, they’re such a grand target.

Now, let’s compare that to the visit of the Iranian president, Ahmadinejad. He announces a visit weeks in advance. He didn’t come in secret. He drove from the airport, didn’t chopper. He stayed outside the Green Zone overnight and he walked the streets of Baghdad. And he didn’t have 100 American troops around him, like Senator McCain.

So it’s going to be extraordinarily difficult for them to ever get a real picture. Perhaps, for example some other people — I’d be more than willing. I’d challenge either candidate who comes here to sit down and give me 20 minutes. And I speak to the insurgents, I speak to the militias, I speak to the Iranians and I speak to the Iraqi officials in their private moments.

Let’s have a shot at it — Wolf.

BLITZER: Maybe they’ll just do that.

Michael, thanks very much.

WARE: Thank you, Wolf.

Source : CNN Transcripts.

Hillary Clinton still bitching around pretending to be the nominee with Bill Clinton, James Carville, Paul Begala with all her campaign staff. The arguments they are making are lies and stupid that she will be nominee dividing Democrats which will result in defeat in November.

John McCain should read this report and then honestly defend his opinion of keeping US troops in Iraq for 100 years. The majority of Iraqis don’t want us occupation military in their country neither they want permanent US military bases. Withdrawal is the only option which will be used by Al Qaeda as the defeat. The Afghanistan war too will have the similar ending.

Iraqis say Marine handed out Christian coins

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Hillary Clinton – Reference of Bobby Kennedy assassination is distrubing.

Posted by QB on May 23, 2008

Earlier Friday afternoon, Hillary Clinton told the editorial board of the Sioux Falls Argus Leader that “My husband did not wrap up the nomination in 1992 until he won the California primary somewhere in the middle of June, right? We all remember Bobby Kennedy was assassinated in June in California. I don’t understand it,” she said.

Hillary Clinton staying in the race and than pointing out Bobby Kennedy assassination is very troubling. Barak Obama security must be increased and he must start wearing life vest. Hillary Clinton wants to win the nomination on any cost. She is pure evil mentally sick women. Hillary Clinton is either sending message to her mentally sick supporter to do what happened to Bobby Kennedy or she might be planning some kind of sick attack on Barak Obama to get the nomination. Hillary Clinton is mentally unstable women who might kill more innocent people than Bush regime to keep her in power.

Barak Obama should take step to make sure for his safety, not letting the people come too close to him, the people attending Barak Obama rallies must go through tough security checks to make sure they are not carrying firearms. My prayer is no such ugly incident happen through out the Presidential campaign.

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Barak Obama – Hillary Clinton Presidential Race.

Posted by QB on May 21, 2008

Barak Obama now has 1962 delegates and now it is the time for super delegates to come forward and endorse him to get the nomination. sending Hillary Clinton clear message to get out of the race. Hillary Clinton is playing dirty politics by turning this race into racial and gender battle. The only way to shut her up is now in the hands of super delegates, who are sitting behind watching Hillary Clinton destroying Barak Obama chances of winning the general election and hurting the party.

Hillary Clinton ridiculous allegation that she is lost to Barak Obama because she is women and is treated unfairly by the media is her latest attempt to steal nomination. She attack Barak Obama like mad dog, bringing “white voters” race card and she is complaining about unfair treatment.

The exit polls reported by CNN that majority of Kentucky voters believe that she attack Barak Obama unfairly and majority of Kentucky voters believe that he will be the nominee of their party. These voters voted for Hillary Clinton knowing this means that they don’t want to see black man as their nominee.

Hillary Clinton voters who do not vote for Barak Obama in general election are the old women, non college educated and white blue collar voters will suffer most by voting for John McCain. John McCain will be the wrong choice who will pursue the policies of confrontation with Iran and Cuba, will keep the policies which will benefit big corporations, there will be no health care reforms. Hillary Clinton voters will be the biggest losers if they vote for John McCain.

The Republicans always hated Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton which was very difficult for me to understand and now I understand why they hate Clintons so much.

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Hillary Clinton – Barak Obama Tuesday primaries.

Posted by QB on May 19, 2008

Hillary Clinton use all the negative tactics to defeat Barak Obama and still behind pledged delegates and popular votes but still talking about getting the nomination with her logic of “working class white blue collar voters” which diminish all the chances for Democrats to win the general election. The socalled “white working class blue collar voters” if do not vote for Barak Obama than they have to face the consequences of same economic foreign policies of Bush administration.

Hillary Clinton if somehow snatch the nomination from Barak Obama than Democratic party will be completely destroyed.

It look like CNN Political Ticker has blocked be from posting comments on their blog. Try to post this on CNN political ticker got message that comments for the post are closed but many more comments are posted after my comments.

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John Edwards endorses Barak Obama.

Posted by QB on May 14, 2008

This is an important endorsement will certainly help Barak Obama to win white blue collar votes. John Edwards make the right decision. Hillary Clinton should now read the writing on the wall and drop out of the race gracefully. John Edwards is very likable person would love to see him as Barak Obama running mate.

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Democracy stink.

Posted by QB on May 13, 2008

Democracy stink when outcome of the majority of the educated voters decision is overruled by uneducated blue collar voters. These uneducated votes are based on race, religion not looking at the issues rationally. There are voters who will believe Barak Obama is Hamas candidate for President, the others will not vote for him because his former Pastor Wright sermons and there will be people who will not vote for him because he wanted get engage in diplomatic negotiations with Iran.

The majority of American do not fall for these political attacks knowing the issues, it is the uneducated religious racists who  are the  ones spoiling their intelligent votes.

The news from Pakistan is that majority of people are supporting Nawaz Sharif demand for reinstating deposed corrupt judges without realizing that it will destabilize the Federal government, creates chaos and open new legal confrontation between the corrupt judge Iftikhar Chaudary going after Pervez Musharraf.

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Hillary Clinton will destroy Barak Obama.

Posted by QB on May 10, 2008

Hillary Clinton refuses to drop out of the race continuing her negative campaign against Barak Obama destroying all his chances of winning in November. Hillary Clinton is bitch don’t want Barak Obama to win election so she can again run for President in 2012 against John McCain.

The Presidential race turned so ugly already that the so called Blue Collar voters will not vote for Barak Obama instead go for another old white man with outdated ideas.

Barak Obama is painted to be the candidate of Hamas by old man John McCain and this is going to turn off lots of Americans who will vote against him without thinking this to be true.

Hillary Clinton has become so unlikeable after she decided to run for President that she lost all my respect.

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Hillary Clinton game over.

Posted by QB on May 7, 2008

Hillary Clinton run for Democratic party is over which she is not admitting it with dignity. Hillary Clinton and her supporters are giving stupid arguments to snatch the nomination from Barak Obama. They are still talking about the electability and winning the big States arguments, trying to bring Florida and Michigan into the play. Hillary Clinton with Barak Obama accepted not to compete in these two States set by DNC for breaking the rules. Hillary Clinton at that time was running ahead of Barak Obama believes that these two States has no importance and she will close the nomination on super Tuesday. We all know that she did not come near winning the nomination and her support keep dropping. Hillary Clinton now wants to change the rules in the middle of the nomination process by playing dirty political games.

Barak Obama should be the nominee of Democratic party with most pledged delegates, most popular votes, most States win. The game for Hillary Clinton is over. The other argument Hillary Clinton and her supporters are making that she is ahead in polls to beat John McCain in November is another stupid illogical argument, she can lose the support of majority of Democrats if she becomes the nominee, just like she lost support in the early primaries.

The super delegates must act now by supporting Barak Obama if they want to win White House in November.

The first defection after last night primaries result, more to follow.

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – Former Sen. George McGovern, who backed Hillary Rodham Clinton, is urging her to drop out of the Democratic presidential race.

McGovern said Wednesday he has decided to endorse Barack Obama.

After watching the returns from the North Carolina and Indiana primaries Tuesday night, McGovern says it’s virtually impossible for Clinton to win the nomination.

McGovern says he is calling former President Clinton to tell him of the decision and adds that he remains close friends with the Clintons.

Paul Begala and James Carville, two Hillary Clinton attack dogs should follow McGovern and support Barak Obama.

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Democratic primaries.

Posted by QB on May 5, 2008

The two important primaries are scheduled for tomorrow in North Carolina and Indiana. Hillary Clinton wants the Democratic voters to give her victory by calling these primaries “game changer”. The polls shows that 54% Democrats believe that Barak Obama will the the nominee and if they still vote for Hillary Clinton that means that they do not wanted to end this bitter battle for nomination which is hurting Democratic party and giving John McCain huge advantage to win in November.

Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton has lost my respect and admiration the way they run this campaign. The race for nomination is in the hands of voters who can end this by voting for Barak Obama in these two states. Vote intelligently for Barak Obama and don’t let this race to continue if Democrats wanted to in in November. Super delegates, if give Hillary Clinton the nomination with Barak Obama leading the pledged delegates will be disaster for Democratic party.

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Pennsylvania primary.

Posted by QB on April 22, 2008

The Pennsylvania voters can vote intelligently today to end Barak Obama and Hillary Clinton battle for nomination by voting for Barak Obama. This is the right thing to do if Democrats want to win in November. The Democratic party is will loose the general election if they don’t act now, the battle will go on and Hillary will keep going after Obama creating division with Democratic party. John McCain can and will beat Hillary in November if she is the nominee and it will be the democratic party and the voters will be responsible for putting him in White House.

The Democrats, if lose this election should admit that they are idiots and shut down their political party.

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Republican Presidential Debate. Ron Paul was impressive.

Posted by QB on November 29, 2007

The Republican Presidential candidates participated in debated in Florida, the majority of the Republican candidates, like Democrats front runners, wanted to continue Bush failed policies in Afghanistan and Iraq. There is only one Republican Presidential candidate who is honest truthful not scared to say what is right is Ron Paul who unfortunately did not get much time to speak but whenever he get a chance to speak he was impressive. The other Republican Presidential candidate was Mike Huckabee from conservative ideology. The two front runners Mitt Romney and Rudy Giuliani get the most of the time but their answers were exactly what voters wanted to hear. The question related to terrorism get the most applause by the audience which were answered by Mitt Romeny Rudy Giuliani Fred Thompson Tom Tencredo and Duncan Hunter, they all believe that permanent occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq is necessary to fight the war on terror. It was Ron Paul who pointed out very correctly that the main cause of Islamic terrorism is the wrong US foreign policies of interference in Middle East and Al Qaida was created as the result of US presence in Saudi Arabia. Ron Paul is intelligent and he knows that US can’t win the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq so his proposal is to withdraw all the US occupation troops from these two countries which will definitely hurt Al Qaida agenda.

This is a known fact that Al Qaida is gaining popularity and general public sympathies because of Bush policies of invasion and occupation. Osama Bin Laden can lose all the support and find it very difficult to attract people to join their fight if US stop their stupid war on terror the way they started it and fighting after 9/11.

Ron Paul on the Republican Presidential candidate who has the plan to bring stability in US as well as in Afghanistan and Iraq. Dennis Kucinich is the only candidate who has the, like Ron Paul, to end this endless conflict.

John McCain with Fred Thompson Rudy Giuliani Mitt Romney Tom Tendcredo Duncan Hunter all believe that US is winning the war in Iraq. The fact they ignored that US has make peace agreement with the Iraqi Sunni resistance which is working in some areas and the Shiite South is clam because British troops have handed over the security to Iraqis, completely withdrawing their troops from the area. Iraqi Sunni resistance is getting lots of financial support from US and my analysis is that they are presently busy in strengthening their power by acquiring weapons, trying to create unity between all the resistance groups for the final fight with US occupation military, the chances are that Shiites will be on board when this final battle start. The fact which these morons ignore that Iraqis did not wanted permanent US military bases in their country and over 72% Iraqis want US troops out of their country.

Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich will not get the nomination of their parties so the “war on terror” will continue for decades. The next elected President will be Republican or Democrat front runner who will continue Bush policies.

Thanks to Jones who pointed out my mistake referring Duncan Hunter as Chris Dodd.

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US Politicians and American Policies.

Posted by QB on November 16, 2007

The Bush regime is sending envoy to meet Pervez Musharraf to end the emergency rule and hold fair and transparent elections in January. The Bush regime also wanted Pervez Musharraf to be tough on their war on terror without realizing that is the main reason of Pervez Musharraf unpopularity loosing support of people. The Bush regime wanted the democracy and continue the war on terror which is not possible whoever get elected in January elections.

There was CNN Democrats Presidential debate last night where the front runner did not answer single question with honestly and intelligently, Hilary Clinton, Barak Obama, John Edwards responses were confusing, talking what people wanted to hear. Wolf Blitzer, the most biased dishonest person, was the moderator, completely ignorning Presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich who had the clear plan to bring stability to US, restoring America’s image in the world. Dennis Kucinich is the only Presidential candidate who had pointed out  that the US policies are the main cause of Anti Americanism in Middle East and Muslim countries where they see these wars against Islam.

The front runners Hilary Clinton, Barak Obama, John Edwards with Chris Dodd, Joe Biden were answers on Iraq, Iran and Pakistan were similar to Bush regime promising not to let Iran build nuclear weapon, put more pressure on Pervez Musharraf to be tough in their war on terror, keep Afghanistan and Iraq under US occupation. Hilary Clinton might get the nomination of Democratic party because majority of Democrats believe that she has the best chances of beating Republican candidate in next general elections, just like when the Democrats nominated the wrong Presidential candidate John Kerry. Hilary Clinton might get the nomination but she will lost in next year elections.

The IAEA report on Iran Nuclear Program was due on Wednesday, which maybe made public which I have not read it yet. Bush regime and Britain Brown is wasting no time promising to be tough on Iran.

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Ron Paul interview with CNN Wolf Blitzer.

Posted by QB on November 9, 2007

The following is the transcript of Ron Paul interview.

BLITZER: Congressman, I can only say congratulations. It’s really an unbelievable thing that you have achieved right now. First of all, how do you attribute it? What do you attribute this amazing financial support within 24 hours?

PAUL: Well, it is amazing, and I don’t claim a whole lot of credit for it.

I think we have a very good platform that’s very appealing to the people who care about what’s happening in the country. I think we’re also tapping into the sense of frustration that people are feeling. I think it’s much more intense than anybody realized, probably more intense than I had expected.

So it’s coming together and people have rallied around. But I think it’s a strong message, strong disaffection of what’s happening here in this country. I happen to be there, and the grassroots have really put this together.

So, it’s a grassroots effort, and I think that makes it even stronger.

BLITZER: In our latest CNN/Opinion Research Corporation poll among registered Republicans nationwide you have gone up to 5 percent, but you’re still way behind the top tier. How do you plan on using this new cash to try to challenge Giuliani, Thompson, McCain, Romney, some of the others?

PAUL: Well, the money was spent to us to be spent, and we will be spending it. We’re started to do that. We’re buying television in the early primaries. We’re doing a lot of direct mail. We’re on the radio. And we’re hiring a few more people.

I know the other campaigns have had huge staffs, but I think they waste a lot of their money. But now we are getting more reasonable staffing positions. And we’re spending the money in many ways in an ordinary way, but we will continue with this grassroots effort that has been going on, that’s been ongoing here on the Internet.

BLITZER: Are you going to support Nancy Pelosi’s new effort to have some partial funding for the war, $50 billion stopgap, to underscore her opposition, a lot of Democrats’ opposition to the war, and trying to get a time line in there? Are you going to support that?

PAUL: No, not really, because I think that’s ducking the issue. As long as you’re funding the war you’re supporting the war, and it’s been going on for all these years. I didn’t support it before the war and I haven’t supported any money for the war.

I support the troops. The troops should come home. And, amazingly, I get more money from the troops than any other candidates…

BLITZER: Let me interrupt you, Congressman. If you support the troops, the administration argues, how can you not give them the funding they need for the body armor, the weapons they need to protect themselves?

PAUL: Well, we have $500 billion, $600 billion in the pipeline. We have all the money we need to bring the troops home, and that’s the best way to protect the troops. They’re not going to run out of money. The money is there. This is all fluff for expanding the war and playing on war, going into Iran, all these things. So, there’s no shortage of funds to get the troops out.

BLITZER: On so many pieces of legislation, you are the only, only member of the House, Democrat or Republican, that’s opposed some legislation, some resolutions.

For example, a bill calling on the League of Arab States to step up efforts to stop genocide in Darfur, the vote was 425-1. You were the one.

A bill calling on Vietnam to release political prisoners, 425-1. You were the one.

Condemning the Robert Mugabe violence against Zimbabwe citizens, 421-1. You were the one.

Awarding a gold medal to Rosa Parks. We could go on.

Why — tell us, explain why you so often have been the sole voice in the U.S. House of Representatives on what everybody else supports and what, to so many people, would seem like a no-brainer?

PAUL: Right.

No, I think maybe I’m the only strict constitutionalist, because I look at that from the Constitution.

It’s not that what I’m against what they’re proposing. But some of those resolutions are just interference, unnecessary.

Carry that to the next step of that resolution between, you know, condemning the Turks about Armenia. Just think of the chaos that created. Getting ourselves involved in some event 100 years ago, it makes no sense at all.

We should deal with our problems here, with our defense, and not pretending that we know what’s best.

So it’s a principle that I defend. I don’t think I have the authority. It’s meddling where we shouldn’t, and it usually leads to trouble.

Of course, the Armenian vote was much more troublesome, and look at the chaos it’s caused between Turkey and the Kurds.

BLITZER: Congressman, I can understand your principled stance on the foreign policy-related issues. But what would be unconstitutional about giving the gold medal to Rosa Parks, the civil rights activist and leader that all of us are quite familiar with?

PAUL: Well, you know, that wasn’t easy for me, because I think she’s a real hero. Because I believe in civil disobedience and I believe peaceful change has come about that way. But I was dealing with the money: Why should I tax you to give her a medal?

I went to my fellow members of Congress, and I said, “I will be glad to give her a medal. Let’s each put in a hundred bucks, and I will put in a hundred bucks, and we could pay for it.”

But to do good by taking money from the people, that is not a precise authorization in the Constitution.

So the principle is that you don’t have this right to do it, but to say something good and to — you know, to honor people like that would be fine. But we ought to do it with our own money, not with your money.

BLITZER: Congressman Ron Paul has become a phenomenon.

Congressman, thanks very much for joining us. we will see you out on the campaign trail.

PAUL: Thank you very much. Source Link : Situation Room Transcripts.

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Ron Paul will be Wolf Blitzer Guest in Situation Room Tomorrow.

Posted by QB on November 7, 2007

Ron Paul will be Wolf Blitzer guest in Situation Room 6:00 PM ET hour. The credit goes to his supporters who helped him raise over 4.2 million dollars in 24 hours. This CNN media coverage will provide an opportunity to reach the broader voters, who will listen and watch the program. The next presidential polls will provide further evidence that Ron Paul if he move upwards, that his message is getting across.

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Democracy for America – Poll Results Dennis Kucinich on top.

Posted by QB on November 7, 2007

The results of Democracy for America is not big surprise because Dennis Kucinich was slightly behind Al Gore who is not a candidate.

Presidential DFA Poll Pulse Live Results

In the first real test of grassroots support for the eight Democratic Presidential candidates, Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich scored a stunning first place finish nationally and topped every other candidate in 41 of 50 states, according to results released late last night by Democracy for America (DFA). Of the 150,000-plus ballots cast, Kucinich received more votes than former Senator John Edwards and Senator Barack Obama combined. Kucinich tallied 49,364 (31.97%), compared with Edwards’ 24,078 (15.6%), Obama’s 21,403 (13.86%), and Senator Hillary Clinton’s 6,504 (4.21%).

Kucinich was the top vote-getter in 41 states, including the early-voting states of Iowa, New Hampshire, and Nevada. In South Carolina, another early voting state, Kucinich came in second to Obama by less than one half of one percent.

Undeclared write-in candidate and former Vice President Al Gore scored second nationally with 24.77% of the vote, and he “won” six states: New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, West Virginia, Tennessee, and Florida. Kucinich came in second in each of those six states.

Obama won only his home state of Illinois, as well as South Carolina. Edwards’ only win was in the state of Washington, where Kucinich came in second.

In an email announcement last night, DFA told members and friends, “…no one worked harder to win your support than Congressman Dennis Kucinich. He made his progressive record on Iraq, universal health care, and the patriot act clear. He didn’t just ask for your vote, he worked for the votes of your friends and neighbors. He asked his supporters to join DFA and vote to make sure you heard his message. He shot videos, issued press releases, and met with local DFA leaders and members all over the country to try and get your vote. And it worked.

”DFA called Kucinich’s victory “astounding.”

Yesterday’s victory further underscores a growing surge of support that has put Kucinich in fourth place nationally in some polls, second in a major California straw poll, and tied for fourth place with New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson in New Hampshire, only seven points behind Edwards.

Kucinich is expected to comment further on the DFA results on Wednesday. Source Link : Dennis for President.

This is encouraging sign that Dennis Kucinich has so much support.

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