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What is typical politcian?

Posted by QB on May 5, 2007

The simple answer to this question is politicians who are hiding behind layers of masks never speak truth always try to manipulate the situation for their political agendas. Actually the majority of the politicians fall into this category. When their mistakes are exposed they again try to get out of the embarrassing situations by shedding some tears on camera and apologize to the public.

The greatest manipulator liar is Geroge W. Bush, Dick Chenny, Collin Powell, Condoleezza Rice (why she use double ee and zz in her name>, Donald Rumsfeld, John Ashcroft, Wolfowitz, Armitage, Perle on the Republican sides. The majority of Republicans Senators and Representatives blog to “typical politician” category.

John McCain, Rudy Guiliani too are typical politicians.

Democrats are not exceptions majority of them are typical politicians who most of the time try to be on the side of popular support on the issues including Iraq war. Hillary tops this cate


2 Responses to “What is typical politcian?”

  1. bosskitty said

    You speak the truth! Mullahs, preachers, priests and rabbis are not supposed to be politicians. They are supposed to be spiritual leaders. When the line between politics and religion blurs, no one wins and too many people die. Politicians can let their beliefs guide their votes but not force their beliefs onto electors. There are good people in every faith, where are they? Have we killed them all?
    These are sad days for all …..

  2. There are good politicians but unfortunately majority of the public don’t support them like there are good religious scholars but nobody listen to them. The majority support the corrupt politicians and hate promoting religious scholars.

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