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Iraq – Rising US soldiers death toll.

Posted by QB on May 7, 2007

The news reported of 8 infact 12 US soldiers killed in Iraq Sunday according to Yahoo News. This is exactly what I predicted on November 16, 2006 related to report that US is planning the last push to stabilize Iraq’s situation by increasing the number of soldiers on the ground.

This strategey will not work because Iraqi Resistance is determined to fight the occupation as long as it takes and it will increase the number of US soldiers deaths. Iraqi Resistance will have more open targets who will be involved in direct confrontation instead of patrolling.

The deadliest attack Sunday against U.S. forces occurred in Diyala, where six U.S. soldiers and a Russian photojournalist were killed when a massive bomb destroyed their vehicle, the U.S. military and the editor of the Russian edition of Newsweek magazine said. Two U.S. soldiers were wounded, the military said.

Two American soldiers died Sunday in separate bombings in Baghdad, and the military said Monday that another was shot to death in the capital.

The military Sunday also reported three other deaths — two Marines in a blast Saturday in Anbar province and a soldier who died Sunday in a non-combat incident in northern Iraq.

Source  : Yahoo News.

“In the next 90 days we’re going to see increased American casualties because we’re taking the fight to the enemy,” Maj. Gen. Rick Lynch, commander of U.S. troops south of Baghdad, told reporters. Maj. Gen. Rick Lynch is not telling the truth. He is trying to give false hope and impression that everything will be alright if Americans wait three more months. There are no proof that situation in Iraq will be better after 90 days and I reach this conclusion after looking at their military strategy which is not working because they don’t have the number of soldiers needed to control all Iraq.

The Bush regime claim that Iraq situation is improving with the new plan. The facts show otherwise Baghdad situation was little better with decrease in sectarian violence as the Mehdi Militia and Sunni Iraqi Resistance decided to move to other cities and towns. Southern Shiite Iraq which was clam since the invasion and occupation is becoming violent for British soldiers where four of them killed last week.

Iraq invasion was started on CNN as live reality show on TV with Anchors as the war cheerleaders and majority of Americans watching their tanks and soldiers moving towards Baghdad. CNN and all the News Networks cashed in big with their reality TV War show and now they don’t bother to report the real situation in Iraq (except one reporter and that is Michael Ware).

The invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq was wrong since the beginning because I know that there is no way US can win these wars. Bush regime including over 70% of Americans are responsible  for Iraq mess.

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