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Iraq – Sunnis calling for US support.

Posted by QB on November 6, 2006

The following is interesting news report where Sunnis are calling US to have alliance with them to fight the increasing influence of Iran in Iraq.

Iraqi Sunnis Urge U.S. to Fight Iran Influence, Not Insurgents. By Daniel Williams

Bush regime invaded Iraq without proper analysis and the consequences which will effect the country as well as the region. Saddam Hussein who did not had any weapons of mass destruction was not threat to any neighboring countries in the region or US and UK. There were no terrorists in Iraq under Saddam Hussein rule. Iran was not that powerful and bold because they too fear that Saddam Hussein might have WMD. Bush stupid invasion help Iranian type religious political parties to gain power by toppling down Saddam Hussein secular government which was much better than the sectarian religious government of Shias.

The present situation is that puppet government mostly consists of Kurds and Shias want US occupation military support to help them stabalise the Iraq violant situation and once they have the confidence that their own military and police can control the situation they themselves will ask US to leave and these Kurds and Shias will be more brutal ruler than Saddam Hussein. Thier military will be killing more civilians who oppose their government than alleged Saddam Hussein crimes of humanity. The situation clearly shows that Iraq will be Iran like democracy with Shias religious government with good ties with their neighbors as well as Hezbollah instead of US close ally.

Iranians are so confident that they can defeat any US or Israel invasion with their war games using long range missiles and air defence system. Ahmedinejad rejected any talk with US on Iraq by saying that their attitude is not good.

“We have placed them in a quagmire from which they can never emerge except dead”“We have placed them in a quagmire from which they can never emerge except dead” Saddam Husein Information Minister Muhammed Saeed al-Sahaf said this for US invasion and this has become a reality. Bush regime is stuck in Iraq with no way out.


2 Responses to “Iraq – Sunnis calling for US support.”

  1. unitedcats said

    Of course Saddam and the Sunnis would have been happy to ally with us before the invasion. But Washington couldn’t ally with Saddam because he had such radical ideas…like maybe the oil wealth generated in the Persian Gulf should be re-invested in the Persian Gulf instead of going into secret bank accounts in Switzerland and Monaco. Good post, how do you keep up such a prolific posting schedule? Keep it up though.

    JMO and BB

  2. Thank you Doug. Intelligent unbaised comments.

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