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Ortega Elected President of Nicaragua. Update.

Posted by QB on November 6, 2006

FORMER revolutionary leader Daniel Ortega won Nicaragua’s presidential election with more than 38 per cent of the vote, an electoral observers’ group said, citing a quick count it conducted according to all the reports coming from Nicaragua.

This election results will be too bitter to sallow for Bush regime as they used all their resources to defeat Ortega because of his alliance with Hugo Chavez and his socialists views. Ortega lost the power because people were tired of US backed contra civil war 16 years ago. Ortega who first seized power in a 1979 revolution against dictator Anastasio Somoza looks like to get back into power because the people are frustrated with their pro market government which did not help to fight poverty.

Ortega win will add one more leftist socialists government in Latin/South America and Hugo Chavez will be happy to have one more ally in the region. Ecuador where Correa chances to win the second round are remote but if he win that would be victory for the poor people of Ecuador. Ecuador second round election schedule on November 26.

The results are not final yet but US did not wasted any time in raising doubts about the credibility and fairness of these elections. President Jimmy Carter is monitoring Nicaragua’s elections and I did not see any statement from him yet which confirms any irregularities.

The U.S. Embassy said it was too soon to “make an overall judgment on the fairness and transparency of the process.”

“We are receiving reports of some anomalies in the electoral process,” including polling stations that opened late and closed early, the embassy said.

Late Sunday, Ortega’s supporters flooded the streets, setting off celebratory fireworks, waving the party’s red-and-black flag and swaying to the candidate’s campaign song, set to the tune of John Lennon’s “Give Peace a Chance.”

The numbers hold on to what are reported then there will be no second round of elections and Ortega will win the Presidency in the first round because his close rival is 10 points behind.

Following news just come in.

Managua, Nov 6 (Prensa Latina) The Sandinista leader Daniel Ortega won Nicaragua presidency, according to unofficial vote reports.

According to a report to which Prensa Latina had access, Ortega should have obtained 40.22 percent of the votes while the candidate of the Nicaraguan Liberal Alliance (ALN), ex banker Eduardo Montealegre should have won 30.28 percent.

The ex Vice president Jose Rizo from the Constitutionalist Liberal Party probably placed third with 22.38 percent, added the report.

Edmundo Jarquin from the Sandinista Renewal Movement was fourth with 6.77 percent and Eden Pastora from Alternative for the Change only achieved 0.4 percent.

Ortega Elected President of Nicaragua.


One Response to “Ortega Elected President of Nicaragua. Update.”

  1. Curtis said

    There is a great deal of pressure mounting in Latin America, and my feelings toward it are a guarded sort of glee along with suspicions as to how it’s being dealt with ex camera. The Eye of Sauron that the US media has become isn’t paying it a great deal of attention, but it’s all the rage in East Asia from what I understand.

    Great post.

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