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Pakistan Missiles destroyed madrassah.

Posted by QB on October 31, 2006

Pakistan military helicopters fired missiles at the madrassah killing 80 people. This attack come just days before US midterm election look like is done at the wishes of Bush who is finding it hard to rally his “war on terrorism” support as he had in last three elections. Pervez Musharraf has provided him the news which will give him enough material and momentum to claim that US is winning the “war on terror” and they killed 80 terrorists.

This news really does not make sense with Pakistan military claims that they asked to close down this madrassah as it was the hideout for Al Qaeda and Talibans. The Al Qaeda or Talibans must have taken a serious notice of that warning and must have moved out of this location if there were any of them residing at the madrassah. The missiles attack I believe killed mostly the children who were living there to learn Qur’an.

This Pakistan military assault will give Bush some talking points before the midterm elections to save their majority in Congress and Senate but this will be a disaster for Pervez Musharraf government as they have to face the people in next year elections and this will not play very well even with the moderates and they can lose the control of federal government with the two provincial governments. The moderates in NWFP and Baluchistan supported the Islamic Political parties and they are already in control of these two provincial governments.

The peace treaty which Pervez Musharraf signed with Waziristan tribal elders will be in jeopardy because they will see this air strike as clear violation and they might start their own offensive against Pakistan military in tribal areas. The religious political parties has already condemned this attack with calling it US attack and there will be more unrest and violence will result with this stupid attack.


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