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Iraq – Midterm Elections.

Posted by QB on October 30, 2006

The US midterm elections are week away and all the public opinion polls showing that Bush regime is in deep trouble. Bush enjoyed the absolute power since taking over the White House due to the weak Democrats opposition. The time has changed to dramatically that now John Kerry is criticizing Bush on Iraq war for which he voted in favor off and he changed his position constantly when running for President that nobody had trusted him. The other advantage Bush regime had that Diebold were behind him as the CEO of that company said that they will make sure Bush will win and actually they did some manipulations in Ohio in 2004.

This midterm election is different because Republicans themselves started criticizing Bush policies in Iraq which they approved themselves because the approval ratings for President were very high on Iraq war. These Republicans had framed the Democrats with their lies on terrorism and war in Iraq without getting any resistance from the opposition.

Iraq will play the major role in this election and candidates who are still trying to defend Bush policies are in real trouble except one and that is Joe Lieberman who is running ahead of his Democrat rival in Connecticut. Joe Lieberman is enjoying this lead because of Republicans support and than there are some Democrats who are still support this most corrupt hypocrite politician who only care about his own interests instead of his constituents.

It will be interesting to watch the results because I still believe that Republicans can hold on to their majority as the US elections are not very fair and transparent. The electronic machines are the best way to get the results in favor of Bush regime.


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