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Pervez Musharraf future look safe.

Posted by QB on June 2, 2007

Pervez Musharraf future as the President of Pakistan is very safe. The Military Generals very strongly supported Pervez Musharraf internal and foreign policies. This statement is clear indication that these Generals got their huge cheques in US Dollar in their foreign bank accounts. The demonstrations and all the other issues Pervez Musharraf can handle as long as he had the support of Military. There is really no possibility of Pakistan becoming Iran or Saudi Arabia like Muslim state. Pervez Musharraf has to change his policies of Bush’s “war on terror” where Pakistan Military is killing innocent civilians to please White House.

The religious parties have to win majority of the National Assembly seats in Punjab to form the Federal government and this looks impossible because there are very few seats in urban areas with majority of seats in rural areas which are controlled by Feudal Lords and they themselves are the candidates. These Feudal Lords don’t have the chances of losing the elections in their own areas. The results for the Sindh National Assembly will be the same where Pakistan Peoples Party will win the rural areas seats and MQM will majority of the seats in urban areas.

The religious parties will do very well again in NWFP and Baluchistan where anti Musharraf sentiments on highest level because of huge Military presence in these provinces. I can safely say that religious parties will not take control of Federal government. These religious parties may stregthen their positions in NWFP and Baluchistan provincial government. The other easy option for Pervez Musharraf  is to dissolve the National and Provincial Assemblies and take control in his hands.


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Hugo Chavez – Supported by Civil Societies Groups.

Posted by QB on June 1, 2007

Hugo Chavez get the support of Civil Societies Groups who are blaming the recent demonstrations are planned and backed by CIA and US to destabilize their country’s democratically elected government. Hugo Chavez is elected in democratic elections and US Fox News and CNN refer to him as the dictator are trying again to bring his government down with 2002 like coup.

“The Venezuelan people forcefully reject the interference of the United States government in the internal affairs of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. Once again the CIA has put a destabilization plan in place with the objective of overthrowing the Bolivarian government and of assassinating President Hugo Chavez,” said the opening paragraph of the document.

Later in the document the text makes reference to recent revelations of “documents that show the payment in dollars of journalists” from RCTV and Globovision “by the government of the United States, through the National Endowment for Democracy, connected with the US State Department and the Central Intelligence Agency through Freedom House.”

The document assures that the plan seeks to create violence and deaths in the street with the intention of discrediting and weakening the government of Hugo Chavez.

In contradiction to the claims made by the media regarding freedom of expression in the country, the social organizations claim that RCTV and Globovision have systematically “called for subversion, chaos, fascism, terrorism, and assassination.”

“These television channels have been spokespersons of foreign interests, specifically those of the Bush government, whose final objective is to overthrow and assassinate President Hugo Chavez,” they said.

Complete article. VenezuelanAnalysis.com.

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Bush Supporting Kurdish Terrorists.

Posted by QB on May 31, 2007

Bush wants to kill all the terrorists who speak against the wrong US policies in all Muslim countries in Middle East Asia Africa as well as in Latin America are now supporting Kurdish PKK terrorists in Iran and Turkey. Turkey blamed Kurdish separatists for the recent bomb attack and now the other brief news from Iran which report killing of 11 Kurdish terrorists by Iranian Revolutionary Guards at the Northern Turkish border. This is not very intelligent policy adopted by Bush regime because they have ignored the consequences of Kurdish rebellion which will not be tolerated by Turkey Iran and Syria. US who blame all Iraq violence on Iran and Syria and wants them to co-operate to stabilise Iraq can’t expect any serious co-operation when they themselves are supporting Kurds terrorism in Iran and Turkey at the moment with no reports of violence from Syria.

Turkey has buildup its military presence on Iraqi Kurdish border and are not backing-down from their demands that Iraqi puppet government take action against Kurds terrorists and destroy their cells otherwise they will move into Iraq Kurdish area to clean up these terrorists cells. The Bush stupidity has already made Middle East complete mess and with new conflicts with Turkey and Iran will make it worst. The US military and its allies are finding it difficult to fight and defeat Iraqi Resistance which are fighting with outdated weapons homemade bombs IEDs than how they expect to win war against Turkey and Iran who had very strong Military. Turkish troops, reinforced by planes and helicopter gunships, have killed 14 PKK guerrillas in operations near the border since Monday.

Iran Syria and Turkey will be united to fight Kurdish speratists and they will now try to unite Sunni and Shiite Resistance against the occupation military. This would be their way of fighting Bush “terrorism” in their countries. Muqtada Al Sadr who wants all the Iraqis united against the occupation must be working on Iranian plans. The united Sunni and Shiite Resistance will be dangereous for occupation forces and it will be good for Iraqis because it it deacrease the sectarian violence and killing of innocent people. Their support will grow as it will become the national movement against occupiers. This is what I can analyze for the near future in Iraq.

Iran is blaming US on Kurds recent violence and claim that all the rebels killed had American made arms.

Iran says rebels had US-made arms.

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Taliban Down US Chinook in Southern Afghanistan.

Posted by QB on May 30, 2007

Taliban are claiming that they have shot US Chinook which is confirmed by Pentagon without revealing the number of dead and wounded soldiers. The BBC is reporting 8 US troops were killed and 14 injured. Pentagon reporter also reported that helicopter is crashed in result of some enemy fire. This is the real situation of Afghanistan war. The Bush regime and the CNN reporters who reports from Kabul try to make the news that everything is working so well in Afghanistan that now Afghans have their first Chinese brothel in the city. These reporters which includes Nic Robertson ignore the facts on the ground which tells me that outside Kabul there is still very strong support and sympathy for Talibans among the majority of the population.

Anderson Cooper talked to very young Afghan boys and they all praised Talibans for providing security schools clinics and electricity during their rule which all not available after the US invasion and occupation of Afghanistan. The other factors are their culture language religious brotherhood which will always be with Talibans instead of foreigners who invaded their country. Bush will leave White House in year and half but Afghanistan war will continue for decades to come if US decided to stay that long which I doubt will happen. So the end result in Afghanistan is no Victory for US and this no US Victory will be translated and propagated as the “Greatest Victory against the US” by Talibans and Al Qaeda.

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CNN sued for linking Chavez to Al-Qaeda.

Posted by QB on May 29, 2007

CNN news can’t be trust. CNN the most frustrated news on cable.

Venezuela sues CNN for footage displaying pictures of Chavez juxtaposed with those of Al-Qaeda leader.
CARACAS – Venezuela filed lawsuits Monday against US cable network CNN for linking President Hugo Chavez to Al-Qaeda, and against a Venezuelan TV network for encouraging Chavez’s assassination.

Information Minister William Lara showed at a press conference what he said was CNN footage displaying pictures of Chavez juxtaposed with those of an Al-Qaeda leader.

CNN also aired a story about the Venezuelan protests, but used images taken in Mexico of an unrelated story, Lara said.

“CNN broadcast a lie which linked President Chavez to violence and murder,” Lara said.

The government also sued Venezuelan network Globovision for what they said was indirectly encouraging Chavez’s murder by airing footage of the 1981 assassination attempt on the late pope John Paul II.

“In my view, this television network, in this specific part of its programming, committed the offense of incitement to assassination, against the Venezuelan head of state,” Lara said.

CNN issued a statement late Monday saying they “strongly deny” being “engaged in a campaign to discredit or attack Venezuela.”

The news network acknowledged a video mix-up, and “aired a detailed correction and expressed regret for the involuntary error.”

Regarding the Al-Qaeda leader, the network said that “unrelated news stories can be juxtaposed in a given program segment just as a newspaper page or a news web site may have unconnected stories adjacent to each other.” Source : Middle East Online.

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Pervez Musharraf looks like losing his power for Bush War on Terror.

Posted by QB on May 29, 2007

There is very little hope for Pervez Musharraf will hang on to his power for very long. The street protests are escalating for firing of Chief Justice who had exploited his removal for political gain and creating unrest in the country. Pervez Musharraf is also facing tough fighting in NWFP where he is fighting Bush favorite “war on terror”. A suicide bomber killed two soldiers and wounding eight as they were heading to retrieve the car and the body of officer who was also killed by the tribesmen.

The news coming out of Pakistan always mentioned killing “foreign fighters” which was very confusing to me and when I investigated further  and find out that foreigners who come to fight the USSR occupation settled in these areas and they are living there since end of USSR occupation. They never went back to their countries of origin, adopted the lifestyle of Afghanistan and NWFP tribesmen, marry the local women have children and grand children. Pervez Musharraf sowed the seed of hatred between tribesmen and these settlers to please his master George W. Bush. I can’t read all the related news in details because of my limited time but it looks like tribesmen and settlers have some kind of unity who are fighting against the Pakistan Military who has launched so many attacks on civilian compounds and Madrases.

Afghanistan situation is getting more violent with Taliban attacks and now there is unrest in Northern area as well. Hamid Karzai is helpless just like Pervez Musharraf and the year and half of Bush Presidency will be very turbulent.

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Russia Test New Missile – Putin Strong Warning To West.

Posted by QB on May 29, 2007

Russia has test its new missile with capability to carry multiple warheads with long range of 6000 km. This was very much expected from Russia as the country is feeling so uncomfortable with US installing missiles defence system in Europe. Bush wrong policies are to be blamed. Russia has the right to defend itself against the growing threat of US.

In what is becoming the most serious confrontation between Russia and the West since the end of the Cold War, Mr Putin made clear that Moscow was determined to confront the American plan to site missile defences in eastern Europe.

“We consider it harmful and dangerous to turn Europe into a powder keg and to stuff it with new weapons,” Mr Putin told Portugal’s Prime Minister Jose Socrates at a meeting in the Kremlin.

“It creates new and unnecessary risks for the whole system of international and European relations.”

Russia has tested a new type of ballistic missile at the same time as warning the West that deployment of any missile shield would turn Europe into a “powder keg”.

Moscow said the missile travelled 6000 kilometres before hitting its target at the Kura test site north of Japan.

It was carrying multiple warheads designed to specifically evade a missile shield.

President Vladimir Putin says he told the visiting Portugese Prime Minister his concern at present relations with the west. He drew attention to the fact that certain countries had not signed the Conventional Forces Treaty limiting military build-up in Europe, and reiterated his opposition to the American plans.

Up to now Washington has dismissed Russia’s fears about the planned installation, insisting it only wants to protect itself against attacks from “rogue states”.

It has continued to talk to key eastern European countries, such as Poland and the Czech Republic, about the possible provision of facilities.

The test firing follows a trip by Putin himself to those key countries to underline his displeasure at the proposals.

The new missile would apparently be capable of hitting the east coast of America, if fired from Moscow, in less than an hour. Source : Russia warns the west it is playing with fire as it tests new missile.

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Afghanistan and Iraq Wars.

Posted by QB on May 27, 2007

Bush wars are not going so well in Afghanistan and Iraq where Talibans has announced to launched nation wide attacks on foreign forces and its local allies. Talibans attacks are killing Canadian and British soldiers almost on daily basis.. Bush’s “war on terror” strong supporter Pervez Musharraf is in deep trouble trying to hang on to power. Pervez Musharraf opposition is rising among the moderate Pakistanis for firing Chief Justice and the religious parties and its supporters are angry because of his constant attacks on civilians in NWFP for “war on terror”.

Iraq is situation is worst than Afghanistan where hundreds of civilians get killed daily with rising numbers of US troops deaths. The US soldiers deaths may rise sharply as they have now launched offensive attacks against Shiites in Baghdad and Southern Iraq. Dick as usual busy is creating fear by telling the Americans that Al Qaeda wants to kill four million US citizens including children so they have to fight them in Iraq. The majority of ill-informed US citizens will believe Dick absurd lie and keep their support for war in Iraq. According to reports about 1000 US soldiers died since last year Memorial Day and with the latest strategy adopted by US military to go after Mehdi Army might double or triple the number of US soldiers death on next Memorial Day.

Bush regime is blaming Iran for all Iraq violence and try to scare them with their military power with war exercises with its Naval fleet in Persian Gulf to me is looking for more conflicts rather than bringing the peace in Iraq. Lebanon situation is calm for the time being but Bush stupidity will turn into bloody violence again because they will force Sinora government to use force against Al Qaeda inspired group which will be the begining of new war and it will create more problems for US occupation military and Israel.

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Bush – Occupation Military’s Another Big Blunder.

Posted by QB on May 26, 2007

The US occupation military in Iraq started its air strike and raided Sadr City after Muqtada Al Sadr Friday prayers message which calls for US withdrawal and unity between Sunni and Shia to fight for their freedom. This is blunder because this will bring Muqtada Al Sadr and Sunni Resistance closer to formation of united Resistance against the occupiers instead of fighting each other. This stupid air strike and raid will create more anger and hatred against the US military and their puppet Iraqi government. The Generals incharge of Iraq to me looks like complete idiots who order such offensive against Shias without knowing the consequences. The 5 Mahdi Militia are reported to be killed in this raid and air strike with two civilians and 8 wounded. The U.S. military also announced the deaths of eight U.S. soldiers and a Marine, putting May on pace to be one of the deadliest months for U.S. forces here in years.

Mahdi Militia and Muqtada Al Sadr will now increase their attacks on US occupation Military and speed up their alliance efforts with Sunni Resistance and this will be disaster for US military.

The Bush mafia and brainless US Generals are digging their own graves in Iraq. “Stupid is as stupid does” according to Forrest Gump.

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We should back Chávez.

Posted by QB on May 25, 2007

This article is written by Colin Burgon published by Guardian and he is the only European or US law maker who has the courage to speak truth. USA and Canada talk about the free speech and both countries have refused to give Al Jazeera permission to reach to its North American audience.

Neoconservative forces, via compliant media outlets and Christian right groupings within the European parliament, are preparing their latest attack on Hugo Chávez and the government of Venezuela. The latest focus of the campaign is the decision of Venezuela’s broadcasting authorities not to renew the licence of the private television channel RCTV. The anti-Chávez apparatus once again presents a test for Foreign Office ministers.

Washington’s outriders characterise the decision as an affront to freedom of speech, yet the facts speak in louder tones. Over 80% of Venezuelan television and radio outlets are privately owned; this excludes a number of cable and satellite television networks that are widely available. Of this 80%, significant sections are owned by corporate groups. According to a recent New York Times editorial, this has led to a situation in which “even the best news outlets tend to be openly ideological…so the owners’ views can permeate reporting”.

Almost all Venezuelan newspapers remain in private hands. The press is free to report, and express opinions, without government interference. Most do so with considerable brio on a daily basis. No media outlet has encountered licensing problems for the expression of political views. No journalist has been imprisoned or punished for report or comment.

In RCTV’s case, the broadcaster failed to meet basic public-interest standards. The criterion for this assessment is similar to that used by the US Federal Communications Commission. RCTV will be free to broadcast via cable and satellite, which are available across the country.

In the UK, if Channel 4 aided an attempted coup against the government that resulted in civil unrest and even death, would anyone be supporting the renewal of its licence? RCTV has lost its licence because its wealthy owners slanted news coverage to provide support to the April 2002 coup against Chávez and the elected government. This will not be news to those who gathered in parliament last week to view John Pilger’s excellent documentary The War on Democracy, which shows footage of RCTV involvement.

As the coup failed and Venezuelans questioned Chávez’s “resignation”, RCTV prohibited correspondents from airing these developments.

So what hope that our representatives in the EU might withstand rightwing pressure and argue against a discriminatory move against Venezuela at a meeting in Strasbourg next week? If the Foreign Office’s public strategy document Latin America to 2020 is anything to go by, not very much.

Lord Triesman, the document’s main author and a Foreign Office minister, outlines an adherence to free-market liberalism and singularly defined democracy as the prerequisites for UK engagement in Latin America. The document shows our government remains committed to the neoliberal model as a means of tackling the highest levels of social inequality in the world. However, anyone interested in nations such as Venezuela or Bolivia can see that the “Washington consensus” trade and aid packages have failed the most desperate people of those nations.

In the document, many Latin American leaders are named and congratulated, yet Chávez receives no such recognition. The Foreign Office appears to ignore the reasons for the popularity of Chávez, Evo Morales in Bolivia and Rafael Correa in Ecuador: the failure of neoliberal policies imposed by Washington and endorsed by the EU.

It is not too late for a Labour government to engage with those who wish to achieve justice for their peoples. Events in Strasbourg next week provide an opportunity for the UK government to show reason and goodwill.

· Colin Burgon is Labour MP for Elmet and chair of Labour Friends of Venezuela

Source Link : We should back Chavez.

This is the true face of US and European democracies. They have set rule for themselves which only protects their governments and expect rest of the world to blindly follow their wishes and anyone who is criticising US or its European allies government policies become dangerous enemy.

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Hugo Chavez and Latin America & Middle East.

Posted by QB on May 25, 2007

Hugo Chavez who is the most hated person in USA and its European allies to me is courageous passionate peace loving person who wanted to improve the lives of common people not only in his country but for whole poor Latin Americans. Hugo Chavez is also considered the greatest threat for USA but the truth is the other-way around. USA is a real threat to Venezuela and Hugo Chavez, its people and their Oil as long as Bush mafia is in control. Bush did try to topple Hugo Chavez government down with the help of CIA and corrupt Venezuelans elite which failed.

This are few Hugo Chavez achievements. Poverty went down to 34% from 40%, free health care for Venezuelans, building cheap housing for poor, education. Hugo Chavez also helped the poor neighboring countries in building hospitals, providing he subsidized oil, subsidized fertilizers for the farmers. Hugo Chavez is savior in Cuba who has hired doctors and other professionals and it is his efforts which has improved the lives of Cubans with higher standard of living and more quantities and varieties of food in market.

Hugo Chavez is a real hero and a true leader. Hugo Chavez friendship with the last revolutionary alive Fidel Castro is also criticised by USA and its European allies. The majority of ignorant American believe that Fidel Castro is some kind of monster which of-course is not true and they blame him for poor economy and poverty which again is propaganda. The truth is Cubans are suffering from last 45 years because of brutal US embargo. Forbes magazine published report that Fidel Castro personal wealth is over 900 million dollars in foreign banks. Fidel Castro blasted Forbes magazine and US imperialists for three hours on TV and challenged them to prove this false accusation. Fidel Castro promised to resign from the government if they prove that he even have any foreign account with 1 dollar balance.

The other example of this kind of propaganda is Kim Jong Il who in the west is known as some kind of mentally unstable crazy person. The truth if you analyze the North Korea situation the country’s poor are suffering due to US sanctions. Kim Jong Il is more sane than George W. Bush who know the consequences of starting a military conflict with South Korea and his threats are simply to seek the attention of international community so he can get some favors.

Democracy is good and dictatorship is evil maybe the good slogan for US but in reality people really don’t care much about the government or the head of State as long as they have security and financial stability. The good US democracy don’t have free medical for all US citizens and there are 49 million poor who don’t have any medical insurance. The good US democracy is not providing cheap eduction (Venezuela has free eduction, but not sure).

I believe that it is not the responsibility of US and its European allies to invade country for regime change. The people of the country can and they have the capability and the power to topple down any evil dictator of their country. Why Fidel Castro is still in power? The answer to this question is that because he had the support of Cubans and that is why there is no real opposition build up against his government. Saddam Hussein came into power with the support of US government and CIA. Saddam Hussein enjoyed power because majority of the Iraqis feel that comfortable with him except Kurd terrorists and Shiites. Iraqis if they were so against Saddam Hussein they could have toppled him down with people power like now they are fighting against the superpower of the world for their freedom.

Hugo Chavez has started common socialists reforms which are spreading in Latin America like wild fire with Nicaragua, Bolivia, Argentina, Brazil, Cuba, Chile, Ecuador has leftist governments developing close relationship with neighboring country which will bring financial stability for the common people. Hugo Chavez is the fresh breeze which will shape Latin America very better way.

Hugo Chavez has to implement tough policies to fight the increasing crimes in Caracas and had to start projects which benefits poor people. Hugo Chavez if really don’t know that crime and housing are the main grievances of poor people than he is as much disconnected with reality as George W. Bush. Hugo Chavez cannot claim to be the leader of poor if he really don’t know their problems.

This is not new post was written very poorly long time ago. I just try to correct the spellings and try to improve the quality for people interest.

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World Support for Cuba at WTO.

Posted by QB on May 23, 2007

Geneva, May 23 (Prensa Latina) Seven countries reiterated their support for Cuba s demands against the US at a meeting of the World Trade Organization s Dispute Settlement Body.

Brazil, China, Venezuela, Nicaragua, India, Bolivia, and Vietnam expressed their solidarity with the Cuban cause over Washington s lack of progress to accomplish resolutions and recommendations by the WTO mechanism.

The delegations from those countries highlighted the US keeps violating the juridical principle contained in the Dispute Settlement Understanding, dealing with prompt fulfilment of rulings.

Similarly, they expressed dissatisfaction with the US report for being too brief and repetitive.

On Tuesday, Cuba slammed the US for its open maneuvers to reinforce illegal, unilateral measures attempting against its free trade and development.

Jorge Ferrer, minister-counselor of the Cuban permanent mission at the UN, said at the WTO Dispute Settlement mechanism that Washington repeats the same speech each month.

US President George W. Bush has reiterated he will veto any congressional bill aimed at softening or removing the White House anti-Cuba measures, he sustained.

Source : Latin American News Agency.

There is another report that US farmers will sign USD 150 million dollars with Cuba signing deal for Agriculture products. This is something that can happen with only US oppressive one sided policies which keep the American open to earn money from the country which has suffered so much with US embargo. Cuban government has spend USD 2.2 billion since 2001 buying American farm products.

Fidel Castro why are your government so much cash flow into US economy who wants Cubans to suffer and the whole country destroyed with embargo. Why not buy all the agriculture and farm products from some friendly country? China or any other Latin American country.

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Venezuela, Cuba Criticize US Over Release of Carriles.

Posted by QB on May 10, 2007

Source : VOA.

Venezuela and Cuba have accused the United States of harboring a terrorist after a U.S. federal judge dropped immigration fraud charges against Cuban-born former CIA operative Luis Posada Carriles.

Venezuelan Foreign Minister Nicolas Maduro repeated his government’s demand Wednesday for the extradition of the 79-year-old Posada Carriles. Maduro spoke in Venezuela at a joint news conference with Cuban Foreign Minister Felipe Perez Roque.

Perez Roque said Posada Carriles’ release shows what Cuban minister called the hypocrisy of the U.S. government.

Posada Carriles is wanted in Cuba and Venezuela, where he is accused of plotting the 1976 bombing of a Cuban jetliner that killed 73 people. He denies any wrongdoing.

On Tuesday, the judge in El Paso, Texas dismissed an indictment against Posada Carriles. She said statements Posada Carriles made that were to be used against him at his trial had been improperly obtained.

Tuesday’s move came three days before Posada Carriles was scheduled to go on trial on charges that he illegally entered the United States in 2005.

Prosecutors are reviewing the judge’s decision.

The Cuban-born Posada Carriles is a naturalized Venezuelan citizen.

U.S. Democratic Party Congressman Bill Delahunt issued a statement Wednesday calling on President Bush to detain Posada Carriles. Delahunt said unless President Bush takes action, the world will conclude that his administration has a double standard when it comes to fighting terrorism.

The senator said Posada Carriles’ release could be catastrophic to U.S. efforts to rally other nations to fight al Qaeda, especially in the Muslim world where he said some view Osama bin Laden as a similar hero.

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Dick Cheney in Iraq.

Posted by QB on May 9, 2007

Dick Cheney visited Iraq issued joint statement with puppet Prime Minister Nuri Al Maliki. There is nothing new as usual they promised to keep working together for Iraq so called democracy. Nuri Al Maliki is not a person to be trusted by US occupation military and the Iraqis who has not done anything to stop the sectarian violence. The fact is that Nuri Al Maliki is fueling this conflict because his government is reluctant to introduced laws to share the Oil revenues with Sunnis and Kurds. Sunni Vice President is threatening to quit Nuri Al Maliki government because he is under tremendous pressure from Iraqi Sunnis.

CNN reported on May 1, 2007 following story which expose true nature of Nuri Al Maliki and his agenda.

Shadowy Iraq office accused of sectarian agenda.

Gen. Petraeus is saying what all the previous Generals were saying when they were in Iraq. Things will get worst before getting better. We are listening this since the invasion and US Generals assessments are wrong as they are not telling the truth. These Generals are not fairly analyzing the situation instead they are wishing for some miracle to happen. The present escalation of troops plan will end up in failure just like all their previous plans.

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Paul Wolfowitz – World Bank President.

Posted by QB on May 8, 2007

I am watching this story from couple of weeks now how Paul Wolfowitz is trying to save his job as the President of World Bank. Wolfowitz still has the backing of Bush supporting him for giving his regime failed Iraq invasion and occupation policy. It is quite interesting to watch someone so incompetent holding on to top positions like Pentagon Defense Adviser and his failures got him promoted to the World Bank Presidency. Wolfowitz who assured Bush regime that Iraq invasion will only cost 72 billion dollars as initial cost and then this war will be self financed with IRAQI OIL Export and they will get back more than 72 billions dollars. Wolfowitz also miscalculated that US will be greeted as the liberators with Iraqis welcoming them with flowers. The cost of war now is over trillion dollars with the loss of 3,377 US soldiers with almost 1 million Iraqis dead. Iraq is destroyed completely and there is no hope for that the situation will improve in near future. This was his record before he was promoted as the President of World Bank.

Wolfowitz misused his powers and negotiated 195,000 salary raise for his girlfriend Shaha Ali Riza. The World Bank board is furious and demanding him to step down but with Bush support he believe he can hold on to his present job.

NEW YORK (CNNMoney.com) — Leading governments of Europe are willing to let the United States again choose the next World Bank president if embattled current President Paul Wolfowitz agrees to step down soon, according to a published report.

The New York Times reported the European governments had wanted to end the tradition of the United States picking the World Bank leader, but they signaled Monday they were willing to drop that demand if it meant that a public split on the international bank’s board could be avoided.

It was reported Monday that a special World Bank committee found that Wolfowitz was guilty of breaking rules barring conflicts of interest in arranging for a pay raise and promotion for Shaha Ali Riza, his girlfriend and a bank employee, in 2005.

The brewing controversy at the World Bank also led to Kevin Kellems, Wolfowitz’s top communications advisor, to resign from the bank Monday, effective next week.

This is another example of Bush regime corruption with people getting the benefits and financial gains and position because of their loyalty. US under Bush has become just like another third world corrupt county.

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Iraq – Al-Sadr calls for attacks on U.S. troops.

Posted by QB on April 8, 2007

This is what looks like that Sunnis and Shias have reached to some kind of agreement to unite their resistance against the US occupation in Iraq. This is what I predicted long time ago that at some point Sunnis and Shias will realize that they will be better off they put their differences behind to fight the common enemy.

Al-Sadr calls for attacks on U.S. troops

Sadr who is presently is reported to be in Iran by US military was quite for some time with the statements coming out of his spokesmen. This is really too early to reach an conclusion because there is no statement from the Sunni resistance. I have to wait and see the results of his statement in the coming days and we might also see strong denial from Sadr and puppet Malaki government.

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US Chinook helicopter shot down 7 dead.

Posted by QB on February 7, 2007

This is the fifth helicopter shot down in last two weeks and US military commander admitted that Iraqi resistance now have acquired better skills to shoot down the helicopters. A Chinook has two crew members and can carry up to 55 passengers. They are used widely to transport troops and cargo around Iraq. The US military at this time did not confirm any casualties. The eye witness farmer who was half a mile away reported that he saw helicopter flying over and then heard the missile fire which turned this helicopter into fire ball it spin twice in the air and went down.

There is no improvement in Iraq situation with Bush “way forward” policy. The situation on the ground is detirioating to worst with bombs killing hundreds of civilians on daily basis and US with Iraqi forces have no success . The other day Michael Ware reported that Shia blame US for all daily bombing of the civilians. According to Michael Ware report the latest offensive against militias had make them to disappear which has caused the vaccum in securing their neighborhoods which is making it for anyone to bomb and kill civilians. Iraqi believes that US can’t provide them the security.

What is the solution? There is really no solution to stabilize Iraq. Bush stupidity is to blame who went into Iraq believing Paul Wolfowitz that US military will be greeted as liberators and the cost of war will be covered with Iraq’s Oil Export. The truth is that this stupid Bush war has already cost US over trillion dollars.

Total War Cost so far : 330 Billion

Additional supplement cost for this year : 100 Billion

Cost for 2008 : 145 Billion

Estimated cost to pay benefits and medical care for the wounded over 40 years : 640 Billion

The war supporters if still want to continue this useless unnecessary illegal criminal war, sure why not spend few more hundreds of billions of your money and don’t forget the human cost.

Al Qaeda claim responsibility for shooting down Chinook helicopter.

Al-Qaida-tied rebels claim hit on copter.

U.S. helicopter crashes in Iraq; 7 dead

The usual Bush mafia spin started with one more helicopter shot down blaming it on mechanical fault. Bush mafia is expert in manipulating the real deaths and wounded since the invasion started under labels like died in hostile fire, accidental deaths, not letting the media cover the dead bodies arriving in US. There is no way of knowing what is going on with these criminals holding on to power.

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Deaths destructions and killings.

Posted by QB on February 2, 2007

Deaths destruction and killings that’s what going on presently with no hope of any peace among the fighting factions in Middle East. Bush is killing to win his war on terror. Iraqi Sunni Shia are killing each other in the name of their twisted interpretation of religion. Palestinians are killing each other for control of power where Hamas and Fatah are fighting and killing innocent civilians. There is tension between Hezbollah and Sunni Christians coalition in Lebanon which is a time bomb which can explode anytime. US troops are dying fighting George W. Bush war with one more helicopter shot down.

The madness and hatred is so strong that nobody is thinking intelligently that killing each other will not resolve anything it will make the situation worst. The life in Middle East has become so difficult that death look like the more attractive option for common poor people.

I hate all this violence will keep my mouth shut because there is nothing I can do to stop all this madness.

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USA may impose sanctions against Russia for selling 29 Tor-M1 complexes to Iran.

Posted by QB on January 27, 2007

This is interesting news that US will impose sanctions on Russia reported by Prauda Russian News Agency. This regime is out of their mind thinking that they can impose sanctions on Russia.

US may impose sanctions against Russia.

Russians must be laughing at this stupidity.

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Saudis back US Iraq strategy as fears grow over Iran’s influence.

Posted by QB on January 17, 2007

Saudi Royal puppets now back US plan for increasing troops in Iraq according to this report by Telegraph because of the increasing influence of Iran and that they see a clear threat to their own oppressive rule because of very large number of Shias in their oil producing region.

Saudis back US Iraq strategy as fears grow over Iran’s influence.

The other news according to FARS News Agency that Ahmadinejad has send letter to Saudi King Abdullah asking to co-operate and stabilise Iraq’s violent situation.

Ahmadinejad’s comments came as Washington is trying to rally its Arab allies and isolate Iran.

“We, Saudis and other neighboring countries can help the Iraqi people to take the lead to consolidate their government’s capability to stabilize and maintain security in their country,” Ahmadinejad told the Saudi-owned satellite television channel.

“I sent a message to King Abdullah in this regard and the answer, generally, was positive,” the Iranian president said in the interview taped Saturday in Venezuela, one of the countries on his Latin American tour.

Iran’s top national security official, Ali Larijani, had delivered a message to Abdullah, the official Saudi Press Agency reported Sunday, but did not reveal its contents.

Iran’s overture to Saudi Arabia appeared to be an attempt to counter American efforts to rally its allies in the region and isolate Tehran.

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, ahead of her regional tour, rejected anew proposals for opening a diplomatic dialogue with Iran and Syria as a way to help stabilize Iraq.

She said Iran would demand US concessions on its nuclear program while Damascus would ask for an easing of the US opposition to Syrian policies in Lebanon as a price for cooperation.

Ahmadinejad said the Americans were in “trouble and they are seeking a way to get out of it while ensuring their economic interests and increasing their hegemony over the region.”

Addressing Iran’s nuclear program, Ahmadinejad reiterated that “we are always ready to talk, but if the dialogue is used as a means to impose something which is illegal then they should realize that it is a dead end.”

Iranian officials have said that efforts to make Iran roll back its nuclear activities are not legal because it has the right to a peaceful nuclear program as a signatory to the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty (NPT). Source : Iranian FARS News Agency

The intelligent approach would be if Saudi Royal puppets extend their support to stabilise Iraq situation instead of issuing irresponsible statements like that Saudi see Iran as bigger threat than Israel. These Middle East puppet rulers must realise the fact that US and UK are playing their most successful policy of “divide and rule” but using their sectarian differences and hatred. The sectarian division can be curbed if not completely eliminated is though the open minded approach which is making decisions based on Qur’an message not hearsay. The problem is that the majority of Sunni and Shia scholars don’t want this to happen because they enjoy the authority over masses with this sectarian division financially and socially.

This is the time when these puppet Middle East rulers had to act intelligently otherwise there will be no Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Amirs of Kuwait, Bahrain, Amirs of UAE if they let the sectarian hatred and division spread out of Iraq. Bush is used by Osama Bin Laden very effectively making him to invade Afghanistan and Iraq and they will work towards Osama Bin Laden agenda of if Saudis and other countries in Middle East keep cooperating with US. The chances are that all these oppressive governments will by overthrown by the people.

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