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Israel and Syria will hold peace talks.

Posted by QB on May 21, 2008

This is good news, positive development. This is the only way to achieve peace and stability in the region, confrontation did not work for Israel neither worked for Syria. These peace talks if lead to Golan Heights solution will be great achievement.

Yahoo News.


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Bush Iraq speech.

Posted by QB on September 14, 2007

Bush said nothing new same old bullshit good Americans are fighting evil Arabs and Muslims. This is too late now try to write what is happening in Iraq tomorrow if time permits.

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Afghanistan & Iraq.

Posted by QB on July 29, 2007

Iraq situation is as very bad for US occupation after four years with no hope of any improvements in near future. Bush regime blame their failures on Syria, Iran and now Saudi Arabia for their failed policy of invasion and Pakistan for Afghanistan failure. It is really hard to believe that the whole Bush regime consists of idiots who did not know the consequences of Iraq and Afghanistan invasion. The majority of people know that Bush is an idiot brain damage due to drug and alcohol abuse in his earlier life but it is really hard to believe that his whole cabinet did not analyze the consequences of removing Saddam Hussein and Afghanistan invasion. What is happening in Iraq and Afghanistan is exactly according to my analysis before war. The majority of my American friends were happy full of pride with easy victory when Taliban disappeared leaving Kabul open for Northern Alliance and US troops. When I told them that this is not victory and end of war but it is just beginning of war they all looked at me like someone complete crazy. The Americans friends were quick to celebrate the Iraq victory as well when they captured Baghdad without any resistance and again when I told them that this is just the beginning of long war they thought I have completely lost my mind.

Bush job approval rating that time was in high seventies and the war support was equally high over seventy percent. It took some months for Iraqi resistance to organize and start their fighting against US occupation which were called by Bush, Dick and Rumsfeld as dead enders, terrorists, Saddam Hussein Bathists, people who hate freedom and democracy and majority of Americans believed and supported government.

Afghanistan went into background with main stream media focus on Iraq. The other reason for Afghanistan going into background was that Taliban did not immediately get organized which according to me was because they were not in hurry and don’t wanted to start their resistance without complete planning and organization. It look like they have done their home work and gaining strength in Afghanistan with support from North Western Frontier Province. Bush blame this on Pakistan and Pervez Musharraf, putting pressure on his government “to do more” in his “war on terror” which is necessary for the security of US. Bush retard do not realize that Pervez Musharraf can’t do anything more what he has already done without risking the security of his own country. Pervez Musharraf come in power with very popular public support and he has lost all his support fighting Bush “war on terror” bombing and killing civilians in North WesternFrontier Province. Pervez Musharraf meeting with yesterday with Benazir Bhutto in Dubai look like Bush regime new strategy to bring her back as Prime Minister and announce new elections date to calm down public anger and opposition against government. Benazir Bhutto very corrupt politician love power and will do anything to keep her in power even if she had to kill hundreds of thousands people. The only problem is that she can’t aggressively pursue Bush policies with majority of public opposition, growing anti Military sentiments in Pakistan. Pakistan Military will not agree to take any Military action for the fear of losing its respect and credibility. Bush regime will have hard time understanding this and they might make one more stupid mistake of crossing Pakistan border which will open new front for US troops.

Iraq failures are blamed on Iran, Syria and now Saudi Arabia. Bush stupid invasion and overthrowing Saddam Hussein government has changed power in favor of Iran which Sunni Arab government see as growing threat for for their governments. Iran has Syrian Shiite government support and in Lebanon have the backing of Hezbollah. Iraq puppet Nuri Al Maliki government has close relations with Iranian which will further strengthen after US troops withdrawal. Saudi Royal family fear that Iran Iraq might start revolution movement in their country, so they actually are trying to protect their own interests with financing Iraqi Sunni Resistance to fight against Nuri Al Maliki Shiite government.

Codoleezza Rice will try to gain support of Sunni Arab state, according to news. Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt will agree with her on everything and even issue joint statements to support Bush policies in Middle East, that will be only diplomacy (the correct word for diplomacy is “hypocrisy”). Saudi Arabia will keep funding Sunni Iraqi Resistance to weaken Nuri Al Maliki puppet Shiite government. The other facts which Bush regime hide behind its slogans that this Shiite government is more cruel and brutal than Saddam Hussein, killing Sunnis for their power. Iraqi puppet government is waiting for US troops withdrawal so they can slaughter all the Sunnis. The brain dead US Senators who are proposing division of Iraq into three autonomous regions will not be acceptable for Turkey, Iran and Syria because it will escalate Kurds uprising in their countries.

The end game is near which will not be pretty for US and its superpower image.

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Bush Supporting Kurdish Terrorists.

Posted by QB on May 31, 2007

Bush wants to kill all the terrorists who speak against the wrong US policies in all Muslim countries in Middle East Asia Africa as well as in Latin America are now supporting Kurdish PKK terrorists in Iran and Turkey. Turkey blamed Kurdish separatists for the recent bomb attack and now the other brief news from Iran which report killing of 11 Kurdish terrorists by Iranian Revolutionary Guards at the Northern Turkish border. This is not very intelligent policy adopted by Bush regime because they have ignored the consequences of Kurdish rebellion which will not be tolerated by Turkey Iran and Syria. US who blame all Iraq violence on Iran and Syria and wants them to co-operate to stabilise Iraq can’t expect any serious co-operation when they themselves are supporting Kurds terrorism in Iran and Turkey at the moment with no reports of violence from Syria.

Turkey has buildup its military presence on Iraqi Kurdish border and are not backing-down from their demands that Iraqi puppet government take action against Kurds terrorists and destroy their cells otherwise they will move into Iraq Kurdish area to clean up these terrorists cells. The Bush stupidity has already made Middle East complete mess and with new conflicts with Turkey and Iran will make it worst. The US military and its allies are finding it difficult to fight and defeat Iraqi Resistance which are fighting with outdated weapons homemade bombs IEDs than how they expect to win war against Turkey and Iran who had very strong Military. Turkish troops, reinforced by planes and helicopter gunships, have killed 14 PKK guerrillas in operations near the border since Monday.

Iran Syria and Turkey will be united to fight Kurdish speratists and they will now try to unite Sunni and Shiite Resistance against the occupation military. This would be their way of fighting Bush “terrorism” in their countries. Muqtada Al Sadr who wants all the Iraqis united against the occupation must be working on Iranian plans. The united Sunni and Shiite Resistance will be dangereous for occupation forces and it will be good for Iraqis because it it deacrease the sectarian violence and killing of innocent people. Their support will grow as it will become the national movement against occupiers. This is what I can analyze for the near future in Iraq.

Iran is blaming US on Kurds recent violence and claim that all the rebels killed had American made arms.

Iran says rebels had US-made arms.

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Bush – Escalation plan already failed.

Posted by QB on May 16, 2007

Bush regime who believed that increasing the small number of troops in Iraq will solve all their problems already started showing signs of failures. There violence is increasing with the reports that Green Zone was hit last night with mortars. There is no decrease in bombings of civilians in Baghdad and North and last week Kurdish North was hit which was  peaceful comparing to Sunni and Shia dominated Iraq. There is also a sharp increase of attacks on US occupation troops with increased casualties. Bush and Dick will deny all the facts with their usual lies that US is winning in Iraq and the terrorists are losing. They will insists to stick to the plan and ask US citizens to wait until September when they have to evaluate present plan but that does not mean that Bush is ready accept that US the superpower “GOOD” has lost the “war on terror” against very weak  “EVIL Enemy Towel-head fan belt wearing Arabs”. This is what these war mongers call the Arabs also called them  “Sand Niggers”. Bush will try to adopt another plan in September because he believes that one day he wake up and Iraq will become a model democracy which is not going to happen as this is their must stupid assumptions.

The Condooleezza Rice talking directly to Iran and Syria will not change anything now in Iraq. Ahmedinejad yesterday issued very tough message probably responding directly to Dick threats that US troops must leave their region and still wanted to talk to US on Iraq situation.  The talks now can’t bring stability and peace in Iraq its too late. The only way US can win this war is to nuke whole Iraq.

Bush was the very wrong choice for President like John McCain Mick Romney and Rudy Giuliani are the wrong candidates for Presidency.

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Iraq – Bush Regime Had No Plan.

Posted by QB on November 20, 2006

There are so confusing news from Iraq since the US midterm elections that it is impossible to know what is Bush plan to end this almost four years of violence. Kissinger said in an interview that US military victory in Iraq is impossible. Bush did not makeup his mind whether to withdraw or to increase the number of troops in Iraq to stabilize the over growing violence situation.

The other news was that Rumsfeld had signed the deployment of 57000 troops to Iraq in January which is part of rotation of troops but I believe that with this fresh deployment will bring the troops level to just little over 200000 and keeping in mind the report published in Guardian which suggested that Bush will try to increase the number of troops and go for the final push before thinking about withdrawal. The US military might send few thousands troops back keeping its number to 200000 by extending the tour duty of the majority of the units. This is what John McCain and Dick wants.

Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Moualem stressed he was not coming to please foreign powers and repeated Damascus’s position that American forces should go. This is the first visit any Syrian top ranking official after the fall of Saddam Hussein and Syrian Foreign Minister believe that violence will decrease with a clear timetable of all US troops withdrawal.

Iraqi puppet government who are helpless to protect their own ministers are asking the Syrian government to stop supporting the Sunni Resistance and control its borders which is the same strategy like Hamid Karzai Afghanistan President of Kabul to blame its failures on the neighboring countries. The truth is that Iraqi Resistance is surviving with the support of the people of Iraq who believe that it is their right to fight the occupation. The majority of Iraqis have no respect for these exiles who now had become the rulers of their country.

The Iraq situation is still very violent which must be surprise for most the the Generals and correspondents as they hope the violence will decrease after the month of Ramadan. Bush regime now started to admit that Iraq situation is not good but they still believe that US troops had to stay in Iraq to fight terrorists who were not there before invasion. Bush regime is fighting the enemy created by themselves by invading a sovereign nation justifying it with lies.

Iran is the clear winner from Iraq invasion and any independent Iraqi government will have close ties with Syria Iran and Lebanon instead of White House. Where is stupid arrogance of Bush Blair Howard now, when they are ready to talk to Syria and Iran and rejected all the reasonable alternatives of solving Iraq situation without invasion. These all three must be face a criminal trial of killing million people in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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Iran war games.

Posted by QB on November 3, 2006

Iran has fired long range missiles in their military manoeuvres exercises. This is clear show off their military strength to US and Israel as they believe they will airstrike their nuclear facilities. The missiles fired were 300 km and 2000 km with immediate response coming from Condoleezza Rice said, while Iran was trying to show it is “tough” by test- firing a ballistic missile able to hit Israel, any use of the weapon would invite consequences understood by Iranian leaders.

Bush regime is pushing hard to get Britain France Germany sanctions against Iran to pass in UN Security Council but it is already blocked by Russia and China by rejecting it saying the sanctions are too tough and both these countries wants negotiations to continue.

Bush regime has also accused Syria and Iran that they are tying to topple Lebanon government which both countries denied strongly.

“We do not care about such accusations. They’re worthless,” Syrian Expatriates Minister Buthaina Shaaban told reporters. “They are practising terrorism while accusing others of it. The problem in Lebanon is US and Israeli interference.”

The Syrian newspaper said the United States should make public any evidence of the alleged Syrian role in efforts to topple the Lebanese government.

US officials say the information is classified. This is the biggest weapon of Bush regime to avoid providing any evidence whether it is against the alleged terrorists they are holding and torturing or against any government which they don’t like to propagate lies and when ask for evidence come up with “its classified”.

Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Mohammad Ali Hosseini denied the US accusation and said Washington should review its policies in the Middle East.

“These are repeated claims aimed to create divisions among Lebanese people and their government,” Hosseini said.

The US accusation come after Hasan Nasrallah demand of creating the national unity government and given Prime Minister Fouad Siniora by the mid of November to form a national unity government or Hezbollah will take it to streets calling for new elections.

Hasan Nasrallah has correctly pointed out US hypocrisy who claim to be the champions of democracy but keep interfering in other countries democratic elections.

Hizbollah said the White House statement showed Washington’s declared goal of promoting democracy in the Middle East was “a hollow and deceptive slogan”.

“We stress that this American violation of our national sovereignty will not terrorise our people or stop it from practising every one of its constitutional rights, led by the right to demonstrate, hold elections and choosing its government,” a Hizbollah statement said.

This is fair statement in response to US allegations.

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Syria, Iran, Venezuela Agree on Refinery.

Posted by QB on November 2, 2006

DAMASCUS, Syria — Syria, Iran and Venezuela have signed a preliminary agreement to establish a petroleum refinery in Syria capable of processing 140,000 barrels a day, Syria’s official news agency reported Wednesday.

The memo was signed Tuesday by Syria’s deputy oil minister Hassan Zeinab, his Iranian counterpart, Mohammad Nematzadeh, and Roberto Delgado, general-director of oil refineries in Venezuela, SANA said.

It quoted Syrian Oil Minister Sufian Allaw as saying that the parties agreed to form a joint committee of technicians from the three countries to implement their memorandum of understanding.

Allaw said the refinery would help “boost the national economy in Syria and ensure the necessary oil derivations for local consumption.” He did not elaborate.

Syria’s oil production has declined over the past decade. In 1996, it peaked at 590,000 bpd, dropping to some 365,000 bpd of crude in 2005, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration.

Venezuela’s relations with Iran and Syria have strengthened under President Hugo Chavez, who views the Middle Eastern nations as important allies in his efforts to build what he calls “a multi-polar world” no longer dominated by the United States.

Chavez visited Syria last August and delegates from the two countries signed 13 political and economic agreements.

Hugo Chavez is one most popular world leader today because of his vision for peaceful prosperous world with helping the poor nations and people of the world.

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Ehud Olmert threatening Iran.

Posted by QB on October 20, 2006

Ehud Olmert ended his three days Russia visit where he failed to get any positive support from Putin against Iran’s Nuclear program. Ehud Olmert was talking to to journalists on his flight back to Israel. These threats showing his frustrations because Putin did not even mention Iran’s Nuclear program in their joint News Conference. After meeting for four hours with Putin and Russian defense officials, Olmert said he was convinced they understood the gravity of the situation and don’t want to see a nuclear Iran. But at a news conference with Olmert at the Kremlin on Wednesday, Putin pointedly made no mention of the Iranian nuclear threat.

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert warned on Thursday that Iran would have “a price to pay” if it doesn’t back down from its nuclear ambitions, hinting broadly that Israel might be forced to take action. In his strongest words yet about the Iranian threat, Olmert said, “They have to understand that if they object to every compromise, there will be a price to pay.” He was speaking on the plane carrying him and his entourage back to Israel after the three-day trip to Moscow. Israel cannot reconcile itself to a nuclear Iran, he said — and “there comes a time when you have to do damage control.”

“A red line must be drawn that cannot be crossed,” he said, without specifying what that line was.

“Time isn’t standing still,” he added, “and perhaps there will be a need to do something in the future.”

Ehud Olmert is a desperate man who is in danger of losing his government because majority of Israelis believe that he mismanaged and lost the war against Hezbollah. The desperate man who is trying to save his power can go to extremes like air strikes on Iranian Nuclear facilities which will be disaster for Israel. Iran will response will be fierce with firing their missiles into all Israel. Iran will get the very strong support from Syria and Hezbollah and Israelis had already know that they can bomb the civilian villages and town but that will not make them to surrender.

The wise approach is to just shut up and work with Palestinians and Lebanese to reach to peaceful agreements instead of targeting their civilians by firing rockets and covering them up with usual lies.

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Iraq – Talabani wants Iran and Syria cooperation.

Posted by QB on October 18, 2006

Iraq’s US planted President Talabani wants US to start negotiations with Iran and Syria to stablise his country mess created by Bush. Talabani is always very much worried about Baker plan which is suggesting US phased pull out from Iraq. Talabani knows that these puppets can only hold on to four square miles green zone as long these occupation troops keep protecting these greedy politicians. Iraq government has no support of common Iraqis mostly because most of them are exiles and criminals like Chalabi is hanging to power.

The direct talks with Iran and Syria will be too much humiliating for Bush regime due to their arrogant attitute calling these countries leaderships the main sponsor of terrorism since they took office. I don’t know what they want Iran and Syria to do to stablise Iraq but whatever they have in mind will fail because the situation is out of control and Iraqi Resistance will not settle for anything less than complete withdrawal of occupation military.

Talabani back Syria Iran plan.

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Military Criticism not allowed.

Posted by QB on October 17, 2006

The Pakistan government has ban all the criticism on military by using its constitutional law.

“We won’t allow anyone to criticise Pakistan, the integrity of Pakistan and the institution of the armed forces as it is enshrined in the constitution,” information minister Muhammad Ali Durrani said in Karachi last night.

This concept is actually supported by all the countries including USA Europe and all the Western democracies that military is above any criticism because it is unpatriotic to question their actions. The large number of Americans who do oppose the Iraq invasion always add that they support the troops in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The politicians are scared to criticise the military brutal murdering of civilians as they don’t wanted to be labeled as unpatriotic. They try to coverup their military atrocities with all sort of nonsense and try to make it look like brave heroic efforts.

I remember reading the news that Pakistan military killed innocent children women in fighting the socalled Bush “war on terror” in Waziristan and there was no criticism of these murders committed by Pakistan military. The Pakistan military paid the high price for this offense when Waziristan tribes killed hundreds of Pakistani soldiers in one day.

The atrocities must be condemned if done by their own military and it is not unpatriotic to criticise one’s own military.

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Israel Gaza Strip Military offensive.

Posted by QB on October 16, 2006

Read the following news.

Hamas threatens Israel with unforgettable lesson.

The open minded people can see the injustices and the aggression in the name of protection. Israel is the only country which is the main cause of all Middle East unrest.

Israel also accused Syria still supplying arms to Hezbollah in Lebanon. Israel get most sophisticaed weapons from US to defend themselves why Hezbollah is not allowed to get weapons from Syria and Iran to defend themselves against Israeli invasion.

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Iraq. US Study 665,0000 Iraqis died.

Posted by QB on October 11, 2006

There are two very important news related to Iraq which catch my immediate attention which clearly shows US military and political defeat. The military Army chief of staff, Gen. Peter J. Schoomaker issued a statement that US troops will stay in Iraq until 2010 without any reduction in number of troops.

The other news is more interesting as the puppet Iraqi Parliament approved a law which would allow the country’s 18 provinces to hold referendums to merge themselves into larger federal regions with a measure of self-government. All 138 lawmakers present approved the law – in a vote broadcast live on state television – giving the bill’s supporters the barest possible majority of the total 275 members of the house.

The statement of Army Chief of Staff is acknowledgement of growing Iraqi Resistance against occupation and the difficulties they are facing to keep Iraq under occupation.

The autonomous regions law will cause more problems within Iraq instead of creating stability. The Kurds who wants to establish independent Kurdish state in the region are the constant problem for Iran, Iraq, Turkey and maybe if Kurds get the momentum and US support than Syrian Kurds will join the movement. The problem is that Iran Turkey and Syria will make sure that this will not become reality.

This will flame violence beyond Bush regime imagination where all the different ethnic groups will be fighting to keep the control of Oil rich provinces in South and North. The present situation in Nothern Kurds areas are relatively calm as compared to Al Anbar province and Southern Shias dominated Iraq. The Kurds will face a fierce resistance from Turkomen who also are living in that region from very long time. The Sunni Shias violence will get worst. The possible alliances which could build are likely between Sunni Resistance and Turkomen who will be fighting seperatists Kurds and Shias with the help of Turkey and Syria and maybe Iran.

According to independent Study 655,000 Iraqis died as a result of Bush illegal criminal invasion of Iraq.

665,000 Iraqis died since the war begin.

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