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US announces deal to send 500,000 tons of food to North Korea.

Posted by QB on May 16, 2008

Latest news heading. Good decision. This is the only way to achieve peace in the world.

Yahoo News.


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Nuclear weapons shipped to Taiwan.

Posted by QB on March 26, 2008

The nuclear weapons scare is used by Bush regime since the beginning of their term in White House. The Bush regime used the Nuclear Weapons argument that Saddam Hussein has Nuclear Weapons which will end up in the hands of terrorists, keep brainwashing Americans that Pakistan Nuclear Weapons are dangerous because they will somehow end up with terrorists. North Korea Kim Jong Il is portrayed as mentally instable person who will sell the WMD to terrorists by the news network and the press. Iran nuclear weapons will be dangerous for Israel. The truth is that Pakistan Nuclear Weapons are very well protected and there are no single incident of any kind security breach. Kim John Il never sold his weapons to any terrorist group. Iran is not developing nuclear weapons according to US intelligence reports.

The real danger of Nuclear Weapons ending up in the wrong hands come from US with morons like Bush in control of these WMD. The US air force plane did take off with active Nuclear Warheads last year. It was just six months ago the air force accidentally flew six nuclear armed missiles across the country. After that, Gates was assured by the military it had fixed problems.The the latest stupidity is reported yesterday that US military has shipped the parts of Nuclear Missile sent to Taiwan by mistake and they realize this after one year. The Pentagon says it mistakenly sent crucial parts for minute man three intercontinental ballistic missiles to Taiwan in 2006. And the U.S. just figured it out last week. Components for nuclear missiles are the most heavily guarded items in the U.S. military inventory. No nuclear material was sent to Taiwan.

Bush regime is the most incompetent morons incharge who can’t protect the US nuclear weapons had the chances of ending up in the wrong hands than any other country in the world. The Taiwan government who had ordered the helicopter batteries must have learned about the nuclear weapons missile technology in one year and must be capable of developing the nuclear missiles. Bush regime must have bombed the Pakistan or North Korea if this mistake was committed by these countries. The US Nuclear Weapons are real danger for the world.

Taiwan’s defense minister on Thursday said the island did not dismantle and examine nuclear missile parts mistakenly shipped by the United States, in an incident which has angered China and embarrassed Washington.

I will not be surprised if Taiwan build nuclear missiles in near future. Taiwan government is lying.

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North Korea, Iran seek to boost friendly relations.

Posted by QB on November 20, 2006

This news is interesting for me North Korea and Iran seeking friendly relations. The news report is very brief without providing any details but this sure is beginning of new era. North Korea may not be isolated like Cuba once was with building friendly financial and economic pact with Iran as well as Latin America. Hugo Chavez with Ahmadinejad can help North Koreans living conditions with the treaties like Cuba.

North Korea, Iran seek to boost friendly relations.

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Dictatorship – Religious Hypocrisy – Nuclear Weapons.

Posted by QB on October 26, 2006

The rest of today’s news is depressing full of killings with political hypocrisy. The Iran Nuclear Program is heating up at UN Security Council where EU and US are trying to impose sanctions. This is the dictatorship part of the heading where five permanent members have the right to have Nuclear Weapons for their security and the rest of the world has no right to develop Nuclear Weapons because they are stupid and might use it foolishly. The only country which has used the Nuclear Weapons is US foolishly and they are the only one’s who will use it again justifying it with Religion and all sorts of lies.

Iran can’t develop Nuclear Weapons because it will be like challenging the power of only Nuclear Power in the region “Israel”. North Korea can’t develop nuclear weapons because according to western media propaganda he is mentally unbalanced person and will be a great threat to world. The journalists who met with Kim Jong Il described them as very intelligent person. The Nuclear Weapons at Bush disposal are the great threat to world existence because its a known fact that he is a person with no intelligence and wisdom and mentally disturbed.

I am not in favor of Nuclear Weapons at all, infact want all the Nuclear Powers to destroy their stockpiles of WMD for the benefit of mankind and stop all their research and development to create more lethal weapons. Lets start with the five permanent members of UN Security Council, India and Pakistan to follow and than US has to make sure that Israel don’t keep its Nuclear Weapons. These countries really don’t need these WMD for their security, they have build these weapons to keep bullying the rest of the world to keep control on the natural resources of the world.

The US military budget is 500 billion dollars which spend to build up the stockpiles of their weapons and they block the Embryonic Stem Cell research in the name of God and religion which could benefit all the humanity in the future. This is the worst hypocrisy that God and Religion allow them to build these WMD and kill hundreds of thousands people and keep blocking the the scientific research which is for the benefit of all mankind. I am sick of all these religious nuts who believe that Embryonic Stem Cell is killing life support all the killings for their wars.

The United Nations Security Council should be abolished with giving all the nations equal status to break the Dictatorship of five nuclear powers and the ignorant religious politicians must be denied power in every country. This is the only way for all of us to live in peace.

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Iran Nuclear Program.

Posted by QB on October 15, 2006

The latest on Iran’s refusal to stop its legal uranium enrichment under NPT has gone into background after Kim Jong Il Nuclear test. This Iran uranium enrichment is very much alive with the EU and US Bush regime who will go to UN Security Council once they pass the resolution against North Korea for sanctions. EU negotiations ended because Iran refused to give up its legal right of uranium enrichment even for one day.

The words war continue US claiming that North Korean sanctions will sway Iran away from its Nuclear program and Iran threatening to limit the UN sanctions if a resoltuions passes against their peaceful Nuclear program. Bush regime assessment of Iran is wrong like all the other assessments they have made in last six years. Iran will continue its Nuclear program which they claim is for peaceful energy purposes beause it has become the National pride issue for Iranians. The sanctions will not hurt Iran much because of Oil and its good relations with China and Russia who will make sure not to pass any tough sanctions against Iran.

The Iranian government should take more bold step and throw IAEA inspector out of their country because most of them are CIA spies who are the biggest security risk for nuclear facilities and sites. They provide the sensitive information to CIA including site maps, the architectual designs and every minor details. I believe Iran will not ready to take this bold step so the safest way to go for their Nuclear development by carefully scrutinizing all IAEA inspectors.

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North Korea UN Security Council Resolution.

Posted by QB on October 15, 2006

The US proposed North Korea sanctions resolution did not passed because of China and Russia has some very strong disagreement on this draft resolution. China’s U.N. ambassador Wang Guanya said Saturday that his government still carried reservations concerning the formalities of the resolution. He noted that the sanctions should be firm without further isolating N. Korea and pressuring another nuclear test.

Wang pointed to a provision allowing other nations to inspect cargo going in and out of N. Korea, stating that, “Once it comes into operation, it could easily lead, by one side or the other, to a provocation of conflict, which could have serious implications for the region.”

Russian officials have voiced similar concerns.

The statement coming out from Pakistan government is a real surprise because they too are against imposing sanctions on North Korea. Pakistan concerns are genuine that these sanctions will hurt the people of North Korea. Pakistan is opposed to any international sanctions against the country that would hurt its people. “We are not in favour of sanctions that would adversely affect the people of Korea,” Foreign Office Spokesperson Tasnim Aslam told Dawn newspaper in a report published yesterday .

Bush regime has no idea how to resolve these crisis diplomatically trying to do it their own Texan cowboy way. Israeli government use to much propaganda loudly in favor of sanctions and even invading courtries who are trying to acquire Nuclear technology without mentioning their own secret Nuclear Weapons of Mass Destructions.

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Malaysia says lessons of Iraq show North Korea shouldn’t be threatened with force.

Posted by QB on October 14, 2006

The following is the statement issued  by Malaysian Foreign Minister on North Korea Nuclear issue.

“The mistakes made with Iraq shouldn’t be repeated, now that North Korea has nuclear weapons,” Malaysia’s Foreign Minister Syed Hamid Albar was quoted as saying by the national news agency, Bernama. “Even now, peace has not been achieved in Iraq.”

This Malaysia Foreign Minister is really a simple guy who really don’t understand the policies of Bush regime, Malaysian Foreign Minister must note it down that Bush regime will never invade North Korea even if they get the confirmation that North Korea do not have Nuclear Weapons because this country will become a financial burden on US because of its economic problems and there is really no “OIL” or huge “Natural Gases” reserves. Bolivia had more chances of US invasion than North Korea because of its natural gases reserves.

The other reason is North Korean army is well equipped and huge with the capability of firing their long range missiles on US. Bush regime mostly consists of idiots but they very well know that they will face huge loss fighting against North Korean well organized military. The present situation of US military is that they don’t have enough troops for rotation in Iraq and Afghanistan unless ofcourse if they reinstate draft so there will be no air strike on Iran nuclear facilities.

Relax Syed Hamid Albar there will be no more US invasion anywhere in the world keeping in mind the failures US military had faced fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan who are fighting the super power with outdated home made weapons and actually winning the wars.

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Posted by QB on October 13, 2006

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert supports international efforts including UN Security Council sanctions on Iran to restrain their Nuclear Program development. The Israel will put all its propaganda efforts to bring out possible military cooperation between North Korea and Iran. The Israeli Prime Minister will also hope to raise Iran’s nuclear issue with Putin when he meet him next week.

Palestinian Prime Minister followers at a meal to break the fast of Ramadan that the international community would increase the pressure it was exerting on Hamas “in order to try and force it to sacrifice its principles.” Regarding kidnapped IDF soldier Cpl. Gilad Shalit, Haniyeh said, “Olmert is the one delaying your boy’s release, “adding, “Hamas and the organizations that carried out the kidnapping are prepared to release him as part of a prisoner exchange deal.”

“We will not release him in exchange for promises…only as part of a deal,” exclaimed the PA prime minister.

Israelis military escalated its military offense in Gaza killing 9 Palestinians including two children. Israeli military as usual is targeting the civilian houses which killed 2 year old girl with firiging rockets from US supplied aircrafts.

The Foreign and Common Wealth reported is called biased and using double standards on its human rights annual report condemning Hezbollah attacks on Israel civilians which killed 40 Israelis without mentioning of Israel’s bombing of Southern Lebenon which completely destroyed the ciities towns villiages and killed about 1200 Lebanese.

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Iraq – North Korea – Iran all Bush regime’s mess.

Posted by QB on October 12, 2006

There are many headline news related to violence killing of a Catholic Priest for Pope’s comments. Bush and Blair regime trying to discredit the new report of 665,000 Iraqi civilian death since these regime illegal criminal invasion and occupation of Iraq. There is one news that Sunni and Shias clerics will call for sectarian peace from Mecca.

The news about killing some Iraqi Catholic Priest is very very very sad ignorant act of terrorism. The murdered Priest had no authority on Pope’s statements or his views, this poor guy was in no position to ask Pope Benedict to apologise for his comments. The people who had murdered this Priest for the love of God are not actually God’s people and they are not the protector of God’s religions. These murderers are the ignorant fools and aides of Devil. I have deep sympathy for the Iraqi Catholic Christians for the brutal murder of their Priest. May God provide comfort to forget this loss.

North Korea nuclear threat is main topic on all mainstream media talk shows and news and Republicans are trying their best to frame it as the failure of Bill Clinton administration like Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda. Bush regime with all its arrogance is trying to impose strict sanctions on North Korea which will escalate the problem because Kim Jong Il government want the international community to ease of some of their country hardships with financial aid. China has backed off from imposing hard sanctions on North Korea and this is the right approach in bringing the matter to resolve peacefully. Russia and China on Thursday opposed tough sanctions the U.S. wants to impose against North Korea this week for its claimed nuclear test, saying they want time to work out a more moderate response to Pyongyang’s nuclear brinkmanship. After several hours of closed-door negotiations late in the day, Russia and China — the two Security Council nations closest to Pyongyang — reported good progress.

I did mentioned the sectarian violence couple of weeks back which can immediately be stopped by one statement coming out of Grand Satan Sistani mouth. The call for peace from Mecca will not really do any good for this sectarian violence because Grand Satan Sistani silence is kind of approval for the Shias to kill Sunnis. The man who is treated like god among Iraqi Shias had not spoken since Muqtada Al Sadr incident and he intervened because of political reasons which were to stop the growing political support for this young Shia cleric.

Shias must bring this Grand Satan Sistani out in the public with force and ask him to call for peace between Sunnis and Shias.

Interesting news from Britain.

Army chief declares war on Blair: ‘We must quit Iraq soon’

US government is delaying the departure of thousands of troops from Iraq while speeding up the arrival of new troops to keep the level of troops higher. This is Bush regime effort to bring down the sectarian violence and the present troops are 142,000 in Iraq. Armed attacks on U.S. soldiers and Iraqis in Baghdad have increased by 43 percent since midsummer, despite an ongoing American-led campaign to secure individual neighborhoods, the top U.S. military spokesman in Iraq said Thursday.

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North Korea Nuclear Test and blame game.

Posted by QB on October 11, 2006

This is interesting to see that Republicans started blaming Bill Clinton for North Korea Nuclear Test. The one of the 2008 Presidential hopeful John McCain blame Bill Clinton for getting engaged directly with North Korea which according to him was the failed policy which leads them to develop nuclear weapon. John McCain who considered maverick is the most shallow politician hidden in many layers of hypocrisy that people don’t see real person. The problem is people don’t pay much attention otherwise they could have find out that whenever he is facing camera or in front of people he is wearing his mask of unbiased honest and watching closely his words and body language one can easily find out that he get uncomfortable trying to hide real of himself. John McCain did not realize that Bill Clinton diplomacy and direct talks with North-Korea keep them away from developing nuclear weapons 8 years. Kim Jong-Il started the nuclear weapons development after completely ignored by Bush regime as they were obsessed with Saddam Hussein.

Bush regime had blamed Bill Clinton for everything they themseleves failed terrorism, Osama Bin Laden, Al Qaeda and now we might hear someday that it was Bill Clinton fault that US troops are struck in Afghanistan and Iraq and it is Bill Clinton fault that US is loosing the “war on terror”.

Scott Ritter today appeared on CNN with his sharp truth that US is planning attack on Iran Nuclear facilities and when engaged in full scale confrontation will use Nuclear Weapons on Iran. Scott Ritter is former UN Nuclear Weapons inspector who did oppose the Iraq invasion and he was the only person who like me is trying to tell the world that Bush administration are lying on Saddam Hussein Weapons of Mass Destructions. Scott Ritter recently visited Iran and according to him Iran has the legal right to enrich uranium under UN NPT which US refuse to acknowledge.

Do you not believe Iran is pursuing a nuclear bomb? Wolf Blitzer.

Scott Ritter reply. “I would say that no one can say this with absolute certainty. I don’t believe that the Bush administration has made a sound case that Iran is pursuing a nuclear weapons program, a case backed up with fact. In fact, to counter this, when you take a look at those who are mandated to investigate, the International Atomic Energy Agency, both in terms of the reports that they have released, and the people that I’ve spoken to, while they remain skeptical about Iran — you know, the fact that Iran might be hiding some facts — they state right out there is no evidence whatsoever that Iran is pursuing a nuclear weapons program. ”

Wolf Blitzer  who is against the Iran Nuclear program because of of religion and piece of land which were given to Jews some 5000 years back try to spin the situation by pointed out towards IAEA Director-General Muhammad ElBaradei, what they said is they’re not taking steps consistent with their obligations under the nuclear nonproliferation treaty. They can’t reject, they can’t categorically say Iran isn’t pursuing a nuclear program.

“Correct, but that doesn’t mean they are pursuing a nuclear weapons program. What it means is that we have a diplomatic crisis, something that needs to be resolved, diplomatically. ” Scott Ritter clear simple reply.

“Well, how can you resolve something diplomatically if you refuse to engage one-on-one with the parties that you’re concerned about? We continue to say this is a European issue. The Europeans need to engage, but when you take a look at what’s happening behind the scenes, with what they’re doing at the IAEA, with the European Union, we’re undermining — Iran’s counter is that the nonproliferation treaty, particularly Article IV, gives them every right under international law to enrich.

There’s a difference between what they’re asking Iran to do and what Iran is obligated to do. Everyone wants Iran to pursue what’s call the “additional protocol” and even measures beyond this. This is special terminology for special inspection procedures, etc cetera. Iran says they will do this if the European Union and the United States acknowledge their right, under Article IV, to enrich uranium. The U.S. position is not one spinning centrifuge, no enriching. ”

This is what Scott Ritter said about Iran invasion.  “I know that they are considering. There are plans in place for putting American troops on the ground. It’s not the first option. The first option is, of course, the air strike, the massive aerial bombardment to achieve a number of things. A, to nullify the Iranian nuclear capacity; but B, to destabilize the Iranian regime to the point that it facilitates regime change.

The problem is once you initiate this aerial campaign, and you do not succeed in either verifiably nullifying the nuclear program or B, undermining and destabilizing the regime. What’s your next step? Because you’ve already opened up the bottle, because you’ve already initiated.

The next step will be limited incursion of American troops to achieve and reinforce destabilization, and when that fails when 40,000 American troops on the ground what do you do when the situation deteriorates to a point that they are truly at risk.

Because as you pointed out, it’s a nation of 60 to 70 million people. It’s not going to roll over and play dead. What do you do when you start bombing, you put troops on the ground, and you’re still not winning?

Again, the Bush administration has articulated a nuclear posture, a nuclear policy that allows for the preemptive use in a nuclear weapons in a non-nuclear environment if the president determines that American forces are placed at unacceptable risk. I would say that having 40,000 troops in Iran, in a deteriorating situation, represents the kind of unacceptable risk. “

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North Korea Nuclear Test at appropriate time and very justified.

Posted by QB on October 9, 2006

The North Korean Nuclear Test come at appropriate time which is justified by reasoning that Kim Jong-Il has took this decision for the protection of his country and his own people. North Korea is living under constant threat from mentally unstable Bush regime since he included North Korea and Iran in his famous axis of evil speech. Bush regime who invaded Iraq because they know that Saddam Hussein did not have any Nuclear Weapons. Kim Jong-Il from Iraq invasion learned the right lesson that they have to quickly develop Nuclear Weapons to avoid US preemptive attack. North Koreans work quickly and I am glad that they have conducted successful Nuclear test for the protection of their country and people. Kim Jong-Il leadership and his strong will should be appreciated with countries like Iran must stop trying to act like children trying to convince the world that their Nuclear program is for energy purposes and go for the Nuclear Weapons like North Koreans.

The Nuclear Weapons program is so hypocritical unjust and dictatorial that by looking at it fairly can’t condemn weaker nations to developed their own Nuclear Weapons for their defence purposes. We already have enough WMD which are more than enough to destroy the whole world possessed by Big Five UN Security Council permanent members. These members are the biggest UN NPT violators who are sitting on piles of Chemicals, Biological, Nuclear Weapons and wants the rest of the world to sign NPT. This is pure hypocrisy and monopoly on Weapons which only US, China, Russia, France, UK have for the protection of their countries and people and the rest of the world population has to live under constant threat of invasion and occupation by USA, UK and Russia.

These US is the major supplier of Weapons of Mass Destructions to Israel which has changed the Middle East military balance of power in the region. Israel Nuclear program goes under US protection of veteos and Iran is threaten by EU and US sanctions and air strikes on small uranium enrichment program.

The US has approximately 500 billion military budget and they have problem with Hugo Chavez spending few billions on its military Weapons imports from China and Russia.

The US is in no position to take any military action against North Korea to pursue their regime change policy or air strike on its Nuclear facilities because that will bring death and destruction in millions. North Korea would have not conducted this Nuclear test if Bush regime had engaged in negotiations providing them assurances that they are not planning any attack for regime change and take back the “axis of evil” comments but this regime don’t know what diplomacy means in international relations.

The following is statement of North Korean UN Ambassador and I agree with him that this Nuclear test provides the peace guarantee in the reagion is not threat to paeace.

“It will be better for the Security Council of the United Nations to congratulate the DPRK scientists and researchers instead of doing such notorious, useless and rigorous resolutions or whatever,” Pak said, referring to the North by its formal name, the Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea.

While many council members said the test would be a threat to international peace and security, Pak claimed just the opposite.

“The nuclear test in the DPRK will greatly contribute in increasing the world deterrence of the DPRK” and will contribute “to the maintenance and guarantee of peace and security in the peninsula and the region,” he said.

This story will continue for days to come and Bush will hold press conference today and it would be interesting to listen what he has to say.

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Pope Benedict – Kim Jong-Il – Hugo Chavez.

Posted by QB on October 8, 2006

“May Christian couples build a family that is open to life and capable of handling, united, the many, complex challenges of our times,” Benedict said as he delivered his traditional Sunday blessing from his window overlooking St. Peter’s Square.

“There is a need for families who won’t let themselves be swept away by modern cultural currents that are inspired by hedonism and relativism,” the pontiff added.”

What I understand is that Pope wants to go back 2000 years back social and cultural values. Why these religious nuts always against modernization?

China Japan are getting very uncomfortable with Kim Jong-Il nuclear weapon test. What is the problem? Why can’t North Korea had nuclear weapons for defence purpose?

Reports and early speculations is that Venezuela will win the UN Security Council seat for two years by defeating Guatemala US backed country. Washington also try to bring Chile into the race to stop Venezuela getting elected. This will be huge win for Hugo Chavez and we need someone like Hugo Chavez to standup against US in Security Council.

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North Korea ready for Nuclear Test!!!

Posted by QB on October 3, 2006

I don’t blame Kim Jong-Il. This is one more Bush administration failure. Bush does not have the foggiest idea what is diplomacy and why it is always helpful to resolve the conflicting issues with negotiations. The word “foggiest” used in reference to Bush statement which is reported in Bob Woodward book that he said his dad ask him to see Prince Bandar to learn about the international relations and he did not had the “foggiest” idea what international relations means before meeting him.

North Korea is going through worst economic and financial problems and all they need is financial aid to boast their economy. Bill Clinton diplomacy was great providing financial help to Kim Jong-Il with the promise not to persue their nuclear weapons development. It is so sad to see a President who follow Bill Clinton is a moron with no common sense. This President should have learned what diplomacy means from his teacher Prince Bandar with international relations.

Bush don’t talk to Kim Jong-Il, Bush don’t talk to Ahmadinejad, Bush don’t talk to Hugo Chavez, Bush don’t talk to Hamas Prime Minister of Palestine, Bush don’t talk to Hasan Nasrallah of Hezbollah.

The international relations are not like personal relationships where you don’t talk and be friends with people who disagree with one’s personal opinions which is alright but diplomacy is simply the conduct by government officials of negotiations and other relations between nations or the art or science of conducting such negotiations. Bush administration or better call it regime has introduced its own doctrines which are dictatorial where they are dictating their own terms and conditions without taking part in any real negotiations.

Iranian President Ahmadinejad show great diplomacy when he invited US for negotiations with the idication that they might stop their uranium enrichment program. Bush regime refused any direct negotiations with their usual arrogance demanding Iran to stop uranium enrichment first for any negotiations to take place.

Bush regime and his European allies punished the Palestinian people for electing Hamas in very fair election by stopping all their financial aid which is causing social economic and violent unrest in Palestine. They should have accepted these democratic results with starting negotiations with Hamas to change their stance on Israel instead of immediately cutting off all the financial aid.

Bush has strained relationship with Hugo Chavez after they immediately accepted the coup in 2002 which could have easily be reconciled with negotiations. Bush regime choose to go after Hugo Chavez by trying to isolate Venezuela in Latin America by false accusations of harboring terrorists and trying to portray him as the threat to neighboring countries.

These are the main reason that I don’t blame Kim Jong-Il conducting nuclear test.

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