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US Democracy – Big Corporation Dictatorship.

Posted by QB on June 16, 2007

The majority of Americans believe that they are living in democracy and they are better than the rest of the world. They believe it is their right to export their Democracy to the rest of the world. There was too much negative propaganda against Hugo Chavez closing down TV station which sided with CIA to bring his government down which to me is fair decision. The real ugly face of US democracy was exposed to me when I watched documentary “Who Killed The Electric Car”. Before watching this interesting documentary I did not know that there were electric cars because this was never reported on CNN or any other main stream media. CNN give more coverage to all unimportant news like who is the father of Nicole Smith daughter, Britney spears shaving her head, Paris Hilton going to jail drama which to me is waste of time and have no interest in private lives of these celebrities.

The electric car which were build become very popular with people who care about environment and they were very happy to find alternative solution to oil. The demand for electric car was growing fast and quick but unfortunately this was killed by big oil companies, GM, and Bush regime.

“Many of the people who leased the car, including a number of celebrities, said the car drove like a dream.

“…the EV1 was a high performer. It could do a U-turn on a dime; it was incredibly quiet and smooth. And it was fast. I could beat any Porsche off the line at a stoplight. I loved it,” Actress, Alexandra Paul told NOW. ”

The project was dead to protect the Big Corporations interest and Bush regime sided with these corporations because he is in White House to protect the interest of rich and powerful like all the previous Presidents and future Presidents. The Big Corporations are the dictators who decide which products we must use which can bring them more profits.

The following is the link which can provide more information about this sad incident which never was covered by CNN. This is the real crime and ugly face of US democracy.

Who Killed The Electric Car?


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CNN Operated By Mental Retards?

Posted by QB on May 31, 2007

CNN is run by mental retards this is my conclusion after watching their news coverages my whole life. CNN news coverage give air time to news which are not really very important or have no significant value just like they are doing it with one TB patient story since last night prime time news. Wolf Blitzer, Lou Dobbs, Paula Zahn, Anderson Cooper all give much of their news time to this story which only require 2 minutes air time for information purposes. CNN ignored all the important news stories including US Chinook shot down in Southern Afghanistan, 13 family members killed by pro Taliban Militants in Pakistan and there was no news about Iraq and the growing tension between Turkey and Iraq.

CNN also stick to breaking news story even when they don’t have much information what really happened. All they do keep repeating the same material over and over again for hours and days to come showing the same video clips, an example of their stupidity was Virgina Tech killings where they had no information about what really happened and how did it happened. CNN media circus moved to Virginia Tech campus with their cameras and their mentally retarded news anchors for three nights. Wolf Blitzer did wasted his whole three hours coverage when he started to report some plane crash story and he did not had much to report so started talking about the wing span of the plane. Nobody is interested in knowing what is the wing span of crashed plane all people want to hear and watch the latest news. The people tuned in to get all the news for the day without getting stuck in some breaking news story getting repeated over and over again with the no information or the same information. CNN mental retards must learn to move on to other important news of the day after reporting any breaking news story and they can go back to breaking news story when they have all the information.

Is the responsibillity of Producer or the News Editor to decide what they will be reporting? I am not sure but whoever is responsible is an idiot.

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