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Benazir Bhutto death.

Posted by QB on December 29, 2007

Benazir Bhutto is dead. The CNN MSNBC FOX reported the cause of death was bullet which hit on her neck and went out out head and bullet shots in her chest. The Pakistan Interior Ministry Spokesperson said that Benazir Bhutto died after hitting her head on sunroof handle when trying to duck the gun shorts. The Interior Ministry Spokesperson blamed Al Qaida for attack which is immediately denied by Mullah Omar that Al Qaida and Taliban did not carry out this attack. Mullah Omar also said that it is against the tribal ethics to attack women. Mullah Omar is blaming Pakistan Intelligence and Pakistan Military on Benazir Bhutto death.

Benazir Bhutto is dead and I really don’t wanted to write against her, let God be the judge.

The violence which break out after Benazir Bhutto death is shameful stupidity which is killing more people destroying public and private properties. When are the people going to learn to decently express their anger without killing anyone without burning cars, buses, gas stations. Shame on these idiots.


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There will be no posts for three weeks.

Posted by QB on December 1, 2007

There will be no post for atleast three weeks. I will leave home tomorrow morning and will come back on weekend for couple of days. There are very interesting situation in Venezuela Constitutional Referendum on Sunday  and  Russia  Parliamentary elections  the same day. Putin is very critical from last few weeks accusing US government interference in their election process. Hugo Chavez is facing US backed tough opposition on his Constitutional Referendum.

Hugo Chavez will get the “YES” vote and Putin United Russian Party will win the two third majority in Parliament. This is my prediction.

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Pervez Musharraf decided to speak the truth. ABC News Interview.

Posted by QB on December 1, 2007

Pervez Musharraf speak with ABC Chris Cuomo and try to explain the situation from Pakistan’s perspective. The reason for putting the transcript of his whole interview is providing information. The interview transcript can also be done with one line link but when the story get old the link does not work.

Below is the full transcript of Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf’s interview on Friday, Nov. 30 with Chris Cuomo for “Good Morning America.”Chris Cuomo: So you’ve said, Mr. President, the last few days were very uncomfortable for you, not just as a leader, but emotionally difficult for you. Some of the most painful days of your life. Why?
Pervez Musharraf: First of all, the idea of breaking from an institution in which you served for 46 years, half a century, and where you’ve worked with all your heart and soul and that my passion, as I said, has been all along. And then, um, of course the pressures of governance, the turbulence in the country. All these created a combined effect.

Cuomo: When did it sink in that — not that you said you’re taking the uniform off — but that things are different now? When did it hit you?

Musharraf: It hit me at the ceremony, I think, when I handed over the baton to the new army chief of staff. Uh, that ceremony that was very nostalgic, very emotional because I thought this is the day when I am leaving. I am no more the chief.

Cuomo: After the ceremony, any second guessing when you woke up this morning? Did you think, What have I done?

Musharraf: No not at all. Absolutely not because I’ve been living with this idea for months, many months. Since maybe the beginning of the year, I had decided in my mind I had to quit because the constitution allows me up to … November. And I knew I had decided I could not violate the constitution, and I can’t unless we have a two-thirds majority in the assembly, and it passes a vote for my extended term in uniform, so there was no doubt and all along I had decided in my mind I had no doubt I would remove my uniform.

Cuomo: What made you decide to do it now? Pressure from the U.S., from the military?

Musharraf:No military doesn’t exert any pressure, military is with me. They’re my military for half a century, and there’s no pressure from the United States. Yes the whole world thought I had to doff my uniform, but I don’t make decisions on pressures from abroad. I see things domestically. What is in the interest of Pakistan and as I said there was no pressure when you want to do something else and someone is telling you to do the opposite. I myself had said I was going to remove the uniform and I will follow the constitution. That’s what I’ve been saying for a year since the beginning of the year, I will follow the constitution. so what kind of pressure is there? They are saying exactly what I want to do.

Cuomo: You ask me why I was holding the newspaper. For a sitting president this is some front page to deal with, you have the challenges of two different opposition parties, you have challenges from the Taliban, you have challenges from the court, you have a lot of pressure and challenges. How do you think you can bring this all together and unify the country?

Musharraf:The country will be unified. The country is unified against terrorism. First of all, I think everyone realizes we have to fight terrorism. So sure, terrorism, the country is unified we will fight terrorism. Whichever party wins and whichever leader comes into the fore. And the Army is determined to fight terrorism. That is as far as terrorism is concerned. The other is political. These are all issues that will get resolved once we have elections. And the party whichever wins forms the government and has the prime minister. And I think all this will fall in line.

Cuomo: You think it will all just go away when you have elections?

Musharraf: Well, I wouldn’t say that everything will go away. No. We’ll keep fighting terrorism. And the opposition here, it’s not like other countries. The opposition keeps agitating. I know they will start saying, for example, that whoever loses here — we are very bad losers.They’ll keep saying that they’ll — the election has not been fair. And I’m saying it just now. Even now, before the election, they’ll keep saying that. And then whoever loses, elections have not been fair.

And anyone with — boycotts for example. Some had boycotted. One or two had boycotted. But they are — now they are carrying on saying that the elections should not have been held. For whatever reason, I mean I don’t know why they are boycotted in any case.

Cuomo: Do you think you can recover from what’s being called your second coup? The emergence and acts of government that you did. Do you think you can recover from what’s being called the second coup. That the powerful political position has caused some distress among the people in here. How do you think you can regain their trust that you want to do what’s right for Pakistan?

Musharraf: I will call the opposition. The opposition has all around been behaving as they are behaving since five years. They have been behaving like this. They have all along these five years tried to destabilize me — and the government. Trying their best to — all along for the five years. Now as far as the other part, what did you ask? Sorry. The…

Cuomo: You said the emergency rule is necessary to deal with security threat and extremists. But you wound up putting many people in jail who were political opponents. Judges, media. Made people think, “That’s who Musharraf thinks the extremists are?”

Musharraf: No.

Cuomo: … The opponents. It doesn’t engender a lot of confidence in you that you believe in democracy.

Musharraf: Yes. No, that, that is not the case. Now that is exactly when I said, “Let’s do it the hard way.” … After the speech that I gave after the oath taking. You have to understand, we don’t want agitation here. We are going in for politics. We don’t want agitational politics. Agitation means breaking down everything, burning things. Right? Now if they are going to do that, we will not allow it. But this is not an agitation where in the West people come with placards and they go away and streets are very clean. Here they’ll burn down everything. They’ll burn cars and motorcycles. That cannot be allowed. So therefore if anyone is trying to do that, we will stop it. That is the way it is in Pakistan.

Cuomo: You said we want civilized politics, not confrontation politics.

Musharraf: Yes.

Cuomo: Your opponents say, though, that you’re saying you don’t want opposition. You’re saying you don’t want them burning the streets. Your critics say, “No, he doesn’t want any opposition. If you say you’re against him, he throws you in jail. If you say you’re against him and you’re chief of the court, he locks you in your home.” This is not a good impression.

Musharraf: No… absolutely wrong again. That is why, exactly what I show. The West needs to learn what is happening in Pakistan.[unintelligible] is back. Is that putting people on jail? Omar Musharraf is back. Is that what — putting people in jail? And they are talking — they are giving interviews to television. Just now I came, all of them were having great interviews on television. Is that — putting people in jail? We put people in jail if they want to come and burn down and destroy things. They will be put in jail.

Cuomo: How do you explain putting Bhutto under house arrest and saying — [Overtalk] … That raises speculation.

Musharraf: Yes, indeed. But she was under house arrest because she was going to take a procession which would — again, there is a terrorist threat. There would again be a bomb blast. And, again, the same element. If you take a procession now, are you going to again burn down and destroy things. The [unintelligible] of certain culture that we want to follow up to the elections. And that is tranquility, peace. Do your election campaigning.

But if you are in, “We are going to boycott elections. We want this. We want that. We want this. And now we are coming out into the streets and we are going to go in a procession.” No sir. This is not the way.

Cuomo: Do you understand why your actions raise concern in the West about how you’re treating your political opponents? How you’re treating the media and people who are seeking…

Musharraf: Yes….The media. And all — the media. Yes, indeed. We had to crack down on the media…

Cuomo: Why?

Musharraf: Because the media was creating despondency and despair in the public of Pakistan through distorting facts. Not all of the media. Some elements. Some elements in the media.

So therefore we had to introduce a code of conduct. We asked them to — this — the last one year I’m asking them to produce a code of conduct of their own. They did not. So therefore we had to introduce a code of conduct. All of them signed — those who signed are back. And they are — the media is there.

What I want to repeat, the Western media needs to understand Pakistan. We are not United States. We are not U.K. We are not Europe. This is Pakistan. Come and learn what is Pakistan. And then comment. Unfortunately, as [unintelligible], that you comment sitting in Europe and try to kind of work Pakistan into Europe. No, sir. That’s not the case. This is Pakistan.

When I say it normally would be … human rights and civil liberties as we want to handle it, one man, Hezbollah, in [unintelligible] with some radio put the whole [unintelligible] on fire. Now human rights say, “Well, you — you [unintelligible] . What is the problem? Carry on.”

No, sir. This is Pakistan. We cannot allow this one man to do that. The people are illiterate. This man is a good cleric. He talks. He motivates. And he indoctrinates people from the [unintelligible] radio. So we crack down on him. What does the — what does the West say about this civil liberties then? Should we allow him?

So please come to Pakistan and see Pakistan. And what is happening here. You’ve got colored eyes there. You — you’re seeing — seeing Pakistan with jaundiced eyes because you … you’re sitting in– wherever you are. People — the — the environment here is different. See this environment. And then comment. Then comment.

Cuomo: I’ve had the good fortune of being here several times and I’ve enjoyed it every time. And it’s been a great education. Do you think this is a little bit about both sides learning, though? You have to learn here as well about how to deal with your opponents? About how to deal with people who say things that you don’t like? Is that part of the learning curve as well?

Musharraf: I haven’t I have been most compassionate. I don’t think any leader in Pakistan ever tolerated what I tolerate. So nobody has to teach me that. I’ve already — I know that. Even today if you take the newspapers and read the newspapers, we would have written things against me. I tolerate everything. I have no problem with criticism on me. Or even the government. But if that criticism is biased and distorted, distorted by design, distorted by political design, now that is where I got — get agitated.

Distortion of facts. See, political involvement. Now this is annoying. And then if this distortion is leading to despondency, despair of the nation. This is annoying. This is a violation of a code of conduct.

And we have taken the code of conduct — I saw code of conduct in West — many Western countries. And I realize that, “My god. We are — these people are far more independent than your press. Your media.” There is — there is always a check in your media. I know that.

Cuomo: But you don’t get locked up when you put out a story or say something…the government doesn’t like.

Musharraf: The issue is different, right? In your country, you don’t — maybe you don’t hang people. Here we hang people. Okay? Now don’t teach us what you have. We will not impose what you have in your country in Pakistan. We have our own rules and regulations. We have our own constitution. We have our own people. … They behave in a certain way. And therefore the responses are in a certain way that we think is suitable for Pakistan.

Cuomo: Well, on the front of terror…we’ll talk about politics more, but on the front of terror you said in your speech,”The back has been broken of terrorism.” In the West there is a perception that $10 billion in aide has been given here to help educate and squash terror. And that the situation in many ways seems worse. What do you say?

Musharraf: First of all- – well, back — what I could — should have said back of the service in [unintelligible] have been… [unintelligible] That’s all. I should have clarified that. And that is my error. I think then we — we are — but we are fighting terrorism everywhere.

But when you say about $10 billion, sir, this is — most of the money for services provided to troops. OK? So please don’t — don’t — be mistaken that we’ve got $10 billion just like that. We have provided services and it is meant for that. The — most of the money for that. So, that’s not the case.

Cuomo: So the money aside, when you look at the current situation, the concerns that the Taliban is moving aggressively into areas again, that the northwest frontier of problems is — you have trouble there, why do you think this is happening? Why do you think the trouble, extremism, is on the rise instead of on the wane?

Musharraf: In Afghanistan or in Pakistan?

Cuomo: In– in Pakistan first. …

Musharraf: No extremism, extremism is not on the rise in Pakistan. Extremism may be on the rise in Afghanistan. We- – in that part, especially south where the Pashtuns are bordering Pakistan, that is the area where there is trouble. The trouble is not that it — in Pakistan being exported to Afghanistan. The trouble is in Afghanistan being exported to Pakistan. Now let’s see Pakistan in that context.

I think in the Fattah area, yes, indeed, there is extremism. There is terrorism. There is — there is al Qaeda. And there is militant Taliban who go across the border. Now that is what we are checking. But in the second district there is no [unintelligible]. It is the people of Suwat who are with us, who have assisted us. And that is why we- – we are succeeding there so much.

Cuomo: You dismiss the reports that the Taliban is moving into areas. It’s being welcomed. That there’s a growing fundamentalist and … extremism… movement.

Musharraf: … In the southern district?

Cuomo: And in general. That it … is spreading …

Musharraf: Absolutely —

Cuomo: And it is moving… from the tribal areas into more settled areas.

Musharraf: Yeah. No, no. Absolutely I reject that. That is not the case. I know there is [unintelligible] …One has to very realistic about it. In Suwat, whatever is happening is being done by the locals — some locals. The clerics. They have been reinforced by Umbet. They have been reinforced by some people, even from Punjab, the southern part. These extremists. But that is not on the rise.

They are being defeated now. Why are they — how are they being defeated? It’s the people. It’s the people who don’t want them. And they — you should not wave those extremists.

If you find out details — and I would like you to go and find out. You can go to the division how. They’ll give you a briefing. They can even take you wherever you want in the operations area because that goes out in sections to the army now.

It the people there, this Kalam and Swathraly is a tourist area. They own money through tourism. They are extremely upset because their businesses are down. So the people are not at all extremist. They don’t carry weapons. They are not like Fattah. And this — these — these are the people who are extremely happy now. And they are with us.

Cuomo: But do you dismiss the reports that extremism is on the rise? That the Taliban is recruiting more actively again? That suicide attacks… are up?

Musharraf: In Fattah, yes, indeed. I can’t say that it is on the wane there.

Cuomo: But there…have been bombings here in Raul Pendi.

Musharraf: Well, that doesn’t…mean that it’s…on the rise, no. That doesn’t mean it’s on the rise.

Cuomo: What does that mean?

Musharraf: Who is doing the bombing? You see? … Who is doing this? The source. We have got many people. We have got many of them. Most of those who have carried out the bombings in the last few — month or two months have been caught. The source generally is the same. If it from south Wuziristan back to Lamasud. And [unintelligible] group. That is the source. They recruit suicide bombers and send them to Pakistan.

So that is — we must understand the realities- – so it’s not on the rise. It’s gone down. Let me tell you if you reflect back about four or five years, all these — extremist organizations who have banned, they used to have professions. They used to address big gatherings. And there used to be hundred masked men with Kalashnikov standing.

Show me one in Pakistan now. Show me one in Pakistan. Where people will be standing with weapons. Not one. This is our success. You must…and just go back four or five years and see all the meetings there…. They’re not an organization. They used to have thousands of people standing and people guarding with no police could enter. So today, not one. And they used to move — their leader used to move with three vehicles up from — in the front and the rear with people with mask and Kalashnikovs. Show me one man doing this in Pakistan?

Cuomo: While there is the progress, are there also areas where you’re still challenged or do you think you have it all under control?

Musharraf: No. (Laughs) We don’t have it — please don’t take the [unintelligible] No, we don’t have it — in control. Let’s be very clear. In the Fattah there is al Qaeda. I told you and I’ve been saying this. They are there. We are fighting them. They are mostly Uzbeks and some Arabs.

Cuomo: But you don’t believe that they’re moving into other areas?

Musharraf: No other… the foreigners are not moving into other areas except Uzbeks where they’re in Suwah. Because if the Suwah, this area has linkages with Bajor agency. Now that is where they were coming from. Now that we have cut them off, I am sure we will finish this uprising here in Suwah Valley. In a few days maybe.

Now they’re there. And they exist. The militant Taliban. They have linkages. They provide support. Maybe money. Maybe explosives. And then there are local — local tribals, especially in south and north Wuziristan, who are doing militant, who are the militant Taliban.

They are the ones who are going across Afghanistan also. And they harbor people coming across from Afghanistan. And they are the people who carry out suicide attacks here. They train people to carry out suicide attacks in Pakistan. Now this is the reality. Whether they are — we are defeating them. Now in the settled areas certainly we are defeating them. Absolutely. Positively. We are dealing with the northern district and we’ll win.

In the southern districts where they were extending beyond south Wuziristan and north Wuziristan in the … third district, we are- there’s a district called Pank. This was totally disturbed. The Taliban used to come from Wuziristan and they used to attack and do everything there.

Pankia (a rural province in North West Pakistan) is peaceful today. And there’s a division headquarter there. There’s a general. We can tell him to receive you. See [unintelligible] Pankia. It’s totally peaceful. There is one area there which I don’t want to name, because we maybe we act there after, once we’ve dealt with in the north. We thought we shouldn’t take both of them together. We’ll deal with one. We’ll go to the other one.

When you’re talking of south and north Wuziristan, even there there is a sharp decline in the IEDs, in the various ambushes and all of that they were carrying out. The sharp decline is because of a very, very strong action we took with Air Force, [unintelligible] helicopters and the army and artillery that they got extremely worried that we mean business now. And that is how there’s a sharp decline in that also. But they are there.

Cuomo: Do you have a concern that in the military there is a rising division between those who wanna fight terrorism and those who have sympathies for some of the more radical Islamist movements. And that there is a tension in this country about whether or not you should be fighting these people in the first place?

Musharraf: Any — anyone who fear this doesn’t know the army. Unfortunately. And it pains me when anyone thinks like that.

Cuomo: You’ve heard it before… though?

Musharraf: Yes, I have heard it. I have heard it. This is the, what the Western media always keeps saying. We have gone through 30 years of turmoil. We were first fighting for 10 years Mujahadin, Taliban. We were training them. You were giving us money to train them. You were giving us arms to hand over to them. That is what we were doing. For one decade we did that. And we launched a jihad together.

Now suddenly you leave us — everyone goes. And you want us to face this way now. Okay. Okay, bye. Your our man now. Everything is hunky dory. And face this way. No more any — anything. We handled the situation up to 9/11 for 12 years all alone with four million refugees there. And you keep blaming Pakistan. What kind of an attitude is this? I just don’t understand. So this has its repercussions, effects on Pakistan.

Cuomo: So you’re saying there is a problem here, but it’s not of Pakistan’s making. It was what the U.S. asked to be done and then left?

Musharraf: Yes. That had a very big [unintelligible]. That had very big effects here. Yes, indeed. Absolutely.

Cuomo: But doesn’t that make it difficult to … fight it today because there are those relationships? The Taliban was something that you had…

Musharraf: No.

Cuomo: …engendered here?

Musharraf: No.

Cuomo: Does that hurt you now?

Musharraf: No, no. We we understand what is so, good for Pakistan. Now I come to that. … Yes, indeed. We realize that Taliban, or whatever was happening in Afghanistan, we didn’t — we wanted to control it but we hadn’t- – didn’t have the resources for — from ’89 to 9/11. We’re all alone. Pakistan was all alone.

So al Qaeda came up. Who’s al Qaeda? The same Mujahadin who we brought. They coalesced and became al Qaeda. So [unintelligible] al Qaeda in 1990? This came about in Afghanistan.

And then — then the Taliban ruled in 1995. Who was dealing with this? Pakistan all alone. Nobody else. And when Osama bin Laden [unintelligible] came in and every — the world wanted him to be shouted out of the place, who was doing anything?

People [unintelligible] hanging me up. I don’t want to name the leaders who hang me up. Help out on getting this man out. Deal with Mullah Omar. And I said, “Send four delegations.” I used — I sent delegations of clerics from here. I used to send my DDI [unintelligible] from there — from here to deal with the Mullah Omar. To ask him to behave and send this Osama bin Laden out. The world was depending on Pakistan. Pakistan stood alone, because we only had — we were only country which had diplomatic relations with them.

So this was — we were — certainly Pakistan didn’t want, and I didn’t want, Taliban kind of a culture in Pakistan. So therefore 9/11 came. And then we were very clear. We are not on the side of Talibanization of Pakistan. So therefore whatever decisions we took, we took the decision. Now we to see our intelligence organization — as far as the military was concerned. Military carried out orders. And there’s no question that our military is divided, as you said. That some don’t want to fight them. People certainly — the military is unified. And they want to fight. They want to eliminate terrorism and extremism. …

Cuomo: I don’t understand. You just said two things. You said, “Yes, our military is divided. Some are not sure whether or not they want to fight them.” And then you said it’s unified. Which is it? Just to be clear?

Musharraf: No, no, no. Hold on. I never said that military is divided. … No, no. I didn’t– I haven’t changed that [unintelligible]. I never said that the military is divided when they are going to fight someone else. The military is unified. The military carries out orders. At this moment, let’s deal with this fear side. I think that’s talk of the present and the future.

The military is unified to fight terrorism and extremism. Yes, there may be some elements who may be thinking of a different solution in Afghanistan. That there is a need of political dialogue in Afghanistan, which I have also been saying.

Using military alone will not solve the problem. You must go on a multi-prong strategy. Let’s involve political handling and also developmental strategy. And that is how it should be multi-pronged to resolve the problem. But these are ideas– but otherwise as far as military action is concerned, in south, north Wuziristan, in Fattah, in southern district, military is very clear. We have to fight militancy and we have to fight terrorism.

Cuomo: You brought up Osama bin Laden. Obviously for the Western world he is the face of terrorism. I know you’ve been asked 100 times at least, “They believe he’s here. Why haven’t you caught him?” Is the closest thing to the truth that we’ve never been close to catching Osama bin Laden. And you may never be able to catch him. I mean is that the simple reality?

Musharraf: Could we? Could we? We are together on the intelligence. We call this whole war or this whole conflict, the major operations is easier. Intelligence is more difficult. And this is a war of intelligence. You have to — there are people — every [unintelligible] is a weapon. Now true intelligence, you have to know who is the enemy and where is the enemy. Everyone is not the enemy. There is no defense line which you are to attack and overtake. And — you run over a defense line and you get everyone.

Now that is the situation. So in certain situation — and in– and in intelligence we are cooperating fully. And who has more intelligence? The intelligence is human intelligence, technical intelligence, aerial intelligence. Who has technical intelligence and aerial intelligence?

Cuomo: The U.S.

Musharraf: Yes, sir. But we cooperate very well. So if there’s a failure, it’s not Pakistan’s failure. Please don’t accuse us.

Cuomo: It’s not that you don’t wanna act on the intelligence. That you’re torn about whether or not to aggressively go into the areas where the terrorists are?

Musharraf: No, not at all. Not at all. Not at all. Wherever we see targets, we hit them. … Now the methodology of hitting them is worked out together.

Cuomo: Right. You’ve said in the past you would like that someone else take care of Osama bin Laden. That it’s complicated for you. That it’s tricky about what would happen. If you were to capture him you don’t know whether you’d give him to the United States. Those type of comments raise a suspicion about how dedicated you are … to that mission. … But the reality is it’s complicated for you.

Musharraf: Yes, it is.

Cuomo: Osama bin Laden. A lot of people … are in… favor of him here.

Musharraf: I spoke the truth, but that doesn’t — that doesn’t mean that we won’t handle the situation. If we get it, that we can — we will handle the situation. Obviously. But I was just expressing a wish, very frankly — well, I shouldn’t have done it, maybe.

Cuomo: You shouldn’t have done it because when you say, “We’d rather somebody else do it,” it raises questions … about how aggressive you wanna be on it, right?

Musharraf: No, I don’t think it should have created that doubt, because we are extremely aggressive on any targets that we see. When we see targets and we hit them, you don’t see faces. You know that this is the enemy.

The — they are doing training. They are together, they are doing military training and we hit them. Now we don’t know whether Osama bin Laden is there or [unintelligible] is there or anyone is there. We may be having some intelligence that so and so may be there. So…

Cuomo: If you knew where Osama bin Laden was, would you go in and get him and turn him over to the United States?

Musharraf: Well, let’s not go into the semantics, but we will get the target. Yes, indeed. Absolutely.

Cuomo: Even if it were Osama bin Laden?

Musharraf: Absolutely.

Cuomo: And you would turn him over to the U.S.?

Musharraf: Let’s not talk about whether we will turn him over to the U.S. … or we do something here. How will we behave? Within… we’ll treat him very well or we’ll beat him up or something. (LAUGHS) Why get into that?

Cuomo: But it’s a big question certainly to the Americans. This is enemy number one for them. They wanna know that their friend in Pakistan is on the same page. And that if you caught Osama bin Laden he’d turn him over.

Musharraf: I think the people who need to know know it. And I don’t think the media is the one who needs to know.

Cuomo: Why is it something you wanna be careful about?

Musharraf: It’s a very sensitive issue. It’s a sensitive issue in the people of Pakistan. So why — why get — why arouse sentimentalities?

Cuomo: Because it’s also a sensitive issue to your friends in America.

Musharraf: Well, come over Pakistan.

Cuomo: Nuclear weapons. There has been concern now that with instability in Pakistan maybe the nuclear weapons will become vulnerable. What can you say to assure that they’re safe?

Musharraf: : Well, I have assured a hundred times. We — we have nuclear weapons. Now there was a time when these were being produced, but they were not under good custodial control. The first thing that I did when I came on the scene in ’99, let us get them under custodial control. Meaning, thereby, let’s have an organization, an institutional check, on the production, on the storage, on the handling. And let’s have — so therefore we created a national command of quality, which is a supreme body. And the President is the chairman. And minister, then military men, are the members. And we created an SPD. Strategic planning division. A separate area to assist the NCA to execute their orders. Cuomo: So it’s multi-layered.

Musharraf: : And then — and then there is a army-navy-air force strategic force command. We created this in 2000. Everything that we have are now under this organization. Fully controlled. While the security and finances were decentralized initially in the ’90s, now they are centralized with the SPD. So therefore the security, the financial control, the developmental control, the employment control is all institutionalized. And I’m very sure they are very — very well under control.

Cuomo: Are you any closer to a deal with Benazir Bhutto to share power?

Musharraf: I’m not dealing — I’m not into any deal with anyone. We are in a stage where we have to have free, fair, transparent elections. Now whoever wins, then that is a time that there will be a requirement of coalition, if at all it’s a hung parliament. So if I start dealing now, what — how can I do that? What about the other political party? How do we know she’s going to win? Let — let her win the election first.

Cuomo: But haven’t you been dialoguing with Benazir about working together as a coalition?

Musharraf: : Yes, dialoguing. We were dialoguing. That was a time when she was out and there was cases and there were — so therefore we — we went on a policy of national reconciliation. Political reconciliation. And this happened. The dialoging with her. [unintelligible]…return Nawaz Sharif. This was through political reconciliation process that we decided. And that is what happened. But if we are to get into a coalition with her, how can I? I’m not leading a party, first of all. And if at all she wins, then only — it’s the political party who need to be having — developing relationships.

Cuomo: It’s — it’s an interesting question. Because now you’ve taken off the uniform. The military is not necessarily your position strength now. I know they’re your friends and I know they back you and it’s a half a century of history. I understand that.

Musharraf: OK.

Cuomo: But if the elections are free and fair and Sharif’s party and Bhutto’s party get a lot of power, does that force you, now as a political animal, to align yourself with some of the religious parties that are out there that have some fundamentalist leanings and compromise you politically? Have you thought about that?

Musharraf: No, I — we have to see — after the election how things develop. And — and I — I have all the choices, if the situation develops in a manner that was just absolutely unacceptable to me, I have a choice of leaving. (LAUGHS) I mean you know I have no –[unintelligible]– around against me. I hope to take my decisions at that time. All options will be open.

Cuomo: Constitutionally you have the ability to select a prime minister though, don’t you, as president? Musharraf: Yes. Yes.

Cuomo: So you could, theoretically, dismantle any government that wasn’t acting out the way you thought they should?

Musharraf: Well, it’s not — no, that is what the West thing. That is what your view on the subject is. But yes, indeed, it is there. But it is required very much to exercise checks on the — on the president himself, on the prime minister and the army chief.

But you have to understand Pakistan’s environment again. Again, you talk from your point of view. From your environment. Like if I was to say that there’s no democracy in United States because the — the — they are — the — the — people who run the government with the president are not the elected people. So what do you say to that? You have your own system. We have our own system. We — we have the parliament. The ministers come from the parliament. They are the elected people. Can I say that you don’t have democracy in the United States? No, I can’t. This is your system. Now here the issue was that the government misperformed. Every time we’ve seen it for 11 years. Not 11 years, but for 60 years. Never has the government completed its tenure. Every time the government has been changed for some reason or the other.

Cuomo: It’s an interesting —

Musharraf: So we want- –

Cuomo: –point.

Musharraf: –to bring some kind of harmony and sense into that.

Cuomo: It’s an interesting point. Now everyone’s talking about Benazir Bhutto and Nowana Sharif. But in truth they’ve both had two terms. They had big problems in their governments.

Musharraf: Yes.

Cuomo: What does that present you with as a situation? That now people, if you wanna say in the West, okay, in the West, are looking at you and saying, “Work with these people.” Is that difficult for you when you look at their personal histories and say, “What makes them so great?”

Musharraf: It is —

Cuomo: : “Why should I work with them?”

Musharraf: — isn’t that a proof — a sense that I am — I have — I have a sense of democracy? That I be — believe in democratic culture? And I don’t have the authority to remove them. It’s the people of Pakistan. Now if they had party who want to be with them, I am nobody to dismiss them. So therefore — therefore the democracy.

So on one side you believe in democracy. The other side you are telling them you — you want to go around with them. Well, what do you think I can do with them? There’s — there’s democracy in the country. The people are with them. The — their parties. Their — their party followers. Now that is where it is.

Now if — yes, indeed. And it is the people of Pakistan who should realize do they want to work for them? They know their past. Everyone knows the past. Now if they — they still work for them, because, yes, indeed, the — the voting country here is very different. I don’t want to get involved in that.

There’s a feudal culture here. A person who may be anything, in a tribal culture they will vote for him. [unintelligible] you liked him or not. He may be [unintelligible]. He will get elected. So this is Pakistan’s culture. Okay?

So now the issue is only after that that you have to have some checks. That is why the importance of this element which you — I know in the West you think that this is not democratic. That the president can dismiss or dissolve the assembly.

It is very democratic if you have a check on the president. If you have a check on the president who has to use it, and we instituted this check through the National Security Council. And the other thing — why I am optimistic of the future yes, for many reasons. One is this National Security Council where the prime minister, the leader of opposition, the chief minister, the military men, and the speaker and the — chairman [unintelligible] will be sitting. We will make sure many things. Number one, that the prime minister governs — because otherwise he’s going to be [unintelligible], “What are you doing? The economy’s going down?” Do we see there was no such institution? Only the president could tell him that you’re not governing well. And it used to happen.

For 11 years it happened four times. And that is why every time president had to fire the — the — all of the assembly. Now this forum will ask. So therefore the prime minister hopefully will remain on track. The president cannot dissolve the assembly one fine morning getting up because he had some differences with the prime minister. This institution is there. And the people will [unintelligible] you [unintelligible] you don’t have to dissolve the assembly.

The third is the army chief. He cannot for — take over the government. He has to come here. And then he said, “Everyone think that government in Pakistan is going down. We need to dissolve,” or anything, that is the National Security Council is there. So —

Cuomo: There’s more power sharing than ever?

Musharraf: : Yes. It takes a [unintelligible] these checks. The other issue is I think the people of Pakistan, the biggest issue, know the development that has taken place. The economic rise that we are in. The upsurge –They know th — mega-development projects going on. The construction activity. The telecommunication boom. The infor– information technology. The industry going up. Education and health. They will know that now what the hell is happening? It’s going down. And thirdly, the media. I must give all the credit to the media now, although I have my critics against them.

Cuomo: Now they’re getting…the credit.

Musharraf: –they’re not responsible enough. They– because of the freedom of the media, which we have given them, and because we are–

Cuomo: You also–took it away though.

Musharraf: Pardon?

Cuomo: You gave it to them but you also took it away.

Musharraf: No, we have given it back to them again.

Cuomo: Right. After you took it away.

Musharraf: Yes. Because they were not behaving responsibility. Elements in there. Yes. We had to do that. So now this media with the tele– with dozens of television channels– which we allow. Otherwise there was one PTV (Pakistan Television Network) before. We allowed these dozens of TV channels. And I allowed that, may I say, because there was a lot of opposition not to do it in 2000– back in 2000 when I took this decision. But I overruled all of them. Made– maybe 90 percent of the people were saying, “No, we– we don’t– cannot do this.” But I overruled.

Now this media is very vibrant, which is the good part. They should see any government, and they should exercise the checks and expose any government which is mis-performing. So these are elements which give me optimism for the future.


Cuomo: I have one more question — about the — Madrasas. The — you’re very intent on having a better public education in this country. The concern about the Madrasas. What is your position on them? What do you think about whether they’re growing? What’s going on in there? What you’re doing to control them. ‘Cause I know it’s something that you’ve promised in the past. You wanna get after. What is the condition? Musharraf: Yeah, it’s [unintelligible]. Cuomo: What’s the problem? What’s — what are you doing? Musharraf: Yes. Again, this is a good criticism– on– my lack of achievement. Madrasas. Now Madrasas– first of all, in the West there’s an impression that all students of Pakistan go to Madrasas. Only about three, four percent of students are in Madrasas here.Ninety-seven percent are in regular schools. Let that be very clear through this television. This is not known.

The perception created in the media is that everyone goes to Madrasas here in Pakistan. So only three percent. The other issue, now what have we done. Madrasas strategy was a part of a complete strategy of reducing extremism from the society. Now what will we do? And let me– maybe it’s a– a little bit of a long response, sir. First part was we have to– ban organizations. Extremist organizations.

I spoke about those who were masked men with Kalashnikovs. We have met about 75, 80 percent success. Some groups come up with different names. Their don’t carry Kalashnikovs. They don’t have any kind of protection now. So we have met about 80 percent success.

We needed to control misuse of loudspeakers in mosques. We had people who were being charged up against extremism. Indoctrinated. And I don’t think we much– met very great success. But we have made about 25 percent success. And I am pursuing it because there hundreds of thousands of mosques.

Through the local government system I am trying to impose these restrictions on this extremism in mosques. The third area was we needed to look at our syllabus and curriculum. There were elements with– it was leading to extremism. We removed that. There’s a new curriculum. A new syllabus introduced. Then we needed to look at the hate materials that was being published. Posters being distributed outside every mosque. We have met 90 percent success. You will hardly find people distributing this hate literature or you– if you go to the bookstores, you will hardly find books on this hate and extremism. About 90 percent success.

Then we come to Madrasas. Now Madrasas what is our success? We wanted them to register so that we know. About eight– 75, 80 percent have registered. Success. We wanted them to throw out all foreigners who were– who were there in thousands from all over the Muslim world. There are only a few hundred now and they all have NOCs, No Objection Certification, from their embassies. About 95 percent success. There may be some hiding. There may be. But a dozen or two dozen or a hundred from thousands.

The other was teach them subjects across the board. And mainstream. And take board examination–success. Most of them are teaching board subjects. But they do not want to take the board exams. They said, “We will take our own. There are five [unintelligible]. That we will have our own examination.” That is where we are stuck. We were resolved– we were almost resolving it. Finding a [unintelligible] media. But then we came up with this Women’s Protection Bill and all that. And we– that retarded the process. So we’ll go along. So that is a partial [unintelligible] of success.

So please– the West, again, please understand what we are doing and what we have achieved. And see that what we have not achieved in the light of what we have achieved. I would say we have at least 50 or 60 percent or 70 percent of the glass full. The empty part is 30 percent. We need to fill that up. But don’t please keep criticizing us, blaming us and demoralizing us by all the time thinking that we are not doing– doing anything.

This is the reality. That goes counter to our anti-terrorism and anti-extremism strategy. You should see our intentions. You see– you should see what we have achieved. But unfortunately in the Western media, what I see– all the time see what we have not achieved. And blaming us and criticizing us. A person like me gets– I mean one gets agitated. What– what is happening? Is the media in favor of the people fighting terrorism? Or is it achieving demoralization of the forces which is– who are fighting terrorism?

By continuously blaming what they have not done. And not seeing that we have suffered a thousand casualties. A thousand of my soldiers have died. And yet we are being blamed that we are not doing enough. What more do you want Pakistan to do? And this is– let the Western media– and I am–against the Western media, not be supportive of– let extremism and terrorism. I think the way it behaves supports terrorism and extremism. It encourages that.

Cuomo: How?

Musharraf: It– it brings them into the media. You make news of them. And you make villains of the people who are fighting because you keep criticizing them and demoralizing them.

Cuomo: That’s how you see it?

Musharraf: Yes, yes. That’s what I– that is how I see it. That’s all the time Pakistan army, Pakistan intelligence is criticized in the West. I know that. There are articles in the papers. It is very demoralizing for the intelligence. For the military who have suffered so much casualties. And the– the environment is not of Pakistan’s making. It is of the making of what we have suffered since 30 years. And yet nobody realizes that. And we have suffered thousand casualties. We are fighting. We are in the– in the front facing IEDs, suicide bombers. And yet we are being criticized. So what kind of a battle are we fighting against terrorism?

Cuomo: I appreciate you taking the time to do the interview.


Cuomo: I am thankful that you let this Western member of the media into Pakistan to talk to you. I appreciate the opportunity, especially during such a challenging time, Mr. President. I wish–

Musharraf: Thank you.

Cuomo: –you the best. I really do.

Musharraf: Thank you very much.

Source : ABC News – Full Transcript of Musharraf Interview.

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Prevez Musharraf Facing Threats of Boycott of January Elections.

Posted by QB on November 30, 2007

Pervez Musharraf is firm on his commitment to hold elections on January 8 2008 and facing threats of boycott from former corrupt Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. Imran Khan party has already decided not to take part in coming elections and he really has nothing much to loose except his own one seat in National Assembly. Nawaz Sharif is urging Benazir Bhutto to boycott the election, that is not going to happen, her party will participate in elections even if they were held under Martial Law. Benazir Bhutto is power crazy women like her father,  knows that she will be the next Prime Minister sharing power with Pervez Musharraf League (PML-Q) according to her agreement with Bush regime. Nawaz Sharif is demanding to reinstate the corrupt Chief Justice with all fired Judges to participate in election which is not likely to happen. These corrupt fired Judges if reinstated again will keep ruling against Pervez Musharraf government which will create chaos confusion and unrest which will be hurdle for stable strong government. Nawaz Sharif will not really boycott the elections, he is trying to gain some political points because that would be a big mistake for his own political career and hurt his political party (PML-N).

The religious parties alliance, which consists of plenty of parties, is most likely will participate in elections which are very evident from the statements of some of their leaders that it will be mistake to boycott the elections leaving the field open for rivals. The religious parties alliance is most likely to win the majority in NWFP and Baluchistan to form the governments. Nawaz Sharif, if really boycott the elections, Punjab provincial government will against be form by Pervez Musharraf League (PMl-Q) and otherwise it will be PML-N in power. Sindh Provincial government will be coalition government of Benazir Bhutto and MQM. The Federal government will be coalition government of Pervez Musharraf League (PML-Q) and Benazir Party with very strong opposition.

The stability and peace in Pakistan and Afghanistan can only be achieved by accepting the Taliban demands which Mullah Omer representative has already delivered it to puppet President Hamid Karzai. Pervez Musharraf and Benazir Bhutto government has to make deals with Taliban in NWFP which will bring peace and stability in the country, as for Osama Bin Laden, the best  way to fight his ideology  is with changing US policies of invasion and occupation. Bush regime has already started the Israel Palestine peace process which must continue to reach an final settlement and this will hurt Al Qaida more than military actions. The very active involvement of US Pakistan and European Nation will be required once the peace deal is made with Taliban with social and economic programs. The money required for these programs will be not in hundreds of billions dollars which US is spending in fighting “war on terror” and these step will produce more positive results than military actions.

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Bush War on Terror. Taliban Resistance Growing.

Posted by QB on November 25, 2007

The Associated press published short news related to White House Intelligence Report, the conclusion of this report is that Taliban has the upper hand in Afghanistan and US failed to meet its objectives.

WASHINGTON (AFP) — The White House concluded in a recent secret report that the war effort in Afghanistan has not met strategic goals set this year, The Washington Post reported Sunday.

The newspaper, citing unnamed US officials, said the report was prepared earlier this month by the National Security Council.

Its main conclusion was that while individual military battles against the Taliban have been successful, other areas remain wanting, report said.

“One can point to a lot of indicators that are positive,” The Post quoted a senior US intelligence official as saying.

“We go out there and achieve our objectives and kill bad guys.”

But the extremists, he added, seem to have little trouble finding replacements, according to the paper.

While many foreigners, mostly Pakistani, join the Taliban, several officials said the main source of new recruits remain unhappy Afghans, The Post said.

“There doesn’t seem to be a lot of progress being made … I would think that from (the Taliban) standpoint, things are looking decent,” the paper quoted the intelligence official as saying.

This is the news story. This is what I said couple of few weeks before this report. The Pakistan military and the US occupation military can’t get rid of Taliban from NWFP and Afghanistan, they will kill few hundreds, who will be replaced by few thousands more whose brothers fathers get killed by the military to take revenge. The way “war on terror” is executed will last for ever.

The Bush regime spending time and money in reaching these conclusions whereas am giving to them free of charge. Hamid Karzai and Pervez Musharraf can’t kill all their population to win Bush “war on terror”. Hamid Karzai is desperately looking for some peaceful solution with Taliban which is not going anywhere because Taliban main demand is to give the timetable of all foreign troops withdrawal from Afghanistan with control of 18 provinces. Pervez Musharraf emergency failed to provide security in Pakistan’s capital where Taliban are attacking the military personnels in bombs attacks.

The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq should have never been started if Bush regime had little bit of intelligence. The best was to provide the evidence of Osama Bin Laden involvement to Mullah Omar and he was ready to hand him over to International court for trial. This would be the end of Al Qaida but with the invasion and occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq Osama Bin Laden popularity has reached where Bush was after 9/11 attack. The Bush regime still has the chance to change the lost war into victory by accepting Taliban demands withdrawing their troops from their country. The US must keep providing the financial help to Afghanistan which will create jobs, provide education to kids, health care for the poor and very slowly try to change the Taliban mentality with the help of Muslim scholars making them realize that what they do in the name of religion is infact against Qur’an.

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Pervez Musharraf consolidate his grip on power.

Posted by QB on November 22, 2007

Pervez Musharraf is get all cleared signal from the Supreme Court to take oath as the civilian President for the next five years. Supreme Court ordered the election commission to rectify the Presidential elections results with Attorney General statement that Pervez Musharraf will resign as Chief of Army by Saturday. The political parties which were threatening to boycott the elections can’t take that risk because it will be leaving ground open for the other parties to win. The Iman Khan party is the only one which has announced to boycott January elections but that really will not change anything because his party only had one National Assembly seat, the one seat party has not big support of the public. The elections will be held, the results will be engineered splitting seats between Pervez Musharraf Leqgue (PML-Q) and Benazir Bhutto Pakistan Peoples Party and these two parties will form the federal government.

Pervez Musharraf now has to show some courage and urge US government to give timetable of occupation troops from Afghanistan, which is the main demand of Taliban, to stabilize the growing violent situation in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

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Taliban closing in on Kabul.

Posted by QB on November 21, 2007

The following is the link to independent think tank report based in Afghanistan.

Resurgent Taliban closing in on Kabul: report.

I am not based in Afghanistan but read my posts on Afghanistan and Pakistan telling Bush regime that their “war on terror” is already lost. Click on Asia, Afghanistan, Pakistan tags to read the related posts.

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Pervez Musharraf facing criticism from US on Emergency Rule.

Posted by QB on November 20, 2007

Pervez Musharraf was put under pressure by Deputy Secretary of State Negroponte to restore the constitution and free political prisoners was rejected by him saying emergency rule is necessary to stop the nuclear-armed nation descending into chaos. The new election date announced is January 8, the opposition parties are threatening to boycott the elections under emergency rule. Benazir Bhutto spokesperson.

“The announcement of a date for elections means nothing because there can’t be fair elections under Musharraf,” Farhatullah Babar, spokesman for former prime minister Benazir Bhutto, said in a phone interview. “Before elections can be held, there needs to be restoration of the constitution, reinstatement of judges and Musharraf’s resignation as president.”

The U.S. has pressed Musharraf to hold free and fair elections and lift emergency rule. The U.S. says elections won’t be fair under emergency rule, this is really amusing that the elections in Afghanistan and Iraq were held under illegal criminal occupation which they consider legitimate and fair and Pakistan elections under Pervez Musharraf emergency rule is not accepted. This is hypocrisy.

The former cricketer turned politician is on hunger strike until Pervez Musharraf reinstall all the Supreme Court Judges. Imran Khan is complete failure as politician with his political party win one National Assembly seat which he himself win. It is better from him to die from hunger strike, which is not going to happen, instead of playing politics.

The US is trying to build gain support of Tribal Elders in Pakistan to fight Taliban and Al Qaida like Al Anbar province. The present situation in Pakistan tribal areas is in favor of Osama bin Laden and Mullah Omar. This effort can bring positive results with US giving the timetable of withdrawal, otherwise Taliban resistance will not stop.

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Pervez Musharraf will be President for next five years.

Posted by QB on November 19, 2007

Pervez Musharraf get the clearance from Supreme Court by dismissing all the legal challenges. Pervez Musharraf is again elected civilian President for the next five years. There will be lots of criticism coming from the opposition parties in Pakistan on this Supreme Court decision. The opposition parties already started with calling the Supreme Court illegitimate, but these criticism is not stop declaring Pervez Musharraf election results making them official. Pervez Musharraf will resigned as Pakistan Military Chief of Staff by the end of this month.

Benazir Bhutto who had called off the power sharing deal with Pervez Musharraf will be forced to change her decision again by Bush regime and the elections will he held in January, dividing National Assembly seats between Benazir Bhutto party and Pervez Musharraf League (PML-Q). Benazir Bhutto will not have the two third majority and she has to share power without becoming threat to Pervez Musharraf and his party. Benazir Bhutto who is blind by greed of power is unable to realize that she will get all the blame for being tough on Islamic Militants fighting Bush “war on terror” which is going nowhere. Taliban are determined to keep their resistance alive for decades, Osama Bin Laden and Mullah Omer support is growing in Afghanistan as well as in Pakistan where Mullahs want to implement Taliban like Sharia government in the region.

The only way to end Bush “war on terror” is through negotiations by withdrawing all the NATO occupation troops from Afghanistan. The next step should be the social and economic reforms, There is lots of criticism on Madrases without providing any alternatives for these poor kids to get education. The Pakistan government must open free schools for these kids so they can get the proper education instead of learning to read Qur’an and Hadiths. The change will come very slowly which will bring these radicals into main stream.

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US Politicians and American Policies.

Posted by QB on November 16, 2007

The Bush regime is sending envoy to meet Pervez Musharraf to end the emergency rule and hold fair and transparent elections in January. The Bush regime also wanted Pervez Musharraf to be tough on their war on terror without realizing that is the main reason of Pervez Musharraf unpopularity loosing support of people. The Bush regime wanted the democracy and continue the war on terror which is not possible whoever get elected in January elections.

There was CNN Democrats Presidential debate last night where the front runner did not answer single question with honestly and intelligently, Hilary Clinton, Barak Obama, John Edwards responses were confusing, talking what people wanted to hear. Wolf Blitzer, the most biased dishonest person, was the moderator, completely ignorning Presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich who had the clear plan to bring stability to US, restoring America’s image in the world. Dennis Kucinich is the only Presidential candidate who had pointed out  that the US policies are the main cause of Anti Americanism in Middle East and Muslim countries where they see these wars against Islam.

The front runners Hilary Clinton, Barak Obama, John Edwards with Chris Dodd, Joe Biden were answers on Iraq, Iran and Pakistan were similar to Bush regime promising not to let Iran build nuclear weapon, put more pressure on Pervez Musharraf to be tough in their war on terror, keep Afghanistan and Iraq under US occupation. Hilary Clinton might get the nomination of Democratic party because majority of Democrats believe that she has the best chances of beating Republican candidate in next general elections, just like when the Democrats nominated the wrong Presidential candidate John Kerry. Hilary Clinton might get the nomination but she will lost in next year elections.

The IAEA report on Iran Nuclear Program was due on Wednesday, which maybe made public which I have not read it yet. Bush regime and Britain Brown is wasting no time promising to be tough on Iran.

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Pervez Musharraf expelled three Telegraph reporters after “sonofabitch” editorial.

Posted by QB on November 12, 2007

Pervez Musharraf government expelled three Telegraph reporters in retaliation to news paper editorial. The editorial, which was titled Bankrupt Relationship, described Gen Musharraf’s rule as a “combination of incompetence and brutality”.

Despite George W Bush’s rhetoric about freedom, the struggle against terrorism is provoking a reaction familiar from the Cold War and nowhere is that clearer than over Pakistan.

In the old parlance, General Pervez Musharraf is “our sonofabitch”. He has failed to stamp out extremist groups and close the madrassas that inspire them. He has allowed the tribal areas bordering Afghanistan to fall into the hands of assorted jihadis. And he has sacked independent-minded judges for fear that the Supreme Court declare illegal his re-election as president last month.

Yet, despite this combination of incompetence and brutality, America and Britain continue to back him as head of what has a strong claim to be the most dangerous country in the world. In order to broaden the government’s political base, their plan is for the general to doff his army uniform later this month and enter into a power-sharing arrangement with Benazir Bhutto, leader of the Pakistan People’s Party, after general elections in February.

If that ever comes to pass, it will bring together a soldier whose popularity has plummeted and a politician whose standing has been undermined by her willingness to cut a deal with him. And the prospects for its lasting are slim: Miss Bhutto and the military are like oil and water.

In short, the relationship between Gen Musharraf and the West is bankrupt. Valued as an ally after 9/11, he is now part of the problem. Under his dictatorship, Pakistan has become an increasingly ungovernable country in which moderate, secular forces have been sidelined to the advantage of the Islamists.

An alternative – an alliance between General Ashfaq Pervez Kiyani, the army chief designate, and Miss Bhutto’s secular rival, Nawaz Sharif – seems neither imminent nor especially enticing. But that should not blind Britain and America to the fact that their “sonofabitch” in Pakistan is a spent force.
# Pakistan’s High Commission sent the following response to this article:

“The language used for the President of Pakistan in your leading article (“Bankrupt relationship”, November 9) is offensive and flouts the norms of decent journalism.

“For a newspaper of The Daily Telegraph’s reputation to resort to such derogatory language is highly regrettable. This deserves an apology.”
Bankrupt relationship.

The Telegraph has ignored the facts used biased hatred in this editorial. This is true that Pervez Musharraf rule is “combination of incompetence and brutality”, the incompetence was to blindly start the military operations in his own country after 9/11 to fight Osama Bin Laden and Mullah Omar killing hundreds of innocent civilians including children in Madrassas which backfired strongly against US occupation military in Afghanistan and Pakistan military incursion into NWFP. The brutality is too obvious to ignore, bombing civilian compounds, killing civilians women children. The most incompetent and brutal operation was Lal Masjid Operation Silence where he used unnecessary force killing over 100 male female students with the head of that mosque. Pervez Musharraf if had the intelligence and courage would have given better advise to Bush not to invade Afghanistan and accept the Taliban deal for handing over Osama Bin Laden to international custody for trial. This would have completely finished Al Qaida but Bush decided to go in wrong direction with all the world leaders following this idiot SOB including Musharraf.

The bottom line, yes Pervez Musharraf is incompetent brutal Bush “sonofabitch” as Telegraph called him but the forget to mention the biggest “sonofabitch” Tony Blair, John Howard, Azner, Amirs and Kings of Middle East.

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Pervez Musharraf Announced Election date. Pakstan 2008 Election Results.

Posted by QB on November 8, 2007

Pervez Musharraf announced that general will be held by mid February instead of January, he again under pressure announce the election date after Bush talked to him on phone. Pervez Musharraf an Army General, is weak person who doesn’t have the courage to take firm stand on principles, or maybe he is so used to of obeying orders, of his superiors in military service, that he really don’t know any other way. Pervez Musharraf is not strong leader, he is good subordinate.

The Democracy will not solve the problem of rising violence in NWFP, where people are angry at Pervez Musharraf policies of interferce in their areas, aggressive attacks, setting up military check posts, killing civilians is the root cause of the problem. The people of NWFP are angry at Pervez Musharraf because they see him as Bush puppet who is killing his own people to please US. The situation in NWFP is very much similar to East Pakistan, according to my analysis, where military was seen as the oppressors, killing the innocent people to bring down the civilian uprising which created hatred towards military by loosing the support of the people. The situation in NWFP is not very different, Pakistan military lost the trust and respect of the people and the Islamic Militants are fighting them so effectively that the Pakistan Military (or Security Forces) surrender without any resistance. These Islamic Militants had captured soldiers and Pakistan Military Officers rank upto Colonel, and this means that they have the better strategy to fight Pakistan Security Forces and are more motivated than their opponents.

Benazir Bhutto, who is Bush regime next hope, to continue their stupid “war on terror”, has called Pervez Musharraf pledge insufficient and asked him to step down as Army Chief of Staff in a week. The Bush regime, US Senate, US House of Representatives, European countries are wrong in thinking that elections will bring down the violence in Pakistan.

Bush regime wants Pervez Musharraf to share power with Benazir Bhutto indicate that the elections will not be fair and transparent in Pakistan, because there is no chance of Benazir Bhutto winning the clear majority running on White House platform. The probability is that election results will be engineered with no political party having the clear majority. According to my analysis, National Assembly seats will be divided between Pervez Musharraf League (PML-Q) and Benazir Bhutto party, with no clear clear majority. Pervez Musharraf will name Benazir Bhutto the next Prime Minister sharing power with his own Pervez Musharraf League (PML-Q), which is the safest option for him to remain President of Pakistan and to satisfy the criticism of Bush regime and European countries.

Benazir Bhutto, after becoming Prime Minster, will try to be more aggressive in fighting Bush “war on terror” which will make the situation worst risking to loose power for the third time. Benazir Bhutto, like her father, is power hungry maniac, if try to bring down the uprising with force, the result would be the same like creation of Waziristan just like Bangladesh. The simple solution is that Pakistan leaders tell Bush regime that the “war on terror” can only be won with negotiations with these Islamic Militants. The military actions, bombing of civilians will create more unrest and there is no end to this conflict, because Pakistan Taliban, Afghan Taliban will keep fighting as long as it take to resist the US and Pakistan Security Forces.

Taliban are more popular in NWFP than US and Pakistan forces. Osama Bin Laden and Mullah Omar are more popular than Bush Musharraf and Benazir in that region.

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Nancy Pelosi criticizes Pervez Musharraf State of Emergency.

Posted by QB on November 7, 2007

This is Nancy Pelosi statement trying to hit Bush and Musharraf with one shot. Nancy Pelosi is typical politician who is holding on to power for too long, her statement is stupid, shows her ignorance, lack of intelligence, lack of analytical skill, total political rhetoric to gain some advantages in next year elections.

On Monday, in response to Pakistan’s President Pervez Musharraf imposing emergency rule and suspending Pakistan’s constitution, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi issued a harsh statement condemning his actions and the policies of the Bush Administration toward him.

“For too long, President Musharraf failed to confront effectively his growing unpopularity. The Bush Administration enabled Musharraf’s delusion by ignoring his undemocratic acts and lack of internal support in exchange for his assistance in efforts against terrorism. Pakistan will only be a reliable and capable ally against terrorism when its government is not seen as an enemy by its own people,” said Pelosi.

Nancy Pelosi must understand that Pervez Musharraf did not had any other option except imposing emergency rule to survive. Bush regime policies towards Pervez Musharraf are the main cause of losing popular support of Pakistan people which he had, he lost the support of people trying to implement Bush regime policies of fighting “terrorism”. Pervez Musharraf had the support of majority of people before he started bombing and capturing his own people for US “war on terrorism”. He is seen as the enemy of its own people by taking orders from White House, the hatred for US is growing everyday, Osama Bin Laden popularity touching the highest level, and all this because of Bush regime policies of aggression which were approved by House of Representatives and Senate by huge majority. Nancy Pelosi and Democrats can’t blame Bush for all disasters, the Democrats are equally responsible for all this mess. He will get sometime with emergency rule and can survive, if he promised people of Pakistan and NWFP that he will not blindly follow Bush regime policies.

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Pervez Musharraf must change course. Pakistan Taliban in control of more towns.

Posted by QB on November 7, 2007

The time has come Pervez Musharraf realize his mistakes by opening negotiations with Pakistan Taliban who took control of several town in Swat. Osama Bin Laden and Mullah must be laughing at Pakistan security forces laying their weapons surrendering to Talibans, this will give them hope and courage to go after US occupation military in Afghanistan.

Islamabad (PTI): Pro-Taliban militants have strengthened their hold on the Swat valley in northwestern Pakistan by seizing several key towns after outnumbered security forces laid down their arms and fled their posts.Militants are now controlling key towns like Matta, Khwazakhela, Madyan and Charbagh, all located near Imamdheri, the stronghold of radical cleric Maulana Fazlullah.Hundreds of militants have taken over the police stations in these towns, have established their own check posts and are patrolling the streets. In Matta, militants replaced the Pakistani flag with their own at the police station after over 120 security personnel surrendered earlier this week, daily The News reported.

The situation in Swat is clear that Islamic Militants can take the extreme decision to declare their independence which is clear from the above report that they have replaced Pakistan flags with their own flags in seized towns. The two nation theory, which was the basis of Pakistan creation, has already failed with the breakup of East Pakistan and now the uprising in NWFP and Baluchistan. It look like that creation of Pakistan was a mistake.

Pervez Musharraf still have the time to calm down the growing anger in NWFP and Baluchistan by starting serious negotiations with these Islamic Militans, who are angry at him for implementing Bush policies. Pervez Musharraf should cut a deal in NWFP promising to immediately stop all Security forces actions (which are not working anyway), remove the military check points, withdraw all the security forces from the region. This deal will create anger in US and all the European countries who are demanding Pervez Musharraf to end the State of Emergency but will bring peace and stability in Pakistan.

Once the deal is made, Pervez Musharraf government should introduce the social programs in the region, with opening schools, hospitals, providing new job opportunities for the people. The radical Mullahs like Fazlullah influence and hold are because of ignorance of majority of Muslims who blindly follow these religious scholars without knowing the religion. The radicalism will flourish the way Bush and Musharraf are fighting the “war on terror”, the radicalism will diminish by proper eduction of religion which will take time.

Pervez Musharraf claim to take steps which are in the best interest of the country, but his policies are not working,  “war on terror” has brought Pakistan on the brink of another ugly breakup.

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US – Britain reaction on Pervez Musharraf emergency.

Posted by QB on November 4, 2007

The US and Britain reacted very strongly on Pervez Musharraf decision to declare emergency rule in Pakistan. The US and the British government wants the democracy in Pakistan and keep fighting their stupid war on terror which is not possible because this is the main cause of rising Islamic extremism in Pakistan. The real democratic government in Middle East or any other other country of the world will not allow US to use their countries as battlefield for “war on terror” or for “war on drugs”. The Turkey is the most liberal Muslim democratic country in the world with 9% positive opinion of US. There is constant growing anger in Pakistan after Afghanistan invasion and occupation and the majority of Pashtoon see Pervez Musharraf as White House puppet, bombing and killing innocent civilians for US aid. The people and the Islamic parties also believe US war is against Islam and Muslims. The Osama Bin Laden and Mullah Omar are more popular than Bush Musharraf and Benazir in North West Frontier Province and Baluchistan because Bush reaction to 9/11 attack was stupid and arrogant. The Bush regime and his closest ally Britain are trying to hide their mistakes and blunders by blaming Pervez Musharraf not doing enough on their “war on terror”. My prediction was that Pervez Musharraf has one easy way out of this crisis months ago with declaring state of emergency, he did exactly what was predicted.

Pervez Musharraf imposing emergency rule in Pakistan was the only way for holding on to his power with growing opposition against Islamic Militants, opposition parties, Supreme Court threats not to validate his presidential election results. Pervez Musharraf needed the time which he get it with imposing emergency. Condoleezza Rice is threatening to cut Pakistan military aid putting pressure on him for democratic elections sharing power with Benazir Bhutto. The most of the people did not pay attention, how Bush regime know that Benazir Bhutto will win the majority of seats to form federal government? There is only one way of knowing that Benazir Bhutto will win the election, is by rigging the elections and engineered the results of their liking.

Benazir Bhutto also send an email to one journalists who make that public when talking to Wolf Blitzer on Sunday Late eddition, in that email she said that ISI is planning to bring down Hamid Karzai government replacing him with Pakistani puppet President. This allegation is not based upon any intelligence because she have no way of knowing what ISI is planning, this is more like a false accusation to gain more US support just like Ahmed Chalabi. Benazir Bhutto shameless with quickly issuing statement that State of Emergency violate “human rights”, herself had very bad record of human rights violations during her two terms as Prime Minister. The Pakistanis must not forget that she is the daughter of power hungry father who did not hesitate to break the country to become Prime Minister and she can do the same to become Prime Minister. This time NWFP and Baluchistan will breakup from Pakistan if the Pervez Musharraf and Benazir Bhutto keep pushing Bush stupid “war on terror”. Benazir Bhutto who is calling this human rights violations, did violate the human rights when she was in power. Imran Khan talking to BBC on phone condemn Pervez Musharraf emergency, he believe that he is under house arrest because government fear that he will start the popular movement, this is really a joke, Imran Khan party has one National Assembly seat, himself. The party of one national assembly seat is no threat to Pervez Musharraf government, Imran Khan must be worried about keeping his one seat in assembly in next election instead of criticizing emergency rule.

The US and its European allies can’t win “war on terror” with guns tanks and bombs with Pakistan help. The Taliban has defeated the Pakistan military and security forces since the beginning of this war by killing hundreds and capturing hundreds of soldiers. Taliban moral looks like is very high comparing to Pakistan military. The solution to resolve the conflict is through negotiations with Taliban, listening their grievances and reaching to an mutual peaceful agreement.

Written in June, 2007, Pervez Musharraf did not dissolved the National and Provincial Assemblies, but take control of power with declaring State of Emergency.

Pervez Musharraf future look safe.

The Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry look like criminal Mafia Boss rather than the Chief Justice. mafia-boss-or-chief-justice.jpgPervez Musharraf government must file corruption cases against this corrupt Judge for misuse of his powers, giving his son unfair financial benefits using his powers. Pervez Musharraf must take action before this snake come out start playing victim. Pervez Musharraf must now show some courage. My impression of Pervez Musharraf is that he is weak and man with no courage to take a stand on principles. Pervez Mushrraf is more like a coward, a good subordinate who can take and obey orders of Bush regime, cutting deal with the most corrupt politician Benazir Bhutto. Pervez Musharraf don’t look like strong intelligent man.

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Bush – Afghanistan and Iraq War Cost.

Posted by QB on October 24, 2007

WASHINGTON — The cost of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan could total $2.4 trillion through the next decade.

This is the USA today news story. These wars could have been avoided with intelligent approach which of-course can’t be expected from Bush and Dick. This is the great news for Osama Bin Laden who wanted to destroy US financially. Osama Bin Laden, Mullah Omar, Al Qaida and Taliban will be very pleased that they are actually achieving their goal of destroying US financially. This also mean that Osama Bin Laden is more brain than Bush and Dick and he is winning the “war on terror”. The cost of payouts to Pakistan and other US allies of greed, am sure is not included in this budget projected forecast, so lets adjust the projected cost of “war on terror” by adding few hundred billion dollars and make it 3 trillion.

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Benazir Bhutto using threats propaganda to win election.

Posted by QB on October 23, 2007

Benazir Bhutto is cunning corrupt politician who has learned the effective propaganda tactics of Bush regime. It was me who on Oct. 19, 2007 said that two bombs blasts were her own party job and now PML (Pervez Musharraf League -Q) leader Chaudhry Shujaat Hussein is saying exactly the same. Benazir Bhutto is behind two bomb blasts. Benazir Bhutto is blaming Pervez Musharraf government for bomb blasts, her allegations are baseless when looking at the whole situation. Pervez Musharraf government did provided all the required security because it was in the interest of his government. The bombs if killed Benazir Bhutto or if she was severely wounded than it could have been the job of Pervez Musharraf government or Islamic militants. We all know that Benazir Bhotto went into the well protected small cabin build around that truck ten minutes before bomb blasts, she escape unhurt, to use it to win sympathies of ignorant Pakistan voters.

The Bush regime was quick to point figure at Al Qaida without even knowing whether it was suicide attacks. This was not Al Qaida or Taliban attack, Mullah Omar and Osama Bin Laden are more concerned about Afghanistan occupation rather than killing a women who has no powers. The Al Qaida and Taliban know that Benazir Bhutto after getting the power is no threat for their existence, she too will fail like Pervez Musharraf. The latest news according to her own party receiving new threats of suicide attack in a letter. The question is why these militants want to keep her informed about all their future plans which give her advantage of knowing all their future plans. The Islamic Militants don’t provide the details of their attacks, they keep it very secret so they have the chance of hitting their targets. The new threats are propaganda spreading by Benazir Bhutto to win the election and it is clear distraction that she is another puppet of White House who will implement Bush regime policies more forcefully when in power.

The real face of Benazir Bhutto democracy was exposed yesterday when her loyal supporters beat injured victim of bombing who went to see her at her residence with his son and wife, these loyal supporter break the tooth of his son. Benazir Bhutto party issued the statement that he was not the supporter of her party and he was tortured because he was suspicious. This is great, torture anyone who look suspicious, this is real democracy like Bush regime who are torturing suspected terrorists without any proof keep them in Guantanamo and secret prisons without any access to judicial justice.

The people of Pakistan if look at her past will know that Benazir Bhutto grabbed the power twice by playing victim, first time portraying herself as the daughter of her executed father and second time by lying that her government was not involved in corruption.

The violence which she brought with her will continue until election day and if she gets into power the violence will become worst. Pakistani voters must learn something from Bolivia, Venezuela, Ecuador and Nicaraguan voters who intelligently rejected the US supported corrupt politicians, Malaysia voters also very voted intelligently to keep Dr. Mahathir Mohammad in power for 22 years, who turned this third world country into number 19 developed country of the world. This is the real power of the vote which is not used properly by the voters due to lack of intelligence and ignorance. They fall into the trap of personality worship. Benazir Bhutto is US supported corrupt politician who wants to grab power with Bush regime blessings in the name of Democracy. The US government democracy means to give power to corrupt politicians who can protect their interests.

Benazir Bhutto name is on no exit list which means she can’t leave Pakistan. This is the right decision of Pervez Musharraf government not to let her go abroad without facing corruption charges cases.

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Taliban list of demands for negotiations to Puppet President Hamid Karzai.

Posted by QB on October 15, 2007

Taliban send following three demands to puppet Afghan President Hamid Karzai for negotiations.

  • Control of 10 Southern Provinces
  • Timetable for withdrawal of all foreign troops
  • Release of all their prisoners in six months

These demands are approved by Mullah Omer. This is the chance for Bush regime and puppet Afghan President to start talking to Taliban because there demands are reasonable. Hamid Karzai only had the control of Kabul and all the Southern Afghanistan provinces are very much controlled by Taliban without any deal.The foreign troops and their governments know that they can’t stay in Afghanistan for ever so the demand for timetable is not so unreasonable. The prisoners release is that what all the political and organizations wants.

Pervez Musharraf who was talking on TV boasting to bring tanks and guns in North West Frontier Province very well know that guns and tanks will make the situation worst. The only way end this conflict is with negotiations. He should tell Bush that they really don’t have any chances of winning this “war on terror” with dropping bombs on civilians killing children and women. The “war on terror” could be won with taking positive steps, first by establishing the peace with negotiations. The second most important step should be by providing the financial help in NWFP and Afghanistan for building schools, hospitals, creating new job opportunities. Ronald Reagan, the most popular President till today, did the stupid blunder of abandoning Afghanistan after USSR withdrawal and this lead the countries into Talibisation as they come into power ending the corruption of the Northern Alliance government.

The change in NWFP and Afghanistan will come gradually with eduction, by constantly keeping in touch with Taliban by slowly changing their view of Islam which is based on traditions than Qur’an. Al Qaida and Osama Bin Laden will lost its popularity and support with US change its unconditional support of Israel and seriously put its efforts to solve this conflict.

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‘War on terror’ has been a ‘disaster’: British think tank.

Posted by QB on October 8, 2007

The British Research Group believe that US and Britain has to change its policies on “war on terror” to succeed, this is what exactly what am saying since the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq. Bush policies of invasion and occupation has created sympathies for Osama Bin Laden, Al Qaida and Taliban. The Osama Bin Laden and Taliban can’t be defeated with invasions and occupations, the better approach was to solve the differences with negotiations, which was offered by Taliban before Afghanistan invasion. Bush rejected their demand of showing evidence of Osama Bin Laden in 9/11 attack. Taliban promised to handover Osama Bin Laden to international court for trial. There would be no war, no unnecessary deaths, destruction and waste of hundreds of billions dollars. The hundreds of billions dollars could have been used to eliminate poverty, start eduction and awareness programs to bring positive change in Afghanistan. The Iraq war, on the other hand was unnecessary, there were no terrorists in Iraq, there was no Al Qaida in Iraq, Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11. The Iraq invasion was planned by Zionists to protect Israel, The other reason was that Neo-Cons like Paul Wolfowitz convinced Bush Junior to finish the job dad failed leaving Saddam Hussein in power. Saddam Hussein also challenged Bush senior that if he survived in power that will be is greatest victory against USA. Bush senior was defeated in election just after winning war against Saddam Hussein. The Oil was big attraction to invade and occupy Iraq.

LONDON (AFP) — The US-led “war on terror” has been a “disaster” and Washington and its allies must change their policy in Iraq and Afghanistan to defeat Al-Qaeda, an independent global security think tank said.Read complete report.

The following are few of my previous posts on Iraq and Afghanistan.

US lost Militarily and Politically in Iraq.

Afghanistan war will lasts for decades.

Osama Bin Laden Trapped Bush Intelligently!!!

Afghanistan war very much alive.

Hamid Karzai, Afghanistan puppet President who only had control of Kabul, invited Taliban for peace talk which they rejected demanding all foreign troops withdrawal for any peace negotiations. US military has also developed ties with Sunnis Iraqi Resistance by giving huge amount of money which are helping them to buy arms and ammunition’s to protect themselves against Shiite Militias . This does not mean that they support US occupation, they are very much against US presence in Iraq like Shiites.

The Britain Prime Minister announced to withdraw half of its troops from Iraq which will be 2,500 next spring. This announcement is not surprise because recent polls shows that his government is trailing to Britain Conservatives.

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Afghanistan after 6 years of invasion and occupation.

Posted by QB on October 7, 2007

The Afghanistan is clear evidence of Bush failed policies of invasion and occupation. Mullah Omar is still alive, Osama Bin Laden still at large and there is no hope of US finding him in near future with all their technological advantages. Taliban in control of most of Afghanistan and their are moving towards North. Hamid Karzai only control Kabul just like Nouri Al Maliki is in control of Baghdad Green Zone.

The following Associated Press article show the real picture.

6 Years Later, US Expands Afghan Base

Afghanistan invasion and occupation has made Pakistan NWFP region battleground where Tribes are fighting Pakistan security forces to defend their “way of life” and “freedom”, which is translated by Bush regime as “terrorism” without understanding the social religious background of that region. Bush regime has given Benazir Bhutto blessing to become the next Prime Minister of Pakistan and fight their “war on terror”. This is not going to go in US favor as well.

Waziristan clashes leave 32 dead

This is according to my own analysis of Afghanistan. Mullah Omar and Osama Bin Laden will send message at the end of Ramdan, like always, telling their supporters that that are winning against the superpower US. Bush will be leave White House in 2009, leaving behind two lost wars for the next President to deal. Democrat or Republican, who maybe the next President will continue these wars to keep America safe and Americans will be happy to spend trillion dollars more on these wars.

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