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Turkey started their attacks with air strikes on Kurdish terrorists.

Posted by QB on October 25, 2007

The Turkish military has started its military action by bombing Iraq Northern mountain regions where they are hiding. The Turkish government did not pay any attention to US State Department advices of solving the crisis with negotiations. The Bush regime really is in no position to give advice to solve the crisis with negotiations because they have different set of rules for themselves which are taking unilateral actions against countries refusing to bow down to their demands.

The Turkish military is avoiding to cross Iraq border as it will be very difficult for them to track down Kurd terrorists who are hiding in mountainous region just like Taliban to avoid their military casualties. The other reason could be that Turkey don’t wanted its military to get trapped in winter snow covered mountains. Turkey wanted to achieve their goal with these air strikes.

The Turkish Prime Minister  Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Thursday that U.S. objections would not stop Turkey from crossing into Iraq to eliminate Kurdish rebels. The Turkish military said it had killed more than 30 insurgents who were poised to launch an attack on the border. Bush regime is urging Turkey not to cross Iraq Northern which will destabilize autonomous Kurd region. The Kurd autonomous  north has become the major problem for the sovereignty of Turkey, now Kurds believe they can create their own independent state with the help of US. The Turkish military is targeting Kurdish terrorist hide outs.


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Bush warn Turkey not to take Military Action. Turkish Parliament Approved Military Action in Northern Iraq.

Posted by QB on October 17, 2007

Turkish parliament majority approved cross border offensive against Kurdish terrorist with 507-19 votes in favor of taking action. Bush regime with puppet Iraqi government are urging Turkey to solve the crisis with negotiations instead of taking military action. Bush who invaded Afghanistan and Iraq rejecting all diplomatic negotiations is now want the negotiations. The Turkish government now have the approval of their parliament to go after Kurdish terrorists but the chances are they will use it as the last option on the table by crossing Iraq border. They will increase their air strikes into mountains where these Kurds terrorists are hiding. Kurds if responded with counter attacks in Turkey than there is a possibility of Turkish military will move into Northern Iraq.Turkish Prime Minister indicated this many times in last few day that after getting parliament approval does not mean that they will move into Iraq immediately, Prime Minster also insists that his country has the right to defend itself and its citizens against terrorism. Kurdish are the big problem for Turkey, Syria and Iran and Syrian President Bashar Al Assad support Turkey decision to take military action.

US President George W. Bush strongly urged Turkey on Wednesday not to carry out cross-border strikes on Kurdish separatist fighters based in nearby Iraq.“We are making it very clear to Turkey that we don’t think it is in their interests to send troops into Iraq,” he said at a White House press conference.
“There’s a better way to deal with the issue than having the Turks send massive troops into the country — massive additional troops into the country,” the president said.

Bush you mass murderer this is what the whole world was advising you “not to invade Iraq” but you were barking like mad dog and did not listen to any intelligent advice. Kurdish terrorists gained courage and become more aggressive when Bush senior impose no fly zone with Kurds autonomous government in the North, in other words the Kurdish terrorists are the creation of Dad Bush. Iraqi Kurds government that Turkish vote to seek authorization for incursion in Northern Iraq will be illegal. The following statement by Iraq Kurd government is really funny.

“If the Turkish parliament gives the authorisation to the army to enter another country, we consider this illegal and a violation of international law and the United Nations’ charter,” Abdullah told AFP.

Abdullah is hypocrite SOB like majority of people in power, what about 180,000 foreign troops who invaded your country with the approval of their Congress, was that legal. not violation of international law and United Nations charter. Abdullah, Iraq is still under illegal criminal occupation, these double standards make me sick. The Kurds after getting autonomous status in Iraq now working to create independent Kurdish state which include Syria, Iran, Turkey Kurds populated regions.

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House Foreign Relations Committee pass non-binding resulotuion against Turkey.

Posted by QB on October 11, 2007

The House Foreign Relation Committee has passed the non-binding resolution, condemning Turkey Armenian genocide, ignoring Bush request not to pass this resolution. Republicans are against this resolution which is going to hurt the US Iraq war and strained relations with Turkey. The Republicans majority House Committee did pass the same resolution in 2000 when the issue first arouse, but President Bill Clinton urge Republican House speaker to withdraw the measure before the full House could vote, he succeeded.

The Turkish government considered this vote has harsh American indictment and threatening to cut the support for Iraq war.

“If they use this to destabilize our solders in Iraq, well, then shame on them,” said Representative Joseph Crowley, a Democrat from New York who voted for it.

This is interesting that majority of US politicians have no brains. Rep. Joseph Crowley, shame on you that you are trying to pass a non-binding resolution for political gain in next election ignoring Turkey cooperation for your war in Iraq, the Turkish government is putting a bill before Parliament to seek permission to attack Kurdish Terrorists in Northern Iraq and you have no intelligence to look at this dangerous situation and not correctly analyze the consequences of this resolution than “Shame on you” for being so stupid.

Turkish called these Congressman as “foolish Americans”.

Turkish newspapers denounced the decision. “27 foolish Americans,” the daily Vatan said on its front-page headline, in reference to legislators who voted for the bill.

Turkish government is so much angry that that called their Ambassador in Washington to return to Turkey, for consultation bill. The Turkey Foreign Ministry invited US Ambassador to convey their “unease” over the bill.

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US State Department warns Turkey for taking unilateral action against Kurds.

Posted by QB on October 9, 2007

The US State Department warns Turkish government not to take unilateral action Kurdish terrorists who are launching attacks from Northern Iraq after Turkey Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan gave the go-ahead on Tuesday for all necessary measures to be taken against Kurdish rebels, including a possible incursion into northern Iraq, after they carried out a series of attacks.

But the U.S. State Department warned against such a move.“If they have a problem, they need to work together to resolve it and I am not sure that unilateral incursions are the way to go, the way to resolve the issue,” said State Department spokesman Sean McCormack.

This means that only US has the right to take unilateral invasion to fight the “war on terrorism” and all the other countries don’t have the right to protect itself from “terrorism”. The Bush regime is protecting Kurdish terrorists who have launched attacks on Turkish military and people from Northern Iraq. These Kurdish terrorists are threat to Turkey Iran and Syria sovereignty are now protected by US. These Kurdish terrorists would have never launched so many attacks in Turkey if they were not protected by US military and Bush regime. The Kurdish terrorism has increased with US military presence in Iraq.

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