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Ahmadinejad Columbia University Speech transcript.

Posted by QB on September 25, 2007

Ahmadinejad handled the hostile situation very well by staying calm. I will read it sometime today when get time to give my own analysis of the speech. Ahmadinejad speech was too diplomatic as he avoided to criticize Bush regime directly. There was too much emphasis on religion which could have been avoided. The nuclear issue was handled very properly by Ahmadinejad. The human rights issue he failed to point out US human rights abuses at Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib prisons committed by US democratic government. Ahmadinejad should have also pointed out the human catastrophe created by mentally sick US President for fighting his “war on terror”. Ahmadinejad 9/11 response was to the point that instead of invading Afghanistan and Iraq US should have looked at the root causes of this horrorable incident. The homosexual reply did provide some laughter in the audience but what Ahmadinejad said was accurate because there are no open homosexuals in any Muslim country because it is considered the greatest sin according to Islam. Keeping it brief the speech was very well delivered message extending hand of friendship to US government and the people. The only problem will be that majority of Americans will keep hating Iran and Ahmadinejad without intelligently looking at his speech.

This is interesting that less than 5% people click on the following links to read the speech. Would it be easy for you guys to read it here instead of following the links? Let me know I will make it available on this same page. The full transcript available on this page with the links and the purpose of this is to encourage people to read the full script so they can understand the point of view of Iranians.

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Americans reaction on Ahmadinejad Columbia University Speech. Americans reacted in very immature manner. Americans reaction was due to their ignorance but mostly because of CNN propaganda lies.

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad expounded on important international and regional issues in a speech given to academics at the prestigious University of Columbia in New York on Monday
The following is the full text og President’s speech:
In the name of God, the compassionate, the merciful…

The president recites verses from the holy Koran in Arabic.

“Oh, God, hasten the arrival of Imam al-Mahdi and grant him good health and victory and make us his followers and those to attest to his rightfulness.”
Distinguished Dean, dear professors and students, ladies and gentlemen, at the outset I would like to extend my greetings to all of you. I am grateful to the almighty God for providing me with the opportunity to be in an academic environment, those seeking truth and striving for the promotion of science and knowledge.

At the outset I want to complain a bit from the person who read this political statement against me. In Iran tradition requires that when we demand a person to invite to be a speaker we actually respect our students and the professors by allowing them to make their own judgment and we don’t think it’s necessary before this speech is even given to come in with a series of claims and to attempt in a so-called manner to provide vaccination of some sort to our students and our faculty.

I think the text read by the dear gentleman here, more than addressing me, was an insult to information and the knowledge of the audience here. In a university environment we must allow people to speak their mind, to allow everyone to talk so that the truth is eventually revealed by all.

Certainly he took more than all the time I was allocated to speak, and that’s fine with me. We’ll just leave that to add up with the claims of respect for freedom and the freedom of speech that’s given to us in this country.

Many parts of his speech, there were many insults and claims that were incorrect, regretfully.

Of course, I think that he was affected by the press, the media, and the political, sort of, mainstream line that you read here that goes against the very grain of the need for peace and stability in the world around us.

Nonetheless, I should not begin by being affected by this unfriendly treatment. I will tell you what I have to say, and then the questions he can raise and I’ll be happy to provide answers. But as for one of the issues that he did raise, I most certainly would need to elaborate further so that we, for ourselves, can see how things fundamentally work.

It was my decision in this valuable forum and meeting to speak with you about the importance of knowledge, of information, of education. Academics and religious scholars are shining torches who shed light in order to remove darkness. And the ambiguities around us in guiding humanity out of ignorance and perplexity.

The key to the understanding of the realities around us rests in the hands of the researchers, those who seek to discover areas that are hidden, the unknown sciences, the windows of realities that they can open is done only through efforts of the scholars and the learned people in this world.

With every effort there is a window that is opened, and one reality is discovered. Whenever the high stature of science and wisdom is preserved and the dignity of scholars and researchers are respected, humans have taken great strides toward their material and spiritual promotion.

In contrast, whenever learned people and knowledge have been neglected, humans have become stranded in the darkness of ignorance and negligence.

If it were not for human instinct, which tends toward continual discovery of truth, humans would have always remained stranded in ignorance and no way would not have discovered how to improve the life that we are given.

The nature of man is, in fact, a gift granted by the Almighty to all. The Almighty led mankind into this world and granted him wisdom and knowledge as his prime gift enabling him to know his God.

In the story of Adam, a conversation occurs between the Almighty and his angels. The angels call human beings an ambitious and merciless creature and protested against his creation.

But the Almighty responded, quote, “I have knowledge of what you are ignorant of,” unquote. Then the Almighty told Adam the truth. And on the order of the Almighty, Adam revealed it to the angels.

The angels could not understand the truth as revealed by the human being. The Almighty said to them, quote, ” Did not I say that I am aware of what is hidden in heaven and in the universe?” unquote.

In this way the angels prostrated themselves before Adam.

In the mission of all divine prophets, the first sermons were of the words of God, and those words — piety, faith and wisdom — have been spread to all mankind.

Regarding the holy prophet Moses, may peace be upon him, God says, quote, “And he was taught wisdom, the divine book, the Old Testament and the New Testament. He is the prophet appointed for the sake of the children of Israel, and I rightfully brought a sign from the Almighty, holy Koran,” unquote.

The first words, which were revealed to the holy prophet of Islam, call the prophet to read, quote, “Read, read in the name of your God, who supersedes everything,” unquote, the Almighty, quote again, “who taught the human being with the pen,” unquote. Quote, “The Almighty taught human beings what they were ignorant of,” unquote.

You see, in the first verses revealed to the holy prophet of Islam, words of reading, teaching and the pen are mentioned. These verses in fact introduced the Almighty as the teacher of human beings, the teacher who taught humans what they were ignorant of.

In another part of the Koran, on the mission of the holy prophet of Islam, it is mentioned that the Almighty appointed someone from amongst the common people as their prophet in order to, quote, “read for them the divine verses,” unquote, and quote again, “and purify them from ideological and ethical contamination” unquote, and quote again, “to teach them the divine book and wisdom,” unquote.

My dear friends, all the words and messages of the divine prophets from Abraham and Isaac and Jacob, to David and Solomon and Moses, to Jesus and Mohammad delivered humans from ignorance, negligence, superstitions, unethical behavior, and corrupted ways of thinking, with respect to knowledge, on the path to knowledge, light and rightful ethics.

In our culture, the word science has been defined as illumination.

In fact, the science means brightness and the real science is a science which rescues the human being from ignorance, to his own benefit. In one of the widely accepted definitions of science, it is stated that it is the light which sheds to the hearts of those who have been selected by the almighty.

Therefore, according to this definition, science is a divine gift and the heart is where it resides. If we accept that science means illumination, then its scope supersedes the experimental sciences and it includes every hidden and disclosed reality.

One of the main harms inflicted against science is to limit it to experimental and physical sciences. This harm occurs even though it extends far beyond this scope. Realities of the world are not limited to physical realities and the materials, just a shadow of supreme reality. And physical creation is just one of the stories of the creation of the world.

Human being is just an example of the creation that is a combination of a material and the spirit. And another important point is the relationship of science and purity of spirit, life, behavior and ethics of the human being. In the teachings of the divine prophets, one reality shall always be attached to science; the reality of purity of spirit and good behavior. Knowledge and wisdom is pure and clear reality.

It is — science is a light. It is a discovery of reality. And only a pure scholar and researcher, free from wrong ideologies, superstitions , selfishness and material trappings can discover — discover the reality.

My dear friends and scholars, distinguished participants, science and wisdom can also be misused, a misuse caused by selfishness, corruption, material desires and material interests, as well as individual and group interests.

Material desires place humans against the realities of the world.

Corrupted and dependent human beings resist acceptance of reality. And even if they do accept it, they do not obey it.

There are many scholars who are aware of the realities but do not accept them. Their selfishness does not allow them to accept those realities.

Do those who, in the course of human history, wage wars, not understand the reality that lives, properties, dignity, territories, and the rights of all human beings should be respected, or did they understand it but neither have faith in nor abide by it?
My dear friends, as long as the human heart is not free from hatred, envy, and selfishness, it does not abide by the truth, by the illumination of science and science itself.

Science is the light, and scientists must be pure and pious. If humanity achieves the highest level of physical and spiritual knowledge but its scholars and scientists are not pure, then this knowledge cannot serve the interests of humanity, and several events can ensue.

First, the wrongdoers reveal only a part of the reality, which is to their own benefit, and conceal the rest. As we have witnessed with respect to the scholars of the divine religions in the past, too, unfortunately, today, we see that certain researchers and scientists are still hiding the truth from the people.

Second, science, scientists, and scholars are misused for personal, group, or party interests. So, in today’s world, bullying powers are misusing many scholars and scientists in different fields with the purpose of stripping nations of their wealth.

And they use all opportunities only for their own benefit. For example, they deceive people by using scientific methods and tools. They, in fact, wish to justify their own wrongdoings, though. By creating nonexistent enemies, for example, and an insecure atmosphere, they try to control all in the name of combating insecurity and terrorism.

They even violate individual and social freedoms in their own nations under that pretext. They do not respect the privacy of their own people. They tap telephone calls and try to control their people.

They create an insecure psychological atmosphere in order to justify their warmongering acts in different parts of the world.

As another example, by using precise scientific methods and planning, they begin their onslaught on the domestic cultures of nations, the cultures which are the result of thousands of years of interaction, creativity and artistic activities.

They try to eliminate these cultures in order to separate the people from their identity and cut their bonds with their own history and values. They prepare the ground for stripping people from their spiritual and material wealth by instilling in them feelings of intimidation, desire for imitation and (inaudible) submission to oppressive powers and disability.

Making nuclear, chemical and biological bombs and weapons of mass destruction is yet another result of the misuse of science and research by the big powers. Without cooperation of certain scientists and scholars, we would not have witnessed production of different nuclear, chemical and biological weapons. Are these weapons to protect global security?
What can a perpetual nuclear umbrella threat achieve for the sake of humanity? If nuclear war wages between nuclear powers, what human catastrophe will take place?
Today we can see the nuclear effects in even new generations of Nagasaki and Hiroshima residents, which might be witnessed in even the next generations to come.

Presently, the effects of the depleted uranium used in weapons since the beginning of the war in Iraq can be examined and investigated accordingly.

These catastrophes take place only when scientists and scholars are misused by oppressors.

Another point of sorrow: Some big powers create a monopoly over science and prevent other nations in achieving scientific development as well.

This, too, is one of the surprises of our time. Some big powers do not want to see the progress of other societies and nations. They turn to thousands of reasons, make allegations, place economic sanctions to prevent other nations from developing and advancing, all resulting from their distance from human values and the teachings of the divine prophets.

Regretfully, they have not been trained to serve mankind.

Dear academics, dear faculty and scholars, students, I believe that the biggest God-given gift to man is science and knowledge. Man’s search for knowledge and the truth through science is what it guarantees to do in getting close to God.

But science has to combine with the purity of the spirit and of the purity of man’s spirit so that scholars can unveil the truth and then use that truth for advancing humanity’s cause.

These scholars would be not only people who would guide humanity, but also guide humanity towards a better future.

And it is necessary that big powers should not allow mankind to engage in monopolistic activities and to prevent other nations from achieving that science. Science is a divine gift by God to everyone, and therefore, it must remain pure.

God is aware of all reality. All researchers and scholars are loved by God. So I hope there will be a day where these scholars and scientists will rule the world and God himself will arrive with Moses and Christ and Mohammed to rule the world and to take us toward justice.

I’d like to thank you now but refer to two points made in the introduction given about me, and then I will be open for any questions.

Last year — I would say two years ago — I raised two questions.

You know that my main job is a university instructor.

Right now, as president of Iran, I still continue teaching graduate and Ph.D.-level courses on a weekly basis. My students are working with me in scientific fields. I believe that I am an academic, myself. So I speak with you from an academic point of view, and I raised two questions.

But, instead of a response, I got a wave of insults and allegations against me. And regretfully, they came mostly from groups who claimed most to believe in the freedom of speech and the freedom of information. You know quite well that Palestine is an old wound, as old as 60 years. For 60 years, these people are displaced. For 60 years, these people are being killed. For 60 years, on a daily basis, there’s conflict and terror. For 60 years, innocent women and children are destroyed and killed by helicopters and airplanes that break the house over their heads. For 60 years, children and kindergartens, in schools, in high schools, are in prison being tortured. For 60 years, security in the Middle East has been endangered. For 60 years, the slogan of expansionism from the Nile to the Euphrates is being chanted by certain groups in that part of the world.

And as an academic, I asked two questions; the same two questions that I will ask here again. And you judge, for yourselves, whether the response to these questions should be the insults, the allegations, and all the words and the negative propaganda or should we really try and face these two questions and respond to them? Like you, like any academic, I, too, will keep — not yet become silent until I get the answer. So I’m awaiting logical answers instead of insults.

My first question was if — given that the Holocaust is a present reality of our time, a history that occurred, why is there not sufficient research that can approach the topic from different perspectives?
Our friend referred to 1930 as the point of departure for this development. However, I believe the Holocaust from what we’ve read happened during World War II, after 1930, in the 1940s. So, you know, we have to really be able to trace the event.

My question was simple: There are researchers who want to approach the topic from a different perspective. Why are they put into prison? Right now, there are a number of European academics who have been sent to prison because they attempted to write about the Holocaust or research it from a different perspective, questioning certain aspects of it.

My question is: Why isn’t it open to all forms of research? I have been told that there’s been enough research on the topic. And I ask, well, when it comes to topics such as freedom, topics such as democracy, concepts and norms such as God, religion, physics even, or chemistry, there’s been a lot of research, but we still continue more research on those topics. We encourage it.

But, then, why don’t we encourage more research on a historical event that has become the root, the cause of many heavy catastrophes in the region in this time and age?

Why shouldn’t there be more research about the root causes? That was my first question.

And my second question, well, given this historical event, if it is a reality, we need to still question whether the Palestinian people should be paying for it or not. After all, it happened in Europe. The Palestinian people had no role to play in it. So why is it that the Palestinian people are paying the price of an event they had nothing to do with?
The Palestinian people didn’t commit any crime. They had no role to play in World War II. They were living with the Jewish communities and the Christian communities in peace at the time. They didn’t have any problems.

And today, too, Jews, Christians and Muslims live in brotherhood all over the world in many parts of the world. They don’t have any serious problems.

But why is it that the Palestinians should pay a price, innocent Palestinians, for 5 million people to remain displaced or refugees abroad for 60 years. Is this not a crime? Is asking about these crimes a crime by itself?
Why should an academic myself face insults when asking questions like this? Is this what you call freedom and upholding the freedom of thought?
And as for the second topic, Iran’s nuclear issue, I know there is time limits, but I need time. I mean, a lot of time was taken from me.

We are a country, we are a member of the International Atomic Energy Agency. For over 33 years we are a member state of the agency.

The bylaw of the agency explicitly states that all member states have the right to the peaceful nuclear fuel technology. This is an explicit statement made in the bylaw, and the bylaw says that there is no pretext or excuse, even the inspections carried by the IAEA itself that can prevent member states’ right to have that right.

Of course, the IAEA is responsible to carry out inspections. We are one of the countries that’s carried out the most amount of level of cooperation with the IAEA. They have had hours and weeks and days of inspections in our country, and over and over again the agency’s reports indicate that Iran’s activities are peaceful, that they have not detected a deviation, and that Iran — they have received positive cooperation from Iran.

But regretfully, two or three monopolistic powers, selfish powers want to force their word on the Iranian people and deny them their right.

They tell us you don’t let them — they won’t let them inspect. Why not? Of course we do. How come is it, anyway, that you have that right and we can’t have it? We want to have the right to peaceful nuclear energy. They tell us, don’t make it yourself, we’ll give it to you.

Well, in the past, I tell you, we had contracts with the U.S.

government, with the British government, the French government, the German government, and the Canadian government on nuclear development for peaceful purposes. But unilaterally, each and every one of them canceled their contracts with us, as a result of which the Iranian people had to pay a heavy cost in billions of dollars.

Why do we need the fuel from you? You’ve not even given us spare aircraft parts that we need for civilian aircraft for 28 years under the name of embargo and sanctions because we’re against, for example, human rights or freedom? Under that pretext, you deny us that technology? We want to have the right to self-determination toward our future. We want to be independent. Don’t interfere in us.

If you don’t give us spare parts for civilian aircraft, what is the expectation that you’d give us fuel for nuclear development for peaceful purposes?
For 30 years, we’ve faced these problems for over $5 billion to the Germans and then to the Russians, but we haven’t gotten anything.

And the words have not been completed.

It is our right. We want our right. And we don’t want anything beyond the law, nothing less than international law.

We are a peaceful, loving nation. We love all nations.

At the end of President Ahmadinejad’s speech, he responded to questions posed by some students.

MODERATOR: Mr. President, your statements here today and in the past have provoked many questions which I would like to pose to you on behalf of the students and faculty who have submitted them to me.

Let me begin with the question to which you just alluded.

The first question is: Do you or your government seek the destruction of the state of Israel as a Jewish state?
AHMADINEJAD: We love all nations. We are friends with the Jewish people. There are many Jews in Iran, leaving peacefully, with security.

You must understand that in our constitution and our laws and in the parliamentary elections for every 150,000 people, we get one representative in the parliament. For the Jewish community, for one- fifth of this number, they still get one independent representative in the parliament.

So our proposal to the Palestinian plight is a humanitarian and democratic proposal. What we say is that to solve this 60-year problem, we must allow the Palestinian people to decide about its future for itself.

This is compatible with the spirit of the Charter of the United Nations and the fundamental principles enshrined in it. We must allow Jewish Palestinians, Muslim Palestinians and Christian Palestinians to determine their own fate themselves through a free referendum.

Whatever they choose as a nation, everybody should accept and respect. Nobody should interfere in the affairs of the Palestinian nation. Nobody should sow the seeds of discord. Nobody should spend tens of billions of dollars equipping and arming one group there.

We say allow the Palestinian nation to decide its own future, to have the right to self-determination for itself. This is what we are saying as the Iranian nation.

MODERATOR: Mr. President, I think many members of our audience would like to hear a clearer answer to that question. The question is:
Do you or your government seek the destruction of the state of Israel as a Jewish state? And I think you could answer that question with a single word, either yes or no.

AHMADINEJAD: You asked the question, and then you want the answer the way you want to hear it. Well, this isn’t really a free flow of information.

I’m just telling you what my position is. I’m asking you: Is the Palestinian issue not an international issue of prominence or not? Please tell me, yes or no? There’s the plight of a people.

MODERATOR: The answer to your question is yes.

AHMADINEJAD: Well, thank you for your cooperation . We recognize there’s a problem there that’s been going on for 60 years. Everybody provides a solution. And our solution is a free referendum.

Let this referendum happen, and then you’ll see what the results are.

Let the people of Palestine freely choose what they want for their future. And then what you want in your mind to happen there will happen and will be realized.

QUESTION: (OFF-MIKE) second question, which was posed by President Bollinger earlier and comes from a number of other students:
Why is your government providing aid to terrorists? Will you stop doing so and permit international monitoring to certify that you have stopped?
AHMADINEJAD: Well, I want to pose a question here to you. If someone comes and explodes bombs around you, threatens your president, members of the administration, kills the members of the Senate or Congress, how would you treat them?
Would you reward them, or would you name them a terrorist group? Well, it’s clear. You would call them a terrorist.

My dear friends, the Iranian nation is a victim of terrorism. For –26 years ago, where I worked, close to where I worked, in a terrorist operation, the elected president of the Iranian nation and the elected prime minister of Iran lost their lives in a bomb explosion. They turned into ashes.

A month later, in another terrorist operation, 72 members of our parliament and highest-ranking officials, including four ministers and eight deputy ministers’ bodies were shattered into pieces as a result of terrorist attacks.

Within six months, over 4,000 Iranians lost their lives, assassinated by terrorist groups. All this carried out by the hand of one single terrorist group. Regretfully, that same terrorist group now, today, in your country, is being — operating under the support of the U.S.

administration, working freely, distributing declarations freely, and their camps in Iraq are supported by the U.S. government.

They’re secured by the U.S. government. Our nation has been harmed by terrorist activities. We were the first nation that objected to terrorism and the first to uphold the need to fight terrorism.

We need to address the root causes of terrorism and eradicate those root causes. We live in the Middle East.

For us, it’s quite clear which powers, sort of, incite terrorists, support them, fund them. We know that. Our nation, the Iranian nation, through history has always extended a hand of friendship to other nations. We’re a cultured nation. We don’t need to resort to terrorism. We’ve been victims of terrorism, ourselves. And it’s regrettable that people who argue they’re fighting terrorism, instead of supporting the Iranian people and nation, instead of fighting the terrorists that are attacking them, they’re supporting the terrorists and then turn the fingers to us. This is most regrettable.

QUESTION: Mr. President, a further set of questions challenged your view of the Holocaust. Since the evidence that this occurred in Europe in the 1940s, as a result of the actions of the German Nazi government, since that — those facts — are well documented, why are you calling for additional research? There seems to be no purpose in doing so, other than to question whether the Holocaust actually occurred as a historical fact. Can you explain why you believe more research is needed into the facts of what are what are
AHMADINEJAD: Thank you very much for your question. I am an academic, and you are as well. Can you argue that researching a phenomenon is finished, forever done? Can we close the books for good on a historical event?
There are different perspectives that come to light after every research is done. Why should we stop research at all? Why should we stop the progress of science and knowledge?
You shouldn’t ask me why I’m asking questions. You should ask yourselves why you think that that’s questionable? Why do you want to stop the progress of science and research?
Do you ever take what’s known as absolute in physics? We had principles in mathematics that were granted to be absolute in mathematics for over 800 years. But new science has gotten rid of those absolutisms, come forward other different logics of looking at mathematics and sort of turned the way we look at it as a science altogether after 800 years.

So, we must allow researchers, scholars, they investigate into everything, every phenomenon — God, universe, human beings, history and civilization. Why should we stop that?
I am not saying that it didn’t happen at all. This is not that judgment that I am passing here. I said, in my second question, granted this happened, what does it have to do with the Palestinian people?
This is a serious question. There are two dimensions. In the first question…

QUESTION: Let me just — let me pursue this a bit further. It is difficult to have a scientific discussion if there isn’t at least some basis, some empirical basis, some agreement about what the facts are.

So calling for research into the facts when the facts areso well established represents for many a challenging of the facts themselves and a denial that something terrible occurred in Europe in those years.

Let me move on to … AHMADINEJAD: Allow me. After all, you are free to interpret what you want from what I say. But what I am saying I’m saying with full clarity.

In the first question I’m trying to actually uphold the rights of European scholars. In the field of science and research I’m asking, there is nothing known as absolute. There is nothing sufficiently done Not in physics for certain. There has been more research on physics than it has on the Holocaust, but we still continue to do research on physics. There is nothing wrong with doing it.

This is what man wants. They want to approach a topic from different points of view. Scientists want to do that. Especially an issue that has become the foundation of so many other political developments that have unfolded in the Middle East in the past 60 years.

Why do we stop it altogether? You have to have a justified reason for it. The fact that it was researched sufficiently in the past is not a sufficient justification in my mind.

QUESTION: Mr. President, another student asks — Iranian women are now denied basic human rights and your government has imposed draconian punishments, including execution on Iranian citizens who are homosexuals. Why are you doing those things?
AHMADINEJAD: Freedoms in Iran are genuine, true freedoms. Iranian people are free. Women in Iran enjoy the highest levels of freedom. We have two vice presidents that are female, at the highest levels of specialty, specialized fields. In our parliament and our government and our universities, they’re present. In our biotechnological fields, our technological fields, there are hundreds of women scientists that are active — in the political realm as well.

It’s not — it’s wrong for some governments, when they disagree with another government, to, sort of, try to spread lies that distort the full truth.

Our nation is free. It has the highest level of participation in elections, in Iran. Eighty percent, ninety percent of the people turn out for votes during the elections, half of which, over half of which are women. So how can we say that women are not free? Is that the entire truth?
But as for the executions, I’d like to raise two questions. If someone comes and establishes a network for illicit drug trafficking that affects the youth in Iran, Turkey, Europe, the United States, by introducing these illicit drugs and destroys them, would you ever reward them?
People who cause the deterioration of the lives of hundreds of millions of youth around the world, including in Iran, can we have any sympathy to them? Don’t you have capital punishment in the United States? You do, too.

In Iran, too, there’s capital punishment for illicit drug traffickers, for people who violated the rights of people. If somebody takes up a gun, goes into a house, kills a group of people there, and then tries to take ransom, how would you confront them in Iran — or in the United States? Would you reward them? Can a physician allow microbes, symbolically speaking, to spread across a nation? We have laws. People who violate the public rights of the people by using guns, killing people, creating insecurity, sells drugs, distribute drugs at a high level are sentenced to execution in Iran.

And some of these punishments, very few, are carried in the public eye , before the public eye. It’s a law, based on democratic principles.

You use injections and microbes to kill these people, and they’ re executed or they’re hung. But the end result is killing.

QUESTION: Mr. President, the question isn’t about criminal and drug smugglers. The question was about sexual preference and women.

AHMADINEJAD: In Iran, we don’t have homosexuals, like in your country. We don’t have that in our country. In Iran, we do not have this phenomenon. I don’t know who’s told you that we have it.

But, as for women, maybe you think that being a woman is a crime. It’s not a crime to be a woman. Women are the best creatures created by God. They represent the kindness, the beauty that God instills in them. Women are respected in Iran. In Iran, every family who is given a girl, they are 10 times happier than having a son. Women are respected more than men are.

They are exempt from many responsibilities. Many of the legal responsibilities rest on the shoulders of men in our society because of the respect, culturally given, to women, to the future mothers. In Iranian culture, men and sons and girls constantly kiss the hands of their mothers as a sign of respect, respect for women. And we are proud of this culture.

QUESTION: Mr. President, I have two questions which I’ll put together. One is, what did you hope to accomplish by speaking at Columbia today? And the second is, what would you have said if you were permitted to visit the site of the September 11th tragedy?
AHMADINEJAD: Well, here, I’m your guest. I’ve been invited by Columbia, an official invitation given for me to come here. But I do want to say something here.

In Iran, when you invite a guest, you respect them. This is our tradition, required by our culture. And I know that American people have that culture, as well. Last year, I wanted to go to the site of the September 11th tragedy to show respect to the victims of the tragedy, to show my sympathy with their families.

But our plans got overextended. We were involved in negotiations and meetings until midnight. And they said it would be very difficult to go visit the site at that late hour of the night. So, I told my friends then that they need to plan this for the following year so that I can go and visit the site and to show my respects.

Regretfully, some groups had very strong reactions, very bad reactions. It’s bad for someone to prevent someone to show sympathy to the families of the victims of the September 11 event — tragic event.

This is a respect from my side. Somebody told me this is an insult. I said, “What are you saying? This is my way of showing my respect. Why would you think that?” Thinking like that, how do you expect to manage the world and world affairs?
Don’t you think that a lot of problems in the world come from the way you look at issues because of this kind of way of thinking, because of this sort of pessimistic approach toward a lot of people, because of a certain level of selfishness, self-absorption that needs to be put aside so that we can show respect to everyone, to allow an environment for friendship to grow, to allow all nations to talk with one another and move toward peace?
What was the second question?
I wanted to speak with the press. The September 11th tragic event was a huge event. It led to a lot of many other events afterwards.

After 9 /11 Afghanistan was occupied, and then Iraq was occupied. And for six years in our region there is insecurity, terror and fear.

If the root causes of 9/11 are examined properly — why it was happened, what caused it, what were the conditions that led to it, who truly was involved, who was really involved — and put it all together to understand how to prevent the crisis in Iraq, fix the problem in Afghanistan and Iraq combined.

QUESTION: Mr. President, a number of questions have asked about your nuclear program. Why is your government seeking to acquire enriched uranium suitable for nuclear weapons? Will you stop doing so? AHMADINEJAD : Our nuclear program, first and foremost, operates within the framework of law. And, second, under the inspections of the IAEA. And, thirdly, they are completely peaceful.

The technology we have is for enrichment below the level of 5 percent level. And any level below 5 percent is solely for providing fuel to power plants. Repeated reports by the IAEA explicitly say that there is no indication that Iran has deviated from the peaceful path of its nuclear program.

We are all well aware that Iran’s nuclear issue is a political issue. It’s not a legal issue. The international atomic energy agency has verified that our activities are for peaceful purposes.

But there are two or three powers that think that they have the right to monopolize all science and knowledge. And they expect the Iranian people, the Iranian nation, to turn to others to get fuel, to get science, to get knowledge that’s indigenous to itself, to humble itself. And then they would, of course, refrain from giving it to us, too. So we’re quite clear what we need.

If you have created the fifth generation of atomic bombs and are testing them already, what position are you in to question the peaceful purposes of other people who want nuclear power?
We do not believe in nuclear weapons, period. It goes against the whole grain of humanity. So let me just joke — try to tell a joke here. I think the politicians who are after atomic bombs or are testing them, making them, politically, they are backward, retarded.

QUESTION: Mr. President, a final question. I know your time is short and that you need to move on. Is Iran prepared to open broad discussions with the government of the United States? What would Iran hope to achieve in such discussions? How do you see, in the future, a resolution of the points of conflict between the government of the United States and the government of Iran ? AHMADINEJAD: From the start, we announced that we are ready to negotiate with all countries. Since 28 years ago, when our revolution succeeded and we established, we took freedom and democracy that was held at by a pro-Western dictatorship. We announced our readiness that besides two countries, we are ready to have friendly relations and talks with all countries of the world.

One of those two was the apartheid regime of South Africa, which has been eliminated. And the second was the Zionist regime. For everybody else around the world, we announced that we want to have friendly, brotherly ties. The Iranian nation is a cultured nation. It is a civilized nation. It seeks — it wants talks and negotiations.

It’s for it.

We believe that in negotiations and talks, everything can be resolved very easily. We don’t need threats. We don’t need to point bombs or guns. We don’t need to get into conflicts if we talk. We have a clear logic about that.

We question the way the world is being run and managed today. We believe that it will not lead to viable peace and security for the world, the way it’s run today. We have solutions based on humane values and for relations among states. With the U.S. government, too, we will negotiate — we don’t have any issues about that — under fair, just circumstances with mutual respect on both sides.

You saw that in order to help the security of Iraq, we had three rounds of talks with the United States, and last year, before coming to New York, I announced that I am ready in the United Nations to engage in a debate with Mr. Bush, the president of the United States, about critical international issues.

So that shows that we want to talk. Having a debate before the all the audience, so the truth is revealed, so that misunderstandings and misperceptions are removed, so that we can find a clear path for brotherly and friendly relations.

I think that if the U.S. administration, if the U.S. government puts aside some of its old behaviors, it can actually be a good friend for the Iranian people, for the Iranian nation.

For 28 years, they’ve consistently threatened us, insulted us, prevented our scientific development, every day, under one pretext or another.

You all know Saddam, the dictator, was supported by the government of the United States and some European countries in attacking Iran.

And he carried out an eight-year war, a criminal war. Over 200,000 Iranians lost their lives. Over 600,000 Iranians were hurt as a result of the war.

He used chemical weapons. Thousands of Iranians were victims of chemical weapons that he used against us.

Today, Mr. Nobaveh, who is a reporter, an official reporter, international reporter, who was covering U.N. reports in the U.N. for many years, he is one of the victims of the chemical weapons used by Iraq against us.

And since then, we’ve been under different propaganda, sort of embargoes, economic sanctions, political sanctions. Why? Because we got rid of a dictator? Because we wanted the freedom and democracy that we got for ourselves? That, we can’t understand.

We think that if the U.S. government recognizes the rights of the Iranian people, respects all nations and extends a hand of friendship with all Iranians, they, too, will see that Iranians will be one of its best friends.

Would you allow me to thank the audience a moment?
Well, there are many things that I would have liked to cover, but I don’t want to take your time any further. I was asked: Would I allow the faculty at Columbia and students here to come to Iran? From this platform, I invite Columbia faculty members and students to come and visit Iran, to speak with our university students. You’re officially invited.

University faculty and students that the university decides, or the student associations choose and select are welcome to come. You’re welcome to visit any university that you choose inside Iran. We’ll provide you with the list of the universities. There are over 400 universities in our country. And you can choose whichever you want to go and visit. We’ll give you the platform. We’ll respect you 100 percent. We will have our students sit there and listen to you, speak with you, hear what you have to say.

Right now in our universities on a daily basis there are hundreds of meetings like this. They hear, they talk, they ask questions. They welcome it.

In the end I’d like to thank Columbia University. I had heard that many politicians in the United States are trained in Columbia University. And there are many people here who believe in the freedom of speech, in clear, frank conversations.

I do like to extend my gratitude to the managers here in the United States — at Columbia University, I apologize — the people who so well organized this meeting today.

I’d like to extend my deepest gratitude to the faculty members and the students here. I ask Almighty God to assist all of us to move hand in hand to establish peace and future filled with friendship and justice and brotherhood.

Best of luck to all of you.

MODERATOR: I’m sorry that President Ahmadinejad’s schedule makes it necessary for him to leave before he’s been able to answer many of the questions that we have, or even answer some of the ones that we posed to him.

But I think we can all be pleased that his appearance here demonstrates Columbia’s deep commitment to free expression and debate.

I want to thank you all for coming to participate.


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Americans reaction on Ahmadinejad Columbia University speech.

Posted by QB on September 24, 2007

The Americans are now becoming so intolerant and developed paranoia believing that anyone who does have different opinion than their own set of beliefs does not have the right to be heard or speak. This is what happened when Columbia University invited Ahmadinejad to speak at the campus. The Columbia University President insulted him in his introduction speech with large groups of demonstrators who believe that Ahmadinejad is evil for denying the holocaust. This is really great that the invited guest is insulted by the head of University and it is insane to shut the people up who have different views of holocaust.

Ahmadjinejad speech what I read was intelligent where he make some good points. He wanted to have more research on holocaust which is actually not a bad idea. Why the holocaust can’t be researched when we are having research on everything including the existence of God? Why the author of the book was sent to jail who did deny holocaust? Where is the freedom of speech?

This whole antisemite has become the unwritten law because of the Jewish control of all print and electronic media that nobody is allowed to question their version of the written history. This looks like that Jews may have inflated the figures of holocaust and now don’t want anybody to research this independently so they can keep killing innocent Palestinians without any checks and controls playing holocaust card.

Will try to find out the full script of Ahmadinejad speech and maybe will write more about this subject.

The holocaust needs very deep detailed research because Ahmedinejad Mel Gibson David Duke all have doubts that there were 5.1 to 6 millions Jews were killed during WWII and their doubts must be based on some facts. I never looked at holocaust figures because don’t have time and resources to go into detail research. I did always accepted the Jews figures of holocaust victims but just looking at some data it look to me that holocaust figures were exaggerated to gain Britain and US sympathies which they used for the creation of Israel.

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Shimon Peres Stupid Statement Against Ahmedinejad.

Posted by QB on July 31, 2007

Shimon Peres said Iran’s president worships the bomb more than he does God.

“Ahmadinejad is an unbelievable joke,” Peres told NPR. “He claims he’s religious. My impression is that, in his eyes, the nuclear bomb is higher than Allah. He’s worshipping the bomb more than he’s worshipping the God in heaven.” Peres, widely considered to be the father of Israel’s nuclear program.

God help us all. These idiots do ever know what they are saying is hypocrisy and rhetoric not fact. Peres rhetoric will be further propagated on CNN getting praises from Wolf Blitzer, Lou Dobbs and Paula Zahn.

Dear Sir Peres what you are saying about Ahmedinejad is very true and perfect fit for you as well and your country. Do you worship Nuclear Bombs more than God? I am sure your answer will be “NO”, than why Israel has Nuclear Weapons, your answer will be to “defend” your country. These answers you will get if you ask these questions to Ahmedinejad. Enough with all BS, just open your minds and hearts and give Palestinian independent state with finding better interpretation of Torah “God has given land of Israel to Jews”. Tired of radical understanding of Jews Christians and Muslims scriptures.

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Bush Linking Iraq to Al Qaeda.

Posted by QB on May 24, 2007

Bush declassified old intelligence report before his commencement speech at the US Coast Guard Academy with old lies that Al Qaeda is the most destructive force undermine US efforts in Iraq. The report is two years old and everybody know about Zarqawi and Al Qaeda providing support to Iraqi Resistance. The Bush exaggerated the number of Al Qaeda fighters and their capabilities and it again might be mistake of intelligence agencies. According to independent reports Al Qaeda fighters are in very small numbers in Iraq and all the Iraqi Resistance is group of Iraqi Nationalists. Al Qaeda might also be providing logistic and financial support with few of their own men fighting against the occupation.

Bush rarely brings up Vietnam analogies, but on Wednesday he offered a comparison: “The enemy in Vietnam had neither the intent nor the capability to strike our homeland,” he said. “The enemy in Iraq does.”

Bush is creating fear among the vast majority of Americans who will believe in every word he said. Bush has used this vague statement so the ignorant Americans get the impression that Iraq was somehow involved in 9/11 attack. Bush is so religiously motivated that he will succeed in Iraq because Lord chose him to God’s work. Bush is also getting very strong support from to attack Iraq and Syria with the hope that these two countries will attack Israel and than God will come down to save his sacred land of Israel killing all the evil Muslims and they will have their rapture. Rev. Jerry Falwell is dead but still Pat Robertson and Pastor Hagee the most radical Evangelicals still alive who will keep pushing their war and destruction agenda on US governments.

This is insanity in the name of God and religion. The greatest fear I have that one days someone like John Bolton or Dick will be elected US President who will destory the whole earth with their twisted interpreation of relligion and God.

The other news is that Pervez Musharraf is advicing Afghanistan government to start negotiations with Talibans. Afghanistan law makers demanded the same few weeks back. Taliban has appointed Mullah Dadullah brother as the new commander who is promising deadly attacks on occupation military.

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The World Depressing Situation.

Posted by QB on May 19, 2007

The world news is so depressing that there is no hope for better peaceful future all around the world. Bush is fighting his favorite “war on terror”. Palestinians are busy killing each other for material gains and power. Israel are killing Palestinians to protect their sacred land given to them by God. Sunni and Shias killing each other in Iraq. The recent violence in Pakistan where 42 people get killed in clashes over removing some Judge from the Supreme Court. All these killings could have been avoided if people try to solve their differences with dialogue instead of violence.

The Palestine separate state which majority of Muslims believe will eliminate all the violence to me will resolve nothing and will not bring peace and stability in Middle East. The Palestinians if given a separate independent State will kill each other for power. Israel should work on this plan to give Palestinians seperate independent state and let them kill each other for power. Easy solution for Israel Palestinian problem.

Pakistan situation is becoming violent where extremism in NWFP and Baluchistan is on the rise and they will have elections this year which will consolidate Mullahs rule in both of these provinces. These Mullahs don’t have enough support in Sind and Punjab to take over the Federal government and this is my own analysis based on Pakistan news.

Iraq where people are suffering because of Bush stupidity was really better off with Saddam Hussein where people were living in peace without the fear of blown up by bombs rockets mortars phosphorous bombs.

The only positive news coming from Latin America and that is due to Hugo Chavez strong leadership who is trying to improve the conditions of poor people with his bold policies by providing free health care, free education providing better living conditions for poor common people of Venezuela as well as in the poor neighboring countries. Hugo Chavez ofcourse is “Evil” according to US standards because he is not protecting the interests of “BIG CORPORATIONS”.

Caracas, May 19 (Prensa Latina) President of Venezuela Hugo Chavez said on Saturday that his country is not only struggling for its independence and sovereignty, but also for the fate of humankind.

He spoke at the opening of International Meetings convened here by multi-state Telesur channel under the theme “The right of every citizen to inform and be informed.”

Chavez stressed that what is happening here is not only for the sake of Venezuela, but for sovereignty and independence around the world. “It is in fact a battle in which all humankind is at stake,” he said.

He explained that the simple sovereign action of failing to renew the concession for private Radio Caracas Television channel (RCTV) has triggered a world battle around the Bolivarian Revolution.

Source : Venezuela, World at Stake, Chavez.

Hugo Chavez is still “EVIL” because he is working to make this world peaceful place.

The violence can be eliminated with completely overhauling people minds by making them realize that no religion justify violence and killings and blood not really makes God happy.

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Plan B For Iraq: Winning Dirty.

Posted by QB on May 14, 2007

This article is written by someone named Mort Kondracke which is published by Real Clean Politics and it is the most stupid analysis of Iraq situation and solution. The author has written this article support some US Lawmakers who are suggesting to adopt Plan B for Iraq. The Plan B for Iraq is as cruel and inhumane just like who are pushing for Iraq. Following is the breakup of his article and at the end of the post will provide the link for verification purposes.

“Without prejudging whether President Bush’s “surge” policy will work, the administration and its critics ought to be seriously thinking about a Plan B, the “80 percent solution” – also known as “winning dirty.” Right now, the administration is committed to building a unified, reconciled, multisectarian Iraq – “winning clean.” Most Democrats say that’s what they want, too. But it may not be possible

The 80 percent alternative involves accepting rule by Shiites and Kurds, allowing them to violently suppress Sunni resistance and making sure that Shiites friendly to the United States emerge victorious..”

The people who come up with this plan are cold blooded murderers terrorists who wants “VICTORY” on all cost even if it comes with more blood of innocent Iraqis. The US domination of the Middle East and the World is more important for them than protecting human lives. They are the real terrorists who have killed over 700,000 innocent Iraqis since the invasion and occupation of Iraq and it was their wrong policies of sanctions which killed over 500,000 Iraqi children. Saddam Hussein was pure evil according to Bush mafia and the people who are supporting Plan B for Iraq who has killed his own but nobody is paying attention now that US has killed more innocent Iraqis in four years what according to them were killed by Saddam Hussein in thirty years., Bush mafia is more dangerous than Saddam Hussein or Kim Jong Il or Fidel Castro they are the “real terrorists” who have taken the world hostage to fight their “war on terror” and nobody is allowed to question these killings and destruction because it is the matter of “National Security” and patriotism.

“No one has publicly advocated this Plan B, and I know of only one Member of Congress who backs it – and he wants to stay anonymous. But he argues persuasively that it’s the best alternative available if Bush’s surge fails. Winning will be dirty because it will allow the Shiite-dominated Iraqi military and some Shiite militias to decimate the Sunni insurgency. There likely will be ethnic cleansing, atrocities against civilians and massive refugee flows.
On the other hand, as Bush’s critics point out, bloody civil war is the reality in Iraq right now. U.S. troops are standing in the middle of it and so far cannot stop either Shiites from killing Sunnis or Sunnis from killing Shiites.”

Ethnic cleansing is bad in Darfur but it is justified when done by US. The problem with this stupid is that plan the people who are advocating this plan are not analyzing all the factors. instead they jump to the wrong conclusion of “Victory”. The people or Member of Congress and this author must be extremely stupid who can’t see that this “Plan B for Iraq” is adopted by US occupation Military and Iraqi Puppet governments from the very beginning of occupation and it is not workings. These Morons can’t see that US military with Iraqi Police and Iraqi Security has failed to miserably in four years with going aggressively after Iraqi Resistance.

“Winning dirty would involve taking sides in the civil war – backing the Shiite-dominated elected government of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and ensuring that he and his allies prevail over both the Sunni insurgency and his Shiite adversary Muqtada al-Sadr, who’s now Iran’s candidate to rule Iraq.”

The article is full of illogical stupid arguments read the following passage.

“Winning dirty would involve taking sides in the civil war – backing the Shiite-dominated elected government of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and ensuring that he and his allies prevail over both the Sunni insurgency and his Shiite adversary Muqtada al-Sadr, who’s now Iran’s candidate to rule Iraq.”

US is already taking the side of very corrupt Sectarian Shiite Puppet Primie Minister Nouri Al Maliki and any crack down on Muqtada Al Sadr Mahdi Militia will escalate hatred and tensions within their Sectarian population which Nouri Al Maliki is avoiding by protecting Muqtada Al Sadr and his Mahdi Militia. The chances are that Mahdi Militia will form an alliance with Iraqi Resistance in case of any operation. The other influential force is Sistani who will not allow any aggressive operation against Shiites who has said nothing about sectarian killings and violence from last two years. Sistani will come out again to protect Shiite just like when he returned from UK to protect Mahdi Militia and Al Sadr in Najaf or Basra (really don’t remember which city).

“Shiites make up 60 percent of the Iraqi population, so Shiite domination of the government is inevitable and a democratic outcome. The United States also has good relations with Iraq’s Kurdish minority, 20 percent of the population, and would want to cement it by semipermanently stationing U.S. troops in Northern Iraq to ward off the possibility of a Turkish invasion.”

This is again very wishful stupid analysis of the author. First of all there will never be democratic government in Iraq. Iraq will have very corrupt democracy just like Egypt, Syria, Iran and Pakistan which will always crush the opposition to them in power. Also Iraq is heading towards Iran like sectarian religious government like Iran. The outcome will not be a “role model democracy support all US aggressive policies in Iraq’. I will analyze Kurds with another stupid analysis of this author.

“Ever since the toppling of Saddam Hussein, Sunnis – representing 20 percent of the population – have been the core of armed resistance to the U.S. and the Iraqi government. The insurgency consists mainly of ex-Saddam supporters and Sunni nationalists, both eager to return to power, and of jihadists anxious to sow chaos, humiliate the United States and create a safe zone for al-Qaida operations throughout the Middle East.”

Mort Kondracke is parotting Bush mafia propaganda with ignoring all the facts. The facts are there was no Al Qaida when Saddam Hussein had the power. This is also not true that only 20% of Iraqi Sunnis are fighting US illegal and criminal occupation. Sunnis nationalists as well as Shiite nationalists are all fighting for their freedom and get rid of the occupation military from their country. This is absolute lie told over and over again by Dick that these are Sunni extremists who are Saddam Hussein supporters who are problem creators for US Liberators and foreign jihadis. The fact is that majority of Iraqi Resistance is Iraqi Nationalists with very little support of foreign fighters and there will always be foreign fighters if any Muslim country is invaded. The foreign fighters were called “MUJAHIDEEN” and praised by Reagan during USSR invasion of Afghanistan. The other fact which is ignored by Western Media and majority of the people that foreign fighters always took part in all Israel wars and they come from all over the world US, Europe Russia and they were never called “JIHADIS” or called “foreign terrorists”. The Iraq situation can only be resoved with unbiased analysis without justifying all the US atrocities.

“Bush wants to establish Iraq as a model representative democracy for the Middle East, but that’s proved impossible so far – partly because of the Sunni insurgencies, partly because of Shiites’ reluctance to compromise with their former oppressors and partly because al-Qaida succeeded in triggering a civil war.”

The “Model Democracy” in Iraq failed because now the power is in the hands more more corrupt Iraqi exiles who are trying to implement their sectarian version of dictatorship which will be worst than Saddam Hussein dictatorship. Al Qaida name is used by Bush mafia for the support of Iraq war where the truth is that it is Iraqi Nationalists who are fighting US occupation in Iraq.

“Bush’s troop surge – along with Gen. David Petraeus’ shift of military strategy – is designed to suppress the civil war long enough for Iraqi military forces to be able to maintain even handed order on their own and for Sunni, Kurdish and Shiite politicians to agree to share power and resources. The new strategy deserves a chance, but so far civilian casualties are not down, progress on political reconciliation is glacial, and U.S. casualties have increased significantly.

As a result, political patience in the United States is running down. If Petraeus cannot show dramatic progress by September, Republicans worried about re-election are likely to demand a U.S. withdrawal, joining Democrats who have demanded it for years.”

Bush surge has already failed because they don’t have enough troops to control the whole country. Iraqi Resistance moved to different cities and towns and the increased casualties is the result of smart strategy adopted by Iraqi Resistance to attack the US troops whereever and whenver it is convenient.

Leave couple of paragraphs and following is the closing argument of this idiot.

“Sunnis will suffer under a winning dirty strategy, no question, but so far they’ve refused to accept that they’re a minority. They will have to do so eventually, one way or another. And, eventually, Iraq will achieve political equilibrium. Civil wars do end. The losers lose and have to knuckle under. As my Congressional source says, “every civil war is a political struggle. The center of this struggle is for control of the Shiite community. Wherever the Shiites go, is where Iraq will go. So, the quicker we back the winning side, the quicker the war ends. … Winning dirty isn’t attractive, but it sure beats losing.”

The Sunnis and all the Iraqis are suffering since the beginning of US illegal and criminal occupation.This is the most ignorant argument that Sunnis have to submit themselves at the mercy of majority because they are fighting for their country liberation. This guy is a typical hypocrite who is so sympathetic to Kurdish minorities because of their loyalties to US and wants Iraqi Shiites to go and kill all Sunnis. Kurds basically are very unreasonable people who are causing trouble in Iran, Iraq and Turkey and this according to my standards are racists who want independent state. The ethnic division of countries in the world will create more problems than solving the problems. Turkey and Iran will not tolerate any independent state even if they have to directly fight against US because it is the matter of National Security for them and avoiding the breakup of their countries.

Source Link : Plan B For Iraq: Winning Dirty By Mort Kondracke

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Dick threatening Iran.

Posted by QB on May 12, 2007

Aboard an aircraft carrier in the Persian Gulf 150 miles off Iran’s coast, Vice President Cheney warned Tehran yesterday that the United States and its allies will not allow Iran to acquire nuclear weapons, close off vital sea lanes for oil supplies, or control the Middle East.

“Throughout the region our country has interests to protect and commitments to honor,” Cheney told Navy staff aboard the USS John C. Stennis. “With two carrier strike groups in the Gulf, we’re sending clear messages to friends and adversaries alike. We’ll keep the sea lanes open. We’ll stand with our friends in opposing extremism and strategic threats. We’ll disrupt attacks on our own forces. We’ll continue bringing relief to those who suffer and delivering justice to the enemies of freedom.”

Source : The Washington Post.

Dick is the most brutal murderer who talked about attacks and invasions without shame and emotions. Dick is trying to please Israel here and promising them that US will only allow them to be the dominant nuclear power in Middle East. Israel is the biggest threat to any peaceful Middle East solution and the whole world knows this fact. Iran is too far away from building nuclear weapons if they really are trying to build nuclear weapons.

Dick tough talk is nothing more than empty threats because US is in no position to attack Iran. Iran is prepared to defend itself in case of any US or Israel attack. He is serious than why not just attack Iran instead of creating tension with Iran which is creating more confusion and fear in Middle East. Osama Bin Laden will be very happy with US attacking Iran as well as Pastor Hagee, Rev. Pat Robertson and Rev. Falwell and it will provide new life to Ehud Olmert political life.

The are plenty of poor people who will go fight and die for your war and people like Dick and Bush has nothing to lose, they are eliminating the poverty in US.

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David Duke Article.

Posted by QB on May 11, 2007

This is very interesting article which provided me new knowledge and information. Following is the link to blog.

David Duke Article – How Israeli Terrorism and American Treason Cause The September 11 Attacks.

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David Duke interview by Wolf Blitzer.

Posted by QB on December 14, 2006

Wolf Blitzer yesterday interview David Duke who is in Tehran attending Holocaust conference. Wolf who is the most biased Jew anchor on CNN was attacking David Duke since this Holocaust conference started in Tehran. David Duke blasted Wolf Blitzer where he had no other choice to keep him quiet by interrupting his answer.

This was the introduction given by Wolf Blitzer before interview. Former Ku Klux Klan leader turned politician, David Duke, has spent decades provoking Americans with his opinions on race and religion. Now he’s found a surprising new platform in Iran. Duke put himself front and center at a conference on whether the holocaust really happened. In the process, he became an ally of Iran’s fiercely anti-American president. I spoke to David Duke, and we’ll have that interview coming up in a moment.

First, though, our Mary Snow has more on David Duke and what he’s all about — Mary.

MARY SNOW, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Well, Wolf, whether he’s pushing his white race agenda or targeting Zionists, David Duke and extremism have always gone hand in hand. And that extremism was welcome in Iran, where its leader has said Israel should be wiped off the map.

Marry Snow video clip. SNOW (voice-over): Meet Iran’s new American friend — David Duke, the former politician and ex-Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan. He’s applauding Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad for assembling a conference of Holocaust deniers. Duke says it’s all about free speech. Many see it another way, with one headline in the U.S. reading: “Cringing At Iran Kookfest.”

DAVID DUKE, FORMER KU KLUX KLAN LEADER, FORMER LOUISIANA STATE REPRESENTATIVE: And the Zionists have used the Holocaust as a weapon to deny the rights of the Palestinians and to cover-up the crimes of Israel.

SNOW: World leaders have expressed disgust.

British Prime Minister Tony Blair says Duke’s presence just points to Ahmadinejad’s extremism.

TONY BLAIR, BRITISH PRIME MINISTER: I had to get someone to go and check twice that they actually invited this — this person who is the former head of the Ku Klux Klan there. I mean, you know, it’s just unbelievable.

SNOW: And Iran’s not the only spot aboard where Duke’s found a receptive audience. Last year, he took his anti-Zionist rhetoric to Syria. The Southern Poverty Law Center, which monitors hate groups, says Duke has been getting an international audience larger than he gets in the U.S.

MARK POTOK, DIRECTOR, THE INTELLIGENCE PROJECT: I think David Duke is, without question, the best known white supremacist leader in America today. You know, that said, he is not anything like he was 10 or 15 years ago.

DUKE: The time is coming when the American majority will find its way to its rights and its heritage.

SNOW: Then, Duke was in the thick of politics, saying he put his days as a Klansman behind him. He served in state office in Louisiana and at one time tried running for president.

In 1990, even though he lost in the Louisiana U.S. Senate race, he startled many when he won more than half the white vote there. In 2003, he went to prison for tax and mail fraud. And some say because he was discredited in the U.S., he searched for new audiences.

POTOK: Well, I think that what Duke is doing in Iran it really giving life to the Holocaust denial movement. And it is helping to stoke very dangerous fires in the Middle East and in Arab countries in general.

BLITZER: Mr. Duke, thanks very much for coming in. What do you say to those who say — who charge, and there are many, that you’re there in Tehran at this Holocaust conference simply because you hate Jews?

DAVID DUKE, FORMER KU KLUX KLAN LEADER: Well, first off, Mr. Blitzer, I resent the introduction you made of me. You mentioned the Ku Klux Klan 11 times. That was over 30 — well, 30 years ago in my life, and since that time I got elected to the House of Representatives, I became — and I received a full doctorate, I have been a teacher, I have one of the best selling books in the world.

And you interview many former communists in governments all over the world and you don’t introduce them by saying former communist and certainly not 11 times. I think you’re biased because you’re a former lobbyist for AIPAC. You’re a Jewish extremist, supporter of Israel, so you want to bias anyone who criticizes Zionism.

BLITZER: Well, do you hate Jews?

DUKE: No, I don’t. Do you hate people who don’t want to be controlled? Do you hate Americans who don’t want the Israeli lobby to have Americans fight and die and thousands maimed because Israel wants it in the Middle East? We have a war in Iraq because Israel wanted that war, not for American interests.

They lied to us about weapons of mass destruction, and now they’re trying to get America into war against Iran, and I think it would be a tragedy for this country, a tragedy for the world. And you don’t like what I say against Zionism so you want to talk about the Ku Klux Klan rather than the issues facing the world…

BLITZER: Do you…

DUKE: … the terrorism of the Israel state for instance.

BLITZER: Do you believe, Mr. Duke, that there was a Holocaust?

DUKE: I’m sorry? I believe, sir, that the only way we can know whether there was a Holocaust or the nature of it is freedom of speech. I don’t think we should be locking people in prison in Europe, even elderly people in their 80s, because they dare to have a different opinion about an historical event.

The American government shouldn’t be saying that the Iran conference — the Iran conference was a conference for freedom of speech. I heard many mainstream Holocaust speakers at this conference, many. This conference allowed freedom of speech on the issue.

The American government and Tony Blair and George Bush should be saying its a disgrace that David Irving, a worldwide historian with books in almost every library in the world, is in prison right now in Austria because he said something the Zionists don’t like about the Second World War.

BLITZER: Do believe in a two state solution to the Israeli- Palestinian conflict, a new state of Palestine living side by side with the state of Israel?

DUKE: I think that’s probably the best solution. I think you have to ask the people who live there, of both Israel and the Arab countries. But I know one thing. You can’t impose a solution from the Zionist’s domination of American foreign policy.

Pearl and people like Wolfowitz, Feith, Wurmser, Kristol, Abrams — we can go on and on. It sounds like a Jewish wedding. They have set American policy and they have hurt American interests in the Middle East. Just as I have said for years, as Walt and Mearsheimer of Harvard have said, it’s a fact.

And we are dying right now in Iraq because we’re there for Israel’s interests. We’ve gotten no oil out of this war. I said — I went around the world, around the country before this war, and said there were no weapons of mass destruction.

BLITZER: Well, let me interrupt for a moment, Mr. Duke. As far as I know, the president of the United States, who is the commander in chief, is not Jewish. The vice president of the United States is not Jewish. The secretary of defense is not Jewish. The national security advisor to the president, not Jewish. The director of the CIA, not Jewish. Are these people simply tools of the Zionist conspiracy?

DUKE: They’re not tools of a conspiracy, but they are definitely tools of the Zionist media and political power. Even the “Washington Post” said that 60 percent of the contributions for the Republican Party come from Jewish sources. Plus, if any politician in America dares to criticize Israel, millions will go to his opponents and he will be attacked in the media where Zionists have incredible power.

Even the “Jewish Chronicle,” the “Jewish Los Angeles Times” — excuse me, not the “Los Angeles Times,” the “Jewish Times of Los Angeles” stated that four of the five conglomerates of — the largest media conglomerates are owned by Jews, and the fifth is even more pro- Israel than some of those conglomerates. We have a controlled media in the United States, and that’s why we’re not hearing the truth about this conference.

This conference is about the fact that there must be freedom of speech. And this is insane that people are being criticized. This conference is being criticized when there are people in prison right now for freedom of their conscience.

BLITZER: If there’s a controlled…

DUKE: Now, if you think that David Irving should be in prison right now in Austria — I’m asking you a question, sir.

BLITZER: Well, I’m the one who asks the questions in these interviews…

DUKE: Do you think David Irving should be in prison in Austria for voicing an opinion?

BLITZER: … and we invited you on. And the question is…

DUKE: Exactly.

BLITZER: … if we invited you on, why is there a Zionist conspiracy if we’re letting you on television right now? How do you explain that?

DUKE: How do I explain that? I think that you can’t affect the news. You’ve got — I think you have to put some spin on what’s happening in Iran.

BLITZER: But we didn’t have to invite you on CNN.

DUKE: And you want to — it’s an attack mode, always an attack mode when people like myself come on there. But you thought you could handle me with your 11 connotations of the Ku Klux Klan.

BLITZER: All right, let me…

DUKE: But you know something? You can’t handle me, and you can’t handle the truth, and the fact is, you are an agent of Zionism. You work for AIPAC…

BLITZER: Listen — all right. Listen.

DUKE: … the lobby in this country that controls Israeli policy.

BLITZER: Listen, Mr. Duke…

DUKE: You’re not an honest broker of television.

BLITZER: … I am going to read to you what Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has said… DUKE: You’re an Israeli agent.

BLITZER: All right. I’m going to read to you what Mr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the president of Iran, has said and then you can respond if you agree of disagree with him. “Israel must be wiped off the map and, God willing, with the force of God behind it, we shall soon experience a world without the United States and Zionism.”

That’s what he said on October 28th, 2005, according to Al- Jazeera.

DUKE: All right, first off, that’s a complete misquote. He never said wipe off the map, and he was talking about the Zionist control of the United States. In fact, I heard his last speech, and I read articles all over the world where he said Israel will be wiped off the map.

He said Israel would have a change in government just as the Soviet Union changed. Obviously, the Russian people weren’t killed. Israel wasn’t wiped out, and this was to garner hatred against Iran to support the Holocaust and maybe the nuclear strike against Iran.

BLITZER: Well, what about when he says we “shall experience a world” — when he says we should “soon experience a world without the United States”?

DUKE: I’m sorry, sir. I couldn’t hear you.

BLITZER: When he says we should “soon experience a world without the United States and Zionism.”

DUKE: I know what the translation was. He was referring to the control — Israel uses the United States as its proxy. They use the — as Mahaper (ph) said from Malaysia, Israel is able to dominate our policy through their money, through their media control, and they’re leading us to disaster.

Richard Pearl and Paul Wolfowitz he were the formulators of the Iraq war. Pearl, Wurmser and Feith wrote a paper for Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel calling for war against Iraq , Iran, and Syria. And that’s exactly what we did. They made up the lies of weapons of mass destruction because Americans were not willing to die in thousands and spend billions of dollars for Israel’s strategic objectives. That’s the reality.

BLITZER: David Duke, we have to leave it there.

DUKE: And there are so many lies that are going on right now.

BLITZER: The satellite is about to go down. So we have to leave it right there. But you’re in Tehran.

DUKE: Well, people can find information at DavidDuke.com — DavidDuke.com.

BLITZER: I’m sure they’ll have plenty of opportunities to hear what you have to say. That’s it. David Duke joining us from Iran.

Source: CNN.com – Situation Room Transcript.

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USA veto UN Resolution against Israel.

Posted by QB on November 14, 2006

USA has veto another UN Security Council draft which condemn recent Israel offensive in Gaza Strip. John Bolton give the reason that this resolution was biased of Arab nations against Israel and politically motivated.

This is the most absurd stupid reason given by John Bolton. The US will veto all the resolutions against Israel to get away with all their brutalities and turn an blind eye on their nuclear weapons. The Muslim Arabs hate USA for its biased policies of supporting Israel. They see all the killings and destruction in Palestine and Lebanon are done with US permission and they are right to consider them as their enemy.

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Israel continue its brutal offensive against Palestinians.

Posted by QB on November 11, 2006

Ehud Olmert government continue its offensive strikes against Palestinians in Gaza Strip with shelling civilian houses killing women and children as young as one year old baby. The Israelis militiary strikes are going on from more than a month without getting much attention of the Western Democracies who waste no time speaking out against if they were done by Hamas. Hugo Chavez is the only Head of State who has condemn these attacks against civilians and ask Israel government to stop its military strike against Palestinians. The Human Rights group are asking for independent inquiry of deadly artilary strike. At least 18 people were killed and some 50 others injured when the shells struck a row of houses. The dead included seven minors, the youngest a one-year-old baby girl, and six women. Most of them belonged to one family.

The Arab countries wanted strong condemnation of Israel attacks with Qatar introducing condemnation draft which not acceptable for US.

Israel continue its mock air raids in Southern Lebanon ignoring constants warning of the UN peacekeeping force. UN is urging Israel to end violating Lebanon airspace which is clear violation of UN ceasefire resolution. French Foreign Minister hopes that US will put pressure on its closest ally to end Israel flights because French peacekeepers could launch missiles at these planes.

The problem is that US will do nothing and still they blame the Muslims for all the terrorism without looking at their own state run terrorism. They still ask innocently why the whole world hates US without looking at their own oppressive policies interfering in internal affairs of the countries to protect their interests. They justify all their terorism with stupid logic which killed more innocent civilians children women than Al Qaeda and still consider themselves as the good who are fighting the evil.

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Iran war games.

Posted by QB on November 3, 2006

Iran has fired long range missiles in their military manoeuvres exercises. This is clear show off their military strength to US and Israel as they believe they will airstrike their nuclear facilities. The missiles fired were 300 km and 2000 km with immediate response coming from Condoleezza Rice said, while Iran was trying to show it is “tough” by test- firing a ballistic missile able to hit Israel, any use of the weapon would invite consequences understood by Iranian leaders.

Bush regime is pushing hard to get Britain France Germany sanctions against Iran to pass in UN Security Council but it is already blocked by Russia and China by rejecting it saying the sanctions are too tough and both these countries wants negotiations to continue.

Bush regime has also accused Syria and Iran that they are tying to topple Lebanon government which both countries denied strongly.

“We do not care about such accusations. They’re worthless,” Syrian Expatriates Minister Buthaina Shaaban told reporters. “They are practising terrorism while accusing others of it. The problem in Lebanon is US and Israeli interference.”

The Syrian newspaper said the United States should make public any evidence of the alleged Syrian role in efforts to topple the Lebanese government.

US officials say the information is classified. This is the biggest weapon of Bush regime to avoid providing any evidence whether it is against the alleged terrorists they are holding and torturing or against any government which they don’t like to propagate lies and when ask for evidence come up with “its classified”.

Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Mohammad Ali Hosseini denied the US accusation and said Washington should review its policies in the Middle East.

“These are repeated claims aimed to create divisions among Lebanese people and their government,” Hosseini said.

The US accusation come after Hasan Nasrallah demand of creating the national unity government and given Prime Minister Fouad Siniora by the mid of November to form a national unity government or Hezbollah will take it to streets calling for new elections.

Hasan Nasrallah has correctly pointed out US hypocrisy who claim to be the champions of democracy but keep interfering in other countries democratic elections.

Hizbollah said the White House statement showed Washington’s declared goal of promoting democracy in the Middle East was “a hollow and deceptive slogan”.

“We stress that this American violation of our national sovereignty will not terrorise our people or stop it from practising every one of its constitutional rights, led by the right to demonstrate, hold elections and choosing its government,” a Hizbollah statement said.

This is fair statement in response to US allegations.

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Hezbollah Threatens Protests.

Posted by QB on November 2, 2006

Hezbollah is treatening street protests and call for an early elections if their demands are not met. They are demanding for a “national unity” Cabinet that would give the Islamic militants and their allies veto power over key decisions.

“Our concept of the national unity government is that all the basic forces in Lebanon be in it … actual and serious participation, not an aesthetic participation,” Sheik Hassan Nasrallah, Hezbollah’s leader, said in a lengthy interview on Hezbollah’s Al-Manar TV Tuesday night.

In the same interview, Nasrallah said that “serious negotiations” were taking place over the two Israeli soldiers whose July 12 capture by his militant group sparked the 34-day war.

He said a negotiator appointed by U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan has been meeting with Hezbollah and Israeli officials. He would not provide details about the negotiations, but told Al-Manar: “We have reached a stage of exchanging ideas, proposals or conditions.”

Nasrallah also warned that any attempts by the beefed-up U.N. peacekeeping force in southern Lebanon to disarm Hezbollah would transform the country into another Iraq or Afghanistan. He did not elaborate.

Hezbollah put these demands because they have gained more popular support within Lebanon and in the whole Middle East after Israel’s failed invasion. I had written this after the ceasefire between Israel and Hezbollah that I will not be surprised if they take over the control of Lebanon government in next elections. Hasan Nasrallah believes that he has the popular support to win early elections if their demands are not met.

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Israeli jets clash with German ship near Lebanon.

Posted by QB on October 25, 2006

The following news deny Israel claim that they want peace and they are the peaceful people. Read the following news.

BERLIN (Reuters) – Two Israeli warplanes and a German navy vessel have clashed off the Lebanese coast, the Defence Ministry in Berlin said on Wednesday without giving further details.

Germany daily Der Tagesspiegel earlier on Wednesday quoted a junior German defence minister as telling a parliamentary committee that two Israeli F-16 fighters flew low over the German ship and fired two shots.

The jets also released infra-red countermeasures to ward off any rocket attack, the paper quoted him as saying.

The minister did not say when the incident happened or what had caused it, the paper said.

“I can confirm that there was an incident,” a ministry spokesman told Reuters on Wednesday. An investigation was underway and he therefore was unable to provide further information, he added.

An Israeli military spokeswoman said she was checking the report.

Germany assumed command of a United Nations naval force off the coast of Lebanon 10 days ago and has sent a force of eight ships and 1,000 service personnel to join the international peace operation in the region.

The naval force is charged with preventing weapons smuggling and helping maintain a cease-fire between Israel and radical Lebanese-based Islamic group Hezbollah.

Source: Reuters UK.

Israel actions proved all their words of peace and peaceful nation false.

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Israeli warplanes step up overflights over Lebanon.

Posted by QB on October 23, 2006

Beirut – Israeli jets intensified Monday their overflights over Lebanon reaching areas over the capital Beirut, Lebanese police said.

‘More than 20 overflights were registered over areas in the capital, its surroundings and southern Lebanon,’ the police said.

Two jets flew low over Beirut, police said.

Police said four planes carrying out mock raids over the southern port city of Tyre, as Lebanese Muslims celebrated the end of Ramadan.

‘These are the most intensive overflights since the August 14 ceasefire,’ the police said.

The Israeli violations came days after France, which currently commands the UN peacekeeping force in south Lebanon, said the force could open fire on Israeli jets violating the terms of a UN ceasefire.

Resolution 1701 which ended 33 days of fighting between Israel and the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah calls for the disarmament of all militia in Lebanon, the withdrawal of Israeli troops from southern Lebanon, and the deployment of a UN peacekeeping force along side the Lebanese army in the south.

Israel action of mock air attack is provocation to Hezbollah and does not look like they really are looking for peaceful solutions in Middle East. Israel has step up these over flights after UNIFIL complaints that these overflights are clear violation of UN Resolution 1701 with General comments to use force. Israel is showing off their power in very childish immature way to UN that they are helpless and can’t do anything against them because their all actions and atrocities are backed by US. They know US will veto all UN resolutions which goes against the interest of Israel. They are like the spoiled child of US government who are allowed to do whatever mischief they want and still claim that they are peace loving people.

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Iran Nuclear Program.

Posted by QB on October 23, 2006

The Russia clearly has made their view clear that they are not in favor of imposing UN Security Council sanctions on Iran which is very strongly proposed by Bush regime and its European allies with most vocal advocate is Israel.

This is the common tendency which is very clear that US and Israel do not want any Muslim nation to have weapons for their own defence and these both countries keep developing and accumulating the stockpiles of Weapons of Mass Destruction. The US and Israel don’t want their enemies to ever reach to their level of weapons power so that they can keep them under their control with these weapons power which actually is not working. Israel faces a humiliating withdrawal from Lebanon and US and its powerful British allies lost the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Their military weapons did not provide them the victories.

Ahmadinejad is giving assurances on daily basis that Iran’s uranium enrichment program is for their peaceful energy purposes and they have no intentions of developing Nuclear Weapons. Iran legally has the right under NPT for uranium enrichment which US and its European allies with Israel wants them to abandon simply because that’s what they want. Bush regime wants the whole world to live according their doctrines.

Ehud Olmert is shouting loudly to stop Iran Nuclear program never mentioned a single word about their own Nuclear Chemical and Biological Weapons and they are the only country in Middle east with stockpiles of these Weapons of Mass Destruction. . Ehud Olmert must accept to sign NPT and open Israel Nuclear facilities for UN inspection if they don’t have anything to hide, this is not going to happen as US has already veto IAEA proposal which was to go into UN General Assembly for voting on NPT.

Israel had problem Hezbollah getting weapons and rockets for defending themselves against any aggression but had no shame getting all kinds of latest WMD from US in the name of security. This is hypocrisy and double standards of Israel.

Ehud Olmert also is trying to draw attention of the world to Ahmadinejad words that Israel must wiped off the map that these words must be taken seriously has forget that Israel and US are making similar kinds of threats to Iran with air strikes on their nuclear facilities and even using the Nuclear Bombs and their same old rhetoric changing the Iranian regime which is very democratically elected. Iranians see these threats against their country as real danger for their survival.

Iran would conditionally be willing to discuss the suspension of uranium enrichment in the nuclear talks with the European Union, Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Mohammad-Ali Hosseini said.

“Although suspension (of the uranium enrichment process) has no place in Iran’s nuclear policies, if the conditions were fair, also this issue could be discussed in the negotiations,” the Mehr news agency quoted the spokesman as saying.

“Suspension cannot be the main condition for the talks but one of the issues,” the spokesman added without further elaborating.

Also Foreign Minister Manuchehr Mottaki had said over the weekend that although Iran saw no logic in the Western suspension demand, Iran would still be prepared to raise the issue in negotiations.

The Iranian parliament has already warned that in case of UN sanctions the government would be obliged to cut cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and stop IAEA inspections. Some hard-line circles even call for withdrawal from the Non- Proliferation Treaty.

This is clear indication that Iran do not have any ambition of developing Nuclear Weapons and their program is for energy purposes. The Iran is not really scared of UN Security Council sanctions resolutions because they know very well that US don’t have the votes and Russia backing off from any Iran sanctions most probably China following the same policy.

Europeans must keep negotiating with Iran and that is the only solution for this crisis.

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Israel admitted using Phosphorus bombs in Lebanon. Update.

Posted by QB on October 22, 2006

Tel Aviv, Oct 22 (Prensa Latina) For the first time, Israel admitted using phosphorus shells in its recent offensive against Lebanon, Haaretz reported Sunday.

Minister Jacob Edery, in charge of government-Knesset relations, said Israel used those bombs during the war against Hezbollah in attacks against military targets in open ground, arguing they used this type of munitions according to the rules of international law, which does not prohibit them.

White Phosphorus (WP), known as Willy Pete, can be used for signaling, screening, and incendiary purposes, but it is also used during times of conflicts to destroy the enemy´s equipment or to limit his vision.

Despite its results in painful chemical burn injuries, it is not outlawed or illegal or banned by any convention or treaty.

However, the third protocol of the Geneva Convention on Conventional Weapons restricts the use of “incendiary weapons,” with phosphorus considered to be one such weapon.

Israel and the United States are not signatories to the Third Protocol.

The US Department of Defense had also admitted using phosphorus munitions during its November 2004 offensive in the Iraqi city of Fallujah.

This is the real face of socalled peace loving countries Israel and US who don’t get tired speaking about terrorism each and every day and then do their own “terrorists” acts of using phosphorus bombs, cluster bombs on civilians. The Israel and US are the countries who believe that the lives of their citizens are more valuable than any other country of the world. The US is the only country which has used the Nuclear Weapons on civilian in World War II and they might be the only nation to use it again in Middle East to win the war. Israel do follow US is also capable of using Nuclear Weapons against Iran or Syria.

The latest victim of Israel cluster bombs in Lebanon.

A ten-year old boy was killed in southern Lebanon on Sunday after he came in contact with an unexploded Israeli cluster bomb. The boy had been working in their family’s olive grove in the village of Helta near the Lebanese border with Israel when the explosion occurred.

The explosion killed the ten-year old boy and seriously wounded his brother. Both children were rushed to a nearby hospital, but the boy died on the way.

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Fatah-Hamas agreement help solve problem of Palestine gov’t: Russia.

Posted by QB on October 21, 2006

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said an agreement between Al-Fatah and Hamas should create conditions for solving the problem of Palestine’s government.

In an interview with Kuwaiti KUNA news agency on Saturday, Lavrov said, “Other Palestinian groups outside the Palestinian Authority’s territory may take part in this process. I think that such government may rely on broad support from Arab states. We know about efforts taken by them to ensure accord on Palestinian territories. We mean the efforts taken by Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and primarily Qatar.” The minister regretted that certain Quartet members were trying to influence this process and make excessive demands because it would be unrealistic to demand now that Hamas should fully accept all the terms of the Quartet, including the recognition of Israel, the giving up of violence with regard to Israel and the compliance with all the existing agreements.

“We are sure of it, and we used to say from the very beginning after the establishment of contacts with Hamas that it may advance gradually towards accepting those terms.”

Lavrov stressed, “Hamas consent to complying with all the existing agreements, confirming the powers of Abu Mazen as the only negotiator would be a very important step in the direction, which is necessary for all of us: Let us promote this stand as much as we can.”

This is the only positive news today and I am glad that peace deal within Palestinians have reached. Fatah must accept the election results which bring Hamas into power and they must also realize how difficult for this government to survive with all the European and US aid cutoff. Bush regime talk about democracy had not accepted the results of Palestinian elections and try to bring Hamas elected government down with financial problems.

The Palestinians must be intelligent enough to know that US want to punish them for voting for Hamas. This peace deal I believe will bring down daily clashes and killings of Palestinians. I agree with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov that Hamas will soften their approach towards Israel and will come to peaceful negotiations which goes in the benefit for Palestinians and Jews.

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Ahmadinejad blasted Israel.

Posted by QB on October 20, 2006

Ahmadinejad blasted Isreal.

Israel Greatest insult to human dignity says Ahmadinejad.

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Ehud Olmert threatening Iran.

Posted by QB on October 20, 2006

Ehud Olmert ended his three days Russia visit where he failed to get any positive support from Putin against Iran’s Nuclear program. Ehud Olmert was talking to to journalists on his flight back to Israel. These threats showing his frustrations because Putin did not even mention Iran’s Nuclear program in their joint News Conference. After meeting for four hours with Putin and Russian defense officials, Olmert said he was convinced they understood the gravity of the situation and don’t want to see a nuclear Iran. But at a news conference with Olmert at the Kremlin on Wednesday, Putin pointedly made no mention of the Iranian nuclear threat.

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert warned on Thursday that Iran would have “a price to pay” if it doesn’t back down from its nuclear ambitions, hinting broadly that Israel might be forced to take action. In his strongest words yet about the Iranian threat, Olmert said, “They have to understand that if they object to every compromise, there will be a price to pay.” He was speaking on the plane carrying him and his entourage back to Israel after the three-day trip to Moscow. Israel cannot reconcile itself to a nuclear Iran, he said — and “there comes a time when you have to do damage control.”

“A red line must be drawn that cannot be crossed,” he said, without specifying what that line was.

“Time isn’t standing still,” he added, “and perhaps there will be a need to do something in the future.”

Ehud Olmert is a desperate man who is in danger of losing his government because majority of Israelis believe that he mismanaged and lost the war against Hezbollah. The desperate man who is trying to save his power can go to extremes like air strikes on Iranian Nuclear facilities which will be disaster for Israel. Iran will response will be fierce with firing their missiles into all Israel. Iran will get the very strong support from Syria and Hezbollah and Israelis had already know that they can bomb the civilian villages and town but that will not make them to surrender.

The wise approach is to just shut up and work with Palestinians and Lebanese to reach to peaceful agreements instead of targeting their civilians by firing rockets and covering them up with usual lies.

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