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Iran Nuclear Program. US and Europe on confrontation course.

Posted by QB on November 28, 2007

The IRNA reported that Britain France Germany see that Iran is co-operating with IAEA on nuclear inspections but these countries still insist to impose tougher sanctions. The British Prime Minister wanted to impose tougher sanctions with the same old claim that Iran is building nuclear weapons. The France President and German Chancellor wanted the tougher sanctions as well and urging Russia China to co-operate.

This does not make sense, how the morons leaders of Britain France Germany reached to the conclusion that Iran is building nuclear weapons because IAEA did not find any evidence of Iran secret nuclear program and they have issued very positive report on inspections. The Bush regime still accuse Iran of interference in Iraq without providing the proof. Iraq Shiite leader Abdel Aziz al-Hakim dismissed US claims by saying that Iran is the friends of Iraqi people and the US government did not provided any solid proof of Iran’s interference in Iraq. 

The problem is that Bush the mentally retarded person is incharge of US military and WMD who might make another mistake of attacking Iran’s nuclear facilities. Then there are plenty of Democrats and Republicans Presidential hopeful who are trying to portray themselves tougher than Bush on Iran promising to use limited nuclear weapons to make sure that Iran will not get the nuclear weapons. This is all madness, when people ignore the facts and escalate the issue for political reasons. The US might make another blunder of attacking Iran’s nuclear facilities to please Zionists Israelis and Evangelicals which will make the whole Middle East the battle ground.


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Iran Nuclear Program and Israel’s False Allegations against ElBaradei.

Posted by QB on November 6, 2007

The Israel Foreign Minister attacking IAEA ElBaradei is an indication that they want US to attack Iran. The allegations made by Israel Foreign Minister are not based on any hard evidence so they are lies. The purpose of these allegations is summarized as follows:

  • Creating fear amoung ignorant Americans.
  • Providing propaganda material for CNN and other mainstream media.
  • Get more support of Evanglicals who can put pressure on US government to take Military action against Iran.
  • Israel strong lobby to start their campaign to convince legislator Military action against Iran.
  • Bush regime is already inclined to attack Iran now have the new propaganda material to brainwash Americans.

The US and Israel government are the main reason for present violent situation in Middle East, any futher escalation of conflict will hurt US as well as Israel beyond their expectations and imaginations. Bush regime consists of schizophrenic maniacs who believe that Iran nuclear weapons will be threat for the world. Bush regime also believe that Pakistan nuclear weapons are real threat for US fearing that will fall into the hands of terrorists. These fears are refelect their schizophrenic approach rather than based on facts. Iran is cooperating with IAEA and it was reported by FARS Iranian news agency that their last meeting was successful, IAEA was satisfied with the meeting find no evidence of Iran’s hidden nuclear program, on the other hand Pakistan nuclear weapons are very well protected by strong Military has no chances of falling into the hands of terrorists. We the people of the world fear US and Israel stockpile of nuclear weapons which can blowup the whole world and these weapons are in the hands of mentally disabled Presidents of these countries.

Foreign Ministry Director-General Aharon Abramovich on Monday accused the International Atomic Energy Agency of thwarting the international efforts against Iran’s nuclear program.“Instead of contributing to the international efforts against Iran, the IAEA is acting as an obstructive element, whose opinions serve as an excuse for countries to refrain from joining the efforts against Tehran,” Abramovich said during a discussion of the Iranian issue at the Saban Forum.Israeli sources explained that ElBaradei was using caution in his criticism of Iran, after being the one who had warned against the war in Iraq, claiming that it did not possess weapons of mass destruction.“Now he is using the Iranian issue as an outlet for his anger,” a senior source at the Foreign Ministry said.Diplomatic sources in Jerusalem clarified that Abramovich’s remarks were the result of ElBaradei’s actions, which prevent the world from forming a united international front against Iran.According to the sources, the process of presenting questions to Tehran by the IAEA is taking too long and is creating a sense of activity, but is actually a process of “foot-dragging” which enables the Iranians to move forward. Diplomatic sources added that ElBaradei himself had a tendency of “wrapping the agency inspectors’ professional report with an introduction and summary remarks which create a political ‘spin’.”

The sources presented as an example one of the IAEA’s recent reports, submitted in February, in which the inspectors ruled that Iran did not provide information on its centrifuges and failed to explain where it got them from. Source: Y Net.

Robert Gates is in China begging to support more UN sanctions on Iran without getting any commitment from Chinese government.

Here comes fear mongering from Republican Presidential morons, the same old threat of Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal falling into the hands of radical Islamist groups, should President Pervez Musharraf’s government eventually fall. The world will be more at risk if any of the Presidential candidate win 2008 elections, there is no possibility of Pakistan’s nuclear weapons falling in the hands of terrorists. Pakistan voters are just like American voters, IGNORANT, that they will vote for corrupt Benazir Bhutto, corrupt Nawaz Sharif in two provinces Sindh and Punjab, whoever win the majority of National Assembly seats in Punjab will form the federal government. The other two provinces North West Frontier Province and Baluchistan where the religious parties win the majority of Provincial Assembly seats. This means the Pakistan four provinces will be divided equally between moderates and religious parties with the chance of moderate to have control of federal government. The religious parties popularity in two provinces are due to rising anti Americanism among the population, where Osama Bin Laden Mullah Omar are way too popular than Musharraf Bush Benazir and I blame this on Bush stupidity.

The Zionist propaganda and lies will again drag US into another bloody war with Iran. IAEA does not have any information about Iran nuclear weapons program which is based on their inspection and intelligence but the Zionists keep spreading lies and propaganda against Iran.

Iran could procure nuclear weapons by 2009, a top Israeli intelligence analyst said.Brig. Gen. Yossi Baidatz, chief analyst for Israel’s military intelligence, told the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee on Tuesday that if Iran’s nuclear program goes unchecked, it could produce warheads by the end of 2009 or the beginning of 2010.

Western powers believe Iran is two or three years further away from nuclear bomb-making capability.

Baidatz also said that the hard-line regime of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad looks strong despite its unpopularity at home and foreign pressure to abandon its atomic ambitions.

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Bush determined to invade Iran.

Posted by QB on November 1, 2007

The Bush regime is busy building up case to invade Iran from the very beginning of Iraq invasion and occupation. The Bush regime declared victory in Afghanistan and Iraq when Taliban left Kabul and Saddam Hussein went into hiding too soon expecting smooth occupation of these two countries. The Americans did not understand my point of view when I said that this is not victory, this is actually the beginning of very long bloody battle ahead in Afghanistan and Iraq. The resistance in Afghanistan and Iraq took few months in getting organized and stated their attacks on occupation military. These resistance groups were called “terrorists”, “people who hate freedom and democracy”, “dead enders”, “Saddam Hussein loyalists” by Bush and Dick instead of accepting the truth that they are the groups who are resisting the illegal criminal occupation of their countries. The vast majority of politicians Republicans as well as Democrats believe what Bush regime was saying as they don’t have the courage wisdom and intelligence to tell the truth, all because Afghanistan, Iraq wars had the over 70% support of American people. When resistance keep getting strong Bush regime started blaming Pakistan supporting Taliban and Iran get the blame for all Iraq violence. The Bush regime never admitted that it was their stupid plan which put US into such a big mess, it was Rumsfeld, Wofowitz stupid assumption that US troops will be greeted as liberators with flowers by Iraqis and the war will only cost 50 billion dollars, the Iraq occupation will be financed with Iraq Oil export.

That is now all history, the present day situation towards Iran is very similar to pre Iraq invasion, lies are broadcast by CNN and all mainstream news networks, Iran nuclear issue is over blown ignoring the facts, US military and Bush regime blaming Iran for Iran creating violence in Iraq, and the biggest propaganda lie spread by CNN and all mainstream media that Iran is threat for Israel, Ahmadinejad statement is completely taken out of context where he called the elimination of current government to elimination of Israel.

The Bush regime insists to have all option open including military attack which is supported strongly by all front runners Presidential candidates of both parties Democrats and Republicans. The US legislators are so stupid that they pass non binding resolution declaring Iran Revolutionary Guards as foreign terrorist organization with huge majority of 77 votes in Senate and they don’t have 60 votes to override Bush veto of Children Health Care bill, stem cell research bill, which are more important issues than passing non binding resolutions.

The other important figure in US politics is Osama Bin Laden and 9/11, which is very big issue with the conservative Republicans. All the Republicans are running on platform to fight Osama Bin Laden “terrorists” by keeping Iraq Afghanistan under permanent occupation, and than there are Democrats who are trying to prove to Americans that they are more tough on Osama Bin Laden “terrorists” with promising to use limited nuclear weapons in Iran, US troops incursion into Pakistan North Frontier Province.

There is one Iranian who very correctly pointed out that 52% Americans support attack to prevent Iran from building nuclear weapons, he was right, I had the old polls.

Amid the political parrying, a Zogby poll released this week showed a slim majority of the American public would support an attack to prevent Iran from building a nuclear weapon. Some 52 percent said they were either somewhat or very supportive, while close to 42% said they were not very or not at all supportive. The poll of 1,028 likely voters has a 3 percentage points margin of error.

The Head of Iran Revolutionary Guard Corp Mohammad Ali Jafari warned US against invading Iran, promising to strike back with crushing response. He also predicted that Iran will be worst quagmire for US than Iraq and Afghanistan.

The front runner Presidential candidates Hilary Clinton, Barak Obama, John Edwards, Mitt Romney, Rudy Giuliani, John McCain are promising to attack Iran to stop them from building nuclear weapon, which according to them will make the world one happy peaceful family. The Iran if attacked will respond aggressively to defend their country and honor, they will be happy to die for what they believe is their right to develop peaceful nuclear program for energy purposes. The war will not be restricted to Iran and US, if attacked, it will cover the whole region, Iranians will hit the US military bases in Iraq, Afghanistan, Qatar, Kuwait, UAE which is US Naval base, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia.

The war will weaken US allies Saudi Arabia, Jordan, UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain governments, which will benefit the opposition groups to gain control by revolution, if there are any such groups exists in these countries.

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Dennis Kucinich join Hugo Chavez believe Bush is Mental Patient.

Posted by QB on October 31, 2007

Dennis Kucinich join Hugo Chavez by suspecting Bush mental health on Iran.

I seriously believe we have to start asking questions about his mental health,” Kucinich, a quirky, long-shot candidate in the race for his party’s presidential nomination in the November, 2008 election. “There’s something wrong. He does not seem to understand his words have real impact.”He told The Inquirer he did not believe his remarks about Bush’s mental stability were irresponsible.“You cannot be a president of the United States who’s wanton in his expression of violence,” Kucinich said. “There’s a lot of people who need care. He might be one of them. If there isn’t something wrong with him, then there’s something wrong with us. This, to me, is a very serious question.”

Dennis Kucinich and Hugo Chavez come to the right conclusion. Bush infact has mental problem which are the result of his drug addictions and alcoholism. Bush must be examine by the international panel of doctors to determine his mental health. Bush must be immediately be removed from office if found mentally unstable. Bush is dangerous for the world to continue his remaining term.

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Presidential Race 2008. Democrats and Republicans front runners are all corrupt politicians.

Posted by QB on October 30, 2007

The front runners of both US parties Democrats and Republicans are corrupt politicians who are not very different than Bush. They are expert in spinning the issues, they are liars, they are deceptive, their leadership skills are mainstream print and electronic media gimmick. The mainstream print media and electronic media give exposure to front runners of both parties and the benefit of doing is that they will be the ones getting the campaign advertisements of these candidates during the primaries worth tens of millions of dollars. The US politics is a big business, the projected money spend for next election is 4 billion dollars.

Rudy Giuliani, John McCain, Mitt Romney, Hilary Clinton, Barak Obama, John Edwards are all liars using misinformation to get the votes. Bush and Dick want to bomb Iran so do all these front runner Presidential candidates, with the common stupid assumption that Iran will the the threat for US and Israel security. These front runners, if honestly believe this, than they are the most stupid people on earth, who have no intelligence to analyze the Iran nuclear issue. The fact. which is ignored by these moron front runner politicians, is that Iran if develop few nuclear bombs will not be threat to Israel, because they have stockpile of nuclear, biological chemical weapons, with bunker busting cluster bombs which can blow up whole Middle East in minutes. The other fact, which these front runner ignore that Iran does not have that long range missiles which can reach US. The Iran, insists that their nuclear program is for peaceful energy purpose so let them do what they are doing under UN inspections. IAEA does not have any proof that Iranians has any hidden or secret nuclear program. IAEA also reported that uranium enrichment is low grade which can’t be used to develop nuclear weapons. The truth is that Iran is not threat for Israel or US, it is Israel and US who are threat to world peace.

The American voters don’t know the power of their votes, they go and cast their vote for the biggest liar and hypocrite without actually knowing the facts about the issues. The Americans if wanted to continue this “war on terror” in Afghanistan fighting Taliban for another twenty years, keep Iraq under US occupation, want to invade Iran, send US troops into Pakistan NWFP region than go ahead vote for Rudy Giuliani, John McCain, Mitt Romney, Hillary Clinton, Barak Obama, John Edwards because they all have the similar policies of Bush regime aggression which will not bring peace and stability on earth.

The American voters if wanted to change the direction of country than they must vote for Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul both candidates are honest truth speaking intelligent politicians who will bring peace and stability to the world. Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul are saying what is right not like the front runners who are saying what ignorant voters wanted to hear. The real democratic revolution recently is seen in Bolivia, Nicaragua, Ecuador and Venezuela with voters rejecting the corrupt mainstream politicians, Americans must learn lesson from these countries voters.

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US Military Attack Action Against Iran.

Posted by QB on October 28, 2007

The drumbeat by Bush regime is getting louder and louder saying the same lies which we heard before the invasion on Iraq. CNN and the mainstream media is busy creating false fears of Iran nuclear program which is in very initial stages is no threat at all for US Europe or Israel. The mainstream media criminally ignoring the facts that Iran uranium enrichment program has produced low grade uranium which can’t be used in nuclear weapons. The mainstream media never reported that Israel has stockpile of nuclear weapons which can blow up the whole Middle East, if Iran has couple of nuclear bombs that does not make them threat for US Israel and European countries. The Iranians are intelligent enough not to use the nuclear weapons because they don’t wanted to get destroyed by Israel carpet nuclear bombing.

The US military did not have a clear victory in Afghanistan and Iraq fighting with Resistance Groups who has outdated weapons and homemade explosive devices and Iran Military is well equipped well organized with the capability to cause the damage beyond American imagination. Iran’s has rockets which can hit the US military bases in Afghanistan, Iran, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, UAE, which they will do without any hesitation if attacked. Iran’s government will strengthen Hamas, Hizbollah, Taliban and Iraqi Resistance Groups in response to US military attack.

The following is interesting article posted by Maureen Dowd, which could be a satire or maybe is the actual interview by Tim Russert of Dick.

Dick Talk to Tim Russet.

Tim Russert talked to Dick. Following is the link of that interview.

Interview of US Vice President Dick by Tim Russert.

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The Mixed Reaction from Iran on Sanctions.

Posted by QB on October 27, 2007

The reported reaction on latest US sanctions from Iran is showing division with new Nuclear negotiator believe that these sanctions will not hurt Iran. Iran’s new chief nuclear negotiator Saeed Jalili on Friday brushed aside the latest US sanctions saying they would have no effect on the country’s nuclear policies, the ISNA news agency reported.

“These sanctions are nothing new. Sanctions have been imposed on us for 28 years. The new sanctions, like all those before, will have no effect on Iran�s policies,” Mr Jalili said at Tehran airport on his return from talks in Rome with European Union foreign policy chief Javier Solana.

“The sanctions will only isolate the US on the international stage,” he said.

The Iran reformist party is criticizing Ahmadinejad government for not dealing with the nuclear issue effectively leading to these sanctions. The reformists argue Iran should return to suspending enrichment, the policy under Mohammad Khatami, the former president, who attended the meeting. The Islamic Iran Participation Front warned of an escalating crisis with the international community, calling for a review of Tehran’s nuclear policy.

At a meeting of the party attended by 200 people, Mohsen Mirdamadi, the party’s secretary-general, said: “The government should refrain from its adventurous policies.”

This is very clear division but the Reformist party and Iran Pan Islamic party know that Amhadinejad is dealing Iran nuclear issue according to policies set by Khemeini because he has the final authority to make decision on Iran nuclear issue. The Reformists and Iran Pan Islamic party should also understand that abandoning their nuclear program will never satisfy US and its European allies, they will find new accusations against Iran pushing them to the corner until they give power to someone like Hamid Karzai Nouri Al Maliki Pervez Musharraf.

There is no statement from Ahmadinejad or Khemini on the latest sanctions but CNN reported that Iran military mocked US and Israel with parade with creating US flags and David cross. Also reported from Pentagon that US military has start developing 30 thousand pounds bunker buster bomb in preparation of Iran invasion, but the Chief of Staff also said that Iran crisis must be resolved with negotiations not military confrontation.

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A regional security pact to calm the Middle East

Posted by QB on May 13, 2007

This is excellent article and I agree with what Patrick Seale has written.

A regional security pact to calm the Middle East

By: Patrick Seale
The failure of the Bush Administration’s Middle East policy is now so catastrophic as to pose a danger to international peace and security. It is high time the United States stepped aside and turned the region’s problems over to local powers.

What can be done? In my view, Saudi Arabia, the Arab world’s real heavyweight, should join its Gulf partners in offering Iran a wide-ranging security pact. The Arabs would guarantee not to allow their territory to be used for a U.S. attack on Iran, while Iran would guarantee not to use Shi‘a communities to destabilize the existing political order in the region.

Such a pact could help stabilize Iraq and cool Sunni-Shi‘a tensions. It might even be the only way to persuade Iran to give up whatever ambitions it may have to acquire nuclear weapons.

At the same time, Egypt should be given a wide Arab mandate and massive international backing — from Europe, but also from China, Russia and India, as well as the United States —to sell the Arab Peace Initiative to the Israeli public as a matter of urgency. This offers Israel peace with the entire Arab world if it withdraws to its 1967 borders and allows the creation of a Palestinian state.

The situation is grave because of America’s deplorable record. Its smashing of Iraq —for fabricated and fraudulent reasons — has led to a strategic, political, and human disaster unparalleled in the modern history of the Arab world. The United States has itself paid a heavy price for its criminal folly, but not nearly as heavy as that paid by the wretched Iraqis whose collapsed state has opened the door to a hell of utter lawlessness.

America’s destruction of Iraq has shattered the balance of power between Arabs and Persians, which for centuries was a key to the region’s stability; it has created an Iraqi refugee problem of mammoth proportions, matched only by that of the Palestinians driven from their homes by the creation of Israel in 1947-48; and it has ignited a cruel civil war between Sunnis and Shi’a, which threatens to set the region on fire.

The United States should get out at the earliest opportunity before it does more damage still.

Originally aimed at eliminating Al-Qaeda and its Taliban hosts, America’s war in Afghanistan has turned into a doomed struggle with the powerful Pathan tribes which dominate the east and south of Afghanistan and straddle the frontier with Pakistan. These are the men now fighting under the revived Taliban banner.

The unfortunate President Pervez Musharraf of Pakistan (whose minister of interior was nearly killed by a suicide bomber last week) is caught between American pressure to prevent cross border infiltration into Afghanistan and the natural instincts of the fighting men in Pakistan’s tribal agencies to rush to the aid of their tribal brothers in Afghanistan. Meanwhile, much of Afghanistan is raging against America and its puppet government in Kabul for the ghastly casualties inflicted on the civilian population by indiscriminate U.S. air strikes and other abuses.

This is a war America’s NATO allies should never have joined. Far from eliminating “terrorism,” the war in Afghanistan, like the war in Iraq, has become a “terrorist factory,” creating whole armies of men bent on revenge for what America has done to their shattered societies.

The way to defeat Al-Qaeda —essentially a parasitic body feeding on other people’s conflicts —is to put an end to these wars, not to expand them. The urgent priority is not to stoke the fires of war but to lower tensions as much as is humanly possible and bring about calm and security so as to allow much-needed reconstruction to begin.

In Iran, the United States is in danger of making an even graver mistake than in Iraq and Afghanistan. It began by handing Iran two precious gifts: the (temporary) defeat of the Taliban and the overthrow of Saddam Hussein. This freed Iran from old enemies and potential threats on both its flanks, allowing it to emerge as a leading power in the Gulf, with extensions into the Levant by means of the Tehran-Damascus-Hizbullah axis.

The United States and its Israeli ally then took fright at this new challenge to their regional hegemony and have sought to put the Islamic Republic back in its box. They have together mounted a world-wide campaign to isolate Iran economically and politically, threatening it openly with armed attack.

As a “message” to Iran, the United States has sent two powerful carrier battle groups to the region and — again with enthusiastic help from Israel — has sought to undermine Iran’s banking system and starve it of international credits by pressuring major banks to stop dealing with it. These are illegal actions, which go far beyond the sanctions authorized by U.N. Resolutions.

In demonizing Iran, the United States and Israel have focussed primarily on its nuclear program, portraying it as an “existential threat” to Israel and a danger to the entire world. This is dangerous propaganda with little basis in fact.

Iran is many years away from being able to manufacture atomic weapons, even if it wished to do so, which is by no means clear. It is perfectly entitled to the peaceful uses of nuclear power under the terms of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), which it has signed but which Israel, India and Pakistan have not.

It is worth recalling that the possession of nuclear weapons can protect a country against attack, but that such weapons cannot be used against more powerful enemies without risking national extinction. I do not believe the Iranians are contemplating national suicide.

The present American and Israeli position is that they will not tolerate a nuclear-armed Iran. That is what they say. But what does it mean? What if Iran enriches uranium for peaceful purposes, as it is entitled to do under the NPT, but stops well short of a military program? Will the United States and Israel go to war to prevent that? It would be a catastrophic error.

There is hardly a corner of the region where U.S. policy has not spread mayhem. The latest victim of its diplomacy is Somalia, where the Ethiopian intervention it encouraged has caused a bloodbath and enormous human misery.

Last summer, it encouraged and supported Israel in its all-out war against Lebanon —a gross overreaction to a relatively trivial border incident.

The result has been to demonstrate Israel’s vulnerability to missiles and asymmetric warfare, to dent the deterrent capability of its army, to demoralize its population and expose its leaders as a bunch of incompetent and morally-dubious politicians.

The United States has followed Israel’s lead in seeking to undermine Hizbullah, the victor in the Lebanese war, and to boycott Hamas, the victor in democratic Palestinian elections. It has thus made bitter enemies of two popular and deeply-rooted resistance movements, which have sprung up in response to Israeli aggression and occupation.

Instead of urging Israel to make peace with its neighbors —the only long-term guarantee of its security —Washington has funded and turned a blind eye to its occupation and settlement of Palestinian and Syrian territory and has provided political cover for its aggression against Lebanon and for its extraordinarily brutal treatment of the Palestinians.

There is now serious talk of a third intifada, which would set the desperate Palestinian territories alight and carry death and destruction into Israel itself.

On a visit in April to the West Bank, Louis Michel, the European Commissioner for Development and Humanitarian Assistance, noted that the situation in the territory had never been worse. Some 60 per cent of the population is living below the poverty line on two euros a day or less. Some 35 percent of the population — 1.3 million Palestinians — are going hungry. More than half the children suffer from anemia. A quarter of the population have no access to drinking water. Hundreds of Israeli check points rule out any possibility of economic development, reducing the population to a situation of permanent siege and permanent terror. Does Israel’s security justify such measures, Louis Michel asked?

Is it not time regional powers took their destiny into their own hands, free from external, and specifically nefarious American, interference?

Patrick Seale is a leading British writer on the Middle East, and the author of “The Struggle for Syria;” also, “Asad of Syria: The Struggle for the Middle East”; and “Abu Nidal: A Gun for Hire.” Copyright © 2007 Patrick Seale

Source : The Arab American News.com

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Iraq – What next?

Posted by QB on November 14, 2006

Bush meet with the Chairmen of Independent Iraq Study Group without disclosing any discussions. Tony Snow White House spokesperson said that the commission has not completed its report and there will be no presentation of alternatives. The Group today is meeting with Democrat leadership with video conference with Tony Blair. Tony Blair staunch supporter of Bush stupid policies is now advising to get engage with Syria and Iran to solve the Iraq violence situation. Bush has ruled out any negotiations with Iran until they stop their uranium enrichment. Iran has showed no weakness or sign of doing so because they believe it is their legal right to enrich uranium for their peaceful energy purposes under NPT.

Bush who still resisting Democrats demands of setting up timetable for US troops withdrawal slightly has the upper hand due to the stupidity of 26 percent Connecticut Democrats who voted for most corrupt politician Joe Lieberman who has now got the balance of power. The Joe Lieberman did not rule out the possibility of joining Republicans which will destroy Democrats controlling both Houses of Congress. Joe Lieberman as I had written is egocentric opportunist without any ethics can change his loyalties for personal power grab. The other reason would be that Joe Lieberman is well aligned with Bush and John McCain policies in Iraq and believe US troops withdrawal is not the solution. Keeping all this in mind the chances are that Joe Lieberman will switch party and that will balance the power in Senate where Democrats and Republicans will equally divide the committees and Dick vote will be the deciding factor.

The situation on the ground in Iraq is the same where people are getting killed by IED suicide bombs with US and British troops. The violence has rise in Shias South where British troops were enjoying a relatively peaceful occupation.

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Iran UN Sanctions after Midterm Elections.

Posted by QB on November 10, 2006

The Iran situation become more interesting after US midterm elections with Democrats taking control of Senate and House of Representatives. The US with Britain France and Germany is trying to approve its sanctions UN Security Council draft strongly opposed by Russia and China. Bush might face another blow by Democrats not ready to confirm his UN Ambassador John Bolton.

Iran Chief Negotiator is in Russia where he said that Iran will reconsider its ties with IAEA if European draft get approved without Russian changes. The chances are that European countries sanctions draft will not pass without Russian changes because of Russia’s financial interests are tied with Iran’s nuclear reactors with one billion contract.

Iran government has developed very good economic relations with the neighboring countries which includes Pakistan, India, Russia, China with their deals of supplying gas to these countries and the latest news is that Russia has proposed $7 billion gas pipeline which will supply gas to India. Russian President Vladimir Putin has said in the past Moscow was interested in the project and news agencies quoted him in June as saying gas monopoly Gazprom was ready to help implement and finance the pipeline.

That would be the case “especially as a project like this can pay for itself”, Putin was quoted as saying.

Deora said his Pakistani counterpart also welcomed the possibility of a Russian role, and he hoped Iran would also support it.

Israel and US are the only countries who wants to destroy Iran’s Nuclear facilities are helpless at the moment because they know the consequences of any air strike or invasion will be complete failure. Israel Deputy Defence Minister suggested in his comments that Israel might take military action against Iran Nuclear program which is denied by government spokesperson saying that this comment does not reflect Israel Government policy or Prime Minister Ehud Olmert. Ehud Olmert did call Iran’s nuclear program a threat for West which really is not true. Iran if wanted to develop nuclear weapons than the fact is they are years away from development. There is still a possibility that US might get involved in another war if Israel government take military action against Iran’s nuclear facilities to protect their ally. The Evangelicals might be working secretly with Israel government and encouraging them to take the military action as this is what they want to bring Jesus Christ back and they will have rapture.

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Iran Nuclear Threat? Sectarian violence.

Posted by QB on October 13, 2006

Iran’s Ayatollah Ali Khamenei is blaming US for flaming sectarian violence in Iraq and US accused Iran for this sectarian violence.
Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Iran’s highest authority, said on Friday the United States was encouraging sectarian strife in Iraq.
“Making Sunnis and Shias suspicious of one another … is the policy of the Americans in Iraq,” Khamenei told worshippers at Friday prayers, broadcast live on state television. “Our Iraqi brothers need to stand united … and beware that the enemy plans to turn people against the people,” he said.

The truth is US and Iran accusations are not correct but it is true as Ayatollah Ali Khamenei pointed out that all this violence started with bombing of Shias mosque in February. The sectarian violence was very intelligently instigated by Iraqi Resistance after they tried all their peaceful  efforts to bring Shias into their Resistance against occupation military. The Iraqi Resistance used the bombing of religious shrines as the last resort which finally worked and the Iraq has slipped into worst killing field.

There was active participation of Sunnis and Shias against occupation immediately after the fall of Baghdad according to independent reports which was discouraged by Grand Satan Sistani who decided to extend cooperation to US occupation military by giving them time to hand over power to Shias. Grand Satan Sistani still has the power to stop this sectarian violence with one strong statement but he has choose not do so for some wierd reasons.

Bush is trying to scare Americans with similar phrases which he used against Saddam Hussein regarding Iran Nuclear program. The allegations Bush is making is all lies and speculations with no real proof that Iran infact is developing Nuclear Weapons.

“Imagine a Middle East with an Iran with a nuclear weapon threatening free nations and trying to promote their vision of extremism through Hezbollah?”

This is the stupid statement by Bush. The truth is that Iran uranium enrichment is within NPT which they have the right to do so for their Nuclear engry program development. The Iran relations with Hamas and Hezbollah are friendly because they don’t consider these organizations as “terrorists” as labeled by US and its European allies.

The United States is confident that if given a genuine opportunity to choose its leaders freely and fairly, the Iranian people would make a very different choice, says Mr. Burns. “They would choose leaders who invest in development at home rather than bloodshed abroad and a system that respects all faiths, empowers all citizens, and resumes Iran’s historic place as a regional leader.” This is again only the propaganda by Bush regime  because Iranians did voted for Ahmadinejad in fair and free elections and they elected who they believe is good for them and their country.

Ayatollah Khemeni and Ahmadinejad said that Iran will continue its peaceful uranium enrichment program without fear.

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North Korea Nuclear Test and blame game.

Posted by QB on October 11, 2006

This is interesting to see that Republicans started blaming Bill Clinton for North Korea Nuclear Test. The one of the 2008 Presidential hopeful John McCain blame Bill Clinton for getting engaged directly with North Korea which according to him was the failed policy which leads them to develop nuclear weapon. John McCain who considered maverick is the most shallow politician hidden in many layers of hypocrisy that people don’t see real person. The problem is people don’t pay much attention otherwise they could have find out that whenever he is facing camera or in front of people he is wearing his mask of unbiased honest and watching closely his words and body language one can easily find out that he get uncomfortable trying to hide real of himself. John McCain did not realize that Bill Clinton diplomacy and direct talks with North-Korea keep them away from developing nuclear weapons 8 years. Kim Jong-Il started the nuclear weapons development after completely ignored by Bush regime as they were obsessed with Saddam Hussein.

Bush regime had blamed Bill Clinton for everything they themseleves failed terrorism, Osama Bin Laden, Al Qaeda and now we might hear someday that it was Bill Clinton fault that US troops are struck in Afghanistan and Iraq and it is Bill Clinton fault that US is loosing the “war on terror”.

Scott Ritter today appeared on CNN with his sharp truth that US is planning attack on Iran Nuclear facilities and when engaged in full scale confrontation will use Nuclear Weapons on Iran. Scott Ritter is former UN Nuclear Weapons inspector who did oppose the Iraq invasion and he was the only person who like me is trying to tell the world that Bush administration are lying on Saddam Hussein Weapons of Mass Destructions. Scott Ritter recently visited Iran and according to him Iran has the legal right to enrich uranium under UN NPT which US refuse to acknowledge.

Do you not believe Iran is pursuing a nuclear bomb? Wolf Blitzer.

Scott Ritter reply. “I would say that no one can say this with absolute certainty. I don’t believe that the Bush administration has made a sound case that Iran is pursuing a nuclear weapons program, a case backed up with fact. In fact, to counter this, when you take a look at those who are mandated to investigate, the International Atomic Energy Agency, both in terms of the reports that they have released, and the people that I’ve spoken to, while they remain skeptical about Iran — you know, the fact that Iran might be hiding some facts — they state right out there is no evidence whatsoever that Iran is pursuing a nuclear weapons program. ”

Wolf Blitzer  who is against the Iran Nuclear program because of of religion and piece of land which were given to Jews some 5000 years back try to spin the situation by pointed out towards IAEA Director-General Muhammad ElBaradei, what they said is they’re not taking steps consistent with their obligations under the nuclear nonproliferation treaty. They can’t reject, they can’t categorically say Iran isn’t pursuing a nuclear program.

“Correct, but that doesn’t mean they are pursuing a nuclear weapons program. What it means is that we have a diplomatic crisis, something that needs to be resolved, diplomatically. ” Scott Ritter clear simple reply.

“Well, how can you resolve something diplomatically if you refuse to engage one-on-one with the parties that you’re concerned about? We continue to say this is a European issue. The Europeans need to engage, but when you take a look at what’s happening behind the scenes, with what they’re doing at the IAEA, with the European Union, we’re undermining — Iran’s counter is that the nonproliferation treaty, particularly Article IV, gives them every right under international law to enrich.

There’s a difference between what they’re asking Iran to do and what Iran is obligated to do. Everyone wants Iran to pursue what’s call the “additional protocol” and even measures beyond this. This is special terminology for special inspection procedures, etc cetera. Iran says they will do this if the European Union and the United States acknowledge their right, under Article IV, to enrich uranium. The U.S. position is not one spinning centrifuge, no enriching. ”

This is what Scott Ritter said about Iran invasion.  “I know that they are considering. There are plans in place for putting American troops on the ground. It’s not the first option. The first option is, of course, the air strike, the massive aerial bombardment to achieve a number of things. A, to nullify the Iranian nuclear capacity; but B, to destabilize the Iranian regime to the point that it facilitates regime change.

The problem is once you initiate this aerial campaign, and you do not succeed in either verifiably nullifying the nuclear program or B, undermining and destabilizing the regime. What’s your next step? Because you’ve already opened up the bottle, because you’ve already initiated.

The next step will be limited incursion of American troops to achieve and reinforce destabilization, and when that fails when 40,000 American troops on the ground what do you do when the situation deteriorates to a point that they are truly at risk.

Because as you pointed out, it’s a nation of 60 to 70 million people. It’s not going to roll over and play dead. What do you do when you start bombing, you put troops on the ground, and you’re still not winning?

Again, the Bush administration has articulated a nuclear posture, a nuclear policy that allows for the preemptive use in a nuclear weapons in a non-nuclear environment if the president determines that American forces are placed at unacceptable risk. I would say that having 40,000 troops in Iran, in a deteriorating situation, represents the kind of unacceptable risk. “

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EU – Iran Nuclear Negotiations.

Posted by QB on October 4, 2006

European negotiator showing his frustrations with negotiating Iran on uranium enrichment and said that these negotiations are not going forward to reach an mutual agreement with Iran refusing to stop its enrichment program. EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana said if negotiations stopped than the matter will go into UN Security Council which is kind of threat of imposing sancations on Iran. Iran President Ahmadinejad is firm that sanctions will not make them to stop their peaceful neclear program.

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad warned the West that sanctions would not stop his government from uranium enrichment.

“You are mistaken if you assume that the Iranian nation will stop for even a moment from the path toward using nuclear energy due to your nagging,” he told supporters, drawing chants of “Death to America!” from a crowd in Hashtgerd, outside the Iranian capital, Tehran.

“It’s been 27 years that they (the West) haven’t allowed us to use technologies that they possess,” Ahmadinejad said. “This nation is powerful and won’t give in to one iota of coercion.”

Ahmadinejad also announced that Iran’s nuclear facilities will be open for torrorists to show West that their program is peaceful and they have nothing to hide. Also Iranian Partiliment voted to debate a bill to finger print US citizens visiting Iran and this is in response to US finger printing Iranian citizens.

Interesting situation developing.

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Iran refuses to stop uranium enrichment even for a day!!! Ahmadinejad

Posted by QB on September 28, 2006

Ahmadinejad said to Iran crowd that Iran will not stop its peaceful uranium enrichment program even for one day. Ahmadinejad criticizes US government for developing nuclear weapons who wants Iran to stop its peaceful purpose nuclear technology development.

The US Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Global Security Organization

Nuclear weapons and the United States – Wikipedia.

This is my own opinion about the Nuclear Weapons. All UN Security Council should take initiative and sign up NPT. The UN BIG FIVE must open its nuclear facilities for inspection by IAEA. They BIG Five must start getting rid of their Weapons of Mass Destruction in some systematic way. The BIG FIVE of UN Security Council members has developed the most destructive advanced WMD in the name of security is actually is very dirty tactics of using their power to have monopoly on WMD.

These BIG FIVE are fighting with all their bullying techniques so the other countries can’t have Nuclear Weapons. These BIG FIVE enjoy believe that they can control the world with their WMD power which is proved to be wrong in Afghanistan and Iraq. Bush administration is the worst case of paranoid who believe the rest of the world rulers are stupid who have links with terrorists can’t be trusted. Bush administration also believe that Muslim countries have no right to develop Nuclear Weapons that they see a clear threat for the existence of Israel. Bush administration has no objection on Israel Nuclear Weapons program they are not ashamed to block UN resolution against Israel to sign NPT.

The only government which the world can’t trust with these Nuclear Weapons is US, which is the only country in the world who actually used these weapons in Japan in WWII. There is a growing concern about the recent rise of Christian-ism in US which is so dangerous for Middle East and Muslim World that one day some crazy Elected Christian fundamentalist will not hesitate to use Nuclear Weapon in Middle East. The US mainstream media with the very popular Christian radical are very effectively promoting hate against Muslims and Middle East with their propaganda and biased reporting.

Get rid of all Nuclear Weapons or let all the countries have them for their own security.

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Ahmadinejad – US change its attitude!!!

Posted by QB on September 24, 2006

This is what Ahmadinejad said that US government has to change its attitude to start negotiations and everything will be put on the table including uranium enrichment.

“If they change their behavior, it is possible to talk about everything,” the Iranian leader told The Washington Post. “It’s the attitude and the approach of some American politicians that ruin things.”

Asked if Iran was willing to take any steps to suspend uranium enrichment, Ahmadinejad responded to the Post: “We think that the American politicians should change their attitudes. If they think that by threatening Iran they’ll have results, they are wrong.”

Ahmadinejad statements clearly shows the Iran is no threat to US or its ally Israel and they have the peaceful energy for their Nuclear technology. The problem we are facing today is the most corrupt brainless regime in White House who simply don’t believe in diplomacy and negotiations. Bush regime is trying to enforce their doctrines by force by their close minded approach by closing all the negotiation doors. They don’t wanted to talk to Iran government which is elected by the majority of the Iranians claim to be the oppressive regime. They reject to open talk with Hamas which were very democratically elected by Palestinians which they consider as “terrorist” organization will not solve any problem in Middle East but it certainly will make it worst.

Bush regime has two more years and we all have to wait and wish for regime change in US for better peaceful world.

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Posted by QB on September 23, 2006

This provides a comprehensive analysis of the likely nature of US or Israeli military action that would be intended to disable Iran’s nuclear capabilities. It outlines both the immediate consequences in terms of loss of human life, facilities and infrastructure, and also the likely Iranian responses, which would be extensive.

An attack on Iranian nuclear infrastructure would signal the start of a protracted military confrontation that would probably grow to involve Iraq, Israel and Lebanon, as well as the USA and Iran. The report concludes that a military response to the current crisis in relations with Iran is a particularly dangerous option and should not be considered further. Alternative approaches must be sought, however difficult these may be.

Read the paper online IRAN: CONSEQUENCES OF A WAR – Paul Rogers

The other factor is radical Christians who are so enthusiastic about Middle East wars because according to their religious belief it will bring Jesus back and they will have their rapture. The most fanatical Christian who are in support of wars in Middle East included Rev. Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, Pastor Hagee and maybe the new Pope.

This is my own analysis of regarding US air strike or invasion of Iran. Consequences of Iran Air Strike.

Ahmadinejad must have analysed the situation better then me as I find him to be very intelligent talking to journalists.

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Ahmadinejad interview on CNN.

Posted by QB on September 21, 2006

Anderson Cooper talked to Iranian President Ahmadinejad last night. Anderson really did not ask the intelligent questions, he chooses to ask questions for the American audience. Ahmadinejad was very calm and confident replied all the questions with smile. The general impression of Ahmedinejad is that he is intelligent person who has command on all the issues and the subjects.

Jim Walsh is an international security expert at MIT. “U.S. News & World Report” diplomatic correspondent is Tom Omestad. Both met with Iran’s president today. They were on Paula Zahn talking to Soleded O’Brian.

THOMAS OMESTAD, DIPLOMATIC CORRESPONDENT, “U.S. NEWS & WORLD REPORT”: Well, I mean, contrary to the widespread image that’s — we often see in various Western media, I mean, he comes off as a rather calm, I would say even serene, figure. So, it’s a big jarring, compared to the popular image that — that we have been led to expect. You know, he seems to have command of his material. He talks a different sort of language than — than most Western politicians would normally talk, frequent references to religion, obviously, in particular Islam. But he moves across a variety of issues quite — quite easily.

Following is the reply to Soledad O’Brian question that general impression of Ahmadinejad is that he is crazy.


I think there’s a tendency in the U.S., when we have a leader we don’t like of another country, or a leader we don’t understand, we say, well, he’s crazy. And that’s a mistake.

If you like him, Ahmadinejad, you don’t like Ahmadinejad, you have still got to know who you’re dealing with. And, in this case, I think Tom is right. He came off as poised, relaxed, spoke for two hours. We had two hours with him. He’s not a policy wonk. He’s not a Bill Clinton. He talked in general themes.

But he’s — I saw no evidence to suggest that he’s crazy at all. And I think we need to treat him seriously, if we’re going to make any progress or avoid problems in the future.

O’BRIEN: Tom, was it a two-hour lecture? Was it two hours of Q&A? Was it a little bit of both? Or do you feel like he had good command of his material, he had a convincing argument?

OMESTAD: Well, he said from the outset he was looking forward to a dialogue, but, naturally, most of us are more interested in hearing from them than — hearing from him than — than we are speaking ourselves.

So, I mean, it had the — it had the form of sort of a group interview. He did have command of his material. And I thought that he moved about very smoothly. I mean, he tended to offer very lengthy answers to questions that seemed to interest him. So, you know, I would say that it was — for those expecting some sort of crazy Iranian president, he didn’t deliver that image.

WALSH: Well, we talked about Israel. We talked about Iraq. We talked about Afghanistan. I asked him about the nuclear issue and Israel.

But I — I think it’s fair to say, Soledad, this wasn’t about policy. It was really more general things that he — he admires the American people. He wants to have better relations with the U.S. He believes in dialogue. It was those sorts of things that filled most of the conversation.

And what’s important here, I think, is not only what he may have said or didn’t say, but the fact that he was having this meeting. He — this is so different from his first visit to the U.N., which I think most people would say was not successful, maybe even a disaster.

In this case, he’s trying to engage Americans. It may be part P.R., but it may also be symbolic communication, sort of a hint to American officials that Iran may be more ready to talk than they have been in the past. Source CNN Paula Zahn

Do you want to wipe Israel off the face of the map? Anderson Cooper first question.

AHMADINEJAD (through translator): I’m surprised why American politicians are so sensitive and biased with — with regards to Israel. What is — is there a relationship, to speak with such prejudice?

Everyone is prevented about questioning the regime. Whenever a question is raised, some American politicians react very strongly to it, whereas we know there’s a lot being said about many countries around the world.

Lebanon was bombarded. In Ghana, people were killed with laser bombs. But it doesn’t seem to have created concern among American politicians as much. But when somebody questions or criticizes the Zionist regime, there’s so much reaction. Could you tell me why this is the case?

I would think it would be a good question to ask from American politicians, the extent of the prejudice we — we see with them about Israel, given the massacres committed by Israel, killing people in their own homes. Should they not be subject to criticism? Should nobody complain and raise objections about the violations of rights and the murders that they commit? Are they free to do such acts?

Should they not act within the framework of any law?

COOPER: To — to some in America, though, that is going to sound like you’re not answering the question. I mean, the — the question really is — is, do you believe Israel has a right to exist?

AHMADINEJAD (through translator): I say that it is an occupying regime.

We say we must — you must allow the Palestinian nation to decide for itself what its fate should be. There are five million displaced Palestinians, four million who live under the threat of bombardments, or actual bombardments and attacks.

So, let Palestinian people decide for themselves. We support the vote of the people. And whatever the result is, we must all accept. Why should there be objection to this proposal, or — or, so to say, with the vote of the people to indicate their will? Do — don’t the people in Palestine have the right to live? Are they not human beings? They live in their own homeland. In their own homeland, they are under attack.
COOPER: The same statement could be said of — of Jewish people in Israel, that they’re living in what they say is their homeland. Don’t they have a right to exist?

AHMADINEJAD (through translator): Yes, in Palestine, there were a group of Jews that live. But where did they come afterwards, the larger groups that came to Palestine?

We know what the trend was. A group of people came from other places to that land. Where does the father of Mr. Olmert come from, for example? Some of the ministers in Israel are, in fact, of Iranian origin, with no background, historical background, in Palestine. But they’re there, ruling.

COOPER: So, you’re saying, really, they don’t belong there; they should go somewhere else?

AHMADINEJAD (through translator): I am saying, let the Palestinian people decide. The Palestinian people should decide what to do.

And among Palestinians, there are Jews, Muslims, and Christians. Our question is, what about the rights of the Palestinian people? They lived there, and they were displaced and forced to leave their own homeland, under the threat of a gun, and, regretfully, with the support of the American government.

What is happening to the Palestinians? Do they not have the right? Shouldn’t we be thinking about that? Their young people are being killed on the streets. Homes are being destroyed over their heads, even in Gaza, even in the West Bank.

After all, they are human beings, too. They have the life — the right to life and to live in their own homeland. Others have come from far and beyond, and are now there ruling there and governing that land.

Why did they go there? They should return to where they came from. Or, even if they don’t, they should at least allow the Palestinian nation to decide about that and the future.

So, what I’m saying is quite clear. We want peace to be established there. We care for the Jews who live under pressure there as well, because they, too, are living outside their own homes, from where they belong, their homeland, actually. That is not their homeland.

COOPER: You have repeatedly implied that the Holocaust never happened. And it certainly seems to be the — and implied that more research needs to be done on whether or not it did happen.

I mean, the argument could be made that the genocide was perhaps the most well-documented genocide of the 20th century. Do you really believe that the Holocaust never happened?

AHMADINEJAD (through translator): If this event happened, where did it happen? The where is the main question. And it was not in Palestine. Why is the Holocaust used as a pretext to occupy the Palestinian lands?

COOPER: But do you understand why it’s deeply offensive to people…


AHMADINEJAD (through translator): That subject, how is it connected to the occupying regime in Jerusalem?

COOPER: You do realize, though, why it would be deeply offensive to so many people that you use — that you even say “if it ever happened”?

AHMADINEJAD (through translator): Well, you don’t speak here for all Americans. In the past two or three days, I have met with many members of the media and the press here, some who are even related to the U.S. government. But the questions are the same across the board.

COOPER: Why — why can’t you believe there was a Holocaust and support Palestinians?

AHMADINEJAD (through translator): No, that’s not a reason at all.

The subject of the Holocaust is a different subject. I raised two or three questions that were very clear about it. I said that, in World War II, 60 million people lost their lives. They were killed. Two million of them were non-civilians, so to say, military. The rest were civilian populations.

And they all lost their lives. Their lives were all cared for and respected. But why is it that we concentrate so much on the lives of a — a group of — among the 60 million?

The second question is, assuming that this happened, why don’t they allow more research and studies to be done about it? If it is a truth that happened, then we — we will need more clarity about it. And they are — must be impartial groups, or whoever who is interested should be able to do the research. Why is that prevented?

COOPER: President Bush, at the U.N. spoke — tried to speak directly to the Iranian people yesterday. And he said…

AHMADINEJAD (through translator): Did you get the answer you wanted about the Holocaust?

COOPER: No, I didn’t, but I know my time is limited.

Ahmadinejad made his what he thinks about Israel and the Palestinian conflict and he has the right to disagree with the US point of view without getting attacked by the Western Media and the US government who are portraying him as war crazy dangerous mad man of Middle East just like they did to Saddam Hussein.

Anderson Cooper rest of the interview was related to Iran is trying to develop Nuclear Weapons in secrecy. Ahmadinejad made it very clear that Iran do not have any desire to develop Nuclear Weapons and their nuclear program is for peaceful energy purposes.

CNN which played the major role in Iraq invasion by promoting fear and false propaganda is doing this again with Iran. The IAEA blasted US intelligence report. CNN is again playing in the hands of Bush administration by spreading false fear among common Americans to lay ground for another Bush war.

IAEA Blasted US intelligence Report.

Ahmadinejad also question Anderson Cooper regarding US Nuclear Weapons development. Ahmadinejad was very impressive.

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Ahmedinejad speech at UN General Assembly.

Posted by QB on September 20, 2006

Following are the few quotes from his UN speech.

Iran’s nuclear activities are “transparent, peaceful and under the watchful eye” of United Nations inspectors, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Tuesday.

Taking the world stage at the U.N. General Assembly hours after President Bush, he also some permanent members of the Security Council — an apparent reference to the United States — of using the powerful body as a tool of “threat and coercion.”

He reiterated his nation’s commitment to the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty as it faces accusations that it is seeking to develop atomic weapons.

His speech was sharply critical of the United States and Britain, and focused in large part on what he said was their abuse of the Security Council, on which they are both permanent members with veto power.

“The question needs to be asked: if the governments of the United States or the United Kingdom, who are permanent members of the Security Council, commit aggression, occupation and violation of international law, which of the U.N. organs can take them into account,” he said.

“If they have differences with a nation or state, they drag it to the Security Council and as claimants, arrogate to themselves simultaneously the roes of prosecutor, judge and executioner,” he added said. “Is this a just order?”

The U.S. and Britain played central roles in helping craft a U.N. Security Council resolution passed in July that gave Iran until Aug. 31 to suspend uranium enrichment and asked the International Atomic Energy Agency to report on Tehran’s compliance, dangling the threat of sanctions if Iran refused. Tehran made clear even before the deadline expired that it had no intention of suspending uranium enrichment.

The Iranian leader also had harsh words about U.S. efforts in Iraq, saying “the occupiers are incapable of establishing security in Iraq” and every day hundreds of people get killed “in cold blood.” Ahmadinejad claimed that numerous terrorists apprehended by the Iraqi government were “let loose under various pretexts by the occupiers.”

“It seems that intensification of hostilities and terrorism serves as a pretext for the continued presence of foreign forces in Iraq,” he said.

The speech was very impressive and he get the better applause from the audience than Bush who was address with the floor full. I did not get the complete transcript of Ahmedinejad speech. I called this speech impressive because he talked about the issues which are the cause of all the unrest hatred and terrorism towards US and its European allies. Ahmedinejad very correctly pointed out that UN Security Council is used as a tool to implement all the oppressive policies of BIG Fives.

The following is one of my old blog entry.

Is this make sense? July 13, 2006


There are five permanent members of U.N. who are the masters of the whole world.

  • UK USA France Russia China can only develop nuclear weapons
  • These permanent members will sell their arms to underdeveloped countries
  • These permanent members has the right to chose which weapons are for sale
  • These permanent members are developing the most dangerous WMD
  • These countries other WMD is the sanctions imposed on countries who are not playing according to the rules set by them
  • These sanctions kills millions of poor people who are suffering hardship because of cruel sanctions

Why we all have to live as a slaves of these five permanent members?

Ahmedinejad adviced UN to give Muslims Countries South America and Africa representation with giving them permanent seats on Security Council. This really is a very good proposal ofcourse BIG FIVE will oppose this to keep their power at world stage.

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Posted by QB on September 19, 2006

Voice of reason and wisdom. Will write his analysis of Iran and US nuclear issue.

This interview was conducted by CNN Senior National Correspondent John Roberts on Anderson 360 last night.

John asked Brzezinsky about the consequences of Iran war.

Brzezinsky reponse. “I think it would be devastating. First of all, we are rather stuck in Iraq. That would compound the problem. The Iranians can respond by making life for us much more miserable than Iraq. They can destabilize Afghanistan. They can let loose Hezbollah. They can precipitate disruption of the flow of oil through the Strait of Hormouse (ph). They can cut their own production.”

Read my analysis on US invasion of Iran or even air strike writen previous month and I had the same analysis.

John ask Brzezinsky about the chances of US and Iran relations will be repaired.

Bzezinsky reply. “Absolutely. I think there is for several reasons. We need each other. And we can be a force for good in the Middle East if we pursue intelligent policies, really try to settle the Israeli- Palestinian conflict, which both peoples need. Get out of Iraq in some fashion, and to deal with Iran as a serious player in the region. Try to understand their security concerns, try to make them understand ours.”

Conservation will come out and start labeling Bzezinsky “terrorist apologist”, I really don’t understand what does this mean like I don’t understand Bush using Islamofacists, Islamic radicals, Islamic terrorists means which Bzezinsky make is very clear is causing more problems and creating hatred and division. Some people also fault President Bush for what they call increasingly Islamaphobic language that alienates Muslims.

Bzezinsky. “He talks all the time abut the jihadists, Islamic fanatics, Islamic terrorists, the caliphate that is going to be set up. Suppose the president was talking about the IRA terrorists in Northern Ireland, you know, the Irish terrorists, and instead was calling them all the time, the Catholic terrorists, the papist terrorists, the terrorists who are trying to set up a papacy. It would certainly offend many Catholics.”

Brzezinsky also stated that the hatred towards US is due to its foreign polices. There are some idiots who do believe that US foreign policies are not oppressive and they all blame it on terrorists. I was get the advice from one idiot to read some other brainless idiot blog her blog where she has proved it that its not the foreign policies and unjustice of Western Governments is the main cause of terrorist in Middle East and all around the world.

Intelligent assessment of the Muslims hatred towards Bush administration. Anybody in the Bush administration ever try to understand and listen these intelligent people.

Brzezinsky said regarding Iran ambition to be the dominant power in Middle East. “And the president sometimes creates the impression that come what may, he is going to address this issue decisive in the next two years. Which I suspect means only one possibility, war, because to resolve this issue may take longer than two years to negotiate seriously.”

John Roberts end the interview with this statement. Brzezinsky believes that Iran may be as much as a decade away from developing a nuclear weapon if it goes down that road. But one of President Bush’s biggest worries and he doesn’t like to talk about this publicly, is that if Iran doesn’t agree in the near future to give up its nuclear program, Israel may launch a preemptive strike. And if that were to happen, everyone that I’ve talked to about it predicts that consequences would be disastrous.

According to my previous month analysis of the situation where I said that it will be disastrous for US troops in Middle East not only in Iraq and Afghanistan but also the US Military bases in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, UAE.

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UN General Assembly. US showdown with Iran.

Posted by QB on September 19, 2006

President Bush is New York to make the case at the United Nations for tough steps to stop Iran’s nuclear program. But the president has no plans to speak directly with Iran’s president at the U.N. and if diplomacy fails Mr. Bush has made clear the military option is on the table. War with Iran may seem unthinkable, but at the Pentagon there are people whose job it is plan for the unthinkable. Wolf Blitzer

Pentagon sources tell CNN that all of the planning for possible military action in Iran comes under the heading of prudent and routine planning — nothing more. Jamie Mcintyre CNN Pentagon correspondent.

Imagine a Middle East within Iran with a nuclear weapon threatening free nations. Bush.

According to Jammie Mcintyre the military option includes bombing of Iran nuclear facilities and missiles, using the latest bunker-busting munitions in an air assault lasting several nights and dropping thousands of bombs. The potential targets, more than two dozen nuclear facilities spread across Iran, some secret, some deep underground and some in populated areas that would have to be hit multiple times. This has also been reported that some of the nuclear facilities are in heavily civilian populated areas.

U.S. Air Force Colonel Sam Gardiner (Ret.) on told Wolf Blitzer that military operation is already underway in Iran. We’re conducting military operations inside Iran right now. The evidence is overwhelming from both the Iranians, Americans, and congressional sources. I’ve talked to Iranians. I asked an Iranian ambassador to the IAEA. What’s this I hear about Americans being there? He said to me well, we’ve captured some people who work with them. We’ve confirmed that they’re there.

U.S. Air Force Colonel Sam Gardiner (Ret.) further said. The House committee of emerging threats tried to have a hearing some weeks ago, in which they asked the Department of State and Defense to come and answer this question because it’s serious enough to be answered without congressional approval. And they didn’t come to the hearing. There are sources that I talked to on the Hill who believe that’s true and it’s being done without congressional oversight.

IAEA reported that Iranins are enriching 3.6% grade uranium and 90% enrichment of uranium is required to use for nuclear weapons development. Israel is pushing US to take action against Iran as they only have only few months to act otherwise it will be too late which is a complete lie according to IAEA reports. The same lies and propaganda is used which was used against Iraq to scare Americans and the whole world to take military action against Iran. Bush administration if did not get the desired results in UN Security Council they will again try to make UN irrelevant weak organization which is standing between US security and you know what vast majority of American will believe it to be true and we might see another bloody destructive war this time with Iran. The war will spread in the whole Middle East Israel included.

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