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Jimmy Carter meeting Hamas.

Posted by QB on April 22, 2008

Jimmy Cater is criticized harshly by Democrats and Republicans for meeting with Hamas leaders to get understanding of their point of view. Bush regime and Israel government did not like Carter meeting with Hamas who consider them as terrorist group.Carter, the most honest person, is right that there will be no peace if Hamas and Syria is left out of peace talks. Carter also told in news conference that Hamas will accept the right to exist if they pull back to 1967 positions.

The peace is possible with open minded open hearted people like Carter to bring the Israel and Palestinian on the negotiation table.


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US Military Attack Action Against Iran.

Posted by QB on October 28, 2007

The drumbeat by Bush regime is getting louder and louder saying the same lies which we heard before the invasion on Iraq. CNN and the mainstream media is busy creating false fears of Iran nuclear program which is in very initial stages is no threat at all for US Europe or Israel. The mainstream media criminally ignoring the facts that Iran uranium enrichment program has produced low grade uranium which can’t be used in nuclear weapons. The mainstream media never reported that Israel has stockpile of nuclear weapons which can blow up the whole Middle East, if Iran has couple of nuclear bombs that does not make them threat for US Israel and European countries. The Iranians are intelligent enough not to use the nuclear weapons because they don’t wanted to get destroyed by Israel carpet nuclear bombing.

The US military did not have a clear victory in Afghanistan and Iraq fighting with Resistance Groups who has outdated weapons and homemade explosive devices and Iran Military is well equipped well organized with the capability to cause the damage beyond American imagination. Iran’s has rockets which can hit the US military bases in Afghanistan, Iran, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, UAE, which they will do without any hesitation if attacked. Iran’s government will strengthen Hamas, Hizbollah, Taliban and Iraqi Resistance Groups in response to US military attack.

The following is interesting article posted by Maureen Dowd, which could be a satire or maybe is the actual interview by Tim Russert of Dick.

Dick Talk to Tim Russet.

Tim Russert talked to Dick. Following is the link of that interview.

Interview of US Vice President Dick by Tim Russert.

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Peres congratulates Musharraf.

Posted by QB on October 8, 2007

Israel President Shimon Peres congratulated Pervez Musharraf on winning Presidential elections. This is the first time that Israel issued public statement showing their good friendly intentions. President Peres should know that everybody in the world wants peace in Middle East and this include Hamas, Hizbollah and Iran, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, UAE, Pakistan and all the other Muslim countries..

Israel congratulated Pervez Musharraf on his re-election as president of Pakistan.President Shimon Peres on Monday published an open letter to Musharraf, a former general who seized power in 1999 and swept to a second term in elections over the weekend.Peres noted that although Islamabad and Jerusalem do not have formal ties, Musharraf has voiced interest in Israeli-Arab peace efforts. Musharraf is an ally of the Bush administration.“You have shown responsibility and strength in preventing the spread of violence and terrorism on many occasions, and I carry in my heart your support for peace in the Middle East,” Peres wrote. “Please accept, Your Excellency, the assurances of my highest consideration.”

The Israeli and Pakistani foreign ministers held surprise talks in 2005, but Pakistan has said it will withhold full recognition of the Jewish state until a Palestinian state is founded.

Peres statement is the first positive step towards peace. The Israeli government has to work hard towards achieving peace by just opening their minds and hearts and accepting that their policies of aggression and oppression were wrong. These policies did not bring any peace and stability from last 60 years and these policies can’t bring peace in the next 100 years. The confrontation will cause death and destruction on both sides.

The Peres know that Ahmadinejad can’t destroy Israel, the fact is that Israel can destroy all the neighboring countries with its WMD. It is in the best interest of the Israel to solve Palestine issue as quickly as possible which will bring peace stability prosperity for Israel and Middle East. The peace treaty giving Palestinians will also destroy Al Qaida without firing a single shot. Al Qaida and terrorism is growing due to wrong policies of US and Israel. Fighting war on terror will keep growing with Bush policy of invasions and occupations.

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A regional security pact to calm the Middle East

Posted by QB on May 13, 2007

This is excellent article and I agree with what Patrick Seale has written.

A regional security pact to calm the Middle East

By: Patrick Seale
The failure of the Bush Administration’s Middle East policy is now so catastrophic as to pose a danger to international peace and security. It is high time the United States stepped aside and turned the region’s problems over to local powers.

What can be done? In my view, Saudi Arabia, the Arab world’s real heavyweight, should join its Gulf partners in offering Iran a wide-ranging security pact. The Arabs would guarantee not to allow their territory to be used for a U.S. attack on Iran, while Iran would guarantee not to use Shi‘a communities to destabilize the existing political order in the region.

Such a pact could help stabilize Iraq and cool Sunni-Shi‘a tensions. It might even be the only way to persuade Iran to give up whatever ambitions it may have to acquire nuclear weapons.

At the same time, Egypt should be given a wide Arab mandate and massive international backing — from Europe, but also from China, Russia and India, as well as the United States —to sell the Arab Peace Initiative to the Israeli public as a matter of urgency. This offers Israel peace with the entire Arab world if it withdraws to its 1967 borders and allows the creation of a Palestinian state.

The situation is grave because of America’s deplorable record. Its smashing of Iraq —for fabricated and fraudulent reasons — has led to a strategic, political, and human disaster unparalleled in the modern history of the Arab world. The United States has itself paid a heavy price for its criminal folly, but not nearly as heavy as that paid by the wretched Iraqis whose collapsed state has opened the door to a hell of utter lawlessness.

America’s destruction of Iraq has shattered the balance of power between Arabs and Persians, which for centuries was a key to the region’s stability; it has created an Iraqi refugee problem of mammoth proportions, matched only by that of the Palestinians driven from their homes by the creation of Israel in 1947-48; and it has ignited a cruel civil war between Sunnis and Shi’a, which threatens to set the region on fire.

The United States should get out at the earliest opportunity before it does more damage still.

Originally aimed at eliminating Al-Qaeda and its Taliban hosts, America’s war in Afghanistan has turned into a doomed struggle with the powerful Pathan tribes which dominate the east and south of Afghanistan and straddle the frontier with Pakistan. These are the men now fighting under the revived Taliban banner.

The unfortunate President Pervez Musharraf of Pakistan (whose minister of interior was nearly killed by a suicide bomber last week) is caught between American pressure to prevent cross border infiltration into Afghanistan and the natural instincts of the fighting men in Pakistan’s tribal agencies to rush to the aid of their tribal brothers in Afghanistan. Meanwhile, much of Afghanistan is raging against America and its puppet government in Kabul for the ghastly casualties inflicted on the civilian population by indiscriminate U.S. air strikes and other abuses.

This is a war America’s NATO allies should never have joined. Far from eliminating “terrorism,” the war in Afghanistan, like the war in Iraq, has become a “terrorist factory,” creating whole armies of men bent on revenge for what America has done to their shattered societies.

The way to defeat Al-Qaeda —essentially a parasitic body feeding on other people’s conflicts —is to put an end to these wars, not to expand them. The urgent priority is not to stoke the fires of war but to lower tensions as much as is humanly possible and bring about calm and security so as to allow much-needed reconstruction to begin.

In Iran, the United States is in danger of making an even graver mistake than in Iraq and Afghanistan. It began by handing Iran two precious gifts: the (temporary) defeat of the Taliban and the overthrow of Saddam Hussein. This freed Iran from old enemies and potential threats on both its flanks, allowing it to emerge as a leading power in the Gulf, with extensions into the Levant by means of the Tehran-Damascus-Hizbullah axis.

The United States and its Israeli ally then took fright at this new challenge to their regional hegemony and have sought to put the Islamic Republic back in its box. They have together mounted a world-wide campaign to isolate Iran economically and politically, threatening it openly with armed attack.

As a “message” to Iran, the United States has sent two powerful carrier battle groups to the region and — again with enthusiastic help from Israel — has sought to undermine Iran’s banking system and starve it of international credits by pressuring major banks to stop dealing with it. These are illegal actions, which go far beyond the sanctions authorized by U.N. Resolutions.

In demonizing Iran, the United States and Israel have focussed primarily on its nuclear program, portraying it as an “existential threat” to Israel and a danger to the entire world. This is dangerous propaganda with little basis in fact.

Iran is many years away from being able to manufacture atomic weapons, even if it wished to do so, which is by no means clear. It is perfectly entitled to the peaceful uses of nuclear power under the terms of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), which it has signed but which Israel, India and Pakistan have not.

It is worth recalling that the possession of nuclear weapons can protect a country against attack, but that such weapons cannot be used against more powerful enemies without risking national extinction. I do not believe the Iranians are contemplating national suicide.

The present American and Israeli position is that they will not tolerate a nuclear-armed Iran. That is what they say. But what does it mean? What if Iran enriches uranium for peaceful purposes, as it is entitled to do under the NPT, but stops well short of a military program? Will the United States and Israel go to war to prevent that? It would be a catastrophic error.

There is hardly a corner of the region where U.S. policy has not spread mayhem. The latest victim of its diplomacy is Somalia, where the Ethiopian intervention it encouraged has caused a bloodbath and enormous human misery.

Last summer, it encouraged and supported Israel in its all-out war against Lebanon —a gross overreaction to a relatively trivial border incident.

The result has been to demonstrate Israel’s vulnerability to missiles and asymmetric warfare, to dent the deterrent capability of its army, to demoralize its population and expose its leaders as a bunch of incompetent and morally-dubious politicians.

The United States has followed Israel’s lead in seeking to undermine Hizbullah, the victor in the Lebanese war, and to boycott Hamas, the victor in democratic Palestinian elections. It has thus made bitter enemies of two popular and deeply-rooted resistance movements, which have sprung up in response to Israeli aggression and occupation.

Instead of urging Israel to make peace with its neighbors —the only long-term guarantee of its security —Washington has funded and turned a blind eye to its occupation and settlement of Palestinian and Syrian territory and has provided political cover for its aggression against Lebanon and for its extraordinarily brutal treatment of the Palestinians.

There is now serious talk of a third intifada, which would set the desperate Palestinian territories alight and carry death and destruction into Israel itself.

On a visit in April to the West Bank, Louis Michel, the European Commissioner for Development and Humanitarian Assistance, noted that the situation in the territory had never been worse. Some 60 per cent of the population is living below the poverty line on two euros a day or less. Some 35 percent of the population — 1.3 million Palestinians — are going hungry. More than half the children suffer from anemia. A quarter of the population have no access to drinking water. Hundreds of Israeli check points rule out any possibility of economic development, reducing the population to a situation of permanent siege and permanent terror. Does Israel’s security justify such measures, Louis Michel asked?

Is it not time regional powers took their destiny into their own hands, free from external, and specifically nefarious American, interference?

Patrick Seale is a leading British writer on the Middle East, and the author of “The Struggle for Syria;” also, “Asad of Syria: The Struggle for the Middle East”; and “Abu Nidal: A Gun for Hire.” Copyright © 2007 Patrick Seale

Source : The Arab American News.com

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Democratic hypypcrisy at work.

Posted by QB on October 27, 2006

This is true analysis of Israel Palestine conflict after Hamas wining the elections. The dirty democracy tactics are been used against Hamas government.

Daud Abdullah: No Winners in This Factional Conflict.

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Fatah-Hamas agreement help solve problem of Palestine gov’t: Russia.

Posted by QB on October 21, 2006

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said an agreement between Al-Fatah and Hamas should create conditions for solving the problem of Palestine’s government.

In an interview with Kuwaiti KUNA news agency on Saturday, Lavrov said, “Other Palestinian groups outside the Palestinian Authority’s territory may take part in this process. I think that such government may rely on broad support from Arab states. We know about efforts taken by them to ensure accord on Palestinian territories. We mean the efforts taken by Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and primarily Qatar.” The minister regretted that certain Quartet members were trying to influence this process and make excessive demands because it would be unrealistic to demand now that Hamas should fully accept all the terms of the Quartet, including the recognition of Israel, the giving up of violence with regard to Israel and the compliance with all the existing agreements.

“We are sure of it, and we used to say from the very beginning after the establishment of contacts with Hamas that it may advance gradually towards accepting those terms.”

Lavrov stressed, “Hamas consent to complying with all the existing agreements, confirming the powers of Abu Mazen as the only negotiator would be a very important step in the direction, which is necessary for all of us: Let us promote this stand as much as we can.”

This is the only positive news today and I am glad that peace deal within Palestinians have reached. Fatah must accept the election results which bring Hamas into power and they must also realize how difficult for this government to survive with all the European and US aid cutoff. Bush regime talk about democracy had not accepted the results of Palestinian elections and try to bring Hamas elected government down with financial problems.

The Palestinians must be intelligent enough to know that US want to punish them for voting for Hamas. This peace deal I believe will bring down daily clashes and killings of Palestinians. I agree with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov that Hamas will soften their approach towards Israel and will come to peaceful negotiations which goes in the benefit for Palestinians and Jews.

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Israel Gaza Strip Military offensive.

Posted by QB on October 16, 2006

Read the following news.

Hamas threatens Israel with unforgettable lesson.

The open minded people can see the injustices and the aggression in the name of protection. Israel is the only country which is the main cause of all Middle East unrest.

Israel also accused Syria still supplying arms to Hezbollah in Lebanon. Israel get most sophisticaed weapons from US to defend themselves why Hezbollah is not allowed to get weapons from Syria and Iran to defend themselves against Israeli invasion.

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Iran Nuclear Threat? Sectarian violence.

Posted by QB on October 13, 2006

Iran’s Ayatollah Ali Khamenei is blaming US for flaming sectarian violence in Iraq and US accused Iran for this sectarian violence.
Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Iran’s highest authority, said on Friday the United States was encouraging sectarian strife in Iraq.
“Making Sunnis and Shias suspicious of one another … is the policy of the Americans in Iraq,” Khamenei told worshippers at Friday prayers, broadcast live on state television. “Our Iraqi brothers need to stand united … and beware that the enemy plans to turn people against the people,” he said.

The truth is US and Iran accusations are not correct but it is true as Ayatollah Ali Khamenei pointed out that all this violence started with bombing of Shias mosque in February. The sectarian violence was very intelligently instigated by Iraqi Resistance after they tried all their peaceful  efforts to bring Shias into their Resistance against occupation military. The Iraqi Resistance used the bombing of religious shrines as the last resort which finally worked and the Iraq has slipped into worst killing field.

There was active participation of Sunnis and Shias against occupation immediately after the fall of Baghdad according to independent reports which was discouraged by Grand Satan Sistani who decided to extend cooperation to US occupation military by giving them time to hand over power to Shias. Grand Satan Sistani still has the power to stop this sectarian violence with one strong statement but he has choose not do so for some wierd reasons.

Bush is trying to scare Americans with similar phrases which he used against Saddam Hussein regarding Iran Nuclear program. The allegations Bush is making is all lies and speculations with no real proof that Iran infact is developing Nuclear Weapons.

“Imagine a Middle East with an Iran with a nuclear weapon threatening free nations and trying to promote their vision of extremism through Hezbollah?”

This is the stupid statement by Bush. The truth is that Iran uranium enrichment is within NPT which they have the right to do so for their Nuclear engry program development. The Iran relations with Hamas and Hezbollah are friendly because they don’t consider these organizations as “terrorists” as labeled by US and its European allies.

The United States is confident that if given a genuine opportunity to choose its leaders freely and fairly, the Iranian people would make a very different choice, says Mr. Burns. “They would choose leaders who invest in development at home rather than bloodshed abroad and a system that respects all faiths, empowers all citizens, and resumes Iran’s historic place as a regional leader.” This is again only the propaganda by Bush regime  because Iranians did voted for Ahmadinejad in fair and free elections and they elected who they believe is good for them and their country.

Ayatollah Khemeni and Ahmadinejad said that Iran will continue its peaceful uranium enrichment program without fear.

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North Korea ready for Nuclear Test!!!

Posted by QB on October 3, 2006

I don’t blame Kim Jong-Il. This is one more Bush administration failure. Bush does not have the foggiest idea what is diplomacy and why it is always helpful to resolve the conflicting issues with negotiations. The word “foggiest” used in reference to Bush statement which is reported in Bob Woodward book that he said his dad ask him to see Prince Bandar to learn about the international relations and he did not had the “foggiest” idea what international relations means before meeting him.

North Korea is going through worst economic and financial problems and all they need is financial aid to boast their economy. Bill Clinton diplomacy was great providing financial help to Kim Jong-Il with the promise not to persue their nuclear weapons development. It is so sad to see a President who follow Bill Clinton is a moron with no common sense. This President should have learned what diplomacy means from his teacher Prince Bandar with international relations.

Bush don’t talk to Kim Jong-Il, Bush don’t talk to Ahmadinejad, Bush don’t talk to Hugo Chavez, Bush don’t talk to Hamas Prime Minister of Palestine, Bush don’t talk to Hasan Nasrallah of Hezbollah.

The international relations are not like personal relationships where you don’t talk and be friends with people who disagree with one’s personal opinions which is alright but diplomacy is simply the conduct by government officials of negotiations and other relations between nations or the art or science of conducting such negotiations. Bush administration or better call it regime has introduced its own doctrines which are dictatorial where they are dictating their own terms and conditions without taking part in any real negotiations.

Iranian President Ahmadinejad show great diplomacy when he invited US for negotiations with the idication that they might stop their uranium enrichment program. Bush regime refused any direct negotiations with their usual arrogance demanding Iran to stop uranium enrichment first for any negotiations to take place.

Bush regime and his European allies punished the Palestinian people for electing Hamas in very fair election by stopping all their financial aid which is causing social economic and violent unrest in Palestine. They should have accepted these democratic results with starting negotiations with Hamas to change their stance on Israel instead of immediately cutting off all the financial aid.

Bush has strained relationship with Hugo Chavez after they immediately accepted the coup in 2002 which could have easily be reconciled with negotiations. Bush regime choose to go after Hugo Chavez by trying to isolate Venezuela in Latin America by false accusations of harboring terrorists and trying to portray him as the threat to neighboring countries.

These are the main reason that I don’t blame Kim Jong-Il conducting nuclear test.

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Israel withdrawal from Lebanon completed.

Posted by QB on October 1, 2006

This war was the mistake by Ehud Olmert and his cabinet. Israel lost badly in this war without achievement any of its goal. The Israel carpet bombing of Southern Lebanon destroyed cities towns villages bridges and mostly killed young children and civilians. Hezbollah also fired few thousands of its rocket into Israel towns and cities which did killed some civilians and destroyed some civilians properties.

This war was started to liberate two Israelis captured soldiers and even after the withdrawal of Israel soldiers there is no release of those two captured soldiers. This war which was mistake to start with filled with arrogance and pride that Israel military power will destroy Hezbollah completely within days. This was the message coming out from Israel’s UN Ambassador and the Israel’s spokespersons. US immediately vetoed cease fire resolution at UN Security Council on Israel government wishes that they need couple of weeks to accomplished their goals. Israel government realised after four weeks after suffering military casualties that they have no chance of winning over Hezbollah accepted the ceasefire to save their face.

Israel can’t claim any good coming out of this unnecessary 34 days war. Ehud Olmert is facing the anger from the Israelis. There are also very strong voices within Israel for his resignation. Israel also is criticized by UN and by EU for using excessive use of power.

When this war started Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Jordan criticized Hezbollahblaming to be the main cause of starting this war. These three Arab governments quickly stopped Hezbollah criticism with growing popularity within their own countries among the masses.

Qatar close US ally and the head quarters for military in Middle East visited Lebanon. praises Hezbollah for their brave stand against Israeli military and defeated Israel after 60 years. He also looked very happy to claim the first victory of the Arabs. Lebanon Prime Minister advice Israel can live in peace only by solving the issues with peaceful negotiations. The Lebanon Prime Minister is scared to criticize Hezbollah and Nasrallah because Israel invasion has helped this organization to reached to new level of popularity with in Lebanon and all around the Muslims World.

Israel and US who demand for Hezbollah disarmament is not the part of UNFIL troops in Southern Lebanon. Hezbollah issued a clear statement that they will not accept any disarmament and claim that they have all of its rockets and long range misiles safe.

This Israel war worked in favor of Hezbollah and Nasralah. Israel should have resolved the capture of its two soldiers more intelligently by negotiations instead of this unnecessary destructive war. Israel government still have the opportunity to solve the Sheba Farms issue peacefully with releasing Lebanese prisoners which will help them regain support internationally.

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UN General Assembly.

Posted by QB on September 20, 2006

Following are view quotes from the speeches.

Jordan’s King Abdullah II said that until Israel ends its occupation of Palestinian lands and gives Palestinians their rights, the cycle of violence will continue in the region and its effects will be felt throughout the world.

“I come before you today with a deep sense of urgency,” Abdullah told the assembly. “Never has it been more important for the world community to act decisively for peace in my region.”

Pakistan’s President Gen. Pervez Musharraf, a staunch U.S. ally who spoke shortly after Bush, urged the world to confront the plague of terrorism head-on and end conflicts in the Islamic world to eliminate the “desperation and injustice” that breed extremism.

“Unless we end foreign occupation and suppression of Muslim peoples,” he said, “terrorism and extremism will continue to find recruits among alienated Muslims in various parts of the world,” he said, and the top priority should be ending “the tragedy of Palestine.”

As speaker after speaker expressed concern about the rise of terrorism in the world, Costa Rican President Oscar Arias, a Nobel Peace Prize winner, warned that military spending was not the answer.

He said that more than $200 billion had been added to global military spending since the Sept. 11 attacks five years ago.

“There is not a single indicator that suggests that this colossal increase is making the world more secure and human rights more widely enjoyed,” he said. “On the contrary, we feel more and more vulnerable and fragile.”

I am trying to find the full transcripts of these speeches and can’t find them.

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UN General Assembly.

Posted by QB on September 19, 2006

Watched and listen President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva was actually more intelligently dealing with the issue of poverty, hunger, fighting aids with comparing it with Bush who had the same old stuff freedom, spreading democracy, giving the rosy pictures of Iraq and Afghanistan.

The transcripts of the speeches are not available will analyze when available.

Bush speech was old same stuff which he is talking about almost daily from last five years. Democracy in Middle East with occupation, fighting war on terror, force to disarm Hezbollah according to UN Security Council Resolution. I had already make it clear that US is not for true Democracy in separate article. They want the Democracy which supports all the US oppressive policies. Ahmedinejad is democratically elected President of Iran labeled oppressive leader of Iran. Hugo Chavez is democratically elected President of Venezuela and he is not acceptable to US because he criticises American policies and talk about peoples rights equality. Hamas is the democratically elected government chosen by Palestinians who are called “terrorists”. Hezbollah has representation in Lebanon government elected by the people is not acceptable to US.

Bush who wants UN to implement all the outstanding UN Security Resolutions on Muslim countries must also try to implement all the Israel’s outstanding UN Security Council Resolutions.

PS: Israel violation of UN Security Council Resolutions will be posted separately.

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At U.N., Bush to focus on democracy in Middle East. Headline Yahoo News.

Posted by QB on September 18, 2006

Bush UN General Assembly agenda include shoring democracies in Iraq, Palestine and Iranian nuclear issue. The problem is that US does not support the real democracies where they don’t get the results according their own liking and support. US government and CIA start creating chaos to topple down the governments who do not support all their oppressive policies. Hugo Chavez the popular democratically elected President of Venezuela is one good example of US not accepting the will of majority of Venezuelan people and trying to bring Hugo Chavez down by supporting the corrupt politicians who are more interested in protecting the rich and big US corporations. These corrupt politicians get the funding from US so they can have the government which support all their policies without any criticism.

Hamas win the democratic election in Palestine which is labeled “terrorist organization” rejecting the results and the will of people. The fact is that US with its European allies punished the poor Palestinians for electing Hamas by immediately seizing all the aid. I was surprised with this result and try to find out the reasons why Hamas was elected. The reasons were pretty simple that Palestinians were fed up with the corruption of Palestinian Authorities and they elected Hamas because the social and welfare work done by this organization for the poor people.

Khatami the moderate Iranian President lost election to Ahmadinejad because US has become the constant threat to the region. Iranian rejected the Khatami’s moderate polices and elected Ahmadinejad in very fair democratic election which again is not acceptable to Bush administration because he is critical of US foreign policies.

Bush does not support the democracies they support the rulers who go along with their oppressive policies. Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bahrain,Qatar, UAE, Kuwait are are oppressive regimes with US support. It will be interesting and really funny to watch Bush UN General Assembly address.

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