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Russia planted their Flags deep under North Pole.

Posted by QB on August 2, 2007

This is interesting news which will increase new tensions between Russia and USA. Vladamir Putin might have done this in response to Bush Europe Missile Defense program. It will be interesting to see Bush regime reaction. Canada Foreign Minister Peter MacKay mocked Russian claim. Mackay is mocking Russian claims hoping to fully backed by US power. Stephen Harper whole government is George W. Bush bitch.

Russian sub plants flag under North Pole.


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Afghanistan and Iraq Wars.

Posted by QB on May 27, 2007

Bush wars are not going so well in Afghanistan and Iraq where Talibans has announced to launched nation wide attacks on foreign forces and its local allies. Talibans attacks are killing Canadian and British soldiers almost on daily basis.. Bush’s “war on terror” strong supporter Pervez Musharraf is in deep trouble trying to hang on to power. Pervez Musharraf opposition is rising among the moderate Pakistanis for firing Chief Justice and the religious parties and its supporters are angry because of his constant attacks on civilians in NWFP for “war on terror”.

Iraq is situation is worst than Afghanistan where hundreds of civilians get killed daily with rising numbers of US troops deaths. The US soldiers deaths may rise sharply as they have now launched offensive attacks against Shiites in Baghdad and Southern Iraq. Dick as usual busy is creating fear by telling the Americans that Al Qaeda wants to kill four million US citizens including children so they have to fight them in Iraq. The majority of ill-informed US citizens will believe Dick absurd lie and keep their support for war in Iraq. According to reports about 1000 US soldiers died since last year Memorial Day and with the latest strategy adopted by US military to go after Mehdi Army might double or triple the number of US soldiers death on next Memorial Day.

Bush regime is blaming Iran for all Iraq violence and try to scare them with their military power with war exercises with its Naval fleet in Persian Gulf to me is looking for more conflicts rather than bringing the peace in Iraq. Lebanon situation is calm for the time being but Bush stupidity will turn into bloody violence again because they will force Sinora government to use force against Al Qaeda inspired group which will be the begining of new war and it will create more problems for US occupation military and Israel.

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We should back Chávez.

Posted by QB on May 25, 2007

This article is written by Colin Burgon published by Guardian and he is the only European or US law maker who has the courage to speak truth. USA and Canada talk about the free speech and both countries have refused to give Al Jazeera permission to reach to its North American audience.

Neoconservative forces, via compliant media outlets and Christian right groupings within the European parliament, are preparing their latest attack on Hugo Chávez and the government of Venezuela. The latest focus of the campaign is the decision of Venezuela’s broadcasting authorities not to renew the licence of the private television channel RCTV. The anti-Chávez apparatus once again presents a test for Foreign Office ministers.

Washington’s outriders characterise the decision as an affront to freedom of speech, yet the facts speak in louder tones. Over 80% of Venezuelan television and radio outlets are privately owned; this excludes a number of cable and satellite television networks that are widely available. Of this 80%, significant sections are owned by corporate groups. According to a recent New York Times editorial, this has led to a situation in which “even the best news outlets tend to be openly ideological…so the owners’ views can permeate reporting”.

Almost all Venezuelan newspapers remain in private hands. The press is free to report, and express opinions, without government interference. Most do so with considerable brio on a daily basis. No media outlet has encountered licensing problems for the expression of political views. No journalist has been imprisoned or punished for report or comment.

In RCTV’s case, the broadcaster failed to meet basic public-interest standards. The criterion for this assessment is similar to that used by the US Federal Communications Commission. RCTV will be free to broadcast via cable and satellite, which are available across the country.

In the UK, if Channel 4 aided an attempted coup against the government that resulted in civil unrest and even death, would anyone be supporting the renewal of its licence? RCTV has lost its licence because its wealthy owners slanted news coverage to provide support to the April 2002 coup against Chávez and the elected government. This will not be news to those who gathered in parliament last week to view John Pilger’s excellent documentary The War on Democracy, which shows footage of RCTV involvement.

As the coup failed and Venezuelans questioned Chávez’s “resignation”, RCTV prohibited correspondents from airing these developments.

So what hope that our representatives in the EU might withstand rightwing pressure and argue against a discriminatory move against Venezuela at a meeting in Strasbourg next week? If the Foreign Office’s public strategy document Latin America to 2020 is anything to go by, not very much.

Lord Triesman, the document’s main author and a Foreign Office minister, outlines an adherence to free-market liberalism and singularly defined democracy as the prerequisites for UK engagement in Latin America. The document shows our government remains committed to the neoliberal model as a means of tackling the highest levels of social inequality in the world. However, anyone interested in nations such as Venezuela or Bolivia can see that the “Washington consensus” trade and aid packages have failed the most desperate people of those nations.

In the document, many Latin American leaders are named and congratulated, yet Chávez receives no such recognition. The Foreign Office appears to ignore the reasons for the popularity of Chávez, Evo Morales in Bolivia and Rafael Correa in Ecuador: the failure of neoliberal policies imposed by Washington and endorsed by the EU.

It is not too late for a Labour government to engage with those who wish to achieve justice for their peoples. Events in Strasbourg next week provide an opportunity for the UK government to show reason and goodwill.

· Colin Burgon is Labour MP for Elmet and chair of Labour Friends of Venezuela

Source Link : We should back Chavez.

This is the true face of US and European democracies. They have set rule for themselves which only protects their governments and expect rest of the world to blindly follow their wishes and anyone who is criticising US or its European allies government policies become dangerous enemy.

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Wars for Water?

Posted by QB on May 24, 2007

This was very interesting to find out that the next war will be for “Water”. The US might invade Canada for the supply of fresh water not immediately but likely in the future. Canadian government currently is refusing to export their fresh water to US or any other country.

The following is the news article published by BBC.

One country has abundant fresh water, far more than it needs. Across the border there is simply not enough and it has yet to find a solution to the problem.

Canada has, by some estimates, up to 20% of the world’s fresh water supplies and only 0.5% of the world’s population.

You would think there would be enough to go around, perhaps even a little left over to share. But this is not the case.

Up North

In the south-western corner of the United States, drought has meant that Lake Mead, which supplies the Las Vegas valley, is shrinking fast.

The Colorado River, a critical source of drinking water for southern California and Arizona, and the feeder of the Hoover Dam, has seen its flow cut by half in the past few years.

Now the US has turned its attention to its northerly neighbour Canada in hoping to find a solution to its water shortage, but it is not looking easy.

The former US ambassador to Canada, Paul Cellucci, says it makes no sense for Canada to refuse to exploit one more of its natural resources.

“The Canadians sell us an awful lot of oil, more oil than Saudi Arabia,” he says.

“Eighty-six per cent of our natural gas imports come from Canada. We get uranium, we get all sorts of resources. Interestingly all these resources are finite.”

“Water, on the other hand, as long as it keeps raining, is renewable, it is replenishable,” he says.

“I always found it odd that the Canadians will sell us oil and gas, but would not even talk about the possibility of selling fresh water.”

No deal

But rain or no rain, much of Canada’s water is a finite resource.

In the snow capped Canadian Rockies giant glaciers inch down the mountainsides, feeding icy turquoise lakes that lay at its feet and down into the rivers that irrigate Canada’s vast prairies.

However, climate change means the glaciers are fast melting and once they are gone, they are gone.

The former premier of the province of Alberta, Peter Lougheed, predicts that the US will be aggressively coming after Canada’s water in the next three to five years.

And he wants Canadians to say no.

“It would be foolish for us to sell it simply because we have a surplus of it now,” he says.

“It’s a very, very hot issue. There is not any issue I’ve come across in public life that people get more emotional about than fresh water.

“At some stage, a US senator is going to say ‘we have a free trade agreement with Canada so why don’t we exercise that right?’

“The reason I speak is to forewarn Canadians about it, prepare for it and reject it.”

Canadians admit they need to clean up their act.

They are some of the world’s most profligate users of waters, consuming twice as much as people in France and four times as much as the Swedes.

Canadians are likely to come under increasing pressure to share their water wealth.

But a thirsty US could have an uphill struggle.

One poll suggests 70% of Canadians agree with Peter Lougheed and are vehemently opposed to bulk water exports.

Source : Canada fights to keep its water.

The Canadian answer to US Ambassador that “we don’t mix our oil and water together” replying to his pressure to sell water to US. The control of fresh water supply issue is rising all around the world and sure this will be one big issue for wars all around the world. The news figures are wrong Canada has 30% of world water supply and 80% Canadian oppose bulk export of their water.

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Taliban commander vows bloody 2007 in Afghanistan.

Posted by QB on January 2, 2007

This news is published by AlterNet.org and all following quotes are extracted from their news story.

The Taliban will step up attacks on foreign troops in Afghanistan this year and kill anyone who negotiates with the government, a top rebel commander said on Tuesday. Taliban commander Mullah Dadullah said the new year would see more attacks on NATO and U.S. forces.

“Suicide and guerrilla attacks on NATO, American and coalition forces will continue and increase this year. The Taliban will inflict heavy casualties on them,” Dadullah told Reuters by satellite telephone from an undisclosed location.

Dadullah said the Taliban had used a winter lull in fighting to draw up new war plans to inflict maximum damage on foreign forces. Afghan fighting traditionally falls off during the bitter winter when snow blocks mountain passes.

“They will soon come to know about the Taliban’s strength and war strategy. We will attack with such a force they will have no time to settle,” Dadullah said. The rebel commander ruled out any negotiations while foreign troops were in the country and threatened dire consequences for anyone who did so. “Those who negotiate in the name of the Taliban will be killed,” he said. He did not elaborate. The government has a reconciliation programme aimed at persuading Taliban members to give up their fight and rejoin society but few insurgents have taken up the offer. Some Afghan politicians have said peace will be impossible unless elements of the Taliban are included in talks. A Taliban spokesman said last month the rebels might take part in planned tribal councils that Pakistan and Afghanistan aim to hold on both sides of the Afghan-Pakistani border. But other Taliban members quickly denied there was any chance of the insurgents attending the councils. Taliban leader Mullah Mohammad Omar was reported to have denounced the proposed meetings as an American trick in a message last week.

Afghanistan front will be quiet during the winter because of severe cold weather and winter always is family time for Afghans and it is also evident they will be doing planning and setting up their war strategy. Bush regime will try to promote its propaganda that everything is under NATA occupation troops and Talebans have gone into hiding and defeated which ofcourse will only accepted by the idiots who have no knowledge about the region and Afghans mentality who had the desire and will to continue this war for decades. Afghanistan will go into background for the time being with all the emphasis will be on Iraq and I am still waiting for Bush regime next move which could be increasing the number of US troops but that will backfire will not solve any of the mess Bush stupidity has created with invading that country.

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U.S. soldier deserted rather than fight in Iraq. CBC News.

Posted by QB on October 20, 2006

A U.S. soldier told a group of Fredericton peace activists Thursday that he deserted the army and came to Canada after he refused to fight in Iraq.

Corey Glass signed up for the National Guard when he was 19, but he said he never expected to go overseas. After serving a term in Iraq, he said he wasn’t willing to go back.

Glass said he tried to quit when the army told him he was going back to Iraq, but he was told that wasn’t possible.

He deserted the army and spent seven months in hiding in the U.S. before coming to Canada.

“[Army officials] stopped by my parents’ place to try to find me,” he said. “Somehow they must have gotten hold of my stuff that I’d left [behind] and started calling numbers they found.”

Glass, who spoke about his experiences in Iraq Thursday night in Fredericton, has been travelling across Canada on a speaking tour.

His audience in Fredericton consisted of members of the general public, and members of the Peace Coalition, the Citizens’ Press and the University of New Brunswick/St. Thomas Social Justice Society.

Graham Cox, an editor with the Citizens’ Press, said desertion hasn’t been an issue for the Canadian military, but he said it’s important for Canadians to hear from soldiers who decide they don’t want to fight.

He also said it’s possible that Canadian soldiers will desert in the future because the war in Afghanistan is unpopular here.

“I certainly know that the majority of Canadians don’t support the war,” he said. “So I think there would be support for deserters or resisters of that war.”

Glass said he’s not sure how long he will stay in Canada. He feels safe here, and said it’s risky for him to return home.

The maximum punishment for desertion in the U.S. is death.

Good decision by this reservist. There were reports from Iraq than plenty of US soldiers are actually deserting from Iraq.

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NATO call for Afghanistan reinforcements.

Posted by QB on October 20, 2006

This call is coming from Peter McKay Foreign Minister Affairs of Conservative minority week Canadian government.

“We are calling in a … forceful way for other countries to come and participate in what is a very difficult part of this mission,” MacKay said Thursday after an address to the Canadian International Council. “We sense that there are other countries willing to come and to participate.”

Canadian, British, American and Dutch troops make up the bulk of the NATO-led force in the dangerous Kandahar region, where Taliban fighters have re-established strongholds.

Canadian according to my knowledge has 2000 soldiers in Afghanistan and maybe this actually is the strongest troops contribution within NATA contribution.

The question is why the hell these Canadians soldiers are there in Afghanistan, most of these Canadians killed in friendly fire by US pilots and the many more are getting killed by Talebans. The Canadian troops were very reluctantly commit by Liberal Prime Minister Jean Chretian when Bush was threatening the whole world with “if you don’t support US than you are with terrorists” and he flatly refused any troops contribution for Iraq invasion which was a very wise decision.

The Liberals internal revolt against Jean Chretian make him resign from Office after ten years. Jean Chretian must have some sort of plan to pull Canadians out of Afghanistan which was not possible with another weak Liberal Prime Minister Paul Martin took office with very strong Conservative oppositions who are with Bush with their hearts and minds for the love of Christianity. Prime Minster Paul Martin did not survive his full term when early elections were called and it was due to Liberals own mistakes corruption and arrogance bring these Conservatives into power.

The current Prime Minister Stephen Harper will support all Bush policies due to his religious beliefs. The intelligent strategy would be to bring back all the Canadian soldiers from Afghanistan.

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Israel committed war crimes.

Posted by QB on October 14, 2006

The Canadian Liberal party will vote for its new leader in December and one of the frong runner has accused Israel committed war crimes during Lebanon invasion. Michael Ignatieff said at the weekend that Israel committed a war crime when it bombarded the Lebanese village of Qana in July. The Bush like conservative Prime Minister was quick to jump on his statement by calling Liberal Party anti Israel.

Michael Ignatieff said on Friday that it would be up to international bodies to determine whether Israel had committed war crimes at Qana, although he also said he thought both sides in the conflict were guilty of crimes against civilians.

“I do believe that in this explosive conflict, war crimes were visited on Israeli citizens and were visited on Lebanese civilians,” he said.

Ignatieff, who stressed his friendship for Israel and said he would travel there soon, said it was disgraceful for Harper to suggest the Liberals were anti-Israeli.

“There is no basis whatever for Mr. Harper to suggest that the Liberal Party is biased against Israel.”

According to another report Israel used thousands of cluster bombs in Southern Lebanon before cease fire which are still taking the lives of Lebanese civilians and childrens when these bombs explode. These cluster bombs, which upon detonation let off well over a million “bomblets” that spread like buckshot over wide areas, now litter the region and kill or maim on average three people a day. Labanese government reported that these cluster bombs has severely wounded 109 people killing 18 since cease fire.

Michael Slackman, in a report he filed from Beirut for The New York Times last Friday, writes of these bomblets: “They are stuck in the branches of olive trees and the broad leaves of banana trees. They are on rooftops, mixed in with rubble and littered across fields, farms, driveways, roads and outside schools.”

Clearly by dropping these bombs, Israel is not only in violation of international law, but may very well be guilty of a war crime. That it dropped them at a time when the United Nations Security Council was a day or two short of negotiating a resolution to end the war is morally repugnant. Of the million or so bomblets that litter the region, only 4,500 have been found and disposed of so far.

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