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US – Border Security Guards.

Posted by QB on December 9, 2007

This morning was not planning to write anything but wake up too early with still time on hand so there is no better way to ut8ilize this time writing my experience in US small city with little over 2 hundred thousand population. The people of the city are friendly polite like any other US city but there is huge Border Security personnel’s hanging at the Greyhound bus terminal. I went to buy ticket to go home on Friday night went straight to the window ask for the timing of the bus departure and than noticed am surrounded by two guys blocking my way out of the area, this was strange and I asked them do we met somewhere else, the reply was from one of the Border Security Guard that you tell us. Then the other Guard asked me do I have documentation which I did have in my bag. The Border Security Guard asked me to talk to them, this make me very angry, told the Greyhound clerk to wait and let me finish with these guys first, the guys corrected me that we are not the “Guys” were are “Officers” of US Border Security. After checking my documentation the “Officer” thank me and they went away. This is small incident actually the first time in any US city, before this happened like to thank the city police Officers who guided me when I asked them the address and they were polite helpful walked me to a place to show me the direction, it was windy morning with snow.

The interesting thing is this small town is far away from border and all these Border Security Guards permanently stationed on this bus terminal, they are all Latinos. Bush is making US a police state. This is not the America I know, this is more like some police state of third world country.


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