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Palestine – Iraq – Lebanon Situation and Bush Freedom Democracy Policy.

Posted by QB on June 16, 2007

The situation in Middle East is becoming more complex with violence spreading into Palestine and Lebanon with continued violence in Iraq. Bush invaded Iraq to find WMD and changed their position when they did not find any WMD to spreading freedom and democracy in Middle East. The Bush regime or as a matter of fact none of the USA previous administration has any interest to bring real democracy in Middle East and Latin America. The objectives of US is only to protect its own interests by supporting corrupt oppressive Middle East governments.

The Bush regime with its European allies is responsible for the present situation of Palestine. Bush and its European allies cut off all the financial aid to Palestine after Hamas take control of the government after defeating Fatah in democratic elections. Bush and European countries who claimed to be the champions of democracy and freedom did not accept the Palestine election results, they actually rejected the mandate of the people and encouraged Fatah security agencies for violent demonstrations against government. Fatah did never accepted the election results like Bush regime never co-operated with Hamas government instead they chose to fight their own people to gain power which they lost because they become corrupt. Mahmoud Abbas is trying to please the Bush regime fired the democratically elected Hamas government. Bush supported Abbas decision and pledges to lift embargo.

Bush really do not want the real democracies in Middle East or any region of the world. Their only goal is to keep the governments in the hands of corrupt politicians who support US and its all oppression policies and protect US big corporations interests. The real democracy in Middle East and in other regions of the world will always bring people into power who want to protect the interests of their own country and people first instead of protecting US big corporations. The examples of such Democracies are Venezuela, Ecuador, Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, Nicaragua, Iran and Malaysia which will never accepted by US no matter who is in White House.

CNN and the US administration are quick to blame Iran for Palestine present situation and the Syria for Lebanon. The truth is that Bush regime is responsible for Palestine situation with supporting undemocratic actions taken by Mahmoud Abbas to topple down democratically elected Hamas government.

There is no improvement in Iraq situation with Bush “way forward” policy with increased number of troops. The violence is shifted from Anbar province to other areas of Iraq and now with second bombing of Shia Golden Dome Shrine will increase sectarian hatred and violence. Sistani the Grand Ayatollah finally break his silence with condemning the attack on Golden Mosque. Sistani who never condemned the sectarian violence which killed thousands of people which to me is more inhumane than destruction of this Golden Dome Shrine. The Sunni Shia religious scholars feel pain when some building is destroyed and feel no pain and sympathy for the people who are getting killed in the name of religion. They can build this Golden Dome Shrine again but they can’t bring back single dead person back to life who was killed for the love of their sect and lifeless building.

The majority of Sunnis Shias are under the control of Sistani like religious leaders who are hypocrites. The Sunni Shias are so stupid and brainless who don’t realize that what they are doing has helped the foreign military to invade and occupy their country.


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Iran Nuclear Threat? Sectarian violence.

Posted by QB on October 13, 2006

Iran’s Ayatollah Ali Khamenei is blaming US for flaming sectarian violence in Iraq and US accused Iran for this sectarian violence.
Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Iran’s highest authority, said on Friday the United States was encouraging sectarian strife in Iraq.
“Making Sunnis and Shias suspicious of one another … is the policy of the Americans in Iraq,” Khamenei told worshippers at Friday prayers, broadcast live on state television. “Our Iraqi brothers need to stand united … and beware that the enemy plans to turn people against the people,” he said.

The truth is US and Iran accusations are not correct but it is true as Ayatollah Ali Khamenei pointed out that all this violence started with bombing of Shias mosque in February. The sectarian violence was very intelligently instigated by Iraqi Resistance after they tried all their peaceful  efforts to bring Shias into their Resistance against occupation military. The Iraqi Resistance used the bombing of religious shrines as the last resort which finally worked and the Iraq has slipped into worst killing field.

There was active participation of Sunnis and Shias against occupation immediately after the fall of Baghdad according to independent reports which was discouraged by Grand Satan Sistani who decided to extend cooperation to US occupation military by giving them time to hand over power to Shias. Grand Satan Sistani still has the power to stop this sectarian violence with one strong statement but he has choose not do so for some wierd reasons.

Bush is trying to scare Americans with similar phrases which he used against Saddam Hussein regarding Iran Nuclear program. The allegations Bush is making is all lies and speculations with no real proof that Iran infact is developing Nuclear Weapons.

“Imagine a Middle East with an Iran with a nuclear weapon threatening free nations and trying to promote their vision of extremism through Hezbollah?”

This is the stupid statement by Bush. The truth is that Iran uranium enrichment is within NPT which they have the right to do so for their Nuclear engry program development. The Iran relations with Hamas and Hezbollah are friendly because they don’t consider these organizations as “terrorists” as labeled by US and its European allies.

The United States is confident that if given a genuine opportunity to choose its leaders freely and fairly, the Iranian people would make a very different choice, says Mr. Burns. “They would choose leaders who invest in development at home rather than bloodshed abroad and a system that respects all faiths, empowers all citizens, and resumes Iran’s historic place as a regional leader.” This is again only the propaganda by Bush regime  because Iranians did voted for Ahmadinejad in fair and free elections and they elected who they believe is good for them and their country.

Ayatollah Khemeni and Ahmadinejad said that Iran will continue its peaceful uranium enrichment program without fear.

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Iraq – North Korea – Iran all Bush regime’s mess.

Posted by QB on October 12, 2006

There are many headline news related to violence killing of a Catholic Priest for Pope’s comments. Bush and Blair regime trying to discredit the new report of 665,000 Iraqi civilian death since these regime illegal criminal invasion and occupation of Iraq. There is one news that Sunni and Shias clerics will call for sectarian peace from Mecca.

The news about killing some Iraqi Catholic Priest is very very very sad ignorant act of terrorism. The murdered Priest had no authority on Pope’s statements or his views, this poor guy was in no position to ask Pope Benedict to apologise for his comments. The people who had murdered this Priest for the love of God are not actually God’s people and they are not the protector of God’s religions. These murderers are the ignorant fools and aides of Devil. I have deep sympathy for the Iraqi Catholic Christians for the brutal murder of their Priest. May God provide comfort to forget this loss.

North Korea nuclear threat is main topic on all mainstream media talk shows and news and Republicans are trying their best to frame it as the failure of Bill Clinton administration like Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda. Bush regime with all its arrogance is trying to impose strict sanctions on North Korea which will escalate the problem because Kim Jong Il government want the international community to ease of some of their country hardships with financial aid. China has backed off from imposing hard sanctions on North Korea and this is the right approach in bringing the matter to resolve peacefully. Russia and China on Thursday opposed tough sanctions the U.S. wants to impose against North Korea this week for its claimed nuclear test, saying they want time to work out a more moderate response to Pyongyang’s nuclear brinkmanship. After several hours of closed-door negotiations late in the day, Russia and China — the two Security Council nations closest to Pyongyang — reported good progress.

I did mentioned the sectarian violence couple of weeks back which can immediately be stopped by one statement coming out of Grand Satan Sistani mouth. The call for peace from Mecca will not really do any good for this sectarian violence because Grand Satan Sistani silence is kind of approval for the Shias to kill Sunnis. The man who is treated like god among Iraqi Shias had not spoken since Muqtada Al Sadr incident and he intervened because of political reasons which were to stop the growing political support for this young Shia cleric.

Shias must bring this Grand Satan Sistani out in the public with force and ask him to call for peace between Sunnis and Shias.

Interesting news from Britain.

Army chief declares war on Blair: ‘We must quit Iraq soon’

US government is delaying the departure of thousands of troops from Iraq while speeding up the arrival of new troops to keep the level of troops higher. This is Bush regime effort to bring down the sectarian violence and the present troops are 142,000 in Iraq. Armed attacks on U.S. soldiers and Iraqis in Baghdad have increased by 43 percent since midsummer, despite an ongoing American-led campaign to secure individual neighborhoods, the top U.S. military spokesman in Iraq said Thursday.

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Bush failed policy in Afghanistan – Iraq.

Posted by QB on October 8, 2006

The Iraqi Sunni resistance is who were trying Shias to stand up against the US occupation since 2003 finally succeeded when US troops and Iraqi forces first time engaged in fierce battle yesterday. Sunni resistance had some success in the beginning of US occupation when they start getting cooperation from Muqtada Al Sadr Mahdi army. Sunni resistance when were besieged in Fulluja Mutada Al Sadr Mahdi army did provided them some support and cooperation according to some independent reports from inside Fulluja. Shias even provided the much needed food shelters medicines for the displaced poor Fulluja citizens.

US military did a stupid mistake by issuing arrest warrant against Muqtada Al Sadr in murder case which resulted in Mahdi army clashes with US troops. Muqtada Al Sadr and his followers take refuge in Imam Ali Mosque in Najaf and with Grand Satan Sistani the matter was resolved peacefully without arrest or Muqtada Al Sadr murder. These clashed resulted in casualties on US and Mahdi army side with many more civilian casualties. Muqtada Al Sadr lost support of the majority of the Shias when Grand Satan Sistani disapproved his approach of liberating Iraq.

Sunni resistance since then tried all the tricks to bring back Shias to take stand against occuption US military by attacking their most sacred mosques and and attacks on their religious processions. The Sunni resistance bombed one of the Shias most sacred Golden mosque which started the real conflict between Sunnis and Shias. Sunni resistance had the better plan which they executed effectively and now armed clashes escalate with Mahdi army like Fulluja and Ramadi than US military Generals are idiots who did not see this coming. Rumsfeld Rice and Bush have few phrases for Iraq not a real policy and plan for success.

The other problem is Iraqi forces which must have Sunnis, Shias and Kurds and US military will be using them strategically because of sympathies to their own people. US troops can only use Kurds against Sunnis and Shias who will show no mercy or sympathy for them which again creates more hatred and ethnic division within Iraq. US troops using Sunnis against Shias and Shias against Sunnis this will create more sectarian division. The ethnic and religious bindings will always be the hindrance for Iraqi forces to operate effectively.

US troops now has to fight Sunnis resistance and Shia full blown resistance if the clashes with Mahdi army continues. US military will face another problem which is Iraqi forces sittting behind or leaving the scene when they have to fight and kill their own people like what happened in Fulluja when most the Iraqi forces abandoned the battlefield.

The Afghanistan situation is not rosy with escalting attacks on NATO forces and again the Afhan Pashtoons will always have symphaty for Talibans and NATA can only use Tajiks against Talibans who will take their revange against them whenever they see the oppportunity.

The Bush wars on both fronts are not going very well and I can say with certainity that they have lost both wars.

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Iraq – Shi’ites killed in Sadr City.

Posted by QB on September 23, 2006

The sectarian violence which killed 35 in Sadr city in Iraq. The population of Sadr city is Shi’ites strong supporters of Muqtada Al Sadr who promised to take revenge. The other reports which are coming out of Baghdad are very disturbing with every day bodies are found who were tortured before getting killed.

Torture in Iraq is, quote, “completely out of hand,” according to a United Nations human rights investigator. Many Iraqis think it’s worse now than it was during the rule of Saddam Hussein. This U.N. investigator says he has credible reports of torture in facilities run by Iraqi forces, as well as by militias and insurgents.

Bodies found in Baghdad often show signs of injuries caused by acid, chemical burns, missing skin, eyes and teeth, broken bones and wounds caused by power drills or nails.

This is all going on and Grand Satan Sistani is completely silent, he has the power to stop all this violence with one statement. His silence looks kind of approval for the Shi’ites to keep killing Sunnis with the power they get in by US occupation military.

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Pakistani clerics, religious leaders demand pope’s removal.

Posted by QB on September 22, 2006

Pakistani clerics, religious leaders demand pope’s removal.

This is the most stupid news headline which catch my attention. These Sunni Shi’itie clerics are dumb and stupid who open their mouths and nothing come out of it but garbage. This is absurd to call for the removal of Pope, don’t they know that Pope is elected as the spiritual leader of Catholic for lifetime. Pope is the holy father to Catholics who they love to follow his all actions and words.

I have a demand of my own to remove Grand Satan Sistani from his Ayatollah position. Ayatollah, for those who don’t know means the sign of God. The is the highest religious position someone can hold with Shi’ite Religious Hierarchy. Ayatollahs are just like mini Pope with Shi’ites because there are numerous for each region and country. These Sunnis and Shi’ites religious scholars are Fatwas producing machines goes into deep silence when the violence is sectarian. Hypocrisy.

I demand to remove Grand Satan Sistani from Ayatollah position due to his criminal silence over sectarian violence and killings. I did not heard a word from this Grand Satan who can stop all these killings simply with issuing a statement. Grand Satan silence is kind of approval for Shi’ites to keep killing Sunnis so they can have the complete control of Iraq.

Pope stupidity bring us to new division hatred against each other. What have you done you old man, you must have lost all your thinking abilities clogged due to your age.

These Sunnis Shi’ite religious scholars have to lean a lot from Western Democracies and Christianity how to kill people in the name of God and religion with politely with smile on their faces.

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