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Hillary Clinton – Barak Obama Tuesday primaries.

Posted by QB on May 19, 2008

Hillary Clinton use all the negative tactics to defeat Barak Obama and still behind pledged delegates and popular votes but still talking about getting the nomination with her logic of “working class white blue collar voters” which diminish all the chances for Democrats to win the general election. The socalled “white working class blue collar voters” if do not vote for Barak Obama than they have to face the consequences of same economic foreign policies of Bush administration.

Hillary Clinton if somehow snatch the nomination from Barak Obama than Democratic party will be completely destroyed.

It look like CNN Political Ticker has blocked be from posting comments on their blog. Try to post this on CNN political ticker got message that comments for the post are closed but many more comments are posted after my comments.


One Response to “Hillary Clinton – Barak Obama Tuesday primaries.”

  1. wei2phat4u said

    you may be interested in a new blog/website that offers “readingss” of obama and popular culture, like magazine covers, websites, etc. It’s called something like SEMIOBAMA, and it’s on blogger. I think http://semio bama.blogspot.com

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