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US announces deal to send 500,000 tons of food to North Korea.

Posted by QB on May 16, 2008

Latest news heading. Good decision. This is the only way to achieve peace in the world.

Yahoo News.


18 Responses to “US announces deal to send 500,000 tons of food to North Korea.”

  1. jonolan said

    So, in your opinion, the only road to peace in the world based on the US paying for everyone else? Since when did the world become one of my dependents?

  2. QB said


    The US will send food to help the poor people. North Korean government has soften their tone and are ready for negotiations. This will help to build close diplomatic relations between these two countries. Sanctions and threats is not the solution.

  3. […] Sopan Greene wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptLatest news heading. Good decision. This is the only way to achieve peace in the world. Yahoo News. […]

  4. jonolan said

    No, QB, North Korea doesn’t have to soften their tone. They only have to accept the food. You are working under the fallacious belief that North Korea will fail to lie and do the right thing. There is NO historical evidence to support that belief.

  5. QB said

    Vote for John McCain he might bomb North Korea with Iran.

  6. Farhang Adib - Iran said

    Do you exactly know what is happening around you?
    The US government is every where ,in Iraq ,in Afghanistan, in Asia ,in Latin America ,in Lebanon ,in South Korea etc .Why ??
    because they are trying to establish democracy ? I personally heard that Sen. McCain says war in Middle East is for oil .people are REALLY suffering all around the world .please ask these question from your self honestly :
    -is your government allowed to attack other countries without the permission of United Nation?

    -Does your government really fight for democracy? If positive then why they supported Saddam Hussain in the 8 years Iraq-Iran war, afterwards he became the devil and was killed? Do you want us to smile at your politicians for what they did?
    If this was done to you ,what would have been your reaction ??
    -Why did your government explode the Iranian civil air plane in Persian Gulf and killed more than 200 innocent civilians ?was it for democracy ?
    -why did Israel bombed and destroyed Lebanon last summer? Because of democracy? What did your government do to prevent them from this crime?
    I can continue writing for hours. Let others be happy as you do .Let others see their children growth as you do? Let others be friend with your nation .You are not the US government but you are supporting them in their wrong path.
    You really do not realize other nation’s deep pain. You don’t. I don’t want to blame you at all .You may have a good heart but you may believe in all the
    stories your government say. So I
    should actually blame your government .But the existence has given us the brain, eyes, knowledge of thinking and reading. Why don’t you carry out independent studies? Put some time on it . I listen to your radio ,watch your TV ,read your newspapers. how about you ?
    I sometimes feel sad for some Americans too .Because they are also scarified by the US politicians massive propaganda.
    Yes ! QB is really right .vote for McCain to attack Iran and North Korea and then accept all the consequences. I am living in Iran and have a deep understanding about my people. The people talking about the attack are out of humanity path, and also do not know Iranians. The people seeking war are selfish and proud of themselves which is false
    I forgot to ask you this important question :
    One they your politicians should answer in front of the god that why they destroyed other lives and also some people from your nation should explain why they were so careless

  7. QB said


    North Korea is serious in dismantling its nuclear plants destroying its enrich uranium according to the agreement. The US food aid is humanitarian aid to help the poor people of North Korea, which will be helpful to build good diplomatic relation with them. Iran, according to US intelligence agencies are not developing nuclear weapons. The problem is that majority of Americans don’t pay attention to the facts, they listen to their corrupt politicians lies that Iran wants to destroy Israel. These Americans don’t know that Israel has the capability not only to defend itself but has the power to “OBLITERATE” (Hillary Clinton knows this very well) the whole Middle East.

  8. jonolan said


    If North Korea is moving forward with dismantling nuclear weapons program than such food aid is a good “atta boy.” I have serious doubts though about North Korea’s compliance.

    As for Iran, I believe that they’re proceeding apace with their nuclear weapons program. They stopped development some years ago – but they had no centrifuges or reliable delivery systems (missiles)at that time. It’s stretching coincidence just a bit that they’re now building thousands of centrifuges and have brought a whole new line of mid-range missiles on board that are capable of delivery a nuclear payload.

    Now that doesn’t mean I approve of the US’ response to this. We apparently had the chance to deal their “Supreme Leader” over this issue, but blithely chose to ignore it.

  9. QB said


    The US intelligence agencies reported that Iran is not developing Nuclear Weapons, IAEA does not believe that Iran is developing nuclear weapons. Israel is the only country in the region with WMD and they have the backing of US government that Israel ignore all UN IAEA inspections requests. Iran, if had nuclear weapons, they will never use it against Israel because they know the consequences of such attack. The misinformation is spread by the politicians like Bush, McCain so they can get elected. US attack on Iran will be the biggest mistake than Iraq invasion. Barak Obama has the right approach to negotiate with Iran and Syria which benefit US as well as Iran and Syria.

  10. jonolan said


    I really don’t listen to the politicians much – at least when it comes to forming an opinion on something they’re talking about. I base my opinion on what facts I can find.

    This I know:

    1) Iran was pursuing nuclear weapons.
    2) They were basing a lot of their program on Soviet / Russian technology.
    3) They hadn’t built any significant numbers of centrifuges for enriching uranium at that time
    4) They hadn’t developed or purchased a creditable delivery system at that time
    5) For various economic and political reasons the Soviets / Russians stopped selling such equipment around the time that Iran’s nuclear weapons program was discontinued.
    6) Iran has since acquired the centrifuges it needs to reactivate it’s program
    7) Iran has since acquired – developed on its own I believe – the needed mid-range missiles.

    They’re set to continue development. Are they planning to or are already doing so? My opinion is yes they are. Do I believe they’re intent to use nuclear weapons on anyone? My opinion is no.

    Frankly, I don’t have a problem with a nuclear armed Iran. Israel is a nuclear power and a similarly armed Islamic state provides for a balance of terror that is a useful deterrent and “reality check” for any proposed regional conflagration.

  11. Farhang Adib - Iran said

    Dear QB
    No one could prove Iran is following nuclear bomb fabrication. IAEA, as the number one responsible organization, through many inspections and negotiation is saying that Iran is not following such a program. But at the same time they said “it is not possible for them to confirm what our will is
    ‘ (very silly statement)…. Accusing others for something without any logical-legal root …… !!!?
    I ask the people to read IAEA reports once more.
    The US security services announced that Iran is not following nuclear program too. They have all the modern equipments to discover any other hidden sites for any suspicious nuclear activities in Iran, but they did not report any .because there isn’t any.
    As far as missiles are concerned, those arms are the only mean we can defend ourselves against the US aggression .We are faced to an uncivilized government that immediately attack other nations and kill them. We have to improve our defense capabilities .It is our lives that is in danger .We are surrounded by the US military troops .Those ignorant not realizing this fact (or they pretend not to) are far away from realities.
    Definitely missiles can be used for nuclear bombs .But we have no such bombs .We are under the close inspection and control of IAEA .we can not move towards atomic bombs. But Pakistan, Israel and some others already have it .The world should be worried about others, not Iran .We are following NPT rules legally. But we are still under great acquisition.Others like Israel have not signed and are not obeying NPT rules.
    We are seeking for atomic fuel and other nuclear peaceful activities. West has proven that can not be trustable .For more than 20 years the US even does not give us the spare parts of civil airplane –It is against all the international and human rights well known rules – can we trust to receive the atomic fuel of our power plants that are under construction program in the next decade?
    We ,by our own decision, suspended our nuclear activities for two years just for negotiation purpose .But the West against all the previous promises did not have any serious and effective negotiation with us . In fact they did nothing to solve the problem. Eventually they asked Iran to follow a permanent suspension, while they did not offer any alternate solution to us. We are not stupid .We are an independent nation not getting order from any one. We don’t want to be cheated .
    I tell you what is behind the curtain, although you are well aware about all of them :

    1- all the objections from the West is political .it has no legal or technical background .They know it but use the ignorance of some people to justify their extreme silly reasons.
    2- They know, due to the limited source of fossil fuel ,future is in the hand of those countries that find alternate solutions to this problem . There are some other means to procure clean energies, but the efficiency in that areas is very low. Future technologies may solve it .but the world capability is really far from that aim now. the future super powers will be those countries having access to Atomic Fuel and other reliable sources .They will not have to face so many difficulties for oil any more in future.

    3- All these things are for oil. McCain said that .You have the video type too. At least 1.5 million barrels of oil is stealing from Iraq by US government per day in the southern provinces of Iraq. I have a very precise and competent news about it.Many other evidences prove the same.
    4-According to many strong evidences, the US government does not want peace in Middle East. They want to change the geopolitics of the region. Iran is a big
    obstruction against this devilish plan. Small countries are very capable for control purposes .The information is already revealed with new maps.This area is a fantastic bottle neck for west to control China ,India ,Russia etc.

    5- They want us to be absolutely wick without any defense progress capability .It is the main reason of accusing us for our missile industry progress.

    6- The root causes of all these things can be summarized in two categories

    First : the old story of human selfishness and the colonization.
    Second: The phenomenon of Global Warming. The main and crucial problem of the US government is this global problem. I want to introduce a reference to all the people interested to have the key knowledge to the behavior of Western Governments. The book is really valuable and helps the people to gain a very clear view to the overall present world problems and understanding.
    The reference name:
    “ENTROPY Into the Greenhouse World by Jeremy Rifkin with Ted Howards.

    World is logarithmically loosing its natural resources. Due to this fact and according to the Entropy law of Thermodynamic, problems are increasing for counties like USA. The need for all kinds of energy is increasing day by day.
    This book has explained brilliant and meaningful reasons to the present world problems.I strongly recommend you to read this reference.

    At last I want to point out that the US administration is not a competent, honest and capable authority for accusing others on nuclear issue and other international disputes.I say it for two main reasons:
    1) They do not respect any international rules, because they attacked Afghanistan and Iraq without the permission of United Nation…. and many other similar evidences in the US history.
    Strong evidences show that they will not hesitate to do the same in future if their illegal benefits confirm the same
    2) They have no objection about Israel illegal nuclear activities.
    They attacked Japan by nuclear bombs. They are permanently improving their nuclear capabilities .The US has the biggest and most advanced amount of WMD in the world.
    They also take no serious steps against other countries
    like Pakistan ,India etc. The new generation of WMD is under
    construction by the West


    I may have no enthusiasm to live in such a nasty and unfair world, but I can not think the same for my children and the new generations. Others in Iran think the same .So we will resist till reaching all our rights properly. This doesn’t mean that I confirm our side completely. We have some problems and mistakes too .But not as much as West. In the above disputes we are really right.

    Have a great day

  12. Farhang Adib - Iran said

    Soviot union is not and was not assisting us in our nuclear activities . It is a big misstruth.

  13. Farhang Adib - Iran said

    Soviot Union and present Russia is not and was not assisting us in our nuclear activities . It is a big misstruth.
    The person saying this idea in the above comment should give his/her competent references .I will be happy to increase my knowledege.
    please give my only the competent references and not guessing without any fundamental analysis

  14. Farhang Adib - Iran said

    in the above comment i mean nuclear activity related to atomic bomb fabrication

  15. QB said

    Farhang I agree what you said.

  16. jonolan said


    The nuclear facility at Brushehr, Iran was built under an agreement between the Russian and Iranian governments for $800-million.

    The centrifuges at Natanz are P-2 style gas enrichment centrifuges that can create low-enrichment uranium for fuel OR high-enrichment uranium for weapons. That’s a serious point of concern for some.

    Do you honestly believe your government isn’t trying to develop nuclear weapons?

  17. Farhang Adib - Iran said

    They have never done any enrichment above 4%.No one has proved that they were originally looking for those bombs
    1-According to NPT they are not allowed to .All the facilities are under the close control of IAEA.Can you blame them for what they have not done ?!
    There is still some considerable distance between 4% enrichment to over 99% .They can not go even 1% forward .because international reaction will be hard.
    2- if any country is to be accused ,it should be Israel ,Pakistan ,India, France ,USA, England etc.
    your country also has Atomic bomb and used it against other nations .All the a.m countries have nuclear bombs.
    3- We are following our activities according to NPT law .No one could prove any negative evidence
    4- lets assume Iran intended to have atomic bombs in the past( it is just an assumption ) ,but they are not following it now. Iran is following enrichment according to NPT law .It is an absolute legal action .
    According to NPT, all the counties have the right to follow legal activities below 4% enrichment. Should my country be blamed for following a legal action?!

    And please pay attention to this fact that atomic bomb fabrication should be stopped in the world. No country should be an exception.
    Regarding our contract with Russia ,please have a look at my comments above .It is not the contract for atomic bomb as you previously said.
    and one question ,could you tell me on this specific issue why you are so hard with us and so easy with your government false behaviour and action?!!!!!? logically speaking if you have such bombs ,all the other countries can have the same .You are human like others .You should have a fair look to the others as well.


  18. Farhang Adib - Iran said


    I would like to add some extra points to my above comment.
    Ideologically we do not confirm nuclear weapons .It is strongly prohibited by our religious findings. It is the same for chemical weapons .During Iraq-Iran war, Saddam Hussein used the chemical weapons against us widely .But we never and ever did the same .One of the reasons we accepted 598 UN Resolution was due to this fact. We could not stop Saddam, otherwise we had to make the same crime .It is really funny that at that time no one in the world had any objection to Saddam for those chemical crimes he did. We have the greatest supporter as the great God to punish criminals. But we should not sit and look .It doesn’t mean I confirm aggression or we want to follow such a policy. The two sides can sit and negotiate but without any precondition. Although I am sorry to say that Bush Administration does not want it. They are now focusing on two points which is Iraq and Lebanon .Those experts familiar with the present hidden games in the region, clearly know what I am talking about. If your government tries to respect others, everything will improve. My people are very kind and patient in nature. You may not know the level of corruption in the world or you might.
    Any how, we can be the great supporter of each other, trying to solve the great problems of humanity, trying to live as a unique colony. But selfishness does not let it happen .So all of us should suffer for many years and this really bothers me.Because I have learned to like people .There is no difference between Jewish, Muslim, Christian, people with or without religion .I wish and pray for the peace and I really talked to you honestly. One day after all, eyes will see the truth ,then we will feel pity for all those useless and destructive actions against humanity

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