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PML-N quit coalition government.

Posted by QB on May 12, 2008

PML-N decided to quit the coalition government on judges reinstatement which is very popular political issue but practically it very bad idea. PML-N and PPP alliance was formed on Pervez Musharraf opposition instead of any ideological grounds which was supposed to fail. PML-N and PPP are the main rival political groups taking turn to rule over ignorant Pakistan people. Nawaz Sharif used the popular issue of reinstatement of judges to pull out of coalition government to gain political points over PPP for the next general elections.

The reinstatement of corrupt Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudary is bad decision as he will again open up new cases against Pervez Musharraf to satisfy his ego and vendetta making it difficult for the Federal government to function properly. The majority of Pakistanis are blindly supporting restoration of judges without looking at the consequences.


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