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Hillary Clinton will destroy Barak Obama.

Posted by QB on May 10, 2008

Hillary Clinton refuses to drop out of the race continuing her negative campaign against Barak Obama destroying all his chances of winning in November. Hillary Clinton is bitch don’t want Barak Obama to win election so she can again run for President in 2012 against John McCain.

The Presidential race turned so ugly already that the so called Blue Collar voters will not vote for Barak Obama instead go for another old white man with outdated ideas.

Barak Obama is painted to be the candidate of Hamas by old man John McCain and this is going to turn off lots of Americans who will vote against him without thinking this to be true.

Hillary Clinton has become so unlikeable after she decided to run for President that she lost all my respect.


5 Responses to “Hillary Clinton will destroy Barak Obama.”

  1. jonolan said

    Obama is the preferred candidate of HAMAS. He’s the one least likely to aid Israel in the annihilation.

  2. Farhang Adib - Iran said

    Jonalan is saying the same as what Mc Cain does.
    I am not with any of the US candidates ,but I know that Obama is not with Hamas .In fact he can’t be .He is wise enough to realize that, otherwise something will happen to him .I am really aware of the root causes of those under massive propaganda silly phrases as Jonalan says.

  3. jonolan said

    No, Obama is not with HAMAS. He would just be their preferred US President because he’s voiced less support for Israel than the other candidates and is overall less likely – if you believe his campaign rhetoric – to use troops at all.

    You can be an organization’s preference without ascribing to their views.

  4. QB said


    US election should be for the best interest of US and American people not protecting the state of Israel all aggressive actions and policies. Barak Obama is not the perfect person, as he has said himself, but he is the best choice among the remaining candidates i.e. Hillary Clinton and John McCain.

  5. jonolan said


    Of course the election should be for the best interest of the US. Everything we do should be centered on our best interests. I was just pointing out the lack of total fallacy in McCain’s assertion. He DID spin it to make it sound worse than it is, but Obama is in fact HAMAS’ preferred POTUS because supporting Israel is not necessarily in our best interests.

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